Aastra Link RP 500 Install guide

AastraLink RP Solution Quick Start Guide
Typical Network Setup
Congratulations on the purchase of
the Aastralink RP phone system!
Microsoft ResponsePoint
Administrator Software
This quick start guide is designed to
Unpacking and checking your AastraLink RP System
6751i RP IP Phone
help you quickly set up and use your
LAN Ethernet Switch
AastraLink RP system. Complete user
6753i RP IP Phone
Ethernet Cable Power Cord
documentation is available online at:
Install Guide
Ethernet Cable
Ethernet Cable
Install Guide
Install Guide
6757i CT RP
IP Phone
AastraLink RP 540 Gateway
AastraLink RP 500
Base Unit
CT cordless
AastraLink RP 500 Base Unit
AastraLink 540
x4 Telephone Cables
Aastra RP Phone
• Before you get started, make sure you have all the components needed for your AastraLink RP system. If anything is missing contact your system vendor.
• This guide assumes you already have a DHCP server on your network.
Emergency Dialing Considerations
How to dial 911
Please inform all of your employees, visitors, and Response Point users
that they can either dial 911 or 9-911 to access 911 emergency services.
Power, network, or telephone service outages
WARNING: If there is an outage, disruption, or other degradation of the
power, network, or telephone services at your location, Response Point
will not work.
Maintain an alternative means of calling 911
NOTICE: You should maintain a backup means of calling 911 emergency
services (for example, by using a phone plugged into a standard
telephone line or a cell phone) in case of a power failure, telephone
service outage, or other problem that may inhibit you from using
Response Point. The emergency backup phone should be identified to
employees as one that will work during a power outage.
811 feature*
911 location obligations that may apply to certain owners of
Response Point
Your telephone company may be required under applicable law to
provide a telephone number and address associated with that
telephone number to emergency services when a caller dials 911.
Please note that certain U.S. (state and/or federal) and foreign laws
may require the owner of a multiline telephone system (MLTS), such
as Response Point, to provide emergency services with the physical
location/address of the phone that was used to call 911, in addition
to the caller’s telephone number.
Connecting the AastraLink RP 500
Base Unit
• Connect the power cord to the AastraLink 500 Base Unit port
and plug the other end into an electrical outlet.
• Connect the Ethernet cable to the port marked
the other end to your Local Area Network.
and connect
Connecting the AastraLink RP 540 Gateway
• Connect the power adapter to your
AastraLink RP 540 Gateway port
and plug the other
end into an electrical outlet.
• Connect the ethernet cable to the
port marked LAN, and connect the
other end to your Local Area
• Press the power button located at the front of the unit.
• Connect at least one telephone
line cable to a local phone jack,
and connect the other end to one
of the 4 telephone line jacks on
the AastraLink RP 540 Gateway.
* This feature may not work if the phone has not been registered with the
Response Point base unit by your phone system administrator.
LAN Ethernet Switch
By dialing 811, you can call back the last phone used to dial 911. This
information will be stored for only 24-48 hours after 911 is dialed.
Connecting the phones (Aastra models 6751i RP, 6753i RP or 6757i CT RP)
• Connect the supplied Ethernet
cable to the phone port marked
with LAN
• If you already have a network device, such as your computer,
connected to your office LAN jack where you will install your
phone, you will need to temporarily disconnect it from the office
LAN jack.
Power Adapter
Conne ction
k Warning: This will disconnect your network connection.
• Connect the Ethernet cable from the phone LAN port to the office
LAN jack.
•Reconnect your computer or other network device to the PC port
of the phone (if applicable).
• If required, connect the power cord to the back of the phone and
plug into a power outlet. (All Aastra phones can be powered
through the LAN cable.)
LAN Ethernet Switch
Compliance with such MLTS laws is your responsibility as the owner
of Response Point. Response Point does not provide to emergency
services the physical location/address of a phone that is used to call
To Other
Network Device
To Network
When your Aastra phone is
powered up correctly, it will
display “waiting assignment” on
the screen.
Ensure all components of your
AastraLink RP system are
connected to the same network
and are powered on.
You are now ready to begin the
software installation process.
For additional information and documentation, please visit: www.aastratelecom.com
Telephone Line Cables
AastraLink RP Solution Quick Start Guide Page 2/2
Your AastraLink RP system requires an
up-to-date version of one of the following
operating systems:
Before installing the software . . .
Microsoft® Windows XP Professional or Home
Edition with Service Pack 2 (SP2, 32-bit) with
the lastest security updates
• Before you install the Microsoft® Response PointTM phone system
software on your computer, please complete the steps described on
the first page of this Quick Start Guide.
Microsoft® Windows Vista (32-bit) with the
latest security updates
• All components of the AastraLink RP system should be assembled,
connected, and powered up so they will be automatically detected
when you install the software.
Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2, 32-bit
Using the Autoinstall CD
1 Locate the AastraLink RP Solution CD which was supplied with the
AastraLink RP 500 Base Unit.
