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Samsung EX1
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See your world in a whole new light
Designed to quench the thirst of a unique breed of advanced photographers and enthusiasts, the
Samsung EX1 is a landmark in digital photography. The 10 mega-pixel EX1 elegantly combines a
range of the latest in camera technology with an interface that’s easy to use and a camera that’s
pure joy to look at. The Samsung EX1 will change the way you look at compact digital cameras—and
not a moment too soon.
A legend in the making
Unlike any other compact digital camera, the Samsung EX1 puts the photographer’s needs ahead of
its own. Everything that has been incorporated into the EX1 was carefully considered to provide
the photographer with all of the tools to create professional-grade moments. Starting with the
brightest lenses ever found on a compact camera—a 24mm ultra-wide angle Schneider KREUZNACH,
F1.8 lens. The high sensitivity 1/1.7” CCD delivers even better image quality with very little noise,
even under-low light conditions. And the rotating 3” AMOLED display allows you to take full control
over your shooting situation so you can see every possible angle—even before you take the shot.
An eye for
more light
Ultra-wide 24mm, F1.8 Bright Lens (3x zoom)
Built with one of the largest openings for any
and blurring from involuntary shaking. The lens
compact camera on the market today, the Ultra-
also delivers a more shallow depth-of-field, so
wide 24mm, F1.8 Bright Lens of the Samsung
you’re able to blur out the background of the
EX1 will rival that of any DSLR. Much wider
image while maintaining focus on your subject
than conventional compact cameras, 24mm
during portrait shots. Once limited only to bulkier
Schneider KREUZNACH lens allows you to create
DSLRs, the Samsung EX1 delivers professional
a composition with extremely wide angles, which
sophistication along with the convenience of a
is perfect for beautiful landscapes that can only
compact camera.
your memory can capture better.
The EX1 also includes a 3x optical zoom, which
As impressive as that is, the true gem behind
enables the lens to stretch from 24mm to
the lens is its F1.8 aperture. At F1.8, the EX1
72mm, will complement your wider shooting
lens offers you a wider range of aperture steps,
angles without capturing any unwanted shaking
giving you the ability to shoot at higher shutter
or blurring. So now you can get up close and
speeds during low-light conditions. The result is
personal without ever having to get in the way.
professional-quality images with minimal noise
More sensitive for
high-quality pictures
High Sensitivity 1/1.7” CCD
When it comes to image sensors, bigger is better.
looking, professional photos, regardless of
The image sensor is the key to great-looking
lighting conditions.
pictures. Its sole purpose is to convert the light
captured by the lens and to transform it into a
In addition, the 1/1.7 CCD image sensor allows an
work of art. At the heart of the Samsung EX1 is a
ISO of up to 3200 at full resolution. This allows
1/1.7 CCD image sensor, which is larger than those
you to maximize the power of the 10 mega-pixel
typically found in conventional compact digital
EX1 and capture high-resolution images with
cameras. That translates to unrivaled sensitivity,
little noise that will satisfy the most discerning of
making it possible to capture ultra-vivid, natural-
1/2.33” CCD
Conventional 1/2.33” CCD
Greater range for
greater freedom
Rotating 3.0” AMOLED Display TFT LCD
Creating the perfect composition has become
contrast ratio of 10,000:1 and a wider color
even easier than ever with the rotating 3.0”
gamut, allowing it to produce high-contrast
AMOLED (Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting
images with darker blacks and more vibrant
Diode) display on the EX1. This extra-large display
colors that can be easily viewed under any
provides you with the flexibility to see your shots
lighting condition. Another advantage is that the
in more angles so you know exactly how it’s going
AMOLED display has a response rate that’s 3,000
to turn out, even before pressing the shutter.
times faster than a TFT-LCD screen so you shot
The display rotates so you can frame your images
appears on the display almost instantaneously.
exactly the way you want as well as shoot from
just about any angle, including those tricky
The AMOLED display is also extremely energy
overhead and low-to-the-ground shots.
efficient. It only consumes 32mW, allowing you
to maximize battery life and take more shots
AMOLED / Free Viewing Angle
The light-weight AMOLED display is extremely thin
on a single charge. In addition, the display
and makes the EX1 much easier to carry around,
produces very little sound. While a standard TFT-
which is especially useful when traveling. The
LCD creates 22.2dB of noise from its panel and
display is also much brighter than standard TFT-
capacitor, the AMOLED produces a mere 19.4dB.
