Canon C2020i User manual

Canon C2020i User manual
office productivity
Enhancing document communication, Canon's ground breaking
imageRUNNER ADVANCE technology platform now sits at the
heart of our entry-level colour systems. Introducing the
imageRUNNER ADVANCE C2000 range: streamlining office
workfiows, these compact yet productive devices make even
sophisticated document tasks easy to perform.
Effortless operation
Streamlining office workflows
Productivity personified
A high resolution 5. 7 inch VGA fu ll colour
touch-screen makes the imageRUNNER
ADVANCEC2000 range a pleasure to work
with. Large, fa miliar icons ensure document
processing is intuitive and the layout, as well
as the screen's background, can be
customised to suit any environment
The imageRUNNERADVANCE platform was
developed to allow seamless integration
with applications from Canon and third
parties. Adobe® Reader Extensions
capabilities enables documents to be shared
and reviewed electronically - without the
need to purchase any software licenses.
To complement the Main Menu, the control
panel also features a Quick Menu button.
This allows instant access to frequently
performed j obs and even allows users to
create personal workflows that can make
even complex office tasks achievable at the
touch of a button.
Canon's powerful iW360 software can also
be incorporated, allowing information from
a variety of sources to be quickly combined
and highly professional printed and digital
documents to be created and distri buted
with minimal effort
Five compact devices enable you to take
document communication to the next level.
The imageRUNNER ADVANCE C2000 range
offers a choice of copy and print speeds of
20, 25 and 30 pages per minute. The
devices running at 20 and 30 pages per
minute are available as HDD (i) or a flash
memory version (L).
A new oil-free PQ toner system and fu ll
support for Adobe® PostScript* 3~ (i models
only) ensures vibrant colour and the crispest
black and white prints are guaranteed.
Devices warm up in seconds and featu re
duplex units enabling double-sided
documents to be created at full machine
speed - professionalism without
compromise. Media capabilities enable
heavier paper up to 220 gsm to be handled
with up to SRA3 catered for.
Keep costs within budget thanks
to class-leading energy efficiency
and powerful expenditure
controls. With seamless network
integration and stringent security
management, the imageRUNNER
ADVANCE C2000 range has
everything well under control.
savings and security
Manage and reduce print costs
Incorporate Canon's Security and Cost
Control Pack (SCCP) to control and reduce
print costs. With SCCP, you increase cost
awareness to all users and significantly
reduce print costs. Each time users log-in
to the device, total print costs and statistics
such as colour usage can be displayed.
Administrators can even include a custom
message to encourage cost-cutting activities
such as using black and white, N-up or
duplexing. Furthermore, details of every
print, copy and scan job and its costs are
recorded, enabling managers to obtain
reports showing usage for each individual.
You can use this valuable information to
save money, for example, by requesting that
users frequently printing in colour restrict
this activity to specific document types.
Watertight security
Your networked multifunctional devices
are a haven of sensitive, business-critical
information. And threats to document and
data security have never been higher. Using
the Security and Cost Control Pack (SCCP),
Canon' s imageRUNNERADVANCE C2000
range ensures confidential information
stays that way.
Device access can be controlled so that
access is only permitted once the user
authenticates themselves at the device.
This can be via a card system, or a log-in
process that works identically to your
company's network or Windows log-in
procedure, making it secure, yet easy
for users to work with.
To prevent documents being viewed by
those unauthorised to do so, Secure Printing
is supported*. This means that documents
can be " held" until the relevant user
authenticates themselves at a device
whereby documents are released for'
printing. SCCP also allows documents to
be collected at the most convenient device
available on the network, simply by logging
in and printing.
With the optionaiiPSec Board, data can
be transmitted across the network using
the lP security protocol, ensuring network
traffic cannot be read by third parties.
Device hard disks can be encrypted (in
adherence with Common Criteria EAL3)
as well as easily removed for temporary
offsite storage if required.*
Effective scanning, routing
and collaboration
With the touch of a button, it's easy
to securely digitise paper documents,
store and send them to a multitude
of destinations such as email, fax, network
folders or even backend systems. Future
retrieval is aided by the optional searchable
PDF facility that allows for specific words
within a document to be located.
Seamless integration
The entire range has been designed to
allow seamless integration into your business
environment. All imageRUNNER ADVANCE
devices share a common platform and user
interface, making large scale, multi-machine
deployments easy for IT departments, as well
as providing a consistent, user-friendly interface.
range can also access the functionality
of higher end iR ADVANCE systems,
for example fax or address books, acting
as clients in a server-client relationship.
Integration into systems like Microsoft
SharePoint, Abobe, and Canon' s powerful
range of software solutions provides your
business with the most efficient document
processes attainable.
