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Intelligent technology
meets compact smart design
for brilliant pictures.
7.1x zoom
Effective megapixel
Battery power lasts
approx. 310 shots
Large 2. 5-inch high -quality LCD moni tor
Top shutter release
time lag: 0.007 sec.
Skew correction function
1cm macro
As of September 6, 2005, the Caplio R3 is the world smallest and slimmest digital camera with an optical
5x or greater zoom lens.
Number of shots measured using CIPA standard parameters. Actual per formance may vary according to
usage conditions.
Shutter release time lag with focus lock engaged and Vibration Correction OFF.
Focal lengths are 35mm film camera equivalents.
High-power 28-200mm optical 7.1x zoom
28mm field of view
Great perspective at wide-angle
Wide-angle 28mm
delivers dynamic perspectives.
Ricoh’s Caplio digital cameras are famous for delivering
wide-angle 28mm perspectives that are impossible to
capture with a common 35mm camera. Dynamic 28mm
shows its strength especially in expansive scenes like
stadiums and large buildings. Wide angle also enables
you to achieve creative effects by, for instance, exaggerating the size of your subject relative to background objects. Best of all, the Caplio R3 is so slim and lightweight
that this dazzling power of expression slips conveniently
in your pocket.
35mm field of view
lens, new Vibration Correction function, and much more.
Frame the scene with
200mm field of view
200mm zoom
200mm zoom enables unique framing.
Vibration Correction function adjusts
for handshake.
The Caplio R3 is the world’s slimmest and most compact
high-power zoom lens digital camera . With its 28mm200mm 7.1x optical zoom lens, you have infinite possibilities for framing shots. For instance, make your subject
stand out majestically from the
background. Plus, the new Caplio
R3 has a Vibration Correction
func t ion t hat helps to deliver
sharp zoom pictures free from
the blurry effects of handshake.
105mm field of view
Section marked indicates framing.
As of September 6, 2005, the Caplio R3 is the world’s smallest digital camera with an optical 5x or greater optical zoom lens.
Advanced features for discerning photo
Ricoh focuses on giving photographers the ideal combination
of advanced technology and compact size.
From its powerful 28-200mm optical zoom lens to its large,
bright LCD monitor, the 26mm-slim
Caplio R3 embodies this pursuit.
Double Retracting LENS System makes
space for the 28-200mm zoom lens.
Ricoh s original Double Retracting LENS System enables a 7.1x
optical zoom range-wide-angle 28mm to 200mm zoom-to fit inside a slim 26mm body.
Vibration Correction function.
Vibration Correct ion d etect s camera move ment occur r ing f rom hand shake when t he
shutter bu tton is pressed and then automatically makes a correc tive adjustment. you’re
see the difference mos t clearly in your zoom
and macro photos. Switch this feature ON or
OFF at the touch of a button.
Newly designed grip
for improved hand fit.
The Caplio R3 feels and looks like a
great camera should. Its clean bodylines offer a look of innovation while
conforming smoothly to your hand.
Imaging processing system,
the Smooth Imaging Engine.
Provides high-speed image processing and noise reduction for
capturing detailed images rich in depth and texture.
Compact size makes the Caplio R3 handy
to carry any time.
Dimensions exclude projecting parts
graphers fit in an astonishingly slim and compact form.
High-quality 2.5-inch LCD monitor makes
viewing images easy.
Enlargeable icons .
The large high-quality LCD monitor makes viewing and confirming images
easy. With one touch, you can adjust monitor brightness for better visibility
under bright lighting. For image playback, you can display one, three or 12
To help ensure that you select all settings accurately, you can
enlarge the icons on the LCD monitor that show current operating modes, such as flash and macro.
Standard icon display
Enlarged icon display
May differ from actual display
Image is simulated
Vibration Correction function reduces the effects of handshake for clear,
beautiful pictures. Shoot confidently regardless of the scene.
The effects of handshake are apt to occur
especially in zoom photography.
Shooting in zoom with
Vibration Correction OFF
Macro shooting with
Vibration Correction OFF
With Vibration Correction function ON, you
can zoom in instantly and shoot confidently.
