T-Rex Nitros User Manual

T-Rex Nitros User Manual
on your purchase of the Nitros, a premium hypergain pedal
from T-Rex Effects.
The Nitros is a hard-edged distortion with the ability to
shape the overall sound via the 3-band equalizer.
While you can certainly use it with the EQ set flat (all knobs
at 12 o’clock), we encourage you to read on and experiment
with the EQ controls to uncover the full range of scorching
tones that this bad boy has to offer.
NITROS controls
Gain: Adjusts the amount of distortion in the effect.
Level: Adjusts the overall output level of the effect.
Bass, Mid, Treble: Active cut/boost of the low, middle and
high frequencies, respectively.
The three equalizer knobs have no effect on the sound when
set to 12 o´clock i.e. no boost or cut will be applied to the
To boost the lows, mids or highs, turn the associated knob
clockwise from the 12 o´clock position.
To cut those same frequencies, turn the knob anticlockwise
from the 12 o´clock position.
Try experimenting with the eq knobs for different sounds.
Dialing in a scooped metal distortion can be done by cutting
the mids and/or boosting the bass and treble. Conversely, to
obtain a more classic rock distortion, boost the mids a little
bit and fine tune by cutting the bass and treble frequencies
to taste.
Active eq is a very responsive and powerful tone-shaping
tool, so be sure to experiment with these controls at different gain levels. The Nitros excels at a modern and aggressive
distortion sound but careful tweaking of the eq knobs will
tell you that “hypergain” is just one of its many faces!
Input [email protected]
Output [email protected]
Power supply Voltage 9V DC
Higher than 1M Ohm
Lower than 1K Ohm
Minimum 8V DC / Maximum 12,5V DC
Current Draw @ 9V DC
30 mA
Maximum Input signal Vp/p
Battery Type / Battery Life
External connectors
9V battery 6F22 / 5 hours
Input Jack, Output Jack, 9V DC jack
On/Off switch, Gain, Level,
Bass, Mid, Treble
Pedal size incl. knobs (W x H x D)
60 x 50 x 117 mm / 2,4 x 2 x 4,6 inch
Weight excl. battery & packaging
0,200 kg / 7,05 oz
T-Rex offers a 2-year warranty on all our products. In the unlikely event of a
malfunction, please contact our technical support at [email protected]
before sending us the product for repair. Read more about warrenty conditions
at www.t-rex-effects.com/service.
Based in Vejle, Denmark, T-Rex Effects makes classic and signature effect pedals
for the world’s best musicians. Our approach blends hi-tech innovation with
old-world craftsmanship - always in the service of killer tone.
T-Rex accepts and follows the regulations and directives issued by the EU. We
find these environment protecting regulations very good, and are happy to follow them.
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