Motorola VT1005 - Vonage VOIP Broadband Gateway Modem Installation guide

This document guides you through installing and configuring the
software applications for Voicent automated telephone notification
system. Voicent AutoReminder is a powerful appointment scheduler
with automatic phone reminders. Voicent BroadcastByPhone is aneasy-to-use telephone message delivering system. Both applications
are based on Voicent Gateway, an advanced telephony platform for
linking desktop computers with phone systems. This guide also
provides troubleshooting information in the Frequently Asked Question
section. For more information, please also read the program help
menu within the program; visit the Voicent online support at, or email to
I. System requirements
II. Install Voicent software products
III. Install your modem and connect it to a phone line
I. Check hardware configuration
II. License Setup
I. Make an appointment with automatic reminder call
II. Make an appointment with automatic reminder call
III. Use pre-recorded audio file for announcing your name
I. Record message using telephone
II. Record message using microphone
I. Make broadcast calls
II. Customize broadcast message
III. Collect responses
Generic question
Developer SDK
This section covers installation instructions for Voicent software and
hardware. The required hardware is a standard voice modem that can be
obtained from Voicent or your local computer retailers. Your computer might
have a voice modem installed already. So in that case, you only need to
install the software programs – usually takes less than five minutes.
The installation steps are summarized here and illustrated by the following
flow diagram.
1. Install Voicent software
2. Voicent program informs you whether you have a voice modem or not.
If not, go to step 4, otherwise continue with step 3.
3. Test your modem quality. If you experience poor voice quality, long
delay at the beginning of the call, too early to play the message, or
even system crash, please get a supported voice modem. Go to step 4
4. Purchase a supported voice modem and follow the modem installation
instructions to install the modem driver and hardware.
5. Done
Install Software Programs
Have Voice modem?
Test modem quality
Poor quality
Install a supported
voice mode
Good quality
I. System requirements
Software requirements
Windows 2000, XP or later.
Intel Pentium III processor or later (Desktop computer preferred)
128 Meg or more memory
a voice modem
A voice modem is device capable of playing and recording audio
over a telephone line. If you are not sure whether your
computer has a voice modem or not, just go ahead with the
installation. The software will inform you if it cannot find a voice
We only support Voicent 3025 Data/Fax/Voice PCI modem.
You can get this modem from for
less than fifty dollars.
A working phone line
Voice modem requires an analog phone line. Analog phone lines are
the ones for most residential homes or the ones used by fax
machines behind corporate PBX boxes. A Voice over IP (VoIP)
service like Vonage can also be used, provided a voice terminal is
available for connecting a voice modem.
Use a laptop computer
Since the supported modem is an internal PCI voice modem, it
cannot be installed on a laptop computer. Many external voice
modems are known to work with Voicent products; however, these
modems depend a lot on the quality of your laptop computer. In
general, using Voicent on a laptop is less reliable and tends to have
poor call quality.
If possible, use a desktop computer. An old Dell desktop computer,
such as those based on Pentium III, is a far better choice than
most laptop computers.
If you have to use a laptop computer, please choose a USB based
voice modem, such as Zoom 2985 USB modem. If your computer
does not have a USB port, you can try Zoom 3049 Serial port
modem, or Zoom 3075 PC card modem. You can get these modems
from your local retailers.
Use an external modem
External modems are easier to install on a desktop or a laptop
computer. However, these modems are not only more expensive
but also less reliable than internal PCI modems. Test it fully before
put the system into real use.
Warning: Zoom 3049 external modem does not work with Intel
Pentium 4 Hyper-Threading (HT) machine. A future driver might fix
the problem.
II. Install Voicent software
Voicent software installation is straight forward. You can obtain a CD from
Voicent or download it from
1). Voicent software package
There are total 5 programs in Voicent software package:
1. Sun’s Java Virtual Machine, required by Voicent
Gateway. If your system already has the software, this
installation will skip this step.
2. Voicent Gateway, required installation
3. Voicent AutoReminder
4. Voicent BroadcastByPhone
5. Voicent BroadcastByEmail
2). Install the software
Install from CD
Insert Voicent Installer CD into your computer’s CD drive. The
setup program should run automatically. If not, click on the
setup.exe file. The installation steps are self guided.
Install from a Download package
Voicent smart download manager allows you to download the
entire software program to your computer. It allows you to
download the whole program one piece at a time, stop and
resume download at different times, and automatically
assembles the whole program once all pieces are downloaded.
Click on Install Voicent Programs after download is completed.
Before you actually start to install the programs, you must check
the requirement on the left side of the installation window. Meeting
the minimum requirements can save you from running into problem
later on. Once you have check through all the boxes on the left
panel, simply follow the self-guided instructions to complete your
3). Check Installation
and Voicent
After installation, Voicent AutoReminder icon
BroadcastByPhone icon
should appear on your Windows Desktop.
