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Battery Powered
Redundant ISP
When VPM is
Small Business
Digital Signage
Load Balance
WIFI (802.11 B/G)
WIFI (802.11 N)
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Issue 1 – 05/10
Unique Micro Design Pty Ltd (A.B.N. 29-007-419-490)
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Tel: +61-3-9582-7000
Fax: +61-3-9582-7001
Issue 1 – 05/10
3G/4G Personal WiFi Hotspot
Create WiFi from Broadband USB Modem or Tethered Phone
The CradlePoint PHS300 Personal WiFi Hotspot is
a true plug-in-play solution that creates a powerful
WiFi network almost anywhere*. Simply connect
up to 16 WiFi enabled devices by plugging in your
Connect mobile
broadband modems
USB mobile broadband data modem and turning
on the PHS300. It’s that easy to create you own
hotspot wherever you are - no more searching or
paying for WiFi when you’re out and about.
Our most portable wireless router, the CradlePoint
PHS300 comes standard with a fully rechargeable
Li-Ion battery providing hours of access even when
no power outlets are in sight. The PHS300 provides
full WiFi functionality when recharging. At just under 3” x 5”, the PHS300 is a perfection solution for
those on the go. Take the PHS300 everywhere you
need secure, reliable WiFi access.
Powered by WiPipe™ technology, PHS300 requires minimal setup and maintenance, including pre-installed software for right-out-of-the-box
simplicity. Standard in the PHS300 are security
features like multiple WiFi-encryption modes like
WEP and WPA/WPA2 (Personal & Enterprise) and
built-in firewall, which prevent unauthorized use
of your connection. With no additional software
to load, you’ll be up and running in minutes.
Connects with any WiFi–enabled device:
• Create
A Secure WiFi Network Instantly
• Rechargeable
• Portable,
• No
/ Removable Li-Ion Battery
Shareable with up to 16 Devices
Software or Drivers To Install
• Plug
‘n’ Play - Zero Hassle
• Battery
Powered Hotspot To Go
Latest compatibility information available at
3G/4G Personal WiFi Hotspot
Power On/Off
MODEL NAME: PHS300 Personal WiFi Hotspot
Power In
WiFi Standards: IEEE 802.11 b/g
4.8 inches
2.8 inches
BUTTONS/SWITCHES: Power On/Off Switch, Reset (in battery compartment)
LED INDICATORS: Power, WLAN (Mobile Broadband), Network Connection
POWER: Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery, 5V DC, 2.5-3.0A; 100-240V AC
DIMENSIONS: 4.8-in x 2.9-in x 0.75-in (122mm x 73mm x 18.5mm)
Battery Compartment
USB Modem Port
Reset Button
LED Indicators
WEIGHT: 3.5 oz. (128g)
0°C to 50°C (32°F to 120°F) Operating
-20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F) Storage
RELATIVE HUMIDITY: 10% - 85% Operating / 5% - 90% Storage
Use with USB-Style Cellular Modem, or Phone with Data Tethering Capability
Travel Pouch
Car Adapter Power Supply
Express Card Modem Slot
Mode Switch
Express Card Modem Lock
USB Modem Port
Compatible with HSPA and EVDO Cellular Network Devices
4.8 inches
Universal Plug-n-Play and ALGs support for Internet Applications: Email, FTP,
Gaming, Remote Desktop, NetMeeting, Telnet, SSH, And SCP
2.8 inches
Flash Memory for Firmware Upgrade, Save/Restore Settings
Extra Li-Ion Battery
Wall Power Supply
Easy Management via HTTP
Networking Compliance with IEEE 802.11 b/g Standards
Compliant with Windows 98SE/NT/200/XP/Server 2003/Linux/Mac OS
Power In
LED Indicators
Signal Strength
LAN Ethernet Port
Mobile Broadband Data Card with Active Subscription
(USB or ExpressCard), or Supported Phone with Active
Tethered Data Plan Suggested*
Access control available in encrypted and open modes, password-protected
access to prevent unauthorized usage.
Management Interface Requires an Internet Browser:
Internet Explorer v6.0, Firefox v2.0, or Safari v1.0 Minimum
Provides additional security of Enable/Disable Network Name Broadcast
and Internet Access Control (Services, URL, and MAC Filtering)
Firewall features Network Address Translation (NAT) and Stateful Packet
Inspection (SPI) which protects against DoS Attacks
Multiple Concurrent IPSec, L2TP and PPTP VPN Pass-Through Sessions
- PHS300 3G/4G Personal WiFi Hotspot
- Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery
- Quick Start Guide
- AC Power Adapter
* Requires Activated USB and/or ExpressCard Modem with a Mobile Broadband Carrier.
Over 100 Modems and Handsets are Supported.
** Based on Mobile Broadband Coverage
1199 Shoreline Lane, Suite 301, Boise, Idaho 83702 (+1)208.424.5054
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3G/4G Mobile Broadband Adapter
Ethernet to Mobile Broadband, Mobile Broadband to Ethernet
Primary Connection Using the CBA250
Using 3G/4G Instead of Wired Connections Provides Greater Flexibility
The CradlePoint CBA250 3G/4G Mobile Broadband
Adapter provides IP Pass-Through capabilities for a
LAN device requiring wireless broadband access.*
For most applications, simply connect the CBA250,
turn the unit on, and it’s ready to go. Quickly installs, the CBA250 handles the connection without
configuration and provides enhanced network connectivity with support for USB and ExpressCard**
CBA250 Failover to 3G/4G
When Primary ISP Fails, the CBA250 Automatically Provides Service Without Interruption
modems running on 3G/4G Networks. Adding a
wireless backup or even primary connection has
never been easier.
