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Air Purifiers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .26, 27
Alkaline Water Ionizers . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2, 3
Bed & Bath . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16, 17
Beauty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .23
Bird Control . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .37
Cold Therapy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18
Detoxification . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4-6, 35
EMF Protection/Detection . . . . . . . . . .19, 20
Energy/Environmental Monitors . . . . .36, 37
Far Infrared Therapy . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10-15
Fitness . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .28-30
Frequency Devices . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .34, 35
Heated Clothing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18
Heaters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .25
Hemorrhoid Relief . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32
Home & Food Sanitizers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6
Hydrotherapy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35
Ionic Detox Foot Baths . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4
Juicers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30
Massage . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .27, 35, 36
Oxygen Therapy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .38
Ozone Therapy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7-9
Pain Relief . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20-24
Pest Control . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .37
Physical Therapy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20
Prostate Relief . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32
Steam Saunas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8, 9
Sunlamps/Vitamin D . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .24
Vision Improvement . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32, 33
Water Purifiers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .33, 34
Payments Accepted
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A family business with a family approach
Promolife was created over a
decade ago by Gerry and
Yvonne Segal on a shoestring
budget in their home attic, with
one guiding principle: to offer
education to support a healthier
lifestyle and a healthier planet.
With so many people struggling
to improve their health, Gerry
and Yvonne wanted to expose
people to non-toxic, drug-free
alternatives to gain wellness
without dangerous side effects.
They came upon their passion
by necessity. Each suffered from a number of ailments caused by poor diets, too many
antibiotics and environmental toxins. After researching and practicing natural methods,
they began to see improvements in their health. Their passion for healing has only grown
Sticking to the dream, Promolife has grown from a handful of products to over 1200, and
boasts a dedicated staff and a larger catalog. They now operate in a beautiful office and
warehouse built specifically for Promolife.
Words from some of our customers
“Thanks for taking care of me. I absolutely appreciate it. Sorry to say, I tried to order from one of your
competitors first. It turned out to be a pretty bad experience. I confess that I was a little gun shy ordering
from you. But, you proved to be very professional.” - Aileen
“Five stars. Absolutely fantastic product. I have ordered 12 different heat panels from Promolife and I am
extremely satisfied with the quality of your product. Previously, I ordered from a different company and the
product was terrible. I had to throw it out eventually. Keep up the good work!” - Noreen
“I just received my PFIRS and it is one of the best products I have ever purchased. It is worth the money ten
times over. How great it is to sweat! I've not felt this good in a long time. Thanks Promolife!” - Donna - pg 13
“These Bird Gard Bird Distress Repellers really work. I wasn't sure at first, but I tried it anyway. I had
problems with robins and woodpeckers on my apricot tree. Shortly after I turned the system on, the birds
were gone and have not been back since. Thanks Promolife.” - Ron - pg 37
“I got this for my wife's staph infection/MRSA and we were both very skeptical at first as other treatments
didn't work very well and when antibiotics did work the side effects were not good. This Ozonated Olive Oil
has worked wonders on both my wife and sister. My sister had an unidentified skin irritation for six weeks.
She was about to see a doctor but cancelled the appointment because after one application of the product it
almost completely went away overnight. Now we use it on everything from cat scratches to scars. It works
wonders even on stubborn infections. We definitely would recommend it to other people and it is worth the
money.” - Andrew - pg 7
“I love this product [Ozone Water Bubbler]. Very high quality, all glass construction. I actually love every
product I have purchased from this company. They are a company with a conscience. I have referred many
people to their website. Thank you Promolife.” - Tracey - pg 9
“I owned a Body Bridge years ago and loved it. Then had a back injury and thought that I couldn't use my
Body Bridge any longer so gave it away. However, happy to say that I can once again benefit from this
wonderful piece of equipment.” - Carmela - pg 28 888-742-3404
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Alkaline Antioxidant Water Ionizers help increase body pH and super hydrate your body.
Alkaline Water Ionizers are considered the most important development in
water purification and water hydration technology today. Why?
Most people tend to have a more acidic body pH. Medical science has
proven this contributes to sickness and some life threatening diseases.
Raising your pH to a more alkaline state is known to boost the immune
system, adding more protection to keep yourself healthy.
Lack of proper hydration is also a contributor to illness. Water Ionizers are
the solution to easily raising the body's pH and super hydrating the body as
well. If you feel the water you're drinking does not quench your thirst OR you
get colds all the time or feel tired and dragged down most of the day, then
you need an Alkaline Water Ionizer.
Hybrid Portable Water Ionizer
For more models, visit Alkaline Water Ionizers on our website.
An exciting innovation in Alkaline Water Ionizer technology!
The Hybrid Portable Water Ionizer gives you all of the benefits of a standard ionizer as well as the flexibility to
use it anywhere you go. Connected to the faucet or used as a stand-alone unit, the Hybrid is built with options
in mind. It's totally portable and lightweight, powerful, stylish and effective with multistage filtration. Just
connect to your tap or fill the top container with water, select the pH level you want and go.
Special Features:
Completely portable and powerful - only eight pounds and 200 watts
Four slotted platinum titanium plates
Three alkaline and three acidic pH settings with a 10.5-3.5 pH range
Internal multistage activated carbon water filter
NRTL, KFDA and CE approved
15" tall x 7.9" deep x 7.4" wide
Five Year
Hybrid Portable Water Ionizer
Filter replacements are available online.
Sale! $849.95
Jupiter Venus Water Ionizer
The Jupiter Venus Alkaline Water Ionizer is the best value and most
contemporary water ionizer available.
Ease of use and exceptional performance come with the latest touch screen technology at
an amazing price.
Special Features:
Five Year
Jupiter Venus Ionizer
Four alkaline pH levels, four acidic pH levels
Manual voltage adjustment for an extra 24 pH levels, if needed
Automatic cleaning for ten seconds every 20 liters
Automatic indicator alert lets you know when the filter needs replacement
Easy installation next to or over the sink, with a wall-mount option
Comes with everything needed for installation
Fully automated system uses MICOM artificial intelligence with four meg ram semiconductor
Automatic turn-on and shut-off via the incoming water switch
Platinum titanium electrodes have Advanced Polymer Technology
Overheat protection including hot water automatic shut-off
Complete warranty guarantee with a less than three day repair time guaranteed
Fluoride Bone Char Prefilter & Housing
FLPRE 888-742-3404
add $99.95
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Life 9200 Alkaline Water Ionizer
The LIFE 9200 is the most advanced ionizer in its class.
The LIFE 9200 is the industry standard for under-counter water ionizers. This version of the popular LIFE
9100 gives you the ultimate in ionization technology while maintaining the integrity of your kitchen design.
Therefore, the only part of the ionizer you will see on your countertop is the beautiful brushed stainless
steel faucet! This revolutionary ionizer allows you to enjoy the same high efficiency, advanced filtration,
and quality of alkaline water that so many people have come to love with the LIFE 9100. The LIFE 8100
is a similar unit with seven plates.
The 9200 is fully convertible from countertop to under-counter with the optional faucet. This ionizer boasts
9 flat or MESH electrodes and an SMPS power supply (adjusts up to 349 watts) to provide you with the
largest amount of antioxidants at optimal pH drinking levels. Optional UV Light Technology (patent pending)
and Energy Frequency Technology (patent pending). It also contains LIFE Ionizer’s advanced filtration with dual
internal filters and optional custom pre-filtration. Special features: 349 watts, nine plates, automatic flow control,
ORP output of up to -800, pH output of up to 11.3.
LIFE 9200 (choose white or black, 100V or 220V)
MESH Technology
EF Technology
$2997.00 $2847.00
LIFE 8100
UV Light Technology
$2597.00 $2497.00
AlkaPod Portable Water Ionizer
The AlkaPod is a portable water dispenser that converts regular water into alkaline
and ionized water that anyone can drink anytime, anywhere.
The AlkaPod uses 13 types of minerals in its filter including Tourmaline, Zeolite and Maifanshi stone.
These have been scientifically combined to give the optimal effect to the source water. No electricity
The AlkaPod's design and unique internal filter are patented. The AlkaPod is portable and convenient,
making it a perfect travel companion. Makes 13 oz at a time. 12 month usage based on 2-3 liters per day.
AlkaPod Portable Ionizer
AlkaPod Replacement Filter
Toxikator Self pH Testing Kit
Test your pH levels easily with the Toxikator Testing Kit.
With the TOXIKATOR pH tester, it is now possible for the first time to carry out an accurate,
fast, hygienic self-test. The TOXIKATOR measures the pH value of the skin. The tests are
carried out with reliable and consistent results. Four simple strokes of the TOXIKATOR pH
tester, on the inside crook of the elbow, are sufficient enough to determine the acid-alkaline
levels. A single application is sufficient to determine the pH value. After applying the strokes,
a visible (washable) blue stain will be left on the skin. This initial blue stain will change color
to a pink tone in a matter of time. The speed of the color change indicates whether
hyperacidity is present. Can be used up to 120 times.
Toxikator pH Test Kit
$49.95 888-742-3404
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Detoxification is an important part of any health regimen.
Toxins are everywhere: in the food we eat, the air we breathe and many of
the materials we come in contact with every day. Ionic foot baths, far infrared
and ozone therapy are some of the natural methods used to combat toxicity.
Renovati Ionic Detox Foot Baths
Ionic Foot Baths 4 5
Far 10
Test Kits 6
Ozone 7
Oral Detox 5
The Renovati Foot Bath helps detoxify the Lymphatic System.
You can add sonic therapy for further benefits.
The Renovati Ionic Whole Body Detox Footbath Systems are the most innovative in the
marketplace today, featuring extensive scientific research and a triple safety system to ensure
utmost protection for the user. All systems are offered in digital and/or manual controls with an
on screen digital information center letting the user know if the mineral content is just right,
current time left and system status. The variety of models are designed for home or
professional use with one system injecting 20,000+ healing frequencies known to aid the body
in healing. Many users have noticed a strengthened immune system, improved sleep and
some have reported pain relief in various parts of the body.
Foot Bath Unit
Renovati Cleanse II
5 Years
Renovati Cleanse IV Dual
5 Years
Renovati Cleanse IV
Renovati Cleanse V
Renovati Cleanse V Dual
# of Users
at Once
Aqua Sonic
5 Years
5 Years
5 Years
Tub and 20 liners
included FREE with
any foot bath above.
Made in the USA
We now have arrays made
specifically for Bio Cleanse units.
Renovati Accessories
The Renovati Array can last between 90 and 120 sessions and is also
compatible with any Bio Cleanse unit.
Sea-Onic solution helps to condition the water to allow for quicker absorption,
and contains over 70 trace minerals required for the optimal health of the blood
and lymphatic fluids. Sea-Onic increases the life of the array.
The Harmonic Comfort Chair is
a great add-on to a foot bath. It
is the ultimate in Vibro- accoustic
Therapy, showering the body
with sound waves while the user
sits and relaxes to soothing
music or healing tones.
The Aqua Sonic Therapy System can be
added to the foot bath to provide a set of
resonant frequencies used to treat common
ailments. These are designed to restore
healthy oscillation of the cells and rid the body
of impurities. You will feel more balanced.
Included with V and V Dual units.
Aqua Sonic Therapy
Foot Tub/20 Liners (with purchase of unit)
Extra Array (alone)
Harmonic Comfort Chair
Foot Tub/20 Liners (alone)
Sea-Onic Solution
SS-8 (8 oz.)
Extra Array (with purchase of unit)
SS-16 (16 oz.) $37.95
BBSCHAIR 888-742-3404
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Detoxification Suppositories allow for quick absorption and faster elimination of toxins.
Detoxamin Suppositories
Detoxamin offers the advantages of
intravenous EDTA chelation at a fraction of the cost.
Detoxification suppositories allow for better absorption and faster toxin elimination.
EDTA attracts and binds heavy metals, allowing them to be easily removed by
urination and normal bowel functions. We offer Detoxamin in a variety of strengths for
adults and as a special formula for children. There are 30 suppositories in each
container. Use every other day. Quantity discounts are available.
Kids - 375mg
1 for $199.00
1 for $219.00
1 for $185.00
2 for $378.00
2 for $418.00
2 for $350.00
3 for $537.00
3 for $597.00
3 for $495.00
Xeneplex, Endosterol, Glytamins and Medicardium Suppositories
Endosterol supports prostate and
female health, reduces inflammation
and improves immune functions.
