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80A Brushless Speed Controller
· We strongly recommend to calibrate the throttle range of transmitter when you first use the controller or
when using a new/different transmitter or receiver.
·When connecting the ESC to battery pack, please ensure the polarity is correct. Incorrect polarity may cause
permanent damage to the ESC and such damage is not covered by manufacturer’s WARRANTY.
·When you use the ESC, turn on the transmitter BEFORE powering on the receiver.
·When you finish the flying, power off the receiver BEFORE turning off the transmitter.
·The limiting current is set to the ‘standard mode’ in factory. It is suitable for use in most configurations.
Only experienced technicians can adjust this programming.
·In Governor Mode, the brake is always disabled and the soft cutoff is always active.
·Changing the PWM may cause the motor to heat ahead of time.
·Never disconnect the battery pack while the motor is running, as this could cause damage to the speed controller and/or motor.
·Connectors with low conductivity may cause erratic motor rotations or other unexpected
·If you do not use the BEC function of the ESC and are using a separate receiver pack or UBEC to power
receiver and servos instead, please disconnect the red wire from the ESC’s receiver lead.
·Due to adopt advanced switching BEC technology, the switching frequency of the on-board BEC may make
some disturbance to receiver when use with some of 35Mhz transmitters and receivers, (such as Multiplex
35Mhz transmitter and receiver). We strongly recommend to disconnect the red wire from the ESC’s receiver
lead and use a separate receiver battery to power the receiver and servos when use with some of 35Mhz transmitter and receiver.
·The controller will automatically power off the motor if the battery voltage drops below the programmed
cut-off voltage (factory preset at 6.0V). Try using a smaller prop on the motor, or using batteries with a higher
rating. It is especially important for the user of Li-poly cells.
·Allowing water, lubricants, moisture or other foreign objects inside the ESC will VOID the WARRANTY.
Exposure to CA glue or its fumes can cause damage and malfunctions; this will also VOID the WARRANTY.
Eurgle ESC-80A MANUALS 2 page/ 14pages
The Eurgle controllers are outstanding and unique products in the R/C industry. They represent a great advance in electric flight by integrating a data logger with an electronic speed controller. There is no need for
a separate logging device if you have a Eurgle controller! In addition, software updates for the controller
can be downloaded from the Internet so your controller will never become obsolete. The give you all the
data you need to be sure your aircraft is set up for its optimum performance. With the , all you have to do
is going to fly and having fun!
П Unique Features
·Supports the ‘Eurgle USB Linker’ to program the ESC by computer.
·The firmware of the ESC can be upgradeable from Internet as the new version of the software becomes
·Innovate intelligent Governor Mode, especially for 3D helicopter. Please see appendix for more details.
·Integrated with the flight data logger, records data for the ENTIRE flight such as:
- Voltage
- Current
- Temperature
- Motor RPM
- Throttle travel
·Compatible with Eurgle Program Card and Eurgle Program Box.
Ш Specifications
Microprocessor controlled
Extremely low resistance
80A continuous (90A surge)
Up to 20cells NiCad/NiMH or 2~6 cells Lithium-Polymer
High rate adjustable switching (PWM: 8KHz/12KHz/16KHz)
BEC: 5V, max 4A (switching BEC)
Supports above 4 digital servos
ⅣSystem Requirement
·Personal Computer with WINDOWS 2000 or WINDOWS XP operation system
·CD-ROM drive (or access to Internet)
·USB port available
·4 Megabytes hard disk space
·Computer screen resolution with 800×600, 1024×768 (Recommend), 1280×1024.
There are not any more accessories needed, just the Eurgle ESC-80A,Eurgle ‘USB Linker’ and
a Eurgle setup CD. It is easy to use for everyone from beginner to expert.
Eurgle ESC-80A
USB Linker
Setup CD
Eurgle ESC-80A MANUAL 3page/14pages
Ⅵ Using the ESC
·Calibrate the throttle range of transmitter at the first time to use the controller (Recommend)
- Correctly connect the ESC with brushless motor, plug the receiver lead of ESC into receiver ( usually into
Channel 3);
- Put the throttle to the highest position, turn on the transmitter;
- Power on the receiver, ESC and motor. There are 3 beeps emitted from the motor, which indicates all electronics are correctly power on for the setting.
- Then there are 4 long beeps emitted from the motor ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ .
- During or after the 4 long beeps , move the throttle to the lowest position, at this point, you have calibrated
the throttle range of your transmitter;
- Waiting one second, there will be two beeps emitted from the motor ♪
NOTE: 1). If you have succeeded in calibrating the throttle range of transmitter, the throttle range will be displayed in ‘Programming Set’ window when you connect the controller to PC. The factory preset throttle
range is 640 uS.
- Calibration of throttle is completed.
·Program the ESC’ s settings or use the default setting (by Eurgle Program Card/ on PC/ by throttle
Recommend: Please always clearly know current parameters of ESC before use, and program it according to
your configuration. Please take the following form as reference to program the ESC ( Default setting is displayed
in blue. Throttle range in gray cannot be programmed but be auto changed after calibrating the throttle travel of
(2 Lipo)
Current Limiting
Brake Type
Timing Advance
Cutoff Type
Start Type
Governor Mode
PWM Rate
Throttle Range
(3 Lipo)
No brake
Soft brake
Hard brake
Hard cutoff
Soft cutoff
Soft start
Fast start
Governor Low
Governor High
(4 Lipo)
(5 Lipo)
(6 Lipo)
640 uS
mitter.) Seeing the appendix about the detail programmable features of Eurgle ESC-80A.
NOTE: 1) You also can program the ESC-80A through Eurgle Program Card. Please read the manuals of ‘Eurgle
Program Card’ for more detail instructions.
2) When program the settings by throttle stick of transmitter, please refer to the way described in the manuals of Eurgle ESC-75A-G-SE.
Eurgle ESC-80A MANUALS 4 page/14pages
·In order to well record the flight data and utilize the storage of the logger, please set the ‘Recorder Configuration’ in the menu of ‘Data Logger’ after installing the Eurgle software. (see instructions in Ⅸ)
·When you finish the setting, repower the ESC, receiver and motor, there are two beeps emitted from the motor, then is ready to go fly and enjoy the flying.
Ⅶ Installing Eurgle Software
·Insert the CD in the CD driver of the computer.
·Double click the ‘Setup’ icon
NOTE: Never plug the USB Linker to USB port of PC BEFORE installation of software is successfully completed.
Eurgle ESC-80A MANUALS 5page/pages
·After you click the ‘finish’ button, there will be an icon
‘Eurgle’ on your computer desktop.
·Installation complete.
NOTE: These two destination folders are both default
and cannot be changed, otherwise the software cannot
work normally.
Ⅷ How to connect the controller to PC
·Plug the receiver lead of ESC-80A into the Eurgle USB Linker, please pay attention to the polarity for correct
connection. (Seeing the label on the USB Linker) .
·Connect the USB Linker to one of available USB ports of your computer. A little red LED on USB Linker will
light up. At the same time, a green LED on the controller would light up when correctly connected, otherwise not
NOTE: The receiver lead of Eurgle controllers are consisted of three small colored wires and adopt JR wire configuration, i.e, red (+), brown (-) and orange (signal)
Eurgle ESC-80A MANUALS 6page/14pages
Ⅸ Using the software
·Open the software by double clicking the icon ‘Eurgle’ on your desktop.
·Select the com port by clicking the menu of ‘Port Num.’*
*The com port is generally ‘com 3’ or ‘com 4,’ but there are respective com ports on different computers. You can find
the accurate com port on your computer in this way: Click the right button of mouse the icon ‘My Computer’→Manage
→ Device Manager →Ports(Com & LPT). Choosing the CORRECT com port in the menu of ‘Port Num.
· Click the ‘Connect Device’ button. If the connection is correct, the menu with ‘Upgrade’ and
‘Programming set’ will be highlighted. The ESC Software Version information also will be displayed..
Data display area
Eurgle ESC-80A MANUALS 7page/14pages
· Programming the parameters of the ESC:
- Select ‘Programming Set’. (also the Shortcuts button
- Click ‘Connect’ button or ‘Reading Data from ESC’ button to read out the current parameters of controller, and the firmware version is also displayed below.
- Select the parameters you wish to set.
- Click the ‘Update’ button to save the modification.
- Clicking the ‘Back to default’ button will modify the parameters of ESC to factory default.
NOTE: Please set the parameters always after current parameters of ESC is displayed in window and according to the instructing turn, otherwise programming of ESC will be defeated and ESC will still keep the
parameters set in last time.
· Updating the firmware of the ESC
- Click the ‘update’ menu (the Shortcuts button
- Click the ‘Get ESC’s Ver’ button, which will display current version number.
