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Catalogue | 2013
With your first order!
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From Plant
About Us:
We supply coffee, coffee machines, equipment and accessories to
more than 10,000 businesses Australia wide, which makes us the experts
in everything coffee whether it’s for your home, office or café.
At a domestic level, Segafredo Zanetti has the perfect machines, service
and advice for your home. Our range includes fully automatic, traditional and
capsule machines.
For years Segafredo continues to supply coffee machines to numerous
major corporations. With our extensive knowledge and range we can
provide a machine that is tailor made for any size office!
At Segafredo Zanetti we provide on site training procedures to ensure
your staff know how to make the perfect coffee for your customers. We
will provide you with full support and service when it comes to your Café.
From machines, grinders and coffee, to cups, jugs and more. We’ve got
every base covered!
From Plant...
The whole process from
plant to cup starts within our
plantation in Brazil. Nossa
Senhora Da Guia employs
local Brazilian people, and
Segafredo Zanetti provides
housing, schooling and
medical facilities all within
the plantation itself.
Our process of “hand
picking” the coffee trees,
versus the modern method of “mechanical shaking”, means each season
we collect coffee from
each tree, 3 times over.
In this traditional way 50
people can be employed
instead of 1 machine.
Coffee roasting is an art
that requires experience.
For Segafredo Zanetti coffee roasting is the result
of constant research and
combined with old Venetian
techniques passed from
generation to generation.
To Cup
Our Focus:
At Segafredo Zanetti we believe that customer satisfaction is the key to the realization of our goals as an
organization. We strive to achieve the development of a customer focused culture which is critical to our
continued success, every member of staff has been entrusted to act in the best interest of our customer.
From roasting, servicing right through to after sales support.
Social Responsibility:
Our Brazilian plantation, Nossa Senhora Da Guia employs local people. Segafredo Zanetti provides
housing, schooling and medical facilities all within the plantation itself. Our process of hand picking the
coffee trees versus the modern method of mechanical shaking means each season we collect coffee
from each tree 3 times over. In this traditional way 50 people can be employed instead of 1 machine.
At Segafredo Zanetti we’re
all about customer service
and satisfaction. We have
purpose built showrooms
across Australia where our
friendly coffee consultants
are ready to serve you.
Our focus is to meet your
demands for any scenario
& application.
We will do it!
Customer Service
...To Cup
Our customers have the
convenience of ordering by
online or by phone. If you
need a service to maintain
/repair your machine all it
takes is a quick call or email
to get you up and running
again. We also offer full
support and service for customers requiring vending
solutions for their business.
At Segafredo we take great
pride in providing full support
and outstanding customer
service with solutions to suit
everyone’s needs!
It’s our business for you
to enjoy beautiful Italian
coffee wherever you are!
Our Plantation in Brazil
Our Coffee
Optimum roasting is critical to achieve the perfect coffee which has 3 elements:
crema, body & aroma. Of all the processes associated in producing the perfect
cup of coffee, roasting is arguably the most crucial.
Each coffee has individual characteristics which are enhanced by the roasting
process. Segafredo Zanetti achieves this thanks to our advanced roasting facilities
which reconcile tradition and innovation thus producing the best coffee possible.
A direct control on all steps of the production cycle: Segafredo Zanetti is in fact
the only company in the coffee industry that directly controls the whole coffee
production process.
From the cultivation and selection of the raw material from our plantations in Brazil
and Costa Rica, to the art of the blending and roasting in modern premises, where
the result is arguably the most famous and appreciated Italian coffee worldwide.
With your first order!
Coffee Beans
6 x 1 bo
1k x =
Extra Strong
Our most popular blend.
Segafredo’s extra strong is
made with the highest quality beans containing a high
percentage of high altitude
Arabica varieties with well
balanced acidity. Segafredo
Extra Strong is a full bodied
coffee with a smooth, strong
unique taste.
6 x 1 bo
1k x =
An incredibly rich blend, Segafredo
Mild is superb straight or with milk
thanks to our own South American derived Arabica blend. The
expert roasting accentuates the
earthy overtones and produces
an unparalleled sensory experience. Not for the faint hearted,
Mild is for lovers of coffee who
want a caffeinated kick start to
their day.
8 x 1 bo
1k x =
6 x 1 bo
1k x =
Extra Mild
Segafredo Extra Mild is a
sweeter, smoother blend of
coffee beans with a higher
percentage of Arabica beans.
Extra Mild’s blend of Arabica
and Robusta creates a balanced and soft characteristic which has to be tasted to
be appreciated.
If you enjoy a rather strong and
bold flavoured cup of espresso
or want to add more espresso
flavour to your cappuccino,
than these are the beans you
might want to consider. HO.RE.
CA is a nice blend of Arabica
and Robusta beans from South
America and provides an intense but still balanced body
with a creamy sugary note.
1Kg: $34.70
1Kg: $34.70
1Kg: $34.70
1Kg: $31.90
Buy 1 box for only:
$32.70 per kg
Buy 1 box for only:
$32.70 per kg
Buy 1 box for only:
$32.70 per kg
Buy 1 box for only:
$29.90 per kg
Taste notes:
Taste notes:
Taste notes:
Taste notes:
Full bodied nutty
smooth finish.
Smooth body, caramel
and sweet finish.
Smooth body bright &
sweet finish.
Creamy sugar note,
sweet and smooth aroma.
1300 660 976 call now to organise a free coffee tasting
Italian Quality
The MyEspresso machine uses an Italian-built pump, with water pressure up to 19 bar
and an exclusive piston dispensing system, delivering a flavoursome and creamy
espresso straight to your cup.
Terms & conditions
• Only available to new customers.
• Only with your first purchase over $150 in
coffee products.