Medicardium is designed to
remove heavy metals like mercury,
lead, arsenic and aluminum.
Xeneplex contains organic coffee
and glutathione which help remove
pesticides, herbicides, smoke, etc.
Glytamins improve liver, gallbladder
and kidney function by cleansing and
regenerating the organs.
Save with mix and match! Any two for $163 - any three for $237 - any six for $444!
Each box contains ten suppositories; take one every third day for 30 days. See website for complete list of ingredients.
Free Toxic Times CD with each order of these suppositories. Quantity Discounts Available.
Ellagica Ellagic Acid
Detoxamin Oral
Detoxamin Oral combines food-based
cardiovascular oriented health
ingredients with the benefits of EDTA.
Ellagica Ellagic Acid Supplements can
help problems with yeast, bacteria,
parasites, cancer and more.
Ellagic acid has been clinically shown to possess
broad spectrum anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal,
anti-parasitical, anti-cancer, anti-oxidant, antimutagenic and cardioprotective properties. Ellagica
contains USP grade ellagic acid blended with herbs
that support healthy coagulation parameters.
One Bottle ELG1
Three Bottles ELG3
Detoxamin Oral
Detoxamin Oral is a great adjunct to suppository
therapy. It provides additional support for your
chosen therapy for blood clots, blockages, varicose
veins, easy bruising, inflammation, arteriosclerosis
and more.
DETORAL 888-742-3404
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Be aware of your body functions with Check Test Kits.
The AntiOxidantCheck test kit
measures levels of lipid peroxides
to determine free radical activity in
your body. Measuring levels of
lipid peroxides provides a good
indication of your antioxidant
levels - your body’s main defense
against free radicals. Free
radicals are unstable molecules
that can attack the cells of your
The MineralCheck Heavy Metals test kit evaluates levels
of the following elements in your body. Minerals are
essential for the body’s production of energy and in
performing other important biochemical functions.
Minerals: Calcium, Chromium, Cobalt, Copper,
Magnesium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Strontium, Sulfur,
Vanadium, Zinc
Toxins: Aluminum, Antimony, Arsenic, Bismuth,
Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, Nickel, Tin
Visit our website for more Check Test Kits.
Look under Detoxification, Test Kits.
Fingertip Pulse
OxyFlush is designed to clean harmful
undigested material from the colon.
OxyFlush capsules are natural minerals bonded to
oxygen and ozone. The active oxygen is released into
your intestines and colon and turns all waste materials
and mucous into liquefied carbon dioxide and water
which is then gently eliminated. There is no
accompanying muscle weakness or loss of
Three Bottles
Six Bottles
The Fingertip Pulse Oximeter is so small it
will fit almost anywhere. Use it at home,
work or the gym to keep track of your blood oxygen levels (SpO2). Precise
enough to be used by healthcare professionals, it can also be used at high
altitudes, and in low or high temperatures.
One year warranty
The unit has an automatic power off feature to save the battery’s life.
Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
All Natural Home and Food Sanitation
Lotus Ozone Sanitizing System
The Lotus Sanitizing
system infuses water with
ozone to neutralize up to
99.9% of bacteria and
pesticides on foods.
Clean foods and surfaces
without chemicals.
You can also use Lotus to
infuse water in the included spray bottle attachment and sanitize surfaces with
one of the Lotus microfiber cleaning cloths also included with the system.
Among many other things, Lotus activated water removes stains, mold and
mildew and deodorizes.
Lotus Sanitizing System
Measures your blood oxygen
level and pulse in seconds.
Nature Kleen Food Sanitizer
The Nature Kleen rids your food
of pesticides, chemicals and
Nature Kleen
The Nature Kleen is a convenient
counter top device that uses oxygenated
water to sanitize foods and make them
better to eat. It's effective and easy to
use. Great for treating drinking water.
Nature Kleen produces Tri-Atomic
oxygen when combined with water and
releases oxygen to clean and kill bacteria
and viruses in the water by oxidation.
NKLEEN 888-742-3404
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Ozone Therapy is used for a wide variety of applications.
Introducing the O3Elite Ozone Generator
You spoke and we listened. We compiled surveys, testimonials and comments about ozone
therapy and ozone generators and used that information to create the all new O3Elite Dual Stage
Ozone Generator. Months of research and testing have evolved into one of the very best ozone
machines on the market. Includes a Five Year Warranty.
Inside the O3Elite Ozone Generator:
No plastic fittings or connectors - comes standard with 316 grade stainless steel Luer lock fittings.
Use one or two cells, depending on your application. Each cell is fully adjustable.
New 100-240 Volt power supply - use it anywhere in the world without a step-down transformer.
Extremely quiet, no loud buzz; highly efficient, cleanable ozone cells. No cooling fans needed.
Included check valve protects the unit from water entering the ozone generator.
Wall mount holes - now you can mount it in any room, easily move it, or keep it on a flat surface.
Specifications of the O3Elite:
Luer Lock
Your O3Elite comes with: 6 feet silicon tubing and 5 feet oxygen
tubing (includes Luer lock adapter); 2 silicon adapters; ozone DVD;
instructional manual; gamma chart; power adapter; ozone
resistance check valve
Corona Discharge
Check Valve: .25 psi
Input: 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 0.5 amps
3/16” Tube Size
Ozone Output: up to 90 gammas
O3Elite Ozone Generator
Output: 11-13V
Dimensions: 9”x7”x3”
Be sure to add an oxygen source if you don’t already have one. See page 9 for optional accessories.
Power Prep Phoenix Oxygen Concentrator
The Power Prep Phoenix Oxygen Concentrator generates up to
90% pure oxygen from room air.
This new state of the art oxygen concentrator uses pressure swing adsorption (PSA) air separation technology resulting in
outstanding oxygen purity and superior dewpoint. The Power Prep Phoenix is the next generation lightweight, 0-3 LPM
oxygen concentrator able to boost outputs and concentration levels of ozone generators and has been enhanced for superior
durability and reliability. Ideal for use in ozone therapy.
120V 60 Hz
220V 60 Hz
220V 50 Hz
230V 50 Hz
Ozonated Olive Oil
Promolife’s Ozonated Olive Oil is made from extra virgin,
cold pressed, organic olive oil.
Pure, medical grade oxygen is used to make our salve. Ozonated olive oil is often used to re-oxygenate skin
tissue and may be effective for dry skin, eczema, athlete’s foot, insect bites, psoriasis, sunburns, skin ulcers,
burns, diaper rash, fungal infections, dermatitis, wrinkles, bed sores, herpes simplex, hemorrhoids, gingivitis,
acne, ringworm, infections and much more. It can also be used after surgery to help prevent secondary
infections. If used during massage, it will enter the tissues, oxidizing lactic acid and other toxins to aid in
One Jar
Three Jars
Five Jars
Two Jars
Four Jars
Six Jars
Quantity Discounts Are Available
NOTE: No health claims are being made for these products. All ozone products are for recreational purposes only. Consult a physician before starting any new health routine.
7 888-742-3404
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Steam provides many benefits alone and is a great addition to Ozone Therapy.
Steam Sauna Pro
Steam saunas are known for relaxing muscles, relieving stress,
increasing circulation and burning calories.
The Steam Sauna Pro is used around the world
by estheticians and health practitioners for body
treatments, and home users for relaxation and
detoxification. Aromatherapy and Ayurveda
treatments are easily created by placing oils and
herbs in the cabinet. The Steam Sauna Pro's
compact size, weight and built-in wheels allow
for easy portability. No plumbing or special
electrical wiring is required. It is made with a
durable fiberglass hard shell and adjustable
contoured seat. It plugs into a regular 110 volt
outlet and only takes up a 2’ x 3’ space. Ten
temperature settings allow for customization of
your steam session.
Redwood Foot Rest and Lumbar Pillow are included free!
Steam Sauna Pro
Ozone Ready Model
Worry-Free Controls
Two Yea
Catalog Only Sale!
Steam Vent and Adjustable Seat
Redwood Foot Rest
Lumbar Pillow
Aromatherapy and Oil Treatments for your Steam Sauna Pro
Organic Oil Treatments add a new dimension to your steam sauna treatment.
Relaxation Weight Loss
Maximum Detoxification
Sore Joint Muscle Pain
Relaxation RELORG $109.00
Weight Loss WLORG
Sore Joints SORE $139.00
Max Detox
All Four ORG5 $499.95
MAXORG $129.00
Add Aromatherapy to your Steam Sauna Pro session for added relaxation.
Water Soluble Aroma Oils Four Pack
Soothing (1/2 oz) - balsam fir needle, lemon, eucalyptus, juniper berry, myrtle
Purify (1/2 oz) - patchouli, sage, peppermint, tea tree
Energize (1/2 oz) - lemon, peppermint, rosemary, sweet orange
Relaxation (1/2 oz) - sweet orange, tangerine, lemon, bergamot, lavender, chamomile 888-742-3404
Free Shipping Financing Available Over 1200 Products Online
Portable Home Steam Sauna
The Portable Home Steam Sauna is an easy to use and affordable unit
for enjoying the benefits of steam sauna therapy.
The warm vapors of the Portable Home Steam Sauna stimulate blood circulation, reduce
muscular discomfort, flush out toxins, make your skin bloom, and help relieve congestion.
The Portable Home Steam Sauna needs no plumbing, wiring, or time-consuming
maintenance. It sets up in minutes without tools.
Simply pour water into the exclusive high performance steamer, plug it into a standard
outlet, and in minutes you'll be enjoying your own private sauna. The manual control
steamer features a stainless steel liner, glass cover, and auto shut-off (should the water run
out), and has both CE and TUV/GS certifications.
Portable Home Steam Sauna
See below for package deals that include this sauna.
Two Year
SALE! $299.95
Ozone, Oxygen and Steam Packages
Experience the ultimate in rejuvenation with our ozone steam sauna packages.
O3Elite Ozonator
For more information,
see page 7 of this catalog.
Packages E22 and E55 contain everything you need to combine the benefits of ozone,
steam and oxygen. The E22 includes the O3Elite Ozone Generator, the Portable
Home Steam Sauna and the required tubes and adatpers. The E55 includes the
O3Elite Ozone Generator, the Steam Sauna Pro and the required tubes and adapters.
Steam Sauna Pro
Oxygen Concentrator
Oxygen tanks also available. Call us for more information.
E22 Package
S515LF Oxygen Concentrator (refurbished)
O3Elite w/S515LF Concentrator
If you do not already have an oxygen source, you can choose from our refurbished
S515LF (see left) or the new Power Prep Phoenix (page 7) at an additional cost. If you
already have a steam sauna you can get our ozone and oxygen package which
includes the O3Elite and your choice of the above mentioned oxygen concentrators.
E55 Package
Power Prep O2 Concentrator (new)
O3Elite w/Power Prep Concentrator
Ozone Glassware and Accessories
Enhance your ozone treatments.
Promolife offers oil bubblers for breathing ozone,
glassware cups with built-in ozone destructors to
concentrate ozone on a particular part of the body,
humidifiers for use with earscopes, limb bags and
insufflations, ear stethoscopes for insufflating ozone
into the ears, catheters for rectal insufflations and
water bubblers for drinking ozonated water.
Oil Bubbler
2 Inch Cup
Ozone Humidifier
Water Bubbler
3 Inch Cup
Note: Rectal catheters are available with quantity
discounts on our website under Ozone Therapy. A
humidifier bottle is recommended for rectal or ear
4 Inch Cup
VM12 888-742-3404
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Far Infrared Therapy can provide detoxification, relaxation and pain relief.
Far Infrared Heat penetrates deep in the body (approximately two to four
inches) and helps expand and dilate peripheral blood vessels. This helps
bring relief to muscles and soft tissue injuries through increased circulation
and accelerated production of compounds the body makes to heal. The
increased blood circulation delivers oxygen-rich blood to injured muscles,
helping speed up the body's natural recovery process.
Far infrared therapy also relieves the stiffness, aches and soreness
associated with aging. It is better than having a personal masseuse. An
increase in blood circulation encourages a healthy flow of nutrients to your
skin that in turn helps to relieve acne, eczema, psoriasis and burns. It will
also encourage the healing of lesions and minor cuts. For more far infrared
products, visit
Therasage Instant Calmer Healing Pads
Therasage Healing Pads combine far infrared and negative ions
to provide natural pain relief and no electromagnetic radiation.
