Kennedy Essay Notes  Logos, Pathos, and Ethos are technically not

Kennedy Essay Notes  Logos, Pathos, and Ethos are technically not
Kennedy Essay Notes
 Logos, Pathos, and Ethos are technically not
Rhetorical Strategies but Rhetorical
APPEALS. Be careful about this one. If you
mess up and and write about these appeals
as strategies on the AP Lang test, your score
will automatically be lowered.
 I asked my AP Lang teacher about the
past/present tense issue when writing about
old speeches and essays. He said it’s best to
write in the present tense when analyzing
these essays to be more decisive and have a
stronger voice. So, let’s all use present tense
when analyzing past essays/speeches.
 Overall, these essays were worse than the
Florence Kelley essays. Many students
slipped back into a summary without
explicating analyzing the rhetoric in the
 Students did improve on embedding their
quotations into their own writing.
 On our AP Lang Rubric for this essay, it
says: analysis refers to identifying features of
a text AND explaining HOW the author uses
these to develop meaning or to achieve a
particular effect or purpose.
Most students identified the features of the
text but skipped the HOW.
1.For your essay, highlight your thesis
2.Highlight each rhetorical technique
3.Then, IN A DIFFERENT COLOR highlight
your analysis (the how and why the
technique is used)
4.Finally, highlight your concluding
After reading the three example essays, rescore
your essay. If it’s different than the score I gave
you, turn in the essay with an explanation and
the above assignment done.
Presentation Comments:
Overall, good job!!!
A couple of points of reference:
 Tone refers to the author’s attitude about the
topic, not the mood created by the author.
 Theme should be a full sentence, not one
 Don’t read the whole power point as it is.
We can all read, and it is boring to have a
student repeat exactly what we see. Plus, it
messes up your eye contact.
 Proofread anything you turn in for class,
especially major assignments. Some
students had their style analysis score
lowered due to many easy-to-correct errors,
like capitalizing the letter “I”!.
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