Instruction sheet for this control.

Instruction sheet for this control.
Installation Instructions
Form 1-885 R1 22693
January 2010
Part No. 22693 Pistol Grip Controller
Installation & Operation
When installing motor solenoid part number 15370 (per form number 1-878 or 1-881) or If motor solenoid is already installed on the vehicle, the
enclosed diode part number 15059, must be connected to the small terminal with white wire of the motor solenoid and to the motor solenoid
mounting bracket as shown below. Note: Motor Solenoid must have a good ground in order to operate properly.
4 Post Motor Solenoid
3 Post Motor Solenoid
Imprinted on backside of Controller
Systems Monitor
LED Read-Out
Light Flashes Check Coil (wire Color)
Continuous Light----Motor Solenoid
1 Light Flash----Red
2 Light Flashes----Black
3 Light Flashes----Green
4 Light Flashes----Yellow
5 Light Flashes----Lt. Blue
6 Light Flashes----Purple
Angle Left
Angle Right
The snow plow should only be in operation when the vehicle ignition switch and the control switch are in the “ON” position. Care should be taken
to insure that the control switch is kept dry and free from moisture during normal operation.
When the control switch is turned “On,”all the buttons will illuminate. Individual touch pads operate the functions of the snow plow: (Up), (Angle
Left), (Angle Right), and (Down).
Lowering of the snow plow an inch at a time is possible by tapping the down arrow in short intervals. Holding down the down arrow will activate
a float light located in the upper right corner of the control switch. This light indicates the snow plow is now in the Lower/Float position. In this
position the snow plow will be able to follow the contour of the road and the snow plow can also be angled to the left or right. Touching the up
arrow automatically cancels the Lower/Float position.
While angling left or right or raising the snow plow if the button is pressed for more than four seconds the operation will be cancelled. This feature
eliminates unnecessary amp draw from the vehicle charging system.
The auto lower button when pressed will illuminate the light above it and allows the plow to lower automatically when the vehicle is shifted into
reverse and raise automatically when shifted out of reverse. To turn off the auto lower mode simply press the auto lower button again.
The Shake button when pressed will shake the plow left and right for three seconds. This function is used to shake off any snow which may be stuck
to the plow. This function is only available within the last ten seconds of an angle, raise or lower operation. If you want to cancel shake once it is
pressed simply press the shake button again.
The mount button when pressed will allow the mount/dismount switch on the hydraulic unit to mount or dismount the plow at the same time none
of the other function will operate (angle left, angle right, raise or lower will not work) and al the buttons on the switch will begin to flash. When the
mount button is pressed again the mount/dismount switch will not work. All plow functions (left, right, raise and lower) will now be available. Once
the mount button is pressed it will only allow the plow to be removed or attached to the vehicle. If the mount/dismount switch is pressed for more
than fifteen seconds the operation will be cancelled. This feature eliminates unnecessary amp draw from the vehicle charging system.
This switch is self diagnosing. The monitor light is located in the upper left corner next to the float light of the control switch. When the monitor light
turns yellow and begins to flash the control switch is sensing a problem with a specific coil/connection on the hydraulic unit. The label below is on
the back side of your control switch.
When the controller is turned on it will activate the snow plow lights. When the controller is turned off or removed from the harness this will activate the
vehicle headlights.
Meyer Products LLC assumes no responsibility for installations not made in accordance with these instructions.
Meyer Products LLC reserves the right, under its continuing product improvement program, to change construction or design details,
specifications and prices without notice or without incurring any obligation.
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