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Please read the owner’s manual carefully and ensure that you have followed the correct installation and operating
Please read this warranty card.
Keep your purchase receipt to enable you to proceed quickly in the event of a Warranty Service.
If you require Warranty Service, please contact the TEAC Customer Support Hotline at 1300 553 315 for
assistance. Please ensure that you have the model number, serial number and purchase receipt ready when
you call.
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foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail
to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.
Warranty Terms & Conditions
TEAC warrants that this product is free from defects in material and workmanship under normal domestic use with
reasonable care and skill. Maintenance and cleaning (i.e. laser head) is not covered by this warranty. The TEAC
warranty only applies to TEAC products purchased, used and serviced in Australia.
The benefits to the consumer given by this Warranty are in addition to other rights and remedies of the consumer
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Refund or replacement via your retailer is available for a period of 14 days after purchase for goods that have been
inspected and determined to have a major failure. Refund and exchange is not applicable for change of mind.
Subject to the terms herein, this warranty effectively covers the equipment as specified in the Warranty Periods
Table below from the date of purchase.
LED/LCD TV 32” (80 cm) and above
All other TEAC products
1 Year (In-Home Service/ Pick up Available)*
1 Year (Carry-in Service)
In Home Service/Pick up* Service
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b) The product is within the warranty period.
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If TEAC determines that the product is not repairable on site, TEAC can complete the repair by taking the product to
a TEAC Authorised Service Centre.
Carry-in Service
Where In-Home service/Pick up* is not available, the purchaser is required to send the product to the nearest TEAC
Authorised Service Centre for repair. In this event, proof of purchase is required to support a warranty claim. After
the repair, the product will be available for collection by or return to the purchaser at a fee upon request. TEAC inhome service can be made available at a fee upon request.
A 12-month replacement warranty is applicable to all Accessories such as Remote, Power Adaptors and Cables.
TEAC will ensure to the best of its abilities that all required parts are made available for any required service/repair.
TEAC Australia Pty Ltd and its Authorised Service Centres will use their best endeavours to complete product
repairs within a reasonable period based on available resources and workload during the time when service is
requested and performed.
Refurbished parts may be used to repair the product. In the case of a replacement, the product may be replaced,
with a refurbished unit of the same type or, if one is unavailable, a similar refurbished model with equal or better
features & specifications.
Please be advised that if the product presented for repair is capable of retaining user-generated data, the data may
be lost during servicing. Customers are strongly encouraged to back up all important information/data before
sending the product in for service/repair.
Service will be provided only during normal business hours and under safety conditions and circumstances. TEAC
and its authorised service agents can refuse any repair if safety, in relation to OH&S, becomes a concern to its staff
or authorised service agents’ personnel.
The warranty is void and warranty claims may be refused, subject to the Australian Consumer Law, if:
a) The product was not transported, installed, operated or maintained according to manufacturer instruction, or
b) The product was abused, damaged, tampered, altered or repaired by any unauthorised persons, or
c) Product failure is due to accidents during use, installation or transit, power surges, use of defective or
incompatible external devices, exposure to abnormal conditions such as excessive temperatures or humidity, or
entry of liquids, objects or creatures into the product.
No one is authorised to assume any liability on behalf of TEAC or impose any obligation on it, in connection with the
sale of any equipment other than as stated in this warranty and outlined above.
TEAC reserves the right to inspect and verify whether the product is exhibiting a major failure as claimed by
LCD dead pixel policy, please contact TEAC Customer Support Hotline on 1300 553 315 for assistance.
Safety Precautions
To achieve the utmost in enjoyment and performance, and in order to become familiar with its
features, please read this manual carefully before attempting to operate this product, this will
assure you years of trouble free performance and listening pleasure.
Important Notes
This safety and operating instruction should be retained for future reference.
The apparatus should not be exposed to dripping or splashing or placed in a humid
atmosphere such as a bathroom.
Do not install the product in the following areas:
o Places exposed to direct sunlight or close to radiators
o On top of other stereo equipment that radiate too much heat
o Blocking ventilation or in a dusty area
o Areas where there is constant vibration
o Humid or moist places.
Do not place near candles or other naked flames
Operate the product only as instructed in this manual
Before turning on the power for the first time, make sure the power adaptor is
properly connected.
For safety reasons, do not remove any covers or attempt to gain access to the inside of the
product. Refer any servicing to qualified personnel.
Do not attempt to remove any screws, or open the casing of the unit; there are no user
serviceable parts inside, refer all servicing to qualified service personnel.
Dangerous Voltages, that may be of sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of
electric shock to personsare present within this product’s enclosure.
