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V 120 SG - V 160 SG
Instructions for use
Get to know your wine cooler:
Top lighting
Control panel
Rating plate
Door handle
Glass door
Adjustable feet
In case this appliance contains hydrocarbon refrigerant please refer to guidelines
listed below.
a responsible person to ensure
that they can use the appliance
safely. Young children should be
supervised to ensure that they
do not play with the appliance
As the appliance contains a flammable
refrigerant, it is essential to ensure that the
refrigerant pipes are not damaged.
●● Always keep the keys in a separate place
and out of reach of children
Standard EN378 specifies that the room in
which you install your appliance must have
a volume of 1m³ per 8 g of hydrocarbon
refrigerant used in the appliances. This is
to avoid the formation of flammable gas/
air mixtures in the room where the appliance is located in the event of a leak in the
refrigerant circuit. The quantity of the refrigerant used in your appliance is indicated on
the rating plate.
●● Before servicing or cleaning the appliance, unplug the appliance from the
mains or disconnect the electrical power
●● If the supply cord is damaged, it must be
replaced by the manufacturer, its service
agent, or similarly qualified persons in
order to avoid a hazard
●● Relevant for Australia: Supply cord
fitted with a plug complies with AS/NZS
WARNING:Keep ventilation openings in
the appliance’s cabinet or in
the built-in structure clear of
●● Frost formation on the interior evaporator
wall and upper parts is a natural phenomenon. Therefore, the appliance should
be defrosted during normal cleaning or
WARNING:Do not use other mechanical
devices or other means to accelerate the defrosting process
than those recommended by
the manufacturer
●● Directions for replacing the illuminating
lamps are to be included in the instruction
WARNING:Do not damage the refrigerant
●● Please note that changes to the appliance construction will cancel all warranty
and product liability
WARNING:Do not use electrical appliances inside the refrigerated
storage compartment, unless
they are of a type recommended by the manufacturer
●● This appliance is intended to be used
exclusively for the storage of wine
WARNING:Do not expose the appliance
to rain
WARNING:This appliance is not intended
for use by young children or
infirm persons unless they have
been adequately supervised by
Before starting the appliance
Get to know your wine cooler.................. 2
Check that the cabinet is undamaged.
Please report any damage immediately to
your dealer. Wash the cabinet and inner
lining with a mild unscented detergent and
wipe it dry. Do not use abrasive scouring
powder, steel wool or similar.
Before starting the appliance................... 4
Maintenance............................................ 4
Has the appliance stopped working?...... 5
Technical data......................................... 5
Control panel........................................... 6
Only use an unscented detergent when
clea­ning the cabinet inside.
Reversing the door.................................. 7
Replaceable lamp strip............................ 9
You may remove the top panel and wash it
when cleaning the cabinet inside.
Ajustment of the door.............................. 9
Switch off the appliance and pull out the
plug when cleaning the cabinet.
Mounting of lock...................................... 9
Warranty and spare parts...................... 10
The skirting board can be removed to facilite a vacuum-cleaning of the floor.
Disposal................................................. 11
To make the cooling system work at its
optimum it is necessary from time to time
to clean the wire condensator and the compressor at the back of the cabinet by means
of a brush or a vacuum cleaner. Remember
to clean the drain.
Has the appliance
stopped working?
Before calling a repairman, check that
See drawings - page A and B.
●● The plug is properly plugged into the wall
Install the cabinet in a dry place and so that
it is not exposed to direct sunlight or any
other sour­ce of heat.
●● The fuse is intact.
Place the cabinet in a level position. This is
easily achieved by adjusting the adjustable
feet at the front edge of the base.
●● The power has not been cut off.
●● All controls are correctly set.
●● Switch off the cabinet for 15 minutes (for
instance at the thermostat). Switch it on
again and after 5 minutes check whether
frost has formed on the evaporator.
The cabinet may not rest against a wall on
its hinged side. When placing the cabinet
on a carpet or on a wooden floor you should
adjust it once more after some time as the
cabinet might settle in soft foundati­ons.
●● Do not open the cabinet when unnecessary.
If you want to build the appliance into a
cupboard you must consider 3 factors:
1. There must be space above the appliance in order to make the cooling
system work satisfactorily.
2. When the door is opened the appliance
takes up more room in the width and
therefore the door must either be placed
outside the cupboard or there must be
a space of at least 1,5 cm at the hinge
3. The distance to the wall at the hinge side
must be of a sufficient size.
Furthermore is it possible to build together
the appliance and another cabinet.
Technical data.
This device complies with relevant EU
directives including Low Voltage Directive
2006/95 EEC. and Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2004/108/EC
The rating plate provides various technical information as well as type and serial
It is safest to place the earthed wall socket
abo­ve the appliance and at least 1.7 / 2.0
m above the floor. Any local installation
rules for appliances of this kind must be
During a storm the electricity supply might
be cut off.