Therasage has completely revolutionized personal heating products with its
proprietary line of Healing Pads. Conventional pads use electric heating coils and
emit high levels of EMF. They only heat the skin, while Therasage pads create
penetrating far infrared heat with no EMF radiation. In addition, the “enriched air”
technology brings the benefits of negative ions to every user.
7 lbs
Safety features, including an on/off digital timer with auto shut-off, make this unique
product a must have for everyone. Users often experience natural pain relief, with
safe, long-lasting and therapuetic heat. Our healing pads use all natural pure Jade
stone and antibacterial materials, in a soft and flexible pad built for comfort. Now
includes an improved, user friendly remote control and a limited one year warranty.
These are some of the most popular pads we’ve ever offered.
5 lbs
25 lbs
Bio-Mat Far Infrared Heat Mats
21” x 30”
14” x 20”
70” x 25”
$100 discount on Pro-mats
for professionals
Relax your body, reduce fatigue and enhance your
health with a Far Infrared Bio-Mat.
The Bio-Mat uses far infrared heat and negative ions to provide a
number of benefits, including improved immune function, reduced
fatigue, less joint pain and stiffness, better circulation and improved skin.
It can also help burn unwanted calories. The pad does not get as hot as
other heating pads – you get more warmth and benefits without burning your skin by using deep penetrating far infrared. If any part of the pad gets too
warm, current is shut off by thermal sensors located throughout the pad. It comes with a control box to adjust temperature.
Single Jade 2000MX
35.43" x 77.81"
Queen Amethyst 2000MX
55.11" x 77.81"
Single Amethyst 2000MX
Queen Jade/Tour. 2000MX
35.43" x 77.81"
55.11" x 77.81"
Professional Bio-Mat (pictured)
28.91" x 77.81"
Amethyst Pillow
19” x 12” x 4.3”
Mini Mat Amethyst 2000MX
20" x 34"
$279.95 888-742-3404
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Saunex Far Infrared Sauna Cabinet
Ultra Low EMF
The Saunex Far Infrared Sauna allows you to enjoy the benefits of far infrared in
an easy to clean, modern cabinet. Great for places where sanitation is important.
The Saunex far infrared sauna system is designed to completely surround you with far infrared heaters
that are safe to the touch. The cabinet's interior is almost completely covered with our specially
developed heaters, providing you with an unsurpassed evenness of heat.
The heater assembly's design allows the heaters to be close to the body for optimum heat absorption
without risk of burns. The far infrared spectrum's effectiveness in deep penetrating heat allows you to
sweat at a lower, more comfortable temperature, which allows many people to tolerate a sauna who can
not use a traditional one.
The design, shape and size of this sauna system were derived directly from the form of the human body.
The shape of an average human being sitting in a comfortable position was drawn and the cabinet was
then created in computer space to surround the body up to the neck, leaving approximately 4" to 6" of
space between the cabinet walls and the body.
Saunex Sauna Cabinet
Ozone Compatible Saunex
See our Portable Far Infrared Saunas on page 13.
Far Infrared Thermal Bag
The Far Infrared Thermal Bag allows you to wrap your body in far infrared heat.
Far infrared can aid in detoxification, weight loss, pain relief and increased circulation. Our three zone
heater bag allows you to immerse your body in a relaxed, supine position. It heats up quickly and includes
an intelligent control box. You can adjust temperature in five degree increments and time in five minute
segments. Great for home use, weight loss clinics, beauty salons and anywhere far infrared is needed.
Far Infrared Thermal Bag
Therasage Far Infrared Foot Rest
The Therasage Foot Rest offers an ergonomic design, even
distribution of far infrared heat and no EMF.
Recently I purchased Promolife's Far Infrared Sauna
Bag. After the birth of my children I gained about 35
pounds. I was able to lose 25 of those pounds by
myself but the last 10 pounds just wouldn't budge.
My sister told me about far infrared, so I researched
it on the internet where I found Promolife's video on
the subject. The video convinced me to try the
technology. I've only been using the FIR sauna bag
for a week, but already I've lost two of those
stubborn pounds. It's not just water loss either, for I
am drinking a lot of extra water before and after each
sauna session.
Mary from Washington, 1/22/2009
Our TheraDesign Foot Rest with far infrared and contouring TheraFoam memory foam allows you
to comfortably adjust your legs and feet to the proper angle for increased blood circulation, reduced
fatigue and less stress. An adjustable time and temperature control maximizes the effectiveness of
the far infrared. The extra long reach foot pedal switch allows you a two hour time reset with the
flick of your foot. It promotes proper posture, is made of antibacterial materials and is easy to use.
Therasage Foot Rest
6”H x 17”W x 13”D
7 lbs
$125.00 888-742-3404
Free Shipping Financing Available Over 1200 Products Online
Far Infrared Clothing
Far infrared clothing allows you to have the benefits of far infrared anywhere you go.
Far infrared is great for reducing arthritis pain and
inflammation, promoting regeneration, enhancing white
blood cell function, relaxing muscles, improving
metabolism, reducing fatigue and improving overall
health. These clothing items contain far infrared
emitting fibers that will not be removed by washing. By
focusing the energy on knees, hands, and feet you can
relieve some of the problems associated with those areas, like ankle pain, carpal tunnel and knee strain.
Knee Band
Half Finger Gloves (M or F)
M Undergarment Set (S/M/L/XL)
W Shaping Undergament (S/M/L) FGSF003
Head Cap (Gray or White)
Therapy Gloves
Therapy Socks
W Undergarment Set (S/M/L/XL)
A-Shirt (M/L/XL)
T-Shirt (S/M/L/XL)
Visit our website for our complete line of Far Infrared Clothing.
Far Infrared Bedding
Enjoy the benefits of far infrared therapy while you sleep.
Far Infrared Sheet Twin
Far infrared bedding is comfortable, warm and covers your body in far infrared rays. Our far infrared
fiber is made from 95% polypropylene and 5% special lead-free ceramics. Special technology is
used to integrate the ceramics with the bedding in a way that makes very comfortable sheets,
blankets and other goods.
Far Infrared Pillow Case
Far Infrared Sheet Queen
Far Infrared Mini Quilt
Far Infrared Quilt Queen
Far Infrared Quilt Twin
TDP Far Infrared Mineral Lamps
Relieve pain and treat chronic ailments with a TDP Lamp.
FDA cleared
TDP Lamps are often called Miracle Lamps due to their ability to relieve pain, promote
microcirculation and metabolism, and treat a wide array of chronic ailments. The curing plate is
coated with a mineral formation of 50 elements that are essential to the human body. When heated
to a certain temperature, it emits unique bio-spectrum electromagnetic waves that are easily
absorbed by the body. Using only 250 watts, these lamps are great energy savers too.
A. Floor version
The plate is .5 to 1.5 millimeters in thickness and provides stability and protection for the more fragile
mineral layer, and distributes heat evenly on the plate. The absorbed energy promotes
microcirculation and metabolism, and strengthens the immune system. See our website for more
information and for a list of possible uses for TDP Lamps.
Floor version, manual (not pictured)
B. Table version
Double-head version, electronic (not pictured)
GO3 888-742-3404
Free Shipping Financing Available Over 1200 Products Online
“It works great; my skin cleared
up almost instantly, and I can
definitely tell that there is
detoxing going on.” - Paige
Portable Far Infrared Saunas
Receive the benefits of far infrared anywhere at any time
with the Portable Far Infrared Sauna.
This convenient portable sauna uses far infrared to help relax muscles, improve complexion, relieve pain,
burn calories and help eliminate toxins. It’s easy to store and easy to use and because it uses only 1000
watts, it has a lower operating cost. The entire sauna weighs 15 pounds and folds flat. Just plug it in, turn
it on and enjoy the many benefits of far infrared, like detoxification, weight loss, pain relief and increased
circulation. Your head stays free to watch television, or let your hands stay outside to read. It comes with
an electric timer/temperature control and a folding chair. There are two types of heaters: a ceramic box
heater that sits under the seat (and can be used for heat outside the sauna) or a foot pad heater.
Regular - 27”W x 32”D x 38”H
Large - 31”W x 38”D x 42”H
Regular - 27”W x 32”D x 38”H
Large - 31”W x 38”D x 42”H
Ceramic Heater
Ceramic Heater
Foot Pad Heater
Foot Pad Heater
Therasage Portable Far Infrared Sauna
The Therasage Portable Far Infrared Sauna uses tourmaline and
negative ions to give you deep, penetrating heat therapy.
Therasage has completely revolutionized personal heating products with its patented line of far infrared
portable saunas. The Therasage uses 128 tourmaline stones embedded in an activated carbon fiber panel
to transfer soothing far infrared heat to your body. This results in a more natural and more therapeutic far
infrared experience.
The Therasage Portable Sauna sets up in minutes, can be folded and stored under the bed or in a closet
and uses all natural Tourmaline and negative ion therapy. This sauna is easy to use, has a long lasting
therapuetic effect and uses standard household power.
Patented infrared system. Total weight 30 lbs. 45”D x 34”W x 33” H.
Therasage Portable Sauna
Healing Heat Far Infrared Sauna Dome
Detoxify, improve your immune system and relieve pain with the
Far Infrared Dome Sauna.
The Far Infrared Dome Sauna is a full body enclosure that surrounds you with
beneficial far infrared heat. Far infrared can aid detoxification, relieve pain, increase
circulation, improve metabolism and more. The Dome shell pulls out to 72” long,
25” wide and 18” high and the inside is composed of a solid smooth carbon sheet
making it easy to clean with a damp cloth. No plastic is used in the heater. There is
a water resistant mat to keep sweat off the floor or massage table. You can adjust
time and temperature with the control box. Cover your body with far infrared and
relax – the Dome will do the rest. 900 watts. Made in South Korea.
The Vita-Mat uses far infrared heat to soothe and relax your
body, and uses a patented technology that eliminates
dangerous EMF. The Vita-Mat harnesses the healing power
of far infrared from natural jade, germanium, charcoal and
yellow mud. It can help relieve pain, improve circulation and
strengthen the immune system. Use alone or in combination
with the Dome. Save by buying together!
Far Infrared Sauna Dome
Combo Package (Save $100!)
See our website for more information on the Vita-Mat. 888-742-3404
Free Shipping Financing Available Over 1200 Products Online
SaunaGen Far Infrared Saunas
Three Person
Melt your stress away in a handcrafted Royal Far Infrared Sauna.
Our new Royal Carbon Fiber Far Infrared Saunas look great and produce deep, soothing, penetrating heat
for the relief of arthritis, back pain, muscle aches and more. Far infrared has been shown to aid
detoxification, burn calories, relax muscles, increase circulation and improve immune function. Carbon
fiber heaters emit an even temperature throughout the sauna and are not hot to the touch.
Two Person
The Royal includes a control panel with adjustable time and temperature, an mp3 adapter, colored therapy
lights, and a radio. It’s a showpiece in any home, is easy to use and exceeds all US and European
About Infrared Saunas
The heat source for infrared saunas is Far Infrared. FIR is simply a form of energy that is
directly transmitted onto objects because of its specific wavelength. It has nothing to do
with ultraviolet light which is known to cause sunburn and damage skin. Conventional
saunas transfer heat by circulating hot air, warming your body from your head down.
Infrared heat rays warm your body directly. This allows an in-depth heat at a more
pleasant temperature of 100-150°F, providing more health benefits and a highly enjoyable
and comfortable environment.
Lift gate fees may
Beyond point
shipping addresses
may require some
shipping charges.
Call 888-742-3404
for complete quote.
Colored Ceiling Lights in Multiple Colors
Two Person
Three Person
Inside Dimensions
Outside Dimensions
57.6” x 39.7” x 69.3”
62.2” x 43.3” x 74.8”
44.6” x 37.6” x 69.3”
49.2” x 41.3” x 74.8”
See our website for TheraSauna and Precision Far Infrared Saunas, accessories and more.
Far Infrared Thermal Dome and Chi Vitalizer Package
The Far Infrared Thermal Dome Energy Booster treats sections of your
body, while the Chi Vitalizer gives you low impact exercise.
Dome sold separately or in a package.
The Far Infrared Thermal Dome Energy Booster is used to direct Far Infrared
(FIR) heat to a specific part of the body without the need to sweat or to treat the
entire body. It is ideal for isolating areas for weight loss, pain relief or other
The Chi Vitalizer Swing Machine will get you moving without high impact
exercise. Everything about it speaks quality. It is the strongest unit on the
market. At 20 pounds, it provides a smoother, gentler experience. The
combination is a popular one among many far infrared enthusiasts. Combine the
benefits of exercise and far infrared for a whole body experience.
