Model FJ-600/500/400 - Roland DG Corporation

Model FJ-600/500/400 - Roland DG Corporation
FJ-600 / 50 0 /40 0
A new era in wide-format printing
The Future:
Dual-Head Architecture
The Roland Hi-Fi JET PRO represents dramatic progress over the earlier,
award-winning Hi-Fi JET in both print quality and speed. The Hi-Fi JET PRO
utilizes Roland's new dual-head, variable droplet technology to deliver breathtaking
fine art reproductions with 8-color printing, or very high-speed output with double
CMYK printing. With the Hi-Fi JET PRO, Roland once again leads the way to a
new era of superb wide-format inkjet printing.
Elevating the Level of
Fine-Art Reproduction
8-Color Printing*1
Double 4-Color Printing*1
Now there is no need to choose between rich colors
and wider gamut or smooth, natural gradations and
skin tones. 8-color printing with variable droplets on
the Hi-Fi JET PRO accomplishes both
simultaneously—never before possible with 4 or even
6-color printing.
Delivers A0-size 4-color prints in as little as five
minutes at 540 x 360 dpi (127 sqft/h).
Variable Droplet Control Technology
Wider Print Head with 96 Nozzles per Color
The revolutionary new print head, with 96 nozzles per
color, covers a wider printing area in each pass,
greatly enhancing throughput.
By varying the size of individual ink droplets,
Roland's new technology provides a far greater
number of dot sizes, providing a new standard for
silky-smooth, grain-free print quality. Inkjet output
finally rivals true continuous tone.
Print heads have been engineered to operate at up to
twice the speed of earlier Hi-Fi JETs for a new
dimension in production performance.
1440 x 1440 dpi Resolution*2
Side-by-Side Pigmented and Dye-Based Inks*1
A milestone in high-resolution color printing,
1440 x 1440 dpi renders the subtlest details and
textures with total realism and natural beauty.
The option of installing both pigmented and
dye-based CMYK inks on a single printer saves space
and greatly boosts operating efficiency.
Precise Color Matching
Built into the Roland ColorChoice RIP are ICC color
profiles to ensure accurate, consistent, repeatable
color matching—precise enough for digital proofing.
2X's Faster Head Speed*3
*1 Printing in 8-colors and double 4-colors, or pigmented and dye-based inks working
*2 True 1440 dpi resolution in vertical direction and apparent 1440 dpi resolution in
horizontal direction.
*3 Compared with previous Hi-Fi JET models.
FJ- 600
Maximum media acceptance : 1625 mm (64")
Maximum printing width : 1615 mm (63-9/16")
FJ- 500
Maximum media acceptance : 1371 mm (54")
Maximum printing width : 1361 mm (53-9/16")
FJ- 400
Maximum media acceptance : 1117 mm (44")
Maximum printing width : 1107 mm (43-9/16")
Advancing the State of the Art
8-Color Printing—An Unprecedented Range of Color Tones
The 8-color printing process in the Hi-Fi JET PRO uses dual print heads
and variable droplet technology to reproduce a stunningly broad and
realistic spectrum of color—brilliant apple reds, the near-infinite greens
of a forest, rich natural skin tones, or a metallic sheen so luxuriously
smooth that you want to reach out and touch it. By adding orange (Or),
green (Gr), light cyan (Lc) and light magenta
(Lm) simultaneously to conventional CMYK
colors, the Hi-Fi JET PRO delivers a new
standard of photo realism, transcending the
limits of conventional 4 and even 6-color
printing to satisfy even the most demanding
artist or photographer.
Hi-Fi JET PRO 1440 dpi
8-color printing
360 dpi 4-color printing
Orange and Green
ink color reproduction graph
1440 x 1440 dpi* Resolution:
Astounding Photo Realistic Images
This level of photographic quality reproduces even the downy soft hairs
on human skin. The crisp detail and fine-line
fidelity of the Hi-Fi JET PRO's 1440 x 1440
dpi resolution makes it ideal for enlargements
of fine art, photography, or mural-size
graphics, with results rivaling the convincing
realism of photographic prints.
*True 1440 dpi in vertical direction and apparent 1440 dpi in horizontal direction.
