MacroSystem Digital Video DVD-Arabesk 2 User manual

User manual
for Casablanca Avio, Prestige, Kron and Solitaire
Safety notices
To avoid making mistakes during operation, we recommend that you carefully follow the
instructions provided in this manual.
We would also like to point out that Disk-Transfer has been designed with the hobby enthusiast in
We have taken a great deal of care while programming and checking this software.
Nevertheless, since it is not possible to guarantee totally error-free software applications in all
environments and at any time, we unfortunately cannot rule out the possibility that some errors may
have crept in. If, contrary to all expectations, this is indeed the case, we shall remedy any errors in
the program and supply the affected customers with the new software free of charge. We cannot,
however, accept any liability for loss of data/time or any consequential damages that may occur as
a result, particularly since we have no influence over correct software installation and operation by
the customer. MacroSystem Digital Video AG and its dealers therefore cannot be held liable for any
defects or unintentional damage in connection with the installation or use of Disk-Transfer.
MacroSystem Digital Video AG and its dealers do not guarantee error-free use of the software or
complete flawlessness of the program.
Any implied guarantee is null and void, including guarantee of suitability of the software or
operating instructions for a particular purpose.
Neither MacroSystem Digital Video AG nor its dealers are responsible for any damages resulting
either directly or indirectly through the use of the software or the operating instructions, e.g. for
profit loss, costs, hardware or software problems or other issues.
Table of contents
1. Important information .........................................................................................
1.1 Supplied items .........................................................................................
1.2 Further information..................................................................................
2. About Disk-Transfer ............................................................................................
3. Requirements .......................................................................................................
4. Installation ............................................................................................................
5. Using DiskTransfer ...............................................................................................
5.1 Disk-Transfer Export ................................................................................
5.2 Disk-Transfer Import ................................................................................
Anhang A - Disk-Transfer and the PC-Software „Adobe Premiere Pro“ .............
Anhang B - Questions and answers .......................................................................
Chapter 1
Important information
Thank you for purchasing Disk-Transfer from
your dealer.
We appreciate your confidence in us, and we are
sure you will find that Disk-Transfer is a powerful
and time-saving addition to your Casablanca..
1.1 Supplied items
Please check that your purchase is complete.
Disk-Transfer includes the following:
• Disk -Transfer software that was copied by your
dealer on to a SmartMedia card.
• Manual
• Access code for the Disk-Transfer software
1.2 Further information
We shall be happy to help you with questions
outside the scope of this manual, ideas, suggested improvements and technical problems.
Please use the address and telephone numbers
quoted in your Casablanca manual. Please have
the serial number of your Casablanca ready
when calling us.
Chapter 2
About Disk-Transfer
Disk-Transfer it the ideal software for the longterm archiving of individual scenes onto DVD
without losses in quality. In conjunction with
DVD Arabesk, you can burn as many scenes as
you like from various projects onto a DVD. The
maximum total length possible is up to approx.
20 minutes on a single-layer DVD (4.7 GBytes)
and up to 40 minutes on a double-layer DVD (9.6
Since the data are written onto DVD in DV format
(i.e. they are not altered), you can import scenes
back onto the Casablanca with no loss in quality.
“Disk-Transfer” is therefore not just the perfect
solution for archiving, it is also suitable for data
exchange between other Casablanca devices or
computers. So, for instance, you can edit scenes
using PC programs and then import them back
into the Casablanca via DVD. Disk-Transfer therefore allows you to combine all the advantages
and possibilities provided by the Casablanca with
various types of computer software.
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Disk-Transfer is compatible with all second generation Casablanca systems – the Casablanca
Avio, Casablanca Prestige, and the Casablanca
Kron and Solitaire systems that are fitted with an
internal DVD burner and that have DVD Arabesk
2 (version 2.2 or higher) installed.
Disk-Transfer must be installed as add-on software via the “Install product” menu item in
“System settings”.
