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Get ready to start saving money on your phone bill today!
The Vonage V-PortalSM Phone Adapter is your gateway to
Vonage digital phone service. Just follow these easy step-bystep instructions to set up your new V-Portal Phone Adapter.
In as little as five minutes, you’ll be making calls with highquality, low-cost Vonage digital phone service!
If you purchased your V-Portal Phone Adapter from a retail store,
you need to activate your Vonage phone service if you didn’t do
so at the store. Go to www.vonage.com/activate and follow the
easy steps.
V-Portal Quick Start Guide
If you received your V-Portal Phone Adapter in the mail, your
Vonage phone service is already activated.
Next, unpack the V-Portal Phone Adapter box. Heres what’s inside:
• High-speed/broadband modem
• Telephone
• Ethernet cable that goes from your modem to your
computer or router
V-Portal Phone Adapter
Setup Diagram
Vonage Power Supply
V-Portal Phone Adapter
Refer to the step-by-step
instructions located to
the right for easy setup.
Vonage Ethernet Cable
1 • Unplug your modem’s existing power cord.
• Leave your modem connected to your cable or DSL phone
line that supplies your internet connection.
Rear Panel
Ethernet Phone 2 Phone 1
Your Existing
Standard Phone Cord
Your Phone
4 • Plug your modem’s power cord into your power outlet.
Vonage Power Supply
5 • Wait 30 seconds. Plug in your V-Portal Phone Adapter
power supply.
You must use the Vonage power
supply provided
Modem Power Supply
You must unplug your modem’s
power supply before you begin
3 • Take the blue Ethernet cable provided by Vonage and connect
one end to the blue port on the V-Portal Phone Adapter and the
other end to your modem’s Ethernet (LAN) port.
2 • From the back of your modem, unplug the existing Ethernet
cable that connects your modem to your computer or router
and move this cable to the yellow Ethernet port on the
V-Portal Phone Adapter.
Ethernet Cable
Your Existing Ethernet (LAN) Cable
6 • When the V-Portal Phone Adapter is plugged in, the LCD screen
will light up and display messages that help you walk through
the start-up process from “Powering Up” to “Ready to Make
Your Modem (Cable or DSL)
Your Computer OR Router
• Wait until you see
(Phone Line 1)
on the V-Portal Phone Adapter
See other side for additional
setup instructions.
The Internet
7 • Unplug your telephone from the wall jack and connect it to the
green phone 1 port on the Vonage V-Portal Phone Adapter.
ISP (Internet Service Provider)
The company that supplies
your high-speed broadband
Internet connection.
A piece of network equipment
that you use to gain access to
the Internet – typically either DSL
through your phone line or
Cable service.
A network device that lets you
connect more than one piece of
equipment (like computers) to your
DSL or cable modem to share one
Internet connection. Some ISPs
supply combination modem/routers.
Need help? Call
This is an opening on a device
where you connect a cable. An
Ethernet port looks like a wide
phone jack.
8 • Check for a dial tone.
• Make a call! You’re now saving money on your phone bill!
1-VONAGE-HELP or visit www.vonage.com/vportal
© 2007 Vonage, Inc. DV070803
Please see reverse side first for easy setup instructions
This may help...
DSL Setup
IMPORTANT: if you have a DSL modem with a
built-in router OR your DSL provider does not
require a username and password to log-in to your
DSL connection, you DO NOT need to follow the
steps below.
Your DSL provider may require that you use something
called “PPPoE.” If you have DSL and you are required to
use a User name and Password to access the Internet,
then your ISP uses a PPPoE type Internet connection. If
yours does, you’ll need to set up PPPoE from the Web UI
of the V-Portal Phone Adapter. If you are uncertain, contact
your ISP to determine which type of Internet connection
you have.
1.Connect your computer to the yellow LAN port on the
V-Portal Phone Adapter.
2.On your computer, open a Web browser. In the Address
field, type V-Configure.com. This is the address of the
V-Portal Phone Adapter Web User Interface (Web UI).
3.In the User Name and Password fields, enter
“router” and click on the GO button. The Home
page is displayed.
Troubleshooting Tips
No dial tone or no Internet connection?
Many issues can be resolved by resetting all of your networking
equipment. Power off your computer (if you have one), router (if you
have one), V-Portal Phone Adapter and DSL or cable modem. Wait at
least 30 seconds before turning them back on. In the meantime, check
that all the network cables are firmly snapped into the ports on all the
devices in your network. Turn your equipment back on in this order:
5.From the Connect Using drop-down list, select PPPoE.
6.In the PPP User Name and PPP Password fields, enter
the user name and password you normally use to login
to your DSL Internet service. If you have forgotten your
User name or Password, please contact your ISP and
obtain this information.
7.Be sure the Enable PPPoE Keep-Alive field is set to
Enabled (the default value) and the Keep-Alive Period
(seconds) is set to 30 seconds (also the default value).
8.Click the Apply button. The V-Portal Phone Adapter
will restart.
