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Meaco 20L medium home
Instruction Manual
Meaco 20L Medium Home Dehumidifier
Please read this instruction manual before using the dehumidifier and keep
safe for future reference.
Thank you for choosing Meaco, we really appreciate it
Extend your warranty on page 14
WARNING - This appliance is intended for use in a domestic environment only. Any other use
is not recommended by the manufacturer and may cause fire, electrical shocks or other injury
to person or property.
When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should always be followed:
1. Do not operate the unit with a damaged cord or plug, after it malfunctions or has been dropped or
damaged in any way. Return to an authorized service facility for examination and repair.
2. This unit should always be kept in an upright position to avoid any damage. Locate the unit on a flat
stable surface.
3. Check the household voltage to ensure it matches the units rated specification before operating.
4. Operate this unit in an ambient temperature between 5°C and 35°C.
5. Ensure that the air inlets and outlets are not blocked or covered.
6. Do not place the unit too close to curtains or other objects - min 30cm.
7. When using the "LAUNDRY MODE"
to speed up the drying of wet clothes in the room, keep the
clothing at a safe distance from the unit to prevent water from dropping onto the unit.
8. Never place anything on top of the unit and do not cover with any kind of material while in use.
9. This product is intended for domestic and light office use ONLY and not for commercial, industrial or
outdoor use.
10. To protect against electrical shocks, do not immerse unit, plug or cord in water, or spray with liquids.
11. Never unplug the dehumidifier without pressing the "ON/OFF" button
first, as this could damage
the unit.
12. Always unplug the unit when not in use or moving location. To disconnect from the power supply, grip
the plug and pull from the power socket. Never pull by the cord.
13. Always empty the water tank before storing the unit away.
14. Close supervision is necessary when any appliance is used by or near children and pets.
15. Do not run power cord under carpeting, or cover with rugs or runners. Arrange the cord away from
areas where it may be tripped over.
16. Never operate or store the unit in direct sunlight.
17. To repair the unit, take it to a qualified service engineer. Repairs carried out by unqualified people
may cause damage to the unit or injury to persons or property and void the warranty.
18. Where possible, avoid the use of an extension cable as they may overheat and cause a risk of fire.
Only use an extension cord after ensuring it is in perfect condition.
19. Do not use the unit without the air filter.
Wiring Instructions: Should it be necessary to change the plug please note the wires
in the mains lead are coloured in accordance with the following code :
As the colours of the wires in the mains lead of this appliance may not correspond with the
coloured markings identifying the terminals in your plug, proceed as follows:
1. The BLUE wire is the NEUTRAL and must be connected to the terminal which is marked
with the letter N or coloured BLACK.
2. The BROWN wire is the LIVE and must be connected to the terminal which is marked
with the letter L or coloured RED.
3. The GREEN/YELLOW is the EARTH and must be connected to the terminal which is
marked with the letter E or or coloured GREEN OR GREEN/YELLOW.
4. Always ensure that the cord grip is positioned and fastened correctly.
If a 13A (BS 1363) fused plug is used it must be fitted with a 13A fuse. If in doubt consult a
qualified electrician.
Wiring for a 13Amp Plug (BS1363)
Please note. The Earth Terminal is marked with the letter E or Earth Symbol.
Earth – E (Green / Yellow)
13 amp Fuse
Neutral – N (Blue)
Live – L (Brown)
Turns the dehumidifier on and off. When the dehumidifier is turned on the Drying light
is illuminated and the dehumidifier starts in High fan and Laundry modes.
Lights up when the dehumidifier is dehumidifying.
Lights up when the internal tank is full of water and needs to be emptied or when
the tank is incorrectly fitted.
The buzzer will sound 10 times for about 5 seconds and then the
dehumidifier will stop working and only the Empty Tank light will be illuminated.
Lights up when the dehumidifier is deicing.
This is more common when the
dehumidifier is being used below 16°C, the dehumidifier will stop drying for about 7 minutes whilst it
defrosts and will then dehumidify for the next 25 minutes before defrosting again.
Press the Mode button to toggle between the following settings.
Use this mode when you want to dry washing.
For optimum performance place the
dehumidifier in as small a room as possible with the door and windows closed.
The dehumidifier will dry
continuously to try to achieve a relative humidity of about 35%rh which will help to dry the washing
This is most effective when used in conjunction with the High fan speed.