Quickly Add Mobile
Broadband To Any
Ethernet Connection
Primary Internet Provider
As a high-performance adapter, the CBA250 supports multiple and concurrent application streams
for the attached LAN device converting Ethernet
to mobile broadband and mobile broadband to
Ethernet. This flexible connectivity solution is plat-
form independent, features two operating modes
• 3G/4G Modem Support
(configuration and IP Pass-Through), and has an
“always-on” signal strength meter to determine
• A “Drop-In” Wireless Broadband Solution
reception for optimum
H N mobile
O L O Gbroadband
• Installs in Minutes - No Software to Load
placement. The CBA250 is truly a “drop-in” 3G/4G
• Great for Failover Redundancy
solution for adding mobile broadband capability
or Primary Connect Applications
Latest compatibility information available at
3G/4G Mobile Broadband Adapter
MODEL NAME: CBA250 Mobile Broadband Adapter
ETHERNET PORTS: One (1) Ethernet
Express Card Modem Slot
Mode Switch
Express Card Modem Lock
USB Modem Port
MOBILE BROADBAND PORTS: One (1) USB, One (1) ExpressCard
4.8 inches
2.8 inches
BUTTONS/SWITCHES: Signal Strength Display, Reset, Configuration Mode/
IP Pass-Through Mode
LED INDICATORS: Power, Ethernet LAN Activity, USB Modem Activity,
ExpressCard Modem Activity, Signal Strength Indicator
POWER: 5V DC, 2.5-3.0A; 100-240V AC
DIMENSIONS: 4.8-in x 2.8-in x 0.8in (122mm x 73mm x 18.5mm)
WEIGHT: 3.5 oz. (128g)
ENVIRONMENTAL TEMPERATURE: 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 120°F) Operating
-20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F) Storage
RELATIVE HUMIDITY: 10% - 85% Operating / 5% - 90% Storage
Power In
LAN Ethernet Port
LED Indicators
Signal Strength
Drop-In, Easy To Use Adapter - No Software To Install
Compatible with 100+ EVDO, HSPA, and WiMAX Cellular Network Devices
Additional Power Supply
Secure, Manage &
Maintain The Edge
of 3G/4G Network
10/100 BASE-T Ethernet Port
IEEE 802.3u Compliant - Supports Cable/DSL Modems with Dynamic IP,
Static IP, PPPoE, PPTP, and L2TP Connection Types
Universal Plug-n-Play and Application-Level Gateway for Internet Applications:
Email, FTP, Gaming, Remote Desktop, NetMeeting, Telnet, SSH, and SCP
Flash Memory for Firmware Upgrades and Save/Restore Settings
Easy Local or Remote Management via HTTP, HTTPS, and SNMP
Mobile Broadband Data Modem with Active Subscription
(USB or ExpressCard) **
Management Interface Requires An Internet Browser:
Internet Explorer v6.0, Firefox v2.0, or Safari v1.0 Minimum
- CBA250 3G/4G Mobile Broadband Adapter
- Quick Start Guide
- AC Power Adapter
* Based on Mobile Broadband Coverage
** Requires Activated USB and/or ExpressCard Modem with a Mobile Broadband Carrier. Over 100 Modems are Supported.
1199 Shoreline Lane, Suite 301, Boise, Idaho 83702 (+1)208.424.5054
© 2009 CradlePoint, Inc. All rights reserved. CradlePoint is not responsible for omissions or errors in
typography or photography. CradlePoint, WiPipe™, and the WiPipe logo are trademarks of CradlePoint,
Inc. in the US and other countries. Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. 09/09
Failsafe Gigabit N Router
for Mobile Broadband
VPN Suppor t
The CradlePoint MBR1200 is a robust 802.11n
router with 3G/4G * failover capabilities. Built for
home, small business, branch offices, temporary
and remote enterprise environments seeking to
implement continuous, always-on connectivity.
Powered by WiPipe™ technology, the MBR1200 router
includes many features found in expensive, enterpriseclass routers at a fraction of the cost. With minimal
setup and maintenance, including our pre-installed
software, it has “right out of the box” simplicity.
With its failover/failback capability, the MBR1200
automatically switches to a secondary connection
(either wired or wireless) when your primary service
is interrupted. Once your service is restored, the
MBR1200 will automatically failback to the primary
connection - keeping your business online with
minimal interruption to users.**
Standard on the MBR1200 are security features such
as multiple WiFi encryption modes (WEP and WPA/
WPA2 Personal and Enterprise) and built-in firewall,
which prevent unauthorized use of your connection.
With no additional software to load, you’ll be up and
running in minutes.
The high-performance MBR1200 has the capability to create, manage, and terminate multiple
IPSec VPN sessions. It provides up to five concurrent sessions, supporting transfer and tunnel
modes and several Hash and Cipher algorithms.
These encryption protocols protect your communications from one private network to another
from end-to-end.
MBR1200 features
Whether you’re wired or wireless,
the MBR1200 Business Series Router
keeps your business connected.
Connects With Any WiFi–Enabled or Ethernet Device
• Easy Setup & Maintenance
• High Performance Internal Antennas
• Cellular Redundancy Failover to 3G/4G
• Gigabit Ethernet Ports
• Works with USB, PC Card, & ExpressCard modems
• Modem Security Enclosure Available
Latest compatibility information available at
Failsafe Gigabit N Router for Mobile Broadband
MODEL NAME: MBR1200 Failsafe Gigabit Broadband N Router
Optional Modem
Security Enclosure
WAN / INTERNET: 3G/4G via Five Modem Ports (3 USB 2.0, 1 ExpressCard, 1 PC Card);
One Ethernet Port (10/100/1000); One LAN Ethernet Port re-configurable to WAN for redundancy
130 mm
LAN: WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Four Ethernet Ports (10/100/1000)
ANTENNAS: internal WiFi antennas (300+ yards range), external antenna ports for optional antennas
providing additional distance and performance.
230 mm
BUTTONS / SWITCHES: WiFi On/Off Switch, WPS Button (WiFi Protected Setup), Modem Signal Strength,
Reset, and Power Switch
LED INDICATORS: Power, Ethernet LAN (1-4), Ethernet WAN, 3G/4G WAN, 3G/4G Modem Status (5),
WPS (WiFi Protected Setup), Signal Strength
WPS Button
DIMENSIONS: 9” x 5.1” x 1.57” ( 230mm x 130mm x 40mm )
Modem Signal Strength
Status Indicators
MBR1200 Failsafe Gigabit Broadband N Router, Power Adapter (12V, 1.5A), CAT5 Ethernet Cable (5ft),
Mounting Hardware, Quick Start Guide, Accessory Guide
40 mm
T E C H N O L OMobile
G YBroadband USB, ExpressCard or PC Card Data Modem with Active Subscription or Supported
Phone with Active Tethered (Phone-As-Modem) Data Plan
Management Interface Requires An Internet Browser:
Internet Explorer v6.0, Firefox v2.0, or Safari v1.0 Minimum
WiFi Antenna
PC Card Slot
4 LAN Ports
WiFi On/Off
2.412 to 2.484 GHz Frequency Band Operation
USB 2.0
Compliant with IEEE 802.3 and 3u Standards
WAN Port
Supports OFDM and CCK Modulation
ExpressCard Slot
USB 2.0
Traffic Control and Virtual Server (max 32 servers) and DMZ
Compatible with HSPA, EVDO, & WiMAX Cellular Network Devices
USB 2.0
Power On/Off
Easy Management via HTTP and Remote Management via HTTP and SNMP
Full Integration with WiPipe™ Manager (Optional Managed Services from CradlePoint)
ExpressCard Lock
Supports Cable/DSL modems with Dynamic IP, Static IP, PPPoE, PPTP, or L2TP Connection Types
Power Port
recommended ACCESSORIES
Create, Manage, and Terminate Up To 5 IPSec VPN Sessions
Supported VPN Implementations:
MBR1x00 to MBR1x00, MBR1x00 to Cisco/Linksys Routers 1, MBR1x00 to Linux Systems 2
Tunnel (default) and Transfer (a.k.a. Transport) Modes
Hash Algorithms (hardware accelerated) - MD5, SHA128, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512
Cipher Algorithms (hardware accelerated) - AES, 3DES, DES
Keying - automatic using IKE 1.0 or Manual
Authentication Method: Pre-Shared Key 3
Modem Security Enclosure
Car Power Adapter
1 Tested against a Cisco 5500 running IKE Microcode: CNlite-MC-IPSEC-Admin-3.03 IPSec Microcode: CNlite-MC-IPSECm-MAIN-2.03
2 Tested with Linux Kernel: 2.6.18 - 2.6.25; IKE (Racoon): 0.7.0 and 0.7.1
3 No Stream Compression, LT2TP or PPTP Support
Modem Security Enclosure
Protect your USB, ExpressCard, and PC Card
modems with a security enclosure
Optional Modem Security Cap ensures your modems stay where you put them.
