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Welcome to Miele
Forever better
"Immer besser". Since 1899, Miele has remained true to its own
corporate philosophy of "Immer besser" or "Forever better". These two
words lay the cornerstones of Miele's high quality standards and place
Miele amongst the strongest German brands worldwide in the domestic
appliance industry.
Countless innovations emanate from the Miele development division.
Every day our engineers strive to improve our products and to find new
solutions to meet consumers' needs. Quite simply to add convenience
to the lives of customers.
Miele manufactures appliances to the highest specifications. Great
attention is paid not only to inner values such as excellent functionality
and reliability, but to external values, too, e.g. the design.
Miele's company philosophy of being 'Forever better' is not simply a
catchy phrase, but rather a promise to deliver quality products and, in
turn, a promise to its customers.. Ultimately, Miele wishes to give its
customers the peace of mind of having made the right choice in buying
a Miele appliance.
Dr. Markus Miele and Dr. Reinhard Zinkann
Ecological responsibility – the basis for
Miele's corporate philosophy
The responsibility for our environment has
tradition at Miele – for more than 110 years.
The natural environment is the foundation
of our existence which we want to protect.
For us and generations to come to have a
good future. True to our motto "Forever
better", we develop domestic appliances
for customers which reduce the burden on
the environment and natural resources.
This begins with the selection of materials,
ensuring efficient production and ends –
after a long machine life – in
environmentally friendly recycling.
Miele's environmental standards pay their
way in the long run: Miele's highly efficient
domestic and built-in appliances ensure
excellent performance and set standards in
terms of low electricity consumption
values, too.
Miele Vacuum Cleaners
Test wins
Miele vacuum cleaners.
More than 50 test wins* worldwide.
Miele appliances furnish proof of their high
quality not only in strict internal quality
tests; the quality and dependability of Miele
machines is also praised time and time
again in independent product tests. Since
2003 alone, Miele vacuum cleaners
emerged as test winners more than 50
times in comparison tests throughout the
world*. *A detailed overview of Miele test wins in floorcare can be
found at http://www.miele-presse.de
The efficient way to save energy
Particularly successful in international
tests: the Miele EcoLine cylinder vacuum
cleaner. With these innovative appliances,
Miele proves that high wattages do not
necessarily equate to good cleaning
performance. Miele's EcoLine models
combine top cleaning performance with
high energy efficiency - saving both energy
and money in the long term.
Every flag represents a test win – in Europe
alone there have been more than 45 Miele
vacuum cleaner test wins since 2003. This
is augmented with successes outside
Europe's borders, for example in Australia,
New Zealand, Hong Kong and Canada.
Miele quality convinces experts and users
throughout the world.
What makes Miele vacuum cleaners so unique?
Miele vacuum cleaners offer an optimum combination of excellent cleaning performance,
unique convenience, outstanding hygiene standards and first class quality.
100% controlled!
Quality is Miele's highest priority,
from design to finished product. Miele
vacuum cleaners are exclusively designed
and manufactured in Miele's own plants. At
the end of the manufacturing process and
assembly, every vacuum cleaner is
thoroughly tested again to ensure perfect
functioning. This thoroughness is one of
the ways in which we at Miele achieve
excellent quality and highly durable
the AirClean filter system
The outstanding filtration of Miele vacuum
cleaners is the result of a filtration system
consisting of up to 12 layers. It consists of
the innovative Miele AirClean dustbag, a
motor protection filter and a Miele exhaust
filter. The way these components
complement each other ensures that more
than 99.9% of fine dust is filtered out. You
can take deep breaths again!
User convenience:
vacuuming made easy? Yes – with
Miele has developed a multitude of
features to make floor care as easy as
possible for you. For example the
convenient handle controls, with which you
can regulate suction power with the touch
of a fingertip. No more tiresome bending.
Cleaning performance:
achieving best results with efficiency.