Take care to
ensure that the dehumidifier does not become covered by the washing and that no water drips onto the
Runs the dehumidifier until a relative humidity of 40%rh is achieved and then switches
the unit off.*
Aims to achieve a relative humidity of 60%rh which will be fine for most household
To prevent condensation on single glazed windows or when the outside temperature
drops below about 5°C you should use Maximum
instead of Normal
Not recommended for the majority of applications as it only controls the relative
humidity to 80%rh and this is not enough to prevent condensation or the build-up of mould.*
turns itself off.
This is an off timer and allows you to run the dehumidifier for 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours before it
Use this mode when you are drying washing and want to turn the machine off after say
two hours of high speed drying.
Allows you to change the fan speed between High and Low fan speed.
The unit will
automatically switch to High fan speed when defrosting and when the ambient temperature is greater
than 32°C.
(Minimum/Normal and Maximum) when the target relative humidity has been
reached the dehumidifier will stop drying the air but the fan will continue to run for 5
more minutes.
When this happens no more water will be collected, this is perfectly
The fan then goes to sleep for 30 minutes after which it will wake up and
sample the air so that the dehumidifier knows when to start collecting water again,
but if the relative humidity remains below the target then the fan will go to sleep
again for another 30 minutes.
When the relative humidity rises again the
dehumidifier will automatically start to collect water again.
Although the Laundry
mode aims for a lower relative humidity it will reach a point after which there will be
no more water to collect because it will not over dry the air below a point at which
the air will become uncomfortable (around 35%rh).
How does a dehumidifier work?
There are four types of dehumidifier sold to the domestic market in the UK - Compressor (this
dehumidifier), desiccant, peltier and silica gel.
A compressor based dehumidifier draws the air in from the room over a filter and passes it over some cold
coils similar to the coils on a fridge. As the coils are cold, water condenses and drips into a bucket. The
air is then reheated to room temperature and blown back out of the dehumidifier.
Why does water appear on my windows/cupboards/walls?
It is a basic law of physics that if the surface is cold enough and if there is enough water vapour in the air
then it will condense. This means in the case of windows whether they are double-glazed or not that if the
windows are cold enough and there is enough moisture in the air then condensation will occur.
Where does this water come from?
We all produce water by drying clothes indoors, the boiling of vegetables, showering, rain, calor gas
heating and making cups of tea all produces moisture. It is just an on-going process that never stops.
Can I just get rid of it by opening my windows?
This is fine on a nice summer’s day but in winter opening your windows will just result in you losing the
heat from your central heating and creating draughts. This is a waste of money and if it is raining will just
let more moisture in. You might as well just throw fivers out of the window.
Will a dehumidifier do the whole house?
A dehumidifier creates a volume of dry air in as large a space as its fan can effect (this dehumidifier can
control up to a large 5 bedroom house). After that it will be helped by the fact that damp air will always
migrate to dry places. As long as you leave all of the internal doors open a correctly sized dehumidifier
will prevent condensation and mould from appearing around the whole house.
What about the black spots of mould on my window and bathroom sealant?
Mould occurs around 68% relative humidity, condensation occurs at 100%. As you can see from this you
can have mould but still have clear windows. A dehumidifier will prevent the mould from getting any
worse and once you have cleaned the mould away, it will stop it from coming back.
Do I put it in the worst room?
You can if you like put it in the main problem area to start with and then move it somewhere more
convenient when you feel that the problem is under control. If it is just condensation on the windows that
you are worried about a dehumidifier in a central position, for example the bottom of the stairs will cure the
problem in the whole house.
Are they expensive to run?
A compressor based dehumidifier costs about 2-3p(ish) an hour to run depending on your electricity tariff.
You should take into consideration the fact that the dehumidifier will not run all the time, as it will be
controlled via its humidistat. Secondly it is very expensive to heat a damp house and you will see a
reduction in your central heating bill when you start to use your dehumidifier. The dehumidifier will work
hard for about a month as it dries the house out. After this time the dehumidifier will start to turn itself off
more often as the relative humidity settles.
What is the humidistat?
Just as you have a thermostat that you set on your central heating you have a humidistat on your
dehumidifier. This will allow the dehumidifier to turn off and on as required without you having to worry
about it.
Should I turn the dehumidifier on for just a few hours a day?
No just let the dehumidifier’s humidistat decide when to come on.
Will they help with allergies?
A dehumidifier will reduce the relative humidity in the house, which will prevent dust mites and other pests
from breeding. In this way a dehumidifier can help with allergies.
Place the dehumidifier in an upright position on a stable, flat surface.
Please ensure the unit is a safe distance away from a wall or furniture.