• Until stock lasts.
• Limited to 1 machine per customer.
• Offer is only open to Australian customers.
Employees of the Promoter and of participating retailers and agencies associated with this
promotion are ineligible to claim.
• The offer is not transferable or
exchangeable for cash.
• For more information call:
1300 660 976
8 x 1 bo
1k x =
Segafredo Massimo is a sweet
blend of full-bodied beans
with hints of chocolate and is
perfect for making espresso,
mocha and latte coffees. We
consider the Massimo flavour
to be an authentic espresso
blend, a coffee which has
stayed true to tradition.
8 x 1 bo
1k x =
Decaf Café Senza
Extraction of caffeine by natural
processes: water and heat, which
allows the coffee bean to maintain
all it’s characteristics, body and fragrance. The special fragrance and
aroma typical of the best Italian espresso only achieved by a choice of
premium coffee beans and by an
accurate blend, which only through
experience can be guaranteed.
1Kg: $29.30
1Kg: $32.90
1Kg: $33.30
Buy 1 box for only:
$27.30 per kg
Buy 1 box for only:
$30.90 per kg
Buy 1 box for only:
$31.30 per kg
Taste notes:
Taste notes:
Taste notes:
Full bodied nutty lightly
sweet finish
Smooth body, chocolaty
and sweet finish.
Light body, 70% Arabica
with a sweet flavour
6 x 1 bo
1k x =
Espresso Casa
Espresso Casa, is a blend of
Arabica and Robusta coffees,
specially for home and office
espresso machines. Selected
beans are carefully blended
and roasted to give the full,
rich taste and aroma of true
Italian espresso coffee. Passion
and experience are the twin
secrets of Segafredo Zanetti.
6 x 1 bo
1k x =
Ideal for Vending
6x 1b
0.5 ox
kg =
Ideal for Vending
Coffee Beans
A wonderfully smooth and
rich blend, Buono is a coffee
which can be enjoyed at any
time. This breathtaking mix of
premium South America coffee beans marries a range of
complex citrus and floral notes
with hazelnut highlights to create a blend with a flavour that
slowly reveals itself.
8 x 1 bo
1k x =
Speciale Vending: Dolce Speciale Vending:
Subtle, Dolce is the mildest Aroma Intenso
coffee of the Speciale Vending
range. Its traditional roasting
helps it develop flavours that will
suit those that like delicate yet
full bodied coffees. We select
this coffee from various regions
around the globe and directly
from our own plantation, Nossa
Senhora da Guia in Brazil.
100% Brazilian Arabica, Aroma
Intenso is a balanced and very
aromatic coffee ideal for vending. Produced in our state of the
art roasting sites, where we look
after every step of the green coffee bean transformation process,
paying special attention to the
Italian way of roasting backed by
over 30 years of experience.
0.5Kg: $13.50
Pre-ground 250g: $6
1Kg: $24.90
1Kg: $25
Buy 1 box for only:
$9.50 per 0.5kg
Buy 1 box for only:
$19.90 per 1kg
Buy 1 box for only:
$21 per 1kg
Taste notes:
Taste notes:
Taste notes:
Smooth bodied,
creamy sugar note.
Subtle and slightly bitter,
delicate yet full bodied.
Aromatic with zesty notes,
100% Arabica.
Coffee Beans
Organic & Fair Trade
fa gan
ir ic
TikTak Organica
In Organica Dark Roast, you are opting for
a blend of top-quality Arabica and Robusta
coffee beans, organically harvested in different countries, such as Mexico, Peru and
Tanzania. You will recognize the special character of this blend by its rich aroma, and full,
smooth taste. The Robusta coffee beans and
the longer and deeper roasting process give
this blend its full body.
ad a
Tr bic
ia r % Ara
F 00
TikTak Duet 100% Arabica
Tik Tak Duet, is an exclusive blend of 100%
top quality Arabica coffee beans from
various countries in Central America. A fragrant
aroma is one of the main characteristics of this
milder and zesty tasting coffee. This blend’s
full-bodied taste is derived from the deeper
and longer roasting of the coffee beans, a
technique mastered over many decades.
1Kg: $37.70
1Kg: $34.50
Buy 1 box for only $35.70 per kg
(1 box = 6 x 1kg bags)
Buy 1 box for only $32.50 per kg
(1 box = 6 x 1kg bags)
Taste notes:
Taste notes:
Fair Trade organic full
bodied nutty smooth finish.
Fair Trade full bodied fresh & zesty
finish. 100% Arabica.
Shop online: segafredo.com.au
Ground Coffee
Espresso Classico
For those who love the convenience of ground coffee
we have the Espresso Classico
one of our traditional Italian
coffee blends trusted by Italian
households for decades. Using only the best quality beans
and the most optimal grind
produces a smooth and strong
espresso style coffee true to
tradition. Vacuum packed and
sealed in a can to preserve the
freshness and aroma.
250g: $7.30
1300 660 976
For the coffee connoisseurs looking for the convenience and
practicalities of ground coffee
Segafredo created the Emozioni
containing only 100% Arabica
beans to stimulate the senses. A
sophisticated blend perfected
with traditional Italian roasting
methods in which aroma and
flavour are in perfect harmony.
The “Emozioni is our most popular
ground coffee the world over!
250g: $6.90
Authentic Italian flavour to
enjoy at home. Intermezzo is
an excellent blend of the best
qualities of Coffee Arabica
and Coffee Robusta, roasted,
blended and ground with skill
to give the discerning coffee
lover a cup of coffee with a
rich and distinctive aroma: the
real Italian coffee.