The owner’s manual contains important operating and maintenance
instructions, for your safety, it is necessary to refer to the manual.
Note: This unit will become warm when used for a long period of time. This is normal and
does not indicate a problem with the unit.
Safety Information
Some Do’s and Don’ts on the Safe Use of Equipment
This equipment has been designed and manufactured to meet international safety standards
but, like any electrical equipment, care must be taken if you are to obtain the best results and
safety is to be assured.
DO read the operating instructions before you attempt to use the equipment.
DO ensure that all electrical connections (including the mains plug, extension leads and interconnections between the pieces of equipment) are properly made and in accordance with the
manufacturer’s instructions. Switch off and unplug the power before making or changing
DO consult your dealer if you are ever in doubt about the installation, operation or safety of
your equipment.
DON’T remove any fixed cover as this may expose dangerous voltages.
Overheating will cause damage and shorten the life of the equipment.
DON’T allow electrical equipment to be exposed to dripping or splashing, or objects filled with
liquids, such as vases, to be placed on/near the equipment.
DON’T place hot objects or naked flame sources such as lighted candles or nightlights on, or
close to equipment. High temperatures can melt plastic and lead to fires.
DON’T use equipment such as personal stereos or radios so that you are distracted from the
requirements of traffic safety.
DON’T leave equipment switched on when it is unattended unless it is specifically stated that
it is designed for unattended operation. Switch off using the switch on the equipment and
make sure that your family knows how to do this. Special arrangements may need to be made
for infirm or handicapped people.
DON’T continue to operate the equipment if you are in any doubt about if it’s working normally
or if it’s damaged in any way. Switch it off, unplug the mains power and consult your dealer.
ESD Remark: In case of malfunction due to electrostatic discharge just reset the product
(reconnection of mains power maybe be required) to resume normal operation.
Table of Contents
Safety Precautions ______________________________________________________ 2
Safety Information ______________________________________________________ 3
Package Contents _______________________________________________________ 5
Unit Overview __________________________________________________________ 6
DAB+ MODE ___________________________________________________________ 8
How to Turn on? ____________________________________________________________ 8
How to Change to another Station? ____________________________________________ 8
How to Prune? ______________________________________________________________ 8
How to Update Stations List?__________________________________________________ 8
DAB Menu Tree _____________________________________________________________ 9
FM MODE ____________________________________________________________ 10
How to Switch to FM Mode? _________________________________________________ 10
How to tune to stations? ____________________________________________________ 10
How to Start Scan for available station? _______________________________________ 10
How to Change Audio Setting? _______________________________________________ 10
How to View Station Information? ____________________________________________ 10
FM Menu Tree _____________________________________________________________ 11
How to Set Station Presets (DAB+ and FM mode)? _______________________________ 12
How to Recall Preset station (DAB+ and FM mode)? _____________________________ 12
AUX IN MODE _________________________________________________________ 12
iPod MODE ___________________________________________________________ 13
Docking and Playing Your iPod/iPhone ________________________________________ 13
General Operation _____________________________________________________ 14
Set Time __________________________________________________________________ 14
Set Snooze ________________________________________________________________ 14
Set Audio Equaliser _________________________________________________________ 14
Set Language ______________________________________________________________ 14
Set Display Dimmer_________________________________________________________ 14
Set Alarm _________________________________________________________________ 15
Set Sleep __________________________________________________________________ 16
Factory Reset ______________________________________________________________ 16
SW version ________________________________________________________________ 16
Specification __________________________________________________________ 17
Package Contents
Main unit
(To prolong your radio’s lifespan, please use the adapter we provided only.)
User manual
Unit Overview
All modes
a. Press to turn unit on/off
b. When alarm sounds, press to turn alarm off
Press to adjust volume level
DAB+, FM and iPod mode: Press to browse broadcast station
DAB+ and FM mode: Press to scan stations
DAB+ and FM mode:
Press and hold to store preset 1-10; Press mode, press preset to
recall stations
a. Press to set alarm2
b. When alarm sounds, press to turn it off
a. Press to set alarm1
b. When alarm sounds, press to turn it off
Press to set sleep timer so that it turns off after a pre-define time
Press to change the front panel display brightness
Press to enter main menu and select other menus
Press to switch between DAB+/ FM/iPod/AUX mode
DAB+ and FM mode: Press
to confirm
to browse options, press OK
iPod mode: Press
OK to play
to select previous or next track, press
When alarm sounds, Press snooze function to postpone alarm to a
define snooze time.
Back Overview
Power Supply
AUX IN socket:
Connect the provided AC/DC power adaptor (12V) to this socket, and then
connect the AC/DC adaptor plug to the AC wall outlet.