Voicent Gateway icon
should appear on Windows toolbar at right
bottom corner of the screen.
On Windows XP taskbar, the Gateway icon is usually hidden. Click on the
< button to expose hidden icons, include the Gateway icon. To invoke
Voicent Gateway, simply click on the Gateway icon.
Voicent Gateway is a Windows service
automatically during computer start up.
4). Check voice modem availability
If your computer does not have a voice modem, you will see the Failed
to detect a voice modem dialog window. Voicent software cannot
continue without a voice modem. Click on the Purchase a Voice Modem
button for instructions to get a supported voice modem.
Please note that supporting V.90 or V.92 data transmission standards
does not imply your modem is voice capable. A good indication of voice
capability is the inclusion of voice mail software in the modem package.
We only support Voicent 3025 Data/Fax/Voice PCI modem.
4). Check voice modem quality
The quality of your voice modem has a huge impact on the call quality.
Many factors determine the modem voice capability, including the
supported features of the hardware, the availability of onboard DSP, the
quality of modem device driver, and the quality of the sound card of your
Warning: Some voice modems do not support standard voice device
driver interface even they claim to be voice capable. If you have this type
of modem, the program will malfunction when making phone calls. If that
happens, please switch to Voicent modem for guaranteed performance.
Checking the voice modem quality involves actually making some phone
calls using either AutoReminder or BroadcastByPhone. See the next
section for instruction using these programs. You are likely to experience
the following problems if your voice modem is of poor quality.
1) There is a long pause at the beginning of the audio messa ge.
2) No audio message is played when someone picks up the phone.
3) The audio message has already played when someone picks up the
4) The system freezes when a call is in progress.
The best solution is to get a Voicent voice modem.
III. Install modem and connect it to a phone line
Modem installation involves installing the modem hardware and its driver.
Please follow the modem installation guide provided by your modem
After you have installed the modem hardware and its driver, you ca n
check your modem installation by the following steps:
1). Click on the Windows Start button, then select Control Panel.
2). Click on the Phone and Modem Options, then select the Modem
3). If you have installed the Voicent 3025 or Zoom 3025 modem, you
should see Zoom V.92 PCI Voice Faxmodem listed
4). Click the Properties button, then select the Driver Tab.
5). The driver provider should be Zoom Telephonics, Inc
If in step 5 the driver provider is Microsoft, then your driver installation
is not correct. The default Microsoft driver does not support voice. Please
click Update Driver button to install the correct modem driver.
If your modem is installed successfully, then simply connect your
telephone wall jack to the modem jack marked LINE. You can also
connect a regular phone to the other modem jack marked PHONE.
As mentioned in system requirement, there are two ways to setup a
phone line for Voicent software to work. One is to use normal telephone
line; the other is to use Voice over IP connection.
A). Regular telephone line
When you use a regular phone line, please make sure to plug one end of
the phone connector into the modem jack marked LINE. Plug the other
end into a phone jack (the wall jack where you normally connect a
phone). If you have a spare phone available, plug your phone into the
modem PHONE jack if you want to use a phone on the same line with the
modem. Your phone will work normally even if the computer is turned off.
You can use the phone to test the phone line.
B). Voice over IP
When you use Voice over IP (VOIP), a voice terminal (adaptor) is required
and is usually provided by your service provider. For example, Vonage
uses Motorola VT1005 Voice Terminal. Your modem should be connected
to the line jack of the voice terminal.
I. License Setup
The license setup window is automatically invoked during installation. If
you don’t have a license during the installation, you can do it after
installation. To invoke the license setup window, select Setupà License
from the Voice nt Gateway main menu.
1) Setup shareware license [skip this step if you have full product
license file]
Fill in your name and phone number, and then click OK. Use the phone
number you want people to call you back. (Voicent AutoReminder will
automatically announce this phone number to the caller).
2) Import full product license file [skip this if you do not have the full
product license file]
If you have purchased the product, your product license file will be sent to
you through email. However, you must apply for your license with your
Voicent Gateway ID. To apply, please select Setup à Request Product
License… from the Gateway main menu. Or you can visit Voicent’s website
at to apply for your license.
After you submitted your license request, you should receive your license
file through email within one business day. Your license file is sent as an
- 10 -
attached file of the email message. Save the attached file to a directory of
your choice, such as C:\temp. Please note that some email programs directly
include the license file in the message body instead as an attached file. In
this case, please follow instructions in B).
A). In the Setup License dialog, click Manage Licenses … button. Click
the Browse button. In the Open File dialog, select license file you saved from
email attachment. Click Install New License Button. The installed license
should appear in the Installed Licensed window. Click Done button.
B). If your email program include the license file directly into the email
message, please select the copy paste lines radio button. Then copy the
lines from “######### VOICENT LICENSE BEGIN ##########” to
“########## VOICENT LICENSE END ##########” (include these
lines); then paste it to the text window below the copy paste lines radio
button. Click Install New License button, then click Done.
