Alesis Spitfire 30 User manual

Alesis Spitfire 30 User manual
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electric guitars
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American Strat®
Why mess with a good thing?
Fender’s Stratocaster® guitars have been music icons for
decades, so when it came time to put the spotlight back on
their classic American Stratocaster® for an update, Fender®
didn’t try anything too fancy. The latest version of this long-time,
favorite sports a few refinements that any guitarist will
appreciate, like hand-rolled fingerboard edges that
give you excellent playability and comfort. It also
features three custom-staggered single-coil pickups,
5-way switching and two-point synchronized tremolo.
From the feel of the neck to the tone of the pickups, the
result is a better sounding, better playing guitar. It’s at
a lower price, too! Includes FREE Standard Fender®
Case. 2-color Sunburst, 3-color Sunburst, Black,
Chrome Blue, Chrome Red, Hot Rod Red, Olympic
White, Sky Blue, or Aqua Marine Metallic.
Your Low Payment:
by Fender
American Stratocaster with Maple Body, Maple Fingerboard, and Standard Case
- 3-Color Sunburst
Only $26/mo.
List $1227.99
Custom Classic
This is the Custom Shop model, the topof-the-line in contemporary Stratocasters®!
Fender’s years of experience and expertise
go into the prized Custom
Your Low Payment:
Only $48/mo.
Classics, making these
by Fender
instruments highly prized
List $2249.99
by serious collectors and
Custom Classsic Stratocaster with Deluxe Case
- Honey Blonde
‘56 Strat®
An amazing recreation of the famous ‘56 Strat®,
right down to the materials and methods used the
very year it was built! Fender’s Custom Shop New
Old Stock finish makes it look as though 1956 was just yesterday,
as pristine and untouched
Your Low Payment:
Only $59/mo.
as the day it rolled out of
by Fender
the factory. Tweed case,
List $2779.99
.99 strap, cable. Fiera Red or
Time Machine ‘56 Stratocaster New Old Stock
- Fiera Red
2-color Sunburst.
Eric Clapton Strat®
Stevie Ray Vaughan®
The divine sound that made folks proclaim
Clapton a deity in the 60s! One of the most versatile Fenders® out there, the Eric Clapton Strat®
boasts three Fender® Vintage Noiseless pickups, a powerful active
mid-boost and TBX circuits.
Includes tweed case, strap,
Your Low Payment:
Only $39/mo.
cable. Black, Candy Green,
by Fender
List $1849.99
Olymic White, Pewter, or
Eric Clapton Strat with Tweed Case - Black
Torino Red.
Pure Texas blues, Stevie style! His signature
Strat® sports a Pao Ferro fingerboard, three
Fender® Texas Special single-coil pickups, a
black pickguard with the
SRV logo, an inverted leftYour Low Payment:
Only $39/mo.
hand vintage tremolo and
by Fender
List $1849.99
the sound of one of the
Stevie Ray Vaughan Stratocaster with Deluxe
most influential guitarists.
Tweed Case - 3-Color Sunburst
Jeff Beck Strat®
Buddy Guy Strat®
This is the classic Stratocaster®, tweaked
for the “Fusion Generation.” This Fender
instrument reflects the changes guitar-legend
Jeff Beck made to his guitar to accommodate his
constantly evolving style.
Your Low Payment:
Only $39/mo.
Includes tweed case, strap,
by Fender
List $1849.99
cable. Surf green only.
For all die-hard blues fans! Based on the
trademark axe wielded by Chicago’s
blues king, the Buddy Guy Strat® features
aggressively updated electronics with the body, neck, and color
choices or a 47-year
Your Low Payment:
Only $39/mo.
old vintage Straocaster!
by Fender
List $1849.99
Includes tweed case, strap,
.97 cable. 2-color Sunburst or
Buddy Guy Stratocaster with Deluxe Case
- Honey Blonde
Honey Blonde.
Jeff Beck Stratocaster with Deluxe Fender
Case - Surf Green
Fender ® Color Chart
01 - White Blonde
19 - Sage Green Metallic
38 - Crimson Transparent
50 - Butterscotch Blonde
66 - Burgundy Mist
85 - Bright Amber Metallic
02 - Lake Placid Blue
20 - Amber
40 - Fiesta Red
51 - Sky Blue
67 - Honey Blonde
86 - Bright Sapphire
03 - 2-Color Sunburst
21 - Natural
41 -Vintage White
52 - Tobacco Sunburst
75 - Midnight Wine
91 - Chrome Silver
04 - Daphne Blue
22 - Sunset Orange Transparent 43 - Pewter
54 - Dakota Red
76 - Midnight Purple
92 - Walnut
05 - Olympic White
25 - Chrome Red
44 - Shoreline Gold
56 - Shell Pink
80 - Arctic White
95 - Chrome Blue
06 - Black
29 - Blue Agave
45 - Teal Green Metallic
57 - Surf Green
81 - Surf Pearl
96 - Orange
08 - Ocean Turquoise
31 - Aged Cherry Sunburst
47 - Sienna Sunburst
58 - Torino Red
82 - Candy Tangerine
00 - 3-Color Sunburst
09 - Candy Apple Red
32 - Brown Sunburst
48 - Teal Green Transparent
63 - Graffiti Yellow
83 - Ice Blue Metallic
electric guitars
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“Roland-Ready” Strat®
Highway 1 Strat®
Get ready for some serious bang for your
buck! The Stratocasters in Fender’s Highway 1
line ooze heritage, vibe, and tone. This is a brand new guitar that
already feels broken in, and comes at a great price! No-nonsense American-made
quality, with a sound that
Your Low Payment:
Only $18/mo.
was heard ‘round the
by Fender
List $856.99
world! Sapphire Blue and
Highway 1 Strat with Rosewood Neck - Cocoa
Cocoa Transparent.
Transparent Finish
Deluxe Fat Strat
This guitar brims with beefy tone thanks to a
Fender® DH-1 Humbucker. The two noiseless
pickups (neck and bridge) are wound extra hot for
proper balance with the Humbucker. Knife-edge vibrato lets you
bend like crazy, while he LRS Roller Nut helps keep you in tune, even
after a heavy workout
Your Low Payment:
Only $34/mo.
with the tremolo. Includes
by Fender
case. Chrome Red. 3-color
List $1599.99
Sunburst, Aged Cherry
American Deluxe Fat Strat with Standard Case
- Chrome Red
Burst, Candy Tangerine.
‘50s Strat
Play new school and old school at the same
time! Either way, you’ll have vintage Fender®
feel and style on your side. The Roland Ready Strat® has
all the features of the Standard Strat®: fast action maple neck,
comfort-contoured body, three single-coil pickups, synchronized tremolo, plus a builtin Roland GK-2A pickup system, letting you drive Roland’s VG-88, VG-8, GR-33,
GR-30, as well as many other guitar synths
Your Low Payment:
Only $18/mo.
directly from the guitar’s
by Fender
List $839.99
on-board controls! Arctic StratRRAWT
Standard Roland-Ready Stratocaster with
White, Black, or Brown
Built-In GK-2A Pickup System - Arctic White
‘57 Strat®
Fender’s most popular instrument and the most
imitated guitar ever - the ‘57 Strat® delivers
the look, feel, and tone that has made this guitar
a must-have for generations. Original detailing includes Fender’s
‘57/’62 pickups, 3-way switching, beveled pickup magnets, ashtray
bridge cover, and V-shaped neck. Take home a collector’s Stratocaster® and step back
in history! Includes FREE Deluxe Fender® Case.
Your Low Payment:
Only $39/mo.
Choose 2-color Sunburst,
Black, Ice Blue Metallic, Strat57M2SB
by Fender
List $1849.99
Ocean Turquoise, Surf
American Vintage ‘57 Stratocaster with Deluxe
Case - 2-Color Sunburst
Green, or White Blonde.
‘60s Strat®
This guitar epitomizes the vibe of the 50s.
The color selection alone takes you back to
the era of drive-in diners and aircraft carriersized cars with fins. A Maple fingerboard, tinted V-shaped
neck, simple single-ply pickguard, 3-position toggle switch and aged
plastic parts… the 50s Stratocaster® boasts a classic look and sound that’s retro
to the core. Includes FREE
Your Low Payment:
Only $19/mo.
Deluxe Gig Bag. 2-color
by Fender
List $899.99
Sunburst or Dakota Red.
In the 60s, popular music exploded. Styles,
rhythms, and sounds were morphing in
ways never before heard, and the versatility
of the 60s Stratocaster® made it the guitar of choice
for thousands of musicians. Defined by its C-shape neck and
glassy pickup tone, this Strat® sounds as authentically 60s as it looks.
Rosewood fingerboard, multi-ply pickguard and vintage hardware
perfectly capture another definitive Fender®
Your Low Payment:
Only $18/mo.
era. Includes FREE Deluxe
by Fender
List $849.99
Gig Bag. Lake Placid Blue
Classic 60’s Stratocaster with Deluxe Gig Bag
or Olympic White
‘70s Strat®
Fender® Standard Strat®
Classic 50’s Stratocaster with Deluxe Gig Bag
- 2-Color Sunburst
The 70s Strat® does it all, from dry funk
scratching to deafening metal riffage and
everything in between. Distinguished by its “U”-shaped neck,
wide headstock, bullet truss rod, ‘70s Fender® logo, Fender/Schaller
tuning machines, and vintage pickups. Whether by funk or disco, the
‘70s Strat® redefines
Your Low Payment:
Only $20/mo.
itself again! Includes FREE
by Fender
List $899.99
Deluxe Gig Bag. Black or
Classic 70’s Stratocaster with Deluxe Fender
Gig Bag - Natural Finish
- Lake Placid Blue
The most affordable North Americanmade Fender Strat! Fender’s back-to-basics
Standard Strat® delivers time-honored performance and
tone at a great value. Thousands of leading guitarists have cut
their teeth on a Standard Stratocaster®. Fast-action Maple neck, comfort-contoured
body, three single-coil pickups and standard
Your Low Payment:
Only $11/mo.
Available in Black and StratSTMBLK
by Fender
List $499.99
Blue Agave.
Standard Stratocaster with Maple Neck - Black
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electric guitars
‘62 Telecaster®
A favorite of everyone from Buck
Owens and Merle Haggard to the
Clash and the Rolling Stones!
Collectors, vintage nuts, and any guitarist who loves their
“retro” more than just skin deep — you’re going to love
the American Vintage Series! Fender® is still making them
like they used to! Part of Fender’s acclaimed American
Vintage Series, the ‘62 Telecaster® is an incredibly
detailed replica of all of the physical and tonal aspects
of its predecessors, with the original specs, tooling,
distinctive body and headstock designs, and vintage
pickups. This is real deal, vintage sound and
feel like you won’t believe! Peel off a few riffs
on this beauty and you’ll see what we mean!
The double-bound Alder body and multi-ply
pickguard dress up the ‘62 Telecaster®. In the
spirit of the original, the ‘62 Custom Telecaster®
comes equipped with a “C” shaped Maple
neck, a 7.25” radius Rosewood fingerboard,
two ‘62 Custom Telecaster® single-coil
pickups, a vintage Tele® bridge with
threaded steel saddles, and features the
original Telecaster® circuit for its three-position
Your Low Payment:
by Fender
American Vintage ‘62 Custom Telecaster with Case - 3-Color Sunburst
Only $41/mo.
List $1949.99
Tele Relic®
A stone-washed Tele® for your gut-bucket
gigs! This Custom Shop recreation of the ‘63
Tele® features special “Relic” finish that makes this guitar look
like it has seen countless gigs, as though it has paid its dues with
interest! Part of Fender’s Time Machine Series, the ‘63 Tele® is built to exacting
specs of 1963. Includes
Your Low Payment:
Only $71/mo.
Brown Textured Vinyl Case,
by Fender
List $3349.99
strap and cable. Lake
.99 Placid Blue or Candy
Time Machine ‘63 Telecaster Relic with Brown
Vinyl Case - Candy Apple Red
Apple Red.
Highway 1™ Telecaster®
One of the first things you’ll notice about the Highway 1™ Series
is the unique finish - a high resonance, low gloss, acrylic lacquer
that lets tone really ring out and sustain for days. Telecaster quality, sound and
performance has NEVER been available at
Your Low Payment:
Only $18/mo.
a price this low. Includes
by Fender
List $856.99
Deluxe Gig Bag. Honey
Highway 1 Telecaster with Deluxe Gig Bag
Blonde, 3-color Sunburst.
- Honey Blonde
‘51 Nocaster:
New Old Stock
A recreation of the ‘51 Telecaster®,
exact in every detail right down to the
single-ply black pickguard and original spec pickups. Known
as the “No-caster,” the ‘51 Tele’s “New Old Stock” finish makes it
look like it’s 1951 and it just rolled off the factory floor! Includes FREE
Standard Fender® Case, Tweed Case, strap
Your Low Payment:
Only $61/mo.
and cable. Choose from
Honey Blonde or Vintage TMN51NOSVBL
by Fender
List $2889.99
Time Machine ‘51 Nocaster New Old Stock with
Tweed and Standard Cases - Vintage Blonde
‘72 Tele® Custom
The ‘72 is a traditional Telecaster® with a
decidedly non-traditional sound thanks to
double-coil, humbucker pick-up in the neck
position. It’s a little bit nasty and a little bit nice.. A lot of guitar
aficionados will tell you the ‘72 is practically half Les Paul! Other
‘72 features include Fender’s Micro-Tilt
neck adjustment, plus bullet truss rod and Your Low Payment:
Only $21/mo.
silver-tipped, skirted amp
by Fender
List $999.99
knobs. Includes deluxe
Classic ‘72 Telecaster Custom with Deluxe Gig
gig bag. 3-color Sunburst.
Bag - 3-Color Sunburst
‘50s Telecaster®
60s Telecaster®
Singing cowboys were electrifying Country &
Western music in the heart of the great South
— southern California, that is! The 1950 Telecaster® was
at the center of it all. It soon grew beyond its country roots to
lend its signature tone to
Your Low Payment:
Only $19/mo.
practically every genre of
by Fender
popular music. Includes
List $899.99
Deluxe Gig Bag. 2-color
Classic 50’s Telecaster with Deluxe Gig Bag
- 2-Color Sunburst
James Burton dazzled a generation of TVwatching audiences playing a Tele® like this
behind Ricky Nelson, while Muddy Waters
crafted his own brand of blues brandishing none other than a
Tele. An
affordable guitar from Fender’s
Your Low Payment:
Only $19/mo.
American Vintage
Series, this Tele® has the Tele60RCAR
by Fender
List $899.99
look and the feel of the
Classic 60’s Telecaster with Deluxe Gig Bag
- Candy Apple Red
timeless ‘60s models.
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electric guitars
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If there was such a thing as the
Kurt Cobain signature guitar, this
would be it! Back in 1993, the
Nirvana front man cut up photos
of his favorite Fender® guitars and
put all his favorite features together.
He brought the collage to Fender,
and the Jag-Stang® was born! An
amalgamation of Fender’s two most
famous and distinctive guitars, the
Jaguar® and the Mustang®, the JagStang guitar’s tones come courtesy of
one humbucker (bridge), a vintagestyle single-coil (neck) and a Fender
floating vibrato. The Jag-Stang is
unafraid of sounding a
little harsh and aggressive
when it needs to, and it
comes at a pretty punky
price for a top-of-the-line
Fender. It includes a threeposition slide on/off phase
switch (neck pickup),
on/off switch (bridge
pickup) and its own gig
bag. Fiesta Red.
One of the most famous electric guitars
of all time! Eddie Cochoran played a
Nashville when he toured England in
the late 50s and was seen by a generation
of young guitarists who would change the face
of rock just a few years later. The Nashville’s
laminated maple body and 3-piece maple neck
help create this instrument’s distinctive tone. You
also get FilterTron™ adjustable humbuckers with
Gretsch “tone switch” circuitry.Hardshell case
Your Low Payment:
by Gretsch
Nashville Hollowbody Electric Guitar - Orange
Stain Finish
Only $64/mo.
List $2825.00
Duo Jet
The vintage vibe and sparkling tone of the
Duo Jet is one of the finest examples of why
guitarists swear by Gretsch. George Harrison
rode a Duo Jet to fame and fortune, cutting his
teeth on Eddie Cochran and Chuck Berry riffs in
the Cavern before stamping many early Beatles
recordings with the Duo Jet’s signature sound.
Your Low Payment:
by Gretsch
Duo Jet Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar with
Carved Maple Top - Jet Black
Only $49/mo.
List $2175.00
Your Low Payment:
by Fender
Jag-Stang Reissue Designed in Collaboration
with the Late Kurt Cobain - Fiesta Red
‘62 Jazzmaster™
The Jazzmaster’s unique tone has made it a
top choice among many cutting-edge artists
from all genres. The contoured body features a
snappy 25-1/2” scale length with silky, warm-sounding pickups.
It has two tone corcuits, one for lead and another for rhythm,
with independent volume and tone controls. True to the original,
a floating tremolo with
Your Low Payment:
Only $42/mo.
“Tremolo-Lock” adds to
by Fender
List $1949.99
the Jazzmaster’s vintage
.97 vibe. Ocean Turquoise or
American Vintage ‘62 Jazzmaster with Deluxe
Case - 3-Color Sunburst
3-color Sunburst.
Only $16/mo.
List $756.99
One of Fender’s most distinctive 60s guitars, the
Jaguar® was a favorite among hundreds of surf
bands. Later, legions of rock and pop artists embraced the Jaguar’s
sharp, clean sound, and playability. The Jaguar® pairs bright pickups with
a mellow, short 24” scale length neck. A built-in string-dampening device called the
Fender mute, was created with that surf sound
Your Low Payment:
Only $41/mo.
in mind, but if surf ain’t your
by Fender
List $1899.99
turf, don’t worry — the mute JaguarROCT
American Vintage ‘62 Jaguar with Deluxe Case
is easily removable.
- Ocean Turquoise
Strat Pak Squier® by Fender®
Squier’s Strat® Pak is
the answer to the
Featuring an Affinity
Series Strat with fast-action
fingerboard. Want more? How
about a gig bag, Fender Frontman
Amp 15G amp, electronic tuner, strap,
Fender cable, strings, picks, and a Fender instruction
book! Black, Blatic Blue, Torino Red, White.
Your Low Payment:
by Squier
Affinity Strat Pak with Guitar and Gig Bag,
Amplifier, Tuner, Strap, Strings and Picks
Only $10/mo.
List $465.99
Why buy a no-name knock-off when Squier®
offers a real Stratocaster®, designed and
backed by Fender? From its look and feel, to the quality of its components,
these are guitars that value-conscious musicians have been waiting for! Great
player-friendly features and excellent tone.
Your Low Payment:
by Squier
Standard Stratocaster, Left-Handed - 3-Color Sunburst
StratSSLBKM Std Strat Lfty, RW, Blk Mtall
StratSSM3SB Std Stratocaster, 3-Color Sunburst
StratSSR3SB Std Strat, RW Neck, 3-Color Sunburst
StratSSRBKM Std Strat, RW Neck, Black Metallic
StratSSMBKM Std Strat, Maple Neck, Black Metallic
Only $10/mo.
List $415.99
Std Strat, Maple Neck, Candy Apple Red $332.99
Std Strat, Maple Neck, Shoreline Gold
Std Strat, RW Neck, Candy Apple Red
Std Strat, RW Neck, Shoreline Gold
Std Strat, RW Neck, Sherwood Metallic
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electric guitars
1958 Les Paul
Gibson had already perfected their P-90 pickup, seen their
archtops become standards, and introduced a host of
innovations before they unleashed this electric guitar, an
instrument that would become one of the most recognized
in modern music. The Les Paul guitar has changed little
since its 1952 debut. Except for an updated bridge and
humbucking pickups, today’s Les Paul Standard is still the
same guitar, providing signature sounds for every genre of
rock, country, and blues.
1958 Gibson Les Paul: When you hear the
name Les Paul, THIS is the guitar you’re thinking
of. In look, sound, and playability, this remarkable
guitar is full-blooded Les Paul! It has graced more
stages and studio rooms than you can imagine. A
reissue of the classic 1958 model, this great axe
features a figured maple top and historically
accurate fretwire, with a mouth-watering butterscotch finish. Two ‘57 humbuckers deliver
that sweet Les Paul tone. Join a long line of
players who have made this their instrument
of choice. Includes Deluxe Custom Shop
hardshell case. Heritage Cherry Sunburst.
Your Low Payment:
by Gibson
1958 Les Paul Reissue with Figured Maple Top and Hardshell Case - Butterscotch
Only $120/mo.
List $5700.00
Les Paul Classic
Based on a 1960s Les Paul Standard and one of the
top choices for metal or hard rock guitarists, the Les Paul
Classic boasts a super-fast 1960s slim-taper neck, and 496R/500T hot open-coil,
ceramic-magnet humbuckers that produces a cutting, biting tone with tons of
output. Includes hardshell
Your Low Payment:
Only $50/mo.
case. Choose Honey
by Gibson
List $2537.00
Burst, Heritage Cherry, or
.97 Amber finish.
