ACCESSORIES Installation/Operation Model RU-SMA1

ACCESSORIES Installation/Operation Model RU-SMA1
EN55103-1 E1-E5; EN55103-2 E1-E4
Typical Performance reflects product at publication time
exclusive of EMC data, if any, supplied with product.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Model RU-SMA1
Surface Mounting Adapter
The RU-SMA1 is a plate for mounting a RACK-UP® module to
any flat surface. The opening permits the mounting of either a
RACK-UP module or RDL AMS accessories. The RU-SMA1 is
ideal for mounting a module in a cabinet or lectern.
Step 1:
Cut out the mounting
surface according to the
Step 2:
Mount the module to the
FP-SMA1 panel
Step 3:
Mount the FP-SMA1
product assembly to the
mounting surface
Height: 2.25 in.
Width: 6.56 in.
5.72 cm
16.66 cm
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