Digital Voice Systems 3PAR StoreServ 7400 2-node Product specifications

TeleGroup integrated hospitality solutions
 Design & Building of IP infrastructure
 IP Communication, Video services & Wireless networks
 Smart Hotel Solutions
 Technical Security Solutions
Electric Power Solutions
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Structural Cabling
For hospitality properties, TeleGroup delivers modern technology infrastructure:
Designed to deliver many different services over a converged network
Optimized for flexible bandwidth demands
Integrates with new and emerging technology practices and standards
Upgrades, new cable runs, and technology installations are performed “invisibly” to create best
guest experience
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Motorola Solutions
Wi-Fi solutions for hotel guests
Motorola Wi-Fi solutions allow your guests a fast and reliable
Internet connection from anywhere in the hotel facilities, from
any personal device (smartphone, tablet, laptop...) at any time,
which has become a standard request from the guests all over
the world. The solution involves indoor and outdoor access
network infrastructure. Good connectivity enables your guests
a superb comfort using wireless internet inside and outside of
the hotel facilities and increases a pleasurable stay due to easy
access to data and aplications.
Provide your guests the connectivity they want a well as:
Provide superior stay for hotel guests by enabling wireless connectivity inside and outside of the
hotel facilities
Increase the satisfaction of your customers by allowing easy access to their data and applications
Increase the revenue by offering free-based wireless connectivity
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Solutions for connecting with customers
The solution implies the mobile terminals use with bar code
scanner for automatic reading of ticket events that are organized
in the hotel, which performs automated control assistance and
avoids creating lines at the entrance. Make your employees more
efficient by performing automated ticket control using Motorola
mobile terminal with an integrated bar code scanner and also by
speeding up the registration process which will also make guests
more satisfied. Combined with Motorola devices for voice
communication, your employees will work in coordination and be
more productive.
Connect with your guests from the moment they register in the hotel by sending them on mobile phones
promotional hotel services (scheduling spa treatments, meeting with Managing Director, hotel map, etc.).
Multimedia solutions for the hotels
Whether the guests want a nice, relaxing break or a comfortable business stay, they expect a pleasant
experience that will be remembered. TeleGroup offers IPTV and Digital Signage solutions that will provide
your guests what they really expect.
Our fully IP-based solution that ensures multimedia content in the rooms and public areas of the hotel
provides an oppurtunity to differentiate yourself against the competition. At the same time our hotel
solution is visually appealing, easy to handle and provides an opportunity for the hotel brand promotion.
Customer Portal is a fully customizable to the hotel's offer and customer's needs. Via user's portal that is
displayed on the LCD screen in the room, the guest has access to the television and radio service, movies,
local information, news. It is supported on the most
Smart TVs and Set Top Boxes.
Our multimedia solution for the hotels is easily
associated with the hotel management system. The
work with hotel management solutions of large
manufactures is enabled and if it's necessary it is
possible to do the adjustment in any hotel
management system. This way, the customers can
perform check-out, pay the bill, order room service,
book a restaurant, order a taxi, take a look at the
weather forecast, check flight schedule, access to
local information, watch local news and more.
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Hotel's multimedia solution not only that enables guests to access a variety of hotel services, but
facilitates the work of receptionists allowing them to focus on providing services and assistance to guests.
Benefits of the hotel multimedia solution:
Allows creation of attractive and personalized experience for each hotel guest
Combines all the basic multimedia services with services offered by the hotel within a single user
Enables advanced use of hotel services and facilitate their promotion
Creates new revenue streams
The user's inteface is easy to create. The rapid changes in the interface as well as it's
improvement is possible
Easy and simple rebranding of the user's interface
Guests have opportunity to access news, local information, weather, special offers, access to the
Internet and all of that via TV screen in the room
Allows guests to record, rewind, pause and accelerate video playback
Provides a wide selection of TV and radio channels
Allows guests to set wake-up call, order room service, quick and easy check-out, review accounts
and more services via TV screen in the room
Multimedia solution can be used either via Smart TV or via Set Top Box.
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Wireless ordering and payment
Whether you serve your guests in a full-service
restaurant, by the pool or in a stadium seat, wireless
ordering and point of sale (POS) solutions can increase
your sales, enhance the productivity of your servers and
ultimately increase guest satisfaction. The time-consuming
process of handwriting an order, walking it to the kitchen
and re-keying it later for billing is obsolete when you equip
your service staff with a mobile restaurant POS or hotel
POS systems from Motorola. Now, orders can be
transmitted wirelessly to the kitchen or bar from the
table, the check can easily be generated directly from the
order, and card payments can be processed right at the
Features and benefits:
Eliminate order errors by only needing to enter an order once
Maximize check size by turning your servers into salespeople
Increase table turns by reducing guest wait times
Increase server productivity by enabling servers to handle more tables
Improve credit card security by allowing customers to pay at the table so that their credit card
never leaves their sight
Serve more guests in the same period of time at stadiums and high volume cocktail lounges
Guest safety and security
Using Motorola solutions you can increase hotel safety for your guests by proactively mitigating potential
threats and quickly responding to the hotel security incidents.
Features and benefits:
Video surveillance to monitor all aspects of your facilities
to ensure hotel safety and security for all of your guests
Interoperable, reliable communication between all
government agencies – federal, state and local – and
your hotel security staff
Quickly respond to incidents by equipping your security
personnel with integrated data and voice capabilities
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Staff communications and management
If you want repeat business, you’ve got to provide
optimal service to guests. Motorola Hotel Staff
Communication and Management solutions incorporate
mobile radio and mobile computer technology that will
empower your staff to offer superior service. Front desk
check-in lines will be shorter. Your concierge staff will be
ready and able to respond promptly where they are
needed most.
Features and benefits:
 Improve efficiency through wireless hotel staff
communication and mobile management of tasks
Notify hotel staff management of issues requiring prompt resolution, immediately
Increase staff productivity as a result of alerts sent upon completion of tasks – so staff can be
redeployed quickly
Increase guest satisfaction by ensuring your facility is in pristine condition
Enterprise asset and inventory management
Mobile computing and advanced data capture can be used
to streamline enterprise inventory and asset management.
Mobile computing and advanced data capture can be used
to streamline enterprise inventory and asset management.
With a quick scan of a bar code, inventory is visible at
delivery and can be immediately reconciled. Valuable assets
can be tracked via RFID tags and readers. The end result of
this real-time and highly efficient is that errors can be
immediately addressed and out-of-stock situations avoided.
With Motorola’s Enterprise Asset and Inventory
Management Solutions, manual inventory is a thing of the
past, and expensive facility assets are readily located and secured.
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Facilities maintenance solutions for hospitality
The condition of your facilities has a major impact on the
guest experience. From plumbing and air-conditioning to
televisions and slot machines, all systems and mechanical
appliances must be in working order, at all times. A hotel
maintenance staff equipped with integrated voice and data
mobile devices is always within reach and your managers
have visibility into the progress of work orders. When
immediate attention is required, use push-to-talk voice
communications or text messaging. You can even use
mobile computers to process work orders through
completion, generating an automatic audit trail during hotel
or restaurant maintenance.