Les Paul Classic with Hardshell Case - Heritage
Cherry Sunburst
The SG
In the 60s, the SG sank its teeth into rock music,
and it never let go! One listen and you’ll know why
this axe has endured. Lightweight with a full access
fingerboard for easy playability, the SG’s fat snarling tone earned
it a place with rock bands of all styles. From the British invasion of the 60s to the
package tours of next summer, the SG is there to make sure the chords crunch,
the leads sting, and the
Your Low Payment:
Only $32/mo.
jams, when kicked, stay
by Gibson
List $1599.00
kicked. Hardshell case,
.97 cherry finish.
SG Standard with Chrome Hardware and Gig
Bag - Heritage Cherry
1957 Les Paul Goldtop
100% true Gibson tone to the bone! This is
the quintessential Les Paul, the classic 1957 Goldtop
axe that was the first Les Paul to have all the magical Les Paul
ingredients on one guitar: carved maple top over mahogany,
2 Alnico humbuckers, pearl tuners, nickel silver hardware, stop tailpiece, tuneo-matic bridge, aged binding, trapezoidal neck inlays, and the holly headstock
overlay. Discover why this beauty still sets Your Low Payment:
Only $70/mo.
the standard. Includes
by Gibson
List $3550.00
hardshell case. Bullion
1957 Les Paul Goldtop Reissue with Carved
Maple Top and Hardshell Case
Les Paul Standard
From your local bar to sold out stadiums,
the Les Paul Standard continues to grace
stages all over the world. Think Zeppelin era Jimmy Page
— this guitar sings with a massive, thick sound! Features
trapziodal inlays, and chrome hardware. Maple top on Mahogany body
for resonance with brilliance and sustain.
Alnico humbuckers for
Your Low Payment:
Only $65/mo.
incredible tone. Includes LP5HBNH1
by Gibson
List $3306.00
brown Gibson logo hard.97
Les Paul Standard with Hardshell Case - Honey
shell case. Honey Burst.
Burst Finish
“Faded” Les Paul
Double Cutaway
The aura of Les Paul Specials and Juniors from 1958-60
hovers around the Les Paul Faded Double Cutaway
like a friendly ghost. It sports a faded finish, a pair of single-coil P-90
pickups, like the original Les Paul Special, and a ‘60s-style slim-taper mahogany
neck, unbound rosewood fingerboard with
dot inlays, and chromeYour Low Payment:
Only $19/mo.
plated hardware. Worn LPlFadDC-WC
by Gibson
List $948.00
Cherry or Worn Yellow.
Les Paul Faded Double Cutaway - Worn Cherry
Satin Finish
Les Paul Studio Plus
For no-nonsense Les Paul bark and bite, treat
your- self to an earful of the Les Paul Studio Plus! An
updated, enhanced version of the extremely popular mid 1990s
Studio model Les Paul, which featured full-sized trapezoid inlays,
body and headstock, the Les Paul Studio Plus packs all the flavors of the Les Paul
Studio, but has a carved AA figured maple
unbound top for stunning
Your Low Payment:
Only $47/mo.
looks and value. Includes LPO+DBGH
by Gibson
List $2383.00
hardshell case
Les Paul Studio Plus with Hardshell Case
- Desert Burst
electric guitars
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Considered by some to be
the best Gibsons ever
One of the reasons so many hard-core guitar aficionados
love this instrument is that the contoured spruce top of the
ES-446 harkens back to the glory days of Gibson and
legendary guitars like the L-5 and Super 400. A sharp
Florentine cutaway and traditional-style headstock give it
a strikingly classic look.
Of course, no matter how nice the guitar looks, tone and
feel take precedent, and the ES-446 more than delivers in
those departments. Even when played “acoustically,” the thin-bodied and lightweight (only 7.5
lbs.) ES-446 is remarkably loud and resonant,
thanks to its unique bracing system (the top
and braces are carved from a single piece
of spruce) and f-holes. A light guitar with great
tone… just what any player needs to make it
through four sets a night! Great for jazz, rock,
blues, country, you name it! Pickups are
two 57 Classic humbuckers, while controls
include two volume / two tone and 3-way
selector switch. Faded Cherry finish.
Your Low Payment:
by Gibson
ES-446S Thin-Body Guitar with Hardshell Case - Faded Cherry Finish
Only $85/mo.
List $4320.00
Traditional parallelogram inlays, gold
hardware and a Venetian-style cutaway make
the beautiful L-4 CES a favorite archtop. But beyond the
surface, the L-4 CES delivers stunning sound and an easy playability. It’s the perfect choice for discriminating guitarists who look
for versatility and grace in their instruments.
Your Low Payment: Only $213/mo.
Includes hardshell case.
by Gibson
Vintage Sunburst finish.
List $10913.00
L-5 CES Custom Shop Hollowbody with Hardshell Case - Vintage Sunburst
The return of a Jazz/Rock classic. From
jazz greats like Herb Ellis, Jim Hall
and Joe Pass, to rock legends like Steve
Howe, to the jazz-fusion of Pat Metheny, the ES-175
has proven itself a versatile, capable instrument. Featuring
a warm, round tone and elegant, balanced feel, the ES-175
is truly a classic. Maple body with Mahogany
neck, vintage humbuckers.
Your Low Payment: Only $119/mo.
Antique Natural or Vintage ES75ANNH
by Gibson
List $6052.00
ES-175 Reissue with Hardshell Case - Antique
Natural Finish
The Dot
This unassuming beauty electrified the
guitar world when it was first released in
the late 50s! Its solid center core, hollow body wings, and
double-cutaway body make it a favorite axe for jazz, blues,
swing, rock, country… you name it, the Dot can play it! This
reissue combines the original body design of the Dot ES-335, combining it with a Slim
Taper 1960-style neck and
Your Low Payment:
Only $69/mo.
vintage toned humbuckers.
by Gibson
List $3614.00
Cherry, Antique Natural, or
.97 Vintage Sunburst.
ES-335 Dot Reissue with Hardshell Case
- Cherry Finish
All handmade, the Hummingbird’s
pickguard features the famous engraved hummingbird motif, while the elaborate gold tuners are
personally hand-engraved by Gibson’s master luthiers.
The Hummingbird’s secret? It can rock. It’s favored by artists like Tom Petty, the
Rolling Stones and many
Your Low Payment:
Only $63/mo.
of the 60s (and 60s
by Gibson
List $3119.00
.97 style) psychadelic bands.
Hummingbird Acoustic Guitar with Deluxe
Cherry Sunburst finish.
Hardshell Case - Cherry Sunburst
The ES-137 Classic combines two
classics - the look of Gibson’s singlecutaway semi-hollowbody guitars and the hot sound of a
Gibson Les Paul Classic! The 490R and 498T humbucking
pickups, plus trapezoid fingerboard inlays with an engraved
‘C’ in the 12th-fret inlay, identify this new
classic model. Blues Burst,
Your Low Payment:
Only $42/mo.
Heritage Cherry Sunburst, ES137CBB
by Gibson
List $1599.00
Silver, or Tri Burst.
ES-137 Classsic Semi-Hollowbody - Blues
Burst Finish
Gibson’s ample “King of the Country
Guitars” isn’t just for cowboys. George
and John each had one. So did Elvis and Emmylou
and Graham. The “SJ” stands for “Super Jumbo,” and the
SJ-200 is Gibson’s biggest regular production acoustic guitar.
Rich, full sound from flamed solid maple back
Your Low Payment:
Only $84/mo.
and sides, select solid
by Gibson
spruce top. Hardshell case. SJ20ANGH1
List $4199.00
Antique Natural.
SJ200 Flat Top Reissue with Deluxe Hardshell
Case - Antique Natural Finish
(800) 222-4700 •
electric guitars
John Lennon 1965
Epiphone’s Casino is one of the most widely
recognized and most popular electric guitars in
the history of rock and roll. Epiphone’s original
semi-acoustic, the Casino was the preferred guitar of
the Beatles, who kicked the instrument into the spotlight
and ensured its immortality. It’s recognized by fans for
its distinctive look while loved by musicians for its ability
to deliver both a bright, jangling tone AND a meaty
growl like a pure electric.
The John Lennon “1965” Casino is a replica of the
original Casino that Lennon made famous and used
throughout his career. The tone is straight ‘66/’67
Beatles. It features the original body shape
from the mid 60s, with nickel plated “dogeared” P-90 Pickup Covers ( for a bright
tone and very strong punch) with original
pole spacing, beautiful Vintage Sunburst
color and dark walnut back and sides. On
the inside is stamped Lennon’s original
serial number and an individually handnumbered
label. Vintage
Your Low Payment:
by Epiphone
John Lennon 1965 Casino Thin-Line Hollowbody - Vintage Sunburst
Only $68/mo.
List $2995.00
Chet Atkins
The Chet Atkins guitar easily lives up to the
legend whose name it bears. This steel-string
solid body acoustic features a solid Spruce top,
Mahogany back and chromyte reinforcement. We’re talking
legendary Gibson power! The active volume, bass, and treble
controls are very precise,
and performers will
Your Low Payment:
Only $15/mo.
appreciate the guitar’s
by Epiphone
List $819.00
ability to play loud with
Chet Atkins SST Standard Steel-String Solid
no feedback.
Body Acoustic - Natural Finish
Korina Flying V
An exact reproduction of the Gibson classic, the
Flying V’s distinctive form has been associated with
screaming, roaring rock for so long that people tend to forget a
version of this guitar has been around since 1958, and it’s been used
by a pretty diverse range of musicians in a wide range of styles. But no
matter how you play it, the Korina Flying V gives you the unshakable, full-throated
roar of an electric guitar that demands to be heard. Includes two Humbuckers,
a solid body with a
Your Low Payment:
Only $14/mo.
Mahogany neck, and a
by Epiphone
List $749.00
license to rock. Natural
“1958” Korina Flying V with Gold Hardware
- Natural Finish
The Dot
Gibson-authorized recreation of the
legendary semi-hollow ES-335, the
Dot has all the character and tone of the
original, at a price you’ll love! Maple body/neck,
Rosewood fingerboard, dual humbuckers with three-way
pickup selector, Tune-O-Matic bridge and stop-bar tailpiece
for great intonation and
warm, singing tones on
Your Low Payment:
Only $13/mo.
everything from jazz to
by Epiphone
List $699.00
blues to rock. Cherry or
Dot Archtop with Maple Body and Neck
Vintage Sunburst.
- Cherry Finish
Goth Les Paul
The Goth Les Paul is just like the regular
Les Paul Studio — except it’s evil! But it still gives you Les
Paul power at an unbelievable price! If you’ve been waiting
to get your hands on a Les Paul-style guitar — especially an evil Les
Paul-style guitar — this is your chance. But seriously folks, underneath this guitar’s
foreboding exterior is a great-playing,
Your Low Payment:
Only $14/mo.
dependable guitar with
by Epiphone
List $749.00
that solid Les Paul sound. ENL1PBBH
Goth Les Paul Studio with Black Chrome
Blacker than a bottomless
Hardware - Satin Black Finish
Rave Rig!
Your Low Payment:
by Epiphone
Les Paul Pee Wee Rave Rig with Mini Les Paul
and Mini-Tweed Amp - Vintage Sunburst
The “Rave” in the Pee Wee Les
Paul rig is more the Yardbirds
kind of rave rather than Fatboy
Slim, but the principle is the same:
uninhibited and spontaneous. The
Rave Rig includes a mini Les
Paul (with full-size neck and a
humbucking pickup) and a 9-volt
battery-operated Mini-Tweed amp.
It all fits in the included gig bag.
Lightweight and conveOnly $10/mo.
nient, this is everything
List $299.00
you need for spontaneous
jam sessions.
Sheraton II
As played by the Boogie Man John Lee
Hooker himself, the 1964 Sheraton II
boasts the sustain of a solidbody with the fat tone of
a jazz guitar. It features a five-layer bound maple and
birch body , rosewood fingerboard with block and triangle
inlays of mother-of-pearl and abalone. The hardware? Two gold-plated Gibson
New York mini-humbuckers, gold plated
Your Low Payment:
Only $19/mo.
Grover machine heads,
by Epiphone
List $1049.00
Switchcraft 3-way toggle. ETS2EBGH
Sharaton II with 5-Layer Bound Maple and
Birch Body - Ebony
electric guitars
Epiphone’s version of Gibson’s
generously-sized SJ-200 gets everything
perfect, and at a sweet price, too! Called
the “King of the County Guitars,” the EJ-200’s big,
stout sound earned it legions of fans beyond Nashville.
The top is select spruce, and the jumbo body is maple
for subtle alteration of
Your Low Payment:
Only $12/mo.
tonal coloration. Superbly
by Epiphone
List $665.00
crafted, with striking inlaid
EJ-200 Acoustic Guitar with Select Spruce Top
Moustache bridge.
- Natural Finish
(800) 222-4700 •
John Lennon
The other side of Lennon during the Beatles’ early
years, the sound of this electric/acoustic inspired legions
of musicians to pick up an acoustic. This is the acoustic guitar
on many of the first Beatles classics, delivering an instantly familiar vintage tone. A
single pickup with volume and tone control
Your Low Payment:
Only $17/mo.
is located directly under
by Epiphone
List $899.00
the neck.
John Lennon EJ-160E Jumbo Acoustic/Electric
Guitar - Vintage Cherry Sunburst
Flame Kat
Wild Kat
The Flame Kat’s incredible tone and striking
“tongues of flame” design will have dreams of
Cadillac fins and fuzzy dice dancing in your
head. Fire off a few lead lines and you’ll know the attitude is
more than just skin deep! The Flame Kat was born to play rebel
music: old-school country, barn-burning rockabilly, “trash-the-joint-and-go-homewith-the-waitress”
rockn-roll. Features hollow
Your Low Payment:
Only $23/mo.
maple body, vibrato bar,
by Epiphone
List $999.00
Bigsby style tailpiece and
Flame Kat Archtop Electric Guitar - Black with
Flame Kat Finish
vintage Epiphone logo.
The Wild Kat may not wear its snarl on its
sleeve like its brother the Flame Kat, but listen to
the sound and the family resemblance is inescapable. The
Wild Kat’s semi-hollow body is big enough to get that classic
stinging tone but small enough to dance with. The vibrato bar
isn’t just an accessory — it’s an essential! The sound? It can purr one minute, then
turn mean and nasty on a whim, courtesy of
Your Low Payment:
Only $17/mo.
two Alnico V P-90s. Other
features include vintage ETBKAN
by Epiphone
List $831.00
Wild Kat Semi-Hollow Body Archtop Electric
Guitar - Antique Natural Finish
VibraTone tailpiece.
Korina Explorer
Les Paul Studio
This recreation of the Gibson
original is dead-on authentic! No
one knew what to make of the Explorer’s bold body shape
when it was first introduced in the 50s; it wasn’t until the guitarists of the British
Invasion embraced the Explorer that it began to catch on. Even now, the Explorer
stands out. It’s exotic Korina wood makes it capable of a wide range of tones, but
there’s no mystery about
Your Low Payment:
Only $17/mo.
what this guitar really does
by Epiphone
List $749.00
well: full-throated, howling
“1958” Korina Explorer with Gold Hardware
rock n’ roll. Natural finish.
- Natural Finish
Les Paul power and style at a price that you
won’t believe! If you’ve been waiting to get
your hands on a Les Paul style guitar, this is your chance.
Epiphone designed the Les Paul Studio to deliver the
essentials and just the essentials — no extraneous frills, just
the good, solid Les Paul quality and sound you’ve come to expect from one of the
world’s most recognizable names in guitar.
Your Low Payment:
Only $14/mo.
Available in Ebony or
by Epiphone
List $749.00
Heritage Cherry Sunburst.
Les Paul Special
A streamlined Epiphone Les Paul at an
amazing price! A little smaller and weighing less than
many of the Les Pauls you’ll encounter, the Les Paul Special
nonetheless delivers a fat and nasty tone thanks to its two open coil humbucker
pickups. This is the “goto” guitar for musicians
Your Low Payment:
Only $10/mo.
who want to learn on a
by Epiphone
List $349.00
Les Paul but don’t want to
Les Paul Special Electric Guitar - Vintage
break the bank.
Sunburst Finish
Les Paul Studio with Chrome Hardware - Heritage Cherry Sunburst Finish
Emperor II
Designed in collaboration with jazz great
Joe Pass, the Emperor II delivers classic
style all around, in both looks and tone. The sound the
Emperor II puts out is just as substantial as its shape and
size — full, fat, and warm, perfectly suited for chord strumming and melodic
lead lines. If you’re looking for a guitar
Your Low Payment:
Only $23/mo.
that will really make the
by Epiphone
List $1165.00
crowd stand up and take ETE2VSGH
Emperor II Hollowbody Electric Guitar - Vinnotice, this is it! Vintage
tage Sunburst Finish
(800) 222-4700 •
electric guitars
Santana II
Dragon 2002
Every year, guitar aficionados looked forward to seeing
what PRS will unleash as their annual Dragon guitar. But
maybe figuring they couldn’t better themselves, the PRS
Dragon 2002 is the last in this line of collector’s items!
Of course, this will only make the 2002 Dragon more
valuable in the years to come (as if its exquisite detail
hadn’t made it one of the most talked about and sought
after Dragons yet)! PRS’s most ornate work to
date, the Dragon 2002 is a Singlecut featuring
a stunningly detailed 272-piece inlay of a
snarling Dragon covering more than 85% of the
body. The jaws open around the pickups and the
snout runs up and onto the Brazilian rosewood
neck. The inlay is painstakingly crafted by
hand with a dozen different types of shell
(including highly-figured abalone and
mother-of-pearl), five different stones, and
fossilized Mastodon ivory. Only 100 of
the 2002 Dragons will ever be made.
Available in Black Cherry, or Grey Black.
by Paul Reed Smith
Dragon 2002 Guitar - Black Cherry
Dragon 2002 Guitar - Gray Black
Built to commemorate the original one-off
instrument Paul built for Carlos Santana himself.
With a reputation as a living guitar legend, Carlos Santana
knows what he wants from a guitar, and every single aspect of the
Santana II meets Carlos’ stringent specifications, from the shape of the neck to the
smooth of the pickups. Features a unique, pre-production body shape, a 24 1/2” scale
neck, Mahogany body with East Coast Maple top, rippled Abalone bird inlays, PRS
Eagle inlay on headstock.
by Paul Reed Smith
List $8000.00
Includes hardshell case.
Carlos Santana, Bk Ch NickelHw
Black Cherry.
Santana III
The refined and more affordable version of
Carlos’ original custom-made classic is a
favorite among thousands of guitarists!
Lightweight and resonant with loads of warm bass response
and a unique, arresting tonal character, the Santana III sports
a carved maple top and mahogany back and neck, and 24 frets on an East Indian
rosewood fretboard with abalone bird inlays. It also sports the highly-acclaimed
Santana pickups, Paul Reed Smith tremolo, 3-way toggle switch, and volume and
tone controls. Vintage Santana3Y
by Paul Reed Smith
List $4250.00
Yellow finish.
Carlos Santana, Yellow
Hollowbody II
PRS turns their attention to the hollowbody
electric guitar and the results are just as
impressive, combining the clear, ringing tone you
can only get from a classic hollowbody, with the much-acclaimed
PRS design. Many guitarists rate the McCarty Hollowbody as a
prime jazz guitar, but this versatile instrument rocks with the best of them. This sweetsounding guitar is made with PRS’s most resonant woods. It sports a carved Spruce top,
carved Mahogany back
and sides, and McCarty
by Paul Reed Smith
List $3880.00
Archtop pickups. Dark
Cherry Sunburst.
Hollowbody I, Dark Cherry Sunburst
The Hollowbody II is a big body jazz
guitar in the shape of a Strat. Its oversize Fholes give it an authentic acoustic flavor, while the modified
pickups give it less of a tendency to feedback than you might
find in most hollowbody instruments. It’s made of solid woods throughout -- no
plywood - and the bridge is anchored in a sound post, not a long block, allowing
the guitar to generate
lots of tone and volume. Hollowbody2TB
by Paul Reed Smith
List $4080.00
Choice of Bird or Moon
inlays. Tobacco Burst.
McCarty Soapbar
Named after legendary guitar developer Ted
McCarty (who ran Gibson Guitars during the
magic years of 1948 to 1966), this is essentially PRS’ take
on the ‘54 Les Paul, with everything musicians love about that
instrument in a twin horn design with a beautiful custom finish. Special McCarty-designed
humbucking pickups with covers, PRS stop-tail, unique pickup position selector, and
“Michigan Maple” top.
