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Fast, cost-effective document duplication for outstanding
productivity in high-volume environments
Exceptional image quality and high-speed performance
Offset quality and copier convenience with efficiency
Show-stopping speed, superior image quality, years
of reliability—you get it all with the remarkably
cost-effective Lanier LDD280 Digital Duplicator.
Designed specifically for professional, high-volume
printing, it handles the most demanding print
runs with quick setup and impeccable results.
It promises to revolutionize your perception of
duplicators starting with the first print.
Lightning-fast productivity
Rip through even the largest print jobs at 135 pages
per minute. Large capacity paper feed table,
outstanding paper handling and numerous autocheck features mean you can be confident that jobs
will run quickly and smoothly from start to finish.
• Fast, easy setup means you’ll be well into production while offset
presses would still be prepping the job.
• Masters last twice as long, reducing time-consuming job interruptions.
• Scan and store originals and instantly print them from the control
panel or a connected computer.
• Save time by sending and monitoring jobs from your desktop or
a networked computer instead of scanning hard copies and waiting
for output.
Impressive copy quality
With its new engineering advances, the Lanier LDD280
rivals copiers and printers for quality while still beating
them hands down for economy. It uses an entirely new
generation of quick-dry inks and reengineered masters
to create unbelievably solid fill-in and razor-sharp text
with high-quality halftones.
• True 600 dpi resolution and sharper master holes create
crisp images and text that are indistinguishable from
printers or copiers.
• Super-fine masters deliver precise dot-to-dot
registration and last significantly longer
to preserve image quality during multiple
color prints.
• Auto print pressure control automatically adjusts
ink density for stable image density regardless of
print speed, temperature or humidity.
• Quick-dry black and color “CP112 ink” chemistry
percolates evenly for better fill-in, smooth halftones
and virtually no set-off or print-through.
Superior paper handling
The Lanier LDD280 Digital Duplicator features an
improved dual-cylinder and paper-clamping system—
like those used by much more expensive offset printers—
to ensure precise registration even on multi-color
printings. Plus, it prints flawlessly on special papers like
NCR, greatly expanding its productivity.
• Cold-process technology smoothly handles pre-printed, NCR and
embossed papers without jamming or damaging the paper.
• An advanced drum system eliminates production-stopping paper jams,
misfeeds and double feeds.
• The paper delivery tray ensures better paper alignment and features
buffer fins that reduce set-off by slowing paper as it falls into the
output tray.
Numerous production-enhancing
The Lanier LDD280 offers an economical
way to get more done—fast.
• Environmentally friendly consumables for nearly white-glove operation.
• Extremely flexible paper handling.
• Precise 256 grayscale scanning that ensures precise edges, lines,
text and halftone images.
• Standard colors plus the ability to match any color with custom
inks delivered to your door.
• Precision image control modes for adjusting shades, printing documents
with print and images, and reproducing lightly toned originals.
• Auto-rotation and auto-scaling that match the scanned originals
to the blank paper in the feed tray. Originals also can be combined
two-up or four-up.
• Web Image Monitor, SmartDeviceMonitor and DeskTopBinder utilities
that help perform everyday systems management quick and easy right
from your desktop.
The Lanier LDD280 Digital Duplicator
can handle a wide array of paper
stock, including 11" x 17" stock,
8.5" x 11" letterhead, envelopes,
NCR forms, onionskin, card stock
and 25% cotton bond.
With its icon-based page description language, Refined Print
Command Stream (RPCS) simplifies printing and set-up.
Intuitive, user-friendly design
Say goodbye to the lengthy training sessions an offset
printer involves. Anyone who has used a copier can
quickly master the Lanier LDD280 and produce highvolume, multi-color jobs. Plus, users can access many
features using familiar print-control screens from their
desktops or a connected computer.
• Switch to and from print or master-making—eliminating
mistakes from people accidentally pressing the wrong button—
with the Start key.
• Easily fine-tune sample prints before large print runs with the
Image Shift and Initial Position keys.
• Customize the default print settings based on your most frequently
run jobs with the Printer Setting key.
Outstanding cost savings
and reliability
The beauty of the Lanier LDD280 is that, compared to
a copier, it delivers more print volume and comparable
print quality at an extremely low cost per copy and
lower initial investment. And it offers the quality and
long life of an offset press but at a fraction of
the price. Plus, it offers such total reliability, it
requires a minimum of service and maintenance.