Whether you operate a restaurant, hotel, stadium or casino, the assets and mechanical systems
throughout your facility must remain up and running; otherwise your customers and your business will
suffer. Motorola Hotel and Restaurant Maintenance Solutions incorporating mobile radio, mobile
computing and bar code scanning technology can provide a number of important benefits to your
No more errors and oversights resulting from facilities task management paperwork
Immediate notification of facilities issues requiring prompt resolution
Higher restaurant and hotel maintenance staff productivity because alerts are sent when tasks
are completed and staff can be quickly redeployed to other projects
Higher guest satisfaction by ensuring your facility is in pristine condition
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Digital television
Television in the hotels is an indispensable part.
Company Vector can provide unique solutions for receiving and distribution of digital television. Product
Tantrax is an IP Oriented operator’s headend modular platform. This is modern multimedia platform
which, thanks to its great capabilities and functionalities, will satisfy the requirements of both ISP and HFC
operators as well as content providers. The standard 1 RU enclosure and the use of functional modules
makes TANTRAX a universal solution. In one case we have 6 slots available, in which we can install any
combination of modules.
The platform supports every type of input IP, ASI, QAM, SAT, COFDM, SDI and every type of output IP,
QAM, ASI, COFDM. There are also cards available that support descrambling, scrambling, encoding,
decoding and transcoding. This allows any system scenario to be built using TANTRAX.
Features and benefits:
Operators class stability and security
The ability to build any system scenario
Functionality that meets the requirements of HFC and ISP operators and content providers
Secures operators future needs and services development
IP oriented
High integration and modularity level
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Cisco Connected Hotel
Cisco Connected Hotel delivers an IP infrastructure that effectively supports the current and the next
generation of hospitality solutions. A Cisco IP network will become as fundamental as plumbing, piping,
and wiring in every hotel property. With a converged Cisco IP network, hotels can add services and
reduce costs by integrating existing communications, security, and building automation systems over one
secure, flexible, and scalable network. It is the network foundation that will meet today’s needs
and support future requirements.
Guest Services
Hotels can better respond to guests using
automated check in and checkout, inline
concierge, service, and help desk requests. Nextgeneration services, delivered over a Cisco
converged network, include personalized room
set tings for controlling temperature and
lighting, personalized interactive multimedia,
personalized content.
Staff Services
The Cisco Connected Hotel allows hotels to improve sales and marketing capabilities,enhance room
management, refine front-office services, and develop better employee and human resources
management. Hotels can develop their own property-specific digital TV channels, offering personalized,
flexible, dynamic content. In addition, hotel staff can access more current information about room status
and availability, minibar status, and order requests and delivery, by consolidating all internal hotel
management systems onto one network.
Property Management Operations
The Cisco Intelligent Property allows hotels to integrate disparate building systems that run over separate
networks with independent control devices. Lighting, elevators, HVAC, fire control, energy management,
video surveillance, and other security technologies can all be managed and controlled
over one converged, IP-based network. This same network supports all staff and guest services, offering a
level of integration that allows hotels to get the most out of their resources—technology, employees, and
their property.
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Cisco Unified Hotel Communications
The Unified Hotel Communications solution from Cisco is a unified communications platform that
delivers guest communications as well as hotel staff communications together in a single platform.
Cost Effective Voice - full
hotels with significantly
smaller IT requirements in
an on‐premise solution.
This reduces hotel IT costs
and simplifies deployment
that can be implemented
around the globe.
Anywhere Access - full rich
unified communications to
the hotel staff wherever
they are on the property:
at their desk or mobile with Wi‐Fi phones, smartphones, or tablets including his includes voice,
messaging, and video to all communication clients.
Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences for Hospitality
Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences solution
is built on Cisco Unified Access infrastructure
and uses the Advanced Location Services in
the Cisco Mobility Services Engine to
personalize the guest mobile experience and
engage the guests through their own mobile
Indoor location-based services - Mobile
applications provide wayfinding capabilities
for guests displaying “turn-by-turn” directions and indoor mapping information throughout the property.
Location services can also provide contextual information to deliver more personalized and relevant
services to guests exactly when they need it.
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Targeted location-basedmessaging - Hoteliers can deliver personalized messages, based on current
location, to the user’s smartphone or tablet. For example, guests in a restaurant can find the menu and
restaurant information.
Integration with other hotel systems and app usage - Integration with other systems opens up a range of
additional scenarios. For example, hotel guests can use the loyalty app to change their itinerary and make
mobile purchases that can be posted back to the hotel guest folio in the Property Management System.
Advanced analytics - Detecting and anonymously tracking W-Fi signals from guest devices also provides
hoteliers with visibility and analytics into guest flow and behavior that can be useful to improve the guest
experience. For example, advanced analytics shows how guests move throughout the property in social
groups as well as dwell times in public spaces or in amenity areas. You can use data analytics to drive
operational efficiencies or improve customer service.
Automatic wireless connection - Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences allows users to automatically
connect to the dedicated guest wireless network. The connection is tailored to the type of device the
guest is using and also provides personalized content and network bandwidth in relation to the guest’s
loyalty level or as an additionally paid-for service.
Cisco Connected Gaming
Cisco Connected Gaming floors will allow the right game, to be delivered at the right time to the right
player with the appropriate denomination securely and reliably. IP technology, riding a Cisco powered
network, will enable operational efficiencies such as inventory polling, centralized management of games,
software, marketing, and hold percentages.
Security - tools prevents attacks on the slot floor
infrastructure, prevents impersonators from
unauthorized access, and prevents the
transactions between the gaming device and the
Reliability - technologies to ensure that in the
case of link failure, the slot bank will suffer little
to no loss of communication.
Operational Efficiencies - switch can detect whether a gaming device, end cap, digital sign, or other is
connected and configure the proper security and quality controls.
Wireless LAN - suite of security technologies that ensures the integrity and security of communications
over the air
Wireless Mesh - extend High Speed Coverage to parking lots, outdoor areas, and golf courses
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Data Security - constantly scan the slot network for malicious or out-of-the-ordinary data that could be a
threat to the integrity of the games or the financial transactions traversing it.
Video Surveillance - viewing live and archived video that allows the customer to determine levels of
authority for viewing cameras, and that can control movable cameras.
HP Hospitality Solutions
Today’s business and casual travelers are more techsavvy than ever. They expect access to high-speed
internet service wirelessly from their laptop computers,
smartphones, and other devices—anywhere—from the
hotel lobby, to restaurants, to meeting rooms, and to
the pool area. Providing guests with wireless services is
no longer an option but a necessity for you to survive in
an increasingly competitive industry. Likewise, you need
moder converged infrastructure in order to be able to
run various software which optimizes the everyday
business in hotels and hospitality facilities, a line of peripherals for your employees in order to care for
each and every customers' needs.