Includes hardshell case.
by Paul Reed Smith
List $3000.00
McCarty, Tobacco Sunburst
The old soapbar single coil pickups had a
clarity of tone that defined the sound of rock and small
combo jazz guitar in the ‘50s and ‘60s. PRS thought that
old soapbar tone on one of their McCarty guitars sounded like a
great combo, so with the engineers at Seymour Duncan they tweaked the soapbar
pickup to give it a more modern performance. The result? A pickup with all the
thick vintage punch of the
original and a sparkling McCartySBN
by Paul Reed Smith
List $3550.00
definition that’s right up
McCarty Soapbar, Natural
to the minute.
electric guitars
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Mark Tremonti’s arena-sized riffs have helped his band
Creed sell a gazillion records, and the guitar behind all
those platinum discs is a Paul Reed Smith. Even if you’re
not a Creed fan, you can appreciate this guitar’s huge,
muscular sound and its striking beauty and character.
Made with Mahogany woods and a Rosewood
fingerboard, the Mark Tremonti Signature Guitar
features a Les Paul shape, single-cut body style with
a Hard Rock Black finish and PRS adjustable stop tail.
The specially designed pickups (in fact, PRS calls them
the Tremonti pickups) are uncovered, with black
bobbins and nickel poles, and a very high output
bridge pickup. For tone control, the Tremonmti
Signature Guitar sports a 3-way toggle pickup
selector on upper bout as well as volume and
tone control for each pickup. Mother-of-Pearl
bird inlays adorn the wide-fat neck, while
Tremonti’s signature is inlaid on the 12th
fret. Its deep black yet gleaming finish lends
this instrument an appearance as striking
as its sound. Call your Sweetwater Sales
Engineer today. Includes hardshell case.
Black finish only.
by Paul Reed Smith
Mark Tremonti Signature Model Custom Guitar with Hardshell Case - Black
List $3400.00
There’s a weight and feel to the Singlecut
guitar that lets you know it’s something special
before you even peel off your first note. The thicker body,
stiffer neck, and specially developed pickups deliver all the rich
tone you look for from PRS. The sound of the vintage style pickups
boast that round growl we all wish we could get out of our guitars. Includes case.
Choose Violin Amber Burst or Black.
The Custom 24 is a player’s dream. Graced
with a Mahogany back and 24 fret neck, a
carved quilted Maple top, abalone bird inlays, two vintage
humbuckers, 5-way rotary pickup selector, volume and tone controls, and a killer tremolo, you’ll be ready to let your music and your playing shine.
The tones of this instrument are every bit as good as its looks. Includes hardshell case.
Black Sunburst, Cherry
Sunburst, Metallic Red,
by Paul Reed Smith
List $3680.00
Natural Quilt, Royal Blue
Custom 24 Custom Electric Guitar with Hardfinishes.
shell Case - Cherry Sunburst
List $4030.00
Custom 22
The Custom 22 is a stunning example of
PRS quality and design! It sports a Mahogany back and
carved Maple top with a 22 fret Maple neck, featuring pearl
and abalone moon inlays (abalone bird inlays are optional). The
Dragon II pickups deliver that great PRS tone, while a 5-way rotary setup that
allow you to switch from a screaming lead to a beautiful bluesy bass tone, or from
a cutting lead to a clean,
by Paul Reed Smith
List $3130.00
classic rhythm tone. Royal Custom22RB
Custom 22 Custom Electric Guitar with HardBlue or Turquois.
shell Case - Royal Blue
Custom 24
by Paul Reed Smith
Singlecut Custom Electric Guitar with Hardshell
Case - Violin Amber Burst 10-Top
Tremonti SE
Paul Reed Smith quality and craftsmanship
for under $600! The low-priced, streamlined
version of the Mark Tremonti signature guitar (see above), the
Tremonti SE offers a slightly thinner Singlecut mahogany
body than the original, with binding and a one piece mahogany
set neck. It sports the same pickups as the Tremonti model for that big, epic,
expansive tone — you Creed fans know the tone I’m talking about. Mark’s signature
adorns the headstock.
Includes gig bag. Black or TremontiSEB
by Paul Reed Smith
List $598.00
Silver finish.
Tremoni SE Custom Electric Guitar with Gig
Bag - Black
Classic electric
Santana SE
PRS’s didn’t mess around when they made
the CE guitar! This is a no-frills, great-sounding
rocker, combining the solid, confident feel of a bolt-on neck
with that graceful design that’s unmistakably a PRS instrument.
The 24-fret Maple neck gives you access to the entire neck so you can
hit those high notes with ease. Beautifully crafted with a Mahogany back and maple
top, contoured for comfortable feel and superior tone.
by Paul Reed Smith
List $2500.00
Includes hardshell case.
CE 24 Maple Top Custom Electric Guitar with
Black Sunburst or Emerald.
For any of us that have dreamed of being
able to play a PRS Santana guitar, the
Santana SE makes that dream a reality! One
of the best values you’ll find, the Santana SE puts this stunning
instrument in the hands of guitarists everywhere. According to
the folks at PRS, the guitar’s namesake came in to give the instrument his seal
of approval. After giving
by Paul Reed Smith
List $738.00
the SE a test run, he said,
Santana SE Singlecut Electric with Gig Bag
“This is great. Now where
- Royal Blue
is the inexpensive one?”
SantanaSETS Santana SE, Tob SB, Stoptail
Hardshell Case - Emerald Green
(800) 222-4700 •
electric guitars
Variax: the world’s first
modeling guitar!
A legion of guitars in a single instrument!
The Variax 500 combines Line 6’s exclusive modeling technology with a customcrafted solid-body guitar to accurately reproduce the sounds of a variety of classic six and twelve string
electric and acoustic guitars—plus other fretted favorites such as a resonator, banjo, and electric sitar.
Variax 500 features a 10” fingerboard radius, 25 1/2 scale length, 22 medium profile frets, maple neck with
a rosewood fingerboard, standard 1/4” guitar output to connect to any guitar amp, and volume and tone controls
that respond faithfully to each model. The Variax 700 utilizes the same guitar modeling technology as the Variax 500,
but features a contoured mahogany body, tremolo, one-piece maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, custom position
markers and Gotoh tuners. Includes PA/amp
by Line 6
List $1899.00
footswitch, power supply, and custom gig Variax7000BK
Learn more about Line 6’s modeling technology?
bag. Variax 500: Candy Apple Red, Sunburst, Modeling Guitar - Black
and Black. Variax 700: Available in solid
Modeling Guitar - Sunburst Finish
black, translucent red, translucent amber, and VariaxSB
Modeling Guitar - Black Finish
translucent blue. All translucent finishes feature VariaxB
Modeling Guitar - Red Finish
a contoured ash top on a mahogany body.
Mojo Fly
Get your mojo workin’!
Tone, feel, playability… whatever way you look
at it, Parker’s Mojo Fly is their best instrument yet!
Parker players wanted an instrument with a warmer, thicker tone.
Presenting the Mojo, which combines of the guitar’s select mahogany
body & the acclaimed Duncan pickups to deliver a naturally rich tone.
Unlike previous models, the Mojo’s body and neck are constructed from a
single piece of select mahogany. Seymour Duncan jazz pickups provide
warmth and midrange.
Your Low Payment:
by Parker
Fly Mojo Electric Guitar with Solid Mahogany Body & Neck and Seymour Duncan
Jazz & JB Pickups - Natural Mahogany
Only $75/mo.
List $3498.00
Good news for the budget-minded musician!
Parker’s P-38 offers many of the groundbreaking
features that have made Parker favorites among guitarists, but at an incredible low price-point! This lightweight guitar
(around 5 pounds!) features a select ash body for a classic look and mid-range
growl. Very versatile, the P-38 can switch between electric and acoustic tones
with ease. The neck (Maple with a Rosewood fingerboard and 22 jumbo
nickel frets) is built for easy playability.
Your Low Payment:
by Parker
P-38 Electric Guitar with Gig Bag - Transparent Red Finish
Refined Fly Classic Electric Guitar with Hardshell Case - Transparent Cherry
Fly Classic - Natural Mahogny
Fly Deluxe - Dusty Black
Fly Deluxe - Heather Gray
Fly Deluxe - Majik Blue
Only $18/mo.
List $849.00
P38 - Sunburst w/Gig Bag
P38 - Black w/Gig Bag
Fly Classic
The Parker Fly line has made these innovative
axes even better! They’ve enhanced the Fishman
preamp, and made the controls more accessible. As always,
sound is the first consideration, and Parker’s combination of DiMarzio
magnetic and Fishman piezo pickups makes it possible to produce powerful electric tones and intricate, full-bodied acoustic tones. It includes a coil tap and 3-way
pickup selector for more sound options.
Your Low Payment:
Only $69/mo.
by Parker
List $3198.00
A very smooth-playing guitar thanks to its easy neck
action, the NiteFly gives you the tone and feel of a
traditional bolt-on instrument with Parker’s extremely
lightweight design. The NiteFly can play acoustic or electric tones
(at the same time, if you want, for a really interesting blend) in stereo or
in mono. The Mahogany model features a red finish and includes vibrato, piezo
bridge and 2 magnetic humbucking pickups. The Swamp Ash model features a
sunburst finish and vibrato, piezo bridge and magnetic pickups, 1 humbucking
and 2 single coil. Choose Tansparent Red or Sunburst.
Your Low Payment:
Mahogany NiteFly Electric Guitar with Gig Bag - Natural Satin Finish
by Parker
Only $35/mo.
List $1550.00
electric guitars
(800) 222-4700 •
Brian Moore’s traditon of innovation reached new heights with the introduction of the
iGuitar.” The groundbreaking gave guitarists access to the world of the digital dstudio, MIDI
and the internet. Everye “iGuitar” has all the versatility, quality, and features iof Brian Moore’s
more traditonal instruments, like the Custom Shop moidels and the i2000 Series. What’s
more, Brian Moore offers custom inaly options so you can personalize your instrument.
13pin RMC system offers fast
tracking access to Roland
and compatible 13 pin guitar
Many guitarists consider this to be Brian Moore’s
best guitar, and one of the most versatile guitars
out there! The C90P.13CSB blends excellent craftsmanship with
advanced technology to create a truly remarkable instrument. The neck is thin and
“fast” for easy playability. The finest tonewoods provide a warm, harmonic-rich
tone and a natural sustain that seems to go for days. The C90P.13 boasts the extra
advantage of the built-in 13-pin RMC/piezo MIDI control system making your C90
ready to tap into the wealth of options in guitar synths like Roland’s GR-33. Vintage
Sunburst or Cherry Sunburst.
Your Low Payment: Only $101/mo.
by Brian Moore Guitars
List $4444.00
Brian Moore innovation with the elegant
and classic Les Paul shape. Direct from Brian Moore’s
Custom Shop, the DC/2 utilizes the finest in light weight
sound woods, resulting in an instrument with natural sustain
and a warm, yet flexible tone. Like all of the instruments from Brian Moore’s
Custom Shop, the DC/2 includes the finest components - Seymour Duncan
Pickups, Sperzel Tuners, Wilkinson Vibratos. Plus, it also features the 13-pin RMC
piezo/hex pickup for access to Roland’s guitar synthesizers. Turquoise Blackburst.
Includes hardshell case.
Your Low Payment:
Only $89/mo.
by Brian Moore Guitars
List $3795.00
Custom Electric Guitar with 13-pin RMC Piezo System - Dark Cherry Sunburst
DC/2 Custom Electric Guitar with 13-Pin Synth Access and Hardshell Case - Turquoise
The i21 is the flagship of Brian Moore’s new
i1000 series and one of their most affordable instruments
yet! All the innovation you expect from Brian Moore is here
— the comfort-contoured body, plus classic humbucker sounds via
chrome covered classic ‘iM’ Alnico humbuckers) that define the Brian Moore tone
— but it’s at a price that’s well within the reach of practically any guitarist. The
i21 features a 22 fret, neck thru construction, a highly figured maple top and a
single cutaway style. Cinnamon, Turquoise, Charcoal Gray, Emerald Green, Purple,
Natural. Includes gig bag.
Your Low Payment:
Only $17/mo.
by Brian Moore Guitars
List $795.00
i21 Single Cutaway Custom Electric Guitar with Figured Maple Top, Set Neck, and
Tunomatic Bridge
The range of warm, inviting tone you get with this
flexible, single cutaway MIDI-ready instrument will astound
you. Contoured for comfort with a sculpted headstock Kalantas
mahogany body and beautifully figured maple top, the i2.13 features
the 13-pin RMC piezo/hex pickup for use with Roland-compatible guitar processors
— no need for an externally mounted synth pick-up. The bridge mounted RMC piezo
elements not only provide a fast tracking signal for 13-pin applications, but also
provide a warm authentic acoustic tone. Natural, Cherry Sunburst, or Tobacco Sunburst.
Includes case.
Your Low Payment:
Only $43/mo.
by Brian Moore Guitars
List $1904.00
iGuitar 2.13 Guitar with 13-Pin RMC Piezo System - Tobacco Sunburst
The i8p is the most affordable bolt-on in
the i2000 series! The custom-contoured
Maple top creates a lighter, ergonomic body
shape that increases your playing comfort, and also reduces
contact between the guitar and the pick as it leaves the strings — no
pick scratches! 2 humbuckers offer a wide range of harmonically rich versatile
tones, plus there’s a fixed bridge with RMC Piezo for true acoustic tone. Regular
Magnetic and Piezo Acoustic signals can be played separately or combined for
exciting new tonal possibilities.
Brian Moore style and sound for less… much
less! Delivering all the innovative features and
Brian Moore design, the i81 is the company’s most affordable “bolt-on” guitar. But if you think you’re getting a “Brian
Moore lite,” think again! This guitar is amazing! It boasts all the easy playability
and exquisite tone that you look for in a Brian Moore. It features 2 iM Alnico
humbuckers , fixed bridge, precision iM tuners, and a bookmatched figured maple
top! If you’ve been on the hunt for an ultra-affordable Brian Moore that you can use
night in and night out, your search is over!y, Turquoise, Natural.
Your Low Payment:
Only $33/mo.
by Brian Moore Guitars
List $1404.00
i8p Electric Guitar with Highly Figured Maple Top with Hardshell Case - Natural Finish
Your Low Payment:
i81 Custom Electric Guitar with Figured Maple Top - Charcoal Grey
by Brian Moore Guitars
Only $13/mo.
List $595.00
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acoustic guitars
Artist Award
Guild’s flagship
In the highly selective world of mainstream jazz,
the instrument of choice has historically been the
archtop guitar. Guild has always employed artisan
luthiers who build some of the world’s finest big box
acoustic and acoustic-electric guitars. From the 50’s up to the
present their guitars have been played and prized by the likes of Bucky
Pizarelli, Donovan, Eric Clapton, Bonnie Raitt, Tommy Smothers, Jimmy
Page, Ron Wood and others. The crown jewel in the Guild product line
has always been the Guild Artist Award, a big, beautiful, breathtakingly
appointed acoustic hollow-body guitar with a floating magnetic pickup hung
off the end of the fingerboard in the traditional style.
The ultimate
rockabilly alternative!
The big X500T promises good rockin’ tonight and delivers, with two sizzling
Black Seymour Duncan P90s and a gold Guild Bigsby tremolo. Its laminated flame
Maple body is 17” wide, 3-3/8” deep, and features a Spruce top, multiple-bound
body with F-holes, bound 5-piece Maple neck, 24-1/4” scale length, 1-11/16”
wide at the nut, Guild Shield motif, and Abalone and Mother-of-Pearl on Ebony
fretboard. Available in both Tennessee Orange and Blonde.
Your Low Payment:
by Guild
X500T Archtop Guitar with Bigsby Tremolo - Tennessee Orange Finish
Several years ago when Fender was looking to establish itself in the big-box
acoustic and acoustic-electric guitar markets, they determined they wanted
to offer a hand-built, solid wood American guitar of the quality of those fine
vintage instruments. They bought the Guild company and moved it and its
artisan luthiers into the Fender Custom Shop facilities in Corona, California.
They called in Robert Benedetto who is to contemporary archtop jazz guitars
what Stradavarius was to the violin. Benedetto set to duplicating and
updating Guild’s traditional guitar making mastery for the modern world.
The Guild Artist Award is the fruit of their labors. Here is a big, beautiful,
rich resonant guitar that sings with sustain and rich thick harmony. The more
you play them, the more they open up, the more complex they become
tonally. Each and every one of these guitars is entirely handcrafted the
old-fashioned way. Ask any serious jazz player or guitar collector and you
will quickly find that the Guild Artist Award is the State of the Art. Why not
treat yourself? This is your new lifelong best companion.
Your Low Payment:
by Guild
Benedetto Signature Model Archtop Guitar with Hardshell Case - Honey Blonde
Only $225/mo.
List $10000.00
Only $90/mo.
List $3999.99
Park Avenue
Like the street from which it derives its name,
the X180 Park Avenue is sophisticated and elegant
Its single cutaway body built from specially selected Curly
Maple. An excellent addition to Guild’s distinctive line of jazz guitars, the X180
features a 3-piece Maple neck with a bound headstock and bound Rosewood
fingerboard with block inlays. Dual Guild HB-1 humbucking pickups give it the
versatility that today’s guitarist looks for. The sound is warm, mellow, and smooth,
with just the right amount of hollowbody tone to make it really something special.
Gold hardware is standard. Available in Blonde and Antique Burst finishes.
Your Low Payment:
X180 Park Avenue with Select Curly Maple Body - Blonde Finish
by Guild
Only $66/mo.
List $2899.99
Bluesbird AAA
For the ultimate in vintage hollowbody
twang, the X160 is the first production
instrument in over twenty years to include the original
chrome DeArmond® Model 2K pickups. This Guild archtop guitar recalls a look, sound and feel from an era that has helped define almost
every form of popular music as we know it today. The all maple body, known for
its rich and smooth tones, is brought to life by its two Original DeArmond 2000
pickups. The result is an electric, “twangy” rockin’-country guitar that will attract
players both old an new to the sound that started it all. The fretboard of the X160 is
solid rosewood with pearloid “block” inlays, and is rounded off with an unmistakable Bigsby tailpiece and tremolo bridge. Black Tennessee Orange Metallic Blue
and Fiesta Red.
Your Low Payment:
Only $59/mo.
by Guild
List $2599.99
A descendant of the Guild Aristocrat, a legendary hollow-body guitar from the 50s, the Bluesbird
AAA is evolved into a uniquely chambered instrument that
has become a favorite among blues and rock guitarists. With an inimitable combination of fine woods, classic electronics and elegant styling, the Bluesbird is as
playable as it is appealing. Its solid Mahogany body, with meticulously engineered
sound chambers and exquisitely figured, carved Maple top, blend perfectly to
create tone, responsiveness and versatility. The Bluesbird AAA features a bound
24-3/4” scale Mahogany neck measuring 1-11/16” wide at the nut, block inlays
on a Rosewood fretboard, Chesterfield headstock logo, chrome hardware, Adjusto-matic® bridge with stop bar tailpiece. All Guild guitars offer deluxe archtop
case. Amber and Tobacco Sunburst.
Your Low Payment:
Only $57/mo.
by Guild
List $2499.99
X160 Rockabilly with Chrome DeArmond Model 2K Pickups - Tennessee Orange Finish
Bluesbird AAA with Dual Seymour Duncan P90 Pickups - Tobacco Sunburst
acoustic guitars
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000-28 Eric Clapton
Eric Clapton Brazilian guitar
Another limited edition collaboration Martin and guitar great
Eric Clapton, this Limited Edition Signature Model is crafted with rare Brazilian
rosewood back and sides. An ivoroid bound ebony fingerboard features the
Style 45 abalone snowflake inlay pattern cut from “heart” abalone, then painstakingly “re-inlaid” or “bordered” with mother of pearl, creating exceptional
contrast with the African black ebony fingerboard. Clapton’s signature is inlaid
in pearl between the
by Martin
List $9999.00
19th and 20th frets. 00028ECB
Limited Edition Eric Clapton Signature Acoustic
Only 200 of these
Guitar with Rare Brazilian Rosewood
were made!
Eric Clapton calls his 000-28EC signature edition
“utilitarian... in the very BEST sense of the word.”
This beautiful sounding
small-bodied instrument
by Martin
List $3719.00
Eric Clapton Signature Acoustic Guitar with
Hardshell Case
favorite pre-war Martins.
For that signature Martin
tone, many guitarists claim that you can’t
go wrong with the D-42. It sports incredible
projection with a wide, natural sound. This beautiful
dreadnought takes its cue
from Martin’s much-loved
by Martin
List $5179.00
20s/30s guitars, boasting
Acoustic Guitar with Solid Spruce Top, Rosemany vintage features.
wood Back and Sides, and Hardshell Case
Many guitarists consider the
Martin HD-28 to be one of the best-sounding
of all Martin guitars. Based on their classic D28,
the HD-28 is great for any
style of music, providing
Your Low Payment:
Only $60/mo.
a clear, open sound with
by Martin
List $2959.00
.97 just the right amount of
Acoustic Guitar with Sitka Spruce Top, Rosebass for overall depth.
wood Back and Sides, and Hardshell Case
The D-18V’s unpretentious
appearance belies its deep, rich, full sound.
One of the finest from Martin’s Vintage Series, this
dreadnought features old-style squared headstock,
inlays, beveled tortoise
by Martin
List $2849.00
pickguard, vintage tuning
Acoustic Guitar with Spruce Top, Mahogany
machines and more.
