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About Smartbox
About us
Advice & Information Team
Smartbox Assistive Technology is a family company that
has been supplying communication aids in the UK since
2006. We grew out of Sensory Software, one of the original
pioneers of high level communication aids and computer
access for people with severe disabilities.
We offer free visits anywhere in the UK and Ireland for
anyone interested in one of our communication aids. A
typical session will include trying out a range of devices,
accessories and software to find the right solution for
the individual.
Our Ethos
After a visit, more time to test the equipment may be
required to ensure it is suitable. To help you make an
informed decision, we offer loans where appropriate.
• Innovation is at the core of our company and we are
always looking to find or develop new AAC (Augmentative
and Alternative Communication) solutions.
We also offer expert training in the use of our systems
and software. This is free to visitors to our Head Office in
our accessible training room; a daily rate is charged for on
site training.
• The only target given to our Advisory Team is to
recommend the right solution, even if we do not sell it.
• We refuse all exclusive deals to sell any particular
hardware or software, and aim to simply have the best
products available in our catalogue.
Our helpline is open Monday to Friday, 9:00 to 17:30, and
provides unlimited support to all our customers. If your
device needs to be repaired we can usually supply a swap
out device so you are never without a communication aid.
• Smartbox Assistive Technology is a member of British
Healthcare Trades Association and adheres to their code
of practice.
Our products come with a two year warranty and unlimited
remote support.
Our Team
The company has grown steadily over the past 5 years and
we now employ over 20 people. We are based in Great
Malvern and our staff offer a wealth of experience in the
world of special needs and AAC.
We offer some of the most cost effective communication
aids available. Please visit our website for a full price list:
The Smartbox Team 2011
Grid Player
Grid Player is an exciting new product from Sensory
Software that enables users of The Grid 2 to access their
grids on mobile devices. It is currently available for iPad,
iPhone, iPod Touch and the Papoo communication aid.
Download Grid Player for free from the Apple App store on
one of their devices; Grid Player for the Papoo comes ready
installed on the device.
Grid Sets
Grid Player comes with 3 complete Grid Sets: Symbol Talker
A, Symbol Talker B and Text Talker. These resources have
been specially designed to work on our Grid Player devices
and can be used without purchasing The Grid 2.
Grid Player comes with high quality Acapela speech
and Widgit symbols. The Snaps photo library, PCS, Bliss,
Makaton, and SymbolStix symbols can also be used, if you
have a licence.
To make changes to these Grid Sets, or to use other Grid
2 resources with Grid Player, you need to use the Grid 2
PC software.
All of our communication grid sets can be used with Grid
Player, but some, such as IDV, CALLTalk and WordPower, will
require a licence. We will be releasing Grid Player versions
of our Grid Sets.
Grid player enables you to use resources from The Grid 2
with the AAC functions available. Advanced features like
email and internet browsing only work through other Apps
on the device.
These Grid Sets and many more can be downloaded from
Grid Player Systems
Grid Player for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
We offer complete packages, including the latest iPad,
iPhone and iPod models along with a range of accessories
for access and amplification.
When you buy a complete system from us, it arrives ready
for use with the Grid Player App installed, and includes The
Grid 2 software and unlimited remote support.
Theses popular devices have a beautifully bright touch
screen, are very lightweight and are simple to use. We
supply each device with a portfolio case, amplifier, stylus
and screen protector.
Other accessories include keyguards, cases and
access gloves.
iPad 2
Weight: 612g
Screen: 9.7”
Battery life: Up to 10 hours
Access: Touchscreen, Keyguard (made to fit your requirements)
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, 3G SIM card (optional extra)
Hardware: 1GHz dual-core Apple A5, 16GB hard drive (upgrades available)
Operating System: iOS (most up to date version)
Wheelchair mounting: Yes
Options: AMDI iAdaptor or Portfolio case with amplifier
iPhone 4
Weight: 137g
Screen: 3.5”
Battery life: Up to 10 hours
Access: Touchscreen
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, 3G SIM card (optional extra)
Hardware: 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor, 16GB hard drive (upgrades
Operating System: iOS (most up to date version)
Wheelchair mounting: Yes
Options: iMainGo X or Otter Box Defender with speaker
Grid Player Systems
iPod Touch
Weight: 101g
Screen: 3.5”
Battery life: Up to 7 hours
Access: Touchscreen
Connectivity: Wi-Fi
Hardware: 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor, 8GB hard drive (upgrades
Operating System: iOS (most up to date version)
Wheelchair mounting: Yes
Options: iMainGo X or Otter Box Defender with speaker
Grid Player for Papoo Touch
The Papoo Touch is a dedicated handheld communication
aid with a range of pre-built apps, including Grid Player.