Piezo Print Heads Produce Precise
Droplets under Stable Control
The shape of the ink dots has a major effect on the overall quality of
inkjet printing. This is one of the reasons why the Hi-Fi JET PRO uses
Piezo inkjet heads—since they consistently produce a
more perfectly rounded ink droplet. You can clearly
see the difference in the razor-sharp edges of text and
photo images, and in the naturally smooth gradations.
The minute size of the Piezo ink droplets also enables
a more economical use of ink—a cost savings you're
sure to appreciate over time.
Two Types of Inks to Match Your Needs
*Identical source data. Images simulated in printing.
Pantone Calibrated for PANTONE® Hexachrome®
The Roland Hi-Fi JET series is currently the world's first and only 1440
dpi wide-format inkjet printer capable of outputting PANTONE®
Hexachrome®. PANTONE® Hexachrome® is
Pantone, Inc.'s patented 6-color printing
process which simulates over 97%* of solid
PANTONE PMS Colors—an enormous
benefit to printers and designers for
Hexachrome® Calibrated
proofing and accurate color matching.
*Requires Roland FPG-series pigment inks in CMYK, Orange and Green, printed at the specified resolution on
Roland's signature Hi-Gloss White Film and using Roland ColorChoice software and QuarkXPress .
Variable Droplet Control:
Unbelievably Smooth and Natural Reproduction
For fade-resistant gallery quality output or for
more economical, vivid-color output,
the Hi-Fi JET PRO offers you two kinds
inks—pigmented and dye-based.
Hi-Fi JET pigmented inks ensure that your posters
and signs maintain their beauty longer, even under
outdoor conditions* and feature an enhanced color
gamut rivaling that of dye-based inks. You get the
best of both worlds: rich, vivid colors plus
excellent resistance to fading.
Hi-Fi JET dye-based inks are the logical choice
for indoor posters or proofing. Their lush, intense
colors produce beautiful output, while their
budget-friendly price helps to keep operating
costs down.
*Lamination is required for outdoor use.
The unique variable droplet technology
of Hi-Fi JET PRO produces ultraprecise ink droplets of varying sizes to
deliver beautifully smooth and dot-free
tones. This state-of-theart technology is truly
breathtaking, either in
8-color or conventional
CMYK output.
Variable droplet control
Head move direction
Media feed direction
Print Quality and Speed You Never Imagined Possible
A New Dimension in High-Speed Performance
High-Speed Output with Double 4-Color Printing
The Hi-Fi JET PRO delivers major increases in output speeds across the
board. Printing at 540 x 360 dpi with two sets of CMYK, the Hi-Fi JET
PRO can print one square meter in only
5 minutes (127 sqft/h). Print quality is
outstanding and, compared with most
conventional wide-format printers, the
difference in speed is dramatic.
Output speed comparison
Double 4-color bi-directional printing
Print mode
Resolution(dpi) Printing time
540 x 360
720 x 720
1080 x 1080
Variable PHOTO
1440 x 1440*
5 min/sqm(127 sqft/h)
9 min/sqm(75 sqft/h)
18 min/sqm(36 sqft/h)
39 min/sqm(16 sqft/h)
Wider Heads Create Improved Print Speed
The Hi-Fi JET PRO's new print heads utilize 96 nozzles per color which
is 1.5 times wider than earlier Hi-Fi JETs to translate into shorter
output times even in 8-color printing. When working with 4-color x 2
head printing, 192 nozzles are allocated for each color and 768 nozzles
work in total, which results very high-speed output.
Faster Head Speed with Stunning Image Quality
By speed-tuning the print heads, we have been able to nearly double*
the maximum speed at which the heads can operate. At the same time,
the addition of extremely rigid, high-performance rails and other parts
that support head movement ensure that these higher speeds have no
adverse effect on image quality. Painstaking Roland engineering keeps
ink tubes and cables from transmitting vibrations to the print heads,
resulting in smoother, more stable head movement. These features
ensure that the Hi-Fi JET PRO maintains higher levels of both output
speed and printing fidelity.
*Compared with the Roland FJ-50/40.