Back and Sides, and Hardshell Case
Lucinda Williams
David Crosby
Respected singer/songwriter Lucinda Williams gets
the Martin signature
guitar treatment with the
Your Low Payment:
Only Call/mo.
D-37W, a dreadnought
by Martin
List $4999.00
that fully embodies altLimited Edition Lucinda Williams Signature Edition Acoustic Guitar with Hardshell Case
country attitude.
It’s fitting that David Crosby should have his own
Martin signature guitar; he’s probably done more
to put acoustic-tinged rock
by Martin
List $3799.00
on the musical map than
Limited Edition David Crosby Acoustic Guitar
anyone, first with his work
with Hardshell Case
in the Byrds, then CSN.
DVM Veteran’s Guitar
A tribute to the men and women who have served
in the armed forces, this beautiful Dreadnought
features the emblems of
by Martin
List $3199.00
the divisions of the armed
Veteran’s Special Edition Acoustic Guitar
forces on the headstock.
Since 1931, the D-28
has remained the standard by which all
other steel-strings are judged. Solid East Indian
rosewood back and sides, solid spruce top, and
Dreadnought size produce warm, full bass, perfect
mids, and chiming highs.
Plenty of volume, too. A
by Martin
List $2469.00
great instrument for nearly
Acoustic Guitar with Spruce Top and East
any style of music.
Indian Rosewood Back and Sides
Koa guitar
A Koa wood guitar the color
of ice tea that sounds like angel’s hair. Koa is an
excellent wood for building guitars. It’s much different than rosewood or mahogany -- a lot of sustain,
but also a lot of attack.
With premium Hawaiian
by Martin
List $2319.00
Koa wood back and
Acoustic Guitar with Spruce Top and Premium
sides a solid spruce top.
Hawaiian Koa Back and Sides
An American classic, the
D-18 was introduced in 1931 and is the original
14-fret Martin dreadnought. The D-18 is loud, with
a bright, clear treble
and warm, moderate
Your Low Payment:
Only $44/mo.
bass, making it ideal
by Martin
List $2159.00
.95 for both recording and
Acoustic Guitar with Solid Spruce Top and
performance duties.
Mahogany Back and Sides
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acoustic guitars
Little Martin
The Little Martin is
the perfect “pick up
and play” guitar for
jams or travel. It combines
a modified 0-14 fret tenor Martin shape with a
23” scale length. The back and sides are crafted
from Mahogany Pattern
HPL and the top is Spruce
Your Low Payment:
Only $10/mo.
Pattern HPL making the
by Martin
List $349.00
Little Martin friendly in
“Little Martin” Compact Acoustic Guitar with
just about any climate.
Backpack Gig Bag
guitar for on stage
performance, the DC-1E is the dedicated
acoustic/electric version of the DC-1. Venetian
cutaway model. The soundboard is bookmatched
from solid Sitka spruce. The back is solid genuine
mahogany. The sides are crafted from laminated genuine
mahogany which lends
by Martin
List $1569.00
tremendous rigidity and
Acoustic/Electric Guitar with Spruce Top,
strength to the body.
Mahogany Back, and Hardshell Case
Martin Special Edition
One of Martin’s evironmentally-friendly “Certified
Smart Wood” guitars with an Orchestral style body. It
features solid cherry sides, back and neck, solid spruce
top, and a bridge and
by Martin
List $1550.00
fretboard of katalox
Acoustic Guitar with Solid Spruce Top, Cherry
(Mexican hardwood).
Side and Back, and Hardshell Case
The all mahogany
acoustic/electric version of the D15.
This big, handmade cutaway Dreadnought delivers
that full, all-natural sound you look for from a
Martin. The DC-15E sports solid mahogany back
and sides, rosewood
bridge and fingerboard
Your Low Payment:
Only $29/mo.
and Fishman Prefix Plus
by Martin
List $1499.00
Acoustic/Electric Guitar with Mahogany Top,
hardshell case.
Back and Sides and Harshell Case
legacy of reliability, longevity and tradition. The
satin acoustic/electronic DCME comes from their
popular Road Series and features a Solid spruce
top with laminated mahogany sides. Featuring a cutaway
design, the DC-ME is
Your Low Payment:
Only $28/mo.
a favorite among road
by Martin
List $1419.00
veterans across the world.
Acoustic/Electric Guitar with Solid Spruce Top
Includes hardshell case.
and Hardshell Case
The 000-1 is the “Auditorium-sized” version of Martin’s classic D-1, one of the most
popular instruments in history. The 000 body
size is combined with the OM longer scale neck
to create a surprisingly balanced and expressive instrument,
ideal for blues and fingerstyle technique. Features include a
solid spruce top, solid
by Martin
List $1129.00
mahogany back and
Auditorium-Sized Acoustic Guitar with Spruce
rosewood fingerboard.
Top and Mahogany Back
Graphite X
Martin’s striking Graphite X features a composite
graphite fiber and polycarbonate body. Sure, it’s
a departure for Martin, but just wait until you
hear the incredible projection from this instrument!
The built-in Fishman Prefix Pro pickup makes the
Graphite X an ideal
by Martin
List $1349.00
acoustic guitar for your
Special Edition Acoustic Guitar with Graphite/
on-stage performances.
Polycarbonate Top and Fishman Prefix Pro
Martin’s no-frills,
no-compromise dreadnought. The
DX1R, one of Martin’s most affordable, is
a 14-fret dreadnought steeped in everything
that has made Martin guitars so well respected
— superior craftsmanship and natural tone. The top is
made of solid spruce with
Your Low Payment:
Only $18/mo.
sides and back of durable
by Martin
List $669.00
Indian rosewood grained
Acoustic Guitar with Spruce Top and Laminate
high-pressure laminate.
Back and Sides
Yamaha’s Silent Guitar
Martin’s Backpackers are perfectly constructed for travel,
yet still provide the finest in tone and feel. Its surprisingly
rich, loud tone comes
Your Low Payment:
Only $10/mo.
from the combination of
by Martin
List $274.00
a lightly braced, solid
BackPacker Classical Acoustic Guitar with
tonewood top with a
solid mahogany neck,
BackPackerS Acoustic Steel String Guitar
back, and sides.
Your Low Payment:
by Yamaha
Silent Nylon String Guitar with B-Band Pickup
System and Built-In DSP
Silent Steel String Guitar
Yamaha’s Silent Guitar is a
unique nylon string guitar
that’s perfect for when you want to
practice and everyone else wants to
sleep. The SLG100N’s internal DSP
reproduces the natural
Only $17/mo.
reverb of a variety of
List $849.00
spaces. A mini-stereo
input connects to an
external CD player.
acoustic guitars
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Adamas Woven-top
The big, beautiful sound you get out of this
instrument is simply stunning. Space-age carbon fiber
and woven graphite construction means it’s completely unaffected
by temperature extremes and humidity changes. The Lyrachord
roundback body is free from the sound-deadening braces and right angles
that plague flatback guitars. The smooth, hard, parabolic interior revlects the vibration of the top
better than other designs. More sound! The Optima Electronic System has four precise bands
of EQ that give you pinpoint control over your sound and the very steep notch filter can kill of
feedback one note at a time. The builtYour Low Payment:
Only $51/mo.
in chromatic tuner puts you spot-on in
by Ovation
List $2419.00
any standard or open tuning.
Multi-Soundhole Acoustic-Electric Guitar with
Hardshell Case
1779 USA Custom Legend
One of Ovation’s finest designs to date, with an incredibly
detailed flag design on the front body! The 1779 USA is a
limited edition Ovation Custom Legend with over 250 pieces
of hand-inlaid abalone on the binding and rosette. It features
a triple-A spruce top, roundback body, high-output pickup and
Optima preamplifier. A perfect way to show your style, visually
and sonically.
Your Low Payment:
Only $70/mo.
by Ovation
List $3459.00
Limited Edition Custom Legend Acoustic Guitar with
Hardshell Case
Ovation’s 2003
The 29th release in this prized series of limited
production instruments.
Model 2003-VN
Your Low Payment:
Only $45/mo.
features an ebony
by Ovation
List $2159.00
.30 fingerboard with 12th fret
Collectors Edition Acoustic-Electric Guitar with
“Collectors’” inlay.
12th-Fret Collectors Inlay and Case
Legend 12-string
Boasting quick, balanced response and sustained
projection, the Legend is traditional only in its
appearance. A Lyrachord
Your Low Payment:
Only $35/mo.
composite body lets
by Ovation
Ovation to do away
List $1619.00
with the sound-absorbent
12-String Legend Acoustic Guitar with
Hardshell Case
body bracing.
Custom Legend
One of the finest acoustic/electrics you can own! It
features AAA Sitka spruce
Your Low Payment:
Only $45/mo.
top, abalone inlays,
by Ovation
List $2159.00
ebony fingerboard, and
.95 24K gold-plated Schaller
Custom Legend Acoustic-Electric Guitar with
Hardshell Case
Maximum sound with minimum playing
effort. Warm. Woody. Rich. The 1858’s superior
dynamics are the product of the solid Sitka spruce
top, braced in the
Ovation Quintad pattern
Your Low Payment:
Only $36/mo.
- a stronger and more
by Ovation
List $1529.00
stable way of maximizing
12-String Multi-Soundhole Acoustic-Electric
top vibration.
The Elite
Legend 6-string
Plug it in and you’ll find that its acoustic “beefiness” is accentuated by
its highly sensitive OP-40
Your Low Payment:
Only $32/mo.
preamp. More sound.
by Ovation
List $1519.00
.97 Less work. Set after set.
Legend Shallow Bowl Acoustic Guitar with
Night after night.
Hardshell Case
Ovation’s stage guitar.
A breath-taking combination
of acoustic and electric power, the Elite guitars
are made to enhance your performance. The Elite’s
distinctive decorations,
Your Low Payment:
Only $26/mo.
and shallow to mid-depth
cutaway for easy playby Ovation
List $1219.00
ability have made it a
Elite Special Acoustic-Electric Guitar with
Hardshell Case
guitarist’s favorite!
Rodriguez Flamenco
OP24Plus electronics, solid Sitka spruce top,
mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard, CP100
pickup and more! The
1861 Balladeer is
Your Low Payment:
Only $24/mo.
what Ovation is all about
by Ovation
List $1119.00
- high quality, original
Balladeer Acoustic-Electric Guitar with
design and great sound!
Hardshell Case
Many guitarists claim that Rodriguez Flamenco guitars
are simply the best in the world. The Model FF offers
ample evidence for
Rodriguez Your Low Payment:
that claim, with a
Only $55/mo.
full sound that can
by Rodriguez
List $2599.99
.99 only be described as
Classical Guitar with Englemann Spruce Top
and Solid Cypress Back and Sides
(800) 222-4700 •
acoustic guitars
Takamine Mini-jumbo
The top is solid, hand-selected “bear
claw” spruce — a rare, naturally occurring
figure pattern that marks luthiers’ most highly-prized
soundboard spruce. Each soundboard is individually
voiced to maximize its power and dynamic range. The back and
sides are solid, bookmatched Indian Rosewood, chosen for both its appearance
and acoustic integrity.
Your Low Payment:
Only $59/mo.
Fitted with the CT-4B
by Takamine
List $2799.00
preamp, which features
Mini-Jumbo Acoustic-Electric Guitar with Bear
built in tuner.
Claw Spruce Top and Hardshell Case
This big guitar delivers an enormous, beautiful
tone that just keeps getting better with age. Takamine
features include solid rosewood back and sides, solid
spruce top, scalloped top braces, and smooth, precise
tuners. This Takamine is pure, true acoustic Your Low Payment:
Only $52/mo.
— no electronic elements
by Takamine
List $2429.00
at all, just pure sound.
Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar with Solid Bear
Large and in charge.
Claw Spruce Top and Hardshell Case
LTD 2003
The LTD 2003 guitar is another amazing
example of Takamine’s dedication to
guitar craftsmanship. The LTD2003 celebrates efforts
to restore our world’s endangered wildlife. This rosewood
dreadnought is decorated with a stunning “eagle in flight” rosette
and “eagle eye” fretboard inlays. The rosette is created from hardwoods and
mother of pearl pieces,
Your Low Payment:
Only $51/mo.
cut with laser precision
by Takamine
List $2399.50
and meticulously hand
.65 inlayed to bring the
LTD2003 Limited Edition Acoustic Guitar with
Flying Eagle Rosette Inlay
design to life.
One of Takamine’s most popular Dreadnoughts, the
FD-360SC’s blend of modern electronics and pure
acoustic tone have made it a favorite. Features a Spruce top
with Rosewood back and
sides and cutaway body.
Your Low Payment:
Only $33/mo.
The digital pre provides
by Takamine
List $1558.00
.97 factory/user
Acoustic-Electric Guitar with Digital Preamp
EQ, and more.
with EQ and Hardshell Case
Wechter Guitars
Takamine’s Santa Fe ESF-48C features
natural woods and brilliant design with concert-hall
quality. A solid spruce top with specially engineered
bracing delivers a natural, full, round timbre with plenty of
volume and projection for larger halls. A built-in high-end pre-amp precisely
translates the nuances of that natural tone
Your Low Payment:
Only $47/mo.
to your amp or PA. Solid
by Takamine
rosewood back and sides ESF48C
List $2159.00
provide a warm presence
Nylon String Acoustic-Electric Guitar with BuiltIn High-End Preamp
and great looks.
How can one of Takamine’s finest acoustic/ electrics be so incredibly affordable? You’ll be too
busy playing this beautiful dreadnought to let the question
trouble you too much. The low-priced EGS-330 features 4B
preamp with CP-100 pickup, giving you that punchy, resonant acoustic dreadnought sound you look for. The woods
Your Low Payment:
Only $16/mo.
chosen, or the playability,
by Takamine
List $837.06
nothing in the G Series EGS330SC
has been sacrificed.
Dreadought Acoustic-Electric Guitar with
Hardshell Case
The Pathmaker
A classic in the making, the
Wechter Pathmaker is a bold rethinking of all the concepts of playing and amplification
in an acoustic guitar. It offers a unique onboard mixing system
and three-way electric sound: under-bridge piezo, magnetic soundhole, or full-range condenser mic
thanks to a unique onboard mixing Your Low Payment:
Only $16/mo.
system. A full, PathMLaceART
by Wechter Guitars
List $699.95
balanced acoustic responseen.97
Acoustic-Electric Guitar with Lacewood Back
hances the guitar’s natural tonal
and Sides and Artec Pickup
balance. Fast-playing neck offers excellent opportunity PathMNatAR Ac/El Guitar, Ovankol
for elaborate fret work. The patented double cutaway PathMTBAR Ac/El Guitar, Trans Blue
construction provides full 19 frets clear of the body in a PathMTRAR Ac/El Guitar, Trans Red
design that is both stable and visually striking.
PathMBKAR Ac/El Guitar, Hi-Gloss Black
Travel Guitar
Built with the ramblin’ guitarist in mind,
the Wechter Travel Guitar delivers high-quality
craftsmanship and versatility at a great price. Though
this guitar is a small scale instrument (convenient for
travel) the full-bodied tone you look for in an acoustic
is all there.
Your Low Payment:
Only $10/mo.
by Wechter Guitars
List $279.95
Acoustic Travel Guitar with Spruce Top, Wood
Bowl Back, and Gig Bag
acoustic guitars
(800) 222-4700 •
Guild’s flagship model, the D55 was
first introduced in 1968 as a special order, but the
response was so strong that it was added to the line
as a regular production model. It is one of the most versatile
dreadnoughts anywhere.
Guitarists of all styles love the D55 for its tone, responsiveness, and outstanding
projection and sustain. The thick, smooth and resonant sound of this instrument
is wonderful! It boasts a Spruce top and Rosewood back and sides, three-piece
Mahogany neck, Ebony bridge and fretboard with Mother-of-Pearl and Abalone
block position inlays, and G-shield logo. This D55 includes the Fishman Matrix
Natural pickups.
Your Low Payment:
Only $63/mo.
by Guild
List $2799.99
D55 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar with Fishman Matrix Natural Pickups - Natural Finish
Guild’s original
Guild’s first dreadnought, the D50 was originally named the
“Bluegrass Special” because of its great tonal depth and power. It was developed
with an emphasis on string-to-string balance, so that treble, mid and bass registers
project evenly. The result is one of the most musically versatile dreadnoughts anywhere. Like the best late ’60s Guild dreadnoughts, the D50 sports a Spruce top,
Rosewood back and sides, an Ebony fretboard, and a sculpted Rosewood bridge.
Other features include a Tortoise shell pickguard, Mother-of-Pearl dot position
inlays and Chesterfield headstock logo.
Your Low Payment:
Only $43/mo.
by Guild
List $1899.99
F47MCE Acoustic Electric Guitar with Solid Rosewood Back and Sides - Antique Burst
D50 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar with Deluxe Hardshell Case - Natural
Acoustic electric
Over the past decade, Guild has refined the
acoustic electric’s design to feature solid wood body
construction, which provides superior acoustic response and
tonal clarity, and is surprisingly lightweight in feel. The F47 was created with the
fingerstyle artist in mind, but any style sounds great on this fine guitars. The F47
is a mini jumbo with 16” body width, 25-5/8”scale lengths, are 1-11/16” wide
at the nut, and feature AA solid Sitka Spruce tops with hand-scalloped bracing,
Mahogany necks, Guild’s classic Chesterfield headstock logo, and incorporate the
new compact Fishman® Prefix® PRO Blend system. Available in Blonde, Antique
Burst or Black lacquer finishes.
Your Low Payment:
Only $52/mo.
by Guild
List $2299.99
Vintage 12-string
The finest acoustic 12-string on the market today, and
one of Guild’s most enduring and popular guitars. The
F512 features solid Rosewood back and sides. Painstakingly true to
their vintage roots, this new version of the F512 is the essence of what a 12-string
guitar should be. They feature the same body dimensions as the originals: 17”
wide, 21” long and 4.8” deep, with solid AAA Sitka Spruce tops, high quality
Ebony fingerboards detailed with Abalone and Mother-of-Pearl block position
inlays, and Guild’s famous G-shield headstock inlay and gold Grover Rotomatic
tuning machines.
Your Low Payment:
by Guild
F512 Jumbo 12-String Acoustic Guitar with Deluxe Hardshell Case - Natural
Jumbo 12-string
Heavy guitar with
great tone
One of Guild’s best-sellers, the jumbo JF30-12 acoustic guitar
features curly maple back and sides with a solid AAA spruce top. The JF30-12
combines the Maple body design of the JF30 with a hand-shaped 12-string neck.
This jumbo flattop—17” wide, 21” long and 5” deep—features a solid AA Spruce
top, solid curly Maple sides and an arched laminated Curly Maple back. The
headstock is inlaid with Guild’s Chesterfield logo, and the three-piece Mahogany
neck is outfitted with an Ebony fretboard with Mother-of-Pearl dot position inlays.
Your Low Payment:
JF30-12 Jumbo 12-String Acoustic Guitar with Deluxe Hardshell Case - Blonde
by Guild
Only $60/mo.
List $2664.99
I f you’re a player who likes the projection of a real jumbo acoustic, these guitars
are for you! Guild’s best value in a jumbo guitar, the JF30 offers the Maple body
design of Guild vintage jumbo guitars with a Rosewood fretboard and bridge. This
6-string version comes with a solid AA Spruce top with solid curly Maple sides
and a laminated arched Curly Maple back. The headstock is inlaid with Guild’s
Chesterfield logo; the three-piece Maple neck is outfitted with a select Rosewood
fretboard and Mother-of-Pearl dot position inlay.
Only $39/mo.
List $1699.99
Your Low Payment:
JF30 Acoustic Guitar with Maple Body and Rosewood Fretboard - Blonde
by Guild
Only $39/mo.
List $1699.99
(800) 222-4700 •
bass guitars
Precision Bass®
S-1 switching
Why choose between hot humbuckers and vibrant single-coils
when you can have both? This brand new version of Fender’s
classic Precision Bass® lets you play the best of both worlds
with the S-1 switching system. This new system allows you to
choose from an endless array of pickup configurations. By
pushing the button secretly located on the crown of the master
volume knob, you can switch humbuckers into single coils in an
instant. Besides the S-1 switching system, the American Series
Precision Bass® is just an amazing instrument. Since 1951
it’s been lending its stellar tone, toughness and playability
to countless musicians in every genre you can imagine! The
American Series P-Bass® has a vintage body radius and contour
which gives it that classic Fender® vibe and feel. Featuring a
premium alder body for
better tone and sustain,
with detailed fret and
nutwork, and the
classic split-coil P-Bass®
pickup. The neck is
maple with rolled
edges, giving it that
comfortable, broken-in feel.
Your Low Payment:
by Fender
American Series Precision Bass Upgrade with
New S-1 Switching - Butter Blonde
Only $27/mo.