* i models only
Step up chart for the imageRUNNER ADVANCE C2000 range.
J4 A handy arrow helps you instantly identify a feature that is improved compared to the preceding model.
(1OOOBeseT/ 100BeseTXI10 Sase-1),
Optional Wireless LAN
( IEEE802.11 b/g), USB2.0
(1OOOBeseT/1 OOBase·
Optional Wireless LAN
(IEEE802.11b/ g), USB2.0
(1OOOBaseT/1 OOBeseTX/1OBese-T),
Optional Wireless tAN
(IEEES02.11 b/g), USB2.0
(1000BeseT/ 1OOBaseTX/1 OSase·T),
Optional Wireless LAN
( IEEE802.11b/g), USB2.0
(1OOOBaseT/1 OOSase·
Optional Wireless tAN
(IEEE802.11b/g), USB2.0
1.5 W
1.S W
1.5 W
1.S W
1.S W
• Requires Colour Image Reader Unit-01 or 02
environmental credentials
From concept to manufacture to office usage, the
imageRUNNER ADVANCE C2000 range is designed to
minimise environmental impact. Incorporating bio-plastics,
recycled materials, and features that reduce energy
consumption, it's a range built for now as well as the future.
Responsible manufacturing
Reduce energy consumption
Compact and efficient
Part of the design ethos behind this forward
thinking range is the reduction of C02
emissions. Each device contains bio-plastics
- made from plant-based raw materials
instead of petroleum - as well as vari ous
recycled components, to help achieve these
aims. Canon's Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
system helps us regularly evaluate how
these goals are being met. Furthermore,
in all imageRUNNER ADVANCE machines,
Canon has eliminated the lead content in
mechanical parts made of steel, copper
and aluminium to 1000 ppm or less,
which exceeds the legal requirements of
the RoHS Regulation.
This range achieves the lowest TEC (Total
Energy Consumption) rating in its class.
Our RAPID fusing system enables fast
warm-up times and toner to be fixed at lower
temperatu res to preserve energy. In standby
mode each device uses as little as 1 .5 W of
power and is fu lly operational from sleep
mode in j ust 10 seconds. As you might
expect, each device easily conforms to the
European-wide Energy Star Program.
The well-thought out design ensures each
device fits comfortably into even the smallest
office spaces. Toner bottles can all be easily
accessed from the front of the device for
quick replacement, and since the finisherallowing corner and double stapling- is built
into the heart of the system, professional
colour documents can be created without
requiring additional, costly office space.
With built-in duplex capabilities, double-sided
documents can be produced which not only
look professional but can dramatically
reduce paper consumption costs too.
*Typical Electricity Consumption (TEC) rating represents the typical electricity consumed by a product during 1 week, measured in kilowatt-hours(kWh).
The test methodology is defined by Energy Star (http://www All Energy Star certified models, along with their TEC ratings, are listed
in Energy Star's product database (·
Duplex Color Image Reader
Using the Multifunctional Embedded
Application Platform (MEAP), Canon's
Java based application platform, enables
new and custom ised software to be
incorporated directly within you r device.
Th is way you can future proof you r
investment Plus, the device also adheres
to the strictest environmental standards
such as RoHS, wh ich restricts the use of
A 50 sheet duplex document feeder
(DADF) helps cope w ith scanning and
sizeable copy runs, accommodating
documents with different sized pages.
f) Inner Finisher-C1
Transform a simple colou r report into a
fu lly stapled document. Staple capacity is
50 sheets of A4, with a capacity of 750 A4
- ASR in a single pri nt run.
Inner 2-way Tray-F1
Two fi nisher trays offering the ability to
separate copy, print or fax output across
the two trays with a capacity of
- 100 sheets on upper tray
- 250 sheets on lower tray
Advanced Technology
hazardous substances.
Paper Cassette
Two cassettes come as standard;
A 250- sheet cassette and a 500 sheet
Cassette. Each cassette is user-adjustable
to cope with paper sizes between A5-A3.
(:) Cassette Feeding Unit-AF1
A tota l of2,000 sheets g ives versatility
from 5 different sources, including
optional additional trays, allowing
you to produ ce stunning colour
documents combin ing different
media types and we ights.
f) Stack Bypass
The 1 00 sheet stack bypass
accommodates a va riety of media from
A5R to SRA3 and up to 220gsm.
' Advance every
opportunity with
~n;;~~~~~NNER u~ IW3~
Adobe. PostScript· r
- eCopy
Canon Inc.
Canon Europe Ltd
3 The Square, Stockley Park
Uxbridge, Middlesex
UB1 11 ET UK
Canon Europe
USB Print&;aScan
English Edition 0 155W920
o canon ruropa N.v., 2011
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