A high performance motor alone does not
make a good vacuum cleaner. Miele
vacuum cleaners combine a whole bundle
of features efficiently with outstanding
results. A dust-tight casing and streamline
airflow through all components are
essential in ensuring that the power of the
motor is converted into suction
performance at the floorhead.
Miele Vacuum Cleaners
Tested to last 20 years*
No normal daily use is as stringent as a Miele product test: before Miele vacuum cleaners
go into series production, they must undergo rigorous stress and endurance testing in our
The motor endurance test:
very endurable!
We expect top-notch cradle-to-grave
performance from our vacuum cleaners: in
an intensive endurance test, with the
appliances being constantly switched on
and off, Miele motors must prove that they
are made to last.
The jamb/threshold test:
very robust!
In real life, Miele vacuum cleaners are
subjected to many knocks and obstacles
that they have to move over during
vacuuming – in this test, they have to
endure this strain 16,500 times without
interruption. Miele casings and rollers
prove their durability.
The cable rewind test:
very reliable!
The cable reels are unwound and rewound
more than 10,000 times in our test centres.
Only then are we satisfied and completely
certain of problem-free functioning in your
The hose test:
very resilient!
Miele suction hoses are twisted, bent and
stretched with a 5 kg weight 120,000 times
in the laboratory, so you can pull your Miele
vacuum cleaner along behind you without
any risk of damage.
The floorhead test:
very hard-wearing!
A Miele floorhead must master 2000 km of
various types of floor coverings – that is as
far as Toronto to Winnipeg. They also cross
a carpeted door threshold 60,000 times.
The handle test: indestructible!
Miele vacuum cleaner handles are hung
with 5 kg weights and lifted and lowered
120,000 times. The handle must survive
leverage forces completely damage-free.
*Equates to an average weekly use of 45 minutes per week
at maximum power
Miele Vacuum Cleaners
Tangible cleanliness
The right dustbag? Simple!
It is often not easy to find the right dustbag
for a vacuum cleaner, but with Miele, you
can easily identify the correct genuine
AirClean filterbag by the colour of the
dustbag collar.
Top-class suction power
Thanks to the nine finely graduated filter
layers, the Miele AirClean bag remains
air-permeable, even as it fills. This ensures
undiminished suction power for longer. The
appliance display indicates when the
dustbag and filter need to be changed, for
constant performance and hygiene just like
on the first day.
Last 25% longer
The special-purpose random-spun fibre
retains large amounts of fine dust. Air
guides distribute dust evenly throughout
the dustbag. This is why AirClean
Dustbags can be used approx. 25% longer
than conventional random-spun dustbags.
Hygienic dust disposal
Miele ensures that you don’t need to come
into contact with vacuumed dust. As soon
as you open the vacuum cleaner, the
AirClean bag closes automatically. The
protective netting prevents the bag from
bursting, even if you have vacuumed up
sharp items .
* Features depend on model
Canister Vacuums
6-stage control dial
Electronic suction power regulation is
controlled via a 6 –stage dial. Graphic
symbols for different floor covers help you
select the most suitable power setting.
The Miele Comfort handle
The flexible suction tube
attachment allows ergonomic, comfortable
handling. Thanks to the lever action, the
floorhead is more manoeuvrable.
• Reduces strain on the wrist
• Increases convenience
Convenient cable rewind
with one-touch function
All Miele vacuum cleaners have convenient
switch-controlled cable wind.
• No more bending
• S6 also with one-touch function: wind the
whole cable with a single touch of a
Compact system
With the advanced Compact
system, Miele canister vacuum
cleaners are extremely light and easy to
• Park System on both sides
Silence System.
A noise-optimised motor and integrated
sound-proofing make Miele vacuum
cleaners pleasantly quiet.
• Silence setting: lowest noise emission
levels without compromising on cleaning
Features depend on model
Canister Vacuums
User Convenience
Handle with metal anti-static
discharge device
All Miele vacuum cleaners feature a metal
thread integrated into the underside of the
handle which functions similar to a
lightning conductor.
• This prevents electro-static discharge
between appliance and user.