You should be aware of this when installing
the appliance in weekend cottages or else-
where where you would not immediately
observe that the power has been cut off.
Construction and details in the accessories
are subject to alter­ation without previous
Control panel.
Connect the appliance to the socket outlet.
A green light indicates that the appliance
has been switched on.
1. Lock
2. Green light indicating power on
3. Thermometer
4. Thermostat button.
5. Door switch for internal fan
6. Light switch
The thermostat knob is adjustable from 0
(stop) to 7 (coldest). Find the position of
the therm­ostat which gives you the desired
temperature. Start at position 4.
The switch (6) on the top right of the control
panel is for turning the top lighting on and
Reversing the door.
1. Remove the lock pin using a
flat-headed screwdriver.
2. Remove the lock housing.
3. Loosen the top panel. Do not
remove the screws, just loosen
4. Tilt the top panel forwards to
remove it (it is secured in tree
5. Lay the appliance on its back
and remove the upper hinge,
using the hex key.
6. Pull the torsion spring out
of the door together with the
7. Remove the bottom hinge
using the hex key.
8. Move the door handle to the
opposite side.
9. Move the hinge pin to the opposite side of the bottom hinge.
10. Refit the bottom hinge on
the opposite side.
11. Move the palstic door guard
to the opposite side.
12. Insert the hinge pin and
tosion spring into the the top of
the door on the opposite side.
13. Fit the left-side top hinge (available as extra). Tighten the tosion
spring approx. 1/2 turn (anticlockwise on left side, clockwise on rigth.)
16. Retighten the top panel
screws using a screwdriver.
14. Secure the top hinge in
15. Raise the appliance into
uppight possion. Click the top
panel into place (it is secured in
three places.)
17. Refit the lock housing and
lock pin.
18. After reversing the door, it is important to check that the sealing strip provides a tight seal
all the way round. If it does not, carefully heat the strip all the way round using a hair dryer.
Then ease the strip outwards slightly so that it forms a tight seal against the cabinet.
Be careful not to heat the strip so much that it melts!
Max. 85 kg.
Replaceable lamp strip.
●● Pull the screen to the left.
●● Pull down the right side of the screen and
take it out.
Remove the strip - possibly with text - by
pulling it out of the tracks along the whole
length of the profile.
The mounting is performed in reverse order.
Adjustment of the door.
Mounting of lock for
appliance with 1 door.
(Optional extra.)
Warranty, spare parts and service.
Warranty disclaimer
Spare parts
Faults and damage caused directly or
indirectly by incorrect operation, misuse,
insufficient maintenance, incorrect building,
installation or mains connection. Fire, accident, lightening, voltage variation or other
electrical interference, including defective
fuses or faults in mains installations.
When ordering spare parts, please state
the type, serial and product numbers of
your appliance. This information is given on
the rating plate. The rating plate contains
various technical information, including type
and serial numbers.
Repairs performed by others than approved
service centres and any other faults and
damage that the manufacturer can substantiate are caused by reasons other than
manufacturing or material faults are not
covered by the warranty.
Please note that changes to the construction of the appliance or changes to the
component equipment of the appliance will
invalidate warranty and product liability, and
the appliance cannot be used lawfully. The
approval stated on rating plate will also be
Product numbers
Transport damage discovered by the buyer
is primarily a matter to be settled between
the buyer and the distributor, i.e. the distributor must ensure that such complaints
are resolved to the buyer’s satisfaction.
Before calling for technical assistance,
please check whether you are able to rectify
the fault yourself. If your request for assistance is unwarranted, e.g. if the appliance
has failed as a result of a blown fuse or
incorrect operation, you will be charged
the costs incurred by your call for technical
For business users in the European Union.
If you wish to discard electrical and
electronic equipment, please contact
your dealer or supplier for further
Information for Users on Collection
and Disposal of Old Equipment and
used Batteries
These symbols on the products,
packaging, and/or accompanying
documents mean that used electrical and electronic products and
batteries should not be mixed with
general household waste. For proper
treatment, recovery and recycling
of old products and used batteries,
please take them to applicable collection points, in accordance with your
national legislation and the Directives
2002/96/EC and 2006/66/EC.
[Information on Disposal in other
Countries outside the European
These symbols are only valid in the
European Union. If you wish to discard this product, please contact your
local authorities or dealer and ask for
the correct method of disposal.
Note for the battery symbol (bottom two symbol examples):
By disposing of these products and
batteries correctly, you will help to
save valuable resources and prevent
any potential negative effects on
human health and the environment
which could otherwise arise from
inappropriate waste handling.
This symbol might be used in combination with a chemical symbol. In this
case it complies with the requirement
set by the Directive for the chemical
For more information about collection and recycling of old products and
batteries, please contact your local
municipality, your waste disposal
service or the point of sale where you
purchased the items.
Penalties may be applicable for incorrect disposal of this waste, in accordance with national legislation.
Reserves the right to alter specifications without prior notice.
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