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Canon HD Camcorders:
Quality without compromise.
Why Full HD?
Because HD means cleaner, clearer, sharper pictures. And home
movies shot on a Canon Full HD camcorder are so true-to-life you’ll
want to reach out and touch your television screen.
This brochure tells you about the new and amazing imaging
possibilities that HD technology brings into your home. It introduces
you to the Canon HD camcorder range and the unique moviemaking
advantages shared by all our camcorders – built on a foundation of
70 years of innovation, at the forefront of imaging technology.
Today, our HD range includes camcorders for every kind of user:
from the stylishly pocket-sized HG10, perfect for worry-free
shooting, to the serious looking and serious shooting XL H1 –
the professionals’ choice.
You’ll also learn about the different ways to record HD movies,
whether onto tape, a DVD or even a Hard Disk Drive. Each way of
recording brings unique benefits, suited to different kinds of needs.
Canon HD means quality without compromise.
Making movies come alive
Why do Full HD movies look so good? By capturing up to 4x more detail than
Standard Definition (SD) video, everything appears much sharper and far more
realistic in High Definition. Combined with Canon technologies specifically
designed to make movie recording easy, Canon Full HD camcorders give you
ultimate shooting convenience and the highest HD picture quality.
See more clearly
Because your memories are as unique as you are, they deserve to be recorded
in every last detail. Shooting movies in HD gives you the power to capture
once-in-a-lifetime events in amazing clarity. Colours leap out from the
television screen, preserving the most precious moments in your life forever.
With Canon HD, see more clearly.
Canon HR10
Normal TV in 4:3 format
High Definition TV in 16:9 format
The Canon HD advantage
From the drawing board to the final stages of
production, Canon draws on a heritage of
unrivalled imaging expertise every time a new
digital camcorder is created. And, from our
professional heavyweights to more consumeroriented models, Canon technology gives you the
power to make superb HD movies.
Canon’s HD Camera System combines three vital
elements: lens, image sensor and processor. The
seamless operation of these three key components
– all exclusively designed and manufactured by
Canon – delivers unmatched image quality.
Genuine Canon HD Video Lens
Canon Full HD CMOS
What we see, when we see it, helps define our
lives. And, just like you, a camcorder relies on its
‘eye’ to bring memories to life. For HD imaging
in particular, flawless lens quality is vital – since
HD resolution makes even slight imaging
imperfections noticeable.
Making movies come alive, HD captures a huge
amount of image detail – far more than appears on
a normal TV screen. A Canon Full HD CMOS sensor
is specifically designed to ‘sense’ all this extra detail –
giving you the Full HD picture.
The imaging processor is the ‘brain’ of your
camcorder. Our processor is called DIGIC DV II and it
has the job of accepting the digital information from
the sensor, encoding it to retain all the vivid colour,
sharpness, detail and fidelity you would expect from
Canon Full High Definition.
For nearly 50 years, Canon has crafted broadcast
video lenses to the most exacting standards – so you
can be sure that the HD images you shoot capture
the finest details, all at the highest quality.
Using sophisticated circuitry, CMOS converts the
sharply focused light from the lens into rich digital
picture information.
The results say it all – brilliant HD movies that look
just like real life.
Instant AF
Things often happen when you least expect them to – you may not always have enough time to focus manually to
capture a clear video record. To help you in these situations, our sophisticated Instant AF system is a sure-fire way of
keeping everything sharp.
Painstakingly developed by Canon’s engineers, the unique Instant AF system combines two types of auto focus sensors –
one for speed and one for absolute accuracy. With these two systems working together, auto focus for both movies and
stills has never been better – or sharper.
Super Range Optical Image Stabilizer
Life rarely happens when you’re standing still. Fortunately, Canon HD camcorders use one of the most advanced
stabilisation systems available to keep the videos you record steady – even when you’re not.
Such image stabilisation systems are especially important for HD video. Since HD captures much more detail than
normal video can, even the slightest shakes and wobbles are noticeable.
Our sophisticated Super Range Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS) uses two types of shake detection systems. With these
systems working in tandem, camera shake is effectively suppressed – even the very fast or extremely slight movements
other stabilisation systems miss.