Stainless steel telescopic tubes
Miele telescopic tubes are height
adjustable at the touch of a button to suit
individual working heights.
• Easy on your back
• Electro telescopic suction tube: for safe
operation of an electrobrush. Specially
encapsulated cable and invisibly
EasyLock suction tube
With unique locking system.
• Simple to fit
• Easy to transport
• Space-saving storage
Large operating radius
Cable, suction tube and hose give you a
total operating radius of up to 10 m. This
allows a circular area of more than 500 m2
to be vacuumed from a single wall socket.
• No need for unplugging so often
• Easy vacuuming of larger floor areas
Park System for breaks / with
automatic deactivation
The floorhead is simply slotted into the
back of the vacuum cleaner. • The suction tube is ready for use in
convenient position until work is to
• Intelligent: the motor is automatically
switched off
• Reduces the need to bend
Practical locking system
Floorhead, suction tube and handle
are connected with an audible click.
• Secure connection with vacuum cleaner
• Separates easily at the push of a button,
e.g. when selecting a different accessory
Two-sided Park System for
Suction tube and hose can be attached
securely to either side of the upright
• Easy to transport
• Space-saving
• Convenient for left- and right-handers
Features depend on model
Caniser Vacuums
Quality and Safety
Powerful Motor
Miele vacuum cleaners start
gently and build up gradually to the
selected power level.
• Protects the circuit from overloading
Overheating protection
All Miele vacuum cleaners are protected
against overheating by a temperature
limiter. If an airway becomes blocked – for
example, by a vacuumed up item – the
motor switches off automatically for safety
• Appliance ready to start again after fault
removal and cool-down
• Overheating indicator for extra
Full range of accessories
Miele canister vacuum cleaners are
supplied with three high-quality
accessories as standard: upholstery
nozzle, crevice nozzle and dusting brush
with soft, natural bristles.
• Always ready at hand
• Integrated on a VarioClip on the hoose
Vacuum cleaner S6 Contour
S6- Contour
• Mango Red
• 4.8 kg with suction accessory
• 10 m operating radius
• 3.5 l dustbag capacity
• AirClean filter
• 1200 W maximum motor output
• Telescopic Suction wand
• Standard handle
• Rotary dial controls
• Universal floor brush model SBD285-3
• Onboard tools (Upholstery Nozzle,
Crevice Nozzle, Dusting Brush)
This elegant vacuum cleaner is designed
for all smooth surfaces.
Vacuum cleaner S6 Dimension
S6- Dimension
• Midnight Purple
• 4.8 kg with suction accessory
• 10 m operating radius
• 3.5 l dustbag capacity
• AirClean filter
• 1200 W maximum motor output
• Telescopic Suction wand
• Comfort handle
• Rotary dial controls
• Parquet floor brush model SBB300
• Turbo brush model STB205
• Onboard tools ( Upholstery Nozzle,
Crevice Nozzle, Dusting Brush)
This vacuum cleaner is ideal for low to
medium pile carpets as well as on all
smooth surfaces.
Vacuum cleaner S6 Dimension Plus
S6- Dimension Plus
• Sprint Blue
• 4.8 kg with suction accessory
• 10 m operating radius
• 3.5 l dustbag capacity
• AirClean filter
• 1200 W maximum motor output
• Electro-Telescopic Suction wand
• Comfort handle
• Rotary dial controls
• Smooth floor tool model SBB235
• Electric Power Head model SEB217
• Onboard tools ( Upholstery Nozzle
Crevice Nozzle, Dusting Brush)
This vacuum suits perfectely to all carpet
types and all smooth sufaces.
