Samsung | SGH-t339 | SGH-t339 - Samsung

• T-Mobile @ Home Service
• Music Player with external memory
• 1.3 Megapixel Camera with 4x Digital Zoom
(SXGA 1280 x 1024)
• Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
• Audio Postcard
• Video Capture
• myFavesSM Service
• Speakerphone
• Vibration Alert
• Downloadable Ringtones
• Backlit Keypad Control Options
• Emergency Calls (with or without SIM card)
• Low Battery Notification
• Incoming Call Indication
• Missed Call Indication
• Call Timers
• Own Phone Number Display
• Mute Functions
• Keypad and LCD Backlight Control
• Multilingual Text Display
(English, French, Spanish)
• Alarm
• World Time
• AOL®, ICQ®, Yahoo!® and Windows Live®
• t-zones
• Java™ Support for application download
• 2-Way Short Message Service*
• Enhanced Message Service*
• Multimedia Message Service*
• Personal Organizer
• T-9 Easy Text Input
• 64 Polyphonic Ringtones
• Games (3)
• NITZ* (Network Identity and Time Zone)
• Conversions
• Timer
• Stopwatch
Voice keytones
Multiple dialing font color options
Image Editor
Mobile Backup
• Tri-Band: GSM 850, 1800, 1900 MHz
• Dimensions: 3.62” X 1.83” X 0.78”
(standard battery)
• Weight: 3.3 ounces (standard battery)
• Display: 176 X 220 Pixel 262k TFT
• Battery: 3.7 Volt Lithium Ion, 880 mAh
• Charging Time: Up to 4.0 hours
• Talk Time: 6.5 hours
(standard battery)
• Standby Time: 11 days
(standard battery)
• Vocoders: FR / EFR / AMR
• RF Power Output; GSM 1900, 1800 MHz: 1.0W, 850 MHz: 2.0W
• 20MB of Internal User Memory
• Internal Phone Book
-Holds 1000 Alphanumeric Entries Plus
SIM Card Memory (Up To 250
Additional Names/Numbers)
-Supports up to 40 Digits, 16 Characters
-8 One-Touch Dialing Numbers
• Last 30 Incoming, Outgoing and
Missed Call Logs
Automatic Redial
Caller ID*
Call Forwarding*
Call Waiting*
Three-Way Calling*
Conference Call (1+5)*
• Standard Lithium Ion Battery
• Travel Charger
• Car Power Charger
• Hands-Free Headset
• Leather Case
• Bluetooth® Headset
• Stereo Bluetooth® Headset
• Bluetooth® Speaker
• Holster
T-Mobile @home serviceSM
Can save you minutes on your service plan by using the
Wi-Fi network for calls.
Music Player with external memory SLOT
Have your favorite tunes stored on the external memory card
and listen to them anytime you want on your phone.
Genuine Samsung Accessories
Take and share photographs with family and friends with the
t339’s digital camera. Want to get closer? You can with its
digital zoom.
• Handset
• Standard Lithium Ion Battery
• User Manual
• Travel Charger
• Hands-Free Headset
• Start Guide
Get hands-free convenience without wires and cables. Connect
wirelessly to Bluetooth® headsets or car kits.
New feature from T-Mobile for sharing your music combined
with a message and picture with your friends and family.
• VoiceMail*
• Last 30 Outgoing, 30 Incoming,
and 30 Missed Number Redial
• Pause Dialing
• Call List
• Phone Number Storage,
Retrieval and Dialing
“number one in brand loyalty seven years in a row”
Samsung mobile phones have been rated number
one in brand loyalty by consumers seven years in a
row, according to Brand Keys, a leading independent
authority on brand loyalty.
*Many of the services and features described above are network dependent and may require additional subscription and/or usage charges. Not all features are available for purchase or use in all areas. Other
conditions and restrictions apply. See carrier for more information. All talk and standby times are approximate. Battery performance depends on network configuration, signal strength, operating temperature, features
selected, and voice, data, and other application usage patterns. Internet content/services designed for mobile devices.
© 2008 Samsung Telecommunications America, LLC. Samsung is a registered trademark of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. and its related entities. All product and brand names are trademarks or registered trademarks
of their respective companies. Screen images simulated.
1301 E. Lookout Drive | Richardson, TX 75082 | 1.800.SAMSUNG password: myfaves
Get to know the SGH-t339
1: Audio postcard
2: Call records
2.1: All calls
2.2: Missed calls
2.3: Incoming calls
2.4: Outgoing calls
2.5: Delete all
2.6: Call time
3: t-zones
3.1: Home
3.2: Enter URL
3.3: Bookmarks
3.4: Saved pages
3.5: History
3.6: Browser settings
4: IM
4.1: AIM
4.1.1: Sign In
4.1.2: Saved conversations
4.1.3: Offline conversations
4.1.4: Preferences Power on Sign In Auto-sign in Sound settings Favorite IDs
4.1.5: Help
4.2: ICQ
4.2.1: Connect
4.2.2: Saved conversations
4.2.3: Offline conversations
4.2.4: Preferences Power on Sign In Auto-sign in Sound settings Favorite IDs
4.2.5: Help
4.3: Windows Live
4.3.1: Sign in
4.3.2: Saved conversations
4.3.3: Preferences Power on Sign In Auto-sign in Sound settings Favorite IDs
4.3.4: Help
4.4: Yahoo!