Firewall features Network Address Translation (NAT) and Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) which prevents
against DoS attacks.
Car Power Adapter
Take your router on the road with ease
Access Control available in encrypted and open modes, as well as password protected Internet Access
to prevent unauthorized usage.
Provides additional security of Enable/Disable SSID and Internet Access Control
(Services, URL, and MAC Filtering)
Supports multiple concurrent IPSec, L2TP, and PPTP VPN Pass-Through Sessions
External WiFi Antennas
External WiFi Antennas
Significantly extend the range of the MBR1200
with powerful antennas (wall mount kit included)
Supports 64/128-bit WEP, WPA, WPA2 (Personal & Enterprise) Wireless Security Modes
1199 Shoreline Lane, Suite 301, Boise, Idaho 83702 208.424.5054
The CradlePoint and WiPipe logos are trademarks of CradlePoint Technology, Inc.
All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners.
The CradlePoint PHS300 instantly creates a Wi-Fi
hotspot that any Wi-Fi enabled device can connect
to—laptop, camera, PDA, etc. The PHS300 then
connects those devices to the Internet via 3G mobile
broadband, providing high-speed web access virtually
anywhere. The size of a handheld PDA, the PHS300 can
operate on battery power for up to 2 hours.
CradlePoint Solution Saves
the Day at On-site Event
Buzz Corps is an influencer marketing agency focused on generating word-of-mouth
referral for their clients. One aspect of their services involves connecting Buzz Corps’
clients with bloggers who write about those clients. For one of their recent initiatives,
Tom Augenthaler and Nick White of Buzz Corps hosted a Tech Day event involving
members of the HP Technology Solutions Group (enterprise servers, networking,
etc.) and 10 IT pro-oriented bloggers from around the world. These bloggers traveled
from Canada, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand and cities around the United States
for in-person, hands-on experiences with HP’s newly launched line of servers. In the
sessions, the bloggers received deep-dive briefings about the HP new products and
associated technologies, plus took a tour of the manufacturing facilities. To report on
their findings and involve their audiences in real-time discussions—thus making the
most of their time when actually in HP’s presence—the bloggers needed to be able to
send and receive email and post to their blogs in real-time. CHALLENGE
While the HP site offered Internet connectivity in specified visitor meeting rooms, the
bloggers and the HP team members were in a secure conference room because of
PHS300 Personal Hot Spot Provides Web Access for
High-Level Meetings Between Bloggers and HP
the unique nature of the Tech Day briefings. “Due to security
considerations, network access to the Internet was not
available for anyone who was not an authorized HP user,”
Tom recalls. “This obviously caused huge problems for our
blogger guests. When we made the announcement that there
wasn’t going to be any Internet access, there were audible
“Given the ease of use,
quality and the low cost, [the
PHS300] is a sure winner.”
CradlePoint [PHS300] really saved the day. These people are
all heavy technology users and they were really impressed.
We’re getting one for our company.”
“The cost was a pleasant surprise,” Nick continues. “If the
price was north of $600 or $700, we’d have to think about it.
But for less than $190, it’s a no-brainer. Even if we used it just
once—and we obviously will use it much more than that—[the
PHS300] will pay for itself.”
“Before, if someone had an air card, they’d be the only one
with an Internet connection and everyone else would be left
out in the cold,” Tom notes. “Now, with a single air card, we
can provide Internet for attendees at our events.
• Easy. “[The PHS300] was plug-and-play,” Tom reports. “It
was like one-two-three-boom! It was up and running.”
This type of security policy is quite common at large
corporations. To protect intellectual property, trade secrets
and other confidential information, IT departments typically
impose strict network/Internet access restrictions. Efforts
to work around these prohibitions require significant lead
time and non-trivial expense. Even then, work arounds are
sometimes just not possible, as was the case in this instance. SOLUTION
Fortunately, one of the bloggers, John Obeto of Absolute
Vista, had a CradlePoint PHS300 Personal Hot Spot.
“John plugged a 3G [mobile broadband] air card into his
PHS300 and within 2 minutes he had a wireless hot spot up
and running,” says Tom. “He gave everyone a generic logon
and password and we were all connected to the Internet just
like that. I was getting email and checking the web…bloggers
were posting to their blogs...even the Intel and HP guys were
using it. It was an amazing experience. Everyone in the room
was asking: ‘Where did you get this?’ Who makes it? Where
can I get one?’”
Nick adds: “I’ve run into this problem while at Buzz Corps and
also in my previous job at Microsoft. There always seems to
be issues with getting Internet access, obtaining approvals,
securing provisioning by the IT department, etc.”
“And actually, it’s kind of embarrassing,” Tom interjects. “We
have personal relationships with these bloggers, their families
and their communities. I felt awful having to tell someone—
after they’ve just flown 14 hours from New Zealand—‘sorry,
no Internet,’ when that’s how they make their livelihood. The
• Fast. “[The PHS300] wasn’t as fast as a T-1 connection,”
notes Nick. “But with 10 bloggers, plus Tom, me and
the HP / Intel people all using it, we had pretty decent
speeds. Obviously, upload and download speeds are
more a function of the mobile broadband connection, not
the PHS300.”
• Reliable. “The two days of the HP event,” reports Tom,
“we didn’t experience a single problem. Even when I
closed my laptop and it went to sleep, there were no
drops. The connection would be there when I opened my
laptop and it woke up.”
• Affordable. “After investing thousands of dollars in an
event, spending a few extra dollars to ensure attendees
have Internet access is well worth it,” notes Nick. “And
we already have a mobile broadband account, so that
cost isn’t an issue.”
Tom summarized his experience with the PHS300: “We
hadn’t heard of CradlePoint before this HP event. From now
on, we’re going to have one in our arsenal. It will allow us to
always have Internet connectivity and be compliant with our
clients’ security policies. Plus it will make us look smart to
use cutting edge technology that resolves a long-standing
problem that’s pervasive and frustrating.”