Note: Under certain shooting conditions, compensation for vibration may not occur.
Shooting in zoom with
Vibration Correction ON
Macro shooting with
Vibration Correction ON
Note: Under conditions of extreme handshake or very slow shutter speed, vibration compensation may not occur.
Loaded with advanced features, the Caplio
Get as close as 1cm at wide angle, or 14cm in telemacro,
and expand your vision in the world of macro photography.
Ricoh gives you astonishing insight into macro photography.
With the Caplio R3’s superior power of expression,
you can reveal details beyond your imagination.
Zoom macro function.
By using the zoom macro function in combination with digital zoom, you can shoot your subject larger than in normal macro shooting.
Enter a new world of
macro photography.
Zoom macro mode
AF Target Selection.
This original Ricoh feature enables you to fix
your camera on a tripod and adjust the focal
point using buttons. Expand your freedom of
Image is simulated
A conventional weakness of digital cameras is slow response time. The Caplio R3 delivers faster response every
step of the way.
So you won’t miss a chance at a perfect shot,
the Caplio R3 powers up in approximately 1.1
seconds. The shutter response time is approximately 0.09 seconds without focus lock engaged and approximately 0.007 seconds with
focus lock engaged. And your camera resets
for the next picture in about half a second.
Shutter release time lag
Shutter release time lag
Shutter pressed
halfway approx.
0.007 sec
Image is simulated
New skew correction function.
Rectangular subjects such as blackboards
and large signboards need to be shot from
a direct frontal angle for optimum sharpness. When you are unable to shoot such
subjects face on, the Caplio R3’s new skew
correction funct ion automaticall y makes
adjustment for the distortion. It’s a hand y
feat ure for business uses as well as for
photographing paint ings, scenes with
large architecture, etc.
Because the photographer cannot gain
enough height to shoot the picture straight
on, it must be photographed at a steep
angle. The Caplio R3 automatically recognizes that the square shape is distor ted and adjusts for it.
Shutter pressed
once approx. 0.09 sec.
Approx. 0.5 sec. between shots
Ready for
next shot
Camera recognizes that
this section is distorted.
Time measurements with flash OFF
Beautiful correction.
R3 expands the possibility for more beautiful pictures.
Wide range of features expands photo-capturing
capability for any scene.
A long-lasting battery and energy-saving design
allow you to take advantage of the numerous advanced
features for approximately 310 shots .
E nergy - s aving design and
long-lasting power for over
310 shots .
With the included rechargeable battery, you
can shoot approximately 310 pictures . That’s
enough for an entire vacation, or business trip.
Synchro monitor mode automatically switches
the LCD monitor off when the camera is not
in use, delivering a big gain in battery power
conser vation.
Rechargeable battery
Eight scene modes for great results at the touch of a button.
Beautifully blurs the distant background while focusing
on your subject. The closer you zoom in, the greater the
blur effect.
For capturing moving subjects. Great for spor ts and
other action scenes.
For awe-inspiring landscapes. The focal point is set to
infinity so the image is sharp.
Night scene
For capturing beautiful night scenes without diminishing
t he dark atmosphere. Ensures that both subject and
background are sharp and clear.
Skew correction
When shooting a rectangular subject from angles not
directly front on, your subject will appear distorted. This
mode automatically makes a corrective adjustment.
Number of shots measured using CIPA standard
parameters. Actual performance may vary according to usage conditions.
Three continuous shooting
Multiply your chances of get ting the per fect
shot with regular continuous mode. Your Caplio
R3 will fire cont inuously f or as long as you
press the shutter button. Two more continuous
modes enhance your control in ot her ways.
In S-continuous mode, one press of the shutter
button fires 16 shots in 2.2 seconds and stores
them in a single file. M-continuous mode memorizes the last 16 shots in a 2.2-second file
—a handy feat ure
for capturing cont inuous motion,
such a s in spor t s
Suitable for all kinds of printed text. Turns your camera
into a portable copy machine.
