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Perform your best – even better
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Danfoss ECL Comfort controller – high performance for district heating
energy saving or more
A correct commissioned ECL
Comfort controller optimises
system efficiency by reducing
the return temperature. This
means energy savings and
longer system life.
We mind your business
Electronic controllers for district heating
Danfoss is proud to introduce the seventh generation of electronic controllers for district heating. Based on the success and
benefits of previous generations, the Danfoss ECL Comfort 210
and 310 controllers ensure comfort and convenience for heating, cooling and domestic hot water systems.
Less is more – benefits for you
The Danfoss ECL Comfort controller looks simple but works
smarter, so it adds more to your performance than you would
expect. For example, you can save on installation and commissioning time, reduce unplanned maintenance, benefit from a
shorter learning curve, and reduce energy consumption.
On top of this, you get more built-in product features, more
time for your business, and more satisfied customers. The advanced features and design never compromise ease of use,
making installation, configuration and operation a breeze.
The design also provides a breath of fresh air. With clean, unobtrusive lines, an ECL fits into any surrounding. And the environment matters, so the ECL controllers enable you to reduce
energy consumption, and as a result CO2 emission.
Looks simple – Works smarter
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over matter
The ECL controller acts as the brain
of the heating system. It lets you
easily control and optimise system
performance and operation.
controller for all
The ECL Comfort controller is
the obvious choice because
it fits with all typical applications for district heating and
micro network systems.
Take a new turn in district heating
Engineered simplicity
Where most controllers for heating systems tend to
become increasingly difficult to operate, Danfoss has
taken a new turn.
All menus and system data readings are shown on the
graphic display in your native language, and the logical
menu structure makes operation smooth and intuitive.
With the ECL Comfort 210 and 310 controllers, setting up
and operating the heating installation has never been easier or more straightforward. With the ECL controller or ECA
remote control unit, all navigation and interaction takes
place by turning and pushing the dial on the front panel.
There are no blinking lights or arrays of buttons and
switches, but the possibillities are unlimited. This ensures
correct commissioning and easy day-to-day operation,
which in turn ensures optimum comfort and reliability.
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A few steps of commissioning that put you...
Countless advantages
For successful commissioning of
the Danfoss ECL Comfort controller only a few steps are required. It
is very straightforward, and in fact
you don't need any special programming knowledge.
Elegant no-fuss user interface
Intuitive software makes opera
tion a breeze
nstant feedback displayed
in your own language
ccess to user data, alarms,
logs and settings
ser-friendly technical
Setup wizard
– Language selection
After wiring and connecting system
components, such as pumps, actuators and temperature sensors, you
can insert the ECL Application Key.
Use the turn/push dial to select your
preferred language and follow the
setup progress on the display.
Setup wizard
– Application selection
Select your application from the
system application range included
on the ECL Application Key.
You can choose from applicationspecific factory settings or userspecific settings if they have been
stored on the key.
The key to avoiding potential headaches
The ECL Comfort controller is matched with a full range
of ECL Application Keys. Each Application Key is programmed with specific parameters for a particular district heating or cooling application.
The ingenious ECL Application Key makes it easier than
ever to install and set up your heating system application in the ECL controller, all without any need for advanced programming. This makes it easy to manage
and adjust your application settings.
In the event of malfunction in the heating system the
application parameters won't be affected by e.g. power
failure since they are stored in the controller. Besides
the data logging facility in the ECL controller facilitates
troubleshooting with no headaches, keeping system
maintenance at a minimum.
The Application Key also facilitates copying of settings
to other ECL controllers in the system. This makes it easy
to adjust settings and helps ensure smooth operation
and energy optimisation for years to come.
...one step ahead of schedule
Main controller settings
The main control parameters
should be configured for optimum
commissioning. They are located
in the “settings” menu. Room heating and DHW flow temperatures
are set in the user menus.
Heating curve
With six configurable coordinates
for the flexible heating curve, the
ECL Comfort 210/310 controller
meets all requirements for achieving an accurate comfort temperature level in the system.
Favorite display
Select your favorite display from a
set of pre-defined displays in order
to get a quick system overview. Using your favorite display, you can
perform functions such as selecting the controller mode (scheduled,
comfort, saving or frost protection
mode) and desired comfort temperature level (room and DHW).
One key
100% application expertise
The data programmed in every
ECL Application Key incorporates
dedicated and applied expertise
from worldwide experience with
district heating applications.
This is your best guarantee for
optimum system performance.
unplanned service visits
With correct commissioning, the
lasting durability of ECL leads to
full customer satisfaction and no
unplanned service visits.
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High performance made easy
The ECL Comfort controller is designed to function as
the intelligent hub of a heating system or a district
heating substation. The ECL Comfort controller is designed and developed with your needs in mind and
incorporates a range of features that enable you to
achieve high performance.