8-color bi-directional printing
Print mode
Resolution(dpi) Printing time
540 x 360
720 x 720
Variable NORMAL
540 x 1080*
1080 x 1080
Variable SUPER
720 x 1440*
Variable PHOTO
1440 x 1440*
8 min/sqm(79 sqft/h)
Resolution: Media feed direction x Head move direction
*Apparent Resolution
Dual Functionality in a Single Printer
15 min/sqm(42 sqft/h)
22 min/sqm(30 sqft/h)
32 min/sqm(20 sqft/h)
38 min/sqm(17 sqft/h)
113 min/sqm(6 sqft/h)
The four-color, dual-head configuration of the Hi-Fi JET PRO means that
you can use pigmented CMYK inks for one head and dye-based CMYK
inks for the other. As a result, you can be ready to respond immediately
to your customers'
Versatile ink combination
requests. This ability to
Pigment 8c
deliver multiple printing
functions from a single
printer gives you
Dye 4c x 2
substantial time and space
savings, along with higher Pigment 4c/Dye 4c
overall business efficiency. *Pigmented ink and Dye-based ink can be used exclusively.
Greater RIP Capabilities for More Power
RCC: High-Speed, High-Performance RIP
for Roland Technology
To extend printing capabilities even further, the Hi-Fi JET PRO comes
with Roland ColorChoice® (RCC) 4, the only multi-platform RIP
designed for variable droplet control and for both 8-color printing or double
4-color printing, while offering functions that lend
powerful support to all aspects of Hi-Fi JET PRO
output. Compatible with Windows® 95/98/Me and
Windows NT ®4.0/2000/XP and Mac® OS 8.1 to 9.x.
(Mac OS X is not currently compatible.) RCC adapts
smoothly and seamlessly into your existing workflow.
Easy RIP-ing, Faster Print Output
For faster workflow, RCC doesn't need to wait for RIP operations to
finish before it starts printing. Full RIP and Print capabilities allow
parallel operation, for speedier color and data checking.
*This function works on Windows only.
True Adobe PostScript 3™ Compatibility
Adobe® PostScript® 3™ ensures that the images you create in your graphic
design applications will print with perfect fidelity —a feature with obvious
benefits for both design and proofing tasks. In
addition to PostScript applications, you can also
directly output TIFF, JPEG, EPS, PDF, PS and
PLT (PRT) files. Simply drag-and-drop the file
into RCC for speedy output.
Post-Process Precise Color Adjustment
Sometimes you want to make slight changes to the color balance and tone
after an initial test print. In these situations, you can fine-tune the tone
curve of all 8 colors individually to
achieve the perfect color match. You
can easily achieve even greater precision
by adjusting colors via this method than
by adjusting the original data, plus the
extra freedom of adjustment lets you
reproduce colors that are simply not
possible on other inkjet printers.
Supporting High-Speed Networks
100 BASE-TX/10 BASE-T Networking
RCC lets you handle color adjustments
for image and spot color data
separately, avoiding problems with
having photo colors affect lettering or
line drawings, and vice versa. Photos
stay natural, while illustrations and
lettering print in the exact colors you
Digital Proofing and Other Media
Equipped with a standard 100 BASE-TX/10 BASE-T interface, the Hi-Fi
JET PRO connects seamlessly to office networks for high-speed
workgroup operation with a data transmission rate of 1.1 Mb/sec. This
makes it easy to configure a highly efficient printing environment with
efficient sharing between multiple PCs and/or Macs®.
Color Management of Photo Images,
Independent from Lettering and Line Drawings
Offering You a Wider Choice of Print Media
Media availability largely determines the usefulness of any printer.
With this in mind, the Hi-Fi JET PRO accepts a wide range of
Roland-certified media. The lineup includes PET film for
photographic prints, as well as vinyl, cloth, paper (including Fine Art
papers), and film positives for silkscreen printers.
Screen Printing Positives
Easy Access to Ethernet Interface
Settings from Your Web Browser
Simply access the Hi-Fi JET PRO interface from a
web browser and you can quickly view the settings or
change them to your desired settings on your display.
Full Support for ECP Parallel Interface
The Hi-Fi JET PRO comes with an ECP parallel interface. This enables
data transfer at 750 KB/sec., twice the transfer speed of earlier Hi-Fi JETs.