List $1284.99
American Deluxe P-Bass
The American Deluxe P-Bass® offers tons of
tonal variations. The three-band active EQ, combined with a
vintage P-Bass® pickup and special design humbucker, make this an
axe that can cut any gig. Other features include a graphite reinforced neck, ash
body, maple fingerboard, and combination string-through-body/top-load bridge.
Everything that bass
Your Low Payment:
Only $41/mo.
players love in the legby Fender
List $1899.99
endary P-Bass with tons of
American Deluxe Precision Bass with Hardcontemporary extras.
shell Case
Head out on the
Bass players, get ready for some serious bang for your buck!
Introducing the basses of Fender’s® U.S. Special Highway 1™ Series
— no-nonsense, no-frills American-made rockers that represent Fender’s best value
ever! All the instruments in the Highway 1 Series boast a unique high-resonance,
low gloss acrylic lacquer
Your Low Payment:
Only $19/mo.
finish that lets tone ring
by Fender
out and sustain for days.
List $899.99
Give us a call today!
Highway 1 Precision Bass with Deluxe
Gig Bag
‘57 Precision Bass®
Since 1951, the Precision Bass® has made
its mark in practically every genre of music. The American
Vintage ’57 Precision Bass® pays tribute to the landmark
Precision instruments with accurate detailing
Your Low Payment:
Only $37/mo.
, from the split single-coil
by Fender
List $1749.99
pickups to the vintage PBass57MDKR
American Vintage ‘57 Precision Bass with
tuning machines.
Hardshell Case
‘59 Precision
Bass® — Time Machine
This ‘59 Precision Bass® sports the Time Machine
Series’ special Relic finish. The Relic finish shows the natural wear
of years of heavy use - nicks, scratches, worn finish, and aged plastic parts. In
short, it looks like its earned its keep over the years. But it’s brand new, very
reliable, and plays like a dream! plays like Your Low Payment:
Only $72/mo.
a dream. Everyone will
by Fender
List $3399.99
think you’ve got the real
Time Machine Series ‘59 Precision Bass with
thing when they see it!
Relic Finish and Tweed Case
American P-Bass®
Since its inception in ‘51 the P-Bass® has gone
through many transformations, but the things
that made the P-Bass great in the ‘50s and ‘60s remain gloriously intact in the American Series model: tone, toughness and
playability! The American Series P-Bass® has a vintage body radius
and contour which gives it that classic Fender vibe and feel. Featuring a premium
alder body for better tone and sustain, Your Low Payment:
Only $27/mo.
by Fender
List $1284.99
with detailed fret and
American Series Precision Bass with Hardshell
nutwork, and the classic
split-coil P-Bass pickup.
Precision Bass®
Fender took the versatile Precision Bass® design and made it
even more affordable! A desirable update of the classic design
with all the tried-and-tested P-Bass features. The Fender Standard Precision®
features a comfort-contoured body, rosewood fingerboard a split-coil humcanceling pickup, 3-ply white pickgaurd,
Your Low Payment:
Only $12/mo.
chrome hardware and
by Fender
“New” Knurled Chrome
List $549.99
P-Bass Knobs. Comes in
Standard Series Precision Bass
Midnight Wine or Black.
Celebrating 25 Years
bass guitars
(800) 222-4700 •
Custom Classic J-Bass®
5-String Custom
The Custom Classic’s unbound neck, mother of
pearl block inlays and detailed fret dressing round
out the gorgeous look and feel of the instrument.
The sound? A newly designed 18-volt preamp and
ferrous carbon pickups offer dynamic and versatile
Your Low Payment:
Only $57/mo.
and less noise than
by Fender
List $2679.99
.99 previous systems.
Classic J-Bass®
Custom Classic Jazz Bass with Hardshell Case
Subtle refinements to Fender’s legendary 5-string Jazz Bass® make the
new Custom Classic a true, player-centric instrument. This bass features
a slightly slimmer waist contour and deeper cutaways for greater access to the
upper registers of its 21-fret fingerboard. Five-string players will appreciate the
new dual-string retainers that increase string Your Low Payment:
Only $56/mo.
tension, especially on the
by Fender
List $2629.99
low “B”, for better defini.99
5-String Cust Class J-Bass, Ebony Trans
tion and articulation.
American Deluxe
American Vintage
J-Bass® FMT
‘75 J-Bass®
The FMT (Figured Maple Top) basses are the cream of the crop
in Fender®’s line of pro basses! It sports a host of upgraded features
including neck, body, pickup and electronic designs-all the latest refinements.
These gorgeous, handYour Low Payment:
Only $48/mo.
crafted American Deluxe
by Fender
List $2249.97
J-Basses boast figured
.97 Maple over Alder.
American Deluxe Jazz Bass with Figured Maple
Thumb-slapping funk was perfected on the Jazz
Bass®. Standout features on this classic 70s-era instrument
include contrasting bound fingerboards, 3-knob controls, and block
inlays. . Other features include a solid ash
Your Low Payment:
Only $42/mo.
body, “bullet” truss rod
by Fender
List $1949.99
and three-bolt Micro-Tilt JBass75RNAT
Top and Hardshell Case
neck adjustment.
American Vintage ‘75 Jazz Bass with Hardshell Case
‘64 Jazz Bass®
American Deluxe
The ‘64 Jazz Bass® conjures up images of every
classic electric group one can think of. Meticulously
built to replicate the original, these models feature alder bodies,
maple necks with round-lam rosewood fingerboards, tortoise shell pickguards, and original spec pickups. Part of Fender’s Time Machine™ Series, the 64
J-Bass’ Closet Classic finish makes it look just the tiniest bit worn, like it had been
played a few times then
Your Low Payment:
Only $66/mo.
carefully tucked away
by Fender
somewhere. It inlcudes
List $3139.99
.99 a brown textured vinyl
Time Machine Series ‘64 Jazz Bass with Closet
Classic Finish and Brown Vinyl Case
case, strap, and cable.
Zone Bass™
A unique voice among Fender’s basses! This instrument features
exotic tone woods (Walnut top over Mahogany or Maple top over Alder) and a
sleek, lighter, body shape. The American Deluxe Zone Bass™ incorporates a
host of new features, including new special design Zone Humbucking pickups, an
18-volt power supply, and unique circuitry
Your Low Payment:
Only $42/mo.
designed to enhance the
by Fender
List $1949.99
natural sound and tonal ZBassADAMB
Deluxe Zone Bass™
American J-Bass®
Innovation in an affordable package! The sleek
Deluxe Zone™ bass offers the popular Precision/
Jazz pickup configuration. The P-style pickups offer flush-mounted
Alnico magnets. Neck-position pickups add more definition and top-end
response to their full-bodied output. The J-style pickup in the bridge-position is
a fully customized version of Fender’s Deluxe Active Jazz Bass® pickup. 1/4”
Alnico magnets and
Your Low Payment:
Only $19/mo.
vintage-style construction
by Fender
List $899.99
flesh out the tone with
Deluxe Zone Bass with Precision/Jazz Pickup
mid-range punch and
low-end growl.
American Deluxe Zone Bass with Flamed
Maple Top and Hardshell Case
Originally introduced in 1960, the Jazz Bass®
has become a staple for players of all genres and
has set the standard for bass tone. This version of the American
J-Bass® is crafted from solid, premium Alder body and features the
original body radius and contours: slim neck, offset-waist body, two single-coil,
bi-pole pickups, and offers player-friendly refinements such as detailed fret and nut
work, a 3-ply parchment pickguard and a
Your Low Payment:
Only $29/mo.
graphite-reinforced neck
by Fender
with rolled edges. Pure JBassAMM3SB
List $1377.99
Fender styling inside
American Series Jazz Bass with Hardshell Case
and out!
(800) 222-4700 •
bass guitars
Parker Fly bass!
Your Low Payment:
by Parker
4-String Fly Bass with DiMarzio Ultra-Jazz
Pickups and Fishman Piezo Pickup System
Only $69/mo.
List $3198.00
With the unique shape and lightweight
body (just 7 lbs!), the Fly Bass is pure
Parker, offering unmatched range with
two custom-wound DiMarzio Ultra-Jazz
pickups and a Fishman active piezo pickup
preamp/mixer system.
The i5 bass guitar represents a totally new bass design
for Brian Moore’s i2000 series. This 5-string bass features
a 3 piece neck thru
construction, highly
Your Low Payment:
Only $57/mo.
figured maple top, active
by Brian Moore Guitars
List $2514.00
.97 electronics, and 13-pin
5-String Bass Guitar with 13-Pin RMC System
MIDI connector.
and Hardshell Case
The special 5 P-Bass
The affordable Squier® P-Bass Special 5 features
special string spacing — they’ve spaced them out just
a little bit so they feel natural and comfortable while playing, not
tight and crowded. The
Your Low Payment:
Only $10/mo.
4-and-1 headstock is
by Squier
List $448.99
ergonomically designed
5-String Standard Precision Bass Special 5
for easy tuning.
- 3-Color Sunburst
Standard J-Bass
The Squier Standard Jazz Bass features many
Fender J-Bass appointments including an off-set waist body,
ultra slim fast-action neck and full-range bi-pole pickups. If you
yearn to play the legendYour Low Payment:
Only $10/mo.
ary J-Bass, don’t get
by Squier
caught with a “knock-off,”
List $365.99
keep it in the family with
Standard Jazz Bass - Candy Apple Red
a Squier!
PRS Electric Bass
Players say the PRS Electric Bass
feels instantly familiar from the very start! It’s an
excellent example of PRS’s special character! Features swamp
ash body dressed in a natural finish and abalone bird inlays.
by Paul Reed Smith
Bass Guitar with Maple Top, Abalone Bird
Inlays, and Hardshell Case
List $2880.00
i4 Cherry Sunburst
Brian Moore brings their high-standards of quality and
innovation to the bass player with the i4 bass. The comfort
contoured body of the
Your Low Payment:
Only $30/mo.
iBass fits you like a glove
by Brian Moore Guitars
List $1304.00
and provides maximum
Bass Guitar with Highly Figured Maple Top and
performance ease.
Hardshell Case
Les Paul Standard Bass
The distinctive look, feel and sound of a Les Paul bass
with the flair that only Epiphone could deliver! With a Heritage
Cherry finish, chrome hardware, a maple neck and an alder body,
this is one bass you
won’t want to pass on!
Your Low Payment:
Only $13/mo.
Features a set neck, dual
by Epiphone
List $699.00
bass humbuckers, and a
Les Paul Standard Bass - Heritage Cherry
three-point bridge.
Jack Cassady Bass
Developed with Jack Cassady, bass player for
groundbreaking rock bands Hot Tuna and Jefferson
Airplane, this long scale
Your Low Payment:
Only $22/mo.
electric bass is capable
by Epiphone
List $1199.00
of producing a “natural”
Jack Casady Signature Semi-Acoustic Bass
- Classic Metallic Gold
bass tone.
Get the BASS-ics!
Your Low Payment:
by Squier
Affinity Bass Pak with Bass Guitar, Gig Bag,
Practice Amp, and More
The Bass Pak is an unbeatable value! It’s
an excellent “starter kit” for any aspiring
bassist, and it also makes a great gift
for any bass fledglings in the family. The
Bass Pak includes a Squier Affinity Series
P-Bass, gig bag, Fender
Frontman amplifier 15B,
Only $10/mo.
strap, Fender cable, and
List $498.99
a Fender instructional
B-1 Acoustic Bass
Now bass players can experience Martin quality
and tone at an affordable price. The comfortable body shape
and large size gives the acoustic bass the extra projection and
low end “punch” needed
by Martin
List $1499.00
in a bass guitar, but the
overall tone is crisp and
Jumbo Acoustic Bass Guitar with Hardshell
guitar & bass fx
(800) 222-4700 •
Get the VG-88 Patch list at
VG-88 version 2.0
Plug into the VG-88 and get ready for the
COSM® ride of your life! Simply put, the VG-88
V-Guitar System is one of the most powerful and
versatile effects tools for guitarists in existence.
It’s a complete ecosystem for the guitar, offering
up faithful simulations of the world’s greatest
guitars and amplifiers via advanced COSM
technology. Version 2.0 ups the ante, with three
new COSM guitar models, 18 new amps, new effects, five types of COSM wah models and more! But guitar
modeling, effects, and instant alternate tunings aren’t all the VG-88 is capable of. In addition to some of the
coolest guitar-oriented stuff you’ve ever heard, like overdriven amp sounds and tube amp tones, the VG-88 can
also deliver mind-blowing nylon-string, brass and even synthesizer-like sounds, all with natural playing nuances
and no delay.
Your Low Payment:
Only $24/mo.
by Roland
List $995.00
V-Guitar System featuring COSM Guitar, Amp,
Effects, and Wah Modeling
V-Guitar System w/Pickup
Roland’s V-Bass
The V-Bass lets you combine COSM® models of
every kind of bass, every kind of amp, pickup,
and mic, then mix them with unsurpassed effects,
instant alternate tunings, modeled upright, electric
and even synth basses, and polyphonic and bass
synthesis with no tracking delay. The GK-2B
Divided Pickup provides access to COSM technology and polyphonic effects.
Your Low Payment:
by Roland
V-Bass System featuring COSM Bass, Amp,
Effects, and Microphone Modeling
V-Bass System w/Pickup
Guitar to MIDI
If you’re looking to enter the world
of synthesis, sample-triggering
or MIDI sequencing using guitar
or bass, then this is your box.
Roland’s best and fastest-tracking guitar to MIDI converter yet, the GI-20 GK-MIDI
Interface detects the signal from any electric guitar or bass equipped with a GK2AH or GK-2B pickup, respectively, and lets you trigger synths and samplers, or
even record your playing as MIDI data. With its built-in USB MIDI port, the GI-20 is
perfect for computer-based recording.
Your Low Payment:
Only $11/mo.
by Roland
List $395.00
GK-MIDI Interface with Built-In USB MIDI Port
GK-MIDI Interface w/GK2A
Only $28/mo.
List $1195.00
Advanced 6-string
synth system
Have you ever wished you could play the synth
- from your guitar? Roland’s GR-33 can make your
GK-equipped guitar sound like a HUGE range of
instruments, from a horn section to a choir to a synth
and beyond. The variety and quality of the sounds
will blow you away! These are some of the richest
sounds available and will turn your giutar rig into and
entire band. Features include dedicated chorus and
reverb processing, plus 40 multi-effects, massive wave
memory, 384 instrument sounds, and more!
Your Low Payment:
by Roland
Guitar Synthesizer System with Chorus,
Reverb, and Multi-Effects
Guitar Synthesizer w/Pickup
Only $18/mo.
List $695.00
Guitar pickup
w/13-pin I/O!
Tool your standard electric guitar into
a synth-triggering monster! Roland’s industry-standard
MIDI Guitar Converter trigger installs easily on almost
any electric guitar and allows you to use all Roland’s
digital guitar products. The GK-2AH includes all the
same features and functions of the popular GK-2, but the
hexaphonic pickup is much thinner to fit on
Your Low Payment:
virtually any guitar. The
by Roland
GK-Kit is a permanent GK2A
installation kit for the
External Guitar MIDI Pickup
inside of your guitar or
Internal MIDI Guitar Pickup
Only $10/mo.
List $275.00
Super-fast MIDI tracking
Guitar MIDI conversion!
An earth-shaking device for guitarists who want to get the absolute most out of
their instrument, the G50 help you on your way to the outer edges of your musical
imagination! The G50 will make your instruYour Low Payment:
Only $17/mo.
ment more expressive
by Yamaha
than ever before, and G50
List $749.00
enable you to pursue
MIDI Converter for Guitar / Bass with 13Pin Cable
paths you’ve probably
MIDI Pickup for Guitar
only dreamed of.
Anyone serious about playing MIDI instruments with guitar needs to check out the
AX 100. The latest in a series of neural net
Your Low Payment:
Only $27/mo.
guitar-to-MIDI converters,
List $1195.00
the AX100 has incredibly
fast tracking and works
Neural Net Guitar MIDI Converter
with any standard guitar.
$1395.00 $1049.97
AX100SB Guitar Synth w/SB-676 Board
MIDI Pickup for Guitar
23’ Cable for the AX100
(800) 222-4700 •
guitar & bass fx
BOSS’ most powerful yet!
Learn more about the FREE included software.
BOSS’s first desktop, and most powerful guitar processor yet!
Packed with advanced COSM processing & modeled effects,
the GS-10 boasts a wealth of features for easy hook-up to
your computer-based audio production set-up, like a USB
port, bundled editing & recording software (see insert screen
shot image) & audio-to-USB conversion. The sound engine is
based on the flagship GT-6; inside you’ll find a whopping 48
hair-raising COSM modeled amps for guitar & bass. Each amp can be configured
to have three switchable channels, for even more sound range. A COSM mic
pre lets you process vocals or other mic
input sounds. Digital,
Your Low Payment:
Only $15/mo.
MIDI & balanced GS10
by Boss
List $595.00
analog I/O round out
Guitar Effects System for Guitar and Bass with
the package.
COSM Effects, and Built-In Speakers
Rugged box!
The ME-50 Guitar Multiple
Effects unit combines the
rough-and-ready durability and
convenience of a stompbox
with the powerful effects
fireworks of a major rackbased processor! Designed to work
seamlessly with your existing amp, the ME-50
offers up killer multi-effects for guitar such as COSM
overdrive and distortion
— some of BOSS’ finest!
Your Low Payment:
Only $10/mo.
The key to the ME-50 is
by Boss
List $345.00
simplicity - plug it in, dial
Guitar Multi-Effects Pedalboard with COSM
up tone and play!
Overdrive and Distortion and Dedicated Knobs
COSM bass and guitar amp
USB connection
Onboard stereo speakers
Loaded with a diverse selection of
great BOSS effects
Easy front-panel editing or with
bundled GS-10 editing software
Includes a Guitar/Bass input, XLR
Mic input, stereo Aux input and
S/PDIF output
From its striking gold
chassis to its lavish array
of knobs and pedals,
BOSS has outdone itself
with the GT-6. And that’s
just what’s on the outside,
under the hood is some of
the most advanced COSM modeling engine
ever created-complete with 30 amp models,
Your Low Payment:
plus all-new COSM
by Boss
Pedal Modeling & Wah
24-Bit Guitar Effects Pedalboard with COSM
Preamp and Digital Output
Modeling. The GT-6B is
Bass Effects Pedalboard
the bass version.
Only $12/mo.
List $495.00
Feature-rich FX Give your rig a boost
Your Low Payment:
by Zoom
Guitar Multi-Effects Pedalboard with Built-In
Drum Machine and Sampler
Bass Multi-Effect Pedalboard
This guitar multi-effects console is
packed with features! Not only does
the 707 II have multiple effects — 74
in all, with the ability to use 10 effects
at once — but it also sports a built-in
drum machine with 60 drum patterns on
board! There are three types of Acoustic
Simulation, and much, much more. 60
preset patches will get you
Only $10/mo.
up and running with an
additional 60 user presets
List $259.99
for you to create and store
your own patches! Play
more - for less!
Acoustic effects
Compact and easy to use
Shouldn’t your acoustic guitar effects be just as
portable as your acoustic guitar is? Say hello to
the convenient and pint-sized 504 II from Zoom.
The 504 II is a programmable multi-effect pedal
for acoustic guitars and a realistic, high-performance
acoustic guitar simulator for electric guitars. Capable
of authentic acoustic guitar
sounds, the 504 II provides
by Zoom
List $127.49
you with a range of tones
Acoustic Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal with Acousunlimited by space or
tic Simulators and Air Effect
system restrictions.
Multi-Effects Guitar Pedal
Multi-effects Bass Pedal
The GFX-5 delivers topquality effects and features
for the hard-gigging guitarist. The GFX-5 starts with 75
amazing guitar effects that
you can mix to create your
very own sound — plus, up
to 10 onboard effects can
be used simultaneously! You
can also dial in one of 30
Your Low Payment:
different emulated ampli- GFX5
by Zoom
fiers when you want to
Guitar Multi-Effects Pedalboard with Amp
play like the guitar heroes
Modeling and Built-In Drum Machine
of yesteryear!
Guitar Effects Pedalboard
Value-added processor
Only $10/mo.
List $349.99
Zoom’s 606 for guitar and 607 for
bass give musicians an enormous number
of effects options to explore for a very
reasonable price. Each pedal offers 35
fantastic effects types — 9 can be used
simultaneously — 42 patch locations, a
specific Drive knob selecting 11 Drive
Types (including 5 modeling effects and
3 types of Amp Simulation), Up/Down
Your Low Payment:
convenient Gain buttons
and an Expression Pedal! 606Zoom
by Zoom
Affordable effects pedal
Guitar Multi-Effects System with Built-In
Expression Pedal
that will help you get the
most from your axe.
607Zoom Multi-Effects Bass Gtr Pedal
Only $10/mo.
List $174.99
guitar & bass fx
(800) 222-4700 •
Get a list of ALL the modeled units here:
The mean red bean and its rack-based counterpart
were already on nearly every stage and in every
studio in the world. Why did Line 6 have to give
it more features and make it even more flexible?
