RF323TEDBSR Biggest Capacity 32 cu.ft. French Door with External Water &... Features

RF323TEDBSR Biggest Capacity 32 cu.ft. French Door with External Water &... Features
Biggest Capacity 32 cu.ft. French Door with External Water & Ice Dispenser
· Large Storage Capacity – 32 cu. ft.*
· IceMasterTM Ice Maker in the
· Additional Filtered Ice Maker in the
· High Efficiency LED Lighting
· Twin Cooling Plus System®
· Premium Wide & Tall External Filtered
Water and Ice Dispenser
· Cool Select Pantry™ with Temperature
· Stainless Look Display
· Power Freeze and Power Cool Options
· Two Humidity Controlled Crispers
· Tempered Glass Spill Proof Shelves
· Gallon Door Bins
· EZ-Open Handle™ on Freezer Door
· Auto Pull Out Upper Freezer Drawer
French Door design provides easy access to fresh food
and flexible storage options.
∙ Cool Tight Door
∙ Door Alarm
∙ Water Filter Indicator
∙ Pizza Pocket
∙ Removable Ice Caddy
Filtered Dual Ice in Freezer.
Energy Star Rated
Rated CEE Tier 2: More Efficient
546 kWh / year
Signature Features
Available Colors
Maximum Capacity Save Trips
to the Market
At 32 cu. ft., our largest French Door
refrigerator has enough room to fit 32
bags of groceries.
Nearly 12 lbs. of Ice Daily for
Family and Friends
Our IceMaster™ paired with in-freezer
Ice Maker makes nearly 12 lbs. of ice
per day with storage for nearly 10 lbs.
of ice**
High-Efficiency LED Lighting
80% brighter, Illuminating Virtually
Every Corner
Samsung's new high-efficiency LED
lighting gently brightens the interior of
your beautifully organized refrigerator.
*31.6 cu. ft. measured as per Department of Energy
**Actual Dual Ice Master production and storage quantities are 11.8 lbs and 9.7 lbs respectively
Biggest Capacity 32 cu.ft. French Door with External Water & Ice Dispenser
Installing your Refrigerator
Total capacity: 31.6 cu. ft.
1. Measure the height, width and depth of the opening, making sure to include baseboards,
molding tile, countertop overhang, etc. Check to be sure there is enough room to open the
door (consider walls, islands or other obstacles when measuring).
· Premium Wide and Tall External Filtered Water
and Ice Dispenser
Refrigerator: 21.6 cu. ft.
· IceMasterTM Ice Maker
2. Refer to chart B below to determine dimensions.
3. Allow 2” of clearance on hinge side of refrigerator when installing next to a wall wherehandle
may make contact.
4. Allow 1” minimum clearance at rear for proper air circulation and water/electrical connections.
Allow a 3/8” minimum clearance at sides and top for ease of installation.
5. Ensure each door and entry way in the home is wide enough for the refrigerator to be moved
through easily.
Please note: The following dimension and cutout information is for planning purposes only. For
complete installation details consult manual packed with product, or download manual on-line
at samsung.com.
· High Efficiency LED Lighting
· Stainless Steel Accents on Interior
· Cool Select Pantry™ with Temperature Control
· 2 Humidity Controlled Crispers
· 5 Tempered Glass Spill Proof Shelves
– 2 Slide Out
– 1 Slide In
– 1 Extending Half Shelf
– 1 Full Width
6 Clear Door Bins
– Right Door: 3 Gallon Bins
– Left Door: 3 Gallon Bins
Measure Height
including flooring.
Be sure to allow
for hinge clearance
height if needed
Freezer: 10 cu. ft.
· 1 Large Opaque Freezer Bin with Divider
· Auto Pull Out Upper Drawer
Measure Width
· Filtered Ice Maker – Cubed
· High Efficiency LED Lighting
· Pizza Pocket
Measure Depth
molding or trim
Water Filter: HAF-CIN
One (1) Year All Parts and Labor
Ten (10) Years Sealed System Parts and Labor
37 6/8"
55 7/8"
35 6/8"
35 1/4"
30 7⁄ 8"
20 1/2"
Shipping Dimensions + Weight
Dimensions: (WxHxD)
38 2⁄8" x 75 4⁄8" x 37 6⁄8"
Weight: 370.4 lbs / 168 kg
Stainless Steel
Model #
1 8⁄7"
24 5⁄ 8"
5⁄ 8"
42 6/8"
1 7/32"
Product Dimensions + Weight
Dimensions: (WxHxD)
(Without Hinges): 35 6⁄8" x 68 7⁄8" x 35 3⁄8"
(With Hinges): 35 6⁄8" x 70" x 35 3⁄8"
(With Hinges + Door Handles): 35 6⁄8" x 70" x 37 6⁄8"
Weight: 343.9 lbs / 156 kg
Some hinges cannot be removed, please refer to the dimensions with hinges for product install and delivery dimensions
Actual color may vary. Design, specifications, and color availability are subject to change without notice. Non-metric weights and measurements are approximate.
©2012 Samsung Electronics America, Inc. 85 Challenger Road Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660. Tel: 800-SAMSUNG www.samsung.com. Samsung is a registered trademark of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.
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