RF500 Wireless Monitoring
Exceptional data integrity. Complete peace of mind.
Provides effortless 24/7 monitoring
of temperature, humidity and door
Key benefits include:
• Accurate records without compromise
• Secure multi-user access to data
via the internet at any time
• Alarm notification via email,
phone or pager
• Transmitters that are waterproof and
accurate, and have a long battery life
• Compliance with legislative and
regulatory requirements
• Plus, it’s easy to install, use and maintain
The system achieves unprecedented levels
of efficiency and reliability through its use of the
latest low-power RF technology with built-in mesh
networking, and transmitters with bi-directional
Manual checks on temperature and humidity are a
thing of the past. The RF500 does it automatically,
reducing labour costs, eliminating errors and ensuring
complete records are maintained in accordance with
regulatory requirements.
In the event of readings falling outside pre-set limits,
alarm notification via screens, SMS*, email or voice
allows immediate corrective action to be taken.
This can make all the difference in terms of saving your
product and protecting your reputation.
The RF500 answers market demands for a quick,
reliable system which is easy to understand and
operate but can just as easily be reconfigured or
expanded in line with changing needs.
* Third party service provider required.
Signal via route B-D blocked by open chill room door.
System automatically re-routes signal via B-F or B-C.
The RF500 System
The RF500 Wireless Monitoring System is an
accurate, reliable and flexible method of collecting
real-time temperature, humidity and door event data.
It uses a network of remote sensors and probes to
collect and transmit information to a Gateway unit
which manages the system and collects and stores
the data. The result is efficient and versatile
round-the-clock monitoring for just about any industry.
10” Double
Advanced features include:
ADR – Automatic Data Retrieval. In the event of a
power failure, data is stored in the RF500 transmitter
then automatically transmitted to the Gateway as soon
as the network is restored, so no data is lost.
Mesh Network – established through powered
transmitters. This enables the system to automatically
adjust to any changes in the environment, rerouting
signals as required to ensure that the data is always
returned to the Gateway.
Instant alarm notification
is via screens, sms, voice
or email to your PC, PDA,
mobile or pager.
The above schematic shows how, in the event of signals being blocked
by shifting stock, open doors or parked vehicles, RF500 transmitters
automatically seek an alternative route.
RF500 - Exceptiona
Stop, start etc.
High alarm limit
shown in red
Low alarm limit
shown in blue
Export function
Mean Kinetic Temperature
Audit trail provides visibility
of actions, times and users
Login password protected
The RF500 system is suitable for use in any industry
where specific temperature or humidity levels need
to be maintained and monitored.
Ideal for monitoring:
Viewing Data
The powerful RF500 Gateway unit requires no
specialist PC software. It connects directly to
the local area network, permitting 24/7 single or
multi-user access via internet browser.
Programming or data access is achieved via a PC or
PDA from any location. Multi-user access can be
controlled via built-in safeguards configured to ensure
staff only have access to information relevant
to their needs and can only make changes deemed
appropriate by the system administrator. There are no
hidden charges for licences and there is no limit on the
number of users – you dictate how many or how few
people have access.
With a full audit trail, electronic signatures and data
protection to meet the requirements of 21CFR Part 11,
RF500 is ideal for any high security application where
protection of your products and good name is
paramount. Rapid identification and notification of alarm
conditions provides all the necessary assurances for
due diligence and HACCP procedures.
• Fridges and freezers
• Coolers, chillers and cold stores
• Warehousing, distribution and transport
• Storage areas for drugs or vaccines
• Incubators and test chambers
• Perishable goods such as blood products and costly
test reagents
Practical functionality allows you to:
• Stop and start logging
• View or program tasks
• View data as graphs or tables and toggle
between the two
• View events for a selected day
Export function allows data to be saved in comma
separated values (CSV) file formatted to the local PC.
Mean Kinetic Temperature values can be calculated for
critical areas such as drug and vaccine storage.
al data integrity. Com
Market leading data integrity.
No awkward gaps in your records.
Alarms include:
• Notification via screens, email, SMS* or voice, with
the ability to select which personnel are notified in line
with work rotas.
• Alarm delay option – system will not indicate out of
range status until the temperature has been out of
range for a set period of time, ideal for defrost cycles
and restocking.
• Dynamic alarms selectable by time, allowing more
than one alarm level for a single sensor. Typical uses
are cycling incubators or long defrost cycles.
* Third party service provider required.
Transmitters are waterproof and include an LCD
for instant data display and an LED for local alarm
indication. Three models cover every temperature and
humidity requirement and each incorporates advanced
RF technology to maximise range and satisfy the
highest levels of data integrity.
Food manufacturer
RF512 has an integral temperature sensor plus
connectors for two external thermistor probes and an
external door sensor.
RF513 has integral temperature and humidity sensors
and a connector for an external door sensor.
RF516 is a precision temperature transmitter with an
integral temperature sensor plus connectors for one
external PT100 probe and an external door sensor.
Other common features include:
• Low battery indicator on the transmitter and via
the web-view
• Probe faults transmitted and shown in the web-view
• Choice of 3 year battery life or mains power for
RF512 and RF513 transmitter types
Accessories include single and duplex penetration and
air probes, door event sensors and siren/klaxon for
alarms. Please contact the Comark Sales Office or your
Comark representative for full details.
• Large LCD allows local view of
temperature, RH (RF513), and door
opening information plus alarms
and RF status
• LEDs for active/alarm indication
• Antenna
• Selectable scales ˚C or ˚F,
%RH or DP (RF513)
• Compact size waterproof case with
BioCote® antimicrobial surface protection.
