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DENVER DPF‐517 User Manual
Digital Photo Frame
The power adapter cable/disconnect device shall remain easy to operate/disconnect.
Congratulations on your purchase of Digital Photo Frame.
Before operating the unit, please read this manual thoroughly and keep it for future
reference. This manual will help you use many of the exciting features to make your
Digital Photo Frame view more enjoyable.
The Digital Photo Frame enables you to view digital pictures directly from your
camera’s memory card. You can also create a slide show with multiple transition
effects. No computer, digital camera, or internet connection is required.
●Play back of photo files stored in data stored devices through USB 2.0 port or
various card-reader port, or internal memory.
●Supports SD,MMC, MS card.
●Compatible with most digital cameras stored JPEG images files.
●Automatic slide show with multiple transition effects and adjustable display time.
●Insert the memory card with slots facing you. Do not force the memory card in the
●If you are not able to easily insert the memory card completely, you may have
inserted it in a wrong way.
Note: DPF = Digital Photo Frame.
Precautions and Maintenance
●For indoor use only
●To avoid risks of file or electric shock; do not expose this appliance to moisture.
●To avoid overheating; do not block the ventilation holes on the back of the DPF at
any time.
●Keep your Digital Photo Frame out of sunlight. Direct sunlight may cause damage.
●Do not dismantle the DPF. There is a risk of electric shock, and there are no user
serviceable parts inside. Dismantling your Digital Photo Frame will void your
●Do not use the Digital Photo Frame if conditions could allow condensation to
occur, or damage may result.
DPF Side view
●DC: Input the DC power adapter to the DPF player.
●SD/MMC/ MS card: The socket for DPF player to
connect the SD/MMC/MS card .
●USB Host: The socket for DPF player to the USB
Player Overview
USB Host
Key control and Key function:
1. ENTER Button: Confirms your selection, and pause or play.
2. LEFT SHIFT Button ( ): Left cursor select function and to view the next
): Right cursor select function and to view the
3. RIGHT SHIFT Button (
previous photo.
4. MENU Button: Displays the photo frames menu options.
5. UP Button ( ▲ ): Up cursor select function or rotate photo clockwise.
6. DOWN Button ( ▼ ): Down cursor select function or rotate photo clockwise.
7. STANDBY Button: Press this button two seconds to ON and OFF, Press one
time to come back to the previous menu.
8. Bracket jack.
Assemble the Digital Photo Frame bracket to prop the unit up. Insert adapter DC
plug into the DPF player first, then plug the power cord to a standard wall outlet.
If you insert your memory card or USB flash drive into the frame, the images stored
on the memory card or USB flash drive will begin to appear automatically on your
In the slide show model, Press Standby button three times to show device select
menu. Press arrow buttons to select Card, U Disc or inside memory, Press Enter
button confirm (Fig1).
After selected device, you can press arrow buttons to select the main functions, such
as Slide Show, Photo and Calendar (Fig2), Press Enter button into the selected
function mode.
1. Slide Show: This function menu allows you press Enter button to enter slide
show mode, the player will auto show photo.
2. Photo: This function allows you to preview photos in single window or six
3. Calendar: This function shows calendar and clock to user.
In this function mode (Fig 3).
1. Press arrow buttons to select photos preview
in six windows.
2. Press Enter button to display pictures.
3. Press Menu button to show Setup menu in
the pause situation of slide show.
4. Press Standby button to exit to the main function mode.
In this function mode, the player shows
calendar and clock to user (Fig 4).
1. Use the arrow buttons; you can look up the
calendar show on the left of DPF.
2. You can also slide show photo in a small
window if the selected card has jpg files.
3. Use Standby button to exit calendar show.
Setup your DPF
Press Menu button to enter into setup menu. In the Setup menu, you can use the
arrow buttons to select one item to setup or
operate. When the item is show in gray color,
you cannot deal with it at that moment (Fig 5).
1. Image Size: Setup display mode for slide
show. Include Auto Fit, Optimal and Panel Scan three modes.
2. Slide Show Effect: Special effects shown to transition one photo to the next in a
slide show.
3. Slide Show Interval: The time amount the next photo is displayed.
4. Split Slide Show: The picture number of the display model under
Fig5 the Split Slide
Show is one or four.
5. Start Slide Show: Starts the slide show.
6. Rotate: Rotate the displayed photo 90 counter-clock-wise (In the pause situation
of slide show).
7. Zoom: Zoom in the displayed photo. When in zoom state, you can just do zoom
or exit operation (In the pause situation of slide show).
8. Save Picture: Copy selected files or current file from a memory card to built-in
memory (In the pause situation of slide show).
9. Delete File: Delete selected files or current file (In the situation of six windows).
10. Reset Setting: Reset all settings to factory default values.
11. Language: Change the language for the player.
12. Brightness, Contrast, Color and Tint: Adjust the Brightness, Contrast, Color
and Tint value for screen.
13. Time: Set the internal clock and date.
Power adapter
Input 100-240V AC, Output DC5V 1A
Working Temperature
-10 to +50℃
File Format
Cards supported
Power adapter, User’s manual, Bracket
Do not dispose of this product in the usual
household garbage at the end of its lifecycle; hand
it over at a collection point for the recycling of
electrical and electronic appliances. The symbol on the product, the instructions for use or the packing will inform about the methods for disposal.
The materials are recyclable as mentioned in this
marking. By recycling, material recycling or other
forms of re‐utilization of old appliances ,you are
making an important contribution to protect our
environment. Please inquire at the community administration for the authorized disposal location.
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