Algebra 2
Unit12_Day12 Project Instructions
Evaluate Reports Based on Data
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I Project…
To finish up the statistics part of Unit 12, you will do a project…
1. Develop your research question.
• What is it that you want to know?
• A good research question will tell the reader exactly what your study is about and help you
maintain your focus throughout the research process.
• However, note: Keep the topic simple so that you can actually gather data but interesting enough
so that there is a variety of data available.
2. Develop your methodology.
• Be sure that your sample survey, observational study, or experiment will get the answers you need.
• Good planning will make the rest of your project much easier
3. Submit a Project Proposal.
• You must get teacher approval before beginning any more work on your project.
• It is DUE at the END of Day 12.
4. Conduct your procedure.
• You don’t have much time—the project is DUE Day 14!
5. Write up your results in a report and display it on a large piece of construction paper for review.
• Use the following format:
Introduction: Introduce the purpose of the project. Include your research question here.
Methodology: Be specific. Explain how you chose your sample, how you conducted your data
collection, and how you accounted for and controlled extraneous variables. Also,
address what efforts you made to ensure the sample or treatment assignments were as
unbiased as possible.
Results: Put your data here using at least two relevant graphic representations. Include
appropriate statistics for the data. Include the margin of error and interval range of
acceptable values. Determine what they mean in the context of your study.
Discussion: What conclusions can you draw from your data? What are the limitations of your
work? Be sure to link all your conclusions directly to your data and the statistics
generated. Discuss possible extension of your research. What question might the next
researcher want to answer?
• Check your report against the rubric—this is what people will use to grade your project.
6. Peer review two projects.
• Each project must be a different type than your own, i.e. if your project was a survey, then you
would review an observation and an experiment.
• The teacher will assign all peer reviews.
7. Be graded by your teacher.
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