250g: $5.50
Espresso Moka
A special blend of the finest
Arabica and Robusta beans
ground to perfection and specially created for Moka pots
(sometimes knows as stove
top coffee makers). Carefully
selected and roasted by Segafredo Zanetti for you to discover
the true creamy Italian coffee
featuring a refined and full
bodied taste experience.
250g: $6.00
Philtre D’or
A fine selection of 100% Arabica
beans. Specially ground for filter or
plunger coffee makers.
Available in pre-packaged sachets
suitable for any dripulator machines.
250g: $6.90
50 x 80g filters: $101.90
Decaf Crem
For those who are a little sensitive to caffeine yet still want the
taste of a delicious espresso we
have Deca Crèm. A smooth and
creamy all natural decaffeinated
ground coffee using only the finest beans, roasted to perfection
and decaffeinated using only a
100% natural process preserving
the taste and quality of every
single coffee bean.
250g: $8.00
Just like the dark version of
Segafredo’s Hot Ciok Italian
style hot chocolate, this chocolate tastes amazing as well.
Super rich and creamy packed
with flavour you expect and
love in your favourite drinking
chocolate powder! Only the
finest and all natural ingredients
are used to create this chocolaty goodness! We love it and
we think you will too.
1Kg: $19.50
Cio Cap
CioCap Cacao powder from
JB Cocoa is an excellent
choice for sprinkling chocolate
to top your cappuccino, mocha or hot chocolate. It is also
delicious as a drinking chocolate mixed with milk or coffee
offering a rich creamy taste
that won’t disappoint!
2Kg: $19.50
Hot Ciok Dark
For people serious about their
hot chocolates we created
this dark drinking chocolate
powder. No other drinking
chocolate can match the
amazing smooth rich flavour of Segafredo’s Hot Ciok
Fondente. We think it’s possibly
the best tasting chocolate in
the world!
1Kg: $19.50
Arkadia Dark
Made with real chocolate and
using only the finest ingredients
Arkadia drinking chocolate is
luxurious and rich decadent
treat for the most discerning chocolate connoisseurs
among you. Arkadia is super
easy to prepare, just add hot
milk for the perfect hot chocolate with exceptional taste.
400g: $10.00
Hot Ciok Vending
Based on the super popular “Hot Ciok” powder from
Segafredo, the Instantaneo
is a version specially developed for vending machines.
This chocolate powder for
vending machines is thinner so
it doesn’t clog the machine.
This doesn’t mean it loses its
fantastic flavour, we made
sure this powder for vending
still produces a great tasting
creamy hot chocolate.
1Kg: $15.90
Arkadia White
Café quality white drinking
chocolate for all the serious
chocolate lovers. Perfectly balanced premium smooth and
creamy white drinking chocolate for you to savour when you
need that chocolate fix! Using
only the finest ingredients Arkadia white drinking chocolate is
by far the best tasting brand on
the market, voted so by chocolate fans across Australia.
400g: $10.00
Hot Ciok
Brodies loose tea leaves:
Brodies teas are blended from the finest leaves which
are carefully selected from tea gardens around
the world. Brodies utilize a unique combination of
modern technology and traditional techniques to
produce some of the best tea you will ever taste.
Order your Brodies loose leaf online today!
75g Loose Tea leaves: Camomile | Earl Grey | Scottish Breakfast | Gunpowder Green | Jasmine | Lemon | Peppermint : $9.90
1300 660 976
Brodies Green Tea
Brodies Camomile Tea
20 Tea bags: $2.50
20 Tea bags: $2.50
20 Tea bags: $2.50
Arkadia Chai Tea Spice
Arkadia Chai Tea Vanilla
Arkadia Green Tea Latte
440g: $13.50
440g: $13.50
440g: $13.50
Arkadia Chai Tea powder
Brodies instant iced tea: Lemon
Brodies instant iced tea: Peach
1kg: $21
90g: $2.50
90g: $2.50
Brodies Breakfast Tea
50 1 bo
ca x
ps =
15 1 b
0 c ox
ap =
A fine, special blend for a
balanced, rounded espresso
with a rich crema. Individually
packed for the perfect shot of
coffee to kick -tart your day.
Just imagine you’re in Italy...
The very best quality coffee
grown and selected at its
origins, enhanced by a natural
decaffeination method to maintain all the coffee’s aromatic
properties intact.
Buy 1 box: $90.00
Buy 1 box: $39.00
Only $0.60 per capsule.
Only $0.78 per capsule.
Taste notes:
Taste notes:
The taste of true
Italian Espresso
Naturally decaffeinated, creamy
We designed and realized our capsules using an
innovative plastic material made of propylene and
adding EcoPure. A component which guarantees
the same flavour preservation of the coffee as the
traditional capsules, and also allows the plastic,
dumped through waste separation, to bio-degrade
230 times faster.
* see page 4 for details.
1300 660 976
call now to organise a free coffee tasting
50 1 bo
ca x
ps =
50 1 bo
ca x
ps =
50 1 bo
ca x
ps =
For 100% Organic
FairTrade coffee
see page 6>>
Costa Rica
From the lush vegetation of
Costa Rica, directly selected from Sarchì of San Josè,
comes a tropical coffee with
distinguishing fresh features.
The bouquet is intense and
harmonious, the taste is
fruity and persistent, round
on the palate with elegant
liqueur-like sensations.
The micro-climate that characterizes the Peruvian plateau
is ideal in order to grow a coffee that is rich and intense to
the senses, with prestigious
chocolate nuances enriched
with caramel features.
A good body, velvety and
mature, it presents a delicate
aromatic taste.
In the heart of Minas Gerais,
from the largest single unit
coffee plantation in the world,
Nossa Senhora da Guia. This
Segafredo Zanetti owned and
operated plantation produces
a coffee with great balance
and softness, with a delicate
fragrance and taste, that expresses pure honey nuances.
