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Professional Performance for the Home™
If cooking is everything,
then the complete Viking
kitchen is everything you need. From cooking to cleanup to refrigeration – Viking delivers the
ultimate in performance and design. All available in a range of colors and sizes to realize
any chef’s dream kitchen. What else could you ask for? More time in the kitchen.
Put a Viking in every corner of your kitchen.
Or the backyard, if you prefer.
Clear the air and spruce things up with ventilation systems designed to
complement the Viking kitchen. Wall and island hoods constructed of heavygauge stainless steel may be ordered with an exterior- or interior-power ventilator –
whichever works best for you. Downdraft systems adjust to different heights and
speeds while you’re cooking on a rangetop or cooktop, then retract to rest
flush with the countertop when not in use.
Built-In Cooking
Customize your dream kitchen with a wide array
of built-in products. Install a gas or electric oven
exactly where you want it. Gas rangetops put
high-performance burners in just the right spot,
while the gas, electric, and induction cooktops fit
Viking quality into almost any existing cooktop
cutout. Get more cooking power from less
space with the gas wok/cooker. With electric
warming drawers, dinner will always be the
perfect temperature – no matter when you
serve it. Microwaves and DrawerMicro™ ovens
deliver both performance and convenience.
Freestanding Ranges
The original professional range for the home comes in a
variety of sizes, fuels, and burner options to accommodate
any kitchen. Choose from Classic or Custom gas ranges with
a number of ultra-premium features and versatile surface
configurations. Or combine the commercial performance
of gas surface burners with the convenience of an electric
self-cleaning oven in a dual fuel model. Viking even offers
its legendary performance in the industry’s only all-electric
and induction professional-style ranges.
Complete the Viking kitchen with the
refrigeration product line. The built-in sideby-sides, bottom-mount, all refrigerators,
and all freezers offer enough storage
capacity to prepare for any party.
Freestanding refrigerator/freezers easily
fit into most existing cabinetry. And
refrigerated drawers add 5.8 cubic feet
of convenient cold storage. Full-height
and undercounter wine cellars store all
your favorite vintages at just the right
temperature. Give yourself a little extra
space with refrigerated beverage centers,
and keep all your guests refreshed with
the ice machine – available in indoor
and outdoor models.
Kitchen Cleanup
Not only can you cook all your favorite
dishes on a Viking, but you can wash
them as well. Intelli-Wash™ dishwashers
utilize brains and brawn to deliver the
utmost sparkle. And the rugged antijamming food waste disposer eliminates
whatever you scrape into the sink.
Outdoor Products
Expand your kitchen into the backyard with a complete line of outdoor products. Gas grills raise the sacred art
of barbecue to incredible new heights. The wok/cooker tackles anything from sautéed portobellos to boiled
blue point crabs. The C4 Cooker smokes, sears, and grills over charcoal. The Gravity Feed™ Charcoal Smoker
offers hands-free all-night cooking. Outdoor ovens redefine cooking out. Outdoor hoods freshen the fresh air. And
large-capacity warming drawers keep multiple courses piping hot. The refrigerated beverage center is perfect
for cold drinks. And the ice machine cools all your guests. The beverage dispenser pours frosty refreshment, while
the refreshment station transforms your patio into a backyard lounge.
The Viking range introduced professional
performance to the home. Its striking presence
not only becomes the centerpiece of your
kitchen – but of your entire home. And ultrapremium features like precision burner controls
with SureSpark ignition, the largest oven
capacity available, flawless convection baking,
infrared broiling, halogen interior lighting, and
up to 18,500 BTUs of cooking power only add
to your living room’s feelings of inadequacy.
Custom Series ranges.
Reinventing professional performance.
Gas Open Burner Ranges*
30" and 36" widths
These models combine the features of the
re-engineered and refined Custom Series with
the performance of a commercial-style open
burner system. The 15,000 BTU surface burners
offer precise and reliable control of even
the most delicate settings with VariSimmer™.
The large capacity oven delivers even more
professional performance with the powerful
Gourmet-Glo™ Infrared Broiler and ProFlow™
convection cooking.
Gas Sealed Burner Ranges*
Self-Cleaning Gas Sealed
30", 36", and 48" widths
Burner Ranges*
The Custom Series gas ranges fine-tune
30", 36", and 48" widths
professional performance from the ground up.