The CradlePoint CBA250 Cellular Broadband Adapter
connects to the scale’s management console to enable
remote diagnostics and maintenance. The CBA250
provides IP Pass-Through capabilities for a LAN device
requiring wireless broadband access, converting Ethernet
to cellular and cellular to Ethernet. The CBA250 handles
the connection without configuration and supports
multiple and concurrent application streams. The size of a
handheld PDA, it’s truly a “drop-in” solution.
CradlePoint Enables
Administrators to Remotely
Access Industrial Scales
C.T.P.Z. Application Innovations provides custom software solutions for large industrial
scales. These industrial scales are used to weigh railroad cars, trucks, grain, coal,
materials moving on conveyors, etc. The founder of C.T.P.Z. Application Innovations,
Stephan Horlak, often partners with distributors like Dean Smith of D&G Scale to
cooperatively develop custom solutions that allow industrial scale owners to extract
custom data and reports, based on that owner’s individual needs and requirements.
Typically, these custom solutions are deployed on different models of Mettler-Toledo
industrial scales. Mettler-Toledo scales have Ethernet ports that allow access to
the scale’s software system. Using a laptop, Stephan, can upload his custom
applications (which use an API provided by Mettler-Toledo), deliver patches/fixes and
add functionality as a customer’s needs evolve.
Industrial scales are deployed all over the country, far from the company’s main Ohio
location. Traveling to a site each time it needs an update or upgrade is expensive and
CBA250 Cellular Broadband Adapter Is a Fool Proof Way
to Administer Industrial Scales Over Long Distances
time-consuming. Further, many of the locations that use these
scales—for example, gravel pits, coal mines, power plants,
train yards, etc.—are located far from urban areas, so getting
a local area technician to the site can require hours of travel.
“My [CradlePoint] CBA250 [Cellular Broadband Adapter]
plugs into the Ethernet RJ-45 port of the scale. Using its
mobile broadband connection, the CBA250 makes the scale
accessible to me over the Web,” says Stephan. “It’s as if I was
right there at the scale with a laptop. Only I’m not. I’m sitting
in the comfort of my office with all the resources I need.”
“The CBA250 is foolproof. You
just plug it in and it works. I’ve
never had a problem.”
The first few weeks of operations of a new industrial scale are
when most patches and upgrades to the custom software
typically occur. “Before I started using the CradlePoint, I’d
have to contract with a skilled service technician to go out
to the site,” explains Stephan, “and you don’t want to know
what service companies are charging per mile. Then once the
tech got to the site, he would connect his laptop to the scale’s
Ethernet port and then we’d troubleshoot together, with
me on the phone talking him through the diagnostics or the
upgrade. It was tedious and frustrating process.”
network. Yet owners and managers need the data from the
scale for accounting and operational purposes. So they send
a person out to the scale once a day or once every other day
to collect print outs or download information. Well, that’s really
inefficient. But to run fiber to the scale or set up a point-topoint wireless bridge costs $5,000 to $30,000, so no one is
going to spend that.”
But with a CradlePoint CBA250 Cellular Broadband Adapter
attached to the scale (about $180), plus the cost of an air
card (about $240) and a monthly mobile broadband account
(about $55), a main office can access that data for a fraction
of what it would cost to connect using conventional means.
“The savings are tremendous, whether in terms of installation
cost, or even the cost of driving back and forth to the scale
all the time. Also, some companies rely on the paper tickets
printed out by the scales to track load weight, time of
weighing, etc. Well, drivers can lose tickets pretty easily. But
you can’t lose data that you’re pulling directly from the scale
onto your computer. Plus it eliminates manual keystroking
that’s just wasteful.”
• Easy. “The CBA250 is foolproof,” Stephan reports. “You
plug it in and it just works. No set up. No reset button. It’s
perfect for those isolated areas where there’s no IT help
within a hundred miles.”
• Reliable. “I’ve never had a problem,” declares Stephan.
“Not one instance.”
• Money-saving. “The CBA250 puts me and my software
programmers right inside a scale…for a fraction of the
cost of actually traveling to the site,” notes Stephan.
With the CBA250, Stephan no longer has to dispatch a
high-cost technician to the site. “Pretty much anyone that can
drive a car can do the job,” say Stephan. “They just plug the
CBA250 into the RJ-45 port and then step back while I do the
troubleshooting or upgrade the software remotely.”
• Pervasive. “There is almost no industrial scale site
that doesn’t have some sort of mobile coverage,” says
Stephan. “If you can make a phone call, you can send
and receive data. All I have to do is ask the locals which
mobile service to use in what location and they know.”
There are two areas where Stephan plans to expand his use
of the CBA250. “Instead of waiting for feedback to come in
on new installs and then reacting with a service call,” explains
Stephan, “we’re going to partner with folks like Dean Smith of
D&G Scale and proactively attach a CBA250 with an air card
to the scale for the first few weeks, so we can immediately
tweak and adjust as issues come up.”
• Affordable. “Even if it was $500, it would be worth it,”
says Stephan. “But $180 is even better.”
That leads to the third scenario. “A lot of these scales are
in outbuildings or remote sites that are far from any kind of
Stephan sums up his plans for using CradlePoint solutions: “If
I can sit at my desk and make a two-line code change in two
minutes that solves a customer’s problem, versus spending
hundreds of dollars on an on-site visit, that’s a huge benefit for
me and my customers.”
The CradlePoint CTR350 Mobile Broadband Travel Router
instantly creates a Wi-Fi hotspot that any Wi-Fi enabled
device can connect to—laptop, camera, PDA, etc. The
CTR350 then connects those devices to the Internet via
mobile broadband, providing high-speed web access
virtually anywhere. In addition, it can also connect to the
Internet via a DSL or Cable broadband modem.
Construction Company Uses
CradlePoint to Remotely
Monitor Construction Sites
Nelson Homes builds modular homes all across the state of Virginia. Efficiently
coordinating deliveries, subcontractors and employees requires awareness of what
materials have been delivered to a job site, which subcontractors have completed
their work (so follow up activity can be scheduled) and what sites are ready for his
As budgets have gotten tighter, Rob Rutherford of Nelson Homes has had to act
as the construction manager on more and more jobs spread over a wider area.
“Things are tough out here in the construction business,” says Rob. “We’ve had to
do more with fewer people. So I can’t afford to drive 3 hours to check in on a single
job site.” Rob started looking for a way that he could “see” a job site without actually
Project Manager Monitors Subcontractors and Deliveries to
Job Site Over the Internet Using Web Cam and CradlePoint
CTR350...All Powered by Solar Panels
having to travel to it. He looked at off-the-shelf web cam
systems, which would allow him to view job sites over the
Internet right from his computer. However, he quickly found
that they cost thousands of dollars. He explored an option
of tying web cameras into the GPS units on his company
trucks, but couldn’t make that work. Next, he started looking
into 3G/broadband mobile connectivity via air cards that
deliver Internet access for laptops. And that’s when he found
“I stumbled across the CradlePoint routers while I was doing a
web search on air cards,” Rob recalls. “As I read about them
and saw that they could provide a hot spot for the web cam
and that one of the units could run on a battery, I knew I found
what I was looking for.”
