P3 System Controller Family
It took a lighting company to change
the LED video world
P3 System Controller comprises these five
key elements:
• Scaling and de-interlacing with a minimum of latency
• Unrestricted mapping of any screen element
• Real-time control of all screen parameters including brightness and mapping
• Robust video data distribution via Gigabit Ethernet
• Intuitive and easy user interface
Now you’re really in control
The P3 System Controllers allow full integration with lighting control via DMX512. Users can finally treat LED screens
like lighting instruments with direct cue-by-cue control of
brightness, image rotation and position, color temperature
- and more.
With the P3-100 System Controller, Martin
has moved LED screen processing from
backstage to center stage, making screen
processing part of the creative process. The
P3-100 combines state-of-the-art image
processing with real time control of every
parameter and yet it is very easy to use.
Since its introduction in 2008, the P3-100 System Controller
has become a new industry standard, winning awards and
becoming the preferred choice of those designers who
seek to fully integrate video with lighting.
P3 System
But we did not stop there. For applications requiring integration with motion control, the P3 System Controllers also
work with the Kinesys K2 motion control system to automatically adapt LED panel positioning in real time. Imagine
the possibilities!
Fast and flexible
Any LED panel or group of panels can be positioned in
single pixel increments and this position can be updated in
real time, enabling the panels to act like floating windows
on top of the content.
Latency (system delay) is virtually undetectable. P3 System
Controllers also enable panels to be placed at any angle
while maintaining the content at a right angle (a horizontal
line stays horizontal for example).
Typical system setup using a P3 System Controller
“A very revolutionary step in
terms of what you can do in real
time with the processor.”
– Jason Rudolph
Setup without the headache
Any video source you want
P3 System Controllers cover a wide variety of video input,
enabling all possible video sources to be fed into Martin
LED screens including composite video, S-Video, component video, DVI-D, SD-SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI and even
video straight off your desktop.
Total video control
P3 System Controllers give you full control over the video
signal before the image is displayed on screen.
• Image scaling
• Image cropping
• Saturation control
• No need to climb in the rig to address panels; all addressing is done from the P3 Controller
Input selection
• Each P3 Controller features multiple video inputs that are easy to select from the user interface
• Sharpness control
• Brightness control
• Contrast control
• Each input parameter, like scaling, contrast,
saturation, etc. can be configured and
stored on a cue-by-cue basis
• Lowlight control
• Gamma curve control
Creative layout
• Panels can be freely mapped onto the video canvas
• Free rotation of panels and panel groups
• Mix multiple products and resolutions on a single P3 Controller
• Color temperature control
And all of this at 16-bit color depth per color for perfect
image quality without artifacts. No longer is there a need for
expensive external scalers.
• Various wizards and tools help with LED screen setup - no complex procedures
• The built-in user interface removes the need for an external PC
• The most user-friendly user interface around
• Only a single Cat5E network cable is needed - no need for expensive and sensitive fiber, DVI or HDMI cabling
“The software is so easy that almost everyone
understands it instantly.”
- Koen De Puysseleir, Creative Director, Tiësto, Light in Motion
Jamiroquai live in concert October 2010 Lighting Designer: Patrick Murray
Video rental: Picture Works Lighting rental: Neg Earth Photo: David Stewart
Setting up LED video screen systems is
typically a lengthy and tedious task. Not so
with the P3 technology. Thanks to the power
of high-speed networking technology, the
setup of a P3-enabled LED screen is a matter
of a few mouse clicks. The P3 controller
works with you, prompting you to make a few
decisions and then automatically aligns and
addresses the entire screen.
Layout wizard
• The layout wizard enables users to configure and address a screen quickly and easily by entering the width and height of the screen. The wizard will then automatically address all the panels.
DMX control
• An extensive list of parameters can be controlled “live” by DMX
• Easily configure the mapping of DMX channels to the parameters
• Controls on panel and/or group level
Meet the family
From the entry level P3-PC™ to the mid-range
P3-100™ to the high-end P3-200™, there is a
P3 System Controller to fit any requirement
and need.
The P3-PC is an inexpensive yet full-featured software-only
version of the P3 processing. It can control up to 20,000
pixels using the Ethernet port of the PC it is running on.
Media playback is performed by the PC itself using any media player application including Quicktime, Windows Media
Player or VLC.
The P3-PC can be downloaded free of charge and used as
a pre-production tool, enabling off-line setup or editing for
any of its big brothers.
Media playback requires an inexpensive Martin One-Key™
The award-winning P3-100 is a standalone System Controller with integrated user interface. Just add a monitor, mouse
and keyboard. Input capabilities include DVI and all popular
analog formats.
Building on the success of the P3-100, the higher capacity
P3-200 features broadcast standard SDI and HD-SDI
inputs as well as DVI. It is capable of handling full HD 1920
x 1080 resolution.
Full compatibility
Full compatibility exists across all P3 System Controllers.
The free-of-charge P3-PC offline-editor allows you to
pre-program setups at home or anywhere that’s convenient
for you, then transfer it to a P3-100 or P3-200 using a USB
“To have the P3 with the ability to get the
panels in perfect alignment was invaluable.”