Voicent Gateway should automatically restart. Now if you invoke
AutoReminder and/or BroadcastByPhone, the correct license should be
displayed in the title bar.
- 11 -
I. Make an appointment with automatic phone reminder
To invoke AutoReminder
program, click on the
AutoReminder icon
on the Windows desktop.
The left pane of the window
is the main daily calendar
area where appointments are
displayed. The right pane is
the monthly calendar. You
can reschedule an
appointment by moving the
appointment to a different
time slot. You can also dragn-drop an appointment to a
different day.
Tip: Select Help à Help Topics to learn more about AutoReminder. Or view
the online manual from the support section of the Voicent’s website.
Create a new appointment
Appointment button
invoke the New Appointment
Tip: You can also put your
mouse cursor to the time
you want to schedule an
appointment, double click
the left mouse button to
appointment start time will
be set to the time slot you
- 12 -
Warning: Since your modem occupies one phone line, you
need another phone line to receive the reminder call. If you
have a cell phone or another phone line, you can test it yourself.
Otherwise, you will need a friend to help you to test it.
2. Enter the phone number you wish to dial. The phone number can be
your second phone number, your cell phone number, or your friend’s
phone number. Select a Start Time.
3. When the focus is leaving the contact field, a New Contact dialog will
appear automatically. Fill in as much information as you can. Then click
4. Select/set Time to Call, you have three choices. For this test, please
choose Right Now.
Tip: At the bottom of the dialog, the actual time the reminder call is
5. Click Next. If you want to test the text-to-speech feature, you can
enter some English text in the Notes section, then check the box of
appointment notes (using text-to-speech). If you want to use your
own voice message for additional reminder message, you can record a
message in .wav file and select it by clicking on the browse button. Make
sure your .wav file has the correct format of PCM 8 KHz, 16 bits, mono.
Please see section “RECORD YOUR MESSAGE” for details of recording
audio messages.
6. Click Finish. Your new appointment should appear in the appointment
7. Since you selected Call Now, the system will attempt to make a
reminder call for the appointment you just made.
For first time use, a dialog will pop up to inform you to say “hello” after
answering the phone call. The system will play the reminder message after it
a) detects a human voice, b) an answering machine beep, or c) time out
after several seconds of silence.
After you click OK, you should hear your modem dialing out.
If you hear the modem dial or did not hear the phone ring, please refer to
FAQ section on why it isn’t working for you.
- 13 -
8. When you receive the phone call, pick up the phone and say hello.
After that, you should hear the appointment reminder message. The
message automatically includes the appointment date, time, and call back
number. If an answering machine picks up the call, AutoReminder will wait
till the beep and then leave a message.
If you complete the above steps, you are ready to use AutoReminder to
making calls for your business or personal use. If you have trouble complete
any of the steps, please see the FAQ section of this guide or send email to
II. Make an appointment with automatic phone reminder and
If you have professional version of AutoReminder, appointment
confirmation is automatically included in the reminder message. After the
regular message is played, AutoReminder prompts the person to:
1). Press 1 to confirm the appointment
2). Press 2 to cancel the appointment
3). Press 3 to have some to call to reschedule the appointment
4). Press 4 to leave a voice message, or
5). Press 5 to replay the message.
The steps to create an appointment with reminder call and confirmation is
exactly the same as steps described in the previous section. By default, if
you are using a professional version of AutoReminder, appointment reminder
call includes confirmation automatically. If you do not want appointment
confirmation, simply uncheck the Need confirmation or response check
box in the New Appointment dialog.
Check Response
To check the response, you can check the display icons of the appointment.
If the appointment is confirmed, you should see the confirmed icon . If the
appointment is canceled, you should see the canceled icon . If there is a
voice message, you should see the message icon .
- 14 -
For detailed call history of a particular appointment, you can double click on
the appointment in the calendar to invoke the Edit appointment dialog. Click
Call Detail Button to invoke the call history dialog.
If there is a voice message, you can click on the Message in the Confirmation
column. Once you click on it, you favorite wav player program should start
playing the voice message.
- 15 -
Detailed Call Report for all calls for a particular day can be accessed from
the View main menu.
II. Use pre-recorded audio file for announcing your name
If you do not like the text-to-speech pronunciation of your name or business,
you can use a pre-recorded audio message for your name. Please see
RECORD YOUR MESSAGE section later in the document for message
recording instruction.
In the Voicent Gateway main window, select Setup à My Name … menu item
to invoke the Setup My Name dialog. Click the Browse button to select the
Open File dialog. Select the name recording audio file, and then click OK.
Next time the system makes a phone call or receives a phone call, the audio
file will be used to pronounce your name or business.
- 16 -
There are several ways to record your voice messages. If you do not have a
professional recording studio, the best way is to use telephone recording.
