Small Projects Submission Process

Small Projects Submission Process
Small Projects Submission Process
1. Request a Consult to Determine Scope:
First: Request a consult with ITS and/or Facilities to clarify
project scope and cost. All requests for a consult MUST be
initiated through the FootPrints work request system. IT and
Facilities will respond to your request within five (5) working
days. If you do not know how to submit an electronic work order
through FootPrints, follow these instructions:
1. Open Internet Explorer
2. Use the following URL to launch Footprints
Sign in using your CNM User ID and Password
3. Select the CNM Projects Work Space
4. Select “New Request” from the black menu bar
5. Populate this form to request a “Small Project”
consultation with ITS or Facilities or Both
6. Facilities and ITS will receive an email notice of the
project request and will contact you within 5 business
2. Determine which process to use to submit a request once Scope
is clarified:
 If the consult helped indicate that cost is below
$10,000, submit a Work Order request directly
through Facilities or ITS.
 If the consult helped determine that project cost
estimate is between $10,000 and $50,000,
complete the Small Project Approval form.
(Note Facilities personnel are able to use the
Small Projects Request Process for work
estimated to $100,000, not just $50,000).
 If the consult helped to determine that the cost
is above $50,000, follow the Master Plan
template process.
If it is determined that your project is a Small Project, complete
the Small Project Approval and Master Plan Part 2 Project
Proposal forms.
3. Submit forms
 Submit the Small Project Approval form and Master Plan
Part 2 Project Proposal form to ITS, Facilities, and
Purchasing for sign-off regarding estimated start date for
project and total time estimated for procurement. If the
project does not require IT, no need to submit to IT, and
likewise, if the project does not include Facilities, no need to
submit to Facilities.
4. Request approval
 Once ITS and/or Facilities, and Purchasing have entered
estimated start date for project (Purchasing will indicate the
total time estimated for the procurement), the Small Project
Approval form must be signed by requestor’s supervisor and
divisional Vice President.
 The Small Project Approval Form is then forwarded to the
Budget Office for assignment of a cost account and budget
 The Budget Office will retain the original and will forward
electronic copies to the following:
o ITS and/or Facilities
o IT Project Manager to include on Agenda of BiWeekly Projects Update Meeting
o Office of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness to
post approved Small Project forms on the
“” Sharepoint site in the “Small
Projects” folder. This will enable the college
community to view Small Projects in progress.
5. Getting the approved projects prioritized
 ITS and/or Facilities indicate the projected start date on the
Small Project Approval form, and if a procurement is
required, the Purchasing Department provides an estimate
related to procurement timetables. If start date is altered,
ITS or Facilities relays update to requestor.
 Routine and timely communication between all involved
parties is imperative to ensure successful implementation
and completion of small projects.
6. Project Phases
 Small Project Approval
 Project Implementation
 Management of Project
 Communicating Status
 Project Closeout: The Budget Office will obtain final
feedback and acceptance from the Proposer based on the
completion of the Small Project.
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