HP Hospitality Portfolio is devided in the following segments:
HP FlexNetwork Architecture
HP Converged Infrastructure
HP Server solutions
HP Storage solutions
Virtualization solutions
Personal Computers, Printing and Imaging Solutions
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1. HP FlexNetwork Architecture
The hospitality industry is also looking for ways to improve employee productivity. HP networking
products help you achieve these goals with an extensive portfolio of interoperable, standards-based
solutions that deliver state-of-the-art communication and secure information sharing. Our robust, reliable
and scalable solutions provide unmatched value, lower total cost of ownership and reduce administrative
burdens to enable IT staff to focus on strategic initiatives.
Guest Privacy and Regulatory Compliance
While guests are demanding internet access, they also want to be certain that their data and
communications are secure. Regulatory compliance must also be taken into consideration prompting
your organization to find ways to balance employee and customer access while protecting data.
The HP FlexNetwork Architecture allows you to:
Offer open, accessible networks
Ensure privacy of customer data
Meet security requirements and safety regulations
Robust encryption and authentication grant per-user network authorization privileges and keep guest
information private as it travels over the airwaves. Wireless intrusion detection and prevention guards
the organization’s network from unauthorized access from rogue access points and hacker attacks. Most
importantly, HP intrusion detection does not interfere with wireless (IDS/IPS) access so critical
communication channels are available.
Operational Efficiency
You need a network infrastructure that will promote agility and
boost productivity without sacrificing performance, raising costs or
impacting security. The HP FlexNetwork architecture drives
simplicity by segmenting network designs into functional building
blocks and streamlines management; enhances agility with high
performance, security, and accelerated provisioning; and saves
money through a unique architecture and lower overall TCO.
HP MSM317 Access Device Series
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HP MSM317 Access Device integrates wired and wireless connectivity into a small unit that can be quickly
and discretely installed in a standard wall outlet box. It provides four Ethernet ports, a 2.4 GHz wireless
access point, and a pass-through RJ-45 connection to support a range of service and user connectivity
options. One of the front panel Ethernet ports can be configured as an IEEE 802.3af-compliant PSE port to
enable devices such as IP telephones to be powered directly from the unit. The HP MSM317 Access
Device requires a single Power over Ethernet (PoE) cable drop, reducing cabling, switch ports, and power
sourcing equipment. The product is designed to provide wireless coverage for a 440 square foot (40
square meter) room. Actual coverage area, and signal levels within the coverage area, will be effected by
mounting location, building construction and obstacles.
 Single radio
 IEEE 802.11b/g
 Self-healing, self-optimizing local mesh
 Two internal antennas
 4 10/100 managed Ethernet ports
Product specifications
Quality of Service (QoS)
IEEE 802.1p prioritization — delivers data to
devices based on the priority and type of traffic
SpectraLink voice priority (SVP) support —
prioritizes SpectraLink voice IP packets sent from
a SpectraLink NetLink SVP server to SpectraLink
wireless voice handsets to help ensure excellent
voice quality
Wireless —
o L2/L3/L4 classification: IEEE 802.1p
VLAN priority, SpectraLink SVP and
o Wi-Fi MultiMedia (WMM), IEEE 802.11e
EDCF, and Service-Aware priority
assigned by VSC
o Maximum VoIP call capacity: 8 active calls on IEEE 802.11b/g
Network management —
o Fully manageable using HP Manager and HP Mobility Manager
o SNMP v2c, SNMP v3, MIB-II with Traps, and RADIUS Authentication Client MIB (RFC
o Embedded HTML management tool with secure access (SSL and VPN)
o Scheduled configuration and firmware upgrades from central server
Diagnostic —
o Client event log records association, authentication, and DHCP events
o Packet capture tool for Ethernet and IEEE 802.11 interfaces (PCAP format)
o Data rate matrix
RF management —
TeleGroup | | |
Automatically selects channel on power-up and continuously improves channel
selection based on background interference scan
Configurable background rogue scanning
Automatically adjusts transmit power to reduce interference
Auto-MDIX — automatically adjusts for straight-through or crossover cables on all 10/100 ports
IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet support — simplifies deployment and dramatically reduces
installation costs by helping to eliminate the time and cost involved in supplying local power at
each access point location. Unit can be powered by 802.3af or PoE+ source
Power Forwarding — PoE Class 2 (6.49W) when powered by 802.3af
Anywhere, anytime wireless coverage —
o Single radio IEEE 802.11b/g access points with integrated antenna
o Per-radio software-selectable configuration of frequency bands
o Self-healing, self-optimizing local mesh extends network availability
Interoperability — Wi-Fi Alliance certifications, including IEEE 802.11g Wi-Fi and WPA2 to help
ensure multivendor interoperability
Virtual Service Communities (VSCs) —
o Up to 16 SSIDs, each with unique MAC address, configurable SSID broadcasts
o Individual security and QoS profiles per VSC
o Configurable DTIM and minimum data rate per VSC
o Each VSC mapped to separate VLANs
o WMM and/or WMM-PS
o Security filter
o IP filter
AP client access control functions —
o IEEE 802.1X authentication using EAP-SIM, EAP-FAST, EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS, and PEAP
o MAC address authentication using local or RADIUS access lists
o RADIUS Client (RFC 2865 and 2866) with location-aware support
o Layer 2 wireless client isolation
Captive portal functions —
o Splash page advertisement support
o New user versus already registered
o Ad page advertisement support
o Static advertizing support
o Frame insertion support
o Static advertizing support
Auto Channel Select (ACS) — helps reduce radio co-channel interference by automatically
selecting an unoccupied radio channel
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Choice of IEEE 802.11i, WPA2, or WPA — locks out unauthorized wireless access by
authenticating users prior to granting network access; robust Advanced Encryption Standard
(AES) or Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP) encryption secures the data integrity of
wireless traffic
Local wireless bridge client traffic filtering — when enabled, prevents communication between
wireless devices associated with the same access point
IEEE 802.1X — provides port-based user authentication with support for Extensible
Authentication Protocol (EAP) MD5, TLS, TTLS, and PEAP with choice of AES, TKIP, and static or
dynamic WEP encryption for protecting wireless traffic between authenticated clients and the
access point
Warranty and support
Lifetime warranty — for as long as you own the product with advance replacement and nextbusiness-day delivery (available in most countries)
Electronic and telephone support — limited electronic and telephone support is available from
HP; refer to the HP Web site at for details on the support
provided and the period during which support is available
Software releases — refer to the HP Web site at for details on the
software releases provided and the period
during which software releases are available
2. HP Converged Infrastructure
HP delivers superior server choice that can
commitment to focused innovation allows HP
Server customers to do more with less. We
bring it all together through HP services,
support and consulting and a broad network of
partners, delivering a world-class server experience to your business.
a. HP Servers - The world's most intelligent servers
HP ProLiant servers power the web and nearly every aspect of your daily life. HP ProLiant servers
provide a comprehensive portfolio for companies of all sizes, across all industries and for any type of
Run applications six times faster
Deploy updates three times faster
Unparalleled portfolio of resilient systems
When you need continuous business for your mission-critical environments, HP's Integrity servers
deliver. The HP Integrity server portfolio's unparalleled resiliency, availability, and security empower
TeleGroup | | |
your enterprise business to quickly adapt to changing conditions while maintaining core business
processes and customer-facing interactions.
