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The FA Series Boring Machines are unlike anything
else available to the automotive and diesel engine
builders. These machines represent the next
generation of boring equipment, evolving from the
Rottler F2 boring bar which has been the industry
standard for over 78 years. With improvements in
electronic motors and cutting tool technology, Rottler
Boring Machines are 2 to 3 times more productive
than anything else available on the market.
All three models of FA Series machines
have the same high performance AC
servo motor, delivering up to 1200 RPM.
Independent feed control allows you to
change the feed rate from .001” (.025mm)
to .012” (.3mm) per revolution.
The FA Series uses a precision ground
ball screw to control feed rate and cutter
position. This allows the machines to
repeat cutter position accuracy to .0002”
(.005mm). The FA Series have digital
programmable cycles. Boring depth can
be programmed to .0001” (.0025mm).
Rottler has increased the size of the F8A
spindle to ensure the best possible bore
geometry at high spindle speeds. The
Rottler proven spindle and bearing design
gives you a rigid machine capable of making
heavy sleeve cuts for a life time. The F7A spindle
has been reduced to allow the machining of compact
engines, motorcycles, marine blocks, etc.
The FA machines are the industry standard worldwide.
Designed for all automotive blocks up to big block
V8's and small diesel blocks, the F7A will produce
accurate bores for a lifetime. The F7A is ideal for the
production shop where the odd sleeve must be fitted.
The F7A is the fastest, most powerful boring machine
available to the jobber shop. The simple set up and
manual push button controls make this a very
economical machine to operate.
Quick cutterhead change draw bar system
The F Series machines have variable feed rates
that allow you to maximize the performance of the
machine. Increase spindle feed rates for simple
oversize bores. Decrease feed rates for sleeve
cuts or counter bores. The F8 machines can bore
from 1.5” (38mm) to 9” (230mm) in diameter, with
optional cutterheads. The F7 machines can bore
from 1.5” (38mm) to 5” (127mm). Special carbide
tools are available for counterboring, chamfer
cutting, offset boring, and O-ringing.
The A models have
programmable boring cycles
and automatic centering cycles.
Both models will store up to 100
different boring programs.
Each program stores boring
depth, spindle speeds, and feed
rate. Automated cycles reduce
costly errors while freeing
operators to perform other
The F Series machines use a
high-speed, cogged belt drive
system. This, and the use of
two independent motors to run
the spindle speed and feed,
entirely eliminates the gear box.
With fewer moving parts, and
a superior design, the F Series
becomes a much more reliable
boring bar than other designs
of equipment
Cost Savings
The high speed Rottler F
Series machine can bore a
block in half the time that
other models of boring
machines require.
New insert
technology is
producing long
lasting, inexpensive
inserts which are capable
of handling these high
speeds and feed
rates, with the
same cost per
insert as
previous styles.
Inserts do not require
sharpening and the low cost
of these tools makes them
the ultimate choice for boring
F8A with
In-line Block
This heavy-duty machine was designed for standard
and large capacity machine work. The spindle diameter
has been increased to 3.25" (82.5mm) for extra heavy
duty machining up to 9" (230mm) bore size. Large
sleeve cuts can be taken at high spindle RPMs, and
in many blocks, one pass sleeve cuts are possible to
increase productivity. Programmable counterboring
operations with the A model eliminate guesswork and
provides added timesaving. The massive one piece
meehanite, stress relieved, precision machined base
casting allows the fixturing of large diesel blocks such
as Cummins 855, Detroit 12V71, Mercedes 444V12
and odd jobs such as gear cases and connecting rods.
The F8 machines can also handle small jobs down to
1.5" (38mm) bore diameter with optional cutterheads.
Universal Boring Fixture
Inline Fixture Adapter
This adapter allows quick mounting and leveling of
inline blocks to be bored without removing the
60°/90° V-block fixture.
Mount V and In-Line Blocks on one Universal Fixture. The 2" (50mm)
Main Line Bar can be adjusted to bore blocks square to the crankshaft
centerline or head gasket face. Rotating the eccentric bearing lifts and
lowers the main line bar. The optional parallels can be removed and the
supports bolted directly to the base of the machine for extra tall blocks.
Extra clearance below and behind the fixture allow tall V blocks to be
rolled to both banks to allow the complete block to be bored without
removing from the machine. The same universal fixture can be used on
a Rottler surfacing machine to surface cylinder heads and manifolds.
V-Block Fixture
Multiple Angles 15°, 30°, 60°, 90°
The Rottler Universal V-Block fixture system provides a
fast and effortless method of holding blocks for boring
and sleeving operations. A simple side shift of the fixture
changes from 90° V8's to 60° V6's. This fixture has two
modes of operation: one mode automatically aligns to
main bearing and pan rail; the adjustable mode allows
you to use the fixture to align to the original deck surface.
The same fixture can be used on Rottler Surfacing
machines. Adapter plate allows 15 degree blocks to be
machined on the same fixture.
#502-1-72F Fixture with Air Clamping and Airfloat
#502-1-72H Fixture with Manual Clamping
#502-1-95 Block Handler
#502-3-49 15 Degree Adapter Plate for #502-1-72
#7241R Universal Automotive Block Fixture
#7219W 5.2" (132mm) Heavy Duty T Slot Parallels
Mechanical Run-out
Indicator for
concentricity. Also
used for precise
positioning of the
cutterhead and
alignment with the
cylinder bore and
#502-9-9A Indicator
#502-12-14 Magnet
Block Handler
Dust Collection System
Marine Outboard Fixture
Diesel V-Block Fixture
Adapts the V6/V8 fixture to accept V4/V6 Evinrude
or Johnson and V6 Mercury blocks. Rottler
Manufacturing has designed other fixtures to handle
additional special outboard applications.