LCD screens. The AMOLED display has a dynamic
3.0” High resolution VGA AMOLED
Clear picture of wide view
Improved Color Reproduction
10000 : 1 Contrast ratio
Free capturing by various
angle of Rotating LCD
See more than ever before
Smart Range (High Dynamic Range) with DRIMeIII
Engineered from the ground up, the Smart Range (High Dynamic Range) feature is powered
by Samsung’s DRIMeIII imaging processor and enables the EX1 to see and then capture the
vivid details of the bright and dark areas in the same image. So now the bright areas aren’t
oversaturated and dark ones appear as they would with the naked eye. What makes the
DRIMeIII imaging processor so special is the Samsung proprietary algorithm it was developed
with. Compared to conventional DSP sensors, it has twice the data transfer speed between
memories. The DRIMeIII processor also greatly enhances picture quality with a compressed
codec mode that loses minimal data, allowing for clear representation of fine details, such as a
strand of hair, even under low-light conditions.
Under-exposure of dark areas
Over-exposure of bright areas
True creative freedom
Raw Image File Support
Raw image file format support, considered essential by professional and serious photographers, is one of the standard features with the Samsung EX1.
Just like a negative when shooting with film, a raw image file is not directly usable as an image, but has all of the information needed to create an image.
In addition, the raw digital image preserves most of the information of the captured image so you can save it with minimal data loss that’s obtained
through the highly sensitive 1/1.7 CCD image sensor.
So when shooting raw, no processing is done in the camera to the file. As a result, you have total control adjusting elements, such as sharpening or
white balance, when processing a raw file during editing. In the end, you’ll have a high-quality image that you can edit as much, or as little, as you want.
Everything at your fingertips
Professional Front Wheel Key & Dual Dial
Quickly access almost every key feature—focus, exposure values, ISO, white balance, and
more—with the EX1’s convenient Professional Front Wheel Key. Located around the base of the
lens, the wheel is an intuitive way of gaining greater control over the camera’s features so you
don’t have to take you eyes off the action while adjusting the settings. The Dual Dial located
at the top of the EX1 complements the Front Wheel Key with even more access to the camera’s
features, such as Mode Change and Drive Mode, for quick and easy feature management. So with
a quick flick of your thumb, you’re guaranteed to get the results you’re looking for.
Wheel key
Dual Dial
Take full control
Full Manual
The EX1 was specifically designed for advanced users who want more out of their cameras. So it makes perfect
sense that there’s a powerful Full Manual shooting option built into the Dual Dial. When shooting in Full Manual,
you have complete control over your photograph so that it comes out exactly the way you intended it to. In
addition, the Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority settings allow you to experiment with features such as
slower shutter speeds and depth of field. Now you can shoot with complete confidence knowing that fastmoving images or objects shot in low light will come out picture perfect every time. So unlike other conventional
compact cameras, you are never at the mercy of Auto mode with the EX1. You have the ability to customize and
express your creativity, while knowing you’re getting the most out of your camera.
Full Manual
Shutter Speed Priority
Aperture Priority
Filtering creativity is a good thing
Simplify your life
Smart Filter
Smart Album
With the Smart Filter feature, you can expand to your artistic arsenal through a variety of lens effects to deliver the desired result to your still shots
With the convenient Smart Album feature, sorting and organizing your photos is a snap. It allows you to automatically organize your photos based on
and videos. For example, the Miniature filter shrinks your subject, while the Vignetting filter delivers a strikingly strong compositional contrast. And our
when they were taken, their content, color tones, and themes. Smart Album even allows you to browse through your photos by month or a timeline.
Fish-eye filter gives your stills and video an edgy look.
To help simplify the browsing process, you can also search photos by type, like a portrait, couple, or group shot. Smart Album can also organize your
photos based on the location they were shot or landscape. In addition, Smart Album can automatically sort your photos based on file type (photo, video,
1/1.8 (Compact)
or voice/memo note).
DIRMe3 (EX1)
Image Sensor
9.0EV + alpha
Smart Album Basic Algorithm
Dynamic Range
Time Line
Dynamic Range
16 -6.0
16 -6.0
Dynamic Range
Fish-eye Lens Effect
Image Sensor
Dynamic Range
DIRMe3 (EX1)
9.0EV + alpha
1/1.8 (Compact)
Vignetting Camera Effect
Tlit & Shift Lens Effect
Smarter ideas for better photos
Remembering old faces
Smart Auto 2.0 (Still & Movie)
Smart Face Recognition
Make the most out of your photos with the Smart Auto feature. Smart Auto automatically analyzes the composition and then selects the scene mode
With the built-in Dual Image Stabilizer, taking crisp, clear photos has never been easier with the EX1. The Dual IS system works by eliminating the blur
that’s the most appropriate for the situation. And with up to 17 optimized scenes to choose from, Smart Auto then combines that with the appropriate
caused by camera shake and delivers clear, crisp images every time, even under difficult lighting situations. By combining the sensor shift mechanisms
picture mode, which includes Portrait, Landscape, Night and Macro. With the Smart Auto feature you’ll be guaranteed to capture professional-grade
of Optical Image Stabilization with the sophisticated algorithms of Digital Image Stabilization, the EX1’s Dual IS delivers the very best quality images,
photos simply by pushing a button.
eliminating blur while providing outstanding exposure control.