Telephone recording
Starting from release 2.0, you can use Voicent Gateway to record your
message using any telephone. To do so, click on Voicent Gateway icon
From the Voicent Gateway window, select Operation à Recording… to
invoke the recording dialog. Click the Save As button to select the
recording file name. Then Click OK.
Warning: In order to use telephone to record your message, your
computer must have a voice modem installed and properly connected to a
working telephone line.
Once you click the Record Now button, Voicent Gateway is set for
accepting in-bound phone calls for telephone recording. You will need two
phones to do the recording. One phone line is the used by your voice
modem, and the other for calling into the modem line.
Call the phone number of the voice modem line. After Voicent Gateway
picks up the call, simply follow the voice prompt to record your message.
The recording message will be saved in the file you specified in the
previous step.
II. Record using Sound Recorder
To invoke Sound Recorder, click on Window’s Start -> All
Programs -> Accessories -> Entertainment -> Sound
Recorder. You’ll need a computer microphone. When you finished
recording, click file à save as, when Save As window pops up,
enter a file name you want to use. DO NOT click on save yet. Click
on Change button next to the Format for sound selection. You
must select PCM 8 KHz, 16 bits, mono format. Click OK.
- 17 -
If you have a pre-recorded file that is of a different format, you can
always use the Sound Recorder to convert it to the correct
telephony format. Simply open the file in Sound Recorder, select
Save As …, do the same as in the previous paragraph.
III. Record using other sound recording device
Record your message using other recording device to create a .wav file. Once
the file is created, you may need to convert the format to 8.000 KHz, 16
Bit, Mono. You can use Microsoft sound recorder to do the format
conversion, message editing and reduce silent period at the beginning of the
About telephone audio quality
The standard telephone audio format is set to PCM 8 KHz, 16 bit, Mono. The
audio format determines the audio quality. No matter what format/quality
(such as stereo) of your original audio recording is, it has to be converted to
the standard format in order to play over the phone. Thus if you do not have
a professional recording studio, you should use the built-in Voicent telephone
recording for best sound quality. Microphone recording tend to have more
Although there many ways to create an audio wave file for voice
broadcasting, we recommend using telephone to record your voice message
to get the best sound quality and reduce message editing effort. An added
benefit of Voicent telephone recording is that it can be recorded remotely.
Converting to the standard audio format
If an audio file is not saved in a standard format, it can be converted to the
standard format by the sound recorder program. Please refer to the previous
section under “Recording using Sound Recorder” for details.
If your recording is done through a professional recording studio, you should
ask the file be saved in the telephony format. Converting the audio file
yourself normally introduces hisses and noises in the audio.
- 18 -
To invoke
BroadcastByPhone, click
the icon
on Windows.
The main window is a
spreadsheet like area for
entering name and phone
numbers. The Status
column will be filled by the
program after calls are
You can copy-paste call list
from/to programs like
Microsoft Excel. You can
also import call list from a
text file.
I. Prepare broadcast calls
2. Create a call list. Enter names and phone numbers. Save the call list by
click file -> save. You need to give a file name such as test. The file will be
saved as .voc format (test.voc)
Note: Remember that your modem occupies one phone line;
you need another phone line to receive the reminder call, such
as your cell phone.
3. Start broadcasting. Select from main menu Broadcast à
Start/Schedule. Click on the Browse button to select the audio file to
broadcast. In the File Open window, please navigate to the directory that
contains your audio file. If you do not have an existing audio file, you can
select the standard sample message.
Select Start Now check box. Then click OK. Your modem should start to
- 19 -
4. When you receive the phone call, pick up the phone and say hello. Once
BroadcastByPhone detects a human voice, it will play the audio message. If
an answering machine or voice mail answers the phone, the software will
detect it and leave a message after the beep.
Please say “hello” after answering the phone call. The system
will play the message after it a) detects a human voice; b)
detects an answering machine and a beep, or c) time out after
several seconds of silence.
5. If you did not hear modem dial or the phone did not ring, please check
see if your modem and phone line is set up properly. Please also take a look
at the FAQ section in this document.
II. Customize broadcast message
If you have professional version of BroadcastByPhone, you can customize
broadcast message for each phone call. You can also play different messages
for human pick up or for answering machine. In this section, we’ll create a
message for a community
library. In the message, a
message is played as well as
the overdue book name. For
example, the message could
be like this:
“Hi, this message is from
San Francisco city library.
You have checked out a
book that is overdue. The
book title is: [the book
A. Record your message
Since the general overdue
message (without the book title) is the same for every phone call, we can
use a pre-recorded message. Please see RECORD YOUR MESSAGE section for
details to record an audio message. In this example, we’ll call this file
- 20 -
B. Design a customized
message template
Designer from the main
menu. In the Message List
dialog, click on New. The
should appear.
2) From the Message Designer
Dialog, click New. In the New
Message Item dialog, select
Audio Message. Click on the
Browse button to select the
overdue.wav file. Click OK.
