987650 8092

987650 8092
IP67-rated PB3 Remote Module connects Rockwell
PLCs to PROFIBUS networks over EtherNet/IP; Rockwell
users in factory-automation and process-control
applications benefit from on-machine installation,
reduced commissioning time and lower cabling costs
Brad® SST™ IP67
PB3 Remote Module
PLC Communication Modules
The SST™ PB3 Remote Module for PROFIBUS is a stand-alone hardware
platform or linking device, with on-board PROFIBUS and Ethernet
communication ports. The module provides a fast, easy solution for adding
PROFIBUS Master and Slave connectivity to Rockwell Logix controllers
(ControlLogix, CompactLogix, SoftLogix etc.) in factory-automation,
process-control and complex machine applications.
The unique harsh-duty, IP67-rated remote design offers extra functionality
over in-chassis modules; allowing for on-machine or in-field mounting and
reducing expensive PROFIBUS cabling costs that occur when controller and
field devices are located some distance apart.
PB3 Remote Module hardware and software are 100% designed, developed
and produced in Molex facilities. For additional information visit:
Features and Benefits
Module designed for flexible, remote
Saves cost by reducing expensive
PROFIBUS cabling; can be installed
on-machine / closest to PROFIBUS
field devices
No rack limitation of Rockwell
PLC backplane
Dust and water resistant. Tested to
withstand shock, high-vibration and
high temperatures
Suitable for harsh environments and
direct on-machine mounting without
need for protective cabinet
Remote configuration and diagnostics
using Engineering Console
Quick commissioning via Ethernet
connection; saves customer time and
associated costs
PB3 remote module engineering
console can be used simultaneously
with Rockwell Logix connection
Direct mapping of Profibus I/O process
data into the Logix controller
No ladder logic to write; easy share
of I/O process data
Rockwell Logix connection
Module can be fully integrated into
Rockwell software architecture
EtherNet/IP is preferred network choice
and strategy of Rockwell controller users
Add-on-Instructions provided
Saves integration time; configure the
PB3 Remote Module in minutes into
Rockwell RSLogix5000 software
CommDTM driver included in
software package
Enables Rockwell users in processcontrol industries to perform asset
Integrated 2-port switch
Daisy-chain wiring possible; wire entire
application without switches; achieve
cost savings
Brad® SST™ IP67 PB3
Remote Module for PROFIBUS
Brad® SST™ IP67
PB3 Remote Module
PLC Communication Modules
Factory automation
- Automotive assembly lines
- Automotive body shop
Factory Automation
- Material handling
Process control
- Wastewater treatment
- Agro food industry
- Oil & Gas
- Pharmaceutical
Machine builders
- Complex machines
Wastewater Treatment
Oil and Gas
- CNC machines
Power supply: 24V
2x Power connectors, M12, A-Code, 24V DC
2x Ethernet ports switch, M12, Female, D-Code
2x Profibus ports, M12, Female, B-Code
Flash memory for:
Module configuration
Firmware upgrade
Diagnostic LEDs
1x Module status
1x PLC connection status (RUN/PROG)
1x PROFIBUS status
1x PROFIBUS Class-2 communication
IP67 housing
Compact Dimensions: 22 x 6 x 6 cm
On-machine mount
Operating temperature: -25 to +70°C
Storage temperature: -40 to +70°C
UL, Class 1 Div 2
KoreanCC, China (CCC)
Can scan up to 125 Slaves
As a Master supports a maximum of 1984 bytes of input data + 1968 bytes of output data
Supports all standard PROFIBUS baud rates (9600, 19200, 31.25k, 45.45k, 93.75k,
187.5k, 500k, 1.5M, 3M, 6M, 12M)
Supports the following DP-V1 Master services:
Class 1: MSAC1_Read, MSAC2_Write
Class 2: MSAC2_Initiate, MSAC2_Read, MSAC2_Write, MSAC2_Idle, MSAC2_Abort
Can handle up to 16x Class-1 and 16x Class-2 commands simultaneously
Can act as a DP-V0 Slave only
Allows for simultaneous operation of PROFIBUS Master and Slave
IP Addressing: DCHP (default), DHCP with name, Static, Flash Saved
(0xF5/0xF6 EIP objects)
Engineering console tools for configuration and diagnostic
Automatic DP slave device detection
Automatic naming of I/O process variable based on GSD file
Export of I/O process variables in RSLogix L5X format
Windows (32-bit): Seven, Vista, XP
CommDTM driver for FDT Frame tools
PROFIBUS master configuration
Device diagnostics
Device detection
PROFIBUS is a trademark of PROFIBUS International
PROFIBUS Engineering Console
Direct Access in RSLogix
Brad® SST™ IP67
PB3 Remote Module
Typical System Architecture
Ordering Information
Order No.
Engineering No.
Operating Temperature Range
IP67 PROFIBUS Remote Module with DTM driver, 24V
-25 to +70°C
PROFIBUS is a trademark of PROFIBUS International
Order No. 987650-8092 Rev. 1
Printed in EUR/GF/2013.04
©2013 Molex
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