2 Insert the CD into the CD drive of your computer. The Autoinstall
Window opens.
NOTE: If the Autoinstall window does not open, use the Windows Explorer to
view the CD directory. Double-click Setup.exe to start the installation process.
3 Click the Install button.
• It is suggested that you add at least one phone to ensure your
system is working. Additional phones or gateways may be added at
any future time.
Small Business Server 2003 R2, 32-bit
4 Check the Install Microsoft Response Point Administrator box so
all boxes are checked. (Microsoft Response Point Assistant is used for
your personal phone line, and the Microsoft English Text-to-Speech
Engine is used to record user names for the phone system.)
NOTE: All phones, base units, and gateways must be connected to the
same local area network.
5 Click Next. Follow the prompts to install the Microsoft Response Point
phone system software.
NOTE: You must review and accept the license agreements to install the
6 When the installation is complete, continue to step 6.
Starting Administrator
6 Enter the default password admin and click Connect. The change password
now dialog appears.
1 Select Start > All Programs > Microsoft Response Point
Administrator. The Important Notice screen appears.
2 Review the emergency considerations listed and click OK. The Select the
base unit screen appears.
NOTE: If no base units are listed, ensure your base unit is turned on and wait 30
seconds for the list to refresh. If it is still not detected see ‘Troubleshooting’ in the
AastraLink RP Administrator Guide.
The Microsoft Response Point Administrator phone system software is now
connected to the Aastralink RP 500 Base Unit. Change the password now, or
do so later following step 7.
3 Choose your base unit. If more than one is shown, check the MAC address
on the bottom sticker on your base unit. The first time you connect, a
security screen appears.
Setting the Password, Date and Time
It is recommended that you set a new base unit password, and change it regularly.
1 Click the Base Unit button.
2 In the Tasks pane, under Properties, click Change Password.
3 In the Current password box, type the current password (the default is
4 In the New password and Confirm password boxes, type the new password,
and click OK.
The date and time of your of your entire AastraLink RP system is set through the
base unit. The base unit will then restart, which can take several minutes.
5 Click the Base Unit button.
6 Click the date and time next to the Date and time on the base unit option
under Properties.
4 Confirm that the correct MAC address for your base unit is displayed, and
click Yes to continue. A security warning screen appears.
7 In the Set Date and Time dialog box, select the options that you want.
5 Click Yes to accept the security certificate. The Connect to Base Unit
dialog appears.
8 Click OK.
Adding phones and users to your AastraLink RP Solution
The AastraLink RP Solution works with Aastra RP phone models
6751i RP, 6753i RP and 6757i CT RP. Any combination of
these models may be used on one network.
1 Click the Phone System button.
2 In the Tasks pane, under Phones, click Add Phone, which
displays the Configure Phone Wizard.
3 Confirm that the phone is connected and plugged in, select the
check box at the bottom of the Have you connected your
phone page, and click Next.
4 On the What phone do you want to add page, click the phone
you just connected.
NOTE: If you do not see the phone click Refresh in the Tasks pane. If
you still do not see the phone, make sure that the phone is connected
to the LAN, unplug the phone from the power source, and plug it back
in. You may need to wait at least sixty seconds before the phone is
initialized and ready to be configured.
5 Click Next to display the Who will receive calls on this
phone page.
NOTE: Because these settings are not updated in real time when the dialog box is
open, they will soon not match the base unit's current date and time.
Testing your System
•check voicemail
When configuration of your Aastra IP phone is completed using the
Microsoft Response Point Administrator phone system software, the
phone is automatically configured by the software and is reset by
the Base Unit.
After the phone restarts, you will see the assigned extension and user
name on the phone display panel.
Jane Doe
Tue Aug 19 11:31
6 Click Assign User to select a user, and click OK. The New User
dialog appears.
Test your phone as follows.
7 Type the correct information on the Identification tab and click
OK. The What do you want to name this phone page opens.
• Voice dialing: Press the
button. The Response Point
Base Unit will chime. Say ‘What can I say?’ for voice-activated
dialing options.
8 The name and the owner of the phone have been filled in for
you automatically. You can change them both if you want, and
click Finish.
9 When the configuration process is complete, click Close.
Additional phones and users may be added by repeating steps
NOTE: Some AastraLink RP phones have multiple lines, and allow you
to assign a unique user to each line.
AastraLink RP Quick Reference
or dial 886
•call internally
say (name)
or dial extension
•call externally
say (name)
or dial 9+number
(External phone numbers must be entered as contacts using Assistant for
voice-dialing access.)
•park a call
(and listen for parked call #)
•retrieve a call
say retrieve my call
•transfer a parked call
say transfer my call to (name)
or say retrieve call (call #)
or say transfer call (call #) to (name)
or dial 7*(call #) (extension)
•list directory
say directory
•Placing outgoing calls: From your phone dial ‘9’ followed by an
external phone number.
Congratulations on the successful installation of your new
AastraLink RP Solution!
say voicemail
(default password is 9999)
For additional information and documentation, please visit: www.aastratelecom.com