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Wireless Air Mouse
Patent M324249
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A Presenter, a Mouse and a Remote Controller in the same device
Teaching, Presentation
Desktop Cursor Control
Game Device
The Rechargeable Wireless Air Mouse WMO0O01 is a multiple-axes hand-held point-
ing device for computer. It is able to transform the space movement of the human
hand in the air into an accurate displacement of the screen pointer. lts movement
detection technology relies on a multi-axes motion detector encapsulated in the
device that analyze the rotation of the wrist or elbow. In conclusion, this is the
perfect device to control the accurate movement of a screen pointer in an intuitive
Limiting within 10 meters communication range, users can control the mouse
pointer intheair shown in the screen in freely roaming once they push the start
button. Besides, the device is also equipped with four multimedia buttons whose
function can be user-defined according to his usual practice just like a remote
controller(Driver together). In addition, the device acts as a normal wireless
mouse when it is put on the flat desk surface. Moreover, a rechargeable battery
through USB port assures its power autonomy.
Rechargeable Wireless Air'M
Product Name
Motion Detector
Sensor Resolution
PN Code/Channel
Wireless Communication Range
Carrier Frequency
Receiver Interface/Battery Charge Source
Battery Life
Operation Voltage
Operation Current
Human-Oriented Interface
Mechanical Size
System OS
USB charge port
Mouse Left button
Backspace button
Mouse Left button =
End button
Battery Low LED
Refer to User Manual
Play button
Charge LED
Rechargeable Wireless Air Mouse
Gyro or Optical
Gyro 0.15°/s ; Optical 800DPI
64/36 sets
About 30m
USB Port
Full rechargeable battery, about 11 days under 2 hrs operation each day in the air,
or about 7 days under 5 hrs operation each day in the air
Mouse 3V / Receiver 5V
Mouse 21mA / Receiver 37mA
Bettery status with LED indicator
56(W) x 38(H)x 120 (L)mm
Windows 7, Windows® XP, Windows Vista™ USB Port, Mac OS X, Linux, XBOS, PS3
Rechargeable Wireless Air Mouse and Dongle setup:
Plug in the Dongle to the USB port of the PC, then wait about 30-60
seconds for the first time.
Roller Turn on the Power Switch on the back of the WingMouse.
a Hold the START button to run the mouse cursor control by Gyro sensor in
the air,or push function buttons to test RF communication (if this step is
Start button workable,you should skip Step 4 and Step 5)
Push and then release CONNECTION button (Con.) of the Dongle, and
the RED LED of the Dongle glimmers.
When the red led of the Dongle is flashing, use a pencil to push and then
release CONNECTION button under the back of the WingMouse until the
Dongle RED LED is OFF and the GREEN LED is ON.
The Mouse is also able to work on the table by mouse optical sensor
while a touch switch on the back of the Mouse contacts on the table.
Mouse buttons and Scroll wheel are like the general mouse.
Push the BACK button for previous operation.
Push the SEL button just like mouse Left button. (You can hold START
and SEL buttons simultaneously for mouse drag function)
Push the PLAY button for multimedia play and pause functions.
Push the END button to close last-layer window.
1. Drift and Calibration 2. Switch between DISCONTINUOUS or CONTINUOUS mode for cursor control
Ч Rechargeable battery charge 4. Setup for Cursor Size & Color (Downioad CurosrSetup.msi or CursorSetup.exe from www.ommo.com.tw)
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