*Restrictions may apply to output of some EPS, PDF and PS files.
Reliably Accurate Digital Proofing
As with all Roland inkjet devices, the Hi-Fi JET PRO offers the ability
to print film positives for screen printing, using either Adobe Photoshop
5.5 or Adobe Illustrator 8.0 with Acrobat Distiller 4.0. No additional
equipment or expense is required. You can choose from 14 different
half-tone dot shapes with screen frequency and angle control. Roland
provides clear film (CPF-66-42) for use with our standard pigmented
black ink (FPG-BK).
Adding a Host of New Supporting Features
Backlit LCD for easy panel operation
Adjustable head height for a wide variety of media from
artists' canvas to film
Media cover guards against dust
Media damper maintains smooth media feeding
Easy-to-replace, clean-handling ink cartridges
Automatic sheet cutter for after printing
A wide range of ICC-compatible input and output profiles are built
in to ensure consistently accurate digital proofing. You get optimal
color matching for whichever Roland media and Print Mode you choose.
Versatile Output Options
with RCC-Based Enlargement and Reduction
Control Panel
RCC offers a wide range of useful functions, including powerful RIP-level
output support. Suppose you need to output an A4 file at a larger size, or
print out large-format data at a reduced size for test purposes. There's no
need to alter the data file within the graphics application; simply
adjust the size as you like, even mirror or rotate images, with RCC.
When outputting multiple copies of a file, an automatic
function selects the most economical layout for the paper size
selected, minimizing media waste. The output position can
also be selected freely, to suit the desired arrangement. All
these functions are available in the RCC job-properties setting
individual for each data file, and files with different settings
can be spooled for continuous output. RCC also gives
you control over the
Print Mode and the
number of copies, so
you don't need to
output data again
from the original
RIP-ing, Networking, and Media: Comprehensive Professional Performance
Media Cover
Media Damper
Ink Cartridges
Select from Three Models to Match Your Application Needs
Covering a Wide Range of Output
The Hi-Fi JET PRO is available in
three sizes: the FJ-600 with a
maximum print width of 1615 mm
(63-9/16 inches), the FJ-500 with a
maximum of 1361 mm (53-9/16
inches) and the FJ-400 with a
maximum of 1107 mm (43-9/16
inches). All models will print on
media as small as 210 mm (8-5/16
inches), enabling a highly flexible
range of output applications.
Media acceptance and printing width
Maximum media acceptance :
1625 mm (64")
Maximum printing width :
1615 mm (63-9/16")
FJ-500 Maximum media acceptance :
1371 mm (54")
Maximum printing width :
1361 mm (53-9/16")
Maximum media acceptance :
1117 mm (44")
Maximum printing width :
1107 mm (43-9/16")
Printing method
Printing width
Acceptable material widths
Width of material that can be cut off
Conditions for usable materials
Ink cartridges
210 to 1615 mm (8-5/16 to 63-9/16 in.)
210 to 1625 mm (8-5/16 to 64 in.)
210 to 1625 mm (8-5/16 to 64 in.)
Use only pigmented ink cartridge exclusively for use with the Hi-Fi JET
Pigmented ink
220 cc
±5 cc
The four colors black, cyan, magenta, and yellow or
the eight colors black, cyan, magenta, yellow, orange, green, light cyan, and light magenta
Use only dye ink cartridge exclusively for use with the Hi-Fi JET
Dye-based ink
220 cc
±5 cc
Cyan, magenta, yellow, and black
Apparent colors
16.7 million colors
1440 dpi x 1440* dpi / 720 dpi x 1440* dpi / 540 dpi x 1080* dpi /
1080 dpi x 1080 dpi / 720 dpi x 720 dpi / 540 dpi x 360 dpi
Printing resolution
(Printing dot resolution)
Distance accuracy
Error of less than
±0.3% of distance traveled, or 0.3 mm, whichever is grater (at Roland PET-film, print travel: 1 m (39-3/8 in.))