The ergonomic shape means the Papoo Touch sits
comfortably in your hands and is very lightweight.
It has been drop-tested from a height of 1.2m, and has a
battery life of 7 hours (30 hours on standby). The built in
speakers provide high quality speech and sound for movies
and music. The Papoo Touch connects directly to your
computer for editing using The Grid 2.
Papoo Touch
Weight: 140g
Screen: 4.3”
Battery life: Up to 7 hours of talk, 30 hours standby
Access: Touchscreen
Connectivity: None
Operating System: Linux
Wheelchair mounting: No
Portable Devices
Motion CL900
The Motion CL900 is a rugged and powerful tablet
computer based on Windows 7. At a little over 1kg, it is one
of our lightest communication aids.
solid state hard drive with no moving parts. The Motion
CL900 can be accessed directly by touch or with a USB
pointing device.
It has been designed for use in a demanding environment
and can withstand the knocks and bumps that are
inevitable with a portable device. The screen is sealed
against exposure to moisture. It also features a 30GB
The CL900 has built-in WiFi and a 3G Sim card slot. The
battery provides 8 hours of use and has a 2 hour charge
time. A portfolio case and amplifier are included with
the device.
Motion CL900 Specification
Weight: 1kg
Screen: 10.1” wide screen
Battery life: 8 hours
Access: Touchscreen
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, 3G SIM card (optional extra), Ethernet port, 1 USB port
Hardware: Intel Atom 1.5 Ghz, 2GB RAM, 30GB hard drive
Operating System: Windows 7
Environment Control: Yes
Wheelchair mounting: Yes
Portable Devices
FuturePad 2
Tobii C8
The FuturePad 2 is a rugged, portable tablet PC that makes
a great communication aid. This is the second generation
FuturePad and the device now comes with a much faster
processor and more memory.
The Tobii C8 is a fully featured portable AAC device
based on a Windows 7 PC. The C8 can be mounted on a
wheelchair or carried around in its special case.
The C8 can be controlled in many ways, including the
touch screen, keyboard, mouse, CDot Tracker or switches.
Customised keyguards are available for touch screen users.
There are 2 switch ports available.
It is a Windows XP device that is light enough to be carried,
or can be mounted on a desk stand or wheelchair. It has a
finger-operated touch screen and a battery life of about 5
hours. A spare hot swappable battery is available and will
increase the battery life to 8 hours.
NB: The C8 does not work with the CEye.
For handheld use, we supply the FuturePad 2 with rubber
bumpers that provide additional protection against
accidental knocks. With the bumpers fitted, the machine is
tested to withstand a 1.5m metre drop onto concrete. The
device has no moving parts and includes a robust solidstate 32GB hard disk.
The weather-proof exterior of the C8 has no buttons or
protruding parts and the flat, moisture sealed surface
makes for easy cleaning. It is designed for tough conditions
with shock-mounted hard drives. Environment control is
available on the C8 and the mounting plate can be fitted to
work with any wheelchair, walker or bed frame.
FuturePad 2 Specification
Tobii C8 Specification
Weight: 1.3kg
Weight: 1.8kg
Screen: 8.4”
Screen: 8.4”
Battery life: 5 hours (hot swappable batteries)
Battery life: 5 hours (hot swappable batteries)
Access: Pointer, Touchscreen, Keyguard (subject to grid size),
Switches (mounted option only)
Access: Pointer (including CDot Tracker), Touchscreen, Keyguard
(dependent on grid size), Switches (2 inbuilt ports)
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Ethernet port, 1 USB ports
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, 3G SIM card (optional extra), Ethernet port, 2 USB ports
Hardware: 1.6GHz Atom, 1GB RAM, 32GB hard drive (solid state)
Hardware: IntelCore Duo U2500, 2GB RAM, 60GB hard drive
Operating System: Windows XP
Operating System: Windows 7
Environment Control: Optional extra for mounted version
Environment Control: Yes
Wheelchair mounting: Yes
Wheelchair mounting: Yes
Options: Handheld or mounted
Wheelchair Power Adaptor: Yes
Portable Devices
Viliv S5
Tobii S32
The Viliv S5 communication aid is a beautifully crafted, fully
functional communication aid—and is our most powerful
handheld system. Advances in computer technology mean
that the Viliv S5 packs all the power of a Windows PC into a
device that can fit into the palm of your hand.
