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Complete home entertainment
…wherever you plug it in.
The F80 from Meridian.
In 2005, Meridian Audio began collaborating with
Ferrari S.p.A. to create a range of products that would
reflect the unique qualities of both companies.
Both Meridian and Ferrari have a long history of
delivering peerless performance – and elegant
design. In addition, Meridian has drawn from Ferrari’s
world-leading reputation in the field of materials and
composites technology, while Meridian’s expertise in
digital audio innovation is second-to-none.
This partnership has resulted in the Meridian F80: a
compelling blend of intelligence, ingenuity and integrity.
The Meridian F80 is the first in a new range of
Meridian products that redefines the concept of high
performance, transportable home entertainment
The Meridian F80 proudly bears the famous Ferrari
Cavallino Rampante and the distinctive Meridian
‘M’. Both symbolise style, elegance and astounding
Look, and listen: we’re sure you’ll agree.
•Complete, compact, transportable
entertainment system
•Powerful 80 watt 2.1 digital sound system
with sub-woofer
•DAB, AM and FM radio
•CD player – plays CD-Audio, MP3 and
WMA music discs
•DVD player – plays DVD-Video discs
•Alarm clock
•Perfect sound system for your PC
•IR Remote control
•Connect your iPod®
•External digital and analogue inputs and
At the gentle touch of a button the Meridian
F80 springs to life like a pedigree sports
car. The display is clear and distinctive, and
the control buttons are labelled according
to context, always giving you access to the
functions you need. Volume is adjusted with
a simple control knob that also mutes the
system with just a press.
Small size. Big sound.
Hugely versatile.
Don’t let the small size deceive you
– the Meridian F80’s sound is big and
immediately engaging. From the bedroom
to the boardroom, in the kitchen or the
conservatory, its unique digital active
loudspeaker technology fills any room with
clear, captivating sound.
First impressions
that last a lifetime.
“The F80 fills any room with clear,
captivating sound.”
Inside the F80 is a powerful DSP engine, based
on Meridian’s unique and world-renowned
digital loudspeakers.
You can instantly see that the Meridian
F80 is different. Its smooth lines, sculptured
curves and deep gloss lacquered finish all
tell you that this is something special. Picking
it up with the built-in handle immediately
reinforces this perception – it feels solid,
finely crafted and powerful. You can sense
the quality – even before you turn it on.
Inside the elegant cabinet lies the most
advanced transportable entertainment
system ever made. To design the Meridian
F80, engineers with an award-winning
pedigree in audio, electronics and radio
were set a clear challenge: to apply their
knowledge and expertise to a compact and
unique design, and to create a system that
offers astonishing performance.
The Meridian F80 is a multi-talented
performer, at home wherever you plug it
in. With dual-function alarm, it’s the perfect
bedside companion and can wake you in the
morning with gentle chimes or a preset radio
station. Equally, it can fill a large living room
party with superb quality CD sound or, when
connected to a TV or other display, play your
Use it in the study as a music system or as a
high performance computer speaker. Hook
up your Airport Express® digitally. Connect
your iPod® and enjoy your stored music
library. Catch the news on your local FM, AM
or DAB Digital radio station as you lunch in
the kitchen. Take it to your holiday retreat
and enjoy complete home entertainment
away from home.
Under the hood.
Inside that smooth, sculptured cabinet is a
powerful, 80 watt, 2.1 stereo system with
an integral subwoofer for truly impressive
bass. But why and how does it sound so
At the core of the Meridian F80 is a
high-integrity digital sound system, based
on powerful digital signal processing
(DSP) technology. This electronic heart
is surrounded by a sturdy, well- damped
cabinet in which each driver has its own
compartment. Innovative low-resonance,
high mass composite materials developed
in conjunction with Ferrari ensure that this
cabinet offers excellent dynamic integrity
– whatever the volume level, it does not
resonate or interfere with the sound quality.
Inside, the left and right stereo drivers are
special full-range designs – developed by
Meridian and custom made for specifically for
this new range of products – with powerful
neodymium magnets, die cast chassis,
The comprehensive rear panel includes dual assignable external antenna sockets, video outputs, headphone and optical out and three auxiliary inputs.
high-temperature voice-coils and carefullydesigned cones fashioned from magnesium
and aluminium alloy. The subwoofer is a
special long-throw design with a unique long
voice-coil that maximises output and linearity.