“[The CTR350] is so portable,
I can easily move it from job
site to job site.”
Rob connected a web cam to a CradlePoint CTR350 using its
Ethernet port. The CTR350 then connected the web cam to
the Internet through an Alltel air card. Rob powered the entire
package with solar panels. While off-the-shelf systems ran
into the thousands, Rob was able to put together his do-ityourself monitoring solution for less than $750.
With the IP camera, Rob can remain in his office and check
on a job site from his desktop computer. He’s able to make
sure that deliveries have arrived on site so that employees can
be correctly scheduled. And he can confirm that work has
been completed by one set of subcontractors before calling in
the next wave.
Another way Rob plans to use his remote monitoring solution
is to allow customers to see the progress of their homes being
built. He plans on offering clients a web page that will let them
to look at the job site without having to physically drive to the
site. “It will enable clients to stay informed of the progress of
their home and avoid that valley of despair that often occurs
between the time a customer signs the initial contract until
the home is finally completed. The more they can see what’s
going on, the better.”
• Easy. “I know a little about routers, but I’m not an expert
by any means,” Rob notes. “I plugged [the CTR350} in,
and it worked. It couldn’t have been easier. I logged in
with the password on the box, found the IP address just
like the [QuickStart] instructions said and it hooked up just
fine. Adding the web camera was no problem.”
• Reliable. “[The CTR350] has been up and functioning
all the time,” reports Rob. “Before I got the solar panels
working right, I had to reboot one or two times, but since
then, it’s been solid.”
• Portable. “Most job sites don’t have electricity, so being
able to run it off the battery is important,” says Rob. “[The
CTR350] is so portable, I can easily move it from job site
to job site. In fact, my son and I went on a couple of trips
and brought the CTR350 along. He had his laptop and
I had mine and we both had Internet [access] any time
we wanted all the way from central Virginia to central
• Affordable. “We’re trying to conserve every penny we
can,” explains Rob. “I got [my CTR350] for a good price.
It’s a little more expensive than a standard router, but
with all that it allows you to do and with all the high-end
features, it’s more than worth it.”
Rob summarizes his experience with the CradlePoint
CTR350: “If I don’t have to drive up to a construction site, but
still can see what’s going on, that’s a real help. I’m planning on
putting together another two monitoring units and I’m looking
forward to saving even more time, thanks to the CradlePoint
The CradlePoint CTR500 instantly creates a Wi-Fi hotspot
on Martz motorcoaches that any Wi-Fi enabled device
can connect to—laptop, PDA, camera, phones, etc.
The CTR500 connects to the Internet via 3G/4G mobile
broadband networks (e.g., Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, etc.) using
a USB air card. The result is reliable web and email access
for Martz Trailways customers. Anywhere...anytime.
CradlePoint Provides Mobile
Broadband Internet Access
for Busline Passengers
Martz Trailways Uses CradlePoint Routers to Provide Wi-Fi
Service to Its Passengers On the Road.
Martz Trailways wanted its drivers to be able to accept and validate passenger
tickets electronically (versus collecting paper tickets and bringing them back to the
office for manual entry into the system). This required Internet connectivity for their
motorcoaches . But when the company first began looking at mobile broadband
routers, the cost was prohibitive: “The initial options for routers were priced at
$700 and up, which seemed to be too pricey when you consider we have over
80 vehicles,” reports General Manager, Bob Chepalonis. “Plus, the units were too
large—about the size of a laptop. We needed something compact that could tuck
away out of sight.”
Martz Trailways ( is a motorcoach company with over 80
vehicles. Each day, Martz Trailways transports approximately 2,300 people to New
York city for work, school, and leisure. In addition, Martz offers charter services
to schools, college and university groups, senior groups, religious groups, military
moves, children’s camps, professional sports teams, bus banks, tour operators, and
individuals needing motorcoach transport throughout the eastern United States.
As Martz continued to explore options, their vendor pointed
the company to CradlePoint routers. “The solution of an
economical router came to us from the Gateway software
people, who were helping us with the paperless ticketing
system. When we investigated CradlePoint, the price point
was excellent. No one else came close,” says Bob. “In
addition, the CradlePoint CTR-500 that we chose is about the
size of a BlackBerry PDA, and the air card doesn’t stick way
out, so we could install it in a concealed, out-of-the-way spot
where no one could tamper with it.”
“The price point was excellent.
No one came close.”
The company plans to have the backend of the paperless
ticketing system in place by summer. In the meantime, the
CradlePoint mobile broadband infrastructure is the first piece
to be put into place. “With paperless ticketing, our drivers will
just scan a bar code on the ticket and the information will go
through the CradlePoint router, over the Internet and right to
our back office,” notes Bob. “We’ll be able to view data in
real-time, instead of the two-week lag that the current manual
process entails.“
Bob continues: “In addition, our customers had been
asking for Wi-Fi access for a while, but the cost was just
too prohibitive. But now, CradlePoint makes it affordable. In
fact, we use Wi-Fi as a marketing tool to attract new riders.
Customers have positively commented on the free Wi-Fi we
offer. Better yet, our competition does not offer it.”
• Simple. “Installation was very simple,” notes Bob. “We
wired it to a “keyed-on” power source, so it will reset on
every start.”
• Reliable. “We’ve been using the CradlePoint routers for
over 6 months now on our motorcoaches,” reports Bob,
“and we have had no failures.”
• Performance. “The fact that we’ve had no complaints
from customers about speed or performance speaks for
itself,” says Bob.
• Robust Feature Set. “With the functionality offered in the
admin menu, we were able to lock out certain websites
that eat up a lot of bandwidth, like YouTube, while still
allowing customers normal Internet and email use,”
explains Bob. “This enables us to stay under the 5GB/
month data plans that are offered.”
• Support. “On the initial setup, the one broadband card
from Verizon was not compatible with the router,” reports
Bob. “CradlePoint went to Verizon and was able to have
that as a compatible card within a few days. That is pretty
good support!”
• Affordable. “CradlePoint was the most economical
choice when we first got them,” says Bob. “And they’re
still the most economical choice.”
Bob adds one final thought: “The CradlePoint routers were
small enough that we could install them out of sight. That
helps us maintain a clean, professional look inside our
The CradlePoint MBR1000 instantly creates a Wi-Fi
hotspot that any Wi-Fi enabled device can connect
to—laptop, camera, PDA, etc. The MBR1000 connects
devices to the Internet in two ways: via 3G mobile
broadband using an EVDO or USB air card, providing
high-speed web access virtually anywhere. Or it can also
be plugged into a DSL or cable modem.