Zoom macro
For making a macro subject appear larger than it would
in normal macro mode. Enhances the scope of macro
For use in low light conditions. Also, in this mode the
LCD monitor becomes brighter and easier to see.
Other features.
Histogram display allows
you to confirm exposure.
The histogram display shows the exposure details of
an image in a graphical format on the LCD monitor.
Instantly check for overexposure or underexposure.
Multipoint focus for
enhanced focus precision.
Up to 5 focus zones are established. The zone at which
the focus is currently set is indicated by a green outline
on the LCD monitor.
Shoot video with sound.
The Caplio R3 records video with sound at a rate of
either 15 frames or a more natural 30 frames per second. A 1GB SD Memory Card allows you to record continuously for up to 168 minutes and 30 seconds.
Auto bracket and white balance bracket.
With auto bracket set, the camera automatically shoots
three images at three different exposure levels: -0.5EV,
±0, +0.5EV. White balance bracket applies three different color tones to the images.
Modulating shutter release sound.
The sound made by the shutter release being depressed var ies according to the speed at which it is
depressed. The feedback helps to keep you in synch
with your camera and avoid mistakes.
Record the date and time
with your picture.
You can record the date (year/month/day) or date
and time (year/month/day, hour/minute) in the right
bottom corner of any still image.
Unique Ricoh Caplio features
expand the possibilities of
PictBridge compatible
for direct printing.
Convenient ADJ button.
A quick press of the ADJ button allows you to
call up frequently used settings. Icons for exposure adjustment, white balance and two
additional settings of your choice will display
on the LCD monitor, enabling you to instantly
set up for your shot and fire away.
The Caplio R3 prints directly from any PictBridge
compatible printer. Just connect it with a USB
cable and make prints on the spot.
Image Mixer software
for editing images (for Windows).
Download your Caplio R3 pictures to a computer
and you can use the bundled Image Mixer software to enhance, correct and organize them.
Now you’re ready to create photo CDs!
Image Mixer is a product of Pixela Corporation.
For more information visit
Expand your photo life
with DeskTopBinder Lite.
Once you’ve downloaded your Caplio R3 images
to a computer, you can use this bundled software
to edit, store and print your pictures.
Spor ts mode
Image is simulated
Accessories Included
Instruction Manuals
(Camera, Introduction)
USB Cable
Warrant y Card
AV Cable
Hand Strap
Rechargeable Lithium-Ion
Battery: DB- 60
Battery Charger: BJ-6
Software manual supplied on CD-ROM
Caplio R3 Major Specifications
Descript ion
Effective 5.13 million pixels (5.25 million square pixels), 1/2.5-inch primary-color CCD
Focal length f : 4 .6 - 3 3 .0 mm (equivalent to 28 -200mm for 35 mm film cameras )
Step-zoom inter vals : 7 steps (28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 105mm,
135mm, 200mm)
Aper ture
F: 3.3 (W)- 4.8 (T)
Vibration Correction CCD shift method
7.1x optical zoom (equivalent to 28-200mm for 35mm film cameras);
3.6x digital zoom
From lens tip: approx. 0.3m- (wide angle), approx. 1.0m - (zoom)
Subject Distance
Macro Subject Distance From lens tip: approx. 0.01m - (wide angle), approx. 0.14m - (telemacro)
St ill
8,4,2,1-1/2000 sec.
Motion 1/30-1/ 2000 sec.
2592 x 1944, 2592 x 1728, 2048 x 1536, 1280 x 960, 640 x 480
2592 x 1944, 2048 x 1536
Motion 320 x 240 (30 frames/sec.,15 frames/sec.),
160 x 120 (30 frames/sec.,15 frames/sec.)