Designed by Rottler for accurate machining of diesel
V-blocks such as the 71 or 92 Series Detroit. Similar
fixturing can also be used with Rottler surfacing
#502-3-23 Evinrude/Johnson/Mercury
#502-3-23C 76 Deg.Yamaha
#7243 Diesel V-Block Assembly
The dust collection system maintains shop
environment by removing dust particles
generated during boring operations, and also
functions as a chip guard during high-speed
The Rottler Block
Handler provides a
safe and efficient
way to load, unload,
and move blocks
from station to
Operation and programming of Rottler’s FA Boring Machines is
done with ergonomical keypads positioned on the front of the
machine. Rottler pioneered the development of this simple
method of operation and the display tells the operator exactly
where the spindle is positioned at all times. Programmed
information such as depth of cut, speed, feed is clearly displayed
so the operator knows the machine movements at all times.
Programs can be stored in the machines memory for future use.
Triangular Insert Indexable Toolholders
The ‘Positive Rake’ of these tools reduces cutting pressure,
allowing you to take a larger cut. Triangular toolholders
are used for sleeve cutting or counterbores. Different insert
styles are available for your application. Standard with
Cutterhead assemblies.
Square Insert Indexable Toolholders
These toolholders are used for general boring to heavy stock
removal. Square inserts have 8 different cutting edges,
making them very economical. Can be used with either
Rottler R4 or the new R2 insert for high performance cutting
up to 1200 RPM. Optional for standard production
cutterhead and production stub cutterhead.
Coated Carbide Inserts
Rottler offers several different styles of indexable
coated carbide inserts. The square inserts are used
for standard oversize boring applications. The gold,
square insert, R4, can be used from 400 to 650
RPM’s. The new high performance black inserts were
developed for the FA series machines. It is capable
of standard to heavy cuts up to 1200 RPM’s.
Triangular inserts work well where cutting a bore to a
square shoulder is needed, such as sleeves or
counterbores. The black coating provides a tough
finish capable of heavy sleeve cuts at high RPM’s.
The gold coated inserts provide a sharper edge, and
better finish on the cutting surface. Ideal for counter
bores or finish cuts. Both styles of triangular inserts
are available with 1/64” (0.4 mm) or 1/32” (0.8 mm)
radius cutting tips.
Black, #RS322
Gold, R4 #501-29-6B
Gold, 1/32” (0.8 mm) #RT322F
Gold, 1/64” (0.4 mm) #RT321F
Black, 1/32” (0.8 mm) #RT322
Black, 1/64” (0.4 mm) #RT321
FA models are programmable
for Automatic Cycles. Press
cycle start and "walk away",
the machines will center, bore
to the exact depth. When
boring for new sleeves, the
exact length of the sleeve can
be programmed eliminating the
need to cut down the sleeve
after installation saving time.
Optional blind hole software
pauses the machine after
centering to allow the cutting
tool to be installed in the cutterhead.
The electronic handwheel on the
FA machines has 2 modes of
operation. In coarse mode, each
"click" of the handwheel will move
the machine exactly .001" (.01mm)
and in fine mode, each click will
move the machine exactly .0001"
1.5” to 9.0” 38mm to 228mm
1.5” to 5.0” 38mm to 127mm
Spindle Speed RPM
Variable 100 to 1200 RPM
Variable 100 to 1200 RPM
Feed per Revolution
Programmable Feed Rates
.001 to .012 inches
.025 to .300 mm per rev.
Programmable Feed Rates
.001 to .012 inches
.025 to .300 mm per rev.
15” (381 mm)
13” (330 mm)
Spindle Travel Vertical
Special Tool Bits
These tools were designed for V-Block applications where
main bearing interference at the bottom of the bore is a
problem. They provide an additional .25” of cutting depth
compared to standard tool holders. Available currently
from 3.48 - 4.32” Dia.
Rottler Manufacturing offers a wide variety of brazed carbide
tool bits to handle applications such as facing and
counterboring, offset tools for blind hole and tight clearance
situations, special grooving tools, etc.
3.48 - 3.92” Dia
3.92 - 4.32” Dia.
Bore Capacity with Optional Cutterheads
Offset Square Insert Indexable Toolholders
Quick change cutterheads on Rottler boring
machines can be easily changed. The quick-change
draw bar system pulls the cutterhead into the spindle
and firmly locks it into the internal taper for chatter
free cutting. Cutterheads are available to machine
from 1.5" (38mm) to 9.0" (230mm). Different design
cutterheads are available for production thru boring,
blind hole boring, and heavy duty large diameter
boring, sleeving and counterboring. Shown here
are typical cutterheads for small diameter cylinder
boring, production boring and heavy duty, large
diameter machining.
Workhead Travel Horizontal
50” (1270 mm)
40” (1000 mm)
T Slot Machine Base Table
54” x 21” (1370 mm x 530 mm)
50” x 21” (1270 mm x 530 mm)
26” (670 mm)
26” (670 mm)
64” x 46” (1625 mm x 1170 mm)
54” x 46" 1625 mm x 1370 mm)
3.3 HP 2.5kW
3.3 HP 2.5kW
Spindle Taper to Machine Base
Floor Space Required
Spindle Motor
Air Requirements
Power Requirements
Shipping Weight (excluding Fixtures & Parallels)
1 cfm @ 90 - 100 psi
1 cfm @ 90 - 100 psi
208-240 V, Single Phase 50-60 HZ, 30 Amp
208-240 V, Single Phase 50-60 HZ, 30 Amp
4400 lbs (2000 kg)
3700 lbs (1700 kg)
8029 South 200th Street
Kent, Washington 98032 USA
TEL: (253) 872-7050
FAX: (253) 395-0230
A U.S. Manufacturer Since 1923
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