Before using your CX1200 Digital Color Label Press, it is extremely important that you read and understand each of the following
notes. Please check off each item as you read them.
Do NOT connect your PC to the press with a USB cable. The press MUST be connected with one of the two supplied Ethernet cables.
One is yellow, the other grey. Which one you use depends upon your Ethernet set-up. Carefully follow the set-up instructions in the
software installer to know which one will work for you.
Do NOT attempt to print onto non laser-approved materials. Damage to your printer may result which will not be covered under your
limited warranty. POLYPROPYLENE AND SOME OTHER SYNTHETIC MATERIALS WILL MELT. Do not ever attempt to print onto
polypropylene or any other similar low-temp substrates.
Do NOT print on die-cut label materials or on web widths of less than 8.5” (215mm). Labels should always be die-cut as a post process
on a separate piece of finishing equipment. Printing on die-cut materials is dangerous. Adhesive bleed can easily ruin the Image
Transfer Unit (ITU) and fuser. A label that pre-dispenses inside the unit can cause physical damage to the printer. It may even cause a
fire, potentially resulting in injury or death. Temperatures inside the press are as high as 357F (181C).
Do NOT attempt to print continuous form materials out of the top of the printer. You MUST engage the Bypass Feeder Switch before
printing with continuous stock.
You MUST connect all power cables to a commercial-grade surge suppressor. Do NOT plug any components into standard wall outlets.
Do NOT touch or allow anything else to touch the Image Transfer Unit (transfer belt) or the imaging drums on toner cartridges. These
components are easily damaged and will not be covered under your limited warranty if you are responsible for causing any such
Do NOT make any changes to the factory default settings on the printer’s front control panel unless you are sure of what you are doing.
Do NOT use the USB port on the front panel of the printer. It does not function properly with continuous-form media.
You MUST send a proof print before every job for the toner monitoring to be accurate.
Do NOT use another printer’s color profiles when printing to CX1200 or your colors will not be properly matched. This is a Pantone®calibrated device, which means for spot color accuracy you MUST use the color profiles shipped on the included software CD-R.
Do NOT loosen the screws holding the unwind and rewind stands to the frame without first consulting Primera’s Technical Support
Department. Proper alignment of these components is critical to the operation of the press.
If you remove the yellow carrying straps from the frame, you MUST replace the screws afterwards.
Label stock must NOT be securely taped to the supply roll core since damage to the printer can occur. Any damages caused by this will
not be covered under your unit’s limited warranty.
Do NOT print to CX1200 from applications other than PTPrint. You MUST use PTPrint due to the highly integrated operation of the
software, print engine, mechanical controls and safety features.
You MUST reset your stock length in the Status Monitor when you put on a new roll. If you don’t, your “Stock Remaining” will not be
Do NOT change any settings in “Paper Type” of the printer’s software driver. You MUST always keep it on “Use Printer Settings.” Other
settings will cause abnormal printer behavior, i.e. choosing “Plain Paper” will make the printer run too fast for proper fusing onto label
You MUST fasten the CX1200’s frame to the table or counter it is sitting on with lag bolts or similar fasteners. The machine is very
heavy and could cause severe injury or death if it fell off of the table or counter. Make certain that the table or counter is capable of
supporting the weight of CX1200.
If you do not understand any of these points, DO NOT SET-UP OR USE YOUR PRESS. Please call Primera’s Technical Support
Department at +1-763-475-6669 or email to support@primera.com before proceeding.
We highly recommend that you watch the Installation and Set-Up DVD that came with your machine before setting up your press. The
20 minutes you spend watching it could save you hours of work – and potentially save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars if
you were to do something wrong that causes damage to the unit.