25p Cinema Mode
Every consumer HD camcorder from Canon gives you the option of recording in ‘25p’: unlike standard video recording,
video is captured at 25 full frames per second. Along with special CINE image modes that subtly alter the way pictures
look, 25p Cinema Mode gives video a similar appearance to authentic, classic celluloid films.
HD at home
If you own an HDTV set, the best way to show off its quality to family
and friends is to catch the HD home moviemaking bug. Every Canon
consumer HD camcorder makes it easy to show your movies on
a TV. And, because it’s a Canon, it inherits all of the best features of
our professional camcorder range. In fact, any one of our consumer
HD camcorders is a perfect digital lifestyle accessory.
It’s easy, really…
Canon camcorders are designed to work perfectly with
the TVs, computers and other digital devices you
already use at home.
Every Canon HD camcorder gets the best we have.
HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is the
easiest way to watch your HD movies on an HD-Ready TV. It is a high
speed connection that carries both HD video and audio signals with no
quality drop-off. And, since it uses just a single cable, nothing could be
Across our consumer range, HDMI provides an easy
solution to connect to compatible TVs and computers.
Using just one cable to carry pictures and sounds,
movies are transferred instantly to the big screen.
Connect to a computer to download then edit your
video, before completing your masterpiece.
Canon HD makes it easy.
HG10: record more to enjoy more
How can you record hours and hours of stunning HD video without worrying about
running out of storage space? The answer is easy – with a Hard Disk Drive
camcorder like Canon’s HG10.
The HG10 lets you store an amazing amount of video in one go – up to 15 hours
of HD movies, the equivalent of 28 DVDs. Perfect for holidays and extended
adventures, there’s no need to carry spare tapes or discs around with you. The
supplied software also makes it easy to save movies to a computer for editing and
burning to DVD. Alternatively, instantly connect to a TV via HDMI.
With no need to accommodate a disc or a tape, the HG10 is incredibly small – tiny
enough to take with you wherever you go. It also packs a surprising punch – with
headphone and microphone jacks, as well as Canon’s 25p Cinema Mode for that
big-screen feel, the HG10 is a great tool for aspiring Hollywood moviemakers.
• Ultra-compact Full HD 1080 camcorder
recording to HDD (AVCHD format)
• Canon Full HD CMOS sensor with
RGB Primary Colour Filter
• Canon HD Video Lens with 10x optical
zoom and Super Range OIS
• Instant AF for super-fast auto focusing
• Store up to 15 hrs of HD video straight
to HDD; shoot 3.1MP stills to MiniSD card
Recording to Hard Disk Drive
AVCHD – Advanced Video Codec High Definition – is a new
HD format that uses advanced compression technology to
reduce the size of HD movies. The HG10 uses AVCHD to record great
looking HD movies to a high capacity internal hard disc.
HDD recording offers tremendous storage space without compromising
on quality: perfect for adventurous spirits, holiday videomakers and
anyone out on a long shooting day. With no fast-forwarding or rewinding
required, watching your movies is easy – just select a thumbnail image.
HR10: as easy as HD gets
For busy family lifestyles and gadget lovers, the HR10 is a refreshingly easy way
to make HD home movies – a camcorder designed for anyone who wants to
shoot, then immediately watch home movies on their HDTV. Simply connect the
camcorder to an HDTV via an HDMI cable; alternatively, slot a DVD into a Blu-ray
disc player or similar device.
Making the most of the newest AVCHD recording technology, the HR10 captures
superb HD movies directly to ordinary 8cm DVDs. Like the HG10, it’s packed
with features that make recording with a Canon camcorder so easy: a Super
Range Optical Image Stabilizer, Instant AF, and all the benefits of Canon’s HD
Camera System.