Jackson-Hewitt Franchisee
Speeds Retail Site
Deployment with Cradlepoint
MBR1000 Broadband Router Helps Reduce Set Up Time
from Weeks to One Hour
During tax season, Jackson-Hewitt of northern Georgia offers tax preparation services
in retail locations like Wal-mart and K-mart. They set up temporary kiosks in these
retail locations that require Internet access and phone service.
Beazle detailed some of the difficulties:
• Because Beazle’s Jackson-Hewitt offices cover considerable territory in northern
Georgia, he must coordinate with 4 different phone companies to provision the 5
different store locations his kiosks are in
• There is a 5-10 day wait for the different phone companies to send field
technicians to the retail sites
Provisioning broadband DSL line and phone lines every tax season was costly, timeconsuming and frustrating. Just ask Jackson-Hewitt franchise owner John Beazle.
“Have you ever tried to get a DSL line into a Wal-mart?” he asks with a laugh.
• Beazle must coordinate with each store manager to
ensure his operations don’t interfere with the store’s
existing IT infrastructure
• The day of installation, Beazle or one of his employees
must be at the Wal-mart or K-mart all morning or all
afternoon because the phone companies can’t specify a
time when they will be on-site
• Installation and setup costs run about $300 per site; then
there are the monthly fees (usually higher since he’s
on month-to-month contracts for the 4 months of tax
• Each year, the new phone numbers of the sites which
must be communicated throughout his organization
• At the end of tax season, the DSL and phone service
at each site must be cancelled and disconnected
This year, John Beazle got a CradlePoint MBR-1000
Broadband Router for each location. Because the CradlePoint
MBR-1000 uses 3G/broadband cellular to connect to
the Internet, it provides the broadband connectivity his
employee’s computers need…without the provisioning or
installation hassles of DSL or cable. “I walk in with everything
I need. With the MBR-1000, in less than an hour, the kiosk
is up and running and ready to go. No waiting. No relying on
anyone but me.”
This year, Beazle’s Jackson-Hewitt office is also implementing
a new VoIP phone system. This allows the retail sites to
become extensions of his main phone network. Their VoIP
phones plug right into the MBR-1000. This eliminates the
need to pay for new phone lines or individual phone numbers.
More importantly, it gives his customers a better experience.
“Someone calls into the main number and they can get
transferred to the retail site seamlessly. It’s much smoother
and delivers better customer service.”
Beazle also appreciates the MBR-1000 VoIP optimization
capabilities. The MBR-1000 dynamically prioritizes VoIP
packets to provide the highest call quality possible. “No other
router in the price range has that kind of capability,” says
Beazle. “I can’t believe the MBR-1000 is so inexpensive. And
reliable, too. We’ve had zero downtime.”
John Beazle and his Jackson-Hewitt franchises have realized
a number of advantages by using the CradlePoint MBR-1000
Broadband Router:
• Save time, money and frustration, while delivering better
service to their customers
• Just one 3G broadband provider to deal with instead of 4
different phone companies
“I can’t believe the MBR-1000 is so
inexpensive. And reliable, too.
We’ve had zero downtime.”
• No reliance on third parties so retail kiosks can set up
whenever it’s convenient
• Store managers no longer have to worry about the
impact of foreign DSL lines and phone lines
• Zero installation or setup costs
• VoIP phones at each retail site become extensions of
the main phone system, enhancing customer service,
eliminating the need to learn new phone numbers and
reducing costs
• At the end of tax season, the MBR-1000 and 3G cellular
broadband service will enable Beazle and his employees
to work remotely, providing greater flexibility and quality of
One more thing John likes about the MBR-1000. “It’s
really user friendly. It’s so easy to setup, my 12-year old
granddaughter could do it. I’m sharing my experiences
with other Jackson-Hewitt franchises. They face the same
challenges as I do and they’re really excited.”
The CradlePoint MBR1100 enables VPN sessions over the
Internet. The MBR1100 instantly creates a Wi-Fi hotspot
that any Wi-Fi enabled device can connect to—laptop,
camera, PDA, etc. The MBR1100 then connects the
devices to the Internet via 3G/4G mobile broadband using
an EVDO ExpressCard or USB air card. It can also use a
DSL or cable modem landline to connect to the Internet.
Plumbing Contractor Saves
$10,000 and Improves
Service with CradlePoint
DJ Data Solutions provides custom software development and handheld applications
in Madison, Wisconsin. One of its clients—Benjamin Plumbing—has a four-truck
service fleet. Each truck carries about 2,500 parts in inventory that are bar coded for
pricing. The company wanted its service field techs to be able to use their existing
MC9000 handheld scanners to scan bar codes of parts used on service calls.
Then, the techs would use the MC9000 scanners to print invoices on the spot using
wireless printers installed in the trucks. In addition, the company wanted to be able
to send scheduling updates and new job tickets to the MC9000 scanners while the
techs were out on the road. Finally, Benjamin Plumbing wanted it all to communicate
with their back-end accounting software.
David Harrison, President of DJ Data Solutions, faced a number of issues. The
MC9000 scanners the company owned—while Wi-Fi enabled—were not equipped
to communicate using 3G / broadband mobile service. This prevented them from
connecting directly with the office. Scanners that did have 3G / broadband mobile
DJ Data Solutions Installs CradlePoint Routers in Service
Trucks and Saves Plumbing Contractor the Pain of Buying
New Handhelds and Migrating Wireless Providers
connectivity were available, but buying four of them would
have cost more than $10,000. Further, 3G-enabled scanners
are compatible with a limited number of wireless providers
(e.g., AT&T, Verizon and Sprint). Benjamin Plumbing had a
long-term contract with a regional wireless provider—U.S.
Cellular—that 3G-enabled scanners do not support. Thus,
even if Benjamin Plumbing could afford to pay $10,000
for 3G-enabled scanners, they’d still have to undertake a
highly-expensive and disruptive migration to switch wireless
“The MBR1100 is simple to use
[and] provides a lot of options
for the price.”
David deployed a CradlePoint MBR1100 Mobile Broadband
‘N’ 3G/4G Router with VPN in every truck. The MBR1100
creates a W-Fi spot that each MC9000 scanner and wireless
printer can connect with. A USB modem plugged into each
MBR1100 connects it to the Internet via the company’s U.S.
Cellular broadband wireless service. This approach solved the
problem for about one-tenth the cost of buying new scanners
while avoiding the pain of switching providers.
“The MBR1100 allowed us to develop a solution that works
with our customer’s existing equipment,” says David. “It’s
simple to use, but at the same time, it provides a lot of
options for the price.”