Fine, Normal
Picture Mode 1
Auto, ISO64, ISO100, ISO200, ISO 400, ISO800,
ISO Sensitivity
Auto, Red-eye Reduction, On, Slow Synchro, Off
Distance: 2 Approx. 0.2- 2.4m (W), 0.14-1.8m (T) ( ISO auto )
Autofocus, Manual Focus, Fixed Focus (Snap), (includes AF auxiliary light)
TTL-CCD photometric system: Mult i (256 segments), Center Weight, Spot
Exposure Adjustment
Exposure Compensation Manual compensation (+2.0- - 2.0 EV in 1/3 EV steps), Auto-bracket (-0.5 EV, 0,+0.5 EV)
Auto/Fixed (Daylight, Overcast, Tungsten Light,Tungsten Light 2, Fluorescent Light,
White Balance
One Push)
SD Memory Card (32/64/128/256/512 MB/1GB), Multi Media Card ,
Recording Media
Built-in Memory 26MB
2592 x 1944 (Fine: 13, Normal: 22), 2592 x 1728 (Fine: 14),
Storage Capacity
(No. of Pictures)
2048 x 1536 (Fine: 18, Normal: 36),
(Internal 26MB Memory)
12 80 x 960 (Fine: 33, Normal: 63), 640 x 480 (Normal: 277)
Storage Capacity (Time) Motion 1 minutes 17 seconds (320 x 240: 15 frames/sec.), 4 minutes 38 seconds (160 x 120: 15 frames/sec.) 4
( Internal 26MB Memory)
39 seconds (320 x 240: 30 frames/sec.), 2 minutes 26 seconds (160 x 120: 30 frames/sec.)
Sound 56 minu tes 45 seconds 5
Approx. 1.83MB ( 2592 x 1944 Fine), Approx. 1.06MB (2592 x 1944 Normal),
Storage Data Capacity Still
(File Sizes)
Approx. 1.63MB (2592 x 1728 Fine ),
Approx. 1.31MB (2048 x 1536 Fine ), Approx. 672KB (2048 x 1536 Normal ),
Approx. 686KB (1280 x 960 Fine), Approx. 356KB (1280 x 960 Normal),
Approx. 83KB (640 x 480 Normal)
Still mode (Continuous, S-Continuous, M-Continuous),
Recording Mode
Scene mode (Portrait, Sports, Landscape, Night Scene, Skew Correction, Text, Zoom Macro,
High-sensitivity), Motion mode, Sound mode
JPEG (Exif ver. 2.21) DCF 6 compliant
Recording Format
TIFF (MMR system ITU-T.6)
Motion AV I (Open DML Mot ion JPEG format compliant)
Sound WAV (Exif ver. 2.21 µ low)
2.5" translucent amorphous silicon TF T LCD (approx. 114,000 pixels)
LCD Monitor
Delay: 10sec., 2 sec.
Self Timer
Shoot ing interval: 5 sec. - 3 hours (5 sec. steps) 7
Interval Timer
USB1.1 (choice of Ricoh original or mass storage driver 8 )
PC Inter face
Audio Out, Video Out
AV Inter face
Video Signal Method NTSC / PAL
Dimensions (W x D x H) 95.0 x 26.0 x 53.0mm (excluding projections)
Approx. 135g (excluding bat tery, SD Memory Card, hand st rap)
Accessories (battery, hand strap) approx. 30g
rechargeable battery (DB-60) x 1, AC ada ptor (AC-4c)
Power Source
Shooting Capacity 9 Using DB-60 : Approx.310 pictures
Operating Temperature 0 - 40 Cs
1: For 2592 x 1728 pixel images, only Normal is available. For 640 x 480 pixel images, only Normal is available.
2: Distance is valid when ISO auto or ISO400 are set.
3: Average number of still images.
4: Max. recording time of 168 min. 30 sec. with 1GB SD Memory Card.
5: Max. recording time of 2,063 min. 25 sec. with 1GB SD Memor y Card.
6: DCF is the abbreviation of JEITA St andard Design r ule for Camera Files system.
( It does not guarantee per fec t inter-camera compatibilit y.)
7: With flash OFF.
8: Mass storage driver is compatible with Windows Me/2000/XP and Mac OS 9/OS X 10.2-10.4. It is not
compatible with Windows 98/98SE or Mac OS 8.6.