• Ultra-compact HD (AVCHD) camcorder,
recording to convenient 8cm DVDs
(-R/-RW/-R DL)
• Full HD Canon CMOS sensor (2.96MP)
• Instant AF for highly accurate,
ultra fast auto focusing
• Canon HD Video Lens with 10x optical
zoom and Super Range Optical
Image Stabilizer
• HD-optimised DIGIC DV II processor
Recording to DVD
Just like the HG10, the HR10 uses the new AVCHD format: however, it records to ordinary
8cm DVDs. The advantage of DVD recording is ease of playback – discs can be read by any
compatible computer or Blu-ray player. Around one hour of great HD footage can be recorded onto a
Dual Layer disc (DVD-R).
AVCHD playback advice
Discs containing High Definition movies that have been recorded in the
AVCHD format should not be inserted into appliances that do not support
the format: this includes standard DVD players and recorders. Discs will
not play back properly in non-compatible devices, may become damaged
and may even cause appliances to malfunction.
HV20: superb quality, complete convenience
The HV20 is a versatile HD camcorder. A great all-rounder that will satisfy more ambitious family
videographers and amateur moviemakers, it uses the popular High Definition Video (HDV) format to
capture stunning, panoramic HD movies.
Features such as 25p Cinema Mode are designed for aspiring big-time directors: this feature lets you
record video with the look and feel of authentic film. Recording HD movies to inexpensive and easily
available MiniDV tapes, the HV20’s HDV format is especially suited to editing since it makes it easy to
get movies onto a computer.
• True HD resolution 1920x1080 2.96MP
Canon Full HD CMOS
• HDV1080i, with HDMI terminal for easy
playback on HD-Ready TV sets
• High performance Instant AF for
rapid auto focusing
• Rich, vibrant colours via HD-optimised
DIGIC DV II processing
• Canon HD Video Lens with 10x optical
zoom and Super Range Optical
Image Stabilizer
Recording to tape
HDV was developed as a way to store HD
video on ordinary MiniDV tapes. HDV is a particularly
inexpensive format that is well suited to computer editing:
simply transfer video to a computer via a single Firewire
cable. Most computer editing programs are compatible
with HDV.
The X factor: professional HD camcorders
For 50 years, Canon has lead the field in the design and manufacture of HD
lenses for broadcast video. Our professional-level HD camcorders inherit
generations of expertise.
The broadcast ready XL H1 and XH G1 are designed for studio applications as
well for use in the field. The XH A1 – sharing the same design as the XH G1 –
is ideal for film school students and ambitious amateur moviemakers working
on a budget.
Canon professional HD camcorders really do give you the X factor.
XL H1: broadcast versatility
• Professional versatility for
Professional HD 1080i quality allied to the familiar versatility of Canon’s award-winning
XL-series camcorders. Distinctive in every way, the XL H1 offers not one, but two ways to
capture HD video.
1080i HD (50i/25f)
• HD-SDI output, Gen lock input and
Time code input/output
• 20x HD VIDEO lens with XL lens mount
• High resolution HDV with 1/3” 1.67
Recording HDV footage to tape is efficient and inexpensive, ideal for projects in the field and
for ENG (Electronic News Gathering) professionals. Alternatively, for studio applications, the
XL H1 offers HD-SDI output and other industry standard connections in a ‘professional
jackpack’: HD-SDI provides a way of exporting uncompressed digital video signals for the
highest HD 1080i quality.
Megapixel 3CCD and DIGIC DV II
• Total CINE control for digital filmmaking
With its shooting versatility and range of options – combining the highest professional
standards – the XL H1 is unmatched in its category: broadcast versatility at its best.
6x wide lens
The XL H1 features Canon’s revolutionary XL interchangeable lens mount system. A specially designed 6x optical
zoom wide-angle XL HD video lens is available. Complementing the camcorder’s standard 20x optical zoom lens,
this wide-angle lens extends the XL H1’s shooting options even further. Offering precision focus, from a distance as
close as 2cm from the subject, the lens is ideal for wildlife and documentary filmmakers, and any project filmed in
restricted spaces.