The Tobii S32 is a low-tech communication aid that plays
pre-recorded messages, activated by touching a symbol or
using 1 or 2 switches. It is available in 2 different models,
Touch and Scan.
The Tobii S32 stores up to 192 overlays at the same time
and has a memory card that holds over 60 hours of high
quality sound. With such a large recording capacity,
you have the space to store words and phrases, funny
moments, stories, personal information or even entire
music CDs.
It weighs just 390 grams, has a superfine 5” touch screen
and a long battery life of up to 6 hours. The high quality
built-in speakers provide clear sound for voice output and
other multimedia playback.
The Viliv S5 includes a silicon cover for protection and a
mini amplifier.
Viliv S5 Specification
Tobii S32 Specification
Weight: 400g
Weight: 862g
Screen: 4.8” wide screen
Size: 31 x 25 x 3cm
Battery life: 6 hours
Battery life: Up to several months
Access: Touchscreen
Access: Touchscreen or switch
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, 3G SIM card, Ethernet port, 1 USB port
Connectivity: 1 mini-USB port
Hardware: Intel Atom 1.3 Ghz, 1GB RAM, 30GB hard drive
Environment control: Yes
Operating System: Windows 7
Wheelchair Mounted Devices
PowerBox 7 Communication Aid
The PowerBox 7 from Smartbox sets a new standard for
high-tech, low cost communication aids. It is the perfect
choice for users who want a powerful device for use in the
classroom, office or home.
A multi-function wheelchair mounting bracket is included
and can be used with the Daessy, Rehadapt or VESA
mounting systems. An alternative mounting bracket can
be fitted if required. A fold-out stainless steel leg is also
included for use on a table.
Our latest model is built around a brand new, high-spec
Sahara Tablet PC and includes environment control, radio
switch connectors and high quality sound.
The PowerBox 7 works with the TM4, Alea and LC Eyegaze
Edge eye gaze systems, touch screen (bespoke keyguards
available), switches or any other USB pointing device.
The PowerBox 7 includes an additional battery to
extend the life of the computer, giving up to 8 hours of
continuous use.
PowerBox 7 Specification
Weight: 3.2 kg
Screen: 12.1”
Battery life: 7 to 8 hours
Access: Pointer, Touchscreen, Keyguard, Switches (2 inbuilt ports)
Eyegaze (Alea, TM4, LC Edge)
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Ethernet port, 2 (+ 2 internal) USB ports
Hardware: 1.5 Dual Core, 2GB RAM, 120GB hard drive
Operating System: Windows 7
Environment Control: Yes
Wheelchair mounting: Yes
Wheelchair Power Adaptor: Yes
Wheelchair Mounted Devices
Tobii C12 and C15
The Tobii C12 and C15 are fully featured AAC devices based
on a Windows 7 PC with 12” and 15” touch screen options.
Some users prefer the 15” screen as it provides access to
more cells and bigger targets, while other users prefer a
smaller device on their wheelchair. Both devices can be
used with the fast and accurate Tobii CEye eyegaze unit.
designed for use in tough conditions with shock-mounted
hard drives and a variety of coloured bumpers.
A battery life of up to 5 hours can be extended with the
option of wheelchair charger or hot swappable batteries.
In addition to the Tobii CEye, the Tobii C Series can also be
accessed by the Tobii CDot Tracker, touchscreen and other
USB pointing devices.
The devices can be controlled in many ways including
the built-in touchscreen, keyboard, mouse, headmouse,
switches, or the optional eye control unit, the Tobii CEye.
The Tobii C Series devices include the option for the user to
turn on their device using a switch.
