Atlantic Technology 4400 LR Instruction manual

Dolby Atmos®-Enabled Speaker
Instruction Manual
Table of Contents
44-DA Dolby Atmos-Enabled Loudspeaker
Table of Contents
2 Unpacking the Speakers
2 Removing the Grilles
3 What is Dolby Atmos?
3 Placement in a Dolby Atmos-enabled System
Three Basic Configurations
Combination: Overhead and Dolby Atmos Enabled Speakers
5 Connecting Your System
6 System Wiring
7 Setting Levels
High-Performance Dolby Atmos-enabled
Thank you for choosing Atlantic Technology products. Your new speaker is
precision-crafted to give you years of enjoyable, trouble-free service. This
manual covers the Atlantic Technology 44-DA Dolby Atmos-enabled loudspeaker. It will show you how to incorporate this speaker into your present
setup, and how to assemble a complete system.
The 44-DA can be used with current and past sound formats including
Dolby Pro Logic IIz®, Dolby TrueHD and Dolby Atmos.
IMPORTANT: Although it may seem like asking for driving directions,
please take a few moments to read all of this booklet. It has many
helpful tips and ideas on properly setting up and using your speakers.
We promise that if you take the time to read and follow these tips
you’ll get better system performance and more enjoyment.
Unpacking the Speakers
Use care when unpacking the speakers. Remember to keep the original
boxes and packing material, in the unlikely event the speakers need servicing, or if you move.
Removing the Grilles
The included grilles are attached to the top of the enclosures with plastic
stems that are inserted into rubber grommets. If you wish to remove the
grille to view the speaker element, simply grasp the frame of the grille cover
and gently lift the grille out. To re-attach it, reverse the process by lining up
the plastic stems into their corresponding receptacles and push down on
the grille frame.
Figure 1
For Future Reference
Record the serial number and date of purchase for each speaker here. The serial number
is found on the speaker terminal panel on the back of the enclosure.
Serial Number
Serial Number
Date of Purchase
The contents of this manual are Copyright © 2014 by Atlantic Technology International,
Corp., and may not be duplicated or reproduced by any means, whether physical, electronic
or otherwise without prior written consent from Atlantic Technology International, Corp.
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Corp. reserves the right to change specifications or designs at any time without notice
without obligation to modify existing units.
What is Dolby Atmos
Instruction Manual
What is Dolby Atmos?
Figure 2
Dolby Atmos® adds the essential characteristic that’s been missing from
the home theater experience: the sense of true audible three-dimensionality. Dolby Atmos-encoded movies deliver this experience, like no other
movie format can.
You’ll get a great immersive experience, no matter what kind of Dolby
Atmos home theater setup you have. Dolby Atmos content is mixed as audio
objects instead of traditional channels. This means the content is not tied to
any specific playback configuration. Further, the technology automatically
adapts the object audio to take full advantage of the number and placement of your speakers, from systems with five speakers on the floor and
two speakers producing overhead sound to a system with as many as 24
speakers on the floor and 10 speakers producing overhead sound.
Additionally, the new Dolby surround upmixer used in today’s A/V receivers
and Processors allows for legacy channel-based content that has not been
mixed for Dolby Atmos to be expanded to fill the flexible speaker layouts
of a Dolby Atmos system providing a new dimension to your old movies.
The Atlantic Technology 44-DA speaker was specifically designed to be used
as the “elevation” component in a Dolby Atmos surround system.
Working closely with Dolby Laboratories, Atlantic Technology’s research
and engineering team developed the 44-DA with its unique vertically-firing
Concentric Driver Array (CDA™) to deliver the excitement and realism of
Dolby Atmos-encoded soundtracks with startling impact and holographic,
three-dimensional realism. The 44-DA’s frequency response and radiation
pattern have been specifically engineered to meet these requirements.
The 44-DA speaker itself embodies the same high quality components—such as its long-excursion damped polypropylene 5 ¼” woofer, 1”
silk-damped dome tweeter and optimized 1st-order Butterworth crossover—and meticulous attention to detail that are the hallmarks of all
Atlantic Technology products.