• Secure Lumberg connector for probes
• Door event sensor
• AC/Mains power connector
plete peace of mind
Applications include catering,
foodservice, food manufacture,
pharmaceutical healthcare,
warehousing and retail.
Case History 1
Customer: A Healthcare Trust
across four hospital sites with six pathology labs, eight
blood banks and a total of 180 monitoring points.
Solution: An RF500 system with 14 Gateway units
has fulfilled all the customer’s requirements. It allows
data from all locations to be viewed locally and remotely
by different people within the trust and includes an
email alarm system for each separate Gateway, as well
as visible alarms on each transmitter.
Requirement: To upgrade existing temperature
monitoring methods.
Previous methods relied on a combination of equipment
displays, data loggers, chart recorders and manual
recording which, in terms of remote blood banks alone,
was taking a member of staff 2 hours per day.
The new system needed to be fully automatic, capable
of operating 24 hours per day, 365 days per year
Monitoring points range from -80°C freezers, fridges,
cold rooms and incubators, and the system provides
almost permanent mapping for super-critical areas such
as blood fridges. The robust RF signal has proved
effective with no loss of data even across large busy
labs fitted with state-of-the-art electronic equipment.
• Compliance with MHRA and CPA requirements
• Peace of mind because all areas are alarmed
• No more manual readings, so no human error
• All data available to key people from their own office
• Choice of alarm methods for notification day or night
Case History 2
Customer: Food Manufacturer (Sauces)
and maintaining written records. The company also
wanted to monitor temperatures in their chilled storage
Solution: The RF500 system supplied can be
programmed to provide independently variable logging
rates for each individual transmitter, in line with the task
being carried out. The single coordinated system has
answered all the customer’s needs, including compliance
with the company’s criteria which required 100%
reliability in terms of logging rates and accuracy. The
customer is also satisfied that all the data captured will
stand up to scrutiny.
Requirement: The company needed to be able to prove
to the British Retail Consortium (BRC) that its cooking
cycles had been completed correctly.
• The ability to show that products have been cooked in
accordance with customer’s instructions
Historically, this was done by manually recording
temperatures from chart recorders or other devices
• Automated and consistent record-keeping with little
risk of human error
• Meets all data requirements for BRC auditing
Technical specifications
RF500 Gateway
Storage Capacity
RF Frequency
Battery Life
Operating Range
Up to 512
Up to 128
Up to 10 years storage
2.4 GHz using IEEE 802.15.4
4 hours (rechargeable)
10-90% RH
Pt100 Connection Type
Pt100 Sensor Drive Current
Door Sensor
10 to 90% RH
Storage Temperature
RF Frequency
Clock Accuracy
Mains power adaptor, rechargeable Ni-Mh battery
4.3Ah Ni-Mh rechargeable battery
plus reserve for safe shutdown.
4ppm (2 minutes per year)
L 259mm x W 189mm x D 92mm
3.7 Kg
+5°C to +35°C / +41°F to +95°F
10 to 90% RH (non-condensing)
Transmitters – RF512, RF513 and RF516
Temperature Measurement Range
Internal Thermistor Sensor – RF512, RF516
Integral Thermistor Sensor – RF513
External Sensor
External Pt100 Sensor
Humidity Measurement Range
System Accuracy with Standard Sensors
External Thermistor – 20°C to +70°C
External Thermistor – full range
Internal Thermistor – 20°C to +70°C
External Pt100 – over 50°C range
between two calibration points
Pt100 – full range
Power Sources
Battery Backup
Standard Antenna
-30°C to +70°C/-22°F to +158°F
-30°C to +70°C/-22°F to +158°F
-40°C to +125°C/-40°F to +257°F
-200°C to +400°C/-328°F +750°F
10 to 90% RH
±0.5°C/ ±0.9°F
±1°C/ ±2°F
±0.5°/ ±1.0°F
±0.1°C/ ±0.2°F (system
including probe)
±0.05°C/ ±0.1°F plus probe
400µA Nominal
0.1°C/ 0.2°F
0.015°C/ 0.03°F
High-Gain Antenna (optional)
Radio Range*
Clock Accuracy**
Logging Memory
Logging Frequency
Monitoring Frequency
Case Material
Environmental Protection Transmitters
Battery Type
Battery Life***
External, removable,
omni-directional with pivot.
Length: 90mm from pivot.
Length: 235mm from pivot.
Typically 50 metres indoors
20ppm (1 minute/month)
at 25°C/ 77°F
32000 records
Programmable between
1 minute and 60 minutes
1 minute
Red – Warning
Green – External Power
Over-moulded food safe clear
Polycarbonate with BioCote®
Case enclosure designed to meet
IP67 BS6059
Replaceable Lithium ‘C’ Cell
Saft LSH14 Light
(Part No RFBATT)
Up to 3 years
L 170mm x W 83mm x D 34mm
7.5 seconds
-40°C to +85°C / -40°F to +185°F
2.4GHz using IEEE 802.15.4
* Internal RF range cannot be guaranteed as it varies from building to building.
Requirement for all hardware is always determined on site by a physical survey.
** Transmitters will synchronise their clocks with the Gateway at midnight.
*** When used at 23°C room temperature and Radio Rate of 15 minutes.
Selected Comark thermometers, probes
and data loggers have an advanced BioCote®
antimicrobial impregnated into the instrument cases
and probe handles. This inhibits the growth of harmful
organisms and is becoming accepted with HACCP and due
diligence procedures as an important extra level of defence
against cross contamination.
For further details visit the BioCote® website
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