The weather proof exterior of the C Series has no buttons
or protruding parts and can be easily cleaned. It is
Tobii C12 Specification
Weight: 3kg
Screen: 12.1”
Battery life: 5 hours (hot swappable batteries)
Access: Pointer, Touchscreen, Keyguard, Switches (2 inbuilt ports),
Eyegaze (CEye only)
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, 3G SIM card (optional extra), Ethernet port,
2 USB ports
Hardware: IntelCore Duo U2500, 2GB RAM, 60GB hard drive
Operating System: Windows 7
Environment Control: Yes
Wheelchair mounting: Yes
Wheelchair Power Adaptor: Yes
Tobii C15 Specification
Weight: 4kg
Screen: 15”
Battery life: 5 hours (hot swappable batteries)
Access: Pointer, Touchscreen, Keyguard, Switches (2 inbuilt ports),
Eyegaze (CEye only)
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, 3G SIM card (optional extra), Ethernet port,
2 USB ports
Hardware: IntelCore Duo U2500, 2GB RAM,
60GB hard drive (shock mounted
Operating System: Windows 7
Environment Control: Yes
Wheelchair mounting: Yes
Wheelchair Power Adaptor: Yes
Eye Gaze Systems
Eye Gaze
Eye gaze systems allow you to control a computer by
looking at the screen, making it one of the fastest forms of
alternative access available.
We are the UK’s main supplier of eye gaze and we have a
wide range of systems available. We strongly recommend an
assessment by one of our advisors before making a choice.
There is no “best” eye gaze system; different eye gaze
cameras work for different people. To find out which is best
for you it is advisable to try them all.
All of the eye gaze systems have been integrated into The
Grid 2, improving the accuracy of selection, and making
setup easy.
Tobii CEye and PCEye
LC Edge
The CEye has been designed to work with the Tobii C12
and C15 communication aids, while the PCEye is designed
for use with a monitor. Otherwise these 2 cameras
are identical.
Unlike the other cameras featured here, the Edge does not
allow head movement, which means that it does not work
for everyone. However, for those who can use it, it is a very
fast and responsive eye gaze system.
Tobii cameras allow for a very large range of head
movement, making mounting easier as the alignment of
the device is less critical.
For this reason it’s a good option for people whose
movement is restricted, for example someone with Motor
Neurone Disease or locked in syndrome.
The Tobii CEye and PCEye can be used with The Grid 2 or
Tobii Communicator 4.
It can be used with any PC, but is especially appropriate for
fixed desktop or permanently mounted systems.
Eye Gaze Systems
Alea IntelliGaze
EyeTech TM4
The Alea IntelliGaze works with the PowerBox 7, an all-inone computer, or it can be mounted on a monitor for use
with any suitable PC.
The EyeTech TM4 is very similar to the Alea, and can be
used with the same range of computers.
The USB connection provides sufficient power to run the
TM4 camera without the need for an additional power
source, making it the easiest to move between computers.
It is a forgiving system that allows a large range of head
movement and is easy to calibrate.
Computers for use with Eye Gaze systems
All systems except the Tobii CEye can be used with any
laptop or desktop computer by attaching the camera to a
standard computer monitor. We supply the camera system
with the brackets that you need.
Ergo All-in-one PC
PowerBox 7
The Ergo all-in-one PC is perfect platform for a desktop eye
gaze system. It can be used with the Tobii PC Eye, Alea, TM4
and LC Edge eye gaze cameras.
The PowerBox 7 works with the LC Edge, Alea and TM 4 eye
gaze cameras. All the necessary brackets and connectors
are supplied with the system so you can easily switch the
camera between the PowerBox and a desktop computer.
The computer is housed within the monitor itself, making it
a very compact system with few wires. Both the computer
and the camera are mounted using a standard VESA
mounting system. This can be positioned anywhere, above
the bed or in the living room, and is included in the price.
Full details of the PowerBox are on page 6.
The bright display also offers a touch screen for direct
access as well as support for all other USB pointing devices
and switches.
The Grid 2
The Grid 2
The Grid 2 is the award-winning communication and
computer access program from Sensory Software
International, and is installed on all our Windows
based devices.
The software combines all the different styles of
communication aid into a single program for both text
and symbol users, and includes a wide variety of readymade materials. Everyday, thousands of people from across
the world communicate using The Grid 2 in almost 20
different languages.
A free 60-day trial of The Grid 2 is available on request, and
can be installed on any Windows machine running XP, Vista,
Windows 7 or newer.
The Grid 2 is compatible with many types of symbols
and photographs.
Symbol Communication
• Widgit Symbols, an extensive symbol library included with
The Grid 2 in most countries
• Snaps is a new photo library that includes over
1000 images
Symbols are useful to people with no literacy skills, as well
as helping those with limited literacy to develop a larger
vocabulary. Different users can cope with widely varying
levels of complexity in their symbol systems. The Grid can
take the user from very simple communication screens to
the more advanced arrangements.
