Dealer guide to warranties for HP inkjet printing supplies

Dealer guide to warranties for HP inkjet printing supplies
Dealer guide to warranties
for HP inkjet printing supplies
You and your customers can trust the
performance and reliability of HP printing
products and supplies because HP provides
warranties that are fair, easy to understand,
and simple to manage. This guide will help
you assess and validate warranty claims in
the unlikely event of a problem with HP inkjet
printing supplies.
This document is for dealer information only. The warranty statements and date code structure can be changed at any time. Only the warranty statements,
supplied with the purchase of the respective products, are legally binding. This warranty guide will be updated on a regular basis and can be downloaded
from HP Smart Portal. Go to and after log-in the path to follow is: Post-sales –> Service & support –> Warranty.
HP’s warranty for inkjet
printing supplies
How long does the warranty
period last?
HP’s inkjet print cartridges, ink cartridges and
printheads are warranted to be free from defects in
materials and workmanship during the period of the
warranty. This warranty pertains to the product when
used in its designated HP or authorised OEM printing
device. Refer to the printing device manual for the
proper product selection.
The exact length of the warranty period depends on
when the product is installed. Two dates are associated
with HP printing supplies: an Install By or Installation
date (printed on the product packaging or on the printed
configuration page), and an End of Warranty date
(printed or etched on the product itself). The dates are
in YYYY/MM/DD format. Depending on the product,
the Install By date is 12 to 24 months after the date of
manufacture. The relationship between the Install By or
the Installation date and the End of Warranty dates also
depends on the product:
The product is covered under warranty as long as:
• The End of Warranty date has not been reached. The
End of Warranty date, in YYYY/MM/DD format, may
be found on the product as indicated in the picture on
the last page
• There is still ink available for use (applies to inkjet print
cartridges and ink cartridges)
• The product has not been refilled, remanufactured,
refurbished, misused or tampered with
• The product has not exceeded its warranted usage
as described in the printer manual or contract
(applies to HP 10, 11, 14, 80, 81, 83, 84, 85, 90
Printheads only)1
• Printheads: End of Warranty is 12 months after the
installation date
• Inkjet print and ink cartridges: End of Warranty
is six months after the Install By date
• HP 14 Ink Cartridges: End of Warranty is three months
after the Install By date
HP 12 and HP 88 are covered under warranty for one year from the first
insertion of a printhead.
How to validate
HP inkjet warranties
To resolve claims quickly and efficiently under the
terms of the warranty, make the following checks:
• Has the End of Warranty date passed? Consult
the diagram on the following page to find the
End of Warranty date for the product.
• Is it a genuine HP product? Look for the original
HP label and product number. If these are missing,
or if the name of another manufacturer or refiller
appears, the product is not genuine. If the product
is returned with non-HP packaging, double-check
the label and product number.
• Has it been modified? Check for labels that have
been tampered with, refill holes, different caps or
plugs on the top or bottom of the product. These are
all indications that the product has been refilled or
tampered with.
How to return products
Follow the steps below to return products under warranty
1. Ask the customer for a print sample. It is not essential,
but it can help HP identify the cause of the problem.
If the customer cannot provide a print sample, ask for
a brief written comment describing the problem. Most
returns are found to be in working order when tested
by HP. Comment sheets may be downloaded from
HP Smart Portal. Go to
and after log-in the path to follow is: Post-sales –>
Service & support –> Warranty.
2. Attach the completed comment sheet and print sample
to the cartridge with an elastic band.
3. Put the product in the original packaging if it is
available. However, do not reapply the nozzle
tape or put any other tape over the nozzles.
• Is it unused? If the nozzle tape has not been removed,
the inkjet print cartridge may never have been used.
• Is it empty? Empty inkjet print or ink cartridges are not
covered by the warranty.
Ink expiration is not
warranty expiration
Air ingestion and water evaporation causes ink to
degrade over time, and in printing systems where
the printhead and ink supply are separate, degraded
ink can damage the printhead and the ink delivery
components within the printer. To protect the printing
system, some ink cartridges use an “ink expiration date”.
If the cartridge still has ink on that date, it either stops
operating or displays a warning message which the
customer can override. For most of these cartridges, the
maximum lifetime is more than four years and the inprinter life maximum is 2.5 years, which exceeds normal
usage for the vast majority of customers. Ink expiration
is only used on the following products:
HP 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 88, 177, 363
Position of HP ‘End of Warranty’
HP 25, 26, 49…
HP 17, 23, 41, 78…
HP 10, 11, 12, 13, 88…
HP 15, 40, 45…
HP 177, 363
HP 14
HP 80, 81
Products below may have dates
in either indicated location
HP 27, 28, 56, 130, 336, 339…
HP 10, 11, 12, 14, 80…
© Copyright 2005 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to
change without notice. The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty
statements accompanying such products and services. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an
additional warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein.
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