Enterprise systems for mission-critical environments
Over 70% of the world's Global 100 are powered by HP Integrity servers
HP Server Infrastructure Management
Take command of your infrastructure across the lifecycle with embedded on-system capabilities,
through scalable on-premise management to cloud-based, anytime/anywhere access to health
monitoring and warranty/contract tracking.
 Fast configuration, provisioning and updates with a software-defined approach
 Reduced unplanned downtime through proactive alerting and remote access
b. HP Storages – Accelerate application performance
HP StoreVirtual 4335 Hybrid Storage with Adaptive Optimization delivers lower cost and higher
performance for your
unpredictable workloads.
Recover data faster
Not only that, HP StoreOnce
eliminates backup window issues
with faster backup and scale plus
a Get Protected Guarantee to
reduce capacity requirements—
all at a lower cost per TB/hr. Move to the next era of backup.
HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage
With flash-optimized storage enhancements, process more
transactions per second, reduce latency and save on flash
media—all while having absolute QoS control to assure
service levels.
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3. Virtualization solutions
Accelerate value
Virtualization value is within your reach. Quickly and safely move beyond
server virtualization by creating a ‘multiplier effect’ across servers, storage,
network, clients, and management with the most comprehensive
virtualization portfolio in the industry.
Protect investments
Be prepared. Is your IT ready for the world of mobility, Big Data and cloud?
Safeguard your company’s information and secure your livelihood in the
process through creating a change-ready virtualized IT environment now.
Transform IT
Virtualization beyond the hardware. It's something overlooked but vitally
important—your virtualization strategy needs to look beyond the infrastructure. Transform your IT
organization by turning virtualization into a strategic business advantage
through evaluating your people, processes, and policies.
Not sure what you are looking for? To get started, educate yourself more by
checking out our library of virtualization assets. Find online case studies, industry and HP white papers,
videos, demos and more. Tailored specifically for virtualization, you are sure to learn something new.
Virtualization solutions are provided on a turnkey basis, covering the full
range of converged infrastructure benefits in order to provide everything
from virtualization of servers and storages to full VDI solutions (Virtual
Desktop Infrastructure).
4. Personal Computers, Printing and Imaging Solutions
HP traditionally delivers high quality and stylish PCs, Notebooks and Workstations which can be
configured to order and fully customized. The vast portfolio includes number of Printers and Multifuntion
devices (HP Officejet Pro, HP LaserJet MFPs, Scanners etc.), Desktop PCs (Small form factors, All-in-One
Workstations, Thin Clients for VDI etc.), Tablets, Laptops and many many more
TeleGroup | | |
Your one stop shop for all IT needs in Hospitality
Our experts stand at your disposal for all inquiries regarding any aspect of your IT operations. We can
provide you with solutions from Mission-Critical Access, Multilayer Security, Intelligent resilient
frameworks, Unified Management and everything that will ensure the satisfaction of your clients!
Audio and Video conference systems
The Bosch DCN Wireless Discussion System offers organizations exceptional functionality and freedom.
Conferences and seminars in both small and large venues can now be set-up with the ultimate ease and
DCN WCCU Wireless Central Control Unit
DCNWCCU is the
brain of the
DCN Wireless
system. It
control for up
discussion units and 95 DCN Next Generation wired units.
TeleGroup | | |
The WCCU uses Bosch's proprietary optical network for easy connection to the wireless access point and
other Bosch conference equipment. Networks can be set-up in single branch or redundant loop
configurations, depending on the installed equipment. For connection to DCN-IDESK interpreter desks,
the WCCU has two outlet sockets for DCN trunk-cables. In combination with a PC and the Conference
Control Software (DCN-SWSMV), the WCCU brings greater sophistication to conference control.
19” (2U) housing for table top or rack mounting
Handgrips for easy transport
Mains on/off switch
2 x 16 Character LCD display for status information and
CCU configuration
Rotary control to navigate through the LCD menus
Four red LED overload indicators (2 for the DCN network
outputs, 2 for the optical connections)
Up to 4 open microphones (3 for delegates and 1 for the chairman)
DCN WAP Wireless Access Point
The DCN Wireless Access Point (WAP) links the central control unit (WCCU) and the wireless discussion
units. To ensure security, data exchange between the WAPs and the wireless discussion units is digitally
The WAP is linked to the WCCU using Bosch's proprietary optical network, which provides digital optical
communication and power supply over a single cable. The second optical network connector on the WAP
allows the system network to be expanded from a single branch to a redundant loop configuration. In this
‘loop-through’ configuration, DCN Wireless can be interfaced with compatible Bosch equipment such as
Expanders, CobraNet™ interfaces and the Integrus
language distribution system.
 Integrated DSP’s, with a high speed of
100MIPS combines digital audio coding/ encoding
and digital audio compression technique to
gurantee highest output quality.
Besides the Cinch-inputs for the
different languages exists two additional LF-inputs
for CD-Player or other devices with 0dB-signals.
No influencing and distorsion of
different channels.
TeleGroup | | |
The central unit is modular made as 19“ desktop housing with 2U and is equipped, in the
smallest configuration level, with 4 channels.
DCN-WD-D Wireless Discussion Unit
To the participant the most important part of a conference system
is the discussion unit. Bosch has built on the elegant design of the
DCN Next Generation discussion units to create a new series of
wireless discussion units with unrivalled looks and features.
Maximum speech intelligibility is guaranteed at all times. Operating
in the 2.4 GHz (license free) band, the ireless discussion units
produce crystal-clear sound due to a very high signal-to-noise ratio
and antenna diversity. This means the signal is transmitted along
different propagation paths, ensuring optimal receipt. The system is
also protected against interference from other wireless equipment
such as mobile phones, Bluetooth devices and WiFi networks.
Microphone button with a red or green illuminated ring. Red indicates microphone is active, green
indicates request-to-speak accepted
Headphone volume control buttons On rear
Out-of-range indicator
Battery low indicator Under base
Recessed ‘De-init’ switch
Mode select switches (delegate, chairman, etc.) Interconnections
Socket for pluggable microphone
Two 3.5 mm (0.14 in) headphone sockets stereo jack type
DC power input from DCN-WPS (accessible when battery pack is removed
DCN WDDCS D Wireless Discussion Unit with Dual Channel Selector
To the participant the most important part of a conference system is the
discussion unit. Bosch has built on the elegant design of the DCN Nex
Generation discussion units to create a new series of wireless discussion
units with unrivalled looks and features.
The DCN-WDDCS-D Wireless Discussion Unit with Dual Channel selector
enables participants to speak, register a request-to-speak, listen to the
speaker or to an interpreter of their choice.