Buy 1 box: $35.00
Buy 1 box: $35.00
Buy 1 box: $35.00
Only $0.70 per capsule.
Only $0.70 per capsule.
Only $0.70 per capsule.
Taste notes:
Taste notes:
Taste notes:
Fruity taste with
liquor notes to finish
Notes of chocolate
and caramel
Hints of honey and
a delicate roundedness
Capsule Machines
When looking for a low mess, no fuss easy to use coffee machine you cannot look past
a capsule coffee machine. Capsule coffee machines, sometimes referred to as pod
coffee machines, use sealed coffee capsules which contain pre-ground coffee.
MZ Capsule machine
RRP $499
MZ is the Segafredo Zanetti Coffee System’s machine for coffee cartridges which gives you the
opportunity to enjoy an excellent Espresso wherever you are.
MZ is a pleasure to the eye as well as for the taste: this revolutionary compact machine can be placed
wherever you desire to ensure you to have an extremely pleasant coffee break always on hand.
Professional Milk Frother
Italian Quality
The MyEspresso machine uses
an Italian-built pump, with water
pressure up to 19 bar and an
exclusive piston dispensing
system, delivering a flavoursome
and creamy espresso straight to
your cup.
Create perfect
and lattes with
the Segafredo
Milk Frother.
Milk Frother
The machine for the
perfect espresso!
RRP $99
RRP $199
SZ Capsule machine
Perfect for the office!
5 blends available!
Fc ree Mac
all to see
RRP $999
if you qu
1300 660
SZ Capsule machine
Adjustable Tray
Cup Warmer
Steam & Water
Height-adjustable tray for
comfortable use of cups
and glasses of various
shapes and sizes.
The right temperature is
essential for enhancing
the pleasure of drinking
good coffee…
Hot water at the perfect
temperature is instantly
accessible for tea, American coffee, or even
just to warm the cup, in
addition a powerful vapour jet to whip up the
milk, or heat up liquids
in seconds.
Touch screen
A perfect synthesis of
beauty, function, and
ergonomic design. Only
one area to access all
functions of the machine.
Cappuccino maker
The option of having a
perfect cappuccino
by taking milk directly from the container
and instantly turning it
into a dense cream.
Saeco Aulika Office Package includes:
Aulika Coffee machine - milk fridge - 1kg coffee - Segafredo coffee cup set
$3512.70 you pay: $2999
Saeco Aulika $2999
Office coffee machines
20 Litre Milk Fridge $450
20 Litre Milk Fridge $450
Saeco Royal Cappuccino Office Package includes:
Royal Cappuccino - milk fridge - 1kg coffee - Segafredo coffee cup set
$2599 you pay: $2199
Saeco Royal Cappuccino
Australia Wide
We have multiple service centres across Australia & call out
technicians on stand by for your convenience.
We can fix and service:
• Domestic machines
• Commercial machines
• Vending machines
For questions or to book your service call
our friendly technicians on:
1300 660 976
Carlo “Il Gigante”
Head technician Perth
1 free service
Worth $90! voucher
Call now to
book a tec
1300 660
*Valid for on
ly for 1 serv
ice per cu
20L Milk Fridge $450
Saeco Idea Cappuccino
Saeco Idea Cappuccino Office Package includes:
Idea Cappuccino - milk fridge - 1kg coffee - Segafredo coffee cup set - Stainless Steel Milk Jug
$7700 you pay: $6999
Rent from $69 P/W
Saeco Phedra
Free Demonstration
Elegant, compact and high-tech, the Saeco Phedra is a semi-automatic
table top vending machine, perfect for small
locations and offices.
Key features:
• Saeco Brewing Unit: top quality espresso
• Saeco Preheating System for brewing unit
• High capacity cannisters
• Easy cleaning and maintenance
• Easy user interface: LCD graphic display and mechanical
buttons with large surface labels
• Ability to fit the payment systems on the front door
• Ability to fit the New Powder Dispensing System
• Tall cup version for 20 oz cups and jugs
• Professional stainless steel dispensing area
Only $49
per week
ervice includ
| No hassle |
No contract
RRP $3199
Rent from: $35 + gst p/w
RRP $4499
Saeco Royal Series
Free Demonstration
Modern features, phenomenal reliability and an elegant, stylish design is the key to the
success of the Royal series of coffee machines. Saeco’s Royal series brews espresso at the
touch of a button. The exclusive “cappuccinatore” enhances frothing by automatically drawing
milk directly from a container and dispensing the heated, frothed milk into a cup.
Key features:
• Adjustable brew dispensing head
• Adjustable conical burr coffee grinder
• Automatic de-calcifying cycle
• Cappuccinatore
• Cup warming surface
• Dose pre-grinding
• Dual spout dispensing head
RRP $1999
Now: $1599
Royal Professional
saeco [Converted].pdf 1 10/05/2013 2:29:36 PM
Only $25
No cont ract
RRP $2199
Royal Cappuccino
Rent from $25 + gst p/w
| No hassle
per week
| Service in
Saeco Aulika Series
Aulika is a professional automatic machine designed for the Office market, and is the expression of the
high quality of Saeco technology. It is equipped with a brewing unit with pre-infusion and electronic
regulation of coffee in the cup. It is also equipped with the “one-touch milk” dispenser function, which is
compatible with the office requirements, and with a hot water wand.