The new audio item should
appear in the Message Item
3) Click New button again. In the Message Item dialog, select Specific to
each call. Give the Column Header as Book Title, then select text-to-speech
for the column type.
4) Now you should have two items in the Message Items window as shown in
the first diagram here. Enter “Book Overdue” for Message ID in the dialog.
Click OK to save the designed message template.
C. Start Broadcasting
Once you have the message template designed, you can select it for your call
list. Select New from the main menu of BroadcastByPhone. In the Select
Message dialog, select Custom Designed, and then select “Book Overdue”.
- 21 -
You can see that a new column BookTitle is inserted automatically. The
content of the column will be used in each phone call to announce the
overdue book title using text-to-speech technology. For example shown
above, the first call to John Smith will say the book title as “American
History” after playing the general overdue message.
Collecting responses
With professional version of BroadcastByPhone, it is also
response from each phone call. The response can
cancellation, or any custom designed response code. It is
people to leave a voice message. In this section, we’ll
invitation with confirmation. This message is like this:
possible to collect
be confirmation,
also possible to let
set up a meeting
“Hi, the January organization meeting will be held this Friday in the
corporate conference room. Please press 1 to confirm your attendance,
press 2 to decline, press 3 to leave us a message, press 9 to play this
message again.”
Please record the message in a file called meeting.wav. Now we’ll use the
Message Designer to design a message template to collect user responses.
1) Select Broadcast à Message Designer from the main menu. In the
Message List dialog, click the New button. In the message ID text input
window, type in Meeting.
- 22 -
Since responses can not be collected if an answering machine answers the
phone call. We have to design the message differently for human pick up and
answering machine. Select the check box Play different messages for
answering machine and human pickup.
2) Select message items for Answering Machine. Click New, then in the New
Message dialog, click Browse, and then select the audio file meeting.wav.
Click OK.
3) Select message items for human pickup. In the dropdown box, select
Human. Click New, then in the New Message dialog, click Browse, and then
select the audio file meeting.wav. Click OK.
4) In the Message Designer window,
Confirmation or response. Click the
New button. The New Confirmation
Item dialog should appear.
Select Press. Enter 1 in the text box on
the right. The Confirm Yes should be
confirmation item should appear in the
confirmation items window in the
Message Designer dialog.
Click New again. Select Press. Enter 2
in the text box on the right. Select
Confirm No. Click OK. Now the second
confirmation item is added.
Click New again. Select Press. Enter 3
in the text box on the right. Select
Leave message. Click OK.
Click New again. Select Press. Enter 9
in the text box on the right. Select
Replay message. Click OK.
6. Click OK to save the new message template.
7. Now you are ready to use the new message template to send
out your new meeting notice.
Start Broadcast
Create a new call list based on the new message template. Select New from
the File main menu. In the Choose Message dialog, select the Meeting
- 23 -
message. In the main spreadsheet window, you can see there is a new
column titled Confirmation. Enter the names and phone numbers for the
select Broadcast
Start/schedule. Click Start Now.
The Broadcast Message in the dialog displays the message ID of the call.
Since the audio message is already select in the message template, there is
no need to select an audio file here as we did in the previous sections.
After calls are made, you can check the confirmation column about all
responses. The results should look like the following figure.
In the third column, you can click on the Message to hear the voice message.
After you click on it, your wav file player program will be invoked, allowing
you to hear the message.
- 24 -
Start using it. Help topics are accessible from the main menu.
More information can be accessed from Voicent’s website at
If you are using the shareware version, you can Purchase a product
license from
If you are a software developer, please take a look at the developer
section of Voicent’s website. Voicent Gateway is a standard based
development platform for interactive telephony applications. The online
tutorial contains information to develop both inbound and outbound
- 25 -
F R E Q U E N T L Y A S K E D Q U ES T I O N S ( F A Q )
Generic questions for all product
What is Voicent product used for?
Voicent product is an automated telephone notification system that
runs on any desktop PC or laptop computer. It is widely used by
organizations, and any entity requires automatic telephone
Here are some sample applications:
Doctor Offices use it for automatic appointment reminder calls.
Churches use it for event notification and prayer chains.
Politicians use it for voter communications and vote reminders
Mortgage brokers use it for lead generation and rate
Businesses use it for pickup/delivery notifications.
IT professionals use it for automatic system crash notifications.
School PTAs use it for fundraising and event notifications.
Non profit associations use it for monthly meeting notifications
What’s the difference between AutoReminder and
AutoReminder is telephone reminder software that calls individual
person or small group of people at specific time for specific event. It is
mostly suitable for appointment related applications, such as reminder
calls for doctor offices. BroadcastByPhone is telephone notification
system that calls a list of phone numbers to broadcast a pre-recorded
message. It is mostly suitable for organizations such as church and
businesses. Both products are capable for confirmation, message
customization, and detection of human pickup and answering machine.