• Mayer-Johnson PCS symbols
• Blissymbolics, an abstract way to represent languages
• SymbolStix
• Makaton, symbols combined with sign languages
• See Sense, a small, free picture library included with
The Grid 2
• Screen captures, for quickly taking photos from the
internet or a digital camera
• Picture Editor—for changing colours, combining symbols,
and more
Text Communication
The Grid 2 provides fast text communication for
literate users. Grids can be simple typing grids, or more
complicated setups with stored messages and prediction.
There are two ready-made Grids Sets available for text
communicators. Star Talker and Fast Talker combine
powerful text communication tool in The Grid 2 with a
range of built in apps such as internet, email, Skype and a
media player.
You can set up a grid with just a few cells that speak as
soon as they are selected. For example, you could have
“yes”, “no”, “I need some help please” and “I want to do
something else”.
Larger vocabularies include cells that contain various
elements of a sentence, and build sentences to allow more
freedom of expression. You can link together several grids
to provide a larger vocabulary divided into topics (this is
often referred to as “dynamic screen communication”).
The Grid 2
Key Features
• The Grid 2 allows you to create, edit, store and recall
1000’s of messages
The Grid 2 has been designed to be accessed by everyone,
regardless of input method, cognitive level or visual
• Completely customisable keyboard layout to suit all
access methods
• Word completion and next word prediction
• Eye gaze systems: MyTobii, Alea Intelligaze, LC eyegaze
and EyeTech Quick Glance
• Symbol prediction
• Switch access with extensive options for
maximum efficiency
• TouchType text input (that works just like predictive text
on a mobile phone, giving users access to the whole
alphabet on a grid with as few as 8 cells).
• Direct access with options including magnified cells
and keyguards
• Pointer control including head mice (like SmartNav Pro).
• Standard keyboard and mouse
• Voice control for computer access
Even More Features!
The Grid 2 also includes applications for email, SMS,
accessible web browser, multiple environment control
systems, music and DVD player, web cam, Skype chat and a
word processor.
Computer Control
The Grid 2 includes all the features you need to use
everyday Windows programs, without using a standard
keyboard and mouse.
Online Grids
Key Features
Grid 2 users can download and share their resources
through Sensory Software’s Online Grids website.
Re-launched in 2011, the site provides users with over 300
grid sets available for download.
• Ready made resources for complete Windows and
internet control with any access method
• Seamless integration with communication grids
• Free downloads of application specific resources
including Facebook and Kindle reader
Online Grids is also used to share your grids with the Grid
Player app on IPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.
The site includes trial versions of all our paid for grid
sets, meaning you can try them out and use them for
assessment before you buy them. Each grid set includes all
grids, symbols and all features for a 60-day trial.
Grid Sets
Grid Sets
Grid Sets are ready-made resources for use with The Grid
2 and Grid Player. Many of them are free. They have been
carefully designed by experts within the field of AAC.
The following are included on the CD, and many more
are available to download from our Online Grids website:
Seashell Speak and Sign (free)
Chatterbox (free)
Speak and Sign is an award-winning
Grid Set for children who are deaf and
also have physical difficulties. Once a
sentence is constructed in Speak and Sign, it will be played
back by a series of pre-recorded British Sign Language
(BSL) videos.
Chatterbox is designed to pack a large
vocabulary into a small number of
cells. It is suitable for Eye Gaze or small
handheld devices, as the grids contain just 24 cells.
Size: 157 grids, 24 cells per grid, 3260 unique words
Language level:
Size: 102 grids, 36 cells per grid, 700 unique words
Symbol communication: Widgit Symbols
Language level:
Platform: The Grid 2 and Grid Player
Symbol communication: Widgit Symbols
Platform: The Grid 2
Symbol Talker (free, new)
Starting Blocks
Symbol Talker provides fast
communication for symbol users.
The pragmatic conversation pages
encourage the natural flow of
conversation with others.
Starting Blocks has been specially
designed for children who have never
used a communication aid and need to
build up the language and access skills
necessary to do so. There are three stages: On Your Marks,
Get Set and Go.
Size: 121 grids, 35 cells per grid, 2127 unique words
Language level:
Size: 3 levels, 77 grids, 12 cells per grid, 120 unique words
Symbol communication: Widgit symbols
Language level:
Platform: The Grid 2 and Grid Player
Symbol communication: Widgit Symbols or PCS
Platform: The Grid 2
Grid Sets
Ingfield Dynamic Vocabulary
Beeline (free, new)
VOCAtion and Sensory Software have
produced this new vocabulary for The
Grid 2 which follows the principles of
consistency, predictability, automaticity and minimum
keystrokes to access maximum vocabulary.