Far Infrared Thermal Dome and Chi Vitalizer Package
Far Infrared Thermal Dome
FIRBOOST 888-742-3404
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Far Infrared Pads and Braces
Far Infrared Pads and Wraps offer a wide variety of benefits.
Our Deluxe Heating Pad offers long lasting relief for a wide variety of aches and pains from
your neck to your toes. The Pad does not have bulky coils or hot spots like traditional heating
pads, making it safer and more comfortable. It combines our even lower level Far Infrared
Heat technology with a large surface heating pad to provide you with therapeutic heat that
doubles as a bed heater to keep you warm. Our Wraps are ergonomically designed with our
3D Ergonomic Tailoring, contoured to the curvature of the joint and built with neoprene and
fleece for mild compression and ultimate fit.
Deluxe Heating Pad
Wrist Wrap
Wrist Wrap
Ankle Wrap
Ankle Wrap
Knee Wrap
Knee Wrap (Regular - 12" to 18" knee | Max - 18" to 23" knee)
Neck and Shoulder Wrap
Back Wrap
Neck Wrap
Back Wrap (Regular - up to 40" waist | Max - 40" to 52" waist)
Neck Wrap
Elbow Wrap
Shoulder Wrap
Shoulder Wrap (Reg - 32" to 40" chest | Max - 40" to 52" chest)
12 Volt Car Charger for Rechargeable Wraps
Pad 24”x36”
Also available:
Heated clothing, biker
gear and Real-Tree
heated hunting gear.
Visit Heated Clothing at
Product Code
SH-35 and SH-35MAX
SH-55 and SH-55MAX
SH-45 and SH-45MAX
$129.95 and $139.95
$129.95 and $139.95
$129.95 and $139.95
QFiber Body and Wrist Wraps
Qfiber body and wrist wraps use far infrared to provide relief and healing for your body.
Qfiber wraps use gentle far infrared heat that goes deep into tissues to relax various parts of your body.
They do not give off harmful electromagnetic frequencies and are used by athletes of every level for injury
recuperation, circulatory improvement and performance enhancement. The Qfiber Versatile Body Wrap
can be used to treat knees, legs, elbows, arms, ankles, shoulders and most other parts of your body. It
includes a strap that can be used to treat the lumbar, back, abdomen and hips. It is the perfect all around
therapy wrap and is excellent for use in the car, relaxing on the couch, working at your desk or on the go.
The Qfiber Wrist Wrap is great for relieving the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis.
Qfiber Far Infrared Versatile Body Wrap
Qfiber Far Infrared Wrist Wrap
(up to 52” waist)
$59.95 888-742-3404
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Bidets provide superior cleanliness and can save you money.
Do you suffer from constipation or hemorrhoids? Do you desire a greater
level of cleanliness? Do you spend too much on toilet paper? Do you want
to help the environment? If you said yes to any of these questions, a bidet
is your answer.
Palm Travel Bidet
Now you can feel safe and
always clean no matter
where you travel.
Bidets come with a variety of features that leave you cleaner than you can
get using toilet paper. The soft stream of water can relax hemorrhoids and
help relieve constipation. Plus, using less toilet paper is great for the
Simplet BB-50 Bidet
The Simplet BB-50
Bidet is the easiest and
most economical.
Ever feel uneasy in an unfamiliar
bathroom when you're traveling? Our
portable Palm Travel Bidet is a must
when you are using a toilet away from
home. Simply add warm tap water to
the portable device for a satisfying
warm water stream. This bidet comes
in a designer box with spare nozzle, carrying travel bag, battery locking device
and two AA batteries. Available in the colors of cool blue and warm beige.
and is the simplest to use with the least amount of hookup. The Simplet features a
removable splash guarded nozzle for better hygiene. It has proven to be very
Duo BB-250 Bidet
Prestige BB-800 Bidet
Palm Travel Bidet
The Duo BB-250 Bidet
comes with a usercontrolled warm water
feature and temperature
control knob along with a
hot water bypass function.
With the convenient dual
nozzle system, users can
choose the water stream
they want to use: a softer
mist action water stream for feminine use and a satisfying efficient water stream
for a posterior wash. The Duo BB-250 Bidet features dual self-cleaning nozzles.
No electricity or battery required. Requires hot and cold water connection.
Duo BB-250 Bidet
“We are very satisfied with the
product for a small fraction of
the cost of the Toto. Would
absolutely recommend it!” Geraldine
It requires no battery or electricity
Simplet BB-50 Bidet
The Prestige BB-800
adds massage and
luxury to your routine.
The Prestige seat will keep you
on top of cleanliness and
elegance. A newly designed
control panel provides easy
operation. Enjoy Anterior,
Posterior and the new Turbo
wash - different water streams
for different needs. The Prestige features a seat sensor, warm air dry, massage,
a hydraulic heated seat and more. Requires electrical outlet.
Prestige BB-800 Bidet
Premium BB-i3000 Bidet
The Premium BB-i3000 Bidet uses the latest technology to maximize
therapeutic benefits for personal hygiene.
It introduces a patented invention of a hygienic nozzle with VORTEX water stream. The VORTEX water
stream has been scientifically designed to surge a mass of water in a helix motion, which alleviates
difficult bowel movements by loosening the dry hardened feces from the bowels. This is a natural and
non-abrasive alternative to laxatives. Available in white or beige. No electrical outlet required.
Premium BB-i3000 Bidet
More bidets are available on our website under Bed & Bath. 888-742-3404
Free Shipping Financing Available Over 1200 Products Online
Shower Filters allow you to reduce or remove contaminates for a clean, true shower.
Paragon Shower Filter
The Paragon Shower Filter removes harsh chemicals from your shower water.
This filter reduces mold and soap buildup on shower walls while eliminating hard scale buildup in your water. It will help
to reduce the harsh effects from chemicals like chlorine. It also helps to eliminate eye irritation and itchy skin. Filter life is
up to 12 months.
Paragon Shower Filter
$69.95 $49.95
Replacement cartridge
Hand-Held Shower Filter
Shower with peace of mind with the Hand-held Shower Filter.
The Hand-held Shower Filter combines the ease and convenience of showering with a hand-held showerhead
and peace of mind from showering in filtered water. The attractively designed shower handle has an adjustable
massage spray showerhead and a reversible filter cartridge in the handle. The shower handle raises the
showerhead height by a full 10", providing for better posture and a healthier shower. Included is a 72"
reinforced nylon hose and a swivel mounting bracket.
Replacement Filter
Sprite Pure-Spray 8 Shower Filter
All-In-One is the world's first shower head with an internal filtering system.
The patented line of compact filtered shower heads combine exclusive "ShowerX - Filtration Technology" with
multiple function shower sprays. While high strength construction and triple plated components produce
maximum structural integrity, Sprite's contemporary designs ensure that the All-In-Ones will compliment any
shower environment.
White (shown)
Brushed Nickel
Replacement Cartridge
Organic Wool Covers
SnugSoft and SnugFleece Wool Massage Table Covers
SnugFleece wool is sanitized with Ultra-Fresh to prevent the growth of microorganisms. It is
locked in the fibers during wool blending to withstand dry cleaning and washing, and will last the
life of the product. Ultra-Fresh prevents odors and guards against premature deterioration caused
by dust, mold, and mildew. No toxic chemicals are used. All massage table covers are 30" x 73".
Deluxe Table Cover
Original Table Cover
The Original Style is pure wool. Dry clean/vacuuming recommended.1 3/4" pile height, 86 oz
wool/linear yard - Pure cotton backing. The Elite, Imperial and Deluxe are wool interwoven with a
poly thread, making them machine washable for cleanliness and convienience. Elite: 1 1/2" pile
height, 65 oz wool/linear yard. Imperial: 1 1/4" pile height, 55oz wool/linear Yard. Deluxe: 1" pile
height, 40 oz wool/linear yard.
Imperial Table Cover
Wool Crescent Cover
Elite Table Cover
We also offer wool mattress bed covers, organic sheets, comforters and pillow cases at our website under Bed & Bath. 888-742-3404
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Heated Clothing
Wintersports Heated Vests
Eliminate the bulk and stay warm with heated clothing.
For our full line of
12V and
heated clothing,
visit Heated
Clothing at our
Our Wintersports clothing features the latest in battery and heating
technology to enable you to create your own personal micro-climate because
nothing should come between you and your passion - not even Mother
Nature. Layering is NOT the most effective way to stay warm. Traditional
outerwear attempts to trap your body heat between layers. Active heating
provides the ideal solution in cold climates.
Xtreme Comfort Technology utilizes revolutionary micro-alloy heating fibers
that do away with primitive wiring and result in coil-free and lightweight
heated clothing. The heating panels are soft, pliable, and ultra thin. They
evenly distribute energy efficient, single sided radiant heat to ensure that
heat will stay next to the body where you need it most.
Heated Fleece Vest (S/M/L/XL) Pictured
Heated Softshell Jacket (M/L/XL)
Women’s Nylon Vest (S/L/XL) Pictured
Universal Heated Insole Overlays
Cold Therapy
Also available:
pant liners, insoles,
jackets, jacket
liners, gloves,
RealTree heated
hunting gear and
Polar Phase Change Cooling Vests
Polar Phase Change Cooling Vests release long lasting, temperature specific cooling energy.
Phase Change Cooling Vests are specifically designed to provide comfort and heat stress protection. They
deliver a constant 58 degree temperature for up to three hours. They are non-toxic and non-flammable. The
cooling performance is not impacted by humidity or outside temperature. The Phase Change Cooling Packs
can be reused over and over by simply submersing the pack in ice water or placing it in a refrigerator or freezer.
Zipper Style
Poncho Khaki
Zipper Khaki XXL
Style 3 M/L
Poncho Style (PVC - 6 lbs) - Fully adjustable at the shoulders and sides with Velcro, lightweight and easy to
put on. One size will fit people from 110-250 lbs. Zipper Style (PCVZ - 6 lbs) - Adjustable with Velcro straps
on the shoulders and sides with an easy to pull zipper. Available in M/L (110-175 lbs), L/XL (175-310 lbs), and
XXL (275-360 lbs, khaki only). Style 3 (PCVZ3) - Adjustable at the sides and shoulders, plus front zipper.
Available in M/L (100-175 lbs) and L/XL (175-260 lbs). Call us for larger sizes - 888-742-3404.
Style 3
Zipper Khaki M/L
Zipper Blue M/L
Style 3 L/XL
Zipper Khaki L/XL
Zipper Blue L/XL
Extra Packs
Soft Ice Cold Water System
The Soft Ice Cold Water Therapy System is easy to use cold
therapy for the entire body.
The Soft Ice Circulating Cold Water Therapy System was designed for after surgery
when serious pain relief is required, but it can be used anytime there is pain. It's
portable, easy to use and has many benefits over conventional ice packs and other cold therapies. Includes five
feet of tubing, universal wrap and elastic and Velcro belt.
Soft Ice System SI2009
Battery Pack
30 Min Timer SITIM
Find additional packs, extra wraps and other accessories on our website, or call us for information. 888-742-3404
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What are Electromagnetic Frequencies?
An electromagnetic field is an electrical type of radiation that is proven to
cause physical disruptions in the human body. EMF is created by the electric
grid system we all use. Appliances such as microwave ovens, toasters, digital
clocks, electric blankets and even baby monitors are known to emit a higherthan-safe level of EMF. The effects of EMF on the body have been shown to
BioElectric Shields
be cumulative in nature. It is more likely to affect the young, elderly, or
physically weak. Often EMF disrupts normal nerve functions, creating the risk
of neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s disease. Some studies have
shown that DNA itself can be damaged through increased free radical activity.
See more EMF products at
Shield yourself from negative energies.
The BioElectric Shield is composed of a matrix of precision cut quartz and other crystals designed to balance
and strengthen the body’s own natural energy field. By wearing or carrying this beautiful piece, you can
deflect electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and other harmful energies, including negative energy from other
people. Research has shown a measurable difference in organ strength and function. Use our brass tab
models for good, balanced results or upgrade to gold for 15% more strength. Each Shield comes with a
black satin cord. Great gift for a loved one!
Sterling silver heart with silver tabs. Mirror finish.
Sterling silver with gold tone
brass tabs. Brushed finish.
Sterling silver with gold tone
brass tabs. Mirror finish.
Sterling silver with silver tabs.
Mirror finish.
Sterling silver with silver tabs.
Brushed finish.