Automatic cleaning and manual cleaning
Printing heads cleaning
Bidirectional parallel interface (compliant with IEEE 1284: ECP mode) and Ethernet 10Base-T or 100Base-TX
Printing mode
Maximum: 1.3A/100V to 240V
Standby mode
Maximum: 0.5A/100V to 240V
±10% 50/60 Hz
±10% 50/60 Hz
Printing mode
60dB (A) or less
Standby mode
40dB (A) or less
Dimensions(With stand)
(According to ISO7779)
2500 mm [W] x 740 mm [D] x 1241 mm [H]
(98-7/16 in. [W] x 29-3/16 in. [D] x 48-7/8 in. [H])
2246 mm [W] x 740 mm [D] x 1241 mm [H]
(88-7/16 in. [W] x 29-3/16 in. [D] x 48-7/8 in. [H])
1992 mm [W] x 740 mm [D] x 1241 mm [H]
(78-7/16 in. [W] x 29-3/16 in. [D] x 48-7/8 in. [H])
124 kg (273.4 lb.)
117 kg (257.9 lb.)
108 kg (238.1 lb.)
Weight(With stand)
210 to 1117 mm (8-5/16 to 44 in.)
Maximum material thickness: 1.0 mm (0.039 in.) (When head is raised)
Maximum diameter for roll material: 180 mm (7-1/16 in.)
Core inner diameter for roll material: 50.8 mm (2 in.) or 76.2 mm (3 in.)
Maximum weight for roll material: 20 kg (44.1 lb.)
Acoustic noise level
210 to 1107 mm (8-5/16 to 43-9/16 in.)
210 to 1117 mm (8-5/16 to 44 in.)
210 to 1371 mm (8-5/16 to 54 in.)
210 to 1371 mm (8-5/16 to 54 in.)
Instruction system
Power-saving function
Power consumption
Piezo ink-jet method
210 to 1361 mm (8-5/16 to 53-9/16 in.)
Temperature: 15 to 32˚C (59 to 89.6˚F), Humidity: 35 to 80% (non-condensing)
Temperature: 5 to 40˚C (41 to 104˚F), Humidity: 20 to 80% (non-condensing)
Power on
Power off
FJ-600/500/400 main unit: 1, stand leg: 1, caster flats: 2, media guide: 1, media cover: 1, stays: 2 (for place the media guide),
bolts (large): 14, bolts (small): 4, hexagonal wrench (M6): 1, pipe: 1, media flanges: 2, flange retaining pins: 2, washers: 6,
drain bottle: 1, replacement blade for separating knife: 1, media clamps: 2, cleaning kit: 1 (cleaning sticks: 10, tweezers: 1 pair, and
sponges: 10), power cord: 1, Roland-PrintServer CD-ROM: 1, Roland-PrintServer for Macintosh users: 1, Roland ColorChoice : 1,
user's manual: 1, and unpacking, assembly, and installation guide: 1
Included items
* Apparent resolution by using variable droplet control.
Pigmented ink
Dye-based ink
Cleaning cartridge
USB to Parallel adaptor for Macintosh
Magenta, 220 ml
Yellow, 220 ml
Cyan, 220 ml
Black, 220 ml
Light cyan, 220 ml
Light magenta, 220 ml
Orange, 220 ml
Green, 220 ml
Magenta, 220 ml
Yellow, 220 ml
Cyan, 220 ml
Black, 220 ml
Cleaning cartridge for changing ink types
3m (Power Mac with USB port, iMac)
Media Take-up Roller
The take-up roller automatically re-rolls the printed media for
unattended and continuous printing. The media take-up
option can be added at any time.
Take-up Roller
For FJ-600
For FJ-500 and FJ-400
Roland reserves the right to make changes in specifications, materials or accessories without notice. Your actual output may vary. For optimum output quality, periodic maintenance to critical components may be required. Please contact
your Roland dealer for details. No guarantee or warranty is implied other than expressly stated. Roland shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages, whether foreseeable or not, caused by defects in such products.
* COLORCHOICE is Registered in the U.S. Patent Office. PostScript, PostScript 3, and the PostScript logo are trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated. PANTONE and other Pantone, Inc. trademarks are the property of Pantone, Inc.
Pantone, Inc.'s six-color printing process is the subject of U.S. Patent No. 5,734,800 * All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
Printed in Japan. RDG90114 '02 JAN. A-4 G-S
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