XH series: versatile performance, complete control
• HDV1080i recording via 1/3” 1.67MP 3CCD with
horizontal pixel shift
• Canon L-series 20x optical zoom lens with shift type OIS
• Instant AF for high-speed auto focusing;
Focus Assist for manual operation
• HD optimised DIGIC DV II image processor
• HD-SDI output (embedded audio and Time code),
Time code input/output and Gen lock input,
plus 2 channel XLR audio input
XH series camcorders – the XH G1 and XH A1 – offer
superior professional standards of HD imaging. Housed
in a compact, handheld body, the XH series is designed
for documentary and fieldwork use, as well as digital
The XH A1 is an ideal digital filmmaker’s tool: HDV
capture to MiniDV tape is combined with a complete
range of recording options, offering full control over
shooting variables, and additional progressive shooting
mode (at 25 fps).
With the XH G1, Canon’s ‘professional jackpack’ is added
into the mix. With this suite of industry-standard
connections – including HD-SDI output – the camcorder
is suitable for use in a professional broadcast
• 1/3” 1.67MP 3CCD imaging with horizontal pixel shift,
for HDV1080i recording
• Precision L-series 20x optical zoom lens with shift type OIS
• Fast auto focusing with Instant AF system;
Focus Assist for manual focusing
• Advanced DIGIC DV II processor optimised for HD
• Compact design and control layout for balanced handheld use,
with internal battery system for extreme environments
The complete package: accessories to take you further
When you’re ready to take your moviemaking to the next level, a full range of genuine Canon accessories is available to help you along
the way. Designed to work perfectly with your Canon camcorder, each is a valuable addition to your shooting kit – bit by bit, your
camcorder’s recording options grow as your requirements do.
Wide life
Capture even more of the scene with a specialised
Canon Wide converter. Perfect for shooting in
restricted indoor spaces, recording panoramic
landscapes or even catching breathtaking city
scenes, a Wide converter adds a dramatic scope
to your movies.
Up close and personal
Frame your shots in a new way by getting even closer
to the action. Use a Teleconverter to take beautiful
close-up shots of nature and wildlife.
Keep on going
Brighter sight
Long life batteries offer even longer shooting times,
letting you capture more memories. Long life
batteries also cut down the amount of spares you
have to carry around.
Attaching an external video light to your
camcorder lets you carry on recording even when
light conditions are poor. It’s a piece of kit always
worth carrying around – who knows when even
the sunniest day will quickly cloud over?
To find out which accessories are compatible with
your camcorder, please ask your local Canon retailer.
Canon HD camcorders: quality without compromise
With a Canon Full HD camcorder, the world of
HD imaging opens up for everyone. That
includes you. And you don’t have to be an expert
– with features that make shooting great looking
video easy, combined with the highest imaging
standards, Canon Full HD stands for quality
without compromise.
Our range offers you the complete picture:
whether recording to DVD, tape, or a
Hard Disk Drive.
From the ease of direct-to-disc recording with
the HR10, to the extraordinary storage capacity
offered by the HG10, and the versatility of tape
and the HV20: there’s a Canon HD camcorder
that suits your lifestyle.
Convenience and quality: Canon's SD range
With a complete range of DVD and MiniDV Standard Definition (SD) camcorders, there's bound to be one that's just right for you.
If you're after quick and easy filming, opt for a DVD camcorder and the simplicity of straight-to-disc shooting. More eager to explore
the creative possibilities of computer editing, then a MiniDV model could be the right choice.
Standard Definition shooting offers great image playback on normal TVs. And because it's a well-established technology,
these camcorders are easily available to everyone, anywhere.
• 5.39MP CCD, RGB Primary Colour Filter and DIGIC DVII for high resolution video
and stunning photos
• 10x optical zoom lens with Super Range OIS
• DVD-R Dual Layer and low power consumption for longer recording
• True 16:9 recording system, with widescreen 2.7" LCD and 0.27" EVF
• Quick Start – be ready to record all of the action
• 35x optical zoom lens (30x on DC201)
• True 16:9 recording system, with wide LCD and wide EVF
• DIGIC DV II for true-to-life colours
• Up to 108 minutes of video on one disc with DVD-R DL (Dual Layer)
• Quick Start and Joystick controller
• 35x optical zoom lens (30x on MD101)
• True 16:9 recording system, with wide LCD and wide EVF
• Joystick controller and one-push Easy shooting mode
• DIGIC DV for brilliant colours
• Quick Start (MD160)
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