Automatic setup of
DHW parameters
Clever communication
The ECL Comfort 310 offers stateof-the-art options for communication interfaces. The range of
options, available either built-in or
with extension modules, includes
Modbus, M-Bus, and USB for service
With advanced ECL Auto Tuning,
control parameters for domestic hot
water production can be configured
and optimised automatically, ensuring both higher comfort and additional energy savings.
Tap Water (˚C)
Faster installation
Improved cable connectors and
more space for wiring ensure
fast and trouble free installation
of the ECL Comfort controller in
the system.
Easy interaction
The ECL Comfort controller has a large
display with graphic text and a backlight. Supported by intuitive menu
navigation, turn/push dial and the
setup wizard, this makes the interaction straightforward.
Longer lifetime
The ECL Comfort controllers feature
a unique motor protection function,
which prevents instability in the
system, thus protecting acutators and
control valves against unnecessary activity. This results in up to 25% longer
lifetime of these components.
Prepare for the future – and make the most of the present
With Danfoss, you're prepared for the future, and the
ECL controller will accompany you every step of the
way. Not only is the ECL Comfort controller designed to
handle all of your district heating requirements; it is also
ready to accept your future demands. If your need for
network communication and monitoring heating systems in multiple neighboring buildings arises, it is easy
to add and connect ECL controllers in a network.
The ECL controllers comply with market standards and
demands and integrate seamlessly with key system components from Danfoss and other suppliers. Add to this
the fact that installing, commissioning, servicing, and upgrading the ECL controllers can be done swiftly and efficiently, and you will see a sound return on investment.
Lower power consumption and system energy savings
achieved by Danfoss ECL controllers help protect the
environment by lowering CO2 emissions by 11-15 % or
more. The controllers enable compliance with energy
efficiency legislation in current markets and are well prepared to meet future demands as well. All in all, Danfoss
ECL controllers will help you save time, money, and energy – now and in the future , no matter building type.
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Stand-alone controller without
communication interface for applications with up to 2½ circuits
Controller with communication
interfaces for applications with up
to 3½ circuits
2½ control circuits + thermostatic function
Intelligent ECL Application Keys, series A2xx
Turn/push dial navigation
Large graphical display with backlight
More room for cabling
Cable box and user interface can be separated
Two 3-point control outputs optimised for actuators
8 inputs: 6 Pt 1000, 2 configurable
4 relay outputs
Data logging readout on display or via
USB interface
USB port for service
Modbus RS485 for short cable distances
Master/slave option
Optimised for substations and operation in a
system using Danfoss actuators, control valves,
Pt 1000 sensors and pressure transmitters
In addition to the features of the ECL Comfort
210, the ECL Comfort 310 gives you:
ECL 210 summary:
ECL 310 summary:
Basic requirements, high performance in district
heating systems.
For high requirements – with communication and
extension options, without programming.
ECA Remote controller
– Remote Control Unit (RCU):
In case of limited access to the basement or heating
system, the ECL Comfort controller can be supplemented with a remote control unit, ECA 30/31, which
can be placed at any desired location in the building.
This enables room temperature monitoring and control, easy interfacing, and remote access for overriding
all the functions of the ECL Comfort controller.
Integrated communication interfaces:
USB interface for service
Modbus RS485 for longer distances
M-bus master dedicated for heat meters
Modbus TCP
10 input: 6 Pt 1000, 4 configurable
Three 3-point output optimised for actuators
6 relay outputs
Data logging readout on display or via
communication interface
Select ECL Comfort for your application
Application and system
Circuit types
Domestic hot water (DHW)
to current
ECL cards
DH/DC (Vent)
C17, P17, P16
C30, P30,
C12, L10
C37, C35
C55, C25, P20
C60, C62
Heat pump
(incl. L62)
(incl. L66)
Legend for ECL Application Key designation:
Abbreviations: Cooling
Storage with
heating coil
Storage with
DHW control
with HEX
(ECL Comfort
A = Application Key
2 = Suitable for ECL Comfort 210 and 310
3 = Only suitable for ECL Comfort 310
xx = Specific application type
DH (district heating); DC (district cooling)
ECL extension options
ECL accessories and temperature sensors
For applications with high requirement additional I/O
extension modules will be available.
For make up water and twin pump functions an
internal I/O module can be used
For legionella applications an external I/O module
will be available
 Base part for mounting on wall or DIN rail
Temperature sensors (Pt 1000)
Outdoor and room
Surface and immersion
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We mind your business
Danfoss is more than a household name in heating. For more
than 75 years we have been supplying our customers all over
the world with everything from components to complete district heating system solutions. For generations, we have made
it our business to help you mind yours, and that remains our
goal both now and in the future.
Driven by our customers' needs, we build on years of experience to be at the forefront of innovation, continually supplying both components, expertise, and complete systems for
climate and energy applications.
We aim to supply solutions and products which give you and
your customers advanced, user-friendly technology, minimum
maintenance, and environmental and financial benefits along
with extensive service and support.
Feel free to contact us or visit ecl.danfoss.com
for further information.
E-mail: heating@danfoss.com · www.districtenergy.danfoss.com
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