9: Number of shots measured using CIPA standard parameters. Actual performance may vary according
to usage conditions.
Caplio R3 Optional Accessories
Accessory Name
Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery: DB-60
Battery Charger: BJ-6
AC Adapter: AC -4c
Soft Case: SC-60
Caplio R3 Sof t ware
Windows XP
Windows 98/ 98SE /2000/ Me
Mac OS X 10.1.2 - 10.4
Mac OS 8.6 - 9.2.2
1. R ICOH Gate La
2. Image Mixer 1.6
3. USB Driver 10
4. WI A Driver
5. Mounter
6. Acrobat Reader
7. Direct X
8. DeskTopBinder Lite
10 : Ricoh original.
11 : Compatible with Windows 98SE/2000/Me. Not compatible with Windows 98.
Caplio R3 Sof tware Operating Environment
Soft ware
Windows 98 / 98 Second Edition
Mac OS 8.6-9.2.2
Windows 2000 Professional
Mac OS X 10.1.2-10.4
Windows Me
Windows XP Home Edition / XP Professional
Pent ium III 500MB or more
Power PC or faster
Wi nd ow s 98 / 98SE: 128MB or more
Mac OS 8.6-9.2.2 : 96MB or more ( 128MB or
more recommended )
Windows 2000 Professional : 128M B or more
Windows XP Home Edition /XP Professional
Mac OS X 10.1.2-10.4 : 128MB or more ( 256
MB or more recommended )
: 256MB or more
Windows 98/98SE: 500MB or more ( during installation )
Mac OS 8.6- 9.2.2: 10MB or more ( during in-
Windows Me: 128MB or more
Hard Disk
Windows 2000 Professional : 500MB or more ( during installation ) stallat ion )
Mac OS X 10.1.2-10.4: 100 MB or more ( du rWindows Me: 500MB or more ( during installation )
Windows XP Home Edition / XP Pro fessional : 500MB or ing installation and operation )
more ( during installation )
Resolution: 640 x 480 dots or more, 256 colors or more Resolution: 640 x 480 dots or more, 256 colors or more
(800 x 600 dots or more, 65,000 colors or more recommended) (800 x 600 dots or more, 32,000 colors or more recommended)
USB board, keyboard, CD-ROM drive, mouse required
USB board, key board, CD-ROM drive, mouse required
Only USB connection is availa ble when connecting Caplio R2 to a PC. Serial connection is unavailable.
Valid for systems with preinstalled OS and USB port.
Supplied software can be used for Caplio RX, GX, R1, R1S, R Z1,R1V,G4 series, G3 ser ies, ProG 3, 300G,
400Gwide, and RR 30. Caplio G3 model S and ProG3 are not compatible w ith Macintosh.
SD Memory Card Storage Capacity (Number of Images and Time)
Recording pixels Picture mode
2592 x 1944
2592 x 1728 Fine
2048 x 1536
1280 x 960
640 x 480 Normal
2592 x 1944
2048 x 1536
Motion 320 x 240 (15 frames/sec.)
320 x 240 (30 frames/sec.)
160 x 120 (15 frames/sec.)
160 x 120 (30 frames/sec.)
Built-in memory
13 images
22 images
14 images
18 images
36 images
33 images
63 images
277 images
67 images
88 images
15 images
25 images
16 images
21 images
41 images
38 images
72 images
315 images
75 images
99 images
30 images
53 images
34 images
43 images
84 images
79 images
148 images
645 images
154 images
203 images
62 images
107 images
69 images
87 images
170 images
159 images
301 images
1304 images
313 images
412 images
123 images
213 images
139 images
173 images
339 images
318 images
600 images
2599 images
624 images
821 images
249 images 479 images
430 images 828 images
280 images 539 images
349 images 671 images
683 images 1314 images
641 images 1233 images
1209 images 2324 images
5237 images 10072 images
1257 images 2417 images
1654 images 3181 images
1073'00" 2063'25"
Number of recordable pictures and recordable time may vary depending on the manufact urer and shooting
Average number of images and time.
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