Still Mode
Macro Potrait
Night Portrait
Blue Sky
Natural Green
Movie Mode
Backlight Sunset
Macro Text
Macro Color
Blue Sky
Natural Green
Now see your work in Full HD
Express your creative side
HDMI with Anynet+
Photo Style Selector
By combining Samsung’s innovative Anynet+ technology with HDMI, the EX1 delivers a Full HD experience unlike any other compact camera. Anynet+
Have fun with your photos by enjoying the creative freedom of the Photo Style Selector feature. Whether it’s a simple snapshot or framing an artful
operates through HDMI cables and allows you to control any Samsung-compatible AV device through a single Samsung remote. So now you can enjoy all
pose, creating a lasting memory has never been easier. Select from a wide variety of optimized advanced photo effects and then preview the results on
of the photos and videos shot with your EX1 on an HD TV.
the AMOLED display. So now you can see a sample of what it will look like before going head with the shot.
HDMI (Anynet +)
High Definition Multimedia Interface
(JPEG & Movie)
Control TV and camera with a
single remote control
Pencil Drawing
Vivid Color
The clear choice in image clarity
Portraits have never been easier
Dual Image Stabilizer
Perfect Portrait System
With the built-in Dual Image Stabilizer, taking crisp, clear photos has never been easier with the EX1. The Dual IS system works by eliminating the blur
Make the most out of your portrait shots with the EX1’s Perfect Portrait System. It includes all of the key features you’ll need to take the perfect
caused by camera shake and delivers clear, crisp images every time, even under difficult lighting situations. By combining the sensor shift mechanisms
portrait. For example, Face Detection allows your camera to automatically adjust focus and exposure by detecting the person’s face prior to the shot.
of Optical Image Stabilization with the sophisticated algorithms of Digital Image Stabilization, the EX1’s Dual IS delivers the very best quality images,
The Self Portrait feature allows you to take perfect pictures of yourself on the first try. The convenient Red-eye Fix feature eliminates the “redeye”
eliminating blur while providing outstanding exposure control.
effect so that you don’t have to remove it later. Plus, the Beauty Shot enables you to retouch a subject’s face, leaving their skin beautiful and flawless.
Beauty Shot
Advanced Dual IS
Normal Dual IS
Without Image Stabilization
Smile Shot
1 IS2 Program
3 4 Mode
5 1sec
Dual Image Stabilization
Face Retouch
Face Tone
Face Detection
Blink Detection
Samsung EX1
Product Information
Get the most out of your EX1
EX1 Noble Black
System Development
External Flash
(Gn. 20)
Installation CD
(Including user's
External Flash
(Gn. 42)
Hot Shoe
Quick Start
Wide conversion Lens
Extreme wide view (18mm)
USB Cable
24mm Wide
AV Cable
18mm Wide
HDMI Cable
Image Sensor Type
1/1.7" (Approx. 1.09cm) High Sensitive CCD
Effective Pixel
Approx. 10 Mega pixel
Movie Clip
EffectPhoto Style Selector : Normal, Soft, Vivid, Forest, Retro,
Total Pixel
Approx. 10 Mega pixel
Movie Editing
Pause during recording, Still Image Capture, Time Trimming
Focal Length
24-72mm, 3x Compact Lens, Lens cap, Wide Convertor
Internal memory: 1GB, External memory: SD Card
F No.
MMC plus(up to 2GB guaranteed,4bit 20MHz)
Digital Zoom
Still Image mode : 1.0X ~ 3.0X
SDHC (up to 8GB guaranteed)
Play mode : 1.0X ~ 12.5X (depends on image size)
File format
Still Image : JPEG, DCF, EXIF 2.21, DPOF 1.1,PictBridge 1.0
Image Size
10M : 3648 x 2736 pixels, 7MW : 3648 ×2052 pixels,
Image Stabilization Type
Dual IS (OIS + DIS)
OIS (Optical Image Stabilization,3 stop)
8M : 3264×2448 pixels, 5M : 2592×1944 pixels,
DIS (Digital Image Stabilization)
3M : 2048×1536 pixels, 2MW : 1920×1080 pixels,
Display Type
1M : 1024×768 pixels
3.0" (7.62cm), VGA, Rotating
Digital Output Connector USB 2.0
Viewfinder Type
Microphone : Stereo(TBD), Internal Speaker : Mono
TypeTTL Auto Focus
Video output
AV : NTSC, PAL (user selectable)
(Center AF, Multi AF, Selection AF, Manual Focus)
Normal : 40cm ~ Infinity (Wide), 80cm ~ Infinity (Tele)
Macro : 1cm~40cm (Wide), 50cm ~ 80cm (Tele)
Power Supply Power SourceRechargeable battery : 11A (3.6V, 1130mA)
Auto Macro : 5cm~Infinity (Wide), 50cm~ Infinity (Tele)
Connector Type : 20pin, Adaptor : SAC-48, USB/
Manual : 1cm ~ Infinity (Wide), 50cm ~ Infinity (Tele)
Charging Cable : CB20U05A, AV Cable : SCC-AV20
Auto : 1/8 ~ 1/1,500 sec., Program : 1 ~ 1/1,500 sec., Physical Specification Dimensions (W×H×D) TBD
Manual Mode : 16 ~ 1/1,500 sec.