Placement in a Dolby Atmos-enabled
The 44-DA delivers the “overhead” dimension in a Dolby Atmos-enabled
home theater system. The Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers are used in addition to the usual speakers in a 5.1 or larger home theater system.
The 44-DA speakers allow you to experience overhead sounds when the
speaker is placed at the same level as a traditional speaker. These Dolby
Atmos-enabled speakers direct sound upward to reflect off the ceiling,
as Figure 3 shows, to create a faithful reproduction of audio coming from
Figure 3
The speaker module is designed to fit perfectly on top of Atlantic Technology’s
THX- certified 4400 LR speakers, creating an integrated, “one-piece” look.
Additionally, because of their compact design and neutral appearance, the
44-DAs are well suited to being used on top of other speakers or, equally
important, as “stand-alone” Dolby Atmos enabled speakers as part of a
complete Dolby Atmos system.
VERY IMPORTANT: The 44-DA speaker projects its sound from the
top of the cabinet, not from the front like a conventional speaker.
Do not place anything on the cloth grille on the top of the speaker,
place the speaker in a cabinet or below a shelf. These situations will
obstruct the sound path, impairing the performance, and possibly
damaging the speaker elements beneath the cloth.
44-DA Dolby Atmos-Enabled Loudspeaker
For the side or back surround channels in a 5.1.4 or 7.1.4 system:
Three Basic Configurations
Either place the 44-DA directly on the associated surround speaker, or place
it no more than 2-3 ft away laterally and within ±18” vertically.
We will cover three basic configurations for Dolby Atmos systems. See Figure 8 opposite page.
• A 5.1.2 system, in which there are two 44-DA speakers in
addition to the existing five speakers
• A 5.1.4 system, in which there are four 44-DA speakers in
addition to the existing five speakers
• A 7.1.4 system, in which there are four 44-DA speakers in
addition to the existing seven speakers
In all three system configurations, one pair of 44-DA speakers is located
at the front of the room, very nearby or on top of the front Left and Right
speakers. For optimal effect and to minimize the distracting effect of audio
radiating directly at the listener position, the 44-DA should be no lower
than the ear height of a seated listener. Also, try to avoid placing the speaker
higher than one-half the height of your wall.
The 44-DA is sized and styled to fit perfectly on top of Atlantic Technology’s
THX-certified 4400 LR as shown. See Figure 4.
However, the 44-DA can be used with any high quality Left/Right speaker,
from Atlantic Technology or another quality speaker brand. See Figure 5.
Figure 4: 44-DA on 4400 LR
NOTE: If you are incorporating the 44-DA’s into an existing 5.1 or 7.1 system with Dipole/Bipole surround speakers we recommend you set the surround speakers to Bipole and move them to ear level height if possible.
If you need guidance for a more complicated setup, or if you want more
information about Dolby Atmos please visit their website at http://www.
Combination: Overhead and Dolby Atmos Enabled
In some instances, a home theater system may already have overhead speakers that can be used to generate overhead audio. In this case, Dolby Atmos
enabled speakers may be used to complement existing overhead speakers
to create a full, four-speaker height experience. If existing speakers are in
the front of the room, then Dolby Atmos enabled speakers may be used in
the rear of the room and vice versa.
Figure 6: 44-DA Shelf Placement
Figure 5: 44-DA on 8200e LR
Figure 7: 44-DA Surround Placement
If space or room/furniture layout restrictions dictate that you cannot place
the front 44-DA speakers directly atop the front L/R speakers, then place
the 44-DA’s as follows:
Laterally: within 2-3 feet max of the associated L/R speaker
Vertically: at least as high, but no more than 18” higher than the associated L/R speaker
Connecting Your System
Instruction Manual
Speaker Placement
Figure 8: Atmos Speaker Configuration
(7.1.4 system shown)
Connecting Your System
We recommend that you connect your system using high quality dual
conductor stranded wire of 16 gauge or heavier, for lengths up to 25 feet
(8m). Remember, the lower the gauge number, the heavier the wire. Use
heavier gauge wire for longer runs. Please contact your audio/video dealer
or installer for specific cable recommendations and further information
regarding special circumstances. The terminals themselves are designed to
allow the use of very heavy speaker wire or angled pin connectors.