Two alphanumeric displays for language channel selection with
number and abbreviated channel name
Two individual channel up and down selection buttons
TeleGroup | | |
Two individual microphone buttons with a red or green illuminated ring:
- Red indicates microphone is active
- green indicates request-to-speak accepted (*)
Two individual headphone volume control buttons
Out-of-range indicator
Battery low indicator
Recessed ‘De-init’ switch
Mode select switches (delegate, chairman, etc.) Interconnections
Socket for pluggable microphone
Two 3.5 mm (0.14 in) headphone sockets stereo jack type
DC power input from DCN-WPS (accessible when battery pack is removed)
Hospitality Management Software
Hotels & Resorts
MICROS-Fidelio offers a wide range of scalable and modular property and central solutions for effective
hotel management. Whether you operate a single boutique hotel or an international, multi-branded hotel
chain, MICROS-Fidelio will put together a solution that perfectly fits your unique business needs. The
TeleGroup | | |
portfolio encompasses solutions for front office, back office, CRM, sales and catering, revenue
management, reservations, distribution and a lot more. With more than 1,000+ certified interfaces to
other systems we ensure the best connectivity and smooth running business processes.
The hotel management solution for special requirements
Just as every property has its own flair, every business has its own specific needs. Responding to the evergrowing specialisation in the hotel industry, MICROS-Fidelio Suite8 offers the flexibility to fulfil the special
requirements of the individual market. Regardless of whether you are a resort or city hotel, a family-run
boarding house or a luxurious spa, a deluxe or a budget hotel – Suite8 perfectly adapts to your needs.
The easy-to-install system offers a wide range of configuration options and combines user-friendly
modules for customer relationship management, property management, conference and catering
management, materials control, online booking and more, into one comprehensive and integrated
Fully integrated for:
Process automation
Optimised occupancy rates and increased sales
Greater guest satisfaction and loyalty
Full – featured sales and catering management software
MICROS-Fidelio offers full-featured sales and catering management software for conference centres that
can be deployed either on a stand-alone basis or integrated with our hotel management solutions.
Our solution for conference centres covers:
Conference bookings
Event planning and management
Coordination of tasks and activities
Resource management
Calendar of events
Room planner
Graphical display of function rooms
Meeting the special needs of the wellness and spa industries
MICROS-Fidelio offers a wide range of integrated solutions to fit the specific needs of wellness and spa
businesses. We combine spa management technology, visitor management and POS systems into one
comprehensive and integrated solution.
Perfectly designed for:
Wellness hotels and resorts
Theme/fun parks
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Sports and fitness clubs
Day spas and coiffeurs
e-Commerce services
Rely on us to take you everywhere you need to be online
Take full advantage of the Internet as a powerful marketing channel for your hotel. At MICROS
eCommerce Services, our mission is to anticipate all of the key sites that your customers use to find and
book accommodation on the Web, and determine where you need to be to grow your hotel business
We offer both turnkey and customized solutions to fit all business sizes, from the smallest boutique
hotel to the largest international chain.
Our international team consists of business analysts, project managers, online marketers, software
engineers, IT specialists and consultants – offering you a wealth of experience in e-commerce and
Internet distribution.
We all share that one passion: To provide you with eCommerce services that meet your unique needs as
a hotelier, by building your brand, creating loyal customers and generating revenue.
MICROS eCommerce offers you a one-stop shop for consultancy, e-commerce products, channel
distribution and digital marketing services.
Our proven experience with hotel system integration is unparalleled, streamlining your business
process through easier, more efficient management.
Our subsidiary, TIG Global, has provided the hospitality industry with specialized e-marketing
services for the last 10 years, delivering measurable return on investment to over 1.000 hotel
We at MICROS are experts in providing solutions for hotels, with 40 years of experience in the
hospitality industry and more than 300.000 customers in over 140 countries.
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Fire Alarm System
Thanks to the modular configuration, the innovative FPA‑5000 Modular Fire Panel easily adapts to local
circumstances and regulations. Due to the different functional modules, country-specific characteristics
are accommodated in the connection just as quickly as the respective alarm handling. The fire panel is
available with two different housings:
Housing for mounting directly on the wall
Frame installation housings which are fitted to the mounting frame and can be swiveled.
With the aid of special mounting kits, the housings can be mounted in 482.6 mm (19") cabinets.
All housings can be extended with various additional housings for all conceivable applications.
The FMR‑5000 Remote Keypad offers the decentralized operation of a control panel or control
panel network. Thanks to the external CAN and Ethernet interfaces, several Panel Controllers and
Remote Keypads can be interconnected. Using either a single‑loop structure or multiple‑loop
structures with Ethernet backbone, the network can be adapted to nearly every application
Additionally, the Ethernet interface allows for the connection to a Building Management System (BIS
Bosch Building Integration System) via an OPC server. FPA‑5000 systems can be connected to the Bosch
UGM 2040 Universal Security System and thus, be integrated into a large network system.
The operation and the processing of all messages are The operation and the processing of all messages
are designed control panel with its TFT touch‑screen offering a menu-driven handling and multi-color
display. To that end, there are permanently located keys on the right, bottom, and upper edge of the
display as well as variably located virtual keys in the touch-screen area.
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Modular Structure of the FPA‑5000 Modular Fire Panel
Due to its modular structure, the FPA‑5000 Modular Fire Panel provides complete flexibility and thus
customized solutions for any application. Depending on the requirements, the following selection can be
made when planning:
1. Housing type: Frame installation or wall-mount
 Selection of a basic housing
 Optional Extension Housings
 Optional Power Supply Housings
 Optional kits for installation in 482.6 mm (19") racks
2. Operating and Display Unit with Panel Controller
 Selection from the various language variants
3. Panel Rail
 Selection according to housing type and/or number of required functional modules
4. Functional modules
 Selection based on planning and country-specific requirements
5. Power supply
 Batteries
 Additional power supply facilities
 Power Supply Brackets are preinstalled ex-works for Frame Installation Housings
 For Wall-mount Housings, Power Supply Brackets are selected as needed
6. Additional accessories
 Front Doors
 Printer with Frame Installation Housing
 Cable Sets for special applications
The functional modules are autonomous, encapsulated units that can be inserted into any control panel
slot using "plug-and-play" technology. Thus, the power supply and the data traffic to the control panel are
indicated automatically without any additional settings. The module is automatically identified by the
control panel and functions in the default operating mode. Wiring to external components is performed
using compact connector/screw terminals. After a replacement, only the connectors need to be
reinserted; extensive rewiring is no longer required.
Up to 32 Panel Controllers, Remote Keypads and OPC server can be interconnected within a network.
Depending on the application requirements, Panel Controllers and Remote Keypads can be grouped,
defined as network node or local node. Within a group, only panel conditions of the same group can be
displayed. Regardless of the groups, network nodes allow for the display and handling of all panel
conditions. Local nodes display the conditions of the related panel. When networking via CAN and/or
Ethernet interfaces, the following connection topologies are optional:
 Redundant loop via CAN1 and CAN2 (max. 32 nodes)
 Ethernet loop (max. 32 nodes)
 Multiple CAN loops with Ethernet backbone and up to 32 nodes
For networking with optical fibers, you can use various converters.
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Detection Points
The Address Cards activate detection points. The FPA‑5000 governs up to 4096 detection points. Each
element and input which, after the programming, is
able to set off an alarm requires a detection point.
Inputs are considered as detection points if they are
programmed accordingly in the FSP‑5000‑RPS
Programming Software.
