DIMENSION EXPRESS www.dexpress.com Fax on Demand (925) 284-3558

DIMENSION EXPRESS www.dexpress.com Fax on Demand (925) 284-3558
This Data Sheet Includes Information On
Product Model Number (s):
61AR-WW-F, 61AR-WS-F, 61AR-BB-F and 61AR-BS-F
Dimensions (Actual Size)
Overall depth including handle:
Overall depth NOT including handle:
Depth NOT including door:
Height at full leg adjustment:
Height at 0" leg adjustment:
Height without legs installed:
Toe Kick height:
Door swing at 90°:
Recommended opening width:
Recommended opening depth:
Recommended opening height:
Fax on Demand (925) 284-3558
23 7/8"
26 1/4"
24 1/8"
34 1/4"
23 7/8"
25 1/2"
34 1/2"
35" max
34" min
Additional Information
• Electrical requirements: 120 volts, 3 amps running
max. 15 amp circuit required.
• Locate a 3-prong grounded receptacle in one of three
locations: 1) On the wall in the adjacent cabinet
opening. 2) Flush on the back wall of the refrigerator
opening (add 1" to the overall depth of the unit to
accommodate the thickness of the plug). 3) Recessed
1" into the back wall of the refrigerator opening.
• Door is reversible in field.
• Shipping weight: 120 pounds.
• U.L. Listed.
• Does not accept custom panels.
• 61AR-BB-F : Black cabinet, black full wrap door.
• 61AR-WW-F : White cabinet, white full wrap door.
• 61AR-BS-F : Black cabinet, stainless full wrap door.
• 61AR-WS-F : White cabinet, stainless full wrap door.
Front View
(not to scale)
24 1/8"
• Casters: P/N 42244041.
35" max
34" min
Side View
(not to scale)
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BN • A318 • • 070612 • 102232 • 24653
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