Please keep clothes at a safe distance of 30cm away from the air inlet or outlet to prevent water from dripping into the
Ensure the tank is correctly fitted, if the tank is full or is not in place, the “Empty Tank”
light comes on, an alarm
will sound and the dehumidifier will turn off.
Press the Power button
Select the Mode that you want to use the dehumidifier in, for most applications this will be the “Normal”
For more detail refer to page five.
To turn off press the On/Off
button again.
Where to position the dehumidifier
For best results position the dehumidifier somewhere central like a landing or a hallway. As long as the internal doors
are open the moisture will migrate naturally towards the dehumidifier to be processed.
To dry washing it is best to put the dehumidifier into a small room with some heating on. Close the door and windows
and use the dehumidifier in “Laundry” mode
. Hang the clothes so that they are not touching each other and so
that air can circulate between the clothes. Ensure that water does not drip onto the dehumidifier.
Amount of water collected
When you first use your dehumidifier it will work harder to reduce the room humidity down to 60%rh (in “Normal” mode
This is the time when it will produce the most water and need emptying most frequently. As the room
becomes dryer the dehumidifier collects less water and takes longer to fill the tank, this is perfectly normal. When the
target relative humidity has been reached the dehumidifier will stop collecting water, again this is normal.
If you find that you still have condensation on your windows or you need to dry the air further then us the “Maximum”
. This might well be necessary if you have single glazed windows or if the outside air temperature drops
towards freezing.
To operate safely
Do not insert small objects into the unit or this will damage it and cause a hazard.
Do not remove the tank when the dehumidifier is running or water may leak.
Minimum operating condition 5°C at 50%rh relative humidity.
Never use the device with a damaged power cord, plug, cabinet or control panel. Never trap the power cord or
allow it to come into contact with sharp edges.
9 guarantee becoming void.
Failing to follow the instructions may lead to the
When the water tank is full:
- An alarm signal will sound
- The dehumidifier will stop automatically.
- Empty the water tank and replace it in the correct position.
The dehumidifier
will start to work again and the compressor will start up after three minutes.
If the “Empty tank” light stays on and the unit does not start up then the tank is
not correctly fitted.
Continuous Drainage
It is possible to connect the drainage hose (included in the box) to the dehumidifier for permanent water
drainage. Simply connect the hose to the drain spout and ensure that the end of the hose is lower than the
drain opening, otherwise the water will not drain and flooding may occur.
Place the end of the drainage hose on the water outlet.
When you no longer wish to use the permanent water drainage, disconnect the drainage tube from the
device. Ensure that the water container is positioned correctly.
Switch the dehumidifier off and remove the plug from the socket before cleaning.
The exterior
Clean the exterior with a soft, dry cloth.
If the device is extremely dirty, use a mild cleaning agent. Wipe
the dehumidifier with a slightly damp cloth.
Never spray the device with water.
The air filter
When used regularly, the filter may become clogged with dust and particles. Therefore the filter should be
cleaned every two weeks. Follow these steps:
Remove the filter.
Clean the filter with a vacuum cleaner and not with water. Cleaning the filter with water will
destroy the filters anti-bacterial nano-silver properties.
Never use the device without the air filter.
If the machine will not be used for a long period of time, take the following steps:
Remove the plug from the socket and empty the container. Allow the container and the
dehumidifier to dry completely, this can take a couple of days.
Clean the air filter.
Store the device in a dust-free location away from direct sunlight, preferably covered with a
sheet of plastic.
Check the following before contacting technical support:
The unit does not
The power is not connected.
Insert the plug into the wall outlet.
The water container is full.
Remove the water from the container.
The water container has not been replaced
Place the water container in the correct position.
The device does not
The air filter is clogged.
Clean the air filter.
The temperature or relative humidity in the room
It is normal that the device does not dehumidify in
where the device is operating is too low.
these conditions.
The house is too large. This dehumidifier can dry
We recommend using a dehumidifier with a
up to about a five bedroom house.
greater capacity.
There are too many sources of moisture.
We recommend using a dehumidifier with a
Bathing, washing, drying clothes and cooking all
greater capacity.
puts moisture into the air.
source to a calor gas heater.
The dehumidifier
Consider using a different heat
works, but reduces
Calor gas heating can
the relative humidity
add too much moisture into the air for a
insufficiently/there is
little water in the water
There is too much ventilation.
Reduce ventilation (e.g. close windows and shut
The air filter is blocked and the reduce air flow is
Clean the air filter.
effecting performance.