The Casablanca must have system software installed that is at least SmartEdit version 3.4 or
You can obtain the latest version of the system
software from your dealer.
You can likewise obtain DVD Arabesk 2 from
your dealer.
If you want to play or process Disk-Transfer
DVDs on a PC, you must install a suitable DV
codec on the PC.
Open the “Install product” menu and insert the
SmartMedia card containing the Disk-Transfer
software into your Casablanca’s SmartMedia
drive, as described in the Casablanca manual.
After a short time, “Disk-Transfer” appears in
the list of add-on software.
Select the “Disk-Transfer” entry from the list
simply by clicking on it so that it appears with a
background bar and then select the “activate”
menu item.
Your Casablanca will now ask you for the license
code that you purchased from your dealer. Enter
the 12-digit code and confirm your input with
You will know that the product has been successfully licensed if you see “(active)” displayed
after the “Disk-Transfer” entry.
To install Disk-Transfer as a demo version, simply click on “Demo” in the window for entering
the license code.
In demo mode, the software adds a DEMO text
to exported scenes.
Chapter 5
On the right next to “Disk-Transfer Format”, you
must now select DV “Type 1” or “Type 2” as the
AVI file type for the DV Direct video footage:
Using Disk-Transfer
• Type 1
The AVI files on the DVD that you are going to
burn will contain video and audio combined.
Although this format is more space saving compared to Type 2 (approx. 5 % more video footage
fits on a DVD), only a few programs are capable
of playing and processing “Type 1” on a PC.
Therefore, “Type 1” should primarily be used
when you want to archive scenes for later use
on the Casablanca.
You can use Disk-Transfer to export individual
scenes from the scene bin onto a DVD without
losses in quality and import scenes from a DVD
into the scene bin likewise without losses.
Disk-Transfer therefore comprises two components: “Disk-Transfer Export” as an add-on to
DVD Arabesk 2 and “Disk-Transfer Import” located under “Edit, New”.
5.1 Disk-Transfer Export
Disk-Transfer Export prepares video scenes located in the scene bins of any projects so that
they are ready for burning onto DVD. DV Direct footage that is selected in the scene bin is
packed into PC-compatible AVI files, which act
like “containers”. The footage is then collected
in a scene bin ready for burning later on. The
procedure is therefore similar to the “Add project” function in DVD Arabesk, however, without
the video material being converted to MPEG 2.
• Type 2
The AVI files on the DVD that you are going to
burn will contain video and audio separately.
You should favor “Type 2” over “Type 1” if you
want to process the files on a PC.
Now close the “Settings” menu by clicking on
“Ok” and select the “Export” menu.
Important notice:
Disk-Transfer is started from within DVD Arabesk. Start DVD Arabesk via the “Start program”
button in the “Finish” menu, and then select the
“Settings” item first of all.
Important Note:
• Before starting the Disk-Transfer “Export”
function, you must make sure that all DVD
Arabesk projects are concluded and written to
DVD. Disk-Transfer uses the same location on
the hard drive as DVD Arabesk and therefore
cannot be used parallel to DVD Arabesk.
If you used DVD Arabesk before Disk-Transfer,
you will see the following notice appear:
• Select scene
This button opens the window for selecting
a scene. In this window, search for the scene
thumbnail that you want and confirm your
selection with “Ok”.
• Scene length
This is where you can read the length of the
currently selected scene in the format “Minutes
: Seconds : Frames”.
Only answer the question with “Yes” if you are
sure that it is alright for your DVD Arabesk projects to be actually deleted. If not, please click on
“No” and first complete your projects in DVD
After Disk-Transfer Export starts, you can prepare video scenes for burning onto DVD and
then collect them in Disk-Transfer’s own special
scene bin.
• Size
The amount of space that the selected scene
will take up on the DVD is directly related to the
scene length. A size of 100 % means that the
DVD will be used to full capacity as soon as the
scene is added.
• Free capacity
This percentage indicates the remaining
storage space that would be available on the
DVD if you were to add this scene. It therefore
allows you to see whether the selected scene
can fit on the DVD or not even before you add
the scene.