G3. What’s
professional version?
- 26 -
The major differences are: 1). Professional version supports interactive
touch tone response and voice message; and 2). Professional version
is capable of playing different messages for human pick up vs.
answering machine; and 3). Professional version can customize and
personalize your telephone message using a built-in Message
With Professional version, the system can:
I. Collect confirmation or response from recipient. The person who
receives the call can, for example, press 1 to confirm, press 2 to
cancel, and press 3 to leave a voice message. You can design the
confirmation prompt anyway you like.
II. Play different message for answering machine and for human
pickup. This feature can be used for callers who wish to play
different messages to human and answering machine.
Sometimes, you only want to leave messages on the answering
machine. So you can specify no audio file for human pick up, and
have a real message played when it is answered by an answering
machine or voice mail system.
III. Use speech command. For example, to replay the message, the
person who receives the call can replay the phone messages by
saying a voice command like Play It Again. If you have important
information like your name or phone numbers that need the
person to write it down, the replay feature will allow them to
repeat the info and have enough time to do so.
IV. Broadcast personalized messages include each person’s name, a
specific message just for that person, either using text-to-speech
or pre-recorded audio file. It can play different messages to
different people. Examples: "Hi, [Mr. Gate], [happy birthday], this
is John Green. Please vote for me for my next election. If you
want to hear this message again, please say Play It Again. The
words in italic with a bracket […] can be replaced with any words
you choose.
The standard version of Voicent BroadcastByPhone is only capable of
broadcast one pre-recorded voice message to the entire call list. You
can not play different voice messages during broadcast. No response
can be recorded from the recipients. The Professional version of
BroadcastByPhone has a “call till confirm” feature that can be used in a
call escalation process. It also has the ability to “automatically
schedule call for next day” if the current call list is too long and cannot
be finished before the cutoff time.
- 27 -
The Standard version of Voicent AutoReminder uses a fixed reminder
message and thus is only suitable for appointment reminder calls. For
doctor offices, we recommend the Professional version so patients can
confirm their appointments.
G4. I’ve installed Voicent software. I hear the modem
dialing, but the phone number it just dialed doesn’t ring.
What’s wrong?
1). First Check you phone line.
If you use a regular phone line, please check your phone line
connection. Make sure it has dial tone. When you use a regular phone
line for the software, please make sure to plug one end of the phone
cord into the modem jack marked LINE. Plug the other end into a
phone jack (the wall jack where you normally connect a phone). If you
have a spare phone available, plug your phone into the modem
PHONE jack if you want to use a phone on the same line with the
modem. Your phone will work normally even if the computer is turned
off. You can use the phone to test the phone line to see if it works or
If you use a phone line that also has broadband connection like DSL,
please make sure you don’ t conne ct your modem to the wrong jack
that belongs to DSL line.
If you are using VoIP connection, you need to connect the voice
modem LINE jack to a Voicent Terminal such as Motorola VT1005. It
converts the digital line to analog line.
2). Check whether you are using Voicent 3025c data/fax/voice
You are most likely to experience the problem if you are not using the
supported voice modem. Especially with soft modems, the call quality
and reliability will be poor. Please refer to the Installation section of
this guide for more details. You can order one from our website at
3). Check whether your modem driver is installed correctly
Please refer to the Installation section of this guide for more details.
Do I have a voice modem?
- 28 -
The best way to find out is to install the Voicent software and run the
program. If you have installed Voicent software and see an error
message Voicent Gateway cannot find a voice capable modem,
then your system does not have a voice modem. Without a voice
modem, no phone call can be made. To see what modem is installed
on your system, please refer to the Installation session of this guide.
G6. I have purchased a Voicent 3025/Zoom 3025/Zoom
2985/Zoom 3049 voice modem and the system still cannot
detect a voice capable modem?
Please check your modem driver settings. The detailed instruction is
listed in section title “Install modem and connect it to a phone line”
Do I must use a Voicent 3025 voice modem?
Not necessarily. We officially support Voicent modem and Zoom 3025
internal PCI modem. There are many other voice modems that will
work with the software. But if you use other modem brand, we cannot
guarantee the performance and reliability.
Can I setup multiple modems on multiple lines for one
Not at this time. We support one computer with one voice modem,
which allows only one phone line. If you need to have multiple lines,
you can use multiple computers.
G9. The software works. But when it dials out, there is a real
long delay before the message plays. It’s about 10 seconds. It
will cause people to hang up. How can I fix this problem?
Voicent software has about 2-3 second delay when a call is answered.
If the delay is longer than 3 seconds, please check the following:
1. Your modem. If you don’t have a voice modem that is
recommended by Voicent, please get a recommended modem
from Voicent. Some voice modems don’t have the right TAPI
implementation and it won’t recognize the voice over telephone.
2. Your modem driver. Even if you have the right modem, the
modem driver (the software that runs the modem) may not be
compatible. You need to install a driver that is the latest. The
driver software can usually be downloaded from modem
vendor’s website at no cost.