Key features:
• High capacity containers for professional use
• 8 selection keys with direct selection of 5 types of drinks
• Simple, intuitive display
• “One Touch” function to prepare a cappuccino and/or latte
• Independent wand for hot water and steam
• Water filter and possibility to set the water hardness value
• Mechanical regulation of grinding blades
• Stainless steel front and upper panels
RRP $2199
Aulika Focus
Rent from: $30 + gst p/w
RRP $2999
Aulika Top
Rent from $39 + gst p/w
y $39
o ha
sk | n
Onl contract | no ri
per w
Need a
Call ou
La San Marco Plus 5 & 7
1300 6 ly coffee eexp?erts:
60 97
r frien
The Plus 5 has the capacity for the larger office without cutting corners on quality.
The wide graphical display allows anybody to use this machine with ease and the capacity to create a
combination of different beverages based on coffee, milk and chocolate.
Key features:
• Two bean hopper grinders : 0.65 Kg capacity each
• One product container: 2 L capacity
• One mixer
• Fresh milk use
• Door for decaffeinated coffee
• Adjustable delivery outlet from 80 to 160 mm
• 8 selection buttons + shift button = 16 selections
saeco [Converted].pdf 1 10/05/2013 2:29:36 PM
RRP $10999
La San Marco Plus 7
Rent from: $125 + gst p/w
RRP $9999
La San Marco Plus 5
Rent from: $115 + gst p/w
Saeco Idea & Next Stage
Designed to satisfy every need, Saeco Modular/Idea Coffee Machine can be made up of various modules
each completely independent, which can be placed side by side. Maximum professional quality in the
minimum of space Modular is automatic: It combines high performance and compact dimensions.
Key features:
• 2 boilers
• Coffee grinder
• Automatic de-calcifying cycle
• Cappuccinatore
• Cup warming surface
• Connection to hot water mains
• Dual spout dispensing head.
Touch Screen
RRP $6999
Saeco Idea
Rent from: $69 + gst p/w
RRP $8990
Saeco Next Stage
Rent from $99+ gst p/w
2 Litre Milk Fridge $450
Vending coffee machines
Saeco Phedra $4499
Saeco Phedra Office Package includes:
Phedra Espresso with Cappuccinatore - milk fridge - 1kg coffee - Segafredo coffee cups set
$5012.70 you pay $4599
Need a
Call ou
r frien
A completely automatic and space saving machine the Rubino is stylish and compact that is perfect for
offices and small locations. A selection of 8 beverages with freshly ground coffee for each cup the
machine holds up to 196 cups. It can be supplied with a cabinet , available in different versions, giving
this machine the versatility for payment systems to be used. Connection to mains or conversion to tanks
this machine is easy to use, easy to maintain that is a perfect office solution.
Key features:
• Automatically dispense cups, sugar and stirrers
• Saeco brewing unit
• Possible master and slave configuration
• 6fr to 9gr adjustable doser
• Standard CPU for the whole range
• Customizable settings
saeco [Converted].pdf 1 10/05/2013 2:29:36 PM
RRP $3999
Saeco Rubino
Contact us for rental options
Saeco Cristallo Series
The Cristallo series is completely automatic vending range designed and developed to reduce maintenance and service. Technologically advanced and extremely user friendly, it offers up to 12 different
Key features:
• Automatically dispenses cups (up to 400)
• Top quality Saeco brewing unit
• Accepts the most commonly used parallel and serial MD6
(possible master and slave configurations)
BDV and Executive payment systems
• Customizable settings
• Cup warming surface
RRP $5599
Cristallo 400
Contact us for
rental options
1300 6 ly coffee eexp?erts:
60 97
Saeco Rubino
RRP $6699
Cristallo 600
Contact us for rental options
Saeco Corallo
Corallo is the new generation of 6-spirals snack&food vending machines with 6 removable trays for
dispensing snacks, cold beverages in cans or bottles and, in the food version (1°C - 4°C), also sandwiches
and fresh products. The great versatility of configurations allows to create different combinations to offer a
wide range of products.
Technical data
• 6 trays
• 36 spirals
• Colour: black
ree Myou quali
FFind out if
RRP $6499
Contact us for rental options
Saeco Atlante
The Saeco Atlante is the new and standard-setting generation of free-standing vending machines for hot
beverages – stunningly impressive from every angle. Its innovative U-Profile design with soft and elegant
lines adds style to every room. Along with its generous capacity (up to
700 cups), superb choice (up to 60 different products), and supreme
convenience thanks to the revolutionary Saeco Rotating Plate System
this vending wonder is perfect for medium and large locations.
Atlante creates a perfect coffee corner for any context, stand-alone or
combined with a snack & food machine, and offers a complete solution
for Vending. Available in Espresso edition with double grinder and double
boiler or Espresso edition with single grinder and double boiler.
Technical data:
• Cups (h 70 mm) 700
• Stirrers 550
• Number of selections 20
• Number of pre-selections 2
• Coffee bean container 2
• Instant product container 5
• Sugar container 1
• Disc mixer 4
• Water supply standard: water supply optional:
• Independent water tank kit
• Power supply 230 V/50 Hz
• Power consumption 2300 W
• Dimensions (w x h x d) 750 x 1830 x 865 mm
• Weight 184 kg
• Independent water tank 2 x 20 l
• Boiler Espresso Brass (600 cc)
• Boiler Instant Stainless steel (4,5 l)
• Independent water tank 2 - 20 l
RRP $9999
Contact us for rental options
Home Coffee machines
La Nuova Era: Cuadra
Cuadra by La Nuova Era is the ideal machine for domestic
and semi-professional use which combine a perfect
functionally and a marvellous look.
This coffee machine is an excellent alternative to a full size
commercial machine. Equipped with E61 Faema group it
equals the quality of famous Giotto by ECM but for a much
lower price.
(available in multiple colours)
RRP $1950.00
Best Price!
Call now
for da
1300 660 ily deals:
Automatic Coffee Machines are by far the most popular choice for use within the home.
Today’s automatic coffee machines allow you to make café style beverages with the push of a button.
Our automatic coffee machines will grind, dose and tamp your coffee whilst also controlling the brewing
process. Your automatic coffee machine can also produce hot water for tea and steam to froth milk.
Saeco Exprelia Evo
Gaggia Accademia
RRP $1999
Saeco Xelsis Digital ID
RRP $2499
call now for the best price
Accademia Gaggia will make
you a real barista able to satisfy
any desire: from the traditional
espresso to a creamy cappuccino... and much more.
RRP $2999
Only Saeco Exprelia Evo delivers
the ultimate milk experience
thanks to the new H2 Technology
Milk Carafe and the full bean to
cup customization.
Saeco Intelia Class
Saeco Intuita Black
RRP $699
call now for the best price
call now for the best price
Perfect espresso has never been
so simple. At the effortless push
of a button the new Philips Saeco
Intelia Class makes espresso easy
to brew in the comfort of your
own home.
1300 660 976
The Xelsis Digital ID from Saeco
provides an at home coffee-house
experience like no other machine.
This machine brews espressos, cappuccinos and more, all with the
touch of an icon...or fingerprint!
Saeco Intelia Metal EVO
RRP $1199
RRP $999
Saeco Intuita offers you the
possibility to taste freshly ground
espresso at the touch of a button, aroma selection, easy to use
and to clean.
call now for the best price
call now for the best price
call now for the best price
It has never been so simple
to enjoy real Italian espresso,
ristretto or lungo, all with their full
aroma and made from freshly
ground beans – it is as though an
Italian barista had freshly
prepared it in their own café.
Free Shipping
All new coffee machines come with a two year manufacturer’s warranty as standard, giving
you peace of mind when you purchase a new coffee machine.
RRP $2190
Isomac Millennium Due
RRP $2690
Isomac’s Tea Cool-touch is one
of Isomac’s most recent coffee
machines for home or office use.
The Isomac Tea’s new cool touch
steam wands, water valves and
2 hole steam tip improve an already excellent coffee machine.
Philips Saeco Intuita Black
RRP $499
RRP $3090
There is no doubt that the
Isomac Millennium is Italian
design and quality at its best.
Commercial components and
additional features make this a
versatile espresso machine for
home or small business.
Gaggia Classic
RRP $599
call now for the best price
Isomac La Mondiale Due
call now for the best price
call now for the best price
ow f
1300 6or daily deals:
60 97
1300 660 976
Isomac Tea Due
Saeco Intuita offers you the
possibility to taste freshly ground
espresso at the touch of a button, aroma selection, easy to use
and to clean.
Best Pr
Call n
call now for the best price
The Isomac La Mondiale uses a full
sized commercial group handle
in conjunction with the thermically
balanced E61 grouphead which
maximizes temperature stability to
ensure perfect extraction with each
and every coffee.
Philips Saeco Intelia Class
RRP $799
call now for the best price
Gaggia Classic is a little jewel
with elegant lines and satinized
stainless steel body. Your coffee
times will be a small daily refinement and pleasure.
call now for the best price
Perfect espresso has never been
so simple. At the effortless push
of a button the new Philips Saeco
Intelia Class makes espresso easy
to brew in the comfort of your
own home.
Commercial Coffee Machines
1300 660 976
La San Marco 85 Flexa E 1
La San Marco Flexa is a lot of machine for the
money and is sure to impress even the most
discerning Barista.
It’s a dual pump domestic coffee machine that
is as close to a commercial machine as you can
get while still sitting perfectly in the home setting.
With a 2 litre steam and 450ml brew boiler you
can make as many coffee’s as you want with
café quality results
RRP $2499
call now for the best price
Available in multiple colours.
Using Coffee Capsules in Traditional and commercial coffee machines:
La San Marco commercial machines have the option to use our coffee capsules thanks to the
special handle provided. This option is very popular with large offices that want a café style machine
which is easy to use and can be operated by anyone with no extra training. This handle delivers
excellent results and uses the Segafredo EcoPure® coffee capsules. Available in a variety of amazing
blends giving you the opportunity to make café quality coffee from as little as $0.30 per cup!
Free Shipping
Since 1920, the La San Marco machines have marked the historical milestones of this century,
developing with uninterrupted continuity the technology and performance of the field; a brilliant Italian name that has successfully exported the great espresso tradition all over
the world and that is positioned among the top ranks of world manufacturers of espresso
coffee machines.
La San Marco Liscia Series 80C
• Body made of chromed, and polished brass.
• Available in 2 or 3 group volumetric versions
• Raised group for take away as standard (150mm).
• Independent temperature adjustable groups.
• Paddle type steam arms - instant on|off.
• Options:
- power upgrade - timber steam and group
handles - bottom less handle (portafilter).
Custom colour to rear and side panels.
3 Group Automatic RRP $6930
2 Group Automatic RRP $5940
Contact us for rental options.
La San Marco 85 E Series
The new 85 E series is the
restyling of the famous 85 line,
well known for its quality, solidity
and reliability.
The 85 E follows the course of the original 85
and is considered the natural evolution of a
great espresso machine. The new version is
available in 5 colours (red, black, blue, grey,
beige) and also in a chromed version.
3 Group Automatic RRP $7507
.......................Semi Automatic RRP $6580
2 Group Automatic RRP $6292
.......................Semi Automatic RRP $5480
1 Group Automatic RRP $3349
.......................Semi Automatic RRP $3170
Contact us for rental options.
Need ad
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r friend
ly coffee
1300 66
0 976
La San Marco Leva
La San Marco Leva is a traditional lever type
group for the specialist barista. The required
water pressure is provided by lowering the lever
and allowing it to return slowly to its original position.
This way the amount of water that passes through the coffee,
and the pressure under which it passes through the grounds,
can be manipulated according to taste, roasting styles and
other variables.
4 Group RRP $10780
3 Group RRP $9680
2 Group RRP $8250
Contact us for rental options.
La San Marco 100 E Series
Aggressive look and metallic
colours: these are the main
aesthetic characteristics of
100 series that highlight lines originality
and design unicity.
Series 100 adapts a thermosiphonic
circulation system with pre-infuser and
flow variator. The flow variator (adjustable directly from outside the machine
body) gives the possibility to modify the
brewing temperature in every group with
relation to the used coffee blend without
changing the temperature in the boiler.
3 Group Automatic RRP $9350
.......................Touch Automatic RRP $9350
2 Group Automatic RRP $7150
.......................Touch Automatic RRP $8140
1 Group Automatic RRP $4125
Contact us for rental options.
Eureka Mignon Chrome
RRP $549
Since 1920 Eureka has been the
leader in design and manufacture
of coffee grinders for coffee shops
and coffee roasters internationally.
Mazzer Mini Manual
RRP $830
The Mazzer Mini is a manual coffee
grinder ideal for small daily use.
The Mazzer Mini features a 600
gram hopper and the dose can
be adjusted from 5.5 g up to 9 g.
Free Shipping
Eureka Mignon Red or White
RRP $529
The Eureka Mignon electronic coffee
grinder features a 500 gr hopper with
automatic temporized grinding.
Mazzer Mini Electronic
RRP $1250
Mazzer has established a brand
which is synonymous with quality
and design in the world of espresso
due to their success in the commercial coffee market.
Eureka Delipro 75mm
RRP $1490
The Eureka Delipro is a professional
deli-style coffee grinder with grinding
adjustment from very fine (Turkish) to
coarse (plunger).
Mazzer Robur Electronic
RRP $3190
Conical grinding blades and slow
speed rotation, suitable for bars
with high consumption needs
and recommended to grind
delicate blends.
For more coffee grinders see: segafredo.com.au
For the
La San Marco SM TK
RRP $836
Clear lines, cutting the space
and creating inclined planes,
are the main attractive aesthetic
features of the series, which offers
a wide range of technical and
chromatic solution.
It has never been so simple to
enjoy real Italian espresso, ristretto
or lungo, all with their full aroma
and made from freshly ground
beans – it is as though an Italian
barista had freshly prepared it in
their own café.
La San Marco SM 92 Instant
Segafredo Zanetti
stocks only
the best grinders.
100% Italian precision.
La San Marco SM TK Instant
RRP $965
Check o
La San Marco SM92
RRP $1787.50
RRP $1980
est dea
segafre ut:
gr conic
ind al
•On demand (fresh ground)
coffee grinders
• Electronic dose adjustment
• Micro switch on the filter cup holder
adaptor for quick start (on request
without micro switch for every selection
required icon touch on screen )
• Coffee dose regulation by grinding
time programming
• Continuous grinding function ( max.
3 minutes ).
• Single dose counter, double dose
counter, total dose counter
• Tamper available in two interchangeable versions ( on request
without tamper )
• Hopper capacity 1,2 Kg
• Universal support for filter cup holder
• Indicative grinding times
( 7,5 g. coffee dose )
• Grinder size 64 mm
• Grinder speed 1350 RPM
• On demand ( fresh ground ) coffee
• Electronic dose adjustment
• Micro switch on the filter cup holder
adaptor for quick start (on request without
micro switch for every selection required
icon touch on screen )
• Coffee dose regulation by grinding time
• Continuous grinding function ( max. 3
minutes ).
• Single dose counter, double dose
counter, total dose counter
• Tamper available in two interchangeable versions (on request without tamper )
• Hopper capacity 1,2 Kg
• Universal support for filter cup holder
• Indicative grinding times
( 7,5 g. coffee dose )
• Grinder speed 400 RPM
RRP $1980
For more coffee grinders see: segafredo.com.au
Coffee Essentials
For mo
e produ
The Segafredo Zanetti brand represents the passion for coffee in the world. Alongside the
wide range of blends created to satisfy the widest demands of all markets, stands a broad
range of regional and complementary high quality products, from coffee to tea, chocolate,
spices, sugar and cups. ( Segafredo Zanetti branded coffee essentials only available for
coffee customers ).
Take away cups
RRP $60.00
4oz take-away Cups
Carton 1000 pcs
RRP $55.00
8oz take-away Cups
Paper 500 pcs
RRP $90.00
12oz take-away Cups
600 pcs
RRP $105
16oz take-away Cups
480 pcs
Sugar sticks and sweetener
RRP $23.90
Segafredo White
Sugar Sticks
2000 pcs
RRP $23.90
Segafredo Raw
Sugar sticks
2000 pcs
RRP $6.30
Segafredo Artificial
150 X 0.75gr
Ceramic Cups &Glasses
RRP $29
Yellow, Red, Black or Orange coffee cup set (4-6) (more colours available)
RRP $5.00 EA
Espresso cup
RRP $7.25 EA
regular cup
RRP $7.25 EA
large cup
RRP $4.40 EA
Macchiato glass
Tik Tak cups:
Espresso: $5.00 EA
Cappuccino: $7.25 EA
Latte: $7.25 EA
For more coffee cups see: segafredo.com.au
RRP 4.40 EA
Latte Glass
RRP $4.40 EA
Latte Glass
RRP $60
Tik Tak take-away
4oz 1000 pcs
RRP $30.00 EA
Red coffee
mug set (6)
www the bes
fredo deal
At Segafredo Zanetti we stock a wide range of top quality coffee essentials from great selection
of coffee syrups to a full line of vending products. We also have a wide variety of cleaning and
de-scaling products available to keep your machine in perfect working condition.
