Théâtre Raymond Kabbaz Technical Packet

Théâtre Raymond Kabbaz
Technical Packet
Théâtre Raymond Kabbaz
10361 West Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90064
Phone: (310) 286- 0553 · Fax: (310) 558-8069
Box Office: (310) 286-0553 · Email ·
Théâtre Raymond Kabbaz provides cool, warm, and neutral washes. Back washes on Cyc include blue, red
orange and white. Front and down washes are available in different colors, but modified, depending on ongoing productions. Specials are available but involve time and crew and will be reflected in invoice and/or must
be pre-approved on Artist’s tech rider. Specific colors and templates need to be provided by user.
The Rep Plot is configured to ETC’s proprietary Dimmer Doubled System.
19° Source Four 750W
26° Source Four 750W
36° Source Four 750W
50° Source Four 750W
Source Four PAR 750W
Orion Floor 1000W
Iris3 w/yoke 1000W (Cyc back wash)
Strong Trouperette III followspots 1000W
Source Four Color Frame
Pattern Holders B size
ETC Multiplexers/double dimmer
ETC Express 125 Control Console
Dimmer Doubler System
Remote Focus Unit
Port location Up Stage Right in Wing
Black safety cable
S4 Drop-In Iris Kit
S4 Donut
S4 Top Hat
S4 Half Hat
S4 PAR Barn Door
S4 PAR Weighted Base
S4 PAR Color Frame
ETC C- Clamp
Side Pole 15 ft with floor bases
400 PH-B
Floor stands
All lights have L5-15p connectors
Except 2 Source Four Pars/ 1 50° Source Four 750W
and 1 Orion floor 1000W (regular plugs w/ground)
Approximately 85% lights on Rep and 15% in storage
Deviation from the house rep plot, beyond the three focusable specials requires submission of a legible light
plot, instrument schedule, and color list to Théâtre Raymond Kabbaz
When bringing in equipment, it is the user’s responsibility to ascertain compatibility with all
Théâtre Raymond Kabbaz electrical and/or audio systems.
Only Théâtre Raymond Kabbaz/Lycée Français employees are allowed in the catwalks. Only Théâtre Raymond
Kabbaz/Lycée Français employees can hang, circuit and operate our lighting equipment (including our lighting
console and our followspots).
GOBOS – Gobos can be used at Théâtre Raymond Kabbaz. B Size Patterns.
Opening is 29’ wide by 13’ high.
Stage without pit extensions is 29’ wide by 20’ deep by ’15” high (to the lowest lights)
Stage with one set of extensions (4 times 8’ by 4’) is 24 ‘deep by 32’ wide in pit
Stage with two sets of extensions (2 times (4 times 8’ by 4’)) is 28’deep stage and pit by 32’ wide in pit.
Pipes can go up to a 24.5’ high
Total stage high is 27 ‘.
Right wing is 9’ wide by 19’deep
Left wing is 19’ wide by 19’deep
There is no crossover if using stage up to back wall. Crossover can be made behind Cyclorama which is 5 feet
from back wall, or behind black curtain, 2 feet from back wall. Walk through the back of the theater takes 2
minutes from one wing to the other.
Counterweight system located stage right .
Stage floor is covered 1/4 masonite. Extension floor is Tuff-deck smooth surface.
Marley floor may be available (rented) but must be included and pre-approved on Artist’s tech rider.
Set assembly is allowed in the facility, but set construction is NOT. The user must bring in
all tools. The stage load-in door is located in front house, 7’2 high by 3’5 wide. Main Entrance door are 5’9 by
Elevator for handicaped, from house to stage, access on stage left.
Not an orchestra pit. Just the space between the front of the stage and the audience: 40’ wide by 8.5’ deep, 2.5’
lower from stage. When double stage extensions are used, first row of house seats is not useable.
Painting is NOT allowed inside the facility. Limited touch-up painting is allowed, provided
that the stage is properly taped to protect surface. Spray painting is NEVER allowed.
Théâtre Raymond Kabbaz staff will not do the actual painting, however, the Théâtre Raymond Kabbaz T.D
must supervise the work.