IDV is made up of four levels that have
been designed to progress a child from
a communication book to a dynamic screen system. As you
work through the levels, the vocabulary introduces more
communication cells and more pages to the user.
Size: 88 grids, 99 cells per grid, 2176 unique words
Size: 188-346 grids, 25-66 cells per grid, 400-1790
unique words
Language level:
Language level:
Platform: The Grid 2
Symbol communication: Widgit symbols
Symbol communication: Widgit Symbols or PCS
Platform: The Grid 2, Level A on Grid Player
Talk Together
Vocabulary for Life (free, new)
Talk Together is a Grid Set designed to
help children and their communication
partners to develop their skills together.
There are 6 levels of vocabulary, with an emphasis on
having fun and communicating rich and novel ideas. It
builds on the principles underpinning the ACE Centre’s
Guide to Developing and Supporting a Communication
Book and Look2Talk.
Vocabulary for Life is aimed at
young adults and older teens that
require symbol support for grown-up
conversation. The large vocabulary features both single
words and pre-stored phrases as well as spelling grids
for users with some level of literacy. VfL also provides
vocabulary to support the City & Guilds AAC Course at
Entry levels 2-3.
Size: 5 size: 307 grids, 28 cells per grid, 2799 unique words.
Size: 118 grids, 42 cells per grid, 1018 unique words
Language level:
Language level:
Symbol communication: PCS
Symbol communication: Widgit symbols
Platform: The Grid 2, Grid Player coming soon
Platform: The Grid 2
Grid Sets
Star Talker 2 (free)
Grid Talk (free)
Star Talker 2 has been developed by
Sensory Software to give literate users
a powerful communication system that
also integrates many other features within The Grid 2.
Grid Talk is for older children and adults
who have some spelling ability but still
require symbol support.
Size: 41 grids, 92 cells per grid, 1700 unique words
Language level:
Size: 35 grids, 68 cells per grid
Symbol communication: Widgit Symbols or PCS
Language level:
Platform: The Grid 2 and Grid Player
Text communication: Word and phrase prediction, ‘sounds
like’ cell, message bank
Platform: The Grid 2
Fast Talker (free)
CALLtalk was created for symbol
communicators who are developing
their literacy skills. Each grid contains
cells that link to core vocabulary, encouraging natural
sentence building.
Fast Talker is a communication Grid Set
for text users that is optimised for small
screens. From the home page you can
choose whether you wish to chat using the Touch Type
keyboard or open one of The Grid 2 Apps.
Size: 190 grids, 35 cells per grid, 1920 unique words
Size: 47 grids, up to 40 cells per grid
Language level:
Language level:
Symbol communication: Widgit Symbols or PCS
Text Communication: Touch Type input, instant message
store, document tools
Platform: The Grid 2, Grid Player coming soon
Platform: The Grid 2
Talkative (free)
Talkative contains a large vocabulary
organised in semantically structured
grids with common words available
from the home page. Different versions are available, with
and without adult vocabulary.
WordPower provides fast
communication for people with
some literacy skills. In addition to
the full WordPower vocabulary, there are 4 levels of
training groups.
Size: 105 grids, 63 cells per grid, 3260 unique words
Size: 97 grids, 96 cells per grid, 1492 unique words
Language level:
Language level:
Symbol communication: Widgit symbols
Symbol communication: Widgit symbols or PCS
Platform: The Grid 2, Grid Player coming soon
Platform: The Grid 2, Grid Player coming soon
Tobii Communicator
Tobii Communicator 4
Smartbox communication aids based on Windows can also
run Tobii Communicator 4. It is available in two editions:
Standard and Premium.
If you only need computer access and/or speech synthesis
features, then the Standard edition is the right choice for
you. The premium edition is an alternative to The Grid 2
with similar features.
Tobii Communicator provides a large variety of readymade resources for different ages and cognitive levels. The
following vocabularies are also available:
Sono Primo
Sono Key
Designed for younger users who
are using a high-tech device for
the first time.
A more advanced text based system
that includes email and instant chat.