- Click the ‘Open’ button to achieve the upgradeable software*, which can be downloaded from Inter-
- Click the ‘Start’
button to upgrade the firmware of ESC to new version.
Firmware upgrade will be finished in 3-5 seconds.
*A new upgradeable version of software can be downloaded in www.Eurgle.com when it is available.
Eurgle ESC-80A MANUALS 8page/14pages
· Reading the flight data from the ESC-80A
- Make sure to input the correct parameters in the area of ‘User Parameter’: Gear Rate and Magnet Poles
number of motor (the default value is: 1 and 2), it is very important to get the correct motor RPM information.
- Click the ‘upload record data’ button to upload the flight data from the controller.
- After clicking the ‘upload record data’ button, the flight data in ESC will be shown as curves in the display
Eurgle ESC-80A MANUALS 9page/14pages
- In the display window, you can choose a range of curves to analyze clearly by clicking the left button of
mouse from start side to the end side of your chosen area, such as the below diagrammatic curves, data recorded from the 22.9 second to the 36.7 second as the chosen analyzing area (the area shown in translucent):
- Much clearer curves of the chosen area is displayed:
- Click the right button of mouse to display the original curves.
NOTE: 1) The software always displays the latest flight data.
2) Wherever the mouse points, a groups of data displayed below in the ‘data display area’ indicates
current, voltage, throttle, motor RPM and temperature on the point. The data within the ‘data display area’ is
changing when the mouse is dragging.
Eurgle ESC-80A MANUALS 10page/14pages
· Changing the recording parameters
Recommend: In order to well and accurately record the flight data, please know and program the recording
configurations first before use, otherwise may cause losing of some data.
- Click the menu ‘Data Logger’.
- ‘Recorder Configuration’ (Shortcuts button
- Click ‘Connect’ button to display current configuration.
- Sampling Rate (1,2,3,5,10,20,30 ) times/a second.*
*The default sampling rate of ESC-80A is 3 times in a second. The possible recording time is
decided by the storage and set sampling rate. The longest recording time is 68 minutes.
Sampling Rate
Possible Recording Time
Minimum Flying Time
Once/ a second
Approx. 68.1 minutes
> 60 seconds
Twice/ a second
Approx. 34.05 minutes
> 30 seconds
3 times/ a second
Approx. 22.7 minutes
> 20 seconds
5 times/a second
Approx. 13.62 minutes
> 10 seconds
10 times/a second
Approx. 6.81 minutes
> 5 seconds
15 times/a second
Approx. 3.405 minutes
> 3 seconds
30 times/a second
Approx. 2.27 minutes
> 2 seconds
Possible Recording Time means longest time the recorder can record with the set sampling rate.
Minimum Flying Time: with the set sampling rate, the minimum flying time of ESC should be more than the
listed in above form, otherwise the software can not read out and display the data on the PC window.
Record type. ‘Not reverse’ and
*‘Not reverse’ indicates the data
logger cannot record any more when
the space is filled up; ‘reverse’ indicates the data logger can record indefinitely by overlapping the former data and do a cycle. ‘Not reverse’ is default.
Eurgle ESC-80A MANUALS 11page/14pages
- ‘Cur fly times’ button is never highlighted.*
*‘Cur fly times’ button records the times you have flown. The ESC can record most 16 times flying.
You can clear it by clicking the ‘Clear Logger Data’ button. That battery in power is calculated as
- Select the configuration you wish to set, and click ‘Update’ to save modifications.
- Click the button ‘Clear Logger Data’ to clear the data in the ESC for enough space to record for the
next flying.
We Recommend to always clear all data before next flying, and to save the useful data as a file on PC
before clearing.
- Click ‘Color Set’ button to set the displaying color and line width according to your favor, and click
‘SAVE’ button to save the modifications.
· Changing the display channel
- Y axis reference
The ‘X’ axis presents the flying time, but the ‘Y’ axis can present the corresponding numerical value according to your selected category in the ‘Y axis’ zone.
- Parameter color
- Diary
- Save the flight data. Click the menu ‘File’ to save data on PC.
· Diary panel
The logbook can be filled in ‘ Diary ’ window.
Writing down some illustration about the power system or your opinions or feelings in the diary panel and
save it just like your private flying diary.
Eurgle ESC s offer eight user programmable features, including low cutoff voltage, current limiting, brake type,
timing advance, cutoff type, soft start, governor mode and PWM switching rate. Through the USB Linker, Eurgle
ESC-80A can be programmed easily on PC, and it is also good compatible with Eurgle Program Card or program
via throttle stick of the transmitter.