David continues: “For example, we use Virtual Private
Network (VPN) connections to ensure security. With the
MBR1100, we set up the VPN once and the field service
guys never have to mess with it. Using the MBR1100 instead
of Windows Mobile to establish the VPN connections is a
big plus. VPN sessions in Windows Mobile tend to time out
and reconfiguring or restarting a new VPN session is tricky.
We wanted to avoid that. After all, these are plumbers, not
computer techs.”
• Simple. “Setting up [the MBR1100] was pretty
straightforward,” reports David. “Plus, I was able to save
the first set up I did as a configuration file. Then I just
uploaded that configuration file to each of the remaining
three units. That saved quite a bit of time.”
• Value. “I think [$350] is at the right price point,” notes
David. “If you look at a Cisco firewall, they start at $700 or
$800 and they go up from there.”
• Support. “CradlePoint support is very good,” notes
David. “Very good. While configuring the VPN, I had
questions about setting it up. When I called their support
people, they were knowledgeable and helpful.”
• Robust. “I saw the Linksys, but didn’t care for it,” says
David. “[The MBR1100] gives you a lot more options. For
example, it was pretty easy for me to limit each MBR1100
to specific IP ranges, so if the trucks are parked next to
each other, the scanners don’t get confused about which
hotspot to use. I’m kind of surprised that [the MBR1100]
came out with VPN capabilities and they kept the price
where it is.”
David sums up his thoughts about the MBR1100: “Even
though Benjamin Plumbing had equipment that was 4 years
old, the MBR1100 made this solution work. It was less
expensive than buying all new scanners. And my customer
didn’t have to switch providers.”
“On service calls Benjamin Plumbing is not yet doing credit
cards with a reader, but when they do, we’ll be able to take
advantage of the MBR1100’s hotspot. We’ll save money
on the credit card swipers, because we won’t have to buy
3G-enabled models—they’re more expensive—and we won’t
have to spend $69 a month on a different 3G plan just to
support the swipers.”
Maximizing the Value of
Your Mobile Broadband
The Advantages of the WiPipe™ Platform
This white paper looks at how users can maximize the value they get from
their mobile broadband service plans. It explains how mobile broadband
routers (also known as cellular routers or 3G/4G broadband routers) allow
users to share their mobile broadband access via a Wi-Fi hotspot and/or
Ethernet LAN connections. Further, it examines CradlePoint’s WiPipe™
platform for mobile broadband routing and how it enhances security, ease of
use, performance, functionality and management control.
Mobile vs. wired broadband routers
Mobile broadband routers and wired broadband routers share a number of
similar capabilities/functions:
• Connect to a broadband source for Internet access (generally this is a
DSL, cable, satellite or T1 Internet service delivered via a wired network)
• Provide a 802.11 wireless LAN (a.k.a. Wi-Fi hotspot) that enables
multiple Wi-Fi-enabled devices to share the broadband Internet
• Laptops
• Printers
• Desktop PCs
• PDAs
• Gaming consoles
• Any device capable of receiving a Wi-Fi signal
• Provide Ethernet port(s) that enable devices to share the broadband
Internet connection through a wired connection
• Desktop computer
• Laptop
• Printers
• Server
• Storage device/appliance
• Network switch/print server
• Any device with an Ethernet port
Every CradlePoint Mobile Broadband Router is built
on the WiPipe™ platform, which is based on more
than 27 patents pending. The WiPipe™ platform
enables best-in-class performance, functionality,
security, and interoperability while providing “plugand-play” ease of use.
The two main differences between mobile and traditional wired broadband routers are:
1. Source of the broadband connection
2.Modem (the device that modulates/demodulates the broadband signal before it
goes into the router)
• DSL/T1/Fiber – phone
service provider (e.g.,
SBC, Qwest, Ameritech,
Bellsouth, AT&T, etc.)
• Cable – cable service
company (e.g., Charter,
Comcast, Cox, TimeWarner, etc.)
• Satellite – satellite service
provider (e.g., HughesNet,
Wildblue, Skyway USA,
Starband Satellite, etc.)
• Mobile/3G/4G – wireless or
mobile provider (e.g., AllTell,
AT&T, Cricket, Ntelos,
Sprint, Verizon, etc.)
• ExpressCard
• USB air card
• Handheld/Phone
DSL modem
T1 modem
Fiber modem
Cable modem
Satellite modem
The benefits of mobile broadband routers
When mobile broadband/3G service first became available, users bought ExpressCards
or USB air cards (modems) that plugged into their laptops. These modems established
a mobile broadband connection to the Internet. Thus, users could get email, download
music and surf the Internet at broadband speeds anywhere there was a mobile
broadband/3G/4G signal. No hunting for Wi-Fi spots (or paying for them) or plugging into
strange networks. The only problem? The mobile broadband connection was restricted
to the laptop that had the ExpressCard or USB air card physically plugged into it and
could not be shared.
Mobile broadband routers solve that problem and take the next logical step: allowing
users of mobile broadband/3G/4G service to share their mobile broadband connection.
Instead of plugging the ExpressCard or USB air card into an individual laptop, it gets
plugged into the mobile broadband router. The mobile broadband router takes that fast
mobile broadband connection and allows it to be shared by creating a Wi-Fi hotspot
and/or by providing physical Ethernet jacks that other devices can plug into.
Wired broadband router
A wired broadband connection from a
telephone or cable company central office
terminates at a DSL/cable modem, which
plugs into the conventional broadband router
that then creates a Wi-Fi hotspot.
Mobile broadband router
A wireless broadband connection from a
wireless service provider terminates at an
ExpressCard and/or USB air card plugged into
the mobile broadband router. The router then
creates a Wi-Fi hotspot.
The WiPipe™ platform provides a better 3G/4G mobile broadband
router experience
The transport technology of mobile broadband is different from
that of DSL, cable, T1, fiber and satellite. In order to maximize
performance, compatibility and ease of use, it’s critical that a
mobile broadband router account for this difference. Router
solutions that do not use the WiPipe™ platform usually start with
conventional DSL/cable routing technology and then “bolt on” the
mobile broadband component. But CradlePoint mobile broadband
routers take as their starting point the inherent uniqueness of
3G/4G mobile broadband service. The WiPipe™ platform is built
from the ground up for mobile broadband routing, enabling highly
robust, efficient, powerful and interoperable router solutions, while
maintaining “plug-and-play” simplicity.
The WiPipe™ platform is
built from the ground up for
mobile broadband routing.
Making robust functionality and high-performance…simple
The first, most immediately noticeable aspect of the WiPipe™ platform is how simple
CradlePoint routers are to set up and use. CradlePoint mobile broadband routers plug
in and start working right out of the box. There is no software to install or drivers to
download. Yet even with this easy, plug-and-play setup, the WiPipe™ platform provides
enhanced security protection. Here’s how: the first time a user starts up a CradlePoint
router, he or she enters a code—printed on the side of the product box—to access
the router’s Wi-Fi network. This simple layer of added security requires tight integration
between firmware, hardware and packaging operations. Then the user has the
opportunity to establish even tighter, enterprise-levels of security. The end result is higher
security and a simplified experience for users.