• Add scene
The selected scene is converted into one or
more AVI files (“Type 1” or “Type 2”) – see
Settings – and is stored in Disk-Transfer’s scene
bin. The scene is automatically split up into
several AVI files if the maximum file size of
1 GByte that is allowed under the “UDF” file
system is exceeded.
• Remove scene
Removes the marked scene from the scene bin.
Select a scene in the scene bin and then remove it with “Remove scene”. The original scene
in the project’s scene bin is not affected by this.
• Scene bin
The scene bin is the storage container for all
AVI video files with DV Direct footage that have
been prepared for burning onto DVD.
• Select project
This button opens the window for selecting a
project. Now select any project that you like
that is stored on your hard drive. In a moment,
you will start preparing individual scenes in
this project’s scene bin so that they are ready
for burning onto DVD.
Press the “Ok” button to close the Disk-Transfer Export menu and to apply the changes. A
click on the button:
• Write DVD
Starts the burning process as soon as an
unwritten DVD-R or DVD-RW is inserted in the
Casablanca’s DVD drive.
If you want to create a project with DVD Arabesk
again at a later point in time and in doing so
press one of the DVD Arabesk buttons (Add film,
Read DVD, etc.), you will see the following notice appears:
Only answer the question with “Yes” if you are
sure that it is alright for your AVI files prepared
by Disk-Transfer to be actually deleted from
Disk-Transfer’s scene bin. If not, please click on
“No” and first complete your projects in DiskTransfer.
5.2 Disk-Transfer Import
You can import the data on DVDs created using
Disk-Transfer back into the Casablanca’s scene
bin without any loss in quality. The import function provided by Disk-Transfer that you need for
this can be started using the “Edit, New” menu.
Open any project and click on “New” in the
“Edit” menu. Next, in the list on the left, select
the ”Disk-Transfer” entry and confirm your selection with “Ok”.
Important notice
• The value that is set for “Length” in the “New”
menu does not have any effect on the length
of a Disk-Transfer import. Disk-Transfer always
imports whole scenes without a time limit.
The Disk-Transfer Import menu appears onscreen:
Now insert a DVD containing suitable video footage (DV-AVI in UDF format) into the Casablanca’s DVD drive and wait for the flashing LED on
the drive to go out, i.e. wait until the drive has
accepted the inserted DVD. You can now use
the following controls:
• Display contents
The table of contents of the inserted DVD is
read and then displayed in the selection list. It
can take a while for the contents of the DVD to
be read.
• Ok
The title that is currently highlighted in the selection list is transferred from the DVD into the
Casablanca’s scene bin.
• All
All the titles displayed in the selection list are
transferred from the DVD into the Casablanca’s
scene bin.
• Cancel
Closes the Disk-Transfer Import menu without
importing a scene.
The scenes imported using Disk-Transfer are
stored after the import process in the scene bin
of the project and are labeled with the scene
names that are displayed in the selection list. The
scenes are now available for further processing.
Appendix A
Disk-Transfer and the PC software
“Adobe Premiere Pro”
This appendix describes how to import DiskTransfer scenes into Adobe Premiere Pro and
how to export scenes that are compatible with
Disk-Transfer from Adobe Premiere Pro onto a
DVD that can be read by the Casablanca.
Important notice
• The functions described here only work in the
way explained here with Adobe Premiere Pro
and not, for instance, with Adobe Premiere 5.1.
A suitable DV codec (see Appendix B) might
need to be installed in order to be able to
export Disk-Transfer compatible scenes using
other software.
A.1 Importing scenes with Premiere Pro
As soon as the Disk-Transfer DVD has been detected by the PC’s DVD drive, you can import
individual AVI scenes with DV Direct video footage into Adobe Premiere Pro.