Do not use any AC adaptors other than the one included with this unit to
avoid fire, electric shock, etc.
Be sure that only connect to an AC outlet that match the AC adaptor.
Connects to external audio device.
When connect the 3.5mm PHONES jack from your MP3 player, you must adjust
the volume of the MP3 player or you may not hear sound from your unit.
Turning up volume too high on your MP3 player may cause sound distortion
from your unit. If this is the case, reduce the volume on the MP3 player until the
distortion stops and then adjust the volume level on the unit to a comfortable
listening level.
How to Turn on?
1. Press
to switch on radio and a message -- ‘Welcome to Digital Radio’ will be followed.
2. For initial use, it will automatically run a full scan and save all the detected stations into its
memory in alphanumeric order. This will take one or two minutes. The first station in the
list will play after scanning finished.
Note: If no DAB+ reception, check the antenna adjustment or relocate your radio for best reception
by viewing the signal strength on the display
How to Change to another Station?
1. While playing a DAB+ program, you can change to
another station by pressing or to browse.
2. Press OK to confirm the station you selected.
How to Prune?
Note: Pruning removes inactive stations from the station list.
1. Press MENU à press or to ‘‘Prune’, press OK to confirm, ‘Prune? <No> Yes’.
‘Yes’, press OK to confirm.
2. Press
How to Update Stations List?
Note: It is recommended to do a full scan every now and then to add any new stations to the
station list.
1. Press SCAN, the unit will scan all the DAB+ channels and add any new stations available
to its station list. Or
Press MENU, and then press
to ‘Full scan’, press OK to confirm.
DAB Menu Tree
How to Switch to FM Mode?
1. Press MODE to switch from DAB Mode to ‘FM Mode’.
How to tune to stations?
1. Once in FM mode, it will start at the beginning of the FM frequency range (87.50MHz).
Otherwise, it will play the last FM station you’ve listened.
2. Manually Scan
To manually scan FM frequency, press or
to change frequency by 0.05MHz per
to scan lower or higher stations
step. Press and hold or
3. Automatic Scan
To automatic scan, press
or SCAN.
a. To forward auto ‘Scanning…’ press
and then press OK.
b. To backward auto ‘Scanning…’ press
and then press OK.
c. Or, simply press OK or SCAN.
How to Start Scan for available station?
By default, FM scans stop at any available station. This may result in a poor signal-tonoise ratio (hiss) from weak stations.
To change the scan settings to stop only at stations with good signal strength, press
MENU à < Scan setting > à ‘Strong stations only?’ press OK to confirm.
How to Change Audio Setting?
By default, all stereo stations are reproduced in stereo. For weak stations, this may result
in a poor signal-to-noise ratio (hiss).
To play weak stations in mono, press MENU à < Audio setting > à Forced mono,
press OK to confirm.
How to View Station Information?
While listening to a DAB+/FM program, you can view station information by press INFO
repeatedly. The information is displayed on the second line of the display such as signal
strength, program type, multiplex name, frequency, digital bit rate, program format, date.
FM Menu Tree
How to Set Station Presets (DAB+ and FM mode)?
Your radio can store 10 DAB+ and 10 FM station presets.
1. Press and hold PRESET button, until it shows: ‘Preset Store #’.
2. Press
to cycle through preset stations 1-10.
3. Once you have located your favourite preset position, press OK, it will show: ‘Preset #
stored’ followed by specified preset number shows up.
? Note: # stands for preset station numbers from 1 - 10
How to Recall Preset station (DAB+ and FM mode)?
To recall a preset station:
1. Press MODE repeatedly to switch mode (DAB+/FM mode).
2. Press PRESET button to access to your preset station list: ‘Preset Recall #’.
3. Press
to locate your favourite station, press OK to confirm.
Note: This radio has an auxiliary input which can be used as an audio speaker system for external
audio source such as MP3 or CD player
1. Connect an external audio source to the AUX IN socket using a 3.5mm audio stereo
cable (not included).
2. Press MODE repeatedly to select ‘Auxiliary Input Mode’.
To gain optimal volume levels, adjust the output volume level on both of the source
device and on radio itself is recommended.
Note: AUX IN allows for quick and easy connection to an MP3 player or other external audio
Docking and Playing Your iPod/iPhone
Note this unit is compatible with the following iPod/iPhone models:
Docking can play music files stored on your iPod/iPhone through the stereo speakers.
The method of playing iPod and iPhone quite similar, below we show how to play iPod for
Docking your iPod
1. Insert your iPod into the iPod docking on the top of the unit. It will begin to charge if
necessary. Charging will stop when it is fully charged (check the iPod screen).
2. Select iPod mode by pressing MODE repeatedly until iPod is displayed.
3. Playing Music?
a. Press
to previous or next track, press
OK from song list.
Or, select and play a track by using your iPod.
4. Adjust the volume by pressing the VOL+ or VOL- button.
General Operation
Set Time
1. Press MENU, and then press
to ‘Time’, press OK to confirm,
to enter a range of time settings below:
n <Set 12/24 hour format>: ‘Set 24 hour’ and ‘Set 12 hour’
n <Set Time/Date>: Manually set-up both Time and Date
n <Auto update>: ‘Update from DAB’, and ‘No update’
n <Set date format>: DD-MM-YYYY’ and ‘MM-DD-YYYY’
Set Snooze
Note: This function is used to temporarily turn alarm off for pre-define time. After this time it will
turn on again. Default time is 5mins.
1. Press MENUà ‘Snooze Time’, press OK to confirm.
2. Press
to view options: 5/10/15/20/25/30 minutes, the default setting is 5 minutes.
3. Press OK to confirm time interval option.
Set Audio Equaliser
Note: The sound system of your unit can be adjusted to suit your personal taste of listening by setting
the bass and treble levels
1. Press MENUà‘Audio’, press OK to confirm.
2. Press
to cycle through options: ‘Treble’ and ‘Bass’.
3. Press OK to enter and press
to change ‘Treble’ or ‘Bass’ level, press OK to
Set Language
1. Press MENUà‘‘Language’, press OK to confirm.
to cycle through, for which you will find ‘English’, ‘Frangais’, ‘Deutsch’
2. Press
and ‘Italiano’ available.
3. While your desired one is showing up, press OK to confirm.
Set Display Dimmer
Note: Adjust the front panel display backlight level to suit your personal preference.
Press DIMMER repeatedly to adjust backlight level.
Set Alarm
Note: Ensure that time is set correctly before setting the Alarm.
1. Press ALARM1 to enter ‘Alarm 1 Setup’, meanwhile
icon will be blinking.
2. Or press ALARM2 to enter alarm 2 setting mode.
3. Press OK to confirm ‘Alarm 1 Setup’ to enter ‘Alarm 1 Wizard’, then follow your display’s
instruction to configure the following parameters:
Alarm states: Off/ On, press
On time: 06: 00 (alarm sounding time)
Duration time: 15/30/45/60/90minutes (alarm sounding lasting time)
Source: Buzzer/DAB/FM
Alarm sounds frequency: Daily, Once, Weekends or weekdays
Alarm volume: press
to ‘On’, press OK to confirm.
to your favor alarm volume, and then press OK to
confirm, your radio will indicate ’Alarm saved’.
To Operate SNOOZE
When Alarm wakes up, press SNOOZE to postpone it.
While in SNOOZE function, the relative alarm should be blinking, and shows how long it
will be elapsed, during this time, you also can press
to have your radio play.
to stop snooze, or press
When unit reaches SNOOZE time, it will be wake up again.
To Turn Off Alarm
To turn alarm off temporarily, press
To turn alarm off permanently,
Press Alarm1 or Alarm 2 button to enter the desired alarm setting.
to "OFF", press OK to confirm until it displays "Alarm saved".
Set Sleep
Note: Your radio can be set to turn off after reaching a pre-define time.
1. Press SLEEP to enter ‘Set sleep time ------- sleep off’.
2. Press SLEEP repeatedly to define the snooze period: off/15/30/45/60/90 minutes.
3. When your preferred sleep time shows, press OK to confirm.
4. To check how long the sleep time is set, press SLEEP again.
Unit will automatically put itself into standby mode after the setting time has elapsed.
To continue listening to your program, press
to power it on.
Factory Reset
Note: Performing a factory reset will reset all settings including alarms and preset stations to return
its factory default settings.
1. Press MENUà‘‘Factory Reset’,à ‘Factory Reset? <No> Yes’.
2. Press
to ‘Yes’, and then press OK to confirm.
SW version
Note: Software cannot be change. It is for your reference
1. Press MENU, and then press
‘SW version’.
2. Press OK to confirm.
Volume Control
Adjust the radio volume by pressing VOL- or VOL+.
DAB+, FM Radio with iPod/iPhone docking
Audio Output:
1.5Wrms X 2
(FM) 87.5-108MHz
Frequency Ranges:
(DAB+) 174 – 240MHz
LCD Display:
High resolution display
Power Supply:
AC Power Input: 100-240Vac, 50-60Hz
DC Power Output: 5V 1200mA
140mm x 140mm x 144mm
Net weight:
Note: Specifications subject to change without notice.
Weight and dimensions are approximate.
1300 553 315
Between Monday to Friday – AEST 8.30AM to 6PM
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