Brass with Brass Tabs.
Brushed finish.
Brass with Brass Tabs.
Polished finish.
Brass Room Shield protects an
entire room at once.
Satin silver with 14K gold tabs.
Polished Silver with Gold Tabs.
See more BioElectric Shields at our website under EMF Protection.
Due to fluctuating gold and silver costs, BioElectric Shield prices are subject to change. Please call for current price.
CellSensor EMF Meter
Green8 EMF Neutralizer
The CellSensor detects levels
of cell phone radiation as well
as fields generated by power
lines, appliances and other
CellSensor + Green8 Small
It's easy to use and comes with
guides on how to reduce your EMF
exposure. The CellSensor can
help you avoid areas of high EMF.
The Green8 is designed to reduce
EMF emissions, discomfort and
fatigue from a variety of cell phones
and appliances. The Small is great
for cell phones, palm devices,
laptops and cordless phones, while
the Medium works for microwaves,
CD players, televisions and circuit
breaker boxes. You can also wear
it on your body.
Green 8
Green 8 Medium
GREEN8M 888-742-3404
Free Shipping Financing Available Over 1200 Products Online
Dio-Mid Transmitter
The Dio-Mid Transmitter
provides EMF Protection 60
yards in all directions.
The world's most effective protection
from Electromagnetic Fields. The DioMid protects an area from geopathic
stress, low level EMF, microwaves and
cell tower radiation. The natural Diode
Frequencies broadcast through walls
and floors creating their own vortex
energy 60 yards in all directions. No
electricity required.
Keep your neck in top shape with
vertebrae self adjustment.
The ComforTrac Cervical Home Traction unit
has been engineered to provide maximum
comfort, efficacy, and ease of use with its
patented design. The hand pump will allow
you to self adjust the comfort and position.
The headrest is made of memory foam, the
angle of incline is easily adjusted and the one-button pump release makes the
ComforTrac easy to use. Used extensively by Physical Therapists, the ComfortTrac
will give you years of service. Includes carry case with wheels.
Neutralize harmful energies
starting with your home's
electrical wiring with the Super
Circuit Breaker Diode.
It has been found that the Super Circuit
Breaker Diode effectively helps protect you,
your family and pets from harmful EMF
radiation emitting from your electrical wiring
and many of the electrical devices in your
home, shop and office. Designed to be
placed on your home’s circuit breaker box, our Super Digital Diode has 60 frequencies
on a 3” copper disc which neutralizes harmful energies emitting from your home’s wiring.
It covers digital, wireless and analog frequencies effectively up to 4000 sq. ft.
Circuit Breaker Diode
Physical Therapy
Cervical Traction
ComforTrac Cervical Traction
Circuit Breaker Diode
Pump 4100
The Posture Pump 4100 is a
lightweight and cost effective
method to decompress and
align the cervical spine while it
works to relieve back stiffness
and discomfort. Air cells inflate
to stretch and shape the spine
while allowing you to exercise your abdominals through the built in rocking
mechanism. A leatherette comfort pad attaches the exercisers and
conveniently folds and locks together for easy travel. The comfort pad is
designed to stretch and fit all body types. Individual neck and back units
are also available on our website.
Posture Pump 4100
Magnetic Therapy
Magnetic Braces
Relieve pain from arthritis, sprains and injuries with
Platinum Magnetic Supports.
Platinum Magnetic Braces are excellent for pain caused by sprains, arthritis, bone injuries and strains.
Powerful neodymium magnets are inserted at precise locations. These supportive braces completely
saturate the area with a high energy magnetic field for maximum relief of moderate to more severe pain.
The patented thermal regulation removes perspiration and excess heat so the support can be worn
during strenuous physical activities. The Velcro strap easily adjusts for proper compression. Combines
12,300 gauss and 4,200 guass magnets at precise angles for maximum field integration.
A. Platinum Elbow Brace
B. Platinum Lumbar Support
C. Platinum Knee Support
See our website for our complete line of magnetic products.
$87.95 888-742-3404
Free Shipping Financing Available Over 1200 Products Online
Infratonic 9000
Pain Relief Devices
The Infratonic 9000 is the next generation in infratonic devices, designed
to stimulate healing energy and reduce pain.
The Infratonic 8000 was one of our most popular devices. Now we have the Infratonic 9000, a
fully portable unit with no need for a base, with all the signals of the 8000 and more. It's a total
upgrade. More powerful, more portable and made in the USA. Infratonic sound therapy
devices were designed to simulate the healing energy measured from the hands of QiGong
master healers, which has been shown to increase lymphatic circulation, reduce edema and
provide deep relaxation of muscles and the nervous system. This Infratonic is reimbursable by
some insurance companies - check with your company’s policy to determine your eligibility.
Infratonic 9000
SALE! $699.95
FDA 501(K)
Positioning Stand
Mobile Magic Infratonic
Enjoy the Infratonic benefits of pain relief and relaxation
anywhere you go with the Mobile Magic Infratonic device.
Mobile Magic Portable Infratonic
The Mobile Magic is a cordless Infratonic for pain relief, deep relaxation, and
restful sleep anywhere in the world. The Mobile Magic weighs just 12
ounces and provides an astounding 60 hours of Infratonic Therapy on a single charge, with a charger that will work
anywhere in the world.
MVT Microvibration Device
Positioning Stand
Microvibration Therapy provides revolutionary pain relief and stress reduction.
The MVT Microvibration Device is one of the most exciting technological developments in the search
to help people relieve stress and pain. It uses microvibration, a special resonant acoustic sound, and
LED light to produce remarkable physiologic responses. The MVT is a patented breakthrough
technology that combines light, sound and microvibration that induces the cells to increase energy
and communication, rapidly relieving discomfort. In detail, it allows microvibrational energy to enter
the body and be absorbed by cells. The energy strikes damaged tissue including skin, blood, muscle
and bone, creating a cellular response, reducing discomfort and jump starting the healing process.
MVT Microvibration Therapy Device
Ultrasound/TENS Combo Wand
The Ultrasound/TENS Combo Unit can help relieve pain and improve your general quality of life.
The Ultrasound Combo combines electrical therapy with ultrasound therapy in one device, making for an
innovative solution of chronic and acute muscular pain. Thanks to its simple operation, the Ultrasound/TENS
Combo can be used by anyone. Portable and professional. Fourteen TENS programs with 1 MHz
ultrasound. For technical specifications, please search for UTC1000 on our website.
Ultrasound/Tens Combo Wand
UTC1000 888-742-3404
Free Shipping Financing Available Over 1200 Products Online
ZZA700 TENS and EMS Combo Unit
TENS and EMS combo units are recommended by doctors and therapists
for the relief of pain and muscle spasms.
With a regular TENS unit the nerves causing pain can be interrupted on the way to the brain.
An EMS stimulates the muscles so they can be strengthened. Many physical problems involve
both nerve and muscle injuries. With a ZZA700 all the concerns of the disorder can be
addressed. There are five basic modes: Burst, Continuous, Modulation, Strength-Duration and
Rate Modulation. Electrodes and other units are available at our website under Pain Relief.
Combination TENS and EMS Unit
ZZA500 EMS Device
TENS Refill Kit**
Other TENS and EMS Units are available
Reliamed Digital TENS
Replacement Lead Wires
** 10 four packs of ReliaMed Self-Adhering Electrodes (2" x 2"), two 2-oz. bottles of Pre-TENS Conductive Skin Prep, one 12-oz. bottle of Vitamin E TENS lotion,
three 9-volt batteries, one package of 48" lead wires and one box of 100 ReliaMed Alcohol Prep Wipes.
Conductive Gloves (pair)
Thoracic Support Two Electrodes
Thoracic Support Six Electrodes
Full Torso Support Six Electrodes
Knee Support Two Electrodes
Ankle Support Two Electrodes
Elbow Two Electrodes
Conductive Socks (pair)
Thoracic Support Four Electrodes
Full Torso Support Two Electrodes
Full Torso Support Eight Electrodes
Knee Support Four Electrodes
Ankle Support Four Electrodes
Elbow Four Electrodes
JStim Arthritis Relief
The JStim 1000 Arthritis Therapy System is designed to
be safe and effective for treatment of arthritis pain.
Conductive garments allow
you to focus TENS energy on
one problem area.
The JStim is a proprietary electrotherapy device that works in tandem with
soft, multi-layer conductive fabric and safe infrared heat to deliver effective
and efficient therapy to the afflicted joint. These combined therapies are
compressed against the treatment site using compression wraps, allowing
the silver garment electrodes and infrared heat band to emit therapy
directly into the target joint.
The JStim works by sending tiny proprietary electrical signals to the joint,
while combining infrared heat and compression. Working in tandem with
electrotherapy, the infrared heat therapy provides deep tissue treatment.
This may help the user with increased blood circulation and reduced pain,
and may potentially provide therapeutic results for the treatment of
osteoarthiritis and/or rheumatoid arthritis.
JStim Arthritis Relief for Hand
JStim Arthritis Relief for Knee
JSTIMK 888-742-3404
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Silver Star Acupoint Massage
Infrared Light Wand
The Infrared Light Wand can help with relaxation
and pain relief using deep infrared heat.
Equipped with a small, powerful vibrating motor,
the Silver Star is designed to stimulate blood
circulation in the body.
This handheld infrared light wand with therapeutic
percussion massage provides deep relief. Infrared
heat penetrates far below the surface of the skin - up
to 2" - to soothe and comfort the nerves. Percussion
massage soothes sore muscles.
It can provide a small electronic stimulus that is
similar to the stimulus of acupuncture, when applied
to the affected area, and provides relief for stiff or
sore muscles.
Silver Star
AcuSmith V 2.0
Infrared Light Wand
Experience the sensation
of Ohm with the Ohm
tuning fork and music CD.
The AcuSmith V 2.0 utilizes a
unique electronic acupuncture
probe that reads, detects and
treats general human
conditions based on traditional
Chinese medicine theory in
The whole procedure is completed through pinpointing the specific areas
that need care. The AcuSmith includes a chart that will give you an idea of
the health of the particular acupuncture point you are reading.
Tuning Fork Package
A diagnostic and
treatment tool
all in one.
terms of meridians and acupoints.
While listening to the music on
this CD, experience feeling the
Ohm Tuning Fork as it works like
an antenna, pleasantly drawing
the music into your physical body,
and tuning it to the vibration of
The music on the CD and the Ohm Tuning Fork together produce a beautiful
"stereo effect." Simple instructions for use are included in the CD/Ohm Tuning
Fork Package. See our website for more tuning fork packages.
Tuning Fork CD Package
Combination Pain Relief and Beauty Aids
Deep Penetrating Light Therapy
Deep Penetrating Light Therapy can be used for pain relief or as a beauty aide.
Using DPL as a beauty aide: The Deep Penetrating Light
Therapy (DPL) was designed around research originally
done by NASA. By using the DPL for nine minutes twice a
day, a dramatic tightening of the skin will start to occur,
causing a smoother, less wrinkled and more supple look. In
as few as four treatments many begin to see and feel a difference. Once your skin has healed, generally in
about a month, it is recommended that two treatments per week be continued for maintaining the quality of
your skin. A 90% rate of success for people using DPL has been reported.
"I have been using this product for two weeks and
cannot believe the difference in my skin. My skin is
noticably firmer and a scar that I have had for over
a year has diminished greatly." - Susan
Using DPL for pain relief: Skin layers, because of their high blood and water content, absorb red light very
readily and deliver enough energy to stimulate a response from the body to heal itself. Independent research
for over 40 years has shown that LED Red and Infrared lights deliver powerful therapeutic benefits to living
tissue. Both visible Red and Infrared light have been shown to affect at least 24 different positive changes at a
deep level. LED light is very beneficial in treating problems close to the skin's surface such as wounds, cuts,
and scars and is also very effective to reduce pain and swelling from injuries.
DPL Ivory/Sage
DPL Black/Gray 888-742-3404
Free Shipping Financing Available Over 1200 Products Online
Sunlamps, Full Spectrum and Vitamin D Lamps
Our sunlamps have a three month warranty on the bulb and one year on the unit.
Sentosa and Del Sol Sunlamps
Enjoy the benefits of sunshine year round.
The Sentosa and Del Sol are effectively used for tanning, treating skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis, and for treating
seasonal affective disorder (SAD). They feature 800 watts of tanning power, a digital timer control with an LED readout and
push button operation that shuts the unit off at a selected time. Experience a healthy glow with this sunlamp. Protective
eyewear is included. The Del Sol is the same lamp without the floor stand.