3. You computer is too old or has too little memory.
- 29 -
4. Your sound card quality is poor.
5. Your have a noisy phone. You can try a different phone line to
see if the delay will be eliminated.
6. Check your audio recording. Make sure there is no silence at the
beginning of the recording.
G10. Can your program interface directly with MS Access
database without using a comma separated file first and import
The normal operation is export a comma separated file from your
database or other systems and then import the file to Voicent
The program can not interface with MS Access database directly since
we won't know the schema of your database. However, it is easy to
integration with us using AutoReminder's Openweb access. Please see Actual working
samples are provided for the integration on our website.
G11. How do I open the Voicent Gateway to get the gateway ID
number from my computer?
If you are using XP, look at the taskbar at the bottom of your screen.
There should be a clock on the right bottom corner. Next to it, there is
a double arrow << called Hidden Icon. Click on <<, it will expose all
hidden icons. Voicent Gateway should appear. Click on Voicent
Gateway icon
, the gateway main window should pop up. Your
gateway ID is shown in the window.
If you are using Windows 2000, the right bottom corner of the task bar
should contain the Voicent Gateway icon
main window.
. Click on it to invoke the
G12. I have a voice modem (not Voicent modem) with voice
capability and speakerphone ready. It's also dialing out and
phone also rings. How come I can't hear the voice message on
the other end?
- 30 -
1. Your modem is not compatible. There are many brands of voice
modems are on the market, not all voice modems work with the
software. We officially support Voicent modem model 3025 or Zoom
3025c voice modems.
2. Make sure your computer has a sound card that can play .wav file.
3. Make sure your phone line is connected and has dial tone through
the modem. (See G1.)
4. When you pick up the phone that rings, make sure to say hello and
wait for a couple seconds.
5. In rare case the motherboard, modem card and device driver
combination can cause problem. If you suspect this is the case, try a
different computer.
G13. I would like to know if your company knows of any office
management software that can be used in conjunction with the
AutoReminder application.
Voicent AutoReminder can be integrated with any office management
software because AutoReminder has Open Web access interface that
allows other programs to interface with. Please see for detailed
information. There is also a command line interface for integration.
You can have a programmer do the integration for you, or contact
Voicent for the technical service. We have expert knowledge on
G14. Do I need a dialogic card or internet connection to use
AutoReminder or BroadcastByPhone software?
No. You only need a voice modem. We support Voicent voice modem,
model 3025. You can use the software with VoIP, but you still need a
voice modem that is connected to the VoIP Voice Terminal.
G15. The audio quality of the wav recordings is not good. My
recorded message sounds really bad. Can I improve the
Yes, you can.
1). Use Voicent 3025 modem if you are not using it now. Some voice
modems and their driver are of poor quality.
- 31 -
2.) You have a bad phone line on either or both outbound and inbound
phone lines. If you use a cell phone, the wireless reception can be bad.
Try to use different phone line or different cell phone.
3).Your machine or sound card is not good quality.
4).Try to use telephone recording as described in RECORD YOUR
MESSAGE section of this document.
5).Use a better microphone and a less noisy recording room.
G16. Do I need Java and Voicent Gateway to run AutoReminder or
Yes. You must install these two programs before you install others.
G17. My computer is hooked up with high speed internet
connection like cable modem or DSL. Can I use Voicent
Yes. Voicent software does not use Internet connection. All you need is
a voice modem that connects to a phone line or VoIP Voice Terminal to
make phone calls.
Cable modem or DSL modem cannot be used to make phone calls. But
it does not matter. The actually phone calls are made through the
voice modem.
Questions for BroadcastByPhone and AutoReminder
I want to use the Voicent BroadcastByPhone
AutoReminder system. Do I have to purchase Voicent Gateway?
No. BroadcastByPhone and AutoReminder software package includes
Voicent Gateway.
I am running BroadcastByPhone. It stopped after a few
calls. What happened?
Your computer modem is not reliable. Try to use Voicent modem 3025.
If the modem is OK, check your phone line to see if it has dial tone. In
rare case, the combination of motherboard and modem doesn’t work
well together.
Also please check your dialing rules. In Voicent Gateway, please select
Setup à Options for setting dialing rules suitable for your phone
- 32 -
B3. When I start Voicent AutoReminder/BroadcastByPhone I got
an error message saying Failed to connect to Voicent Gateway?
Voicent Applications, AutoReminder and BroadcastByPhone, are
separate programs from the Voicent Gateway. The Gateway is actually
the program that makes the phone calls. In order for AutoReminder or
BroadcastByPhone to work, a connection with the gateway has to be
Check whether Voicent Gateway is started or not. Click on the gateway
icon on the taskbar, the status should be running. If the gateway is
still in the process of starting up, please just wait till the status
BroadcastByPhone again.