Syrups: Monin Special Barista
Monin Special Barista 700ml syrup. Available in a number of flavours:
• Chocolate • Mint • Cinnamon • Chai Tea • Noisette, and more!
Great for flavouring any coffee. Monin syrups contain no artificial
flavourings, preservatives or sweeteners. The Monin Syrup is specifically aimed at the professional market but provides excellent results
for home use as well.
RRP $14.50
Per bottle 700ml
Vending products
At Segafredo Zanetti we have
complete vending solutions available for your business. Our top
quality powders for vending are
packed with flavour from 100%
natural ingredients.
For more information about our
vending solutions contact our
friendly sales team nationwide on:
1300 660 976
RRP $11.90
Milk powder
RRP $1.90
Stirrers 115mm x 100
RRP $15.90
Chocolate powder
RRP $180
Vending paper cups
8.25oz x 2000pc box
RRP $21
Chai tea powder
RRP $18
Chicken soup
powder 500 grams
Cleaning Products
RRP $10
Cafetto Espresso
Clean 100g
RRP $13
Cafetto S15 Super
Automatic Espresso
Machine Cleaning Tablets.
Designed to clean the
brewing unit.
RRP $22
Cafetto-Restore Espresso
machine de-scaler
4pc Pack, Sachet.
For more cleaning products see: segafredo.com.au
RRP $20
Organic De-scaling
solution 250ml
2 Doses.
For mo
We have a great variety of coffee accessories available in store and online at
segafredo.com.au. From high quality coffee tampers and milk jugs in a variety of sizes to
complete sets of barista kits, we have all the coffee essentials you could need.
e produ
The perfect partner for your coffee machine:
20L Milk fridge, fits 2 milk bottles and can be directly
connected to your coffee machine.
Only $450
RRP $160
Coffee Bean’s Home
Barista Kit
RRP $49.90
Coffee Tamper, 51mm
Stainless Flat, Polished ProTamp
RRP $12
Milk Thermometer
Or free with selected packages
Call for more info: 1300 660 976
RRP $129
Knock Box Exclusive
RRP $31.90
Alloy coffee tamper
RRP $15.40
Chocolate Shaker
RRP $139
Coffee Tamper Technic
Milk Jugs:
$20 - 0.6L
$22 - 1L
$26.60 - 1.5L
RRP $34.90
Knock Knock-out Bin
For more accessories see: segafredo.com.au
RRP $99
Knock Tube Floor
RRP $69.90
Deluxe SS knock tube
RRP $39.90
Coffee Vault - Keep
coffee fresh
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Segafredo Zanetti
Extract 25/30ml of coffee,
into espresso cup.
Extract 25/30ml of coffee into an espresso
cup. Add a dash of heated milk.
Flat White
Extract 25/30 ml (1/3) of coffee into a
cappuccino cup. Pour (1/3) dense
creamy froth milk. Dust with chocolate.
Top up with frothed milk.
”Espresso” means to make “expressly
for you” in the form of an extraction
and as a drink it is 25/30ml of the
extracted coffee. Espresso can also be
a “ristretto” (only 15ml) or can be
served as a double espresso (when
using 2 shots in one cup) Espresso is
the base for all the coffees that you will
find in the barista menu.
Extract 25/30ml of coffee into flat white
cup. Pour creamy textured milk and fill to
the top.
Place 2 table spoons of hot choc powder
and milk in a jug, steam the mixture and
pour into a glass, top up with frothed milk
and choc sprinkles.
Australia’s most popular white coffee,
the flat white is similar to the cafe latte
with a little less milk and served into a
cappuccino cup. Coffee quantity
should always be 25/30ml. It is preferable to have 1/2 cm of froth to create
fine body and texture.
Hot Chocolate
For the sweet tooth or chocolate lover,
the creamiest hot chocolate is made
by mixing 2 table spoons of hot choc
powder with milk and bring them to
the boil using the steam of your coffee
machine. Pour the thick hot chocolate
into a tall glass, top with frothed milk
and dust with chocolate powder.
“Macchiato” means to mark or stain.
Traditionally this drink is an espresso
with approximately 30ml of coffee
with a dash of milk on top. It can be
served in a normal espresso cup or in a
small glass. The quantity of the milk
added is at the customers request.
Although ratios may vary to taste, a
common recipe for a traditional oz
cappuccino is: 1/3 espresso, 1/3
steamed milk 1/3 frothed milk. Purist
consider this recipe complete as is.
Powdered cocoa or cinnamon may be
sprinkled on top as a garnish. To layer
the milk and espresso it is necessary to
allow the freshly frothed milk a
moment to rest and this separate
(foam on top and milk on the bottom).
Pour creamy textured milk into the glass,
prepare an espresso. Using the bottom of
a spoon pour the espresso over the milk.
Cafe Latte
Cafe Latte is a light version of the flat
white served in a tall glass. To prepare
this beverage
pour the creamy
textured milk into the glass them using
the bottom of a tea spoon pour an
espresso over it into the glass. This
pouring technique will form layers of
different color in the glass for great
Extract 60 ml of coffee into a glass (2 shots)
Pour creamy textured milk and fill to the top.
Extract 50/60ml of coffee into a long
black cup. Add hot water.
Long Black
A long black is the largest coffee on the
menu. It’s made by adding about 1/2
cup of hot water to a double espresso
coffee (2 shots of coffee 60ml total).
When pouring the hot water into the
cup try to not disturb the crema (the
gold brown foam covering the surface
of a well-brewed espresso).
Visit segafredo.com.au for training and tips!
Long Mac
A double shot of espresso (60ml)
stained with milk and extended with
extra water.
Download PDF