4.4.1: Sign in
4.4.2: Saved conversations
4.4.3: Preferences Power on Sign In Auto-sign in Sound settings Favorite IDs
4.4.4: Help
5: Messages
5.1: Create new
5.1.1: Text message
5.1.2: Picture message
5.1.3: Audio postcard
5.1.4: Voice note
5.2: Inbox
5.3: Drafts
5.4: Outbox
5.5: Templates
5.5.1: Text templates
5.5.2: Picture message templates
5.6: Voice mail
5.7: Management
5.7.1: Messages settings Text message Picture message
5.7.2: Delete all
5.7.3: Memory status
5.8: Broadcast message
6: Fun & Apps
6.1: Files
6.1.1: Sounds Browse MegaTones Browse Hi-Fi Ringers Sounds Voice list Memory card*** (if inserted)
6.1.2: Images Browse wallpapers Photos My Album My Journal Downloaded images Memory card***(if inserted)
6.1.3: Icons myFaves icons*
(service dependant) Browse myFaves icons*
(service dependant)
6.1.4: Videos Downloaded videos Videos Memory card (if inserted)
6.1.5: Music Music Memory card (if inserted)
6.1.6: Other files Other files Memory card (if inserted)
6.1.7: Memory card (if inserted)
6.1.8: Memory status
6.2: Games
6.3: Music player
6.4: Camera
6.4.1: Take and Send
6.4.2: Record video
6.4.3: Photos
6.4.4: Videos
6.4.5: My Album
6.4.6: My Journal
6.5: Organizer
6.5.1: Alarm
6.5.2: Calendar Month view Week view Day view Schedule Anniversary Miscellaneous Missed alarm events Memory status
6.5.3: Tasks
6.5.4: Notes
6.5.5: Calculator
6.5.6: Tip calculator
6.5.7: World Time
6.5.8: Synchronization Sync now Data to sync View log About sync
6.5.9: Unit conversion Currency Length Weight Volume Area Temperature
6.5.0: Timer
6.5.*: Stopwatch
6.6: Image editor
7: Help
8: Phonebook
8.1: Add new contact
8.2: Contact list
8.3: Groups
8.4: Speed dial
8.5: Block list
8.6: Management
8.6.1: View contacts
8.6.2: Default saving
8.6.3: Copy all to
8.6.4: Sort by contacts
8.6.5: Delete all
8.6.6: Memory status
8.7: FDN list
9: Settings
9.1: Wi-Fi
9.1.1: Available networks
9.1.2: Saved networks HotSpot @Home
9.1.3: Quick Connect
9.1.4: Turn Wi-Fi off
9.1.5: Get security key
9.1.6: Add new network From available
networks Create manually
9.1.7: Wi-Fi Help
9.2: myFaves settings*
9.2.1: Display
9.2.2: Menu style
9.2.3: myFaves icons
9.2.4: Refresh contacts
9.2.5: About myFaves
9.3: Sound settings
9.3.1: Incoming call
9.3.2: Message tone
9.3.3: Keypad tone
9.3.4: Power on/off tone
9.3.5: Flip tone
9.3.6: Extra tones
9.4: Display settings
9.4.1: Wallpaper
9.4.2: Theme
9.4.3: Home screen
9.4.4: Info display
9.4.5: Dialing display
9.4.6: Greeting message
9.4.7: Backlight Duration Brightness
9.4.8: Front LCD Contrast
9.5: Phone settings
9.5.1: Time & Date
9.5.2: Language
9.5.3: Airplane mode
9.5.4: USB mode
9.5.5: HAC Mode
9.5.6: Security Lock phone Lock application Change password Check PIN code Change PIN code Set FDN mode Change PIN2 code Reset Reset settings Restore factory
9.5.7: Memory status
9.5.8: Bluetooth Turn Bluetooth
on/off My devices My visibility My phone name Security modes Features Headset Handsfree Bluetooth
stereo headset File transfer Object push Basic printing Dial-up
networking Serial port Help
9.6: Call settings
9.6.1: Answer options
9.6.2: Auto redial
9.6.3: Show my number
9.6.4: Call forwarding
9.6.5: Call barring**
(SIM dependant)
9.6.6: Call waiting
9.6.7: Network selection
9.6.8: Synchronization Sync now Data to sync View log About sync
9.6.9: Software update
** Displays only if supported
by your SIM card.
T-Mobile Wi-Fi Network Capability
Transfer seamlessly between Wi-Fi and handover GSM when making
voice calls and using data connections. The T-Mobile t339 is capable
of connecting to Wi-Fi@Home, connecting on the go with HotSpot,
and connecting to the GSM network.
Access Wi-Fi Networks
Connecting to Wi-Fi networks allows you to make calls using Wi-Fi by
viewing available networks, viewing saved networks that you use often,
and finding open networks quickly with Quick Connect.
View and Connect, and Save Available Networks
1. From the Idle screen, press the Menu soft key.
2. Press 9 for Settings, and 1 for Wi-Fi.
3. Press 1 for Available networks. A list of all available networks
is displayed.
4. Use the up and down Navigation keys to highlight desired
network, and press the OK key for Connect.
5. After the connection is successful you will be asked, “Add to
your saved networks?” Press the Yes soft key.
6. In the Profile name field you can edit the name of the network
you just saved. Press the OK key for Save.
7. The network you selected will then appear in the Available
networks screen with a green check next to it.
Use Quick Connect
Quick Connect will connect to the strongest Wi-Fi network within
range, but will not attempt to connect to closed or secured wireless
networks that are not part of the Saved Networks List.
1. From the Idle screen, press the Menu soft key.
2. Press 9 for Settings, and 1 for Wi-Fi.
3. Press 3 for Quick Connect.
Note: For shortcut to this feature, from Idle screen, press and hold the Clear key.
Connect to Wi-Fi Hot Spot
1. From the Idle screen, press the Menu soft key.
2. Press 9 for Settings, and 1 for Wi-Fi.
3. Press 1 for Available networks.
4. In the Available Networks screen, unsecured networks will have a
“*” next to them, while secure networks will have a key icon.
5. Use the up and down Navigation keys to highlight the desired
network and press the Menu/OK key to connect.
6. You will be prompted to enter a password that can be obtained
from the service provider or your system administrator.
Sync Music from your PC to Handset
1. In the Standby mode, press the Menu soft key.
2. Use Navigation keys to scroll to Settings and press the OK key.
3. Press 5 for Phone settings, 4 for USB settings.
4. In USB settings menu, highlight Mass storage, press the OK key.
5. Go to your PC and open the folder that contains the song you
want to transfer to your handset.
6. Plug the USB cable into the handset’s charging slot and the
USB end into your PC.
7. Confirmation message, “USB now in use”, is displayed on handset.
8. On your PC, a Removable Disk pop-up window is displayed;
click the Open folder to view files in this window.
9. A window will open displaying the music currently stored on your
microSD™ card. Simply drag & drop the song file on your PC’s
folder to the folder on your microSD™ card.
10. Unplug the USB cable from the PC and the handset.
Transfer Music to Handset and Play
1. From the Idle Screen go to Menu
2. Go to Fun & Apps
3. Highlight Music Player and Click OK
4. Message is given to start a playlist
5. Press the Left Soft Key for Next
6. Press OK to open Playlist 1
7. Press the Left Soft Key for Options
8. Press 1 for Add music from, then 2 for Memory card.
9. Scroll to the folder where your music was saved, and press the
OK key for Open.
10. Scroll to the song you want to play, and press the OK key
to checkmark to add to playlist.
11. Press the Left Soft Key for Add
12. Press the OK key to play the desired song
Communicate with Instant Messaging (IM)
Instant Messaging is a way of sending short, simple messages that are
delivered real time to users online. Before using this feature, you need
to subscribe to a messenger service. Your device has four pre-loaded
messaging services (AIM™, ICQ®, Windows Live®, and Yahoo!®).
1. From the Standby mode, press the Menu soft key.
2. Press 4 for IM.
3. Using the up and down Navigation keys, scroll to your desired
community and press the OK key. For example, highlight Yahoo!
and press OK.
4. Press 1 to Sign In, and enter your Yahoo! ID using the keypad.
5. Scroll down to enter your Password, and press the OK key.
6. Once you are signed in, use the left soft key for Options to begin
sending and receiving IMs.
Set Ringtones for Incoming Calls
Choose the ring tone for an incoming call from Browse MegaTones,
Browse Hi-Fi Ringers, or the Default Melodies.
1. From the Standby mode, press the Menu soft key.
2. Press 9 for Settings, and 2 for Sound Settings.
3. Press 1 for Incoming call, scroll down to Ringtones, and press
the OK key.
4. Use the up and down Navigation keys to highlight the desired
melody for your ringtone, and press the Select soft key.
5. Scroll down to Volume and use the left and right Navigation keys
to adjust the volume of the ring tone, then press the Save soft key.
Set Images as Wallpaper
Customize your handset by choosing an image for your wallpaper. In
addition to the pre-loaded images, you can browse the web, download
images, or use photos as wallpaper.
1. From the Standby mode, press the left soft key for Menu.
2. Press 9 for Settings, and 3 for Display Settings.
3. Press 1 for Wallpaper, and 2 for Default Wallpaper.
4. Use the left and right Navigation keys to browse the pre-loaded
wallpaper options, and press the Save soft key.
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