If Voicent Gateway failed to start, or AutoReminder and
BroadcastByPhone still cannot connect to a running gateway, then
please check your firewall and antivirus programs. Windows XP
contains a built-in firewall program that can be access from the control
panel. These programs might block Voicent Gateway from accepting
The following processes are part of the Voicent Gateway. Please refer
to your firewall or antivirus program manuals for ways to unblock the
telephony engine of the gateway
speech engine of the gateway
VoiceXML interpreter
Voicent applications server
Voicent Gateway normally listens on port 8155, 8255, 8355, and 8455.
If you are not sure whether Voicent Gateway is blocked by your
firewall or antivirus program, you can disable or uninstall it first. You
can enable and reinstall it later. To disable Windows XP firewall, please
click the Start button, then select Control Panel, then click Windows
Firewall. From the firewall window, select the Off checkbox.
B4. How
BroadcastByPhone call list?
There are two ways to import the phone list:
1) Use file -> import feature in BroadcastByPhone program window.
- 33 -
2) Use copy & paste: Import your phone list from your database file
to Microsoft Excel spreadsheet first, then copy-and-paste the whole list
to the phone section of BroadcastByPhone spreadsheet.
B5. I have a large call list that cannot be finished in a day. I set
up the broadcast as recurring calls every morning. But the calls
always start from the beginning.
You should select the checkbox “automatically schedule calls for next
day if not finished” in the Start/Schedule broadcast dialog. This feature
is only available in the professional version.
Recurring calls are used for events like monthly meetings. It always
starts from the beginning of the call list.
What is a Call till Confirm broadcast?
This is a broadcast mode that usually used in call escalation process.
For example, support engineers John, Joe, and Jason are the people to
notify when the alarm go off. If John is available, there is no need to
notify Joe and Jason. To set up the Call till Confirm broadcast, select
the checkbox “Stop broadcast after getting confirmation code” and set
the confirmation code in the next edit box. If John is not available
when called, the program will call Joe; and if Joe enters the
confirmation code, the program will not call Jason and broadcast will
stop automatically.
It is possible to use this mode from the command line interface. If you
have an alert system and a call escalation process, you can easily
integrate it with Voicent BroadcastByPhone. Please refer to the
program help file for details.
Questions for EmailToPhone
I have set up the Voicent gateway with EmailToPhone. When I call
in to get my email message, I get a message the server is not
available, good bye. How do I correct this?
Please check your email settings. This normally indicates your POP3/IMAP
server cannot be accessed.
Questions for Voicent Gateway SDK
- 34 -
Do you sell an SDK that would allow me to add an
alternative means of user interface?
Yes. There are two ways to do it:
A. To interface with AutoReminder. The interface is easy to use. You need
to build your application based on AutoReminder professional version.
Please refer to
B. To directly integrate with Voicent Gateway
Use Client SDK. With this library, your app can directly integrate with
Voicent Gateway. Please check our website for tutorial and more
Does Voicent Gateway support VoIP?
W support VoIP configuration with Voice Terminal. See Configuration
section on how to set VoIP with Voicent software.
D3. Can the software record touch tone responses to audio
Yes, Voicent Gateway can handle speech recognition as well as DTMF
out The software uses DTMF tones for
checking password.
D4. We want to integrate Voicent software with other software
like office management software that does the billing and
report. Can we do that?
Absolutely. If you need help on integration, please contact us by phone or
email. There will be a fee based on our engineering’s time and effort. We
have expert knowledge on our software and can save you a lot of time
and effort on integration.
- 35 -
If you still have problems after going through this document, we
are glad to assist you. There are several ways to get help from us:
Please make sure that you are using Voicent 3025
data/fax/voice modem. Problems like poor call quality, delay at
the beginning of the audio message are most likely cause by a
poor quality voice modem. We do not support other brand of
voice modems.
1). If you have general product questions
Please check our website or send your question to or
2). For technical support, contact us through email with log files
This is the preferred way. Our support engineers need these log files to
better diagnose problems. You’ll get a faster response when log files are
Please also note that if you stop and restart the gateway, the log file will
be overwritten. Only one backup copy is kept. You should send us the log
files right after you experience any problem.
There are two ways to send us the log file:
(1). Click on Voicent Gateway icon, when the gateway window pops up,
select Help à Report Problem. Write down the problem description and
click OK; or,
(2). Email us at Attach your gateway log files in
your email. (output.log and output1.log, which usually located at
C:\Program Files\Voicent\Gateway\logs)
3). Contact us by phone
- 36 -
Phone support is not free. You have to have a support contract before
calling technical support. If you would like to purchase per incident
support, call 800. 948.1198.
This document contains proprietary information protected by copyright, and this Quick Start Guide and all
the accompanying hardware, software, and documentation are copyrighted.
@ Copyright 2003, 2004, 2005. Voicent Communications, Inc. All rights reserved.
- 37 -