Sentosa - stand - digital (pictured)
Sperti Vitamin D Fluorescent Lamp
The Sperti KBD Vitamin D UV-F
Lamp is for people who either
don't receive necessary sunlight
or can't tolerate or process
Vitamin D supplements.
FACT: Vitamin D is not just a vitamin
important for bone health and the prevention
of rickets. It is a prohormone that is
essential for regulating calcium metabolism,
cell growth, cardiovascular dynamics,
immune/inflammatory balance, neurological
function and genetic expression.
The KBD D/UV Vitamin D Fluorescent lamp was developed in 2010 for
individuals who may not be able to receive needed sunlight exposure or
tolerate Vitamin D supplements. It is a fluorescent lamp that produces UV
rays similar to sunlight that helps the body generate Vitamin D without
tanning. Universal Voltage.
Sperti Vitamin D Lamp
Del Sol - desktop - digital
Dr Kern Upper Body Tanner
The Dr. Kern Upper Body and
Facial Tanning Lamp gives you a
safe and beneficial tan.
The UV-A light of the sun is very slow in
producing a tan. Only at intensities higher
than those of natural sunlight is UV-A able to
tan the skin more quickly, by means of socalled direct pigmentation of the pigments
already present in the skin.
Nowhere on earth can the sun supply UV-A
radiation at this level without an accordingly
high share of UB-B. Only a high
performance unit with a filter and cooling system can generate this level of
UV output: The Dr. Kern UVA HT420 is equipped to do the job.
One year warranty, timer (0-30 minutes), steel frame, 400 watt halogen
lamp, fan cooled.
Dr. Kern’s Upper Body Tanner
Pro Model 500
The Pro Model 500 Portable LED Light can reduce pain among a variety of other benefits.
The Pain-X-2000 Pro Model 500 may help reduce swelling, increase pain relief, decrease inflammation, decrease tension
in muscles, increase range of motion, decrease muscle spasms, increase blood circulation, accelerate open wound
healing and greatly reduce overall treatment times. Infrared therapy utilizes light energy in the invisible range of light. The
energy given off is absorbed into the body. A Polychromatic Infrared Diode Therapy Book is included with all units.
See Pain Relief starting on
page 21 for more.
The Pro Model 500 has been designed to help with pain relief, increase speed and quality of cell tissue repair, increase
blood supply to affected areas, reduce swelling, stimulate the immune system and nerve conduction, generate new cells,
promote faster healing and develop collagen and muscle tissue. The Pro Model 500 is a five LED unit with three
wavelengths: infrared, red and green.
Pro Model 500
$109.50 888-742-3404
Free Shipping Financing Available Over 1200 Products Online
Far Infrared and Ductless Heaters
Bio Energy Far Infrared Heater
The Far Infrared Bio Energy Heater uses less electricity than normal heaters.
This heater uses two U-shaped halogen heating elements that emit far infrared heat, keeping your
area toasty and warm. Lower wattage saves you money on energy bills compared to other heaters.
Because it does not consume oxygen, it can be used in enclosed areas. Choose from two
temperature settings and set to stationary or oscillating. Wattage: High 900W, Low 450W
FIR Bio Heater
CeramiCircuit & CeramiComfort Heaters
SALE! $119.95
CeramiCircuit and CeramiComfort heaters provide healthy, safe infrared
radiant heat with no chemicals, dust, odor or fumes.
Some heaters produce strange odors or chemicals, or provide uneven heat. CeramiCircuit
and CeramiComfort Heaters do neither. These heaters will maintain optimal comfort in a
room while minimizing the circulation of allergens, pollutants, dust and other irritants. Our
under desk model is perfect for anyone who needs to heat a smaller space safely and
effectively while our portable heaters are great for any room of your house or office.
Under Desk Heater (pictured)
For Baseboard, Ceiling Cove and Wall Mount Heaters, visit our website under Household.
BioSmart Far Infrared Heaters and Air Filters
BioSmart heaters provide four or five stage air filtration along with even far infrared heat.
The proprietary heating chamber features a 300% increase in the copper surface area,
insulating ceramic liners, ultra quiet powerful fan, and larger, more efficient 120 volt quartz
far infrared elements enhanced to a 30,000 hour lifespan. This combination produces
25% more infrared energy than any competing infrared heater brand. They provide
effective protection against airborne bacteria, viruses, allergens, VOCs, smoke, odors,
and gaseous contaminants utilizing our patented four stage air filter with UV Sterilizer
(additional carbon filter is available upon request). Limited three year warranty.
1500WA (Cherry or Walnut faux wood finish)
1500PA (Black)
Carbon Filter Addon
Sun Aire Ductless Furnace
The Sun Aire Ductless Furnace is one of the most energy
efficient furnaces in the world.
The Sun Aire is able to heat 500 square foot rooms for as little as $1.00 per day using three 500 watt
halogen quartz lamps in a heat absorption chamber. The lifetime washable filter saves even more money.
It’s easy and safe to use and uses a standard electrical outlet. The cabinet stays cool to the touch while the
inner chamber raises intake air by 80 plus degrees. Two inch casters make the unit fully portable. You can
program the thermostat for daily or weekly settings – change the temperature four different times
throughout the day if you want to and stay in your maximum comfort zone all day long. The real oak
cabinet looks great and is 23.5”L x 14.5”W x 19.5”H. This is the only ductless furnace made in the USA.
Sun Aire Ductless Furnace
$699.00 SALE! $649.00
SELLER! 888-742-3404
Made i
the US
Free Shipping Financing Available Over 1200 Products Online
Air Purification
The AirFree air purifier incinerates
harmful particles in the air.
A. Airfree Onix 3000
650 sq. ft.
C. AirFree P1000
450 sq. ft.
AirFree air purifiers kill 99.9% of all microorganisms
like mold spores, fungus, bacteria, viruses, dust
mites and more, by trapping and burning them at
temperatures around 400° F. Harmful particles are
incinerated without heating the room. The AirFree
is silent and can treat rooms up to 650 square feet.
Studies show that fruit left in the same room as an
AirFree can last up to twice as long. Enjoy sweeter
smelling and cleaner air.
B. AirFree Platinum 2000
Industrial Air Ozone Cleaner
550 sq. ft.
The LightningAir Industrial Ozone
Air Cleaner doesn't mask odors, it
kills them at the source, naturally.
The LightningAir 3500 Ozone Air
Purifier successfully cleans your air of
odors, mold, pollen, chemicals, dust,
smoke and more.
The LightningAir Industrial Ozone Air
Cleaner is designed with professionals
in mind. It removes strong odors from
unoccupied spaces in a short time. It is
designed for industrial applications such
as autos, boats, basements, new contruction and more. Ozone output:
4000 mg/hr. Coverage: 5000 SF. Limited lifetime warranty.
The LightningAir Ozonator generates negative
ions and activated oxygen, clearing the air of
dust and other pollutants, leaving your house smelling like mountain fresh air. It
is made of solid wood to blend into the home decor and covers up to 3500 SF.
The ozone plates are removed through slots in the back and can be washed
with a mild cleaner for easy maintenance. Limited lifetime warranty.
Ozone Air Purifier
CHIonizer Portable Air Freshener
LightningAir Industrial
$399.95 SALE! $374.95
The Model 206A ozone
air purifier treats up to
400 square feet and is
good for the home,
office, truck, hotel room
or car.
The Model 206A ozonator
from AquaSunOzone destroys
odor-causing bacteria by oxidizing impurities in the air such as cigarette and
cigar smoke, odors from animals and body odors. Chase any odor away.
One year warranty. It's designed for continual, unattended use.. There are
no filters to change. Approximate operating area is 400 sq. ft. Meets
EPA/OSHA standards. UL listed plug.
Model 206A Ozone Air Purifier
LightningAir 3500 (Cherry, Walnut or Oak)
$348.95 SALE! $323.95
Worried about getting
sick while traveling?
The CHIonizer is small and
lightweight and can help you
avoid illness by vaporizing
airborne pathogens and
irritants. You breathe air that
is free of bacteria, viruses,
pollen, smoke and odors. The
unit surrounds you with a
magnetic field similar to those found in nature, which can help protect you
from magnetic depletion that can occur in steel buildings, cars and airplanes,
and also electrifies the air around you with free electrons and activated
oxygen. Battery included. Overnight shipping is available Monday-Friday.
100-CHION 888-742-3404
Free Shipping Financing Available Over 1200 Products Online
Pionair Ozone Air Purifiers
Reduce toxic mold, bacteria, pollen and odors without noisy fans or filters to clean.
Pionair purifiers use the same methods found in nature, combining ultraviolet light rays, safe levels of ozone and
passive negative ions, to treat the air in rooms up to 3,000 square feet. You’ll have cleaner air and won’t need to
clean filters. Uses Photocatalytic technology.
150 to 350 sq. ft.
750 to 1500 sq. ft.
750 Lamp Module
3000 Lamp Module
350 to 750 sq. ft.
350 Lamp Module
1500 Lamp Module
See our website for other air purifier brands like BlueAir, Jenesco, Austin Air, NeoAir,
NQ Clarifier and more, as well as replacement filters and accessories.
Massage Tables and Accessories
The One Massage Table Package
The One Touch Massage Table Package combines
affordability and quality.
Built to meet the needs of a budget conscious student who doesn’t want to compromise on
quality, the Oakworks One portable massage table is a great first massage table for a
student or a professional on a tight budget. It's built with many of the same features and
patented details as our other professional massage tables. It has a 500 pound dynamic
load rating. Includes: table, a carrying case, an adjustable face rest platform, arm
hammock, Shiatsu cables and access end. CA, PA & MD residents add sales tax.
The One Touch Massage Table Package
Choose from Opal, Coal, Clay, Orchid, Sage, Bluegrass, Heron or Ruby upholstery.
See page 17 for wool table covers.
Oakworks massage tools are made in the USA.
Portal Pro 3 Massage Chair
The Oakworks Portal Pro 3 is
strong, provides comfort and
allows for easy adjustments.
Colors may vary slightly from printed
examples. Add $65 for Pearl, Rose
Quartz, Onyx, Sandstone, Mocha or Coral.
See our full line of professional, made in the
USA Oakworks massage tables and
accessories at our website under Massage.
The undisputed industry favorite seated
massage chair for over a decade, the
OAKWORKS patented Portal Pro 3 has
proven again and again that superior
ergonomic engineering, tested safety and
complete attention to the details you require
all add up to a truly smart investment for a
growing practice. Your career, your health
and well being, those you heal - all deserve
the best the industry has to offer. CA, PA &
MD residents add sales tax.
Portal Pro (choose color from left)
Sternum Pad
Carry Strap
PPCS 888-742-3404
Free Shipping Financing Available Over 1200 Products Online
Fitness and Health Equipment
Needak Rebounders
Needak Rebounder mini trampoline
exercise systems stimulate the lymphatic
system and improve your health.
Rebounding is one of the most effective methods of
stimulating the Lymphatic System. You will notice
vast improvements in your health with daily use.
High quality materials and superior American
workmanship combine to bring you the top quality
Needak rebounder. Some consumers have
unknowingly purchased inferior Asian imports that
mimic the Needak Soft-Bounce rebounder. Check
for the Needak label and Needak warranty card for
your peace of mind. Made in the USA.
Soft Bounce Non-Folding
Soft Bounce Folding
Hard Bounce Non-Folding
Hard Bounce Folding
Body Bridge
The Original Body Bridge is
great for reverse back
The Body Bridge fights the aging effects
of gravity, reduces the trauma of exercise, promotes health of spinal discs
and nerves, tones abdominal organs, aids digestion and more.
Body Bridge
Infinity Vest
The Infinity Vest is designed for training
exercises where additional weight is needed.
This vest is ideal for the elderly or for those who desire
resistance while walking for bone building and health.
The vest ergonomically positions the weight over the torso.
6lbs Blue
10lbs Black
The Resistance Chair
The Resistance Chair offers a tremendous workout in a compact package.
The Resistance Chair is great for anyone regardless of fitness level, especially those who cannot
handle high impact exercise or cannot stand for long periods. You can use it to work out your arms,
back, neck, abdominals and legs easily and safely. Add a mini bike or other accessories for an even
greater workout. The Chair can help increase mobility, muscle/joint strength and energy, and
provides a wide array of exercises. It’s low impact, lightweight and easy to store. Color: black.