When it sounds this good, who cares why? The
PODxt and the PODxt Pro prove you ain’t
heard nothing yet — 32 legendary and classic
amp models with tone from Line 6’s flagship Vetta;
22 cab and 4 mic models with on/off axis options;
over 40 stompbox and studio effects based on
their MM4 Modulation, DL4 Delay, and DM4
Distortion stompboxes, and USB port for direct
to digital recording. The PODxt Pro rack version
adds 24-bit/96k digital ins and outs (AES/EBU &
S/PDIF), and stereo effects loop.
Your Low Payment:
by Line 6
Rackmounted PODxt Guitar Amp and
Cabinet Modeler / Effects Processor
Guitar Amp Emulator
Only $21/mo.
The world’s most popular amplifier modeler! When
POD first arrived on the scene it revolutionized guitar
amp modeling. Now, POD is everywhere from the
biggest tours, records, and the rigs of some of the
biggest guitarists around. And the really cool thing is
that it doesn’t matter what style of music you play; if
you’re a guitarist, you’ll love the huge range of possibilities that the POD offers. The vast variety of amp
modeling pulls you in, and the remarkable detail and
realism of the sound keeps you. POD 2.0 features 32
models of some of the world’s most legendary amplifiers, 16 cabinets (POD not only “models” the amp or
cabinet, but also the way a real cabinet sounds when
recorded with a mic), 16 customizable studio effects,
Live/Studio modes, extensive programmability via
MIDI-adjustable parameters, and more. All settings
can be instantly tweaked and saved for further recall
from any of the onboard 36 presets.
Your Low Payment:
List $979.99
video audio
PODxt Pro
POD 2.0
by Line 6
Guitar Amp and Cabinet Modeler / Effects
Only $10/mo.
List $359.95
POD goes bass
Why should guitarists have a corner on the
world’s leading amp, tone, and effects modeling?
Bass PODxt and Bass PODxt Pro correct this
great imbalance with a jaw-dropping selection of
modeling power and versatility! Bass PODXT/Pro
features 29 modern and classic amp models, 23
cabinet models, 4 mic models and 64 channel
memories. Six simultaneous effects — including
models of classic distortion boxes, delays, choruses
and flangers, as well as synth effects, filter effects
and character-rich reverbs — can be routed to
meet unique sonic applications. In addition to the
features of Bass PODXT, Bass PODXT Pro contains
a complete selection of analog and digital
connections and other features.
Your Low Payment:
by Line 6
Rackmounted Bass PODxt Bass Amp and
Cabinet Modeler / Effects Processor
Bass Amp Modeler
Only $21/mo.
List $899.00
Modeling meets PC
Precise tone control
Vintage tone for feet
Get on the good foot with the Line 6 stompers,
programmable stomp boxes that deliver incredible
models of some of the coolest vintage effects ever!
The DL4 Delay Modeler offers vintage delays
and echoes, plus Tap Tempo control. The MM4
Modulation Modeler captures classic modulation
like chorus, phase, and flanger. The DM4 Distortion
Modeler cranks out the warm overdrive and fuzz
of yesteryear! The FM4 is loaded with classic and
brand new filter and mono synth effects.
Your Low Payment:
by Line 6
Vintage Delay and Echo Effects Modeler
Only $10/mo.
List $349.99
Distortion Stomp Box Modeler
Syncable Filter Modeler
Modulation Stomp Box Modeler
Intelligent rackmount versions of the Line 6 Studio
Modelers, packed with seemingly endless rhythmic
possibilities and amazing tone control. Features
include MIDI clock sync, tap tempo, and groundbreaking tempo controls that translate between
milliseconds and BPM. You can dial in anywhere
between a 16th-note triplet to a dotted whole-note,
and simply tap a tempo or lock to MIDI clock and
dial in the perfect note rhythm to match any groove at
any tempo. At this price, you could afford to upgrade
your studio with all three! The Echo Pro delay unit
and loop sampler with MIDI sync capabilities is like
having all the classic delay boxes in one, compact,
clean- sounding unit. The Filter Pro delivers incredible
models of filter effects. Mod Pro offers 16 modulation
effects based on vintage, classic, and just plain rare
devices. With Mod Pro, you can dial up effects in
seconds that used to take hours.
Your Low Payment:
by Line 6
Programmable Delay Unit and Loop Sampler
with MIDI Sync
Only $10/mo.
List $699.99
Studio Filter Modeler
Pro Rack Modulation Modeler
GuitarPort represents a revolution in music technology! It not only adds tons of great PODxt-based
modeling on your
PC desktop, but
it also offers a
library a library of
hundreds of classic
tracks available on
line (via an inexpensive subscription
service) for you to jam
along to, and they’ve
included everything you
need to reproduce the
original. Ever wished
you were laying down
Ladyland or jamming
along with Stevie Ray
Vaughan’s Double Trouble?
GuitarPort can make that dream real. GuitarPort also
lets you jam along with CDs and MP3s, and includes
a host of guitar-oriented tools.
Your Low Payment:
by Line 6
Guitar Amp / Cabinet / Microphone / Effects
Modeler with USB PC Interface
Only $10/mo.
List $229.99
guitar & bass fx
Bass Xciter
Guitar Xciter
Punch Factory Optical Compressor Guitar
Pedal with Balanced DI Output
by Morley
PVO Classic Volume Pedal with Electo-Optical
List $89.00
“Heavy” guitar effects Major guitar effects docsi Cabinet simulator
With 9 simultaneous effects, the G-Force is a
powerhouse, an infinitely configurable processor in a
single rackspace. The G-Force’s unique matrix lets you
easily route and run the effects in any combination
and order. The effects include Delay, Pan/Tremolo,
Chorus/Flanger, Drive, Reverb, Filter/EQ, Compressor,
and Pitch.
Your Low Payment:
by TC Electronic
24-Bit Fully Programmable Rackmount Guitar
Effects Processor with 8 Simultaneous Effects
Only $44/mo.
List $1795.00
Bass tone in a rack!
Get a truckload of bass amps from a single rack
space! Just like its popular pedal predecessor, the
SansAmp RBI offers an entire sound spectrum of
the most coveted traditional and modern bass amp
systems, including overdriven tones that typically
require a complex mass of gizmos that weren’t even
designed for bass in the first place - get started right
out of the box!
Your Low Payment:
Only $10/mo.
by Tech 21
List $395.00
Rackmount Bass PreAmp with Effects Loop and
2 Direct Outputs
American Woman
Tech 21’s American Woman
the tone of one of the most
recognized guitar solos in the
history of rock. It was developed
at the suggestion of Randy
Bachman after purchasing Tech
21’s SansAmp PSA-1 pre-amp.
Discover this timeless pedal that
celebrates American music!
The G-Major gives you single-button access to noise
gate blocks of effects like delay, reverb, chorus,
flange, pitch shifter, filter, modulation, compressor,
each with up to five specific effects. For immediate
remote access to fundamental functions of the GMajor, try the G-Minor, a convenient multi-purpose
triple footswitch! Your Low Payment:
Only $15/mo.
by TC Electronic
Rackmount Guitar Effects Processor with 7
Simultaneous Effects
MIDI Footswitch for GMajor
by Tech 21
Randy Bachman Signature Overdrive Pedal
SansAmp PSA-1 has become the “go to” emulator in
countless studios, packing one of the largest selections
of amp, harmonic generation, cabinet simulation and
equalization tone-shaping features you’ll find. It’s
digitally programmable with 100% analog circuitry,
49 factory presets, 49 user locations and more.
Your Low Payment:
by Tech 21
Fully Programmable Guitar Amplifier and
Cabinet Emulation Processor
Only $18/mo.
List $795.00
Tube for acoustics
Jazzed-up bass
The SansAmp Acoustic DI provides tube/
microphone emulation specifically for the acoustic
guitar player! Remove
unwanted feedback &
provide the natural warmth
and presence of a properly
miked acoustic guitar. It’s
designed to go direct into
the mixer or a conventional
guitar amp.
Your Low Payment:
Only $10/mo.
by Tech 21
List $225.00
The SansAmp Bass Driver is a preamp DI that
delivers the warmth, presence, and punch of a mikedup bass system. Use the
Drive control to dial in
just the right amount of
grit, then shape your
sound by using the
2-band active EQ and
presence control.
Tube/Microphone Emulation Processor for
Acoustic Guitar
Your Low Payment:
by Tech 21
Tube Amplifier Emulation Processor with
DI Output
Only $10/mo.
List $225.00
Acoustic stomp
Legendary Crybaby
The AG Stomp
lays the ultimate
acoustic tone right
at your feet. With
Modeling (AMM)
achieve a fuller, more natural sounding acoustic/
electric tone.
THE classic wah! Every guitarist needs the vintage
wah sounds this pedal produces. This
is the original, the one that made
the whole world weep.
Don’t be afraid to put
your foot down: the
Crybaby’s die-cast
steel construction can
take it!
Your Low Payment:
Only $10/mo.
by Dunlop
List $147.90
Your Low Payment:
List $699.00
Morley’s tried and
true (and widely-used)
volume pedal. The
PVO features ElectroOptical circuitry and
AUDIO taper that
allows for smooth, studio quiet volume control.
Minimum Volume knob is used for a smooth transition
between rhythm and lead volumes. The PVO works
with BASS guitar too!
Acoustic Xciter Aural Exciter with Optical Big
Bottom Effects Pedal for Acoustic Guitar
For studio or stage, the Aphex
Punch Factory gives you a
sonic boost, extending the sensitivity of an instrument and filling the volume envelope
for a bigger, fuller sound. Bass and guitar players will
discover their instruments are capable of a whole new
range of sounds — ranging from an increased depth
to a powerful punch — just by simply turning the
Punch Factory’s control knob. Plug in and re-discover
your guitar!
Your Low Payment:
Only $10/mo.
by Aphex
List $199.00
Aphex brings their powerful
technology directly to the stage
with three effects pedals tuned
expressly for acoustic, electric and bass guitar. All
three models in the X-Citer Series come equipped
with the legendary Aphex Aural Exciter with Optical
Big Bottom, bringing pro quality effects to the guitarists
out there.
Your Low Payment:
Only $10/mo.
by Aphex
List $199.00
More punch! Volume pedal
(800) 222-4700 •
by Yamaha
Acoustic Guitar Preamp with Microphone
Only $12/mo.
List $649.00
Cry Baby Classic Wah-Wah Pedal
(800) 222-4700 •
guitar & bass fx
Tabletop tubes for guitarists
Pocket full of power
The desktop Valvetronix!
The compact ToneLab from Vox faithfully models the
famous amp sounds loved by guitarists around the
world, ranging from hard-to-find vintage amps to
high-end modern amps. In addition, ToneLab’s
Valve Reactor power amp circuit reproduces
the sound and feel of multiple vacuum tube
power amps to deliver every detail of
warm, fat tube amp sound. ToneLab
boasts advanced features not found on
Valvetronix amplifiers, such as separate
speaker cabinet modeling which produces
an unmatched spatial sense even when you use the line
output and MIDI I/O for program transfer & editing. In addition
Tonelab provides an S/P DIF jack for high-quality digital recording.
Modeling and Effects: Starting with VOX’s own AC30, the 16 types of historic amp sounds
in Tonelab cover a wide range of tonal possibilities. Additionally, cabinet modeling reproduces
the acoustical character of 10 different types of cabinet shapes and speaker types. Effects? Each one of the 22
effects in ToneLab is a carefully crafted model of one of a variety of sought after classic and popular effects.
All are organized into categories of Drive, Modulation, Delay, and Reverb, and deliver quality that rivals
stand-alone units. From standard effects such as compressor, overdrive, chorus, and tremolo, through to effects
like rotary speaker, acoustic simulator, tape echo, and auto wah, this single unit is all you need to create a rich
variety of effect sounds. 48 preset programs of a combination of amp, cabinet and effects are available for you
to get started right out of the box while another 48 presets are user configurable so you’ll have plenty of room
to create your own sounds! The ToneLab from Vox is a tabletop of tube tone - plug into it today!
Your Low Payment:
by Vox
Desktop Amp Modeling Processor with Amp and Speaker Cabinet Modeling, MIDI, and S/PDIF I/O
The ultra compact PX4 is a killer
guitar effects processor that you
can slip into your pocket, with an
extensive menu of 124 high-quality
effects. It faithfully recreates the
sounds of 14 of the world’s most
coveted guitar amps, from high-end
tubes to rare vintage models. 40 rhythm
and bass patterns cover all styles .
Your Low Payment:
by Korg
Compact Effects Processor with Amp Modeling
and Built-In Rhythm and Bass Patterns
Pandora Multi-FX for Bass
Only $10/mo.
List $250.00
Whammy 4 delivers the same
incredible effects that made
the original a must have for
guitarists, the same hair-raising
“dive bomb” effects, gripping
pitch bends and lightning harmony
shifts (just to name a few). But they’ve been updated
and enhanced, plus a MIDI In jack has been added
for the ultimate in versatility.
Your Low Payment:
Dive bomb!
Only $14/mo.
List $600.00
by Digitech
Whammy Guitar Pedal Pedal with MIDI In
Only $10/mo.
List $249.00
Step into big guitars
Practice partner
The BassFX puts formidable
effects processing technology
at your feet for an incredibly
low price! This full-featured DSP
modulation effects, delays and
reverbs in a compact, easy-to-use
pedalboard for stage and studio.
Alesis’ GuitarFX gives guitarists
incredible distortion, pro amp
modeling, modulation effects,
delays and reverbs, all in a
compact pedalboard. The intuitive
user-interface delivers Alesis’ DSP
technology in the form of 100
Preset/User programs - with easy front
panel control!
Your Low Payment:
Learning that guitar or vocal
part has never been easier
than with the CD-GT1, the
ideal way to learn your
favorite artist’s techniques. Put in any standard CD,
plug your guitar or mic directly into the 1/4” input,
and you’re set! Slow Speed feature lets you slow the
speed of the CD by as much as 50%, without changing the pitch!
Your Low Payment:
Only $10/mo.
by Tascam
List $199.00
Step into big bass
by Alesis
Digital Bass Effects and Amp Modeling Pedal
Only $10/mo.
List $149.00
by Alesis
Digital Guitar Effects and Amp Modeling Pedal
Acoustic Guitar Multi-Effects
List $139.00
Portable Guitar CD Rehearsal Tool with Adjustable Tempo and Loop Creation
Bass CD Phrase Trainer/FX
Looping tool
Twice as nice
Line 6 foot controller
With a full 198
seconds of looping capability, the Echoplex is a versatile musician’s
tool, offering guitarists, vocalists, percussionists, and
all instrumentalists cutting-edge digital recording,
sampling, looping, and delay. Operation of its
looping function is simple. Touch the button to start
recording. Touch it again to begin playback. Up to
nine separate loops, each with unlimited overdubs!
AdrenaLinn II is an awardwinning effects processor for
guitar, keyboard or bass
that combines 3 products
in one: A beat-synched
multi-effects processor; a superb
amp modeler with 24 superb models of new
and classic guitar amps and a programmable drum
machine with 200 drumbeats and over 40 sounds.
In the studio or on stage,
Line 6 Floor Board
foot controller provides
freedom and functionality to your Line 6 product. The Floor Board has two
main modes of operation: Channel Select and Effect
On/Off. Effect On/Off gives you instant direct access
to your digital guitar amp’s effects. Channel Select
gives you seamless switching between all of your
amp’s channels.
Your Low Payment:
by Gibson
Digital Recording / Sampling / Delay
Foot Controller for Echoplex
Only $23/mo.
List $1300.00
Your Low Payment:
Only $12/mo.
by Roger Linn Design
List $499.00
Effect Pedal with Filters and Amp Modeling and
Beat-Synced Effects, Loops, and Arpeggios
Guitar Effects Pedal
Your Low Payment:
by Line 6
Floor Board Foot Controller for Line 6
Only $10/mo.
List $369.99
23 seconds of digital echos
Only $10/mo.
by Boss
Advanced EQ 10-Band Programmable EQ
List $299.00
Drive Zone Overdrive/Distortion Pedal with
Attack Shape and Heavy Octave Controls
EQ for bass
Only $10/mo.
List $249.00
by Boss
List $124.50
Bass-synth grind audio
by Boss
List $110.50
Your Low Payment:
by Boss
Bass Chorus Pedal with Low Filter
The OD-20 Drive Zone delivers
all your favorite overdrive sounds
via advanced COSM technology!
You get 22 classic bone-crunching
models. “Attack Shape” and “Heavy
Octave” knobs give you control over your sound.
Only $10/mo.
7-Band Bass Equalizer with Level
Control Knob
Get loud
List $249.00
Lush, rich chorus, optimized for bass
frequencies! One of the best effects
pedals for bass that we’ve ever heard.
The Bass Chorus pedal allows bassists a greater freedom of expression and
a more compelling sound.
Only $10/mo.
Chorus Ensemble Pedal with Brilliance and
Ambience Control
The world’s first programmable,
digital 10-band graphic equalizer
pedal for guitarists and bassists,
the EQ-20 advanced EQ allows
you to store and instantly recall nine
different EQ settings.
Your Low Payment:
by Boss
Lush bass tone
Tweak your bass tone until it’s perfect! The
GEB-7 is a 7-band equalizer specifically
for the frequency range of electric bass.
Since the frequency extends down to the
50Hz range, the GEB-7 is also great for
adding depth to acoustic guitars!
Maximum EQ
List $195.00
V-Wah Programmable COSM Modeling Wah
Pedal with 3 Modes and Overdrive/Distortion
Your Low Payment:
Only $10/mo.
by Boss
Your Low Payment:
Anyone looking for a comprehensive
chorus effects pedal for guitar, look
no further. The programmable CE-20
Chorus Ensemble offers a host of
classic chorus models like the CE-1
plus entirely new chorus effects.
The PW-10 V-Wah™ programmable
modeling wah pedal from BOSS gives you
instant access to six classic and modern
wah sounds, as well as brand new
“Double Resonance,” “Uni-Vibe” and
List $124.50
by Boss
Bass Overdrive Pedal with 2-Band
V-Wah™...V-Wow!!! audio Total chorus
Looking for that fuzzy, aggressive bass
sound of today’s music? You’ve found
it with the ODB-3! You get the bonequaking bass distortion that you hear in
today’s techno, industrial, and metal.
Acoustic Preamp and Direct Box
Fuzzy bass tone
Standard piezo pickups can make
your acoustic guitar sound thin. The
AD preamps beef up the sound of your
amplified acoustic guitar. The AD-8
transforms your acoustic tone into the
rich, warm, studio-miked sound of six of the world’s
greatest acoustic guitars using advanced COSM
acoustic guitar modeling. Operating this powerful
floor-based processor couldn’t be easier. You select the
model via the Body Type control, while the Body and
String Enhance features simulate the modeled mics in
a typical two-mic studio setup. The AD-8 has a built-in
TU-2-based automatic chromatic tuner, a four-band
EQ, with sweepable mids, footswitchable memory
locations for recalling favorite sounds, and more!
The AD-5 performas similar magic on your amplfied
acoustic guitar, but without the COSM modeling. It
features high-quality Roland reverb, chorus, and antifeedback effects, and a specially voiced preamp with
four band EQ.
Your Low Payment:
Only $10/mo.
by Boss
List $395.00
List $104.50
Bass Limiter and Enhancer Pedal
No more piezo chill!
by Boss
Acoustic Guitar Effects Processor with COSM
Acoustic Guitar Modeling Technology
List $299.00
The RC-20 Loop Station is the answer
to many live performers’ dreams—a
compact phrase recording and
sampling pedal that’s actually easy
to use. A long sampling time of up
to 5 min. 30 seconds makes it possible to record an
entire song, while an Overdub function allows for
the creation of “sound-on-sound” loops in real time.
Thanks to helpful Guide Click and Loop Quantize
functions, its easier than ever to create perfect loops.
And once a loop has been created, either by stepping
on the pedal or using Auto Start, a Real-time Tempo
Change feature permits changing its tempo without
changing its pitch—simply by tapping the pedal in
time with the music. The RC-20’s memory can store up
to 10 looped phrases and one “one-shot” phrase; it
won’t lose your loops when you turn it off. Hands-free
control and Mic and Auxiliary inputs make the RC-20
an essential effect pedal for guitarists, bassists and
other musicians looking to create and play back loops
“on the fly.”
Your Low Payment:
Only $10/mo.
by Boss
List $399.00
The LMB-3 delivers total control over
your dynamic range using the limiter effect
and the unsurpassed brilliance of an enhancer circuit designed specifically for the electric bass.
Get loopy on stage
Loop Station Compact Phrase Recording and
Sampling Pedal
The DD-20 Giga Delay is in a class by itself! You get up to 23 seconds of delay
— more than ANY other pedal! Plus, the DD-20 offers seamless program change;
you can switch programs and have whatever delay is already sounding continue
until it would have naturally faded out. You can quickly set delay
Your Low Payment:
time via a push-button knob. Tap tempo is also
by Boss
supported without need for an external pedal. DD20
11 delay modes offer everything from analog
Giga Delay Digital Delay Pedal with 11 Delay
Modes and up to 23 Seconds of Delay
and tape delay to reverse delay and more.