The new Viking gas self-clean ranges
The legs, knobs, and everything in-between
offer all the aesthetics and features of
our new gas range plus the convenience
(VariSimmer™-to-high) Pro Sealed Burner
of a self-cleaning oven. So you not
System delivers precision control up to 18,500
only get a large oven capacity but
BTUs. Inside the oven, the combination of a
an exceptionally clean one, as well.
30,000 BTU U-shaped burner and 1,500
The 1,500 degree F GourmetGlo broiler
degree F GourmetGlo™ infrared broiler
perfectly sears anything from tuna
provides unrivaled power. And the convection
filets to the thickest porterhouse. And
system cooks gently and evenly with ProFlow™
a 30,000 BTU U-shaped burner delivers
convection heat.
plenty of cooking power throughout
the oven.
*Shown with optional backguard accessory
Custom Series ranges.
Exceptional power for every fuel type.
Dual Fuel Sealed
Dual Fuel Electronic
Burner Ranges*
Control Ranges*
30", 36", 48", and 60" widths
30", 36", and 48" widths
The dual fuel ranges combine the power
The electronic control range offers all the
of the VSH (VariSimmer-to-high) Pro Sealed
features of the Custom Series with an
gas burner system with the convenience of
advanced control system. A combination
an electric self-cleaning oven. And some
knob and push-button interface provides
models offer an 18,500 BTU front burner for
easy, precision control as well as a sleek look.
the ultimate surface cooking power. Down
Mirrored displays reveal temperature, function,
below, in addition to the largest capacity on
and timer information when activated, then
the market and several cooking modes, the
disappear when not in use. The dual fuel system
oven also offers Vari-Speed Dual Flow™
also provides maximizes convenience and
Convection cooking (which rotates the
performance with a large-capacity electric
convection fan in either direction) and
oven and sealed gas burners – including the
Rapid Ready™ preheat system.
TruPowerPlus™ 18,500 BTU burner.
Electric Range*
Induction Range*
30" width
30" width
Viking offers the only all-electric,
MagneQuick™ induction elements
commercial-type range for the
generate a magnetic field to transform
home. This range fits into a
your cookware into its own powerful
standard 30" wide, 24" deep cutout
heat source. The heat transfer is nearly
but still boasts the largest oven
instantaneous, incredibly precise, and
capacity available. Professional
90% efficient. Underneath, you get
features include QuickCook™
the largest electric convection oven
surface elements for quick heatup,
on the market, and it’s filled with ultra-
several convection settings, and
premium features like an extra-large
an electric self-cleaning oven.
GourmetGlo glass-enclosed infrared
broiler and Rapid Ready™ pre-heat.
*Shown with optional backguard accessory
Classic Series 24" wide range.
Professional performance. Minimal space.
Gas Range
24" width
When space is at a premium, the 24" gas range still delivers
ultra-premium performance. The all-gas, four-burner unit is the
perfect culinary solution for high-rise apartments, condominiums,
or vacation homes. With outstanding features including
VariSimmer™ precision burner control, ProFlow™ convection
cooking, and Gourmet-Glo™ Infrared Broiler, this range packs
professional power into every single square inch.
Built-in surface cooking products provide
professional performance exactly where you need
it. Cooktops and rangetops fit perfectly into islands
and countertops, strategically delivering all the
BTUs you could ever need. With easy installation;
gas, electric, and induction options; and countless
placement possibilities ­– Viking surface cooking
units give you the freedom to not only cook whatever you like, but to cook however you like.
Industrial strength. Domestic size.
Custom Gas Rangetops*
Classic Gas Rangetop
30", 36", & 48" widths
60" width
Equipped with 15,000 BTU Pro
Gas rangetops offer versatile kitchen
sealed burner system – and an
design possibilities. Stainless steel open
18,500 BTU PowerPlus™ burner
burners and the exclusive VariSimmer™
on select models – custom gas
setting provide commercial cooking
rangetops deliver the ultimate in
versatility. Customize your kitchen with
performance. The VariSimmer™
the char-grill and griddle surface
setting and SureSpark™ Ignition
configuration options.
System ensure perfect temperature
control even at the most delicate
settings. Exclusive stainless steel
knobs and included island trim add
a subtle dash of style to any kitchen.
Classic Gas Wok/Cooker
24" width
The wok/cooker provides one
extra-large and extra-powerful
burner. Its 27,500 BTUs are enough
to handle anything from stir-fry to
crab boils. It comes with a 20”
stainless steel wok, while the
exclusive center trivet converts
the burner grate for use with large
stock pots.
*Shown with optional backguard accessory
Empower your countertops.
