No.476s Super Doublecoat
1. Function: Last step product for use on exterior vehicle finishes
Enhances look and appearance
Preserves and protects condition of finish against weathering/elements.
Not designed to clean, remove or otherwise mask blemishes or imperfections; swirls,
scratches, oxidation, etc that are embedded in finish such that regular wash will not
Contains no abrasives or cleaners
2. Recommended for:
CLEAN, unblemished clear-coat, lacquer, and single stage auto paint, gel coat,
fiberglass, and painted, non-coated/coated metals (aluminum, chrome, brass, copper,
stainless steel).
2a. NOT for use on:
Rubber, black trim, vinyl, glass or non-painted plastic
Surfaces NOT recommended above, as testing has yet to be extensively conducted.
Refer to Collinite directly with application inquiries.
3. Directions for use:
Apply THIN coat of wax with foam pad or synthetic sponge to a CLEAN section no larger
than 2X2 ft at a time.
When wax begins to dry (light, hazy residue will appear on surface), remove with dry
microfiber towel or cotton cloth.
3a. Application/Tech Tips:
Use in a well-ventilated area with protective eyewear and gloves
Applicator pads and removal towels should be clean, free of residue
Only apply to a CLEAN surface; washed, and free of blemishes, discoloration or other
imperfections like swirls or scratches. A clean/properly-prepped surface will ease the
application/removal process; improving spread and increasing durability of wax’s bond.
Do NOT apply wax to entire vehicle, or sections larger than recommended before removing, as
prolonged drying or cure times may lead to wax hardening on surface; causing streaking or
difficulty for some users to remove properly. User assumes risk if recommended cure times are
Drying times may vary based on conditions (air and surface temperature, humidity, wind,
sunlight etc).
Avoid applying in direct sunlight, or extreme temperatures (over 80 degrees F or less
than 55 degrees F). Surface temperatures should feel lukewarm-room temperature to the
touch. Do not apply if surface feels cold or hot to the touch.
Safe to use with machine buffer if experienced. Check machine manufacturer’s
speed/pad specifications for last step protective waxes that contain no cleaners,
abrasives or filling agents.
To further maintain the look and durability of the waxed finish between wax applications,
use a car wash soap that is pH neutral and gentle on the paint with no grease-cutting
properties. Avoid heavy detergents or low-grade soaps.
4. Additional
Store product at room temperature away from fire or flame
Discard product if exposed to frozen temperatures
Keep cap or lid on product when not in use
Do not alter product’s composition or original packaging in any way
SPREAD/COVERAGE: Depending on finish and conditions, one 9 oz tin for every 10-18
mid-sized cars.
5. Safety
6. Physical
Product consistency: hard paste
Sizes available: 9 oz and 18 oz containers
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