Bass Limiter/
WAAAY more delay!
guitar & bass fx
(800) 222-4700 •
A bass synth in a compact floor pedal!
The SYB-3 can turn any electric bass
guitar into a dance, techno, hip-hop,
funk or R&B machine, molding a
“straight” bass sound into any number
of today’s popular synth bass sounds.
Your Low Payment:
by Boss
Bass Synthesizer Pedal with Auto Wah
Only $10/mo.
List $299.00
guitar & bass fx
(800) 222-4700 •
Metal Zone Pedal. Super gain tubesounding distortion, built-in 3-band EQ,
and sweepable mids.
Hard distortion for guitar and keyboards.
An onboard TONE control lets you tailor
your overall sound to your liking.
Tuner pedal, does not use battery power
until activated by stepping on the pedal.
Boss Distortion Pedal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $39.97
audio #DS1
Boss MetalZone® Pedal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $89.97
Boss Guitar Tuner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$89.97
Boss Automatic Guitar/Bass Tuner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$68.14
Over 5 seconds of delay time, tap tempo
without external footswitch, and reverse
mode make this a versatile delay pedal.
A wealth of great compression! Go from
gentle compression to squeezed sounds,
plus EQ for precise sonic control.
Classic Boss flanger with thick stereo
flanging sounds, plus 2 new modes, Ultra
and Gate/Pan, plus tap tempo.
Boss Phase Shifter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$99.97
All the WAH you need! Choose between
fixed and auto wah, or the ’Humanizer’
for creating human-voice type sounds!
High quality octave effects in a single
stomp! The OC-3 Polyphonic Octave
pedal is packed with features!
The Digital Delay pedal offers 3
delay time modes, for everything from
slapback to bold echos.
Top quality tremolo effects. Dedicated
‘Wave,’ ‘Rate’ and ‘Depth’ knobs deliver
a wide range of possible styles.
Acoustic guitar processor lets you
deliver a clean, clear amplified
acoustic guitar tone.
audio #AD3
Boss Tremolo Pedal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $89.97
Power converters
Roland and BOSS power
converters for effects pedals
and other devices.
Roland 9 Volt AC adapter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $21.39
Roland 9 Volt AC Adapter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $21.97
Boss Acoustic Simulator Pedal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $109.97
A next-generation pitch shifting pedal!
Great pitch shifting, harmonies, detuning, and wild tremolo arm/flutter effects.
Electric to acoustic with a tap of your
foot. The AC-2 lets you create realistic
acoustic tones from your electric guitar.
Boss Acoustic Instrument Processor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$179.97
Turbo distortion. Mode One produces
warm, mellow distortion. Mode two
provides the bite you need for leads.
Boss Turbo Distortion Pedal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $89.97
Boss Digital Reverb and Delay Pedal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$179.97
Boss Digital Delay Pedal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $109.97
6 distinct reverbs including new spring
reverb emulation, gate reverb and a
Modulate mode for spacious sounds.
Boss Dual Octave Pedal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $119.97
Boss Dynamic Wah . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$99.97
Boss Super Shifter Guitar Pedal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $169.97
#CE5 Boss Stereo Chorus Ensemble Pedal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $79.99
Boss Stereo Super Chorus Pedal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $79.97
The Phase Shifter pedal provides a
wealth of “syncable” vintage and modern
phasing effects!
Creates the full range of stereo chorus
effects. Includes high and low pass filters
for maximum flexibility.
Sharp sounds with clear highs, and a
stereo effect that varies between the left
and right speakers.
Boss 7-band EQ Pedal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $89.97
Boss Super Overdrive Pedal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $49.97
Extremely quiet EQ with silent FET
switching. 7 bands of EQ in the optimum range for guitar.
Boss Overdrive Pedal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $99.97
A classic warm, smooth overdrive sound
that’s perfect for leads. A tone control is
also provided for precise adjustment.
Boss Mega Distortion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $79.97
Rich, fat dynamic overdrive that’s miles
warmer than the harsh buzzsaw distortion of many effects pedals.
Boss BluesDriver® Pedal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $89.97
Boss Overdrive/Distortion Pedal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$74.97
Mega distortion. Perhaps BOSS’s heaviest
distortion pedal. Distortion so savage and
vicious it’ll leave scars.
Authentic tube amp tones. The warm
overdrive and emotive vintage distortion
tone that screams tubesque!
The OS-2 gives you a choice of overdrive
or distortion, or you can even combine
the two -- all in a single compact pedal!
Boss Flanger . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$109.97
#CS3 Boss Compression Sustainer Pedal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$79.97
Boss Digital Delay Pedal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $169.97
Parallel DC Cords for up
to 8 BOSS Pedals. Use
this with the PSA120
Power Supply.
A convenient way to set up all
your effects. Padded interior
can be customized to fit a range of gear from BOSS
compact and Twin Pedals to effects from other manufacturers. Includes power supply and cables.
Boss Power Adapter for TU2, NS2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $11.10
Pedal Board . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $179.97
(800) 222-4700 •
guitar amps
Two amps in one
Read more about
this two-in-one amp!
Valve-driven Marshall
To legions of axe slingers, “Marshall” means “guitar
power.” The company’s reputation for designing the
most volcanic guitar amps to ever loom over a stage
is unequalled. The award-winning MODE Four
is everything you’d expect from a Marshall and
more! Boasting more gain than any other Marshall,
the MODE Four offers 350 Watts of unadulterated
Marshall power, a unique “two amps in one”
design, and ground-breaking power-amplifier
technology. Other features include series/parallel
FX loop, studio quality digital reverb, and
Your Low Payment:
Only $36/mo.
emulated outputs! The four modes of this versatile
by Marshall
List $1699.00
hybrid beast create breathtaking cleans; classic
Mode Four 350W Hybrid Head with 2 Independent
Marshall crunch; ferocious JCM800 roar and the
Preamp Sections and 4 Footswitchable Modes
sickest, low-end heavy, modern high gain sound
4x12 Mode Four Slant Cabinet
$1299.00 $899.97
known to man.
Monstrous Marshall roar…
…in a portable amplifier that fits just fine in your bedroom. The
AVT50’s two, footswitch supplies channels deliver glistening
clean tones and a roaring crunch that just oozes vintage
authenticity. Crank the overdrive to the max and you have a high
gain sound that packs an unbelievable punch, yet stays tight and
focused thanks to the well-designed closed-back cab. The AVT50
is also available as just an amplifier head. The AVT412A cabinet
is designed to complement the AVT50 head, providing a solid
punch and tight low-end response. It houses four custom-voiced
Celestion 12” speakers, handles up to 200W RMS power, and
has all the road worthiness you expect from Marshall. The quality
of the AVT20’s Clean and Overdrive channels has to be heard
to be believed!
by Marshall
50W 1x12 Combo Amp with Reverb
4x12 Angled Cabinet
It will, it will
rock you
Vox has teamed with Queen
guitarist Brian May to offer
a fantastic-sounding amp at
a less than Queenly price. The Brian May Vox is
a reproduction of May’s home-built amp that helped
create one of rock’s most recognizable guitar tones.
Your Low Payment:
by Vox
Brian May Special 10W 6.5” Combo Amp
Only $10/mo.
List $199.99
Classic Brit-amp
A generation of bands rode to
fame on the back of the Vox
AC30! Its look and tube tone
are probably as emblematic of
the 60s British Invasion as a sport
coat made out of the Union Jack.
Your Low Payment:
30W 2x12” Tube Combo Amplifier
by Vox
300W 4x12 Angled Speaker Cabinet
300W 4x12 Straight Speaker Cabinet
Only $15/mo.
List $699.00
4x12 Straight Cabinet
20W 1x10 Combo Amp
The practice amp thousands
of guitarists have been waiting
for — a tiny Marshall under
$100! The 1x8” MG15CD
combo delivers superb tone
- from pristine clean to out
and out filth!
Your Low Payment:
by Marshall
15 Watt 1x8 Combo Amplifier with 2 Channels
and CD Input
List $2250.00
Only $10/mo.
List $139.00
VOX tone meets Korg tech
The VOX Valvetronix modeling amps knocked us all for a loop when
they first appeared. They were a flawless combination of VOX’s own
time-tested amp design with Korg’s ToneWorks effects expertise. The
AD Series (in both their combo and amp head versions) offer an arsenal
of the acclaimed sounds, including the Valve Reactor power amp section that recreates classic tube power amp response. The AD120 and
AD60 recreate 16 of the world’s most sought after amps, the ones with
the distinctive tones that guitarists really go nuts for, like VOX’s ACs,
classic tweeds, and many other greats. There are also programmable
effects (21 effects plus noise reduction), a built-in Korg auto-chromatic
tuner, and an effects loop. It sports the traditional VOX look with deep
blue grillcloth with red and green diamond stitching and gold piping.
Every amp head needs a speaker, and the AD412 and AD212 were
designed to complement the AD120 and AD60 amp head. Both
can operate at 4 and 16 Ohms mono, as well as 8 Ohms stereo for
optimum flexibility.
Your Low Payment:
by Vox
Valvetronix 120W Stereo 2x12” Modeling Combo Amplifier
Only $48/mo.
Your Low Payment:
50W Head 2-Ch w/Reverb
100W 3-Channel All-Tube Amp Head with
Two great Marshall gain
channels and one clean
channel that sounds “a little
bit Fender.” With three independent channels and
many innovative features, the TSL all-valve guitar amp
puts control, flexibility and tone at your fingertips.
Nothing adds punch like a Marshall cabinet, and a
Model 1960 speaker cabinet is the final link in your
guitar chain!
Your Low Payment:
Only $43/mo.
by Marshall
List $2050.00
Vlvtrnix 60Watt 1x12 Combo
Valvetronix 120 Watt Head
Valvetronix 120 Watt Stereo
Valvetronix 60 Watt Head
Vlvtrnix 60Watt 1x12 Combo
Only Call/mo.
Valvetronix 4x12 Cabinet
Valvetronix 2x12 Cabinet
Valvetronix Foot Controller
Valvetronix Footswitch Cont
guitar amps
Hot Rod Amps
Your Low Payment:
by Fender
40W 1x12” All Tube Preamp and Power Amplifier
While other modeling amp
manufacturers are good at
signal processing, Fender is
good at amplifiers. Period.
And who better to deliver
a tone emulator than one
of the most emulated
companies ever? Fender’s
Cyber Amplifiers go one
step beyond modeling as
you’ve known it to give you
access to the distinctive tones
of every amplifier you can imagine. The Cyber Amps reroute the signal path
for each amp simulation, reconfiguring the internal analog components in
combination with DSP. The result is astounding accuracy, replicating classic
tube amps that respond to knob tweaks just like the originals. Choose, say,
the ’59 4x10 Fender Bassman, and the Cyber-Twin® effectively becomes the
Bassman, maintainYour Low Payment:
Only $37/mo.
ing the Bassman’s
by Fender
List $1749.99
130W 2x12” Amp with 35 Classic Amp Circuits
its range
and 85 Custom Presets
of volumes and
$1499.99 $1059.97
CyberTwinHD 130W Amp Head
tones, all adjustable!
CyberDeluxe 65W 1x12” Amp
Foot Control for Cyber-Series Amps
Only $17/mo.
List $799.99
60W 2x12” Hot Rod Series Amp
60W 4x10” Hot Rod Series Amp
Legendary Fender® tone
The FM 212R combo matches Fender® tone
and reliability with 100 watts of juiced-up power
being pushed through two 12” Fender® Special
Design drivers. This versatile amp features three
channels (Clean/Drive/More Drive), on-board
spring Reverb and a new Mid Contour switch to
dial in a multitude of distortion tones.
Your Low Payment:
by Fender
100W 2x12” Guitar Combo
65W 1x12” Guitar Combo
Only $11/mo.
List $499.99
Not all of the Fender® Classics are decades
old! The modern Vibro-King® is one of the
most responsive amps ever built. Imagine a
‘63 Reverb unit plugged into a hand-wired ‘59
Bassman with Vibrato and a custom speaker
array. The result: power to spare and TONE
with a capital “T”. Plus, the reverb onboard the
Vibro-King® will blow you away. All in all, it
delivers a fat, clear tone for any style.
‘59 Bassman®
One of the most widely-used and loved amps ever. Originally intended for bassists, the Tweed Bassman® became a favorite of electric guitar players who
loved its thick warm tone and full-on punch. Other instrumentalists — like harmonica players — got into it for the same
reasons. The ‘59 Tweed Bassman updates the original, but
just a little bit, preserving the vintage flavor for a whole
new generation.
Your Low Payment:
Only $30/mo.
by Fender
List $1419.99
Vintage Reissue ‘59 Bassman 45W 4x10” All
Tube Combo
Pignose has been
a staple of countless
rehearsal studios, dorm
rooms, and backyards
since the 60s. It features
a 6” speaker in a
rugged, metal-cornered
cabinet. A preamp out
jack lets you take advantage of its great distortion in the studio, into
a P.A., or with a larger external amp. Powered by
batteries or by an included power supply, you can
take this little squealer anywhere.
Your Low Payment:
by Pignose Amps
Original Pignose 5W 5” Practice Amplifier with EQ
Your Low Payment:
by Fender
Custom Shop 60W 3x10” All-Tube Guitar Combo
Speaker Cab for Vibro-King
Blues Jr.™
Only $10/mo.
List $109.95
The Blues amps from
from Fender’s Hot
Rod Series deliver
tube performance,
value in a package
combining vintage
tone with revved-up
The Blues Junior is
a warm-toned favorite
takes Fender’s 15 Watt,
tube preamp and
power amplifier platform and pushes it through a 12”
Fender Special Design speaker. Get mean and meaty
today with this Junior!
Your Low Payment:
by Fender
15W 1x12” All Tube Preamp and Power
What sets the Cyber amps apar t? twin
Cyber Series
One of the world’s best-selling (and best-sounding) tube amps! The “go to” amps for legions of
guitarists, the Hot Rod offers easy portability
coupled with that rich tube warmth that Fender®
does so well. Clean tones, warm sound, and
an overall undeniable sonic character mean that
when you rock the crowd with a Hot Rod, the crowd stays rocked.
(800) 222-4700 •
15W 1x10” FAT Series Amp
Only $12/mo.
List $2999.99
100% tube
signal path
running 100
spine tingling
watts. This is
classic Fender®
in your face tone with tube reverb
and tremolo. 12” Eminence speakers crank out great
sound from the Blackface-style normal channel and
thick, bold lead sounds from the overdrive channel.
A 1/4-power switch lets you cook without blasting
the walls down. Includes effects loop and four-button
Your Low Payment:
List $549.99
Only $64/mo.
by Fender
100W 2x12” Dual Channel All Tube Combo
Only $36/mo.
List $1699.99
(800) 222-4700 •
guitar amps
Bring on the POWER!
Vetta II: Innovation re-defined
There’s no gentle way to put this: the
amount of power you get from Line 6’s
HD147 modeling amp head is obscene!
Chest-pounding rhythmic chunk, leads
that are sparkly clean or dirty and
sizzling… whatever your poison, the
power of the HD147 cuts through the
loudest stages with ease. Line 6 altered the basic building blocks of coveted vintage
and modern tube amps to get 14 custom amp models. You’ll also find 10 essential
modern amp models and 8 vintage models. But they didn’t stop there! They also
added a bunch of
Your Low Payment:
Only $38/mo.
great stompboxes
by Line 6
List $1749.99
from their MM4
.99 Modulation
300W Modeling Amp Head with Amp Head & Stompand
box Effect Modeling, Reverb & Compressor/Gate
DL4 Delay pedals!
The options are endless
The kings of amp modeling bring you
their most powerful and flexible amp
yet! Vetta II contains the entire
Line 6 collection of amp models,
including more than two dozen
exclusive Line 6 signature tones
like Purge, Octone, Spinal Puppet,
Smash, and more. Over 100 models
of speaker cabinets, stompbox effects,
studio effects, and mics, plus a wealth
of other great features, deliver all the
tools you’ll ever need to create any sound you can dream up! Plus, the Vetta II
features digital connectivity with Variax, their innovative modeling guitar. So,
combine the many and varied amp stacks you get with the Vetta II, with the
wall of guitars in the Variax six-string… a guitarist’s head might explode trying
to calculate all the different options in a package like that! This is easily one
of the most sonically versatile offerings available! Plus, with unique features
like “Two Amps at Once” and “Double Tracker” you can bring to your live
performance sounds that previously you could only conjure in the studio. The
Vetta II combo is loaded with a pair of custom 12” Celestion speakers driven
by a 150-watt stereo power section.
Flexible tone from one amp
Take the tone of Line 6’s flagship Vetta, the effects
from the award-winning MM4 and DL4 stompbox
modelers, 16 classic Reverb types, and the
exclusive A.I.R. II direct recording technology,
and you’ve got the mighty Flextone III! At the
heart of the Flextone III is its remarkable collection
of 32 amp and cabinet models. Also included
are twelve premium stompbox models from
their award-winning MM4 Modulation and DL4 Delay
pedals. Combine all this in one “classic combo,” and now you have
everything you need
Your Low Payment:
Only $21/mo.
to gig, rehearse, or FlextoneIIIXL
by Line 6
List $979.99
tour the world.
Get a complete list
of amps models!
100W Stereo 2x12 Modeling Stereo Combo Amplifier
with Effects and A.I.R. II Direct Recording Technology
75 Watt Mono 1x12” Combo
2x10 120W Modeling Amp
2x12 150W Modeling Amp
Your Low Payment:
by Roland
30W 10” Compact Modeling Guitar Amplifier
with 3-Band EQ and Effects
15W 8” Guitar Amp w/EQ
Only $10/mo.
List $299.00
Thick chorus
Your Low Payment:
by Roland
Twin 60W+60W 2x12” Jazz Chorus Combo
90W 2x10” Jazz Chorus Amp
Few acoustic amps offer the full, natural tone of the
AC-60 Acoustic Chorus.
This innovative stereo amp
for your miked acoustic
guitar delivers crisp sound
with lush stereo/multiband chorus, delay/
reverb and anti-feedback
Your Low Payment:
Only $15/mo.
by Roland
List $599.00
Stereo Acoustic Guitar Amplifier with Reverb,
Chorus, and Auto Anti-Feedback
Monster modelers
The JC-120 is on more
recordings in the last three
decades than you can imagine. Twin 12” speakers offer
a thick chorus that grabs you
instantly. Includes distortion,
reverb, tremolo and more!
List $2399.99
Rich acoustic tone
… put the Cubes at the top!
Both feature a two-channel
design, with distortion, 3-band
EQ, Aux input and recording/
headphone out. Cube 30 also
has eight COSM® amp models
and three effects processors.
Only $51/mo.
300W Modeling Amp Head
412TSlantCab 4x12 Slant Speaker Cabinet
Ultra Command for Vetta Combo/Head
Foot Controller for Vetta/Duoverb
Floorboard Amp Controller
Plenty of punch…
The Spider II
Series adds even
more features
and capabilities
of this enduring
and affordable
series of modeling
amplifiers! Are the
Spider amps as
good as the real
thing? A lot of our
customers think so! Plus they are very easy-to-use,
made for the guitarist who expects a lot of power
and capabilities for the price! Each of the Spider II
combos (even the Spider II HD amp head) contains
12 brand new amp models plus 7 Smart Control
Effects (up to three simultaneous), 4 user-programmable channels, custom Celestion speaker and a
headphone/direct out for practice and recording.
The Spider II 412 is a 4x12” Stereo Speaker Cab
with custom Celestion speakers specially voiced for
Spider II HD.
Your Low Payment:
Only $10/mo.
by Line 6
List $419.99
1x12 75W Modeling Combo Amplifier
by Line 6
150W 2x12” Modeling Amp Combo with Guitar Amp, Cabinet, Effects, and
Microphone Modeling
150 Watt Stereo/75 Watt Mono 1x12” Combo
Spider II: 12 new
amp models!
Your Low Payment:
The VGA guitar combos are total
guitar processing powerhouses,
packed with COSM guitar and
amp models! Roland’s flagship
VGA-7 features a GK-ready, 13pin input (as well as 1/4” guitar
in) for immediate access to the amp/speaker cabinet
Only $22/mo.
List $1099.00
Your Low Payment:
by Roland
50W 1x12” V-Guitar Modeling Combo with
Guitar and Amp Modeling
130W 2x12” Modeling Combo
Only $15/mo.
List $649.00
(800) 222-4700 •
bass amps
Get ready for Rumble
If you build a bass amp and name it Rumble, it better deliver! Fortunately, you’re in good hands with Fender, and the
Rumble will find its way into the rigs of armies of bass players. It literally pulses — the Rumble 100, Rumble 60 and
Rumble 25 combo’s exclusive red “stage light” pulsates with your playing adding to your stage presence! The Rumble
15 comes in at an amazing price and offers the sound you need for practice and more! Of course, all Rumbles sound
incredible, and boast features usually found on more expensive amplifiers. Carpet covering, oversized plastic corners,
and metal grille ensure the Rumble amps are ready for the rough stuff. Available in four different models, Rumble Series
combos have the tones and features the pros demand, yet are affordable enough for beginning bassists.