WARNING: To prevent risk of electrical shock or damage to your
equipment, always switch off the amplifier or receiver when making
any system connections.
You can connect your speakers by using angled pin connectors, or you can:
1. Remove ½”(13mm) of insulation from each wire end.
2. Twist the stranded wire together, keeping the two ends
3. Place the appropriate wire through the postholes in the
connectors. These holes are revealed when you push on the
connector’s cap.
4. Release the cap to “grab” the wire.
We recommend that you check your local electrical codes to make sure that
you are not using improper connectors.
It’s important to observe polarity while making speaker connections:
Red (+) terminals on the amplifier to red (+) on the speaker, black (–) on
the amplifier to black (–) on the speaker.
Look carefully at the wires you are using and note that one of the conductors of each pair will typically be identified either by color, printing on the
outer jacket, ridges on the outer jacket, or a thread intertwined with the
wire strands.
By convention, the marked wire is connected to the red (+) terminal.
Whether you are connecting a complete system, or adding a single speaker
component to your present system, the wiring should look like the system
wiring diagrams on the opposite page. Because terminology varies among
manufactures please consult your A/V Receiver or Processor’s instruction
manual to identify the proper terminals to use when connecting Dolby
Atmos-enabled speakers. In many cases they will be identified as either
Dolby Atmos or Elevation or Height channels.
WARNING: Before turning on the amplifier, be certain that no stray
wire strands are touching across any terminals as this might damage
your amplifier.
System Wiring
44-DA Dolby Atmos-Enabled Loudspeaker
System Wiring (5.1.2 system shown)
Be sure to connect red (+) on the
speaker to red (+) on the amplifier and black (–) on the speaker
to black (–) on the amplifier.
Setting Levels
Instruction Manual
Setting Levels
We recommend as a starting point to set the Atmos channels up to 4dB
higher than the average level of the other channels. This will help prevent
the Atmos channels from being washed out by the other channels.
As with any home theater set up the ultimate speaker placement and listening levels of your system are yours to choose. Take some time moving the
speakers around and adjusting the levels to find the best sounding experience for your system and room acoustics.
A word about amplifier power...
IMPORTANT: The power recommendation for these speaker systems assumes that you will not operate your amplifier/receiver in a
way that produces distortion. Even rugged speakers like these can
be damaged by an amplifier driven into audible distortion. The harsh
amplifier distortion (“clipping”) that occurs in this situation will eventually cause damage to the speaker system. This type of damage may
be cumulative and can build up over time, as the amplifier is driven
into overload again and again. Such damage is easily identifiable
through examination of the damaged speaker’s voice coil and is not
covered by the warranty. A complete Atlantic Technology home theater speaker setup will play very loudly when provided with enough
undistorted power. If necessary, consult your dealer or Atlantic Technology for additional information.
Care of Your Speakers
Clean your 44-DA cabinets using a soft, lint-free cloth. If you wish, you can
slightly moisten the cloth with plain water. Do not use any other cleaning
agents or chemicals. Be careful not to get any water on the driver cones or
tweeter domes. The grilles may be cleaned by first removing them from the
speaker cabinet and gently vacuuming them, or by using a rolling sticky
clothes lint remover.
Avoid placing your speakers in direct sunlight or near a source of heat that
may, over time, damage the finish.
IMPORTANT: SAVE YOUR BOXES! If you can do so, save the cartons, packing pieces, and plastic bags that came with your speakers.
