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Sporox II
Digital Battery Tester
Designed specifically for testing zinc
air hearing instrument batteries, this
unit also has a convenient built-in
compartment for storing two spare
batteries. Compact design perfect for
purse or keychain use. No battery
inside needed to function and uses
only 0.3mA for each test.
Ready to use and versatile
Envirocide is biodegradable and
cleans and disinfects without
glutaldehyde, phenols, or bleach.
Kills TB, HIV- 1, and many other
pathogens. Safe for use on almost
anything, effective for ultrasonic use
and as a presoak cleaner prior to
40184-R 1 qt.
40185-R 1 gal.
Powerful hydrogen peroxide formula
for the sterilization and high level
disinfection of heat-sensitive
instruments. Sporox is virucidal,
sporicidal, tuberculocidal,
bactericidal, and fungicidal. And
unlike glutaraldehydes, it oxidizes
away debris quickly and effectively at
room temperature. Safer for soft
metal instruments containing brass
or copper.
3M Double Sided
Clear Contour Strips
a periodic supply guide from
Individuals with very soft ear cartilage
may find it difficult to keep a BTE
hearing instrument in place behind
the ear. This micro-thin, double
sided, medical quality adhesive strip
placed between the hearing
instrument and the head will assist in
holding the device in place.
Packaged in quantities of 12 or 36
use key code R200
12 pieces
36 pieces
Battery Holders
Bulb syringe with pinpoint release
helps remove moisture from earmold
Earmold lubricant makes earmold and
hearing instrument insertion easy and
comfortable and helps ensure a better
fit. Perfect for any custom-fit product
for the ear. Water soluble and nonstaining, safe and convenient.
Available in half ounce dropper vials or
new single-use packs.
Ensure your patients always have a
fresh battery on hand when the old one
wears down. Priced to give away with
each instrument sold. Available in either
white or yellow. Two sizes hold either
two or three batteries. Custom printing
with your name and phone number also
available (call for special pricing).
50571-R individual
50572-R 12 units w/display $40.00
54015-R ½ oz. bottles (12)
54017-R 100 packets
52651-R thru 52656-R qty 50 $.69 ea.
52661-R thru 52666-R qty 500 $.64 ea.
Hearing Aid Saver™
Moisture removal system for hearing
instruments and other small moisturesensitive items. Drying crystals are easily
reactivated in microwave. Handy for
nightstands and travel. Standard or mini.
standard individual
mini individual
standard 12 units
mini 12 units
To order:
Air Blowers
or visit
please use key code R200 when ordering
A full line of cartridge impression materials for use in any manual
impression gun or electric system. Choose from original SiliClone or
SiliClone Firm, which offers viscosity comparable to our manually
mixed Pink Silicast. SiliClone is available in both the traditional 48ml
cartridge and new S-50 cartridge, which better prevents early
contact between the base and catalyst. SiliClone Firm is only
available in the S-50 cartridge.
Order individually or in packs of eight, with or without mixing tips. Call
for quantities and pricing.
Wireless 4 channel color video
transmission system for use
with Welch Allyn video
otoscope. Compact, portable 7”
or 13” LCD color monitor with
built-in 4 channel receiver, TV
Tu n e r, AV i n p u t s / o u t p u t s ,
rechargeable video sender with
recharger and wireless remote
control. Optional rechargeable
battery system for
monitor also
Available with or
without otoscope.
7” Scope-Link monitor only
7” Scope-Link unit with otoscope
13” Scope-Link monitor only
13” Scope-Link unit with otoscope $2495.00
Our private label
batteries provide the
highest quality and
longest life of any name
brand battery, but at a
lower price. Private
label batteries are also
an excellent marketing
Whether retailing the
batteries, providing
them with a service
agreement, or both, private label batteries are a
convenient way to keep your business name in
front of your loyal customers and serve as a
constant reminder of your professional services.
Call for more information and special quantity
FM Microphone/
Dry & Store Professional
Dry & Store®
The ultimate in hearing instrument
care. Combines the 3 essential
elements needed to dry hearing
instruments: heat, moving air, and a
charged desiccant. In addition, a
germicidal lamp sanitizes the
instrument while it dries. Available in
Professional or Global model for
traveling ease. No need to remove
batteries. Two-year warranty.
50541-R Professional
50540-R Global
P.O. Box 15100 • Colorado Springs, CO 80935 • westone.com/supply • westone@westone.com
Conversor ®
The first affordable assistive listening
device that offers the versatility to get
the most out of everyday life. With
unmatched comfort, ease of use, and
wireless portability, Conversor is the
perfect companion for anyone with
hearing difficulty. For use with "T"-coil
equipped hearing instruments,
cochlear implants, or binaural
please use key code R200 when ordering
P.O. Box 15100 • Colorado Springs, CO 80935
and more...
use key code R200 when ordering
use key code R200 when ordering
Jodi XL
ClearSounds 40XLC
Amplified Phone
Audiologist’s Choice ®
Earwax Removal System
Everything a patient needs to get
started in effective cerumen
management. The kit includes ½
ounce cerumen removal drops, soft
rubber earwash syringe and
instruction brochure for the patient.
Oto-Care™ Kit
LED Lenser
Porta Lab Workstation
The essential items every hearing
instrument owner requires. Kit
contains Hearing Aid Saver, OtoE a s e , A i r B l o w e r, 2 o u n c e
Disinfectant/Cleaner, battery tester,
telephone pad, wax removal tool and
convenient storage pouch.