Another example of how the WiPipe™ platform simplifies operations: the user interface is
laid out so commonly used features and functions—the ones used by an overwhelming
majority of customers—are automatically implemented through simple, point-and-click
wizards. Yet for power users, the WiPipe™ platform provides a comprehensive menu
of user-configurable options that allow robust control of security, performance, access,
maintenance and other functions
Specifically tuned for 3G/4G mobile broadband
The WiPipe™ platform employs highly optimized software that incorporates algorithms
which assess the link quality of the connection and accelerate certain packets to
ensure that the user-experience is optimized. Routers built on generic platforms lack
this optimization and are not able to provide the performance, security and reliability
necessary to meet business-critical demands.
Further, solutions that don’t use the WiPipe™ platform typically employ non-optimized
drivers for their USB air card or ExpressCard interface. These “canned” drivers often
incorporate many services that are unnecessary and/or superfluous. The result can be
slower startup and sluggish throughput, as well as potential compatibility issues.
CradlePoint engineers work closely with manufacturers of USB air cards and
ExpressCards to build drivers tailored specifically for their particular modem
implementation. This ability to control hardware and software at a fundamental, OS level
provides a number of benefits:
• Cleaner, leaner interface for faster start up
• Maximum compatibility/interoperability with the greatest number of USB air cards
and ExpressCards
• Peak efficiency with all carriers and signal types
• Optimum throughput for best-possible performance
Dynamic optimization for the greatest performance under changing
mobile broadband conditions
A WiPipe™-powered router is capable of identifying the wireless environment in which
it is deployed, and as the mobile environment changes from session to session, can
automatically self-configure for best performance. Not only can the WiPipe™ platform
determine a mobile broadband router’s position within the carrier infrastructure and
provide information to the user as to changes in available service levels, it can also detect
interfering traffic in the immediate area and change its local broadcast configuration to
minimize interference and optimize throughput.
Load balancing optimized for 3G/4G mobile broadband
Load balancing for conventional broadband environments is often implemented through
hardware. But the special circumstances of mobile/3G/4G broadband routers require a
different approach. Some CradlePoint router models can accommodate up to three USB
air cards/ExpressCards connections (plus an Ethernet WAN connection). The WiPipe™
platform can load balance between the three mobile broadband sources, providing, in
effect, a single “aggregated stream” that maximizes throughput to a degree that no other
mobile/3G/4G broadband router can match.
Best-in-class Quality of Service features The WiPipe™ platform incorporates high-end Quality of Service capabilities that are
typically found only in much more costly solutions. For example, other routers within the
class handle VoIP optimization by reserving a certain amount of the available bandwidth
strictly for VoIP packets at all times. That means that there is always less bandwidth
available for non-VoIP packets, even when there is no VoIP traffic.
On the other hand, the WiPipe™ platform offers dynamic optimization for VoIP packets.
This provides great voice quality and clarity for VoIP calls. But when there is no VoIP
traffic, other packets can take full advantage of the maximum available bandwidth. Even
under demanding conditions—for example simultaneous VoIP calls and streaming video,
a CradlePoint router can deliver the highest levels of service for both applications.
Other Quality of Service features include prioritizing traffic for various wireless applications
(like video conferencing), specific application protocols and specific computers on the
wireless network.
Automatic Failover protects against DSL/cable outages
In select CradlePoint mobile broadband router models, the WiPipe™ platform provides
Automatic Failover protection. If DSL/Cable/T1/Fiber is the primary source of broadband
connectivity, a user can also plug in an ExpressCard and/or USB air card into the
CradlePoint router, and configure it for failover. In the event of a DSL/Cable/T1/Fiber
outage, the CradlePoint router senses the problem and automatically switches to
mobile broadband Internet service. All wired and Wi-Fi devices connected to the
CradlePoint router continue to operate at broadband speeds without interruption.
When the DSL/Cable/T1/Fiber connection is restored, the CradlePoint router
automatically switches back. No user intervention is needed.
3G Network
CradlePoint Router
with ExpressCard
and/or USB air card
DSL, Cable,
T1 or Fiber
VoIP Phone
Wi-Fi Laptop
Wired PC
Primary ISP
1. Outage occurs at primary ISP
or DSL/Cable/T1/Fiber provider.
2. Sensing outage, the WiPipe™
platform automatically switches to the mobile
broadband connection (less
than 60 seconds).
3. All wired and WiFi devices
connected to the CradlePoint
router continue to operate at
broadband speeds without
Added-value VPN functionality
Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) provide a secure connection between two public
endpoints, ensuring the confidentiality of the data that passes between them. Most
mobile broadband providers offer a VPN service option. However, this service option
typically requires the purchase of a new air card, new service setup and higher
monthly fees.
With CradlePoint routers and the WiPipe™ platform, users can create up to five
secure VPN tunnels simultaneously…without the expense and hassle of purchasing a
VPN service option. What’s more, the encryption ciphers/algorithms employed by the
WiPipe™ platform are far more robust than the VPN encryption offered by non-WiPipe™powered solutions at similar price points.*
Enhanced security/filtering options
In addition to the base-level security of the login page, the WiPipe™ platform supports
multiple levels of security, including: WEP, WPA-Personal, and WPA-Enterprise. The
WiPipe™ platform enables access control that can limit access to approved sites, limit
web access based on time or dates, and/or block access from applications such as P2P
utilities or games.
Optimized Wi-Fi performance
Not only does the WiPipe™ platform maximize performance on the mobile/wireless side
of the equation, it also enhances Wi-Fi and Ethernet performance. CradlePoint’s Wi-Fi
subsystem is tested to ensure compatibility with the greatest number of Wi-Fi devices.
As part of the WiPipe™ platform, all CradlePoint routers are certified by the Wi-Fi
Alliance—the governing body for Wi-Fi standards. This third party certification ensures
interoperability and adherence to Wi-Fi standards, which provides additional confidence
for users.
The WiPipe™ platform is based on more than 27 patents pending. The over arching
principle is to provide highly robust capabilities, a powerful feature set and superior
performance, while maintaining maximum, security, compatibility/interoperability and
ease of use. The results are valuable benefits for all users—whether they are beginners or
sophisticated power users:
Robust functionality and high-performance that’s simple
OS/ drivers specifically tuned for mobile/3G/4G broadband
Load balancing optimized for mobile/3G/4G broadband
Best-in-class Quality of Service features Automatic Failover protection against DSL/cable/T1/Fiber outages
Added-value VPN functionality
Enhanced security/filtering options
Optimized Wi-Fi performance