Sono Lexis
Sono Flex (new)
The second stage in the Tobii Sono
Series, uses symbols to build up
a personal vocabulary word by
The new pre-high tech AAC App for
use on iOS, Android and Windows
based devices.
Sono Flex is available with all of our
iOS device packages.
Sono Scribe
A text based system that includes
prediction, phrase banks and smart
Alternative Access
SmartNav Pro
The SmartNAV replaces your conventional mouse by
allowing you to move the cursor with your head. The
SmartNAV consists of a sophisticated infra-red camera that
you place above your screen. This follows a small reflective
dot that is stuck on your forehead. A baseball cap is also
available, incorporating a reflective dot on the peak and rear.
CDot Tracker
The Tobii CDot Tracker is a head mouse that works with the
Tobii C Series. It replaces a regular mouse and works by
tracking the exact movements of a small reflective dot that
is placed on the forehead, nose, glasses or any other visible
area of the user.
Papoo Switch
The Papoo switch is an ultra-sensitive switch that can be
activated with any part of the body. It can be configured
for a very light touch or a proximity setting that does not
require actual contact. It has a standard 3.5mm jack plug
and can be connected to any communication aid.
Alternative Access
The EnPathia is most commonly attached to the head
but can work with the part of the body that suits you. It
controls the computer through smooth, natural movement,
making small head movements to the left and right moves
the mouse cursor accordingly. It provides a more relaxed
alternative to a normal head mouse.
HMC Mini Joystick
The Mini Joystick replaces the mouse and requires very
little strength or movement to operate. The ergonomic
shape of the joystick has been designed to be controlled by
the finger, thumb, hand, tongue or chin. It has a wide range
of settings that ensure that every user’s individual needs
are met.
The IntegraMouse controls the cursor through lip
movements, and sip and puff clicking. It is ideal for
computer users with various physical challenges including
total paralysis, amputees, muscular dystrophy, or
multiple sclerosis.
JoyCable 2 and 5
Radio Switch Adaptor
The JoyCable is the easiest way to plug switches into a
computer and works with any switches that have standard
3.5mm plugs. The JoyCable 5 allows five switch inputs. No
drivers are needed to use the JoyCable with popular software
such as The Grid 2, Clicker or Widgit software.
The Radio Switch Adaptor works in the same way as a
JoyCable but enables you to connect switches to your
communication aid wirelessly. This neat solution is ideal
for users in wheelchairs or in any other situation where
tangling of wires is an issue.
Software is included to allow compatibility with other
programs such as games that use keystrokes or mouse clicks
for scanning.
The Radio Switch receiver plugs into the USB port of your
computer. The receiver unit requires no battery or external
power supply and draws power from the computer.
Mini Amplifier
The JoyBox allows you to plug in up to 12 switches. Like
the JoyCable, no drivers are needed or major switch
driven software. It can be used for tasks such as mouse
movements and 4-way elimination scanning.
Our new mini amplifier fits on small handheld devices
and mobile phones, amplifying the sound output on your
device so your voice can be heard easily.
The mini amplifier may be small, but it is very loud. You can
set the volume and the sensitivity to match your device.
The JoyBox is a standard USB device and the switches are
plugged in via standard (3.5mm) switch inputs. The new
model also features a 9-pin connector that allows you to
plug in multiway switches with a single cable.
iAdaptor 1 and 2
iMainGo X
The iAdaptor casing has been designed to turn the iPad
into a communication aid by offering both protection
and amplification for the device. The rubberised casing
also features a built in handle, a desk stand and is ready
for a wheelchair mounting plate (that Smartbox can
also supply).
The iMainGo X is an ultra-portable speaker and protective
case for your iPhone or iPod Touch and it is included with
either of these devices. Loud, clear speech is achieved
through the built-in speaker with 2x headphone jacks
also available.
North Face E-Tip gloves
Wheelchair Power Adaptor
These E-Tip gloves can help some users access capacitive
screen devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Motion
CL900). While wearing the gloves you can rest the palm of
your hand on the screen of the device and only activate the
software through the thumb and forefinger.
Our wheelchair power adaptor allows you to power your
communication aid from your wheelchair battery. Simply
plug in one end to the wheelchair charger socket, and the
other into your communication aid. Available for all our
mountable communication aids.
Accessories Pack
Our Accessories Pack includes keyboard, mouse and
protective carry case. The bag is chosen depending on
the device you are purchasing and will provide a level of
protection as well as a handy way to transport your device.
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