- John Featherstone, Lightswitch Inc
P3-PC P3-100 P3-200
Video Inputs
Composite Video
No Yes, up to 720x576 No S-Video
Yes, up to 720x576 No Component Video
Yes, up to 720x576 No DVI-D
No Yes, up to 1280x1024
Yes, up to 1920x1080
No Yes, up to 1920x1080
Yes No
Video Processing
No Yes
Image Scaling
Image Cropping
Saturation Control
Sharpness Control
Brightness Control
Contrast Control
Lowlight Control
Gamma Curve Control
Color Temperature Control
PC Hardware Dependant Gigabit Ethernet
Gigabit Ethernet
20.000 500.000
Expansion Stacking
No Yes
Redundant Stacking
Control Interfaces
DMX Input
No Yes
Kinesys Input
No Yes
Status Webpage
No Yes
PC Hardware Dependant Rackmount 2U
Rackmount 2U
User Interface
PC Hardware Dependant VGA
PC Hardware Dependant USB
PC Hardware Dependant USB
Main stage of system
setup using the P3
System Controller
Video screen layout
showing placement
of LED screen
Video content shown
as full-resolution from
external source
LED screen layout
onto video content
Final view of video
content shown only on
LED screen
Specifications P3 System Controllers™
Control/user interface
P3-100, P3-200
User interface: SXGA (1280 x 1024) or better monitor,
keyboard, mouse
Device status: Status indicator LEDs
DMX512 remotely controllable parameters
Global: Freeze frame, blackout, test patterns, color temperature, video input selection and settings preset recall
Panel: Intensity, RGB adjustment, X-Y video image
position, rotation
Kinesys remotely controllable parameters
X-Y video image position, rotation
Video processing
All P3 System Controllers
Processing depth: 16 bit per color
Latency between first and last panel: None
Image rotation
Gamma curve selection and adjustment
Real-time panel content remapping
Real-time color temperature control
Processor capacity: 500 000 pixels (expandable by adding
P3 System Controllers of same type)
Output resolution: Any within 500 K pixel limit (expandable by adding P3- System Controllers of same type)
System latency, DVI: 1 frame
System latency, analog progressive: 1 frame
System latency, analog interlaced: 3 frames
DVI video input: Up to 1280 x 1024, 50/60/75 Hz
Analog video input: Composite, component and S-video,
DVI frame synchronization to analog input signal or genlock
Processor capacity: 500 000 pixels (expandable by adding
P3 System Controllers of same type)
Output resolution: Any within 500 K pixel limit (expandable by adding P3- System Controllers of same type)
System latency, DVI: 1 frame
System latency, SDI progressive: 1 frame
System latency, SDI interlaced: 3 frames
DVI video input: Up to 1920 x 1080, 50/60/75 Hz
SDI video input: SD-SDI, HD-SDI and 3G-SDI (Level A only)
Processor capacity: 20 000 pixels
Output resolution: Any within 20 K pixel limit
System latency: 1 frame
Video input: On-screen capture window
P3 signal protocol
All P3 System Controllers
Signal type: Gigabit Ethernet
Protocol: Proprietary Martin P3
Hot pluggable: Yes, electrically isolated at all connections
Cable type: Ethernet, CAT 5e or better
Cable length: Up to 100 m (328.1 ft.) between any 2
devices, extendable with Ethernet switch
Max. number of panels per line: 50, extendable with
Ethernet switch
P3-100, P3-200
Housing: Steel and aluminum
Color: Matt black
Protection rating: IP20
P3-100, P3-200
Mounting: 19-inch rackmount (2U)
Any standard PC running Windows Vista, XP or 7 (requires Martin One Key™ USB stick with P3-PC License)
P3-100, P3-200
Power input: IEC socket, power cables supplied
P3 data in/out: RJ-45 socket
Kinesys and webpage in/out: RJ-45 socket
DVI video in: DVI-D (DVI-I connector provided)
DMX in: 5-pin locking XLR
Peripherals and USB memory devices: 4 x USB ports
User interface monitor: VGA/DD15
Serial data (available for future options): RS-232 via
DB9 connector
Analog video in: 3 x BNC
SDI video in: BNC
SDI video thru: BNC
P3 signal output to panels via PC network port
P3-100, P3-200
AC power: 115-250 V, 47-63 Hz
Power supply unit: Integrated, universal multi-voltage
Main fuse: 1 A, T (slow blow)
EU safety: EN 60950-1
EU EMC: EN 55022, EN 55024, EN 61000-3-2,
EN 61000-3-3
US safety: UL 60950-1
Canadian safety: CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 60950-1
Included items
P3-100, P3-200
EU-type power cable with Schuko connector
US-type power cable
UK-type power cable
30 m (98.4 ft.) Ethernet data cable with IP67-rated RJ-45
connector: P/N 11840145
Martin One Key™ loaded with P3-PC License
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Ordering information
Martin P3-100™ System Controller: P/N 90721010
Martin P3-200™ System Controller: P/N 90721020
Martin P3-PC™ License on One Key™ USB stick:
P/N 90721030
Martin P3-PC License Only™: P/N 39808028
P3-100, P3-200
Cooling: Forced air
Maximum ambient temperature (Ta max.): 50° C (122° F)
Minimum ambient temperature (Ta min.): 0° C (32° F)
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P3-100, P3-200
Depth: 380 mm (15.0 in.)
Width: 482 mm (19.0 in.)
Height (rackmount 2U): 90 mm (3.5 in.)
Weight: 7.7 kg (17.0 lbs.)