· Low Cut-off Voltage
Option 1:Auto Lipo
Auto Lipo Cells Detecting
6-8 cell NiCad or NiMH packs, or 2 cell Lithium packs
Option 3:7.2V
8 cell NiCad or NiMH packs, or 2 cell Lithium packs
Option 4:8.4V
9 cell NiCad or NiMH packs
Option 5:9.0V
10 cell NiCad or NiMH packs, or 3 cell Lithium packs
Option 6:12.0V
4 Lipo cells
Option 7:15.0V
5 Lipo cells
Option 8:18.0v
6 Lipo cells
NOTE: Low Cut-off Voltage can protect the main battery from being discharged too low, and provide the normal
operating voltage to receiver and servos.
· Current Limiting
Option 1: Very Sensitivity
Option 2:Standard(default)
Low over-current threshold, will rapidly shut-down.
Moderate over-current threshold, will shut down after a slight delay.
Recommended for inrunner motors.
High over-current threshold, will shut down after a slight delay. Rec-
Option 3:Insensitivity
Option 4: disabled
ommended for outrunner motors. Only experienced modelers
should use this programming feature
Current limiting detection disabled. Only experienced modelers
should use this programming feature.
NOTE: Default setting is recommended. If you change the setting, damage to the controller as a result of over
current will be not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.
· Brake Type
Option 1:Brake disabled
Brake disabled is mainly used for helicopters.
Option 2:Soft brake
Option 3:Hard brake
Soft brake provides 50% of full braking power. General aircraft use, with fixed or
folding prop
Hard brake is 70% braking power. Direct drive applications where more braking
power is required. Hard brake should only be used below 12V.
· Timing Advance
Option 1: Low advance timing
Option 2: middle advance timing
Recommended for most motors .Gives a good balance of power and efficiency.
5 °~ 20 °
Option 3: High advance timing
Recommended for most of higher pole count motors
15° ~ 30 °
Recommended for most of all brushless motors.
· Cutoff Type
When battery voltage reaches cut-off voltage the motor will shutdown immediOption 1 :Hard cutoff (default)
ately. Motor can be restarted by closing the throttle to the lowest position and
then move the throttle as normal
When battery voltage reaches cut-off voltage, the ESC will slowly reduce motor
Option 2: Soft cutoff
power to zero, you will notice a decrease in power and it is time to land, the throttle maintains its full linear response.
NOTE: Soft cutoff is always automatically active in Governor Mode.
·Start Type
Option 1: soft start
Recommended for helicopters
Option 2:standardstart (default)
Recommended for most of the fixed or folding prop airplanes, and some helicopters.
Option 3: Fast start
Recommended for fastest startup.
· Governor Mode
Option 1: Auto calibrating throttle
Recommended for general aircraft
Option 2: Governor Low
For helicopter application. Controlling frequency becomes slow, control gain becomes increasing.
Option 3: Governor High
For helicopter application. Controlling frequency becomes faster, control gain becomes decreasing.
1. In helicopter application, setting in ‘Governor Low’ or ‘Governor High’ is required. And we recommend to set the start type in ‘Soft start’ to get much smooth start for your helicopters.
2. In ‘Governor Mode’, the start time is generally between 10~45 seconds, which is different depend on
the load.
3. In Governor Mode, the brake is always disabled and soft cutoff is automatically active.
· PWM Switching Rate
Option 1:8KHz(default)
Recommended for most brushless motors
Option 2: 12KHz
Recommended for low inductance motors
Option 3: 16KHz
Recommended for very low inductance motors
Note: we strongly recommend only the experienced modeler could change this setting.
Ⅹ All models of Eurgle controllers
Dimension (mm)
(with cables)
2amp (Linear)
2amp (Linear)
2-6S Lipo
4amp (Switching)
Eurgle ESC 80A
2-6S Lipo
4amp (Switching)
Eurgle ESC 100A-K
4-12S Lipo
no (OPTO)
Eurgle ESC 150A-K
4-12S Lipo
no (OPTO)
Eurgle ESC 200A-K
4-12S Lipo
no (OPTO)
Eurgle USB Linker
Connector for speed controllers to PC
Eurgle ESC 20A-K
2~3S Lipo
Eurgle ESC 40A-K
2-3S Lipo
Eurgle ESC 60A-K
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