The circuitry driving this unique system
employs the highest quality, ‘audiophile’
components chosen specifically for their
contribution to the overall sound quality. The
crossover – the system that feeds the left,
right and bass loudspeakers with the correct
sounds – is a special DSP design: a concept
invented by Meridian. It sounds clear and full,
at both high and low volume – whether the
Meridian F80 is filling a room or sitting right
next to you.
With stereo widening and loudness controls,
coupled with Meridian’s powerful active
techniques that deliver tight bass, it’s easy to
get a great sound at any volume level.
Active equalisation ensures that the F80
always sounds its best. Sound controls
include an innovative ‘tilt’ function that
increases bass while decreasing treble,
or vice-versa, so the sound is always
correctly balanced. There are also built-in
location compensation controls that adjust
performance if the F80 has been placed, for
example,in a corner or on a shelf, ensuring
that the F80 sounds its best in any room
On the rear panel are all the connections
you’ll need. For example, we know you’ll
enjoy the powerful on-board loudspeaker
system, but there may be times when
you want to connect a standard set of
headphones for personal listening. Plugging
the headphones in automatically mutes the
loudspeakers – or not, if you prefer.
Digital optical input and output are also
provided, along with three separate
external analogue inputs. One is a mini-DIN
connector that allows the connection of a
standard iPod dock, while the others are
standard 3.5mm stereo jack sockets that can
be used to connect, for example, a personal
stereo, PVR, computer or set-top box.
Rediscover radio.
The Meridian F80’s radio module delivers
very high-quality DAB, FM and AM reception
thanks to a sensitive receiver that can pick
up even the lowest signal levels. Its built-in
internal antenna is ideal for enjoying local
stations, and wire and telescopic antennae
are also provided. In addition, two external
antennae can be connected simultaneously
and assigned to the bands of your choice, to
offer the best reception in your location.
FM reception includes an advanced DSPbased automatic channel blending system
that minimises reception noise even at
low signal strengths – there is no need for
a stereo/mono switch. RDS/RDBS data
confirms the station you are tuned to and
presets can be stored at the touch of a
button with their station name automatically
saved, if available (or the frequency if not).
“Regardless of application, the
Meridian F80 is neat, complete and
everything you need.”
On AM, the F80 offers superb performance
at both MF and LF. DAB adds the
sophistication and ease of use of Digital
Radio, allowing available stations to be
surveyed and chosen at the touch of a
Music or movies – choose
your disc.
Meridian has a reputation for the quality of
its Compact Disc and DVD players, which
have won numerous awards all round the
world. With the Meridian F80, we have
distilled this expertise into a compact but
durable slot-loading disc drive that will
deliver high performance over many years
of sustained use. In addition to standard
‘Red Book’ CDs, the F80 will play CD-ROMs
containing MP3 or Windows Media files,
DualDiscs and PhotoCD discs. It also plays
DVD-Video discs, delivering superb picture
quality via its S-Video output. Home cinema
never looked so compact, or so elegant.
Argento Nurburgring
Giallo Originale
Choose from five vibrant official Ferrari colours to suit your style.
Rosso Corsa
Bianco Avus
The F80: 0–100dB in one second.
Visit www.thef80.com for more details.
F80 Outline Specifications
•80W 2.1 digital DSP-based stereo
system with integral sub-woofer
•LF/MF (AM) and FM stereo
•Band III DAB Digital Radio
•Built-in antenna for local stations
•Two assignable antenna sockets
•Selection of antenna accessories
•3.5mm digital optical/analogue
headphone out
•3.5mm aux analogue input (Aux 1)
•3.5mm digital optical input (Aux 2)
•iPod mini-DIN input (Aux 3) (iPod
docking cable available separately)
•CD/DVD drive accepts CD-DA,
CD-R/RW, MP3, WMA, DualDisc,
•S-Video and composite outputs
•Weight: 6.5kg (14.3 lbs)
•Dimensions : w408 x h230 x
d185mm (16 x 9 x 7¼ ins)
All trademark rights reserved. Meridian is
a registered trademark of Meridian Audio
Limited. iPod and Airport Express are
registered trademarks of Apple, Inc. Produced
under licence of Ferrari SpA. Ferrari, the
prancing horse device, all associated logos
and distinctive designs are trademarks
of Ferrari SpA. All other trademarks and
registered trademarks are the property of
their respective owners.
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