The windows were
The outside air temperature has dropped and the
Use the dehumidifier on Maximum and run it 24
clear and now
windows are colder.
hours a day.
I cannot remove the
The surface temperature of the windows is too low
Keep running the dehumidifier on Maximum 24
condensation from my
for a dehumidifier to prevent condensation.
hours a day and when the air temperature outside
windows, even in
Common with single glazed windows and when
increases the windows should clear of
Maximum mode.
the outside air temperature drops below freezing.
Dehumidifier is
The dried air is past over heating coils before it is
This is normal, a dehumidifier is not an air cooler.
blowing out warm air.
blown into the room as part of the dehumidification
condensation has
The dehumidifier is
The air filter is blocked or the unit is on an uneven
Clean the filter and or put the dehumidifier on a
flat surface. A dehumidifier will also be noisier
on wooden floors than on carpet.
Drying light flashes
The ambient temperature is below zero or above
If the temperature is not above or below these
limits then call Meaco because the NTC is faulty.
Defrost indicator
Temperature above 40°C
If the temperature is not high then call Meaco as
light flashes
you have a NTC fault.
Mode button is disabled, unit runs in Laundry
You should be able to cure this fault by
mode only
unplugging the unit for 5 minutes and then
restarting the dehumidifier. If the fault persists
then call Meaco as you might have a faulty
temperature and humidity sensor.
light flashes
All buttons disabled.
You should be able to cure this fault by
and bleeps
unplugging the unit for 5 minutes and then
restarting the dehumidifier. If the fault persists
then call Meaco as you might have a faulty
temperature and humidity sensor or NTC.
There is a one year warranty on your dehumidifier from the date of purchase.
All material or manufacturing defects will be repaired free of charge.
The following applies:
Any repairs or replacement of components during the warranty period will be not result in
an extension of the warranty period.
The warranty will expire if any alterations have been made, not genuine components
have been fitted or if the dehumidifier has been repaired by a third party.
Components subject to normal wear and tear, such as the air filter, are not covered by the
The warranty is only valid on presentation of the original, unaltered, and date-stamped
purchase receipt.
The warranty does not cover damage caused by actions that deviate from those as
described in the user’s manual or by neglect.
All claims for compensation, including consequential damage, will not be entertained.
The warranty can be invalidated if the dehumidifier is found to be dirty or if the filter or the
internals have been clogged.
To prevent unnecessary expenses, we recommend that you always carefully read the user’s
manual first. If this does not provide a solution, take the dehumidifier to your distributor for
This appliance is not intended for use by person (including children) with reduced physical,
sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been
given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for
their safety.
Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
You can extend your warranty from the standard one year up to a maximum of
five years at any time in the first year of ownership by visiting
If you have trouble
in using this link then go to and you will find the extended
warranty under Dehumidifiers.
Meaco 20L medium home dehumidifier
Power consumption
335/355 Watts
Power supply
220-240V / 50Hz
Current (nominal)
1.5 A
Dehumidifying capacity
20 litres / day (at 30°C, 80%RH)
Capacity water container
3.5 litres
Air flow (nominal)
140 m3 / h
For homes up to
4/5 bedrooms
Operating range
5 – 35°C
Automatic defrost
Compressor type
Refrigerant type / charge
R134a /145g
Dimensions (w x d x h)
264 x 352 x 560 mm
Net weight
Gross weight
Sound pressure level
Unit Protection
IP20 (not for use in a bathroom)
Fuse rating
250V. F1.6A
This marking indicates that this product should not be disposed with other
household wastes throughout the EU. To prevent possible harm to the
environment or human health from uncontrolled waste disposal, recycle it
responsibly to promote the sustainable reuse of material resources. To return
your used device, please use the return and collection systems or contact the
retailer where the product was purchased. They can take this product for
environmental safe recycling.
This dehumidifier has been imported into the U.K. by;
Please record, for future reference, your date of
purchase and where you bought the dehumidifier
from here.
Meaco (U.K.) Limited
Meaco House
Date of purchase…………………..…………..
Railton Road
Purchased from (if not then
please record the supplier’s name below).
01483 234900/0500 418458
01483 232700
Meaco are specialists in dehumidifiers and would welcome your comments and questions on
this dehumidifier.
If you do develop a fault within the first year then please do call us and if we
cannot fix the problem over the phone we will be happy to collect the dehumidifier from you at
our expense and repair or replace as appropriate.
Please save the box just in case this happens.
Meaco 12/11 – version 2.1
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