Gas Cooktops
Electric Cooktops
30" and 36" widths
30" and 36" widths
Designed to fit virtually all 30" and
The electric cooktop’s QuickCook™
36" wide cooktop cutouts, these
surface elements and high infrared
models make it simple to replace
transmission make for fast cooking,
old cooktops with Viking commercial
while the durable glass ceramic top
cooking power. And these cooktops
allows for easy cleanup.
definitely deliver the power – up to
16,000 searing BTUs.
All Induction Cooktops
30" and 36" widths
With induction cooking, a magnetic
field instantly transforms your cookware
into the heat source – and an extremely
efficient one, at that. Commercialgrade technology ensures professional
power, reliability, and precision control.
Viking induction cooktops are also
compatible with most high-end stainless
steel, enamel, and cast-iron cookware.
Transform your kitchen into a chef’s
playground. Gas and electric ovens, warming drawers,
convection microwaves – these built-in products offer
ultra-premium features and liberating convenience.
Single and double wall ovens deliver perfectly even
heat distribution inside the largest oven capacity
available. Warming drawers ensure every bite of your
nine-course dinner makes it to the table fresh and
hot. Bake a quick cake in the microwave. After one
dinner party, you’ll wonder how you ever cooked
without them.
Decorate your favorite kitchen wall
with true works of art.
Select and Premiere
Electric Single and
Double Ovens
27" and 30" widths
Select and Premiere
Professional electric ovens
Electric Single and
deliver full throttle commercial
Double Touch Control
cooking power and the most
spacious oven cavity in the
30" width
industry. Features on Select
models include concealed bake
element and TruConvec™
convection cooking. Premiere
TruGlide™ full-extension racks.
The additional convenience
of an intuitive touch control
interface delivers precision
control and then disappears
when not in use.
Electric Single Oven
Gas Oven
36" width
30" width
Only Viking makes a 30" built-in
gas oven for the home. So we
premium features. Two-element
made sure it could cook
baking, Maxi-Broil, and Mini-Broil,
anything. Ultra-premium features
as well as TruConvec convection
include GourmetGlo™ infrared
baking, broiling, and cooking, set
this oven apart.
Convection Air Baffle.
Culinary comforts.
Microwave and
Convection Microwave
DrawerMicro™ Oven
27", 30", and 36" trim kit widths
24" width
Yes, even a microwave can
The DrawerMicro oven tucks away
offer professional performance. In
undercounter, in an island, or
addition to a true stainless finish,
beneath your wall oven. Automatic
extra-large capacity, and an
drawer-style access maximizes
array of powerful settings, the
microwave offers exceptional
features like warm/hold, real
convection cooking to brown and
crisp evenly, and preheating.
capacity and convenience. And
11 sensor cooking options make
cooking anything a breeze.
Convection Microwave
Electric Warming Drawers
27", 30", and 36" widths
30" width
With the warming drawer’s versatile
The convection microwave hood
moisture-control and temperature
per formance
settings from 90 to 250 degrees F,
and features of the convection
you can keep a plate warm, proof
microwa­ve with the addition of an
integrated exhaust system. Install it
above your range or cooktop for a
bread, or serve piping-hot soup. The
warming drawer is also available in
custom panel and outdoor models.
convenient ventilation solution.
In many kitchens, ventilation is an afterthought.
But we believe you shouldn’t have to think about
ventilation at all. Viking ventilation systems provide
enough features and quiet power to keep even the
most intense odors and temperatures at bay. As a
matter of fact, if these hood styles didn’t look so
incredible, you’d never even notice they were there.
Unfortunately, the aftermath of a trout amandine
dinner party is a little harder to ignore. But with Viking
kitchen cleanup products, dreaded chores become
simple operations. The food waste disposer devours
scraps. And the dishwasher silently scours pots and
pans. Turn out the lights. The party’s over.
With a flip of a switch, your entire
kitchen will sparkle. Even the air.
Wall Hoods
Wall Custom Ventilator
24", 30", 36", 42", 48", 54", 60",
and 66" widths
30", 36", 42", 48", 54", 60",
Island Hoods
and 66" widths
36", 42", 54", and 66" widths
Everybody has their own vision of
Viking ventilation systems are an essential
the perfect kitchen. And Viking
element of the commercial-style kitchen.
custom ventilation systems are at
Rangehoods of all sizes clear the air
your disposal. These models offer
while brightening your cooking area
the look and performance of
with adjustable lighting. Chimney
Viking professional ventilation in a
hoods, wall hoods, and island hoods
blank canvