Multiple Video Solutions on One Platform
The APMAX is a purpose built, redundant, carrier grade system offering
enhanced voice and IPTV services from the same hardware platform.
IPTV Middleware*
Extensive Live Testing Lab
With an in-house Central Office and 150 streams of live video from a
regional headend, Innovative Systems IPTV services can be rigorously
tested. The product is also deployed in our employees homes thus
receiving the ultimate test, our families.
Committed to the Independent Communications Market
Innovative Systems serves this market with three distinct product
lines: APMAX Voice, APMAX IPTV Video Services, and eLation
OSS/BSS solutions. There are approximately 1200 systems from
the Innovative Systems product lines deployed in North America.
Industry Best Administrative Tools and a Great User
From a logical and functional administrative UI to the simple and
intuitive on screen display, Innovative Systems provides systems that
are easy to use.
What’s New
• StreamingTV™
• Central Reporting Server
• Amino LIVE STB - additional functionality
• InnoStream VOD Service
- Whole Home DVR
- Customer Control of DVR via Web Portal
- DVR & Channel Control Using
Smartphones and Tablets
- Local Weather App
- VOD and Pay Per View
- Virtual Remote™ for Customer Care
- What’s Hot App
- Subscriber Adjustable EPG Display
- Integrated Caller ID Screen Pop
- APMAX Voice Message Waiting Indicator
- Bandwidth Management
- Your local channels over a Roku™
- Lower entry cost than traditional
subscription video
- See page 14 for details
Video Monitor
- Monitors IPTV Streams from the headend
to detect video and audio issues
- Real Time Customer Support Monitor App
& Technical Interface
- Works with all IPTV Middleware Vendors
- Alarm E-mail Notifications
Video Streaming
- Program Scheduling
- Video Library Stored in the APMAX
- Stream Videos to your IPTV Channels
- Works with all IPTV Middleware Vendors
- Automatic Video Converter Tool
* Our system is compatible with many STB’s from Amino and ADB.
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Innovative Systems reserves the right to change specifications without notice
"After reviewing vendors in the space, we selected Innovative
Systems to provide our Middleware because of their
commitment to the Telco market and providers like Integra."
Mary Korthour, VP/GM Integra Telecom, Prior Lake MN
“The APMAX solution was by far easier than our three previous
middlewares to install and also to deploy. We had video up and
running in our office the same day; about a three hour process.”
John Hoskins, Network Administrator, Pembroke Advanced
Communications, Pembroke, GA
"By having more control over the STB software, Innovative’s Middleware
solution makes it easier on us as service providers and less service
disruptions for our customers. We have also not seen box freeze-ups
requiring reboots which is something that really wears on a customer.”
Tommy Swaringen, Operations Manager, Cap Rock Telephone Coop, Spur TX
“The Virtual Remote™ lets our service center staff take control
of the customer’s STB without having to send a truck out, in
some cases fifty miles or more. We believe this functionality will
save us a lot of money over the long haul.”
Keith Larson, GM, DCT, Carrington ND
“Being built from the hardware side forward was the main reason we
chose the APMAX™ Middleware solution. The majority of the middleware
vendors, while being visually appealing, lacked a lot of stability on the
back-end, the more things that we can administer from our central office
the better it is for us.”
Rob Petruk, Gosfield North Communications CEO, Cottam ON, Canada
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Integrated Subscriber Management Tools Improve
Support Efficiency
With the Innovative Systems IPTV Middleware solution no extra
hardware or software is needed to quickly address customer
service questions. Account management and diagnostic screens
allow for quick provisioning and deployment of services with
minimal training time.
Most subscribers have multiple set top boxes in the home and
the subscriber management system can automatically “ping”
the subscriber’s STBs to quickly identify a STB that isn’t able
to respond to the ping.
Easy Report Creation
A drag and drop feature in the APMAX UI
allows administrators flexibility in creating
custom reports. The search parameters can
be saved for future use.
Bandwidth Diagnostic Tester
Virtual Remote ™
The majority of video issues your customers have involve the remote
control. With the Virtual Remote™, your support team can take control
of a customer’s remote and walk them through the program guide or
help them change their settings, thus eliminating the need for a costly
service call.
Through the subscriber STB, your installation
techs can use the bandwidth diagnostic tester to
ensure an installed system is able to work at the
desired bandwidth for a given location.
STB Audit
Assist operators in knowing the health of their
deployed STBs. Confirms channel package authorization, verifies MAC address, reports versions and
counts. Reports on health status of the hard drive,
available space, viewing time and more.
Boot-up Trouble Screens
Will only appear if trouble occurs. Potential
problems – waiting for address (no network
connection or no DHCP server), no time server
or no SI stream or DHCP parameters are incorrect.
Channel Stats
Use this tool to determine peak times and days
that your customers are viewing channels
watched and not watched. Statistics are
exportable to spreadsheets and graphs.
Page 4
Innovative Systems reserves the right to change specifications without notice
Industry Leading Features
Innovative Systems IPTV Middleware
gives the user features they don’t want
to live without.
DVR Web Control
From the office, on the road or anyplace there is an internet connection,
subscribers can manage their DVR.
Subscribers can also control APMAX
Voice Services from the same portal.
Subscribers can record, delete and reschedule programs online from
a password protected Web Portal.
Whole Home DVR
Standard STBs in the home can take
advantage of the record and play
functionality of the home’s DVR STB.
Now you can move a Series Rule from
one DVR to another in the same Whole
Home Group.
Weather App
Current weather conditions and
forecasts as well as animated radar
are one button away with the Weather
Plus Option. Supports Canadian weather
Pay Per View
With proper promotion, PPV can be
the differentiator in making your
video service a profitable one.
What's Hot App
The What’s Hot App gives users real
time information about what others in
their area are watching. Users can view
most watched TV programs, Recorded
Programs and Series Recordings in their
service area.
Restart TV
Allows subscribers to restart programming already in
progress. Requires InnoStream server and approval from
content owners for implementation on channels.
Innovative Systems reserves the right to change specifications without notice
Page 5
Customers can Customize the Program
Guide on Their TV
The Innovative Systems IPTV Middleware solution
allows subscriber control of the number of rows,
columns and text size. They can also set their
default guide to a full screen guide or a corner
screen guide. This differentiating feature allows
for guide sizing which accommodates different
size TV screens.
Now Playing Feature
If a subscriber wants to get a quick snapshot
of what’s happening on their IPTV service all
they have to do is press OK on the remote.
A popup will display on the screen showing
the channel that’s on live TV, the channel they
are watching and the channel(s) that their
DVR is recording.
System Messaging
Send operator messages to all STB’s or a group
based on STB model, service area, trial group, IP
address, FIPS, package, list of MAC addresses
and GPS region. Let your customers know
about outages, channel lineup changes and
for marketing new features
Smartphone and Tablet
DVR and Channel Control
iOS and Android devices can
have program search, remote
control and DVR Web Control
for their video.
Use the ManageMyTVs App and turn your iPad into
a remote control, manage your recordings, and view
guide data remotely.
Page 6
Innovative Systems reserves the right to change specifications without notice
VOD (Video On Demand)
Give your subscribers movies at their finger tips
with the touch of one button! Plus have the same
parental controls as live TV. VOD uses the same
billing files as Pay Per View and you can read
more about VOD on page 9.
Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, Minesweeper, Memory
and Sudoku available through your STB for a
complete User Experience.
Blended Telephony Features
Give your subscribers true blended service
with the integration of Caller ID Screenpop,
Voice Message Waiting Indicator*, Recent
Callers List, and voicemail playback as well
as Voice to Text on the TV*.
(Requires APMAX Unified Messaging
and Voice to Text Option)
Easy Guide Search
Allows users to click on a program in the Guide
and hit the Search (Yellow) button to see a listing
for the future availability of the same show. You can
even go back in time in the Guide to search for a
program you just missed. The Title Search feature
allows users to search for programming based on
key words in titles. If a subscriber sees a program
in the guide or from a search that they want to
record, the One Time, Series and Reminder
options will cover all the scenarios.
Innovative Systems reserves the right to change specifications without notice
Page 7
Parental Controls
Take control of your children’s viewing times and
what they are allowed to watch with Innovative’s
feature-rich Parental Controls. Users can set
restricted viewing times by “Time of Day” and
“Day of Week”. They can also set Programming
Limits based on Motion Picture ratings or TV
ratings. If there is an attempt to tune to a channel
during a restricted time or with a rating at or
above the rating limit, a PIN must be entered.
Users can also restrict display of program titles
at or above the rating limit in the guide.
DVR Folder Management
Management of DVR recordings has never been
easier and can be done from one screen with
the whole family having their own folders for
recorded programs. This feature is even more
valuable with Whole Home DVR.
DVR Trick Play Features
Customers can use slow motion on that great
sports play. Take advantage of the settable skip
forward and skip back. Pause, skip back, rewind
or fast forward live TV. Replay live TV using the
30-minute live TV buffer. Show your TV who's
in control.
Whole Home Bandwidth Management
Innovative Systems’ Intelligent Whole Home
Bandwidth Management makes IPTV
manageable on twisted pair. It is great for
homes with multiple TVs but limited bandwidth. Whole Home Bandwidth Management
intelligently supports DVR recordings
without exceeding available bandwidth. This
provides customers with easy-to-manage
bandwidth allocation.
Page 8
Innovative Systems reserves the right to change specifications without notice
Innovative Systems Video On Demand (VOD)
Gives your subscribers the ability to watch local content, recently aired content from the broadcasters and current
movies...whenever they want and in the comfort of their own home. Innovative Systems' VOD service is engineered
to interface with multiple IPTV Middleware systems.
How it All Works
1. Asset is caught via a catcher.
2. InnoStream VOD Server takes the asset
from the catcher and encrypts it.
3. Encrypted asset is placed on InnoStream
VOD Server.
4. VOD Metadata pushed to Middleware(s)
Local content VOD examples: local high school
sporting events, church services, city council
InnoStream Server
- HP DL380 Platform with 10TB storage in base package.
° Storage expansion options available.
- Video On Demand (VOD)
° Integrates with most catcher systems
° Trick Play up to 300x speeds
to multiple middleware systems
° Interface
- Up to 1 Gbps VOD streaming output
- System Monitoring
° Easy to use Graphical User Interface
° Real-Time usage statistics
° Alarm System to indicate critical, major or minor
° Status screen updates
Innovative Systems reserves the right to change specifications without notice
Page 9
• DVR that is capable of recording six programs
while you watch one and stream out three.
Picture in Picture Capability
• Integrated WiFi for Internet and Over the
Top Applications.
• Picture in Picture which allows the subscriber to
adjust the location of the second picture and
toggle between the audio of the two programs.
"The Restart feature on APMAX
Middleware helps us distinguish our
product from our competitors. Once
our customers saw the Restart feature
they were hooked on it!”
Randy Yeakel, COO Director
Communications 1 Network, Kanawha IA
Integrated WiFi for over the top applications
"When we started looking at the
middleware vendors out there, what
impressed us the most about Innovative
was the fact that they weren’t offering
“vaporware” which is quite common in
this industry. Everything that APMAX
brought to the table worked and we
saw a long standing commitment to
the independent market that fits well
to the scale of our business.”
Rick Tidwell , CEO ValuNet, Emporia KS
Amino App store
* These optional features require having the Amino Live STB.
Page 10
Innovative Systems reserves the right to change specifications without notice
Central Reporting Server
A Windows-based service that downloads service
database files from the APMAX. The Central Reporting
Server automatically downloads and pre-processes log
files and e-mails reports at scheduled times.
Why do you need Central Reporting Server for
your IPTV Middleware?
• Makes the APMAX Report Viewer work faster - no
waiting for files to download and log files are already
pre-processed for reporting needs.
• Delivers reports at defined intervals - convenient
access to APMAX data, easier to monitor APMAX
service activity, and no need to remember to
collect data.
• Larger time span of data available.
User Experience Monitor (UEM)
Allows service providers to view data from the STB’s
in their network pertaining to different events or
feature utilization.
Potential Data and use-case scenarios:
• View the number of times the Weather App or What’s
Hot App was invoked on the STB’s in a specific area.
• View problems that customers are having but
not reporting.
• Correlate network problems to trouble reports.
Innovative Systems reserves the right to change specifications without notice
Page 11
Stream Video to your IPTV Channels
The APMAX can deliver video streams efficiently with a user friendly interface that
allows you to load Transport Stream (TS) files and stream them to specific IPTV
channels regardless of your other video providers. The service will automatically
convert most video file types to the required TS format.
How it Works
TS videos can be uploaded to the APMAX Video Library
and then single or multiple video files can be assigned
to a specific IPTV video channel. These videos can be
scheduled to play at a specific time on their designated
channel. With Innovative Systems IPTV Middleware
Solution, the video title and description will appear in
the onscreen Program Guide. With the use of generally
available production software, service providers have
the option of adding advertisements or other pertinent
information to the videos before they are uploaded to
the APMAX.
Streaming Videos on your IPTV Channels
is an easy process:
1. Select videos and add them to the APMAX
Video Library.
2. Choose Video Library selections for specific
3. Add Channels to the APMAX Video Streaming.
Application Examples
- Help videos from Innovative Systems for your
voice and video services
- Governmental meetings
- Local sports
- Local events
- Service provider promotions
- Service provider board meetings
- Community access content
Page 12
Innovative Systems reserves the right to change specifications without notice
Use the APMAX to Monitor Your IPTV Video Streams
This solution monitors your IPTV video channels in real time. With a technical interface and a CSR/ Support facing dashboard, this
solution keeps you aware of the quality of your video service. Innovative Systems Middleware customers can easily import their
channel lineups into the Video Monitor. This solution will work with any IPTV Middleware vendor.
How it Works
Specific parameters that effect the quality of your video streams
can be selected by your technical group and if a video stream falls
below any of these parameters an alarm will display in both the
technical and CSR/Support interfaces. Can also be configured to
e-mail notifications regarding alarms. The system will check every
"x" minutes and e-mail any alarms that are active at the check interval.
CSR Interface
The Video Monitor provides snapshot info to the
CSRs to assist with customer issues. This interface
will give your front line staff important information:
- Computer tray warning icon
- Channel history snapshot
- Quick look-up feature
- Read only interface
- Graphic display of alarm segments
- 24 hour data reference
Historical Technical Data Search
The likelihood of short intermittent video issues can be problematic
and the APMAX Video Monitor gives you the ability to create
exportable channel reports with a couple of mouse clicks.
Innovative Systems reserves the right to change specifications without notice
Page 13
Use Your APMAX to Deliver Live Local Channels With
Your Data Connection
StreamingTV Requirements
Content Agreements
- Only Unencrypted channels at this time
GraceNote Guide Data
- Formerly TMS
Adaptive Bit Rate Encoders
Easy to Deploy Solution
Roku 3 or Roku Streaming Stick
This APMAX service includes built in Lineup, Subscriber, Device and
Location Management. The StreamingTV service e-mails subscribers
simple instructions on how to find the private Roku channel and
information on how to activate their Roku® 3 or Roku Streaming
Stick™ devices.
Live TV Features
Trick Play
- Pause
- Rewind
- Fast Forward
Guide Info
Provides subscribers information for the current and
the next two scheduled programs. Providers can
brand the guide with their logo.
Adaptive Multiscreen Streaming
Headend content can transported in MPEG 2/4 formats into an
Adaptive Bit Rate domain in traditional IP Multicast traffic. Each
stream can be compressed into different bandwidth packages to
allow for multiple options serving subscribers who have varying
degrees of data consumption within their home networks.
Page 14
Innovative Systems reserves the right to change specifications without notice
Physical Size (height x width x depth)
APMAX is Manufactured in the
USA by a Company that is ISO
9001:2008 Compliant
1.75”H x 17”W x 14.25”D
10.5 lbs
Brackets available for
mounting in 19”,23” and
26” racks
ISO 9001 provides a framework for quality
management throughout the processes of
producing and delivering products and
services for the customer.
Over 500,000 organizations in over 149
countries are implementing these universal
set of standards.
Operating Temperature Range
Relative Humidity
65 to 110F (18C to 43C)
10-90%, non-condensing
Power Requirement
Per Unit
Recommended External Fuse
-42 to -56 VDC
1.2A typical, 2.0A Max Startup
Front Panel
Interfaces (per system)
Minor (alarm)
Major (alarm)
48 ports - IP - SIP, FTP, TFTP,
Power and Alarm
8 Position Terminal Block
Ground, -48V, critical, major,
Serial Ports
Two 25-Pin Female D-sub
(RS232/RS449/V.35 capable)
Five RJ-45 Connectors
10/100/1000 One RJ-45
Connector 10/100
Two BNC Connectors
(one Tx and one Rx Providing
one DS-3)
One 37-Pin Female Connector
Providing Eight DS-1s
416 DS-1 (384 DS-0s)
4Two DS-3 (1344 DS-0s)
4Four RS 232/449/V.35
4MF and DTMF
Innovative Systems reserves the right to change specifications without notice
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