The Resistance Chair
The Resistance Chair Video Series lets you follow along with a chair exercise class anywhere.
The Freedom Flex Shoulder Stretcher
The Freedom Flex shoulder stretcher offers a
convenient and effective way to maintain flexibility in
your shoulders. It also can help people with arthritis,
frozen shoulder syndrome and other shoulder
ailments. The Freedom Flex attaches easily and
securely to the back of the Resistance Chair system.
The support pole consists of two halves, which swivel
at the center connection point for greater range of
motion. When not in use, the top half of the support
pole can be rotated to the side or detached.
Freedom Flex
Strong Heart, Strong Body
Better Balance & Stretching
Leisurely Living
Power Ride
Mini Bikes allow you to add leg
and cardio exercise to your
Resistance Chair session. The
SmoothRider II can be used for
cardio and arm and body
exercises while the GentleRider is
good for those who just want leg
cardio as part of their workout.
SmoothRider II
CFC-160 888-742-3404
Free Shipping Financing Available Over 1200 Products Online
The HomeSwimmer
Hudson Upper Body Ergometer
The HomeSwimmer
lets you get an
Olympic sized swim in
any size pool.
Hudson Ergometers offer
precision quality for clinical
or home use.
The Hudson UBE Upper Body
Ergometer is perfect for upper body
rehabilitation and exercise.
Get the benefits of swimming
exercise no matter what kind
of pool you're dealing with.
The workhorse for upper body ergometers in clinical or home environments
is the Hudson UBE. From the fully welded steel frame to the one touch
computer, this rugged machine has proven to be invaluable to high traffic
physical therapy clinics. The UBE is for forward direction, upper body
exercise. The Hudson Bi-Directional Upper Body Ergometer helps to
exercise and rehabilitate the upper body, forward or reverse. It is great for
commercial rehab facilities or inside your home. It uses whisper quiet
friction free electromagnetic resistance with eddy current accuracy for a
quiet and smooth workout. Unsurpassed quality compared to low cost
The HomeSwimmer is a
portable stationary swimming
system designed to allow residential pool owners, business travelers, and
others to use smaller-than-Olympic size pools for an effective, low impact
fitness swimming experience at home or on the road.
Low impact fitness swimming is one of the most complete forms of exercise
there is and it can be enjoyed by people of all ages and proficiency levels.
HomeSwimmer is easy to install and use (no tools are required). Swim in
place while your family enjoys the rest of the pool.
Chi Vitalizer Swing Machine
Hudson UBE (forward only)
Hudson UBEBD (bi-directional)
The Chi Vitalizer provides low impact exercise in a strong, durable unit.
The Chi Vitalizer is the strongest chi swing machine on the market. It provides a smooth, gentle
experience and packs 40 watts of power, which is great for taller or heavier users. The Chi
Vitalizer offers variable speed controls, a cushioned foot rest and the added benefit of a slight
arc at the end of the movement. This can increase the range of motion your body experiences,
giving you a more complete exercise experience.
Chi Vitalizer
Teeter Inversion Tables
Inversion therapy improves joint flexibility and range of motion within the body,
reduces pain and realigns your spine.
The EP550 inversion table by Teeter is precisely balanced, allowing you
greater ability to perform stretches and exercises, with a comfortable
back support that follows the natural curves of the spine. Inversion
therapy can re-hydrate discs, taking pressure off to allow them to widen
and expedite repair; reduce nerve pressure and relieve pain; realign the
spine; and relax tense muscles and speed lymph flow.
The EP550 Sport Inversion Table comes with Gravity Boots and a CV
Bar for converting the inversion table. Gravity Boots will provide
maximum comfort and support for the ankles.
EP550 Inversion Table
EP550 Sport Inversion Table
$409.00 888-742-3404
Free Shipping Financing Available Over 1200 Products Online
Oxygen Swing Chi Machine
The Oxygen Swing Chi
Exercise Machine is a low
cost and high quality
exerciser that's low impact and
easy to use.
Promolife's oxygen swing chi aerobic
exercise machine compares to Chi
Machines sold by Multi Level Marketing
Companies but for a fraction of the cost.
It is a high quality, heavy duty unit used by many professional practitioners.
The use of the Health Oxygen Swing for 15 minutes is equal to about 10,000
walk steps. It has been known to help adjust your nervous system, protect
organs, build up red blood cells and relieve bronchitis, asthma, difficult
breathing, neuralgia, back pain, insomnia and more.
Oxygen Swing Machine
VibraTrim VT100
The Total Back System
The Total Back System
relieves back pain without
hurting the ankles.
The Total Back System uses inversion
therapy to gently decompress and
elongate the spine, alleviating
pressure on the discs and nerve roots
and allowing important nutrients to
flow into the discs. At the same time,
strengthening and stretching
exercises help you make your back
and abdominal muscles stronger. The
Total Back System is safe and easy to use and requires just a few minutes a
day. It’s convertible to a 45 degree bench and is height adjustable
(accommodates most people from 4'11" to 6'5").
Total Back System
VibraTrim VT100
VibraTrim VT100
The VibraTrim VT202
gives you whole body
vibration in a portable
The VibraTrim VT100 is the next
generation in Whole Body Vibration.
When you start to use your VibraTrim, you will
notice how your body automatically adapts to the
vibrations. One of the first results you will have is
increased flexibility and range of motion. By
standing on the plate, the vibration generates
systematic involuntary muscle contraction
throughout the body, which not only increases your
flexibility but also burns fat by increasing your
metabolism while it improves your circulation and
provides your cells with ideal oxygen and nutrient
delivery to slow the degenerative process. Uses a pivot system with solid steel
construction. 1.5 hp motor, 200 watts. Two year warranty.
The VibraTrim is solid quality
construction and a quiet
operation, unlike others that
feel like they are going to
break, are unstable and are
very loud. The VT202 is just
a lot like the VT100, with the advantage of complete portability. Now you can
experience Whole Body Vibration anywhere. It includes a handle for even
easier movement from room to room or place to place.
VibraTrim VT202
Omega Juicer 8004 and 8006
Our single gear, masticating juice extractor will serve all of your
juicing needs and much more.
"Masticating-Style" juice extractors allow for greater variety and nutrition. Turn nuts to nut butter, extrude
pasta, grind coffee and spices, mince herbs, make baby food, and whip up soy milk and wheat grass in a
flash. No clogging, foaming or heat build up. Weighs 13 pounds.
The 8004 and 8006 models are exactly the same except the 8004 is white and the 8006 is black and silver.
White Omega
Black/Silver Omega
8006 888-742-3404
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in this catalog. None of the devices listed in this
catalog should be substituted for your health
practitioner’s advice. If you have any type of ailment
whatsoever, please consult a licensed physician for
medical consulting.
Promolife Inc. can not be held responsible for
misuse of any of these products which may cause
injury. 888-742-3404
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Prostate and Hemorrhoid Relief
Delwa-Star Eco Therm
Gentle heat therapy provides prostate and hemorrhoid
relief without drugs or side effects.
"This product is
amazing. The results
have been almost
immediate. I have had
chronic prostatitis for
over a decade." - Michael
The Delwa-Star Eco Therm uses soothing heat to relieve pain from
prostate and hemorrhoid problems. The probe emits pulsating warmth
that stimulates blood flow, increasing the metabolic rate and causing
shrinkage of inflamed prostates or hemorrhoids.
The Eco Therm is FDA approved for hemorrhoid therapy, has no side
effects and is pain free. The unit is battery charged with an automatic
shut off, making it easy and safe to use.
Eco Therm with Prostate Probe - 3 3/8”
Eco Therm with Hemorrhoid Probe - 2 1/8”
Vision Improvement
A. Tobago
C. St. Bart’s
Pinhole Glasses
Pinhole glasses may help you improve
your vision.
With Pinhole Glasses, the user looks through lenses
that have tiny holes, which reduces the light reflecting
off the object being viewed, improving vision. Some
users have reported improvement in nearsightedness,
farsightedness and other focusing problems. The
lenses also provide full ultraviolet protection. Not
recommended for driving.
B. Cozumel Brown
D. Saba
Opto Pulse 100
The Opto Pulse 100 can be used for the
treatment of Macular Degeneration.
Researchers speculate that microcurrents stimulate blood flow in the retina,
increasing the supply of vital nutrients and promoting the removal of harmful
The Opto Pulse 100 uses this kind of stimulation to help treat Macular
Degeneration. Some users report measurable improvement in visual acuity.
Comes with all the accessories and instructions needed.
Opto Pulse 100
$369.95 888-742-3404
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Eyeport Vision Training
The FDA approved EyePort Vision Training system trains your
eyes to improve visual performance.
The EyePort Vision Training System has revolutionized the way people look at their
vision. To read more comfortably, learn more easily, work less painfully, and play sports
more effortlessly, people everywhere are doing daily eye exercises with the EyePort.
What makes the EyePort unique is its patented use of alternating red and blue lights.
This makes it possible to achieve dramatic results, faster and more efficiently than with
any other vision exercise product available today.
Eyeport Vision Training System
Water Purification
Countertop Steam Water Distiller
The Countertop Water Distiller is as easy as a coffee maker and makes
a gallon of pure water in just four hours.
This distiller pays for itself quickly compared to buying bottled water. Just pour in the water, put on the lid, turn it
on and walk away. After the water is distilled, it goes through a post carbon treatment system to ensure better
taste. It comes with a one gallon storage bottle which easily fits in any refrigerator. The bottle fits inside the
distiller should you decide to travel with it. HCE and CSA certified.
Countertop Water Distiller AAAWD
Waterwise 8800
Carbon filter (24)
The Waterwise Model 8800 is the most popular 100% steam water distiller Waterwise makes.
The Waterwise Model 8800 is so compact it is easy to travel with. Put it on any counter top for effortless
storage. It’s easy to use - just fill the stainless steel boiler with tap water and push Start. With that push of the
button you can have sparkling clean water ready for making great tasting coffee, to cook with, or anything else
where healthy water is preferred.
Waterwise 8800
Carbon filter (6)
Porcelain Dispensers
These water dispensers look great and can
either be used without a bottle or with three
or five gallon bottles.
Plain White
Green Stripe
Blue Stripe
Floor and Table Stands
These wooden stands can hold a water
dispenser and up to a five gallon water
bottle while adding a nice look to your
kitchen or office space.
Wooden stands with
light oak varnish
Floor Stand (27” H)
Table/Counter Stand (8” H)
Visit our website for our full selection of distillers and dispenser designs.
See page 2 for Alkaline Water Ionizers and 34 for Fluoride Removal.
SC8101 888-742-3404
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Fluoride Removal Systems
Bone Char is currently the most effective method to remove fluoride from drinking
water. Bone char also removes heavy metals, pesticides and chlorine.
People are becoming more aware of the dangers of added fluoride and high concentrations of natural fluoride
in drinking water. It is known that the type added to public water (hydrofluosilicic acid) is a raw untreated
hazordous waste from the phosphate fertilizer mining industry. The waste is straight from the pollution
scrubber systems of the mines and is highly contaminated with arsenic, lead and a potpourri of other heavy
Bone Char is used worldwide because of its effectiveness in removing fluoride without being affected by
temperature or pH fluctuations. It will also remove chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides and other contaminates.
Four Stage Undersink Setup
The three stage countertop and under sink systems include two bone char and one KDF/GAC filter. The four stage system includes two bone chars, one carbon block and
one KDF/GAC filter. Because fluoride needs extended contact time with the filter, we have found that the three stage unit removes approximately 80-90% of the fluoride and the
four stage unit removes approximately 99% of the fluoride.
Whole House Four Stage System
Three Stage Under Sink
Three Stage Countertop
Four Stage Under Sink
See our website for more water purifiers.
Energy, Frequency and Electrical Devices
Dr. Bob Beck’s Brain Tuner
Use Dr. Bob Beck’s Brain Tuner to tune your brain and energize your body.
Since 1983, thousands have discovered the Brain Tuner relaxation system. The electronic
stimulator produces over 500 frequencies to rapidly balance and restore the natural energies of
your body and mind.
Research shows that these subtle energies may be linked to improved memory, creativity, learning
and intelligence, and some users report feeling deep relaxation, centering and calmness, reduced
nervous energy, deeper sleep, better sexual performance, lucid dreaming, short-term memory
improvement, reduced negative behavior patterns and improved concentration. Includes
permanent electrode clips. Just attach to your earlobes and adjust the frequency.
Three Y
Warrant r
Brain Tuner
Dr. Bob Beck’s Magnetic Pulser
The Magnetic Pulser by Dr. Bob Beck neutralizes pathogens and
provides the healing properties of magnetic therapy.
The Magnetic Pulser is designed to generate a powerful, rapidly-pulsed magnetic field. This field creates tiny
electrical microcurrents in living organic materials and may reduce pain and inflammation, improve
circulation, accelerate tissue regeneration and regulate the nervous system. Unlike a number of other
frequency generators, the MP5 is not designed to affect the entire body at one time; instead, the round
applicator coil is used to target specific local areas such as muscles, bones, lymph glands and internal
organs. Pet owners especially appreciate the magnetic pulser's non-invasive applicator.
Magnetic Pulser
The MP5 operating instructions do not give any information regarding specific applications for this instrument and we make no medical claims.
34 888-742-3404
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The Detox Box
Shown with
optional Crystal
The Detox Box is a Rife Machine with over 450 built-in frequencies and
over 550 preprogrammed codes.
By holding the stainless steel cylinders or applying the convenient electrode pads directly over your skin
and selecting specific frequencies, it is theorized that you can disable harmful microbes in your own body.
It has over 550 preprogrammed codes for those concerned with anxiety, headaches, stiff muscles, liver
support, kidney support, color therapy, and much more. The Detox Box is not intended to “treat” any
disease; rather, it offers a potentially beneficial therapy that complements the body’s natural healing ability.
Detox Box
Crystal Resonators CRYRES
Steel Foot Plates
$179.00 (Facilitates delivery of frequencies to the cellular systems of the body.)
Massage & Hydrotherapy
G5 Vibracare Percusser Massager
The G5 Vibracare Percussor Hand Held Massager is our durable,
hand-held percussor used in respiratory therapy applications.
Totally self-contained and weighing less than three pounds, it provides optimal
freedom of movement and portability with a ten foot hospital grade power cord. This
model may be used with a variety of applicators and has a continuously variable
speed range of 20-50 cycles per second. This combination of applicators and speeds provides for a highly versatile
treatment range. It is the only handheld percussor/massager to be granted C.S.A's highest medical operational rating.
Annette C., mother in
Indiana: "This product
was purchased for my
daughter, a patient with
Cystic Fibrosis, on
recommendation from her
Cystic Fibrosis clinic."
Basic G5 System includes: Round Flat Round Applicator, one Adult Soft Cupping Applicator, one Soft Foam Applicator and 25 small disposable applicator covers.
Pediatric/Geriatric: Round Flat Round Applicator, Pediatric Soft Cupping, Soft Foam Applicator and 25 small disposable applicator covers.
Self Application Kit available separately. Please allow up to one week lead time before this unit ships.
G5 Vibracare Standard
G5 Vibracare Pediatric/Geriatric
Jeanie Rub Massager
The oscillating
movement of
the Jeanie Rub
circulation and
helps calm
deep seated
muscle pain.
It's lightweight and portable and is made with high quality workmanship. It
features a premium grade vinyl pad with die-cast aluminum and a powdercoated finish. It's strong, effective and a great addition to any massage
Professional Jeanie Rub Massager
Imitation Sheepskin Cover
Heavenly Whirlpool
The Heavenly Whole Body
Hydrotherapy Therapeutic
Whirlpool can be used in
any existing tub and
provides soothing
hydrotherapy massage to
your whole body.
Used in medical facilities around the country these units offer relief from diabetes
(poor circulation), wound care, burn therapy, injuries to bones, headaches, work
related pain, arthritis, post surgery rehab, back pain, joints and sports injuries,
lymphatic system circulation, pain w/connective tissue disorders, chronic pain
management, foot and leg pain, amputated limb care and muscles and can be
used as preventative health care. The Heavenly Whirlpool is ideal to use in your
existing bathtub. This unit is designed to provide you the ability to treat your
entire body or a specific part. An extremity model is available on our website.
Heavenly Whirlpool
HS01 888-742-3404
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Finger Roller
Reflex Roller
Simulate Japanese
Shiatsu massage
at a fraction of the
The Reflex Roller II
multi-purpose roller
massager with
kneading functions
relieves pain and
The Finger Roller is an
ideal body massager to
ease neck pain, relax
aching calves, melt
away back pain, relieve overworked wrists
and soothe tired feet. Simply place the
Finger Roller on sore muscles and feel the
stress and tension melt away. Its uniquelyshaped massage nodes provide circular
motion and deep rhythmic kneading. How
could a massage get any easier?
Finger Roller
The Reflex Roller II is a
multi-purpose roller
massager with kneading functions. It is great as a back massager and wonderful
for feet massaging or just about anywhere you wish. It is especially designed to
relax the soles of the feet, calves and thighs.
Speed adjustable rollers let you choose a slow, relaxing massage or a quicker,
more stimulating massage. Reward your body with the Reflex Roller; it's portable
and easy to use.
Reflex Roller
Germ Guardian Humidifiers
Ultrasonic Digital and Manual Humidifiers
The Germ Guardian Ultrasonic Humidifier humidifies
the air without growing mold and bacteria in the tank.
Unlike other humidifiers that grow slimy mold and bacteria in the water
tank and send it out into the room, the Germ Guardian Ultrasonic
Humidifier uses Silver Clean technology to fight the growth of mold and
bacteria. Clean, fresh moisture is then sent into the room. It's virtually
silent when it runs and uses ultrasonic technology for quiet operation
while you sleep. The humidifier is equipped with the option for warm or
cool humidification and a low water indicator light that lets you know
when it's time to refill the water tank. The Germ Guardian ultrasonic
humidifier uses a metal diaphragm vibrating at an ultrasonic frequency
to create water droplets that are expelled out into the room to help maintain the desired humidity level. An ultrasonic humidifier is virtually silent when operating.
Germ Guardian Digital
Germ Guardian Manual
Environmental and Energy Meters
Pro Series III Radon and CO2 Detectors
Monitor dangerous gas easily.
The Pro Series III Radon Gas and CO2 Detectors are the only electronic gas detectors on the market designed for
use by the homeowner. The radon detector monitors radon levels in the home by displaying short-term and long-term
averages. It samples air continuously with the display updated every hour. An alarm sounds if the long-term average
reaches 4 pCi/L or greater.
The CO2 detector can also pick up methane and other dangerous gas levels.
Radon Pro Series III
CO2 Detector
CO 888-742-3404
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Efergy Energy Monitors
Efergy’s range of Wireless Electricity Monitors allows you to instantly see how much
energy you are using, so you can take action to reduce it.
Our monitors give you feedback on your energy usage in real time – as regularly as every six seconds – so you can
make instant changes and instant savings. By turning appliances or lights off you can see how much you save.
Efergy electricity monitors are easy to install, simple to use and can start saving you money today – up to 15% off your
electricity bill.
The Elite has an innovative memory function that tracks your energy usage on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, so you
can see how your consumption improves over time. The E2 is the latest development in wireless electricity monitors. It
provides all of the features and benefits of our Elite model and also allows you to download your energy consumption data to your PC. This makes it very easy to
track your energy usage and the impact of the changes you make on your consumption and electricity bill. Get instant feedback, the memory function, daily, weekly,
and monthly data at your fingertips. Use one transformer for 120V or two for 220V; three transformers are for three phase commercial applications.
Elite Energy Monitor (One/Two transformers)
E2 Energy Monitor (One/Two transformers)
Elite Energy Monitor (Three transformers)
E2 Energy Monitor (Three transformers)
Pest and Bird Control
ScramX Animal Chaser
The award winning Original
Electronic Pest Control is very
effective to help eliminate most
insects, mice and rats.
The ScramX is an industrial type
unit designed and engineered to
be effective in restaurants,
factories, and food processing
plants. It protects up to 10,000 sq. ft. It has nine variable pitch and
"loudness" settings and a convenient plug in cord. You can even adjust it to
keep larger pests such as raccoons, squirrels, possums, armadillos, rabbits
or any similar sized animal at bay.
1007-3 $139.90
Two ScramX 1007-2 $104.93
Four ScramX 1007-4 $144.95
Pest Control II
Bird Gard PRO
The Bird Gard Pro Standard comes with
one built in speaker and repels birds in a
space up to 1.5 acres.
Bird Gard products use digital quality recordings of actual bird
distress and predator calls and annoying electronic harassment
sounds to repel birds by creating a hostile environment where
the birds feel threatened and uncomfortable. These sounds are
broadcast by a microprocessor and output through high-fidelity
speakers. The sounds will not degrade over time since they are
all digital recordings.
Bird Gard Pro Standard
Original Pest Control II Digital
The ScramX (formerly
Rodelsonix) is one of the
most effective electronic
pest repellents ever.
Three ScramX
These units input a frequency in the electrical
wiring of your home to deter insects and
rodents. These devices will not affect
computers, cats or dogs. These units produce
Variable Frequency Technology which are
complex ultrasonic sounds, impacting the
auditory systems of pests. Pests will most
likely leave the area in an effort to escape the
very annoying "jackhammer" sounds produced.
Visit to see
which chip recordings apply to which species.
If you have any questions about chips or the
Bird Gard Pro, feel free to call or e-mail us.
Specify 120V or 220V.
You can see all of our Bird Gard models that
cover more acreage at under
Yard and Garden, Pest Control, Bird Control
and Sound Repellents. 888-742-3404
Free Shipping Financing Available Over 1200 Products Online
Oxygen Therapy
Oxygen Therapy can increase the level of oxygen in your blood. When the
body doesn't receive enough, a list of illnesses and problems can occur. An
increase in oxygen can improve memory and concentration, energy level
and overall well being. You can also experience relief from headaches,
boost your immune system, relieve nausea, decrease shortness of breath,
and reduce heart strain, among others.
Exercise With Oxygen Therapy and Oxygen Facials
Increase Energy with “Exercise with Oxygen Therapy.”
Our EWOT Oxygen Concentrators are available in two models: up to 5 LPM or up to 10 LPM for high flow
patients. They can be used as a concentrator, oxygen bar, for Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT) or as
an oxygen facial system. They are the ultimate in EWOT and beauty machines. Grab some extra tubing and
share it with clients, family or friends.
Platinum 10 LPM - refurbished
Extra Humidifier Bottle
36 Facial Masks
Aroma Oils
Breathing higher oxygen levels during exercise can provide an increase in endurance, strength and energy.
EWOT doesn't require a prescription. The potential benefits of EWOT can be achieved with three simple
aerobic workouts a week. Note: These are slightly used demo units. Save big money and get the same
quality. Two EWOT masks, two cannulas, humidifier bottle and tubing is included.
515 Oxygen Concentrator, Facial - refurbished
Air Brush
Ten Cannulas
Extra EWOT Mask (if purchased with machine)
Oxia Supplemental Oxygen
Oxia provides supplemental oxygen for hikers, bikers, runners and
anyone else who needs a portable oxygen boost.
The Oxia Personal Oxygen Dispenser weighs less than a pound and is always available for easy use. The air in
the Oxia can is made up of 90% oxygen and 10% nitrogen. The benefits of increasing oxygen in the body
include heightened concentration, alertness, memory, thinking and vision; a calmer mind and stabilized immune
system; and reduction of the effects of altitude sickness. Every Oxia Personal Oxygen dispenser is filled by a
professionally trained technician in a hygienically controlled Oxia facility to ensure its contents are exactly as
specified, and free from any contaminants and pollutants. 120ml: 40-50 breaths. 150ml: 70-80 breaths.
Note: Refill canisters are available for customers who already own an Oxia canister. Call us for information or to order.
G-19 Portable Oxygen Generator
Up to 99% pure oxygen,
perfect for Exercise with
Oxygen Therapy.
EWOT Face Masks
These face masks are
perfect for Exercise with
Oxygen Therapy.
Face masks are often preferred for
exercising with oxygen. Stock up
for yourself or buy several for your
This CE 0434 certified oxygen generator
delivers 10-12 liters of 99% high purity
of oxygen that lasts 10-12 minutes. No
risk or danger of tank explosion, no
electric shock, no noise. Easy to use,
convenient to carry at any time and
place, this EWOT machine is the most portable, yet affordable one in the market.
Comes with a 30 pack of oxygen producing powder and face mask.
G-19 Oxygen Generator
Extra Powder (30 Pack)
Masks are reusable and secure.
They can be used with any oxygen
tank or oxygen concentrator.
EWOTO2MASK 888-742-3404
Find our complete
selection at
PO Box 385
Fayetteville, AR 72702
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