Multimedia MP3
Night : 8 ~ 1/1,500 sec., Fireworks : 4 sec.
Program AE, Shutter Priority AE, Aperture Priority AE, Text Viewer
Manual Aperture Adjustment (above 8 steps)
World Tour Guide N/A
Multi, Spot, Center-weighted
Additional Function N/A
±2EV (1/3EV steps)
ISO Equivalent
Auto, 80, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200 (Fullsize)
Flash Modes
Auto, Auto & Red-eye reduction, Fill-in flash,
Ultra wide Angle 24mm 3x + OIS [Barrel: NEW]
Slow sync, Flash Off, Red-eye fix, Manual
10M 1/1.7” High Sensitivity CCD
Wide : 0.3m ~ 5.2m, Tele : 0.5m ~ 2.5m (ISO AUTO)
3.0” VGA AMOLED (Rotating)
Flash EVC : ±1EV (1/2 steps)
Dual Image Stabilization (Optical:3stop + Digital IS)
Note Book PC
via USB & HDMI
AC Power
AC Adaptor
(No Charging Function)
Lithium-Ion Battery
via USB, AV & HDMI
Camera Case
Camera Case
DVD Player
A/V System
Shoulder Strap
Digital Album
A/V System
Hand Strap
Cool, Calm, Classic, Negative, Custom RGB
EX1 Titan Silver
Recharging TimeApprox. 5 sec.
HDMI 1.3a : NTSC, PAL (user selectable), (HDMI Type D)
DC power input connector 20pin
Special Feature
Smart Control Dial
5 steps
- Full Manual Mode (A/S/M)
White Balance
Auto WB, Daylight, Cloudy, Fluorescent_H,
- WB Fine-tuning, Color Temperature
Fluorescent_L, Tungsten, Custom, K
Stll Image
(Mode Dial : Smart Auto, Program, Aperture Priority, •
Control Dial
Manual, Shutter Priority, Dual IS, Scene, Movie)
1:1 Aspect Ratio Image Size (8M only)
Scene: Beauty Shot, Frame Guide, Night, Portrait, •
5way keys + Wheel
Children, Landscape, Close-up, Text, Sunset, Dawn, •
New DRIMeIII embedded
Backlight, Firework, Beach & Snow(TBD)
Movie capture button
Self timer : Off, 10 sec., 2 sec., Double(10 sec., 2 sec.), Motion Timer, Remote Controller
- Selection AF, Manual Focus, Quick Playback (TBD)
Ultra Fast Capturing Experience
- advance Sleep mode
480P@30fps H.264 Movie
- Stereo Mic(TBD) - Zoom, AF while movie recording (Movie capture button)
Photo Style Selector : Normal, Soft, Vivid, Forest, Retro, •
Support Raw file format (NX Compatible)
Cool, Calm, Classic, Negative, Custom RGB
Built in HDMI Type D with Anynet+ (CEC) + 20Pin Connector
Resize, Rotate, Photo Style Selector, Image Adjust
Flash Manual Adjustment(Timing, Light Quantity)
Photo Style Selector : Normal, Soft, Vivid, Forest, Retro, •
Smart Auto (Still & Movie)
Cool, Calm, Classic, Negative, Custom RGB
Perfect Portrait System
Image Adjust : Off, ACB, Red-eye Fix, Face Retouch, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Add Noise"
ISO3200 (Full Size)
Image Play
Single image, Thumbnails, Multi Slide show,
Continuous shut : 5 times
Movie Clip, Smart Album
Voice Recording
Voice Recording (max. 10 hours)
Voice Memo in Still Image (max. 10 sec.)
With Stereo Recording
Date Imprinting
Movie Clip
Movie Size : 640×480 30fps, 320×240, Format : H.264 Feature
(Max. Recording time : 20min.) Mono recording with volume control(Zooming) Voice(On/Off), OIS(On/Off) Movie capture button"
- Face Recog, Face Det, Beauty Shot, Blink/Smile/Red eye
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