They will be useful in case you move or have to ship your loudspeakers for any reason. In any case, save all packing materials until you
are certain that the systems have suffered no damage in shipment. If
you find such damage, either visible or internal, contact your dealer
Sealed box, Concentric Driver Array (CDA™)
5¼” (135mm) damped polypropylene
1” (25mm) dome, silk-damped
Frequency Response
150 Hz – 20kHz ± 3dB
6 Ohms
Crossover Frequency
Crossover Type
Optimized 1st-order Butterworth
Amplifier Power
10 to 100 watts
Dimensions HxWxD
5 ½” x 8 3⁄8” x 9 ½”
141mm x 211mm x 242mm
7 lbs (3.2 kg)
Finishes Available
Satin Black and Gloss Black
Specifications are those in effect at the time of printing. Atlantic Technology reserves the right
to change specifications or appearance at any time without notice.
CDA is a trademark and Atlantic Technology is a registered trademark of Atlantic Technology
International. Dolby, Dolby Atmos, Dolby Surround, Dolby Pro Logic IIz, Dolby TrueHD and the
double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories. Specifications subject to change without notice.
First, we’d like to thank you for purchasing an Atlantic Technology product. We wish you
many years of enjoyment and satisfaction from it.
Second, be aware that you don’t have to send in any Warranty card to be covered by the
Limited Warranty. All you need to do is keep your original Invoice or Bill of Sale for proof of
purchase, meet the stated requirements, and follow the instructions listed within that Warranty. Please attach your Original Invoice or Bill of Sale to this manual as proof of purchase
and keep them in a safe place.
Free Extended Service Agreement
Atlantic Technology offers a free Extended Service Agreement that provides enhanced
protection against product defects. In order to qualify for the free Extended Service Agreement you must:
1. Have purchased your Atlantic Technology products from an Authorized Atlantic Technology Reseller or Installer.
2. Go to and click on Support>Register Your Warranty.
Fill out the required information. Be sure to have your home address, name, address
and invoice from the business you purchased, and the serial numbers of all Atlantic
Technology products purchased. THIS MUST BE DONE WITHIN 30 DAYS OF
3. If you purchased multiple Atlantic Technology products you will be able to enter them
all using one online form. Model and Serial numbers can be found on the back of each
unit and on the outside of their respective boxes.
Once all the criteria have been met, you will receive, by return email, a free Extended Service Agreement that entitles you to additional coverage against defects in workmanship and
manufacturing for a period of up to 5 years on passive speakers and up to 1 year on powered
speakers (including subwoofers). This coverage is in addition to the 90 Day Limited Warranty
included with all Atlantic Technology products.
If you are not able to register your product using the internet, please call customer service
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Limited Warranty
Statement of Warranty: Atlantic Technology International Corp. warrants Atlantic Technology
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only in the Continental United States, Alaska, and Hawaii and all US Possessions.
To obtain Warranty service: Please contact your local Atlantic Technology reseller to determine if they are an Authorized Repair Center for Atlantic Technology products.You will need
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What we are responsible for: We will pay for all labor and parts for covered items. If the
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shipping charges to you.
What you are responsible for: You must pack the product properly for safe shipping to your
Authorized Dealer or us. You are responsible to pay for all packing, shipping, and insurance
costs to get the unit(s) back to Atlantic Technology or your Authorized Dealer.
Optional replacement: We, at our option, may replace rather than repair your Atlantic Technology product with a new or reconditioned one of the same or similar design. The repair
or replacement will be warranted for 90 days from date of receipt back to you. All details
in terms of eligibility for an Extended Service Agreement will carry over from the original
purchase to the replacement item.
What this Warranty does not cover: This Warranty does not cover defects resulting from
accidents, damage while in transit, alterations, unauthorized repair, failure to follow instructions, misuse, fire, flood, and Acts of God. This Warranty will be void if the product’s serial
number has been altered or removed or if the product has been modified or defaced.
Exclusions and Limitations: Implied warranties, including those of fitness for a particular
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are limited to the period of any Warranty granted hereby. We will not pay for loss of time,
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State law rights: Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This Warranty
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This Warranty is valid only when Atlantic Technology products are purchased from an Authorized Atlantic Technology Reseller in the Continental United States, Alaska, and Hawaii and all
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