2.Vonage V-Portal Phone Adapter - Plug the V-Portal Phone Adapter’s
power cord firmly back into the orange port on the back on your
V-Portal Phone Adapter. After a few seconds, the light of the Liquid
Crystal Display (LCD) on the V-Portal Phone Adapter will turn on, and
after an additional 10 seconds, you will see a message that says
“Powering Up” followed by other messages that walk you through
the start-up process. Wait until you see the “Ready to Make Calls”
message displayed.
3.Router (if you have one) - Plug the router’s power cord firmly back
into the back of the router.
Is your phone disconnected from the wall jack?
Although not commonly used, Static IP addresses are sometimes used
by cable ISPs. When you set up your Internet connection for the first
time, your ISP may have given you a specific IP address to enter. If this
is the case, then your ISP uses Static IP addresses. If yours does, you’ll
have to set up “Static IP” as your Internet connection type, from the
Web UI of the V-Portal Phone Adapter. If you are uncertain, contact your
ISP to determine which type of Internet connection you have.
• You have DSL and need to set up PPPoE
• You want to customize your router
• You want to set up parental controls
• Voicemail waiting indication
If a problem occurs when installing or using your V-Portal Phone Adapter,
you’ll automatically see an error message displayed. Each error message
identifies the problem and tells you the most common solution. If you
see an error message, please follow the advice on the second line of
the message.
• Press the SELECT4button to display the main LCD menu.
• Navigate the LCD menu by using the 5 and 6 buttons to move to
the menu item you want to select.
• Then press the SELECT4button. The SELECT4button chooses the
menu item and the 3BACK button moves backward to the
previous menu.
If you purchased your V-Portal Phone Adapter from a retail store and
did not activate your Vonage phone service at the store, you will need
to do so now. Go to www.vonage.com/activate, follow the easy steps,
and wait 15 minutes before you plug in your V-Portal Phone Adapter.
Do you have a Static IP address?
Use the Web User Interface (Web UI) if:
• Caller ID
Purchased at a Retail Store?
Make sure you disconnect any USB cables from your Cable or DSL
modem, if any are present. After disconnecting the USB cable, your
modem will need to be powered down and then back up
Go to V-Configure.com for custom setup
The V-Portal Phone Adapter is a dual-line phone adapter with a single
port router. The V-Portal Phone Adapter features a user-friendly, builtin LCD with Status, Error and Menu information. Status messages
and icons are automatically displayed to keep you informed during
powering up and use. They include:
Make sure your phone is disconnected from the wall jack that
traditional phone companies use and that it is securely plugged into
the green phone port 1 of your V-Portal Phone Adapter. You must
use a standard two-conductor phone cord to connect a single-line
phone to your V-Portal. For additional information and phone cord
recommendations, please see the V-Portal Phone Adapter User Manual
located at www.vonage.com/vportal.
Do you have USB cables connected?
Advanced Web-Based Configuration
See www.vonage.com/vportal for more information
• Progress messages when powering up
1. DSL or Cable Modem - Make sure you disconnect any USB cables
from your modem, if any are present. Plug the modem’s power cord
firmly back into the back of the modem. Before you continue, be
sure to allow enough time for your modem to complete its start-up
process. Most modems have a light that should be lit solid when
start-up is complete.
4.Computer (if you have one) - Turn on your computer. Open your Web
browser and check your Internet connection by visiting any website
such as www.vonage.com.
4.Click on Basic Setup. The Connect to the Internet page is
About the Vonage V-Portal
Phone Adapter
The Menu is organized into five major categories: Call Logs, Easy
Dialing, Status, System, and Settings. Here are some examples of what
you can do with the menu:
Call Logs
• Display up to 50 entries each for Missed, Received, and Dialed
calls – you can even dial these numbers directly from the V-Portal
Phone Adapter Menu!
Easy Dialing
• Dial free Vonage services like Traffic and Weather from your
V-Portal Phone Adapter Menu without having to remember the
phone numbers!
Need more information?
To access the Web UI for the V-Portal
Phone Adapter:
1.Access the V-Portal Phone Adapter Web User Interface
at V-Configure.com for more detailed troubleshooting
information as well as configuration and status information
for your V-Portal Phone Adapter. See Advanced V-Portal
Phone Adapter Web-Based Configuration to the left.
• Connect your PC to the yellow LAN port
on the V-Portal Phone Adapter
• Open your web browser
• Type in V-Configure.com
• Enter “router” in both the User Name and Password fields.
• Click the Go button
NOTE: An internet connection is not needed to access this interface,
as it is hosted by the device itself.
• Check your Vonage phone number.
• For all you technology buffs, you can find out network and
device information such as the IP Address of the LAN port or the
Subnet Mask.
2.Refer to the V-Portal Phone Adapter User Manual located at
• Set the LCD brightness to your preference (off, low, medium
or high) for normal conditions as well as when there is
voicemail waiting.
3.Call toll free 1-VONAGE-HELP
• Select the language of your choice for the LCD messages … Bonjour!
Need help? Call
1-VONAGE-HELP or visit www.vonage.com/vportal
© 2007 Vonage, Inc. DV070803
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