Vacuum cleaner S6 Continuum
S6- Continuum
• Pistachio Green
• 4.8 kg with suction accessory
• 10 m operating radius
• 3.5 l dustbag capacity
• HEPA filter
• 1200 W maximum motor output
• Electro-Telescopic Suction wand
• Comfort handle
• Rotary dial controls
• Parquet brush model SBB300
• Onboard tools ( Upholstery Nozzle,
Crevice Nozzle, Dusting Brush)
Make your own mix with this elegant and
efficient vacuum, and add the Electrobrush
of your choice*
*for an additional cost
Vacuum Accessories
Universal Floor Tools
Astonishing capability:
the Miele universal floortools
With their switchable bristles, Miele
universal floor tools are equally suitable for
cleaning carpets and hard flooring. Thanks
to the metal sole plate and rubber runners,
they glide softly across the floor. Precise
corner suction ensures optimum dust
uptake and extra-wide thread lifters easily
remove hair and fluff.
SBD 350 Universal Floor Tool
This classic floor tool provides a smooth
transition between hardwood and carpet.
Durable and light, this tool offers excellent
edge suction and cornering on all surfaces.
SBD 450 Universal Floor Tool
SBD 550 Universal Floor Tool
SBD 650 AirTeQ Universal Floor Tool
This universal tool is ideal for all smooth
flooring and very low pile carpeting. It
allows you to go from smooth floors to
carpeted surfaces with a quick click of a
rocker switch. The metal glide sole is
gentle to even the most sensitive flooring.
Carpet and rugs can be gently and
thoroughly vacuumed. Wide thread lifters
help collect dirt and dust. Standard floor tool SBD 550 with
retractable brushes for edge to edge
cleaning of carpets and hard floors and
360° comfort swivel joint. A smooth metal
sole plate helps this floor tool glide
smoothly over all floors whilst cleaning.
Extra wide thread-lifters ensure maximum
fibre uptake, and the brushes extend easily
for vacuuming hard floors by pressing the
wide foot button.
This classic floor tool provides a smooth
transition between hardwood and carpet.
Durable and light, this tool offers excellent
edge suction and cornering on all surfaces.
Vacuum Accessories
Parquet and Smooth Floor Brushes
Thorough and gentle: Miele Parquet
and Smooth Floor Brushes
The parquet and smooth floor brushes
were specially developed for the cleaning
and care of hard floors with scratch
sensitive surfaces. With their soft brushes
they glide over the floor surface, cleaning
gently and thoroughly.
SBB 235 Smooth Floor Brush
This straight suction floor brush has dual
30cm (12") wide rows of soft synthetic
bristles and rubber wheels to protect
SBB 235
This straight suction floor tool has dual
30cm (12") wide rows of soft synthetic
bristles and rubber wheels to protect
SBB 300 Parquet Twister Brush
SBB 400 Parquet Twister XL Brush
This 31cm (12.5”) floorbrush makes sure
that tiled and wood floors are cleaned
thoroughly but gently. It has a 90° rotation
and is exceptionally agile at cleaning
around obstacles such as table legs, etc.
This parquet brush propose the same
utilities than the SBB 300, but is 41cm (16”)
wide. This brush is developed of wide
surfaces with few obstacles.
Vacuum Accessories
Ideal for pet owners:
Miele Turbobrush
The Miele turbobrush, with its
independently-driven roller brush, ensures
a reliable removal of threads, fluff and hair
and thorough cleaning. Turbobrushes can
be used with almost any Miele vacuum
STB 205
Lightweight carpet tool is driven by air
movement of vacuum cleaner. Its 27.5cm or
11" wide brush roll, floating head design
and 360° swivel neck provides excellent
STB 101
Hand Turbobrush
The perfect brush for cleaning stairs and
other small areas where you want to clean
thoroughly, yet gently. Also ideal for the
deep cleaning of upholstery.
STB 20
Mini Hand Turbobrush
Compact version of mini turbobrush, with
flexible swivel joint. Fits on handle, suction
tube and hose. Has scraper edge to
remove persistent soiling and is ideal for
car cleaning and upholstery. 8cm wide.