The stage may be drilled with drywall screws. Lag screws and Barrel Bolts may be used with
the T.D.’s approval. Lag screw holes and Barrel Bolt holes must be filled with the proper
sized wooden dowels.
The pit extension may not be painted, nor drilled.
The Théâtre Raymond Kabbaz’s Main Curtain is a two-piece medium red velour that travels from side
to center, landing approximately 2.5’ upstage of the pit (without extension). It is an automatic pull and may
only be traveled by Théâtre Raymond Kabbaz Staff. The Main Curtain is never removed.
Théâtre Raymond Kabbaz has a 19” high by 38’ wide white Cyclorama located 5’ downstage
of the upstage wall. It is a manual pull that travels stage right to stageleft, and may only be
traveled by Théâtre Raymond Kabbaz Staff.
Théâtre Raymond Kabbaz house hang has three 35’ by 8’ oz. black velour borders and three pairs
of 6’ by 18’ black velour legs.
The theatre also has one two-piece 40’ by 24’ 24oz. black velour full stage drop, one set of 8’
by 24’ 24 oz. black velour legs. One black velour Traveler 35’ by 14’, one red velour Traveler 35 by 12, both
manual travel from sides to center, and a 29’ by 28’ upstage black curtain, 2 feet downstage of the upstage
wall, travels up and down.
Relocating soft goods and/or dead-hung pipes is an additional labor cost and must be pre-approved by TD.
All special rigging requirements must be discussed and approved by the Technical Director
prior to load-in. Rigging materials must be provided by user and approved by the T.D.
A perforated movie screen 15’ by 28’, automatic pull down and up, is located 12’ upstage from pit.
Théâtre Raymond Kabbaz has two 11’ by 13’ dressing rooms backstage. Each has a comfortable
capacity of 7 persons, and is equipped with 7 lighted make-up mirrors, a sink, a shower and toilet facilities,
and handicaped access. Each has sound monitor from stage.
Théâtre Raymond Kabbaz has a 12’ by 14’ Green Room with sound and video monitors from stage.
Please do not tape or adhere anything to the walls. Please do not hang anything from the lighting fixtures. No
plastic bags near the mirror lights
All hallways and doorways backstage must be unobstructed, with a clear path of egress, at all
There are two standard doors that can be used for entrances during performances. One is
upstage right leading from the dressing rooms, the other is upstage left leading from the
backstage hallway.
There is also space, 17’ by 9’, backstage between the dressing rooms to the stage door, stage right, with access
to the house and pit.
There is an access from the Hallway to the pit and house, stage left.
The Stage Manager Console (includes monitor and Clear Com System) is located Stage right.
One (1) Midas Verona 320 console
32 channels total
24 mono input channels
8 stereo input channels
8 Auxiliary Outputs
1 through 6 with Global Pre/Post Fader selection and selectable Pre/Post EQ
7 & 8 with Channel selectable Pre/Post Fader selection and jumper selectable Pre/Post EQ
8 Group Outputs
With Aux/Group Changeover option for dual purpose FOH/Monitor applications
4 Band Equaliser
Mono Channels: 4 Swept Frequency Bands (Trble, Hi Mid, Lo Mid, Bass)
Stereo Channels: 2 Shelving Bands (Bass, Treble), 2 Swept Frequency Bands (hi mid, lo mid)
48 volt phantom power independantly switchable on each channel (always on talk mic)
Hi-Pass filter on all inputs (Mono Channels: Variable 20Hz to400 Hz, Stereo Channels: Fixed 80Hz)
Signal generator
32 Channel Inserts (jumper selectable pre/post insert and eq)
Midas Power supply
Aux 1 to 4 connected to monitors plugs (APRON L, C, R, DSL, DSR, USL, USR, USC, CAT1 and 2)
1 to 4 stands for ABCD in patch.
