1. http://www.autotoys.com/pics/5000-CA3II1.pdf

1. http://www.autotoys.com/pics/5000-CA3II1.pdf
CURB ALERT™ General Installation Instructions
E-Z Install (approximately 30 minutes)
Step 1- Determine the best mounting location for the sensor unit. With both top mount and bottom mount (under bumper)
brackets included, a broad variety of sensor mounting locations are possible to mount to almost any vehicle. Measure the
ground clearance of the the vehicle’s lowest ground clearance point in the front fascia/air dam of the vehicle. If the lowest
point is 5 inches ,for example, calibration of the Curb Alert unit to detect a 4 inch curb height will be required to provide
adequate front end curb protection. If the sensor is mounted under the vehicle, it should be mounted as far back from the
front end as possible or in a recessed / protected location to prevent damage on steep incline or declines.
Step 2- Clean the sensor mounting location with a suitable solvent to remove all wax or dirt that would reduce the adhesion
of the 3M™ adhesive mounting tape on the mounting bracket. The use of 3M™ adhesion promoter 4298 is strongly
recommended for plastic mounting surfaces. Remove the 3M™ release film from the bracket and mount the sensor unit to
the pre-determined mounting location. Mount the sensor unit being very careful to aim the unit directly forward and
centered on the vehicle.
Step 3- Mount the control box in the vehicle engine compartment in a convenient location cleaning the mounting surface
and removing the release film from the 3M™ tape. The firewall is often a convenient location. The red (+) and black (-)
power leads from the control box can be connected directly to the battery, fuse block, or to a circuit that is activated when
the ignition key is turned on. Curb Alert™ must detect charging voltage (>13.2 V) to activate and will automatically shut off when it
does not detect charging voltage. Secure the power leads in place using cable ties to secure and plug the sensor cable jack into the
sensor jack female extension from the control box.
Step 4- Mount the buzzer in a convenient location in the driver or passenger side interior, again cleaning the mounting
surface and removing the release film from the 3M™ tape. Route the buzzer cable into the engine compartment through
the door and hood openings. Plug the buzzer jack into the control box and set the buzzer volume to high initially. Please
refer to the Sensor Calibration and User Instructions to complete the installation.
E-Z Install Pictures
E-Z Install Pictures
† Please note that CURB ALERT™ acts as a curb stop parking aid, but is not warranted to prevent vehicle damage when parking.
CURB ALERT™ aids drivers in safe curb parking, but does not substitute for careful driving practices.
† CURB ALERT™ carries a warranty limited to product replacement for defects in material and workmanship for 12 months when
installed using these Installation Instructions. Road hazard and road damage are specifically excluded from the warranty.
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