Super-bright LED earlite provides a
beam of light like no other. The “cold
burning” LED is rated to provide over
100,000 hours of light! Comes
complete with batteries and two
earlite tips (standard and PROS) for
immediate use.
This multi-function workstation is
portable enough to store anywhere,
but tough enough for everyday use.
Features include flexible
magnifier/light, self healing cutting
board and a tray for parts and tools.
Optional shield also available.
Enables persons with a hearing
loss to again speak confidently
on the telephone without missing
a word. Features include large
button, speaker phone, Caller ID,
memory storage, maximum
volume amplification, UltraClear
tone control and a bright strobe
ring signaler.
ClearSounds CL1
Ring Signaler
Jodi Pro
Vacuum system for keeping all types of
hearing instruments debris and moisture
free. Upgraded housing for clinical use.
The 2000 hr rated motor operates on 12v
DC with transformer.
Similar to the Jodi Pro, but designed
for home use. Consumer rated 400 hr.
motor should provide 10 - 12 years of
Silicast ® Syringe
The BEST Syringe
ClearSounds WS1
Wake & Shake
Alarm Clock
Wax Catchers
Unique blend of highly concentrated
natural plant extracts relieves itchy
ears and acts as a lubricant. Also
softens wax buildup so ears clean
t h e m s e l v e s n a t u r a l l y. B o x e d
individually in 1/2 ounce bottles or in a
display box of 12 bottles.
54025-R individual
54026-R 12 units w/display $81.00
Earmold Tubing
Preformed tubes in virtually every
size and style. Quilled for easy
insertion in the earmold. Select from
standard, Dri, CFA, TRS, Tube-Lock,
Libby Horn and practically any
combination of the above. Double
and single bend available. Also
available in DisappEar shades to
complement our DisappEar
earmolds. Call for prices.
Extraordinary clock features a choice
of loud tones, flashing strobe and
vibrating pad. Can also be used as a
phone ring signaler. Adjustable
volume and tone control; wall
MH-100 Mobile
Headset Amplifier
Ideal for anyone with a hearing loss or
working in a noisy environment.
Voice activated unit easily connects
with most headset-ready cellular,
mobile and cordless phones. Up to 24
dB amplification.
Jodi Consumer
.083” high .078” high .067” high
x .062”
x .066”
x .087”
x .045” dia. x .031” dia. x .051” dia.
50116-R tall
50117-R standard $0.30
50118-R short
Gold Wax Catchers provide excellent
wax retention and are non-corrosive
and non-allergenic. Made of 302
stainless steel wire and coated in 24
kt. gold, wax catcher springs are
easily installed and replaced.
Available in three sizes.
A complete clinical vacuum and desiccator system.
Two separate pumps draw moisture out through a
needle vacuum and the desiccator. Specially sized
needles for different types of hearing instruments
and cleaning utensils included. Operates on 12v
DC with transformer.
Powerful tone and bright strobe
ensure that not another call will be
missed because the ringer was not
heard. Adjustable volume and tone
control; wall mountable. Optional
bed shaker also available.
The ultimate in comfort and infection
control. Disposable tips guard against
infection and the compact design
allows ease of use for any size hand.
Available in Standard and Kids
version. Each BEST Syringe comes
with 10 tips. For use only with silicone
impression material.
For use with Silicast and
Silicone Singles. Material flows
with less pressure and leaves
less waste in the tip.
IL40 Amplifier
Portable amplifier attaches to virtually any
corded telephone for better communication
wherever it is needed. Compact and easy
to connect, with up to 40 dB amplification.
Powered by 9V battery.
20181-R BEST Syringe Standard
20182-R BEST Syringe Kids
20191-R 50 Replacement Tips
BEST Syringe Kids
Silicone Singles®
Sound Wizard
Ear Band-Its™
Neoprene headband holds swim
plugs in and helps keep water out of
the ears. Initially developed for
children with ear tubes, now
demanded by water enthusiasts of all
ages who have swimmers ear,
perforations or simply do not like to
get water in their ears. Available
colors include blue, purple,
raspberry, red, turquoise. Available in
three sizes.
54111-R thru 54135-R
Oto-Probe II
Designed specifically for the hearing
healthcare professional. A great
value earlite with bright Krypton bulb.
24105-R replacement bulb
westone.com/supply use key code R200 when ordering
Listening Stethoscope
Complete with tubing sections for
testing all types of ear level
instruments as well as body worn
instruments. Available in black, blue
or red.
Power One Batteries
Capable of powering analog as well
as high powered digital hearing
instruments. More capacity than
comparable hearing instrument
batteries. Ensures stable voltage
even with high output levels. The
result is maximum amplification,
excellent sound quality and
exceptional life span in all types of
hearing instruments. Call for prices.
This powerful amplifier offers clearer hearing in a
variety of situations. In coordination
with the Phone Module, IR Module,
and other optional accessories, the
basic Sound Wizard II unit will
transform muffled sounds into clear
reception for clear communication.
Includes Phone Module and IR Module
The most convenient, accurate and
unique silicone impression system
on the market! Each Silicone
Singles package contains exactly
enough material for one impression.
Simply mix the two pre-measured
components. There’s no
mess, no measuring and
no waste. They’re as
economical as they are
easy to use. You can
easily carry several
Silicone Singles in your
Call for quantities and pricing.
use key code R200 when ordering