• Cold process technology dramatically extends the life of the
machine, limits service and maintenance time, and saves energy costs.
• An all-new motor increases the device’s life by as much as 50%.
• The improved master saves costs by reducing ink consumption and
almost eliminating discards from set-off, print-through, poor
registration and fuzzy multiple color prints.
Easily run jobs from any PC, Mac or networked system with
the optional PostScript 3.
Environmental Partner
Lanier continues its long-standing
commitment to developing office solutions
with environmentally friendly and superior
energy- and supply-saving features, without
compromising productivity.
Handles multi-page originals
with ease, up to 11" x 17".
QWERTY Soft Keyboard
Allows job programs and
other customized job
applications to be keyed in.
Print Speed Selector
Controls print speed: from
60- to 135-sheets per minute.
Control Panel
Designed with copier simplicity
for intuitive operation.
Master-Making Unit
Strategically placed for easy
installation of the master.
Master Eject Unit Handle
Allows you to pull out the master
eject unit quickly and easily.
Paper Feed Side Plates
Help prevent misfeeds and
skewing by guiding paper
into the system.
Paper Delivery Tray
Stacks completed, readyto-distribute prints.
Paper Feed Tray
Accepts a wide range of
sizes and weights.
Front Door
Provides convenient
access to system interior.
Drum Unit
The master is wrapped
around this unit.
More options to make you more productive
TC-IIR: The TC-IIR production printer gives you
rapid, two-color printing—up to 120 pages per
minute—in a single pass. Its dual-drum design
delivers exceptionally close registration, making
it an economical alternative to an offset press.
SeriPrinter Model 25: The breakthrough
SeriPrinter Model 25 lets you print spot colors
with 100% professional results—and with no
waiting between color passes. It instantly cures
and dries ink to eliminate offsetting and smudges.
LS3000R: Keep production high with the large
capacity LS3000R. Now it boosts the capacity
of your Lanier LDD280 to an even more
impressive 3,000 sheets, so you can run more
jobs and larger jobs without interruption.
A new, large LCD touch-screen is familiar to anyone who has used a copier. This control panel
makes it easy to step up and perform professional, large-volume print runs with minimal training.
Printing Process
Power Source
Dimensions (WxDxH)
Max. Monthly Volume
PM Interval
Print Speed
First-Print Time (A4)
Paper Feed Capacity
(20 lb.)
Paper Delivery Capacity
Paper Size
Print Area (max.)
Original Size
Original Type
Auto Document Feeder
Image Modes
Image Position
Digital Ink, Dual Cylinder System
120V, 60Hz
55.9" x 27.8" x 40.2"
(with Platen Cover)
600,000 prints
1,200,000 prints
(or 12 months)
Single color one pass
60 - 135 sheets/min. (6 steps)
600 x 600 dpi
19 seconds
1,000 sheets std.;
3,000 sheets opt.
1,000 sheets std.;
3,000 sheets opt.
2.8" x 5.8" to 12.8" x 17.6"
11.4" x 16.6"
Platen: 4.1" x 5.0" to
11.8" x 17.0"
Opt. ADF: 5.8" x 8.3" to
11.7" x 34.0"
Book, Sheet
Yes (opt. 50-sheet)
Letter, Photo, Letter/Photo
Auto Separation, Tint, Pencil
4R/3E; directional; zoom ratio
H: + 15mm (by 0.25mm)
V: + 10mm (by 0.25mm)
Master Run Length
Master Feed Capacity
Eject Master Box (A3)
Paper Clamper
Job Separation
Security Mode
Program Mode
Auto Shut-Off
Skip Feed
Auto Density Control
Print Density Control
Image Storing
Auto Color Drum
Special Features
Color Drum
Platen Cover
Network Interface
PostScript 3
255 L-size sheets per roll
200 masters
Large Capacity System
Twin Color
SeriPrinter Model 25
(optional LS3000R)
(optional TC-IIR)
Approx. 100 masters
Drum lock; ejected master box lock
Yes (9 programs)
Yes (2 levels)
Yes (via opt. HDD)
Yes (via opt. HDD)
User Codes (200); Image
Combine (2 in 1, 4 in 1, custom);
Repeat Print (2/4/8/16 in 1);
Overlay; Double-feed Detection;
Quality Start
Embedded, Standard
USB2.0; Ethernet Std; Parallel,
IEEE802.11b Wireless opt.
Yes (opt. module)
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