IP Video Surveillance
AXIS Camera Station is the ideal solution to meet the needs for efficient surveillance of small- and
midsized installations, such as retail shops, hotels, schools and manufacturing sites – a proven solution
with more than 50,000 installations worldwide. It is designed to
perfectly match Axis’ wide range of network video products and
product features to optimize system reliability.
Cameras can be installed in exterior locations for real-time remote
monitoring. A central management and security office uses AXIS
Camera Station for video management, making the integration
effective and easily managed.
The AXIS Camera Station user
interface is developed with a focus on ease-of-use and intuitive
handling, with navigation tools that provide quick access to cameras
and recordings in the system.
AXIS Camera Station has multilingual support for English, French,
Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese,
Swedish, Danish, Turkish, Arabic and Persian.
Its possible to view and control the cameras on your AXIS Camera Station system from your iPhone/iPad
or Android phone.
Result by installing IP video surveillance is:
By placing the Axis cameras in appropriate areas including blind spots, security has been greatly enhanced
and visitors are now easily identified. With the intelligent video motion detection function, the bandwidth
used was also greatly minimized. Thanks to the Axis IP-based video solution, the entrance areas where
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hundreds of people go in and out every day, the front desk where visitors check in/out, elevators, stores
and emergency exit doors can be consistently monitored. Facility management monitoring has also been
strengthened. specially installing a large number of dome cameras was a better approach to guests and
visitors as the cameras are unobtrusive and blend in well with the hotel’s interior design.
Access Control
Is a scalable entry-level solution that is based on
Bosch's Access Modular Controller (AMC) hardware
which will allow you adapt to your changing system
Integration of a broad range of access and
security functions like video and alarm
verification and intrusion monitoring and
elevator management.
workstations or clients with different user profiles.
Compatible with standard readers and card formats.
Possibility to integrate credentials of different formats and technologies to permit new and legacy
equipment to coexist, which enables a gradual, budget-friendly migration from one reader
technology to another.
Access Professional Edition lets you administer up to 10,000 cardholders and 128 readers as well
as the corresponding inputs and outputs. That gives you plenty of latitude for accommodating
needs as they grow. The system is compatible with industry standard readers and credential
Easy-to-use, intuitive graphical user interface.
Client/Server Structure.
Wide range of access and security solutions for different situations like video verification, alarm
verification, arming/disarming of intrusion systems and elevator management.
Customizable operator functions and additional cardholder privileges.
Individuals can hold credentials of different formats and technologies such as a keyfob, card or
long-range UHF token.
Access Professional Edition is the ideal scalable solution for professional requirements of small- and
medium-sized companies, like:
Retail outlets
Office buildings
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An installation example could contain:
Access Professional database server
APE client workstation, alarm monitoring station
AMC access controller for Wiegand or RS485 bus reader
Access reader, e.g. ARD-R10, -R40
Access reader with keypad, e.g. ARD-RK40-09
IP video device, e.g. Dinion IP camera, VIP-X, Videojet X
Central video storage system, e.g. Divar XF
Standard access control combined with CCTV provides a broad range of security solutions, such as access
control, video and alarm verification or arming/disarming of area/partitions on an intrusion panel.
Time and Attendance System
Keeping track of the time and attendance records of employees or contractors is a time-consuming and
costly process for many private and public organizations. This is especially the case in large centers where
tracking hundreds or even thousands of staff carries
considerable administrative overhead.
Without a time and attendance system that also uses
effective identity management, your time and
attendance process is open to abuse. Statistics show
that companies save an average of 2-5% of their payroll
costs by implementing a time and attendance solution
which uniquely identifies individuals, reducing the
incidents of buddy punching and other time
This is security system that achieves four major business outcomes:
It streamlines the whole time and attendance process, saving time and money.
It safeguards against fraud.
It reduces errors when compared with manual systems.
It enhances oversight of the time and attendance tracking process, providing clear reporting.
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Intrusion Alarm System
Security systems for office buildings, industrial sites, hotels,
banks, or museums should ideally be designed to comply with
their individual demands. It is not only a question of protecting
property but it could be people’s lives that are at risk. Even the
most complex security system needs to be designed to the
requirements of a building to fulfill its purpose. The Bosch
Modular Alarm Platform 5000 can be configured easily to meet
all needs, no matter what type of application you have. In the
event of a change in regulatory requirements, the system can
also be adapted easily to the new requirements.
The combination of internal and external network buses is just another illustration of this. The internal
network bus connects different system components within one building, whereas the external network
bus enables you to connect buildings with each other via the existing network infrastructure.
Expansions can take place as needed, since each control panel covers up to 1500 system components. No
matter what size or type, there is a suitable solution for every requirement. Furthermore, the Modular
Alarm Platform 5000 can be integrated seamlessly into existing systems such as intrusion, CCTV, access
control and building management.
Public Address System
The Bosch Plena Voice Alarm System range is an ideal evacuation, message and background music
solution for a variety of locations, such as schools, hotels, shopping centers, factories, offices and similar
applications where public safety is
Designed as a versatile solution, the
Plena Public Address and Voice Alarm
System features a standalone plugand-play concept easy to set up and
control. For flexible system control, the
remote control panels duplicate the
Plena Public Address and Voice Alarm’s
user interface.
Based on a Plena voice alarm controller unit it can handle up to 6 zones with a built-in message manager,
emergency microphone and a built-in 240 W power amplifier.
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When connecting easy to install, 6-zone routers to the Plena voice alarm the number of zones extends to
a 120-zone capacity. The power per zone is freely distributable per zone and is can be over 1000 Watts
per router (or 6 zones).
In addition, 8 call stations with 32 call station keypads with programmable keys can be interconnected for
message routing. Additional Plena amplifiers can be added to create two-channel systems.
High Voltage
Cable accessories for underground power grids and installation in facilities:
Cold and thermo shrink cable accessories for
installation in low and medium voltage power
Scotchlock connectors
Instruments for testing and measurement of
existing electric power installations
All types of tapes for isolation and fixing power
cables (PVC, rubber, textile, metal, semiconducting, self vulcanizing...)
Clamps for electric power and telecommunication networks and for poorly insulated conductors
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Side bumper (used for attaching isolators – binding)
Tightening set for anchoring poorly insulated aluminum conductors
Belts and clamps – iron and zinc for ABC cables
Other accessories for poorly insulated conductors
Accessories for overhead power networks
Electric power concrete poles for power levels up to 35 kV
Concrete consoles
Prefabricated – concrete substations
Poles for public lighting, lamps, light bulbs
Products and solutions for electricity distribution
SN compact plants (Ring Main Unit) up to 24kV
Remote stations for medium voltage substations
Failure indicators
Medium voltage recloses up to 35kV
Failure indicators
Remote stations for overhead switches – disconnections
Relays, PLC, PC based control, distributed I/O
Software solutions for automation and control components
Systems for remote control of medium voltage networks
Systems for remote monitoring and management of electric power systems (SCADA, BMS) and
communication systems
Motorola SCADA system consisted of ACE3600 modular platform and MOSCAD-M RTU Motorola
SCADA system consisted of ACE3600 modular platform and MOSCAD-M RTU able to
communicate in networks with MOSCAD and ACE3600 systems. Satisfies a wide range of needs
required by SCADA applications, with little power consumption, ideal for outside locations with
solar and battery power supplies
Analog and digital radio systems (MOTOTRBO) are offered through a wide assortment of
handheld, mobile and base stations.