Vacuum Accessories
Extra power –
the Miele Powerbrushes
Miele Powerbrushes have a motor driven
brush which rotates evenly and powerfully,
making them extremely suitable for
deep-seated soiling in robust, heavily used
rugs and carpets. They also have improved
pick-up of threads, hair and fluff and bring
the carpet pile back up, preventing “tracks”
being worn into the carpet. Powerbrushes are connected by direct
contact to electro-accessories or by
Clipcable. Your Miele dealer will be happy
to advise you.
SEB 236 Direct Connect Powerbrush
SEB 217 Direct Connect Powerbrush
Electrically driven carpet tool with a 33cm
or 13" wide brush roll and integrated LED
lighting, offers 5 height adjustments for a
wide variety of carpet heights and
densities. The SEB 236 requires the
SET 220 Direct Connect wand.
Electrically driven carpet tool with a 28.5cm
or 11 1/4" wide brush roll and floating head
design. Swivel neck provides excellent
maneuverability. The SEB 217 requires the
SET 210 Direct Connect wand.
SEB 228 ElectroBrush
Electronically driven carpet tool with
35.5cm brush is ideal for cleaning all types
of carpet.
Vacuum Accessories
Overview of recommended use of Miele floor brushes and floorheads:
Textile floor coverings
Random fibre
Ball yarn
Parquet brushes
Twisted velour Loop pile
Hard floors
Deep pile
Stone with
robust surface
Stone with
Parquet (with
sealed surface)
oiled, waxed or
with brushes extended
+++ highly recommended,
+ recommended,
– not recommended
** Only SEB 236/234 L with height adjustment
In the first instance, please follow the recommendations of
the floor covering manufacturer 33
Vacuum Accessories
Special accessories
Miele has developed special accessory
sets for those everyday cleaning
requirements, all contained in a practical
carry case – perfect for cleaning the car, for
CarClean Set vario
A unique collection of accessories
designed to help you clean a very personal
space: your car. Narrow crevices, tight
upholstery, loose floor mats and tight
spaces make cleaning a car's interior a
very difficult task.
A collection of micro-accessories and
nozzles designed to help you clean
delicate items and collectables
throughout your house.
SHB 10 Radiator Brush
SMD 10 Mattress Brush
SFD 20 Flexible crevice nozzle
The Miele Radiator Brush is specially
designed to dust between the plates of a
radiator and is also invaluable when
dusting venetian blinds.
The miele Mattress Brush is ideal for
cleaning in tight spaces between mattress
and bed frame, or between seat cushions
of upholstered furniture.
A 56cm flexible crevice tool for navigating
the hardest to reach nooks and crannies for
SUB 20 Flexible Universal Brush
SFS 10 Flexible Hose Extension
The Miele Universal Brush, with its two
joints, is the ideal accessory for dusting
rows of books, furniture edges, baseboards
1.5 m hose extension, suitable for all
straight air canister vacuums.
Vacuum Accessories
Filters and Bags
With Miele, you can choose between three
different exhaust filters. And should your air
filtration requirements change, any of the
three filter types can be retrofitted on Miele
vacuum cleaners from the S 300 upwards.
AirClean Filter
Active AirClean Filter
Effective filtration for normal requirements For all appliances from series S2, S4, S5,
S6, S7 and Miele Hybrid (Contains 3
Neutralizes unpleasant odours. Ideal for
pet owners. SF-AAC 30 for S2 series
vacuums and SF-AAC 50 for S4 S5 and S6.
Active HEPA Filter
Stick Vacuum cleaner exhaust filter
For maximum air hygiene, also filters out
the smallest particles such as fine dust,
allergens and mould – ideal for those who
are allergic to house dust. SF-AH 30 for S2
series only. SF-AH 50 for S4 S5 and S6.
There are also high-performance exhaust
filters for Stick Vacuums.
Find dustbags for your Miele vacuum
cleaner at all Miele vacuum retailers or
online at www.mieleboutique.ca
AirClean Filterbags Value Pack
This practical multi-pack includes 4
filterbags, a motor protection filter and an
AirClean filter. Available for GN , FJM and
U filterbags.
Online Shop : find easily all Miele accessories and CareCollections
Original Miele dustbags
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