Two (2) Shure LX series wireless receivers
One (1) Tascam 302 Dual Dubbing Cassette Deck
One (1) Tascam DA40 DAT player
One (1) Tascam CD-RW 5000 Cd rewritable/player
One (1) Sony DVP NS 300 CD/DVD player
One (1) Ritek DVX Multizone DVD player, CD player
One (1) JVC VHS Recorder feed by house Video camera
48 by 2 TT patchbay
Two (2) Behringer Ultracurve Pro Equalizers
One (1) Dual Channel Processor Lexicon MPX 100
Two (2) Compressor Limiter DBX 160A
Four (4) Furman Conditioner
One (1) Furman Powerlink Remote Sequencer
Two (2) QSC PLX 1602 Stereo Amplifiers (HRand L, HRR and L)
Three (3) QSC PLX 2402 Stereo Amplifiers (HC, MONITOR FEED)
One (1) QSC PLX 3002 Stereo Amplifier (SUBS)
1 APHEX Dist Amplifier 120A 1-IR, 2-Clearcom, 3 Video, 4-70v Dist Hearing impaired devices
Two (2) Event PS8 Powered Speakers (Monitors in cabin)
Four (4) EAW JF100E Full Range Speakers (HR and L, HRR and L)
Two (2) EAW JF260Z Full Range Speakers (HC)
One (1) EAW SB250P Subwoofer (H general)
Six (6) EAW SM200iH Monitor Speakers
House Mix Location is up in sound booth (open). Mix location will not be moved.
Microphones available:
Three (3) SM 58
Three (3) SM 57
Two (2) AKG C414BXLS
Four (4) Sennheiser E 845 Dynamic Vocal microphones
We also have the following equipment:
Three (3) DI boxes w/ ground lift
Six (6) straight mic stands
One (1) small straight mic stand
Two (2) tall boom mic stands
Two (2) regular boom mic stands
One (small) boom mic stand
Microphones and Monitors input locations:
APRON L :Mic 1-4 Mon 3
APRON C: Mic 5-8 Mon 2
APRON R: Mic 9-12 Mon 1
DSL: Mic 13-18 Mon 4 & 5
DSR: Mic 19-24 Mon 6 & 7
USL: Mic 36-38 Mon 10 & 11
USR: Mic 39-40 Mon 12 & 13
USC: Mic 25-36 on W1 25-28 on XLR Mon 8 & 9
CAT1: Mic 43 Mon 20
CAT2: Mic 44 Mon 21
HOUSE Center: Mic 41-42
All microphone runs are hardwired to the patchbay at the rack in the control booth. Mic inputs from 1 to 16
and from 25 to 40 are connected to the console. Mic inputs from 17 to 24 in the patchbay. There is a 70V Stage
Monitor System (overhead stage mic mix) feed to both dressing rooms, green room, lobby, and control room.
Each area has a local wall-mount volume control. Video monitor is available in the green room, the lobby, and
the control room. This set-up cannot be changed.
The Theatre is equipped with a Ear hearing impaired system, focused at the middle 11
seats in the first three rows of the balcony. There are 15 Body Receivers and headsets. This
system takes a feed off the board. This configuration cannot be changed.
The Theatre has a Clear com Sytem. There are two available discreet channels (A, and B). Most of the beltpacks for the system are single channel. There is one two channel beltpack. There are 5 headsets, 3 telephone
handsets supplied, and 2 Portable “Sqawk Box” stations.
Clear com A & B inputs locations:
Two in Control room (sound space and light space)
House Center
Only Théâtre Raymond Kabbaz are allowed to configure and operate our sound equipment. A Sound Operator
must be hired whenever our sound system is used. A
Sound Operator must be hired whenever sound load-in, set-up, redesign, or load-out exceeds simple microphone set-up.
Worklight rehearsals do not include the use of the house sound system.
The camera feeds the various monitors, the VCR and the video outlets with a video signal only (no audio, no
RF) Audio is supplied to the VCR for recording purposes via a split of the house monitor microphone. This
system is strictl;y closed circuit distribution of the stage shot to the Lobby, the Green Roon, and the Stage
Manager’s Console, and for basic archival recordings of performances. Any high quality video recording will
need to be done separately and must be pre-approved by Théiatre Raymond Kabbaz.
There are video lines available on the DSL and DSR audio panels for extra monitors on deck, if necessary.
The theater is quipped with a SHARP XG-NV6XU professional LCD projector. DVD, S-video, Computer
inputs for movies or powerpoint presentations, also used for Subtitles, projected on a 3’ by 10’ wood panel
above stage.