A6pci0105 DS 372

A6pci0105 DS 372
www.advanet.co.jp CompactPCI series
PMC Carrier Board
PMC Carrier Board
CompactPCI 6U-size PMC carrier board with two PMC slots
Install a PMC module to use it as a 6U-size CompactPCI board
For peripheral use only (cannot be equipped with a PrPMC module)
Onboard transparent PCI-PCI bus bridge (Intel21154 equivalent) for
64-bit 66MHz PCI bus support
PCI bus
Signaling level: (VIO) 5V/3.3V
Address bus width: 32/64 bits
Data bus width: 32/64 bits
Bus clock: 66MHz or less (33MHz or less when VIO is 5V)
No. of PMC slots : 2 (for non-monarch mode)
Classification : Peripheral slot board
Board size : 6U-size CompactPCI bus, Single slot width
Weight : 250g
Note: The following specifications and product appearance are subject to change for enhancement without notice.
Certification: No.4016-1995-AQ-KOB-RvA
Tokyo Branch
616-4, Tanaka, Okayama 700-0951 JAPAN
TEL +81-86-245-2861 FAX +81-86-245-2860
3F, Hayakawa No.3 Building, 2-2Kanda-Tacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0046 JAPAN
TEL +81-3-5294-1731 FAX +81-3-5294-1734
Certification: No. EMSC-1426
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