UPS and Diesel Generators
Mains power demand for sensitive electronic
equipment is growing while confidence in the
availability and quality of utility mains is diminishing.
Organizations are therefore using generators for a
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reliable source of backup power; however connecting a generator directly to a sensitive load can cause
problems. Inserting a UPS system can mitigate these, but further problems often arise from the
interaction between the UPS and generator. These can be solved by sourcing suitable UPS equipment.
The UPS battery is essential for protection from short term power outages. However the battery typically
has a rectifier charger control circuit which imposes notches on the power feed, interfering severely with
some types of generator control. Additionally, some charger circuits draw non sinusoidal input current,
creating harmonics, measured as total harmonic distortion (THDi).
Generators have inherent frequency control limitations while UPS
inverters have limited ability to synchronize with a fluctuating frequency
UPS technology features solutions to these problems. A THDi of below 7%
at full load, a separate battery charger circuit, together with a Generator
'On' signal between UPS and generator reduces the UPS battery charging
current, in turn reducing load, notching and heating effects on the
generator. Step loading on the generator is controlled firstly by soft start
of the rectifier current, eliminating high current peaks during mains
recovery. UPS uniquely also limits step loading during mains recovery by sequentially switching on the
rectifiers within a parallel configuration. Additionally, UPS systems are designed to eliminate excessive
excitation and generator voltage rise.
Electric Power Distribution
Whether in industrial plants or in buildings: Every technical system depends on a reliable supply of
electric power. Even a short power failure may have serious consequences.
Distribution boards are especially suitable for building, residential and similar installations. They may be
used also in industrial installations. They are manufactured for
mounting into hollow walls, for concealing in plaster walls and for
mounting on the wall.
Sheet-steel switchboard cabinets fulfil all the requirements for
constructing low-voltage electrical distribution installations. These
can be used in such very simple applications as lighting, motor or
control circuits as well as in the most demanding applications that
require very sturdy cabinets, are configured with high rated currents,
or high short-circuiting resistance.
The key to a pleasant feel-good atmosphere in hotel lobbies is the
interplay between decorative light and functional light. From the
moment guests enter the hotel they are made to feel welcome by
light that draw attention to particular areas of the lobby and
therefore makes it easier for them to find their way around. This
area can be promoted by highlighting the ceilings.
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There are two major considerations with lighting systems for corridors and stairs, namely orientation and
safety. The right light in these areas therefore creates the perfect atmosphere in two ways. It helps guests
find their way around a building – and gives them a feeling of safety and comfort during their stay.
AC power plugs and sockets are devices that allow electrically operated equipment to be connected to
the primary alternating current (AC) power supply in a building. Electrical plugs and sockets differ in
voltage and current rating, shape, size and type of connectors.
HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) is the technology of indoor and vehicular environmental
comfort. HVAC system design is a subdiscipline of mechanical engineering, based on the principles of
thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer.
HVAC is important in the design of medium to large
industrial and office buildings such as hotels, where safe
and healthy building conditions are regulated with respect
to temperature and humidity, using fresh air from
There are many different types of heating systems. Central
heating is often used in cool climates to heat houses and
public buildings. Such a system contains a boiler, furnace,
or heat pump to warm water, steam, or air in a central
location such as a furnace room in a home or a mechanical room in a large building. The use of water as
the heat transfer medium is known as hydronic. These systems also contain either duct work for forced
air systems or piping to distribute a heated fluid to radiators to transfer this heat to the air. The term
radiator in this context is misleading since most heat transfer from the heat exchanger is by convection,
not radiation. The radiators may be mounted on walls or installed within the floor to give floor heat.
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Ventilation is the process of changing or replacing air in any
space to control temperature or remove any combination of
moisture, odors, smoke, heat, dust, airborne bacteria, or
carbon dioxide, and to replenish oxygen. Ventilation includes
both the exchange of air with the outside as well as circulation
of air within the building.
Air conditioning and refrigeration are provided through the
removal of heat. Heat can be removed through radiation,
convection, or conduction. Refrigeration conduction media
such as water, air, ice, and chemicals are referred to as
refrigerants. A refrigerant is employed either in a heat pump
system in which a compressor is used to drive thermodynamic refrigeration cycle, or in a free cooling
system which uses pumps to circulate a cool refrigerant (typically water or a glycol mix).
Building Management System (BMS)
A Building Management System (BMS) is a computer-based control system installed in buildings that
controls and monitors the building’s mechanical and
electrical equipment such as ventilation, lighting, power
systems, fire systems, and security systems. A BMS
consists of software and hardware; the software
program, usually configured in a hierarchical manner,
can be proprietary, using such protocols as C-bus,
Profibus, and so on. Vendors are also producing BMSs
that integrate using Internet protocols and open
standards such as DeviceNet, SOAP, XML, BACnet,
LonWorks and Modbus.
Benefits of BMS
Building tenant/occupants
o Good control of internal comfort conditions
o Possibility of individual room control
o Increased staff productivity
o Effective monitoring and targeting of energy consumption
o Improved plant reliability and life
o Effective response to HVAC-related complaints
o Save time and money during the maintenance
Building owner
o Higher rental value
o Flexibility on change of building use
o Individual tenant billing for services facilities manager
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Central or remote control and monitoring of building
Increased level of comfort and time saving
Remote Monitoring of the plants (such as AHU's, Fire pumps, plumbing pumps, Electrical
supply, STP, WTP etc.)