Your Low Payment:
by Fender
100W 1x15” Ported Bass Combo with Red “Stage Light” in the Port
60W 1x12” Bass Combo
25W 1x10” Bass Combo
Roland Bass Cube
When it comes to compact bass amps, the
Roland Cube-30 Bass is in a class all its
own. This powerful and lightweight amp is
the perfect companion for rehearsals and even
small-venue gigs, with enough kick under its
unassuming frame to really let your bass be
heard. The Cube-30 combines a 30-watt/10”
coaxial speaker with DSP modeling to crank
out a range of popular bass amp sounds,
giving you a versatility unheard of in an amp this size. There’s also onboard
Your Low Payment:
Only $10/mo.
EQ and digital effects—
by Roland
List $349.00
making the Cube-30 Bass
30W 1x10” Bass Combo with COSM Bass Amp
an unbeatable value.
Models, DSP Effects, EQ & Compression
How do you get a free rackmount tuner?
Bassists looking for a high powered, hi-fi, versatile combo
that sounds great, easy to use, portable and oh, so very
LOUD - these are for you! The mark of any great amp is
that you can get good tone without having to tweak the
knobs too much. A quality bass amp should
easily go to low “B,” get
Your Low Payment:
deep, fat tight bass tones, 400ProCombo
by Fender
and at the same time,
350W 2x10 Bass Combo with Onboard Rack
Mount Tuner
deliver the crisp snap of
a popped “G” string. Bassman200 200W 1x15” Bass Combo
The Bassman® series was Bassman100 100W 1x15” Bass Combo
designed from the ground Bassman115 1x15” Bassman Cabinet
up for killer bass tone.
Bassman60 60W 1x12” Bass Amp
Bassman25 25W 1x10” Bass Combo
15W 1x8” Bass Combo
List $499.99
30 watts of affordable
bass juice!
The new B Series combos from Hartke make the legendary sound of Hartke bass available to everyone. They’re
engineered to produce a wide spectrum of bass tones.
Rugged and portable, they have all the quality and
features leading professionals have come to expect from
Hartke. The B300
Your Low Payment:
Only $10/mo.
delivers 30 watts by way
by Hartke
of a 10” driver, a 3-band B300
List $179.99
EQ, heaphone and line
30W 10” Bass Combo with 3-Band EQ
output and a steel grille
20W 1x8” Bass Combo
for extra protection. Go B200
15W 1x6.5” Bass Combo
low with the B300.
SpitFire from Alesis
Only $30/mo.
List $1428.55
Kickback & listen
These Hartke combos may look laid back, but the
sound has got more jump than an NBA tip-off, giving
up Hartke’s classic, much-admired bass sound in an
innovative and versatile package. You can stand these
combos upright or tilt them back to serve as a monitor.
However you use the Kickbacks, they’re excellent for a
huge range of applications, from rehearsing solo to playing gigs. Both the Kickback 15 and the Kickback 12
have fully adjustable Shape control features
and 3-band EQ. You also
Your Low Payment:
get Effects send/return, Kickback15
by Hartke
120W 1x15” Bass Combo with Two-Way
Cabinet Design
and more. And they’re
also very affordable.
Kickback12 120W 1x12” Bass Combo
Only $10/mo.
Incorporating the DSP power of the
Alesis GuitarFX pedal, SpitFire
guitar amps offer incredible
performance and many innovative
features rare at this price. The
SpitFire series is perfect for guitarists looking for a flexible, greatsounding amp for practice or small
stage applications. The SpitFire
offers 80 diverse effects presets that
can be easily edited, overwritten,
or restored to factory default. Nine
effects modules allow the selection of multiple effects for
a huge variety of combinations. There are over 40 different effects t o
choose from, including several types of distortion, cabinet emulation, EQ,
compression, filter, modulation, reverb, and delay. There is also an autochromatic tuner built in. Each SpitFire guitar amplifier features a 1/4” stereo
headphone output on the front panel that disconnects the speaker when in
use. Additionally, the rear panel supports a 1/4” expression pedal input
for fluid control of effect parameters, an external speaker output jack, and
stereo RCA inputs for connecting a CD or tape player. A specially dedicated
“Stereo Link” output allows you to connect a second guitar amplifier for
separated stereo amplification.
Your Low Payment:
Only $16/mo.
List $729.99
by Alesis
15W 8” Combo Amp w/FX
Only $10/mo.
List $199.00
30W 10” Combo Amp w/FX
60W 12” Combo Amp w/FX
electronic percussion
Nearly ANY drum kit in 1!
(800) 222-4700 •
Roland’s flagship V-Session Set gives drummers amazingly unique sounds, powerful
COSM drum modeling, incredibly dynamic V-Cymbals, onboard effects and an intuitive
icon-based user interface. At the core of Roland’s baddest V-Drum™ kit yet is the TD-10
Percussion Sound Module, the TDW-1 Wave and System Expansion Board with V-Cymbal®
Control, giving you over 1,000 incredible sounds with enhanced dynamics and sensitivity
for a phenomenal level of playability -- not to mention the powerful COSM® drum modeling, onboard effects, and icon-based user interface. With this much processing, and pure
drum sounds, Roland’s V-Session Set is EVERY drum kit you can imagine — in one, easy
to set up and take down package! Playing out live? The V-Session Set allows you to set
up your kits ahead of time, complete with EQ and compression! Also included: are a set
of V-Cymbals: crash (two), ride (one), and hi-hat
These heads are REAL! Find out more at
(one). Get into the groove!
Your Low Payment:
by Roland
VDrum Session Kit with Stand featuring V-Cymbals and KD-120 V-Kick Pad
V-Drums V-Session Set White
V-Drums 300W Amp
Only $144/mo.
List $6295.00
Personal Monitor Amplifier
Personal Drum Monitoring System
Studio or stage kit
Conveniently sized!
Roland’s V-Drums®
V-Stage Set gives
drummers a very
convenient way to
tap into the power
of the V-Drums
like never before.
high-quality TD-8
sound module and
specially designed
new V-Cymbals™ and V-Pads™, this affordable system
brings the V-Drums sound and ultra-intuitive operation
to a new level of accessibility. They’re small enough
for practice, powerful enough for performance.
The V-Club™ Set brings some of
the world’s leading electronic
drum sounds and acclaimed
playability to a new low price
point. This expandable set
is based around the all-new
TD-6 Percussion Sound Module,
newly developed rubber drum
pads, and new dual-trigger cymbal pads with choke
capabilities, giving you the power to sound and play
your best. The TD-6 sound module gives you 1,024
of Roland’s best drum and percussion sounds, 262
backing sounds and 64-voice polyphony. Sounds are
arranged into 99 drum kits and can be processed
with a 2-band equalizer and an Ambience effect. The
TD-6 also sports a 6-part sequencer with 100 Preset
songs - perfect for practice - plus room for up to 100
User songs, which can be recorded in real time.
V-Cymbals: The V-Stage Set was the first V-Drums
system to feature the CY-12R/C V-Cymbal Ride/
Crash. This 12-inch cymbal is employed as a ride
and a crash, and features selectable dual-triggering
of separate sounds on the edge and bell.
TD-8: The V-Stage TD-8 Percussion Sound Module is a
very popular sound module that gives users everything
the world-renowned V-Drums have become famous
for: a wide selection of 1,286 drum, percussion and
instrument sounds; Powerful COSM-based V-editing
of “virtual” drum shell type, depth, head tuning and
more; intuitive operation via a graphic user interface;
and unmatched sensitivity, to name just a few. Faders
permit quick sound volume adjustments.
Expandable: As a true V-Drums system, the V-Stage
Set offers room to expand. Using the additional
trigger inputs on the back of the TD-8 module, users
can add on any PD-Series pad, SPD-Series multi-pad
or CY-Series cymbal—including flagship V-Pads and
V-Cymbals. Via MIDI, drummers can also connect
to the world of samplers and sequencers, providing
incredible-sounding drum tracks on stage and in the
studio. Check out Roland’s V-Stage kit today!
Your Low Payment:
V-Drum Stage Set
by Roland
Only $81/mo.
List $3295.00
Your Low Payment:
by Roland
Compact Drum Sys w/Stand
List $1495.00
The TD-10 contains over 600
drum and percussion sounds,
plus 54 melody instruments.
There are 50 drum kits with
four assignable percussion
groups, each accessible
through 12 dual-trigger inputs which
are fully compatible with Roland’s current “V-Pads™.
The TD-10 also features mixing, COSM dymanics, EQ
and more!
Your Low Payment:
Only $44/mo.
by Roland
List $1895.00
Roland V-Drum®
Customize your kit!
The “essential”
components for your
V-Drums are all here
at Sweetwater! If you
want to add on to or
modify your existing
set, this is where you’ll
find V-Cymbals™, drum
triggers, drum pads, carrying cases and more. And
what drummer worthy of the name doesn’t need a
replacement head every once in a while? Can’t find
what you’re looking for? Call your Sweetwater Sales
Engineer for more information, we’re your one-stopshop for all your Roland V-Drum needs!
Only $39/mo.
The heart of Roland’s
V-Drum Percussion Module
V-Drum Percussion Module
V-Drum Percussion Module
Expansion for TD10
Your Low Payment:
by Roland
V-Cymbal 3-pack
Only $23/mo.
List $895.00
V-Drum Kick Trigger (Purple)
V-Drum Kick Trigger (Red)
V-Drum Kick Trigger
Mesh V-Pad 12” Pad - Purple
Mesh V-Pad 12” Pad - Red
Mesh V-Pad 12” Pad - White
Mesh V-Pad 10” Pad - Purple
Mesh V-Pad 10” Pad - Red
V-Kick Trigger
Mesh V-Pad 10” Pad - White
V-Cymbal - Ride
V-Cymbal - Hi Hat
V-Cymbal - Crash
Mesh V-pad 8” Dual Zone Pad
V-Cymbal Ride/Crash 12”
Hi-Hat Control Pedal
Mesh V-pad 8” Drum Pad
Dual Trigger Pad - 10”
Kick Trigger
Dual Trigger Drum Pad 7”
Single Trigger Pad 8.5”
Dual Trigger Cymbal Pad
(800) 222-4700 •
electronic percussion
Dynamic sounds
MIDI rhythm
The ddrum One electronic
percussion system give you
the dynamic performance, first
rate sounds, and flexibility you
demand! The brains behind this
system is the highly-acclaimed
ddrum4 SE, a powerful controller with an extensive sound library of hundreds of
kicks, snares, toms, cymbals and percussion sounds!
Utilizing the triggering technology
that has been one
of the highlights of
Roland’s V-Drums,
the TMC-6 Trigger
MIDI Converter lets
drummers play and
trigger MIDI modules and samplers from their acoustic
drum set.
Your Low Payment:
Only $10/mo.
by Roland
List $295.00
ddrum Your Low Payment:
by ddrum
System One Electronic Drum Kit with ddrum4
Brain, 5 Pads, Cymbal Pack, and Rack Stand
Only $81/mo.
List $3595.00
Expand your acoustic drum kit
Drum Trigger to MIDI Converter with 6 Trigger
Inputs and 3-Way Triggering Suport
With the PCK-1 Practice Conversion Kit,
you can turn your acoustic snare
into a near-silent practice pad.
This pack includes a 14-inch
mesh head, an acoustic trigger with separate head/rim
capabilities, and a rim
silencer so you can practice
without disturbing others.
Your Low Payment:
by Roland
Practice Conversion Kit with Mesh Head,
Acoustic Trigger, and Rim Silencer
by Roland
Drum Trigger Kit with 1 Kick, 1 Snare, and 3
Tom Triggers
Acoustic Snare Trigger
Acoustic Kick Trigger
Acoustic Tom Trigger
MIDI data librarian
The MDF3 provides quick,
simple and portable data
storage of MIDI data
samplers, tone generators, drum machines,
sequencers, signal processors or
other MIDI devices with bulk dump
capability, on handy 2HD or 2DD
floppy disks.
Your Low Payment:
Only $11/mo.
by Yamaha
MIDI Data Filer and Realtime Playback
Sequencer with Floppy Drive
List $449.95
List $125.00
The perfect companion to a
triggerable rhythm module,
the ddrum 5 piece drum trigger set includes triggers for 3
toms, kick, and snare. Feels
like you’re playing a real kit,
because you are!
Only $10/mo.
List $335.00
Only $10/mo.
Tight triggers
The RT series features rock-solid construction built to
withstand aggressive playing and work directly with
Roland V-Drum modules and SPD series pads.
Your Low Payment:
Great feel - no noise
Roland’s RT-7K Kick Trigger, RT-5S Snare
Trigger and RT-3T Tom Trigger let
acoustic drummers tap into the world
of electronic drums without sacrificing
the sound quality of their
acoustic kit or dealing with
the installation headaches
of conventional triggers.
Extremely accurate (they
even work with toms!), these triggers
let you play any Roland drum modules
without additional hardware; just plug in the dedicated trigger inputs. They’re built to withstand heavy
playing and there’s very little surface surface contact,
so it does not effect your acoustic sound when the
triggers aren’t turned on. Purchase all three together
in one amazing bundle with Roland’s RT-Kit 1.
Yamaha’s DTX Kit!
Your Low Payment:
by ddrum
5-Piece Drum Trigger Kit with 3 Tom, 1 Kick,
and 1 Snare Triggers
Only $10/mo.
List $320.00
Red Shot Trigger
Red Shot Kick Trigger
The DTXPRESS II from Yamaha offers 48 preset drum
kits that cover a wide range of musical styles. Within
those 48 preset drum kits, you’ll find some of the most
famous and in demand drum sounds found in the
music industry. Sounds that can be heard in countless
recordings, covering a variety of musical styles. Used
with a pair of headphones, the DTXPRESS II lets you
practice quietly with minimum external noise. This
provides you with the opportunity to practice in
places and at times that were never possible before.
And because it’s electronic, you can take advantage
of extra functions like preset songs that let you take
part in a virtual jam session; or connect a CD player
or MP3 player and play along with your favorite
recordings. All of which will help you become a better
drummer! Supplied as standard equipment the 3-Zone
snare pad lets you obtain both close and open rim
shots from the same pad while the dual zone crash
cymbal pad lets you play cymbal chokes!
Your Low Payment:
by Yamaha
DTXPRESS II Electronic Drum Kit with 3-Zone
Snare Pad and Dual Zone Crash Cymbal
Only $30/mo.
List $1295.00
Dual Trigger Electronic Bar Pad
8” Single Zone Drum Pad
8” Dual Zone Drum Pad
Dual Zone Electronic Cymbal Pad
Electronic Cymbal Bell Pad
24-track MIDI sequencer
If If you’re a guitarist, singer, or other instrumentalist who wants an
easy way to create great-sounding accompaniment for practice or
performance, the QY100 is for you! If you’re an artist who needs
a versatile song-writing tool for sequencing and music production,
the QY100 is perfect for you, too! The QY100 is compact and
battery-powered so you can even pop it into your bag or backpack
and create and play anywhere, anytime! There are more fantastic features in the
QY100 than you can believe will fit into something this size — but it does, and it sounds amazing! You get
16 linear tracks and a huge range of musical styles; advanced tone
generation; drums; chords; 128 preset styles, more
Your Low Payment:
Only $15/mo.
than 4,000 preset phrases, and much, much more. QY100
by Yamaha
List $629.95
You can even plug your guitar or mic directly into
Portable Handheld Arranger Workstation with
the QY100 for on the fly recording or rehearsal. The
Tone Module and 24-Track Sequencer
QY-100 is an industry legend, find out why!
48-Trk Portable Workstation
$1495.00 $1199.97
electronic percussion
Sonic hand therapy
The HPD-15 HandSonic
is the hand percussionist’s
answer to the V-Drum kit.
Percussionists can tap,
slap and pound away
like an entire percussion
corps, choosing from over
600 percussion sounds from
all over the world, everything
from the Conga to the African
Talking Drum to the Doholla. There are even electronic
drums, acoustic drum kits, hand-claps, scratches and
more! Take your music into your own hands.
The HPD-15 HandSonic is basically an electronic
hand percussion multi-pad with triggering capabilities
derived from Roland’s breakthrough V-Drums technology. Divided into 15 parts, the HPD-15 allows hand
percussionists to play up to 600 realistic acoustic
and electronic percussion sounds--15 simultaneously
with all the sensitivity that the Roland V-Drums are
famous for.
The PDS-15 is a sturdy stand made for your HPD-15
HandSonic percussion pad. With a tripod, double
braced base, your HPD-15 will be safe and sound!
Your Low Payment:
by Roland
Stand for HPD15
Pads & sampling!
Compact Percussion Multi-Pad with Sampling
Only $15/mo.
List $595.00
Simply fun drums
Your Low Payment:
by Yamaha
Portable Digital Drums with 7 Touch Sensitive
Drum Pads
Portable Digital Drums
The SPD-20
Percussion Pad
delivers 700 realistic
percussion sounds,
from acoustic drum kits
to electronic sounds
to world percussion
instruments and 8
built-in velocity-sensitive Roland trigger pads.
Your Low Payment:
by Roland
Compact Electronic Percussion Multi-Pad/
Sound Module
6-Pad Electronic Perc Cont
Only $10/mo.
List $895.00
The days of programming
drum sounds on your
keyboard are over. With
the PD16 USB/MIDI drum
pad control surface, you
can pound out your drum
sequences on MPC-quality,
velocity sensitive pads, just
like nature intended. Pound it out!
Your Low Payment:
List $324.95
Only $21/mo.
Pad pounding power
With the DD55 you get 7 touch-sensitive drum
pads for expressive playing. The two
assignable foot pedals let you
work the kick drum or
hi-hat. But best of all,
there’s 50 programmed
drum kits and 174
percussion voices.
Only $30/mo.
List $1295.00
by Roland
Pads for studio/stage
The SPD-S Sampling
Pad lets you record
up to 3 hours, 16
flash card using
six pads and three
edge triggers. Preset
sounds and effects
are also included.
Your Low Payment:
(800) 222-4700 •
USB/MIDI Pad Control Surface with 16 Pressure and Velocity Sensitive Drum Pads
Only $10/mo.
List $349.00
More pound per penny Dr. Rhythm w/bass
DM = Drum More
Alesis delivers quality drum
sounds in a rack module
Give the drummer some! Or give yourself some
drummers. A whole box o’ drummers. The DM5 has
got beats so strong you can’t shake ‘em loose. This
drum sound processor packs more pounding than a
herd of stampeding wildebeests!
Whether you’re looking for a MIDI-controlled
percussion module, a drum replacement tool for
mixing, or an affordable answer for triggering
sounds from electronic drum pads, the DM5 is the
solution. You get 540 knee-buckling, skin-shuddering,
head-bopping drum sounds that can be assigned to
any of the 21 programmable drumsets. A Random
Sample feature realistically varies the drum sound as
you play, so you don’t get the same sound twice and
you keep the beats fresh. For MIDI composers on a
budget, you can’t go wrong with the professional
performance features and excellent selection of drum,
percussion and special effect samples in the DM5!
And don’t worry about the sound. These samples are
so close to the real deal, you won’t believe it’s not a
Your Low Payment:
Only $11/mo.
by Alesis
List $449.00
18-Bit Drum Module with 12 Trigger Inputs
and 16-Voice Polyphony
This “old-style” drum
cutting-edge features
under the hood. Very
affordable, the SR-16
delivers 233 realistic,
sounds, plus a special
“Sound Stacking” feature so you can create your own
drum sounds!
Your Low Payment:
Only $10/mo.
by Alesis
List $269.00
16-Bit Digital Drum Machine
Great for jamming or practice, the affordable DR-3
programmable Dr. Rhythm
lets guitarists and songwriters add rhythm to their
music. Inside you’ll find
some of BOSS’ best
drum, percussion and
bass sounds.
Your Low Payment:
by Boss
Dr. Rhythm Drum Machine with Bass
Drum Machine
Only $10/mo.
List $225.00
The most advanced DR yet!
The DR-770 Dr. Rhythm is BOSS’ most advanced compact rhythm machine
ever, offering a powerful sound engine with twice as much built-in waveform
memory as the DR-660 and four times as much as other drum machines on the
market today. This not only translates into great new features and powerful
sound-shaping capabilities, but to the highest quality drum and percussion
sounds and patterns of any compact rhythm machine in the world.
It features 400 preset patterns from genres such as Rock, Pop, Jazz, Latin,
World, Standard and more; but also
Your Low Payment:
Only $11/mo.
delivers an additional 400 user presets so you can
create your very own customized patterns! With 255 DR770
by Boss
List $495.00
drum and percussion sounds and 64 kits, the DR-770
Dr. Rhythm Drum Machine with Velocity Sensitive Pads and Effects
offers a TON of sounds in a package that fits any
Dr Rythm Drum Machine
budget or gig.
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