First create a new project and load the “DV - PAL
- Standard 48 kHz” setting. Then, use the “File
- Import” menu item to open the scene selection
menu. The scenes that you want are stored on
the DVD in the “DVEXPORT” directory as AVI
files. Select a scene and confirm your selection
with “Open”.
To import all the recordings from the DVD in one
go, simply select the “DVEXPORT” directory on
the DVD without opening it and then click on
“Import directory”.
The imported recordings will then be available
for further processing in Adobe Premiere Pro.
A.2 Exporting scenes with Premiere Pro
To export a completed project from Adobe
Premiere Pro, select the “File - Export - Film”
menu item.
You should now make the following changes
to the settings in the “Settings for film export”
• General
You must select “Microsoft DV AVI” as the
“File type”. You must activate the check marks
next to “Export video” and “Export audio” and
activate the “Add to the project after completion” setting. The “Imbedding options” must be
set to “None”.
• Video
You should set the “Compressor:” setting to
“DV (PAL)” and the “Color depth” to “16.7 million colors”. All the other settings in this menu
are determined by the selected TV standard
(PAL or NTSC) and do not need to be changed.
• Keyframe and Render
The preset values should not be changed.
• Audio
You only need to make sure that the “Sample
rate” is set to “48,000 Hz”. All the other values
should remain set to their presets.
Appendix B
Questions and answers
• Do I need special DVD blanks for Disk-Transfer?
No, every writable DVD+/-R or DVD-/+RW that
provides good results when used with DVD
Arabesk can also be used with Disk-Transfer.
• What is the main difference between DiskTransfer and DVD Arabesk?
DVD Arabesk can write up to 180 minutes of
video material in compressed MPEG-2 format
onto a DVD whilst Disk-Transfer creates special
AVI files with uncompressed DV video footage. For this reason, only around 20 minutes of
video footage will fit onto a Disk-Transfer DVD.
• Is any standard DVD player able to play DVDs
created using Disk-Transfer?
No, we currently do not know of any standalone DVD player that can play DV AVI footage.
DVDs that are to be played on standard DVD
players must still be created using DVD Arabesk.
• My PC does not accept the Disk-Transfer DVD.
Whenever I select the DVD drive containing
the Disk-Transfer DVD, Windows informs me
that there is no medium present.
It is possible that your DVD drive is not capable
of reading DVD-R or DVD-RW media that you
have burned yourself. Please check the DVD in
another PC and if necessary replace your DVD
drive with a suitable model.
• Instead of a DVD drive my PC is going to be
fitted with a DVD burner so that I can use DiskTransfer to transfer PC video scenes to the
Casablanca. Which DVD burners are suitable?
Basically every DVD burner is suitable that can
create DVDs according to the “minus” standard, i.e. DVD-R and DVD-RW. DVD burners
manufactured by Pioneer are currently fitted to
the Casablanca Avio DVD, Prestige and Kron.
• Although my PC’s DVD drive detects the DVD
created using Disk-Transfer, it is not possible
to play or process the AVI file(s) stored on it.
For instance, Windows Media Player notifies
me that “No suitable video codec was found”.
How do I make Windows play the AVI file(s)
created using Disk-Transfer?
Each Disk-Transfer AVI file contains video footage in DV format. For this reason, the PC must
have a suitable DVD video codec installed,
i.e. software for processing and displaying
DV video footage. This kind of DV video codec is often installed together with various
PC video editing programs. You can however,
also obtain DV video codecs separately on the
Internet, for instance from MainConcept (http:
• Why does playback appear shaky on my PC
when I play the Disk-Transfer AVI files?
Playing DV footage places high demands on
the PC. In order to be able to display an average of 3.6 MBytes per second of video data
smoothly on-screen, all the PC components
(DVD drive, motherboard, processor, graphics
card) must be fast enough and optimally suited
to one another.
• How do I find out what video codec my PC is
using to try to play Disk-Transfer video files?
At the following Internet address:
you can download a video codec analysis tool.
This is a tool for experienced users that provides precise information on which Windows
components are responsible for playing a particular video file.