Maintenance Companies
o Ease of information availability problem
o Computerized maintenance scheduling
o Effective use of maintenance staff
o Early detection of problems
o More satisfied occupants
We emphasize some of the most important international projects
1. Ministry of Telecommunications Iraq, Kuwait, Libya: Design & implementation of
telecommunications infrastructure, 150.000.000,00 $. TeleGroup was subcontractor of the
company Invest Import from Belgrade, Yugoslavia
2. NetCom, Norway: Design, delivery & installation of MPLS infrastructure, power supply&UPS
3. Port Usdunajsk, Ukraine: Fibre optic WAN, TETRA, video surveillance, voice&data network,
PTP radio links for cargo ships&harbour communication
4. Cable and Wireless operator, Seychelles: Measurement & testing the possibility of receiving
television signals from satellites and project development
5. Hotel Aqua ProMont, Serbia: Building management system
6. Hotel Patria, Serbia: Design&implementation of power distribution
7. Hotel Otrand, Montenegro: Design&implementation of power distribution
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8. Hotel Hilton, Montenegro: WAN/LAN network, public address system, multimedia system,
IPTV, hospitality solution
9. Hotel Reževići, Montenegro: WAN/LAN network, video surveillance, smart room, IPTV, fire
alarm system, intrusion system, public address system and access control
10. Hotel Splendid, Montenegro: WiFi, TETRA, Internet connection, Optics, TK network, SKS
11. Hotel Princess, Montenegro: TK network, Voice and data system Ericsson, Fire-alarm system,
Hotel locks, Sound system and access control, IP Video surveillance Axis
12. City Hotel Podgorica, Montenegro: Optics, TK network, Voice and data system, Fire-alarm
system, Hotel locks
13. Club Hotel Riviera, Herceg Novi, Montenegro: Optics, TK network, Voice and data system,
Fire-alarm system
14. Hotel Queen, Montenegro: Optics TK network, Voice and data system, Internet solution
15. M:Tel, Republic of Srpska, BiH: Installation and implementation of IPTV multiscreen solution,
largest IPTV solution in western Balkan; Access control to corporate resources, Delivery and
implementation of PKI for access control; configuration, commissioning and maintenance of
IBM Proventia GX-5008 from the Management Console and the Site protector; Delivery,
installation, implementation of Internet gateway system on the platform Check Point to
protect corporate web security resource; Installation, integration and commissioning of IPS
(Intrusion Prevention System) system; Delivery of CPE equipment (Cisco, AudioCodes,
Mediatrix, RAD); Supply of access control; Supply to a sustainable system for Intrusion
Prevention IPS, IBM Proventia Desktop Endpoint Security-Proventia Desktop, Proventia
Server IBM Proventia Server for Windows/Linux
16. Mobile operator, VIP Mobile data center, Serbia – Design&implementation, complete
construction and architectural works, building management system, power distribution,
HVAC, technical security systems like fire alarm system, public address system, access
control, intrusion system, video surveillance, gas detection, fire extinguishing and external
17. Telekom Srbija, Serbia: Point to point, Point to multipoint, WIMAX, Wireless local loop,
TETRA systems
18. Telenor, Serbia: Design, delivery & installation of MPLS infrastructure, MicroWave Radio
Systems, power supply&UPS
19. T mobile, Montenegro: IPTV system
20. Komercijalna banka Banja Luka, Republic of Srpska, BiH: Design, supply&installation of
communications and computer equipment for LAN/WAN network, storage and IT systems,
Monitoring/Microsoft, HP, Cisco Systems
21. Nova banka ad Banja Luka, Republic of Srpska, BiH: Supply, installation and integration of
Tandberg video conferencing system
22. Oil refinery Pančevo, Serbia: Design&implementation of data and network security
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23. Power distribution Center Kragujevac, Serbia: Design&implementation of transformer block
24. Data center of Energy Transmission Company, Serbia: Design and implementation of power
distribution, LAN network, HVAC, fire extinguishing, fire alarm system, video surveillance,
access control
25. Oil Industry of Serbia: Design&delivery of LAN/WAN Fiber Optic Infrastructure and Data
Transmission Network/Tyco&Draka
26. Transnafta, Serbia: Design&delivery of Polycom video conferencing system between
Belgrade, Moscow and Sarajevo, Fiber optic, voice&data network infrastructure, video
27. Power distribution Elektrovojvodina, Serbia: Design&delivery of WAN/LAN Fiber Optic
Infrastructure, IP Voice&Data, Audio video recording, public announcement, Network
security, Motorola Two Way radio, Aastra MX-ONE Telephony System
28. Electro Utility Company, Republic of Srpska, BiH: Voice communication&recording
29. City parliament, Montenegro: Conferencing system
30. Government building of Republic of Srpska, BiH: Delivery, installation, measurement and
certification of structural cabling system
31. Ministry of the Interior of Republic of Srpska, BiH: Design, supply&installation of
communications and computer equipment for LAN/WAN network, storage and IT systems,
Monitoring/Microsoft, HP, Cisco Systems
32. Ministry of Interior of Republic of Serbia: TETRA systems
33. Post of Republic of Serbia: Digitalization of main headend and implementation of video
34. Serbian glass factory: Design and installation of complete power distribution system,
transformer block, middle voltage cabinets, low voltage cabinets and connections
35. City utility company for Water & Sewerage, Serbia: Design&delivery of LAN/WAN Fiber
Optic Infrastructure and Data Transmission Network/ACD Krone GMBH
36. Health care Agency, Montenegro: Conferencing system
37. Directorate of Civil Aviation, Serbia: Data&Voice Network recording, Data&Network
Security, Motorola Two way radio, Video surveillance
38. Fire brigade, Serbia: TETRA systems
39. Communal police, Serbia: TETRA systems
40. Nikola Tesla Airport, Serbia: Design and implementation for data center power distribution,
LAN network, HVAC, fire extinguishing, fire alarm system, video surveillance, access control,
active and passive network equipment
41. University of Banja Luka, Republic of Srpska, BiH: Delivery of Polycom video conferencing
42. Medical Faculty Banja Luka, Republic of Srpska, BiH: Delivering of multimedia equipment for
43. STUDEN-AGRANA, Republic of Srpska, BiH: Design, supply, installation of passive and active
network equipment: Krone, APC, Rittal, Cisco. Delivery of optical networking equipment for
the implementation of HDSL link
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44. Reconstruction of student’s dorm "Mika Mitrovic" Belgrade for the needs of students with
disabilities, Serbia: 5700 m2, complete installation of high voltage and low voltage power
supply system with delivery and installation of equipment and materials
45. Shopping mall IDEA, Serbia: Building management system, Fire alarm system, Public address
system, HVAC and power distribution
46. Business building Delhaize, Montenegro: Video solution, WAN/LAN network, IPTV, fire
alarm system, gas detection, public address system, intrusion system
47. Multifunctional center TQ Plaza, Montenegro: Building management system, fire alarm
system, access control, intrusion system, smart room, digital signage, video surveillance,
public address system, HVAC and power distribution
48. Multifunctional center TQ City, Serbia: Building management system, fire alarm system,
access control, intrusion system, intercom, voice and data system, video surveillance, public
address system
49. IDDEEA (Agency for Identification Documents, Registers and Data Exchange), Republic of
Srpska, BiH: Purchasing software for monitoring Firewall Compliance Manager and Device
Manager (URL monitoring, Firewall rules, generate reports)
50. NUBA Invest/Targo Telekom, Serbia: Fiber optic backbone 1086km, DWDM
51. Naled (National Alliance for local economic development), Serbia: Design&implementation
of video conferencing system for 3 hospitals in Serbia
52. Alpine GMBH, Serbia: Design&implementation of telecommunication network and public
53. CENTRUM TRADE, Republic of Srpska, BiH: Design, delivery, programming and
commissioning of Cisco communications networking equipment. Internet access is provided
for all locations and ISDN Trunks
54. TRINITY, Republic of Srpska, BiH: Supply, installation and integration of Tandberg video
conferencing system that was implemented at the University Apeiron in Republic od Srpska
55. INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPERS, Serbia: Design&construction of private LAN/WAN network.
Voice&data network infrastructure. Primary and backup Internet access, security-based Cisco
IOS Firewall, Windows Firewall, NAT, PAT, DMZ, FTP, web and mail server
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