Information for Mrs. Wayt’s Math Classes

Information for Mrs. Wayt’s Math Classes
Information for
Mrs. Wayt’s Math Classes
I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to my class. I hope this answers any questions you
may have regarding my policies. If you have any further questions or concerns, please email me at
[email protected]
1. Grades are determined using the following system and scale:
Tests: 100 points each
Quizzes: 25 points each
Homework: 5 points each (earned grad/Points possible*5)
Participation: varies
Letter grades are every 10 % (i.e. A= 90-100%, B = 80-89%, …)
2. Student expectations:
Books must be covered at all times. Please use paper to cover your book and
NOT the nylon, store bought covers.
Be prepared with book, work, supplies, questions, great attitude.
Homework is done in pencil only and all work must be shown.
If you are having problems, ask questions and come in for help.
Read the next section before coming to class.
The teacher dismisses the class, not the bell or clock.
Come to the board to complete problems (this is the participation grade, and not
Do your best.
Follow school rules.
Please bring in a box of tissues for classroom use, AND your own white board
3. Homework:
Homework will be assigned almost daily, and given to students at the beginning
of the chapter. It will be corrected at the beginning of class and corrections can be made
for full credit. If more time is needed for corrections than given in class, please talk to
I do NOT accept late work, but I do give four homework passes per
semester. A student may turn in one of these to excuse an assignment, but it is the
student’s responsibility to understand the information for future tests and quizzes. These
passes are good for regular assignments only, and unused passes may be turned in at the
end of the semester for extra credit.
It is the responsibility of the students to make up any work for excused
absences. Students have two days for everyday absent up to 10 days to turn in that work.
If a student misses a test or quiz, it must be made up outside of class time. If the
absence is pre-arranged, all work is due the day the student returns.
No name papers will be counted as late, and therefore will need a homework pass
to excuse them. No name papers will be kept in a folder at my desk for students to check if
they have questions. If the student does not have passes to use, then it will remain
I will assign extra credit as I see fit, so please do not ask for any. Also, it must be
turned in on the day it is due, without exceptions, even for absent students, as it is only
4. Extra Help/Helping your child:
Math Tutorial is available Monday-Fridays in room G204 during lunch. I am
scheduled to be there every Monday and Friday.
Most other days I spend in my classroom during lunch, and students are
welcomed to join me.
I am available after school most days, but please schedule this so I don’t have
another meeting or doctor’s appointment or somewhere else I am required to be.
If you are trying to help your child, please don’t tell them you were never good at
math and run away, or worse, tell them that’s not how you learned it and do the problem
for them. Instead, ask them to review their notes, and the section of the book the
assignment is coming from to see sample problems, or look for similar problems with
answers in the back. Ask them questions like, “why did you do this step in this
problem?” or “what’s the difference/what happened between these two lines?”
If you are in geometry/algebra 2/Algebra 1, you have wonderful on-line help
through the textbook publishers at You can find the text, extra
practice, at home tutorials, parent support, practice tests/quizzes and more.
The internet is also a great resource for more than just history or language arts
classes. One site is Of course there are several other math
sites just waiting to be explored.
It is OK for students to struggle through problems. That is how they learn.
5. My Website:
I maintain a website through South. Go to then click on High
Schools, then South, then my name. I post the chapter assignment calendars and anything
else I may think is important.
Grades can be received through Zangle.
I hope you had a fun and restful summer, and are ready to begin anew. I am looking forward to a
wonderful year!
Lara Wayt
Please sign and return this stating that both parent and student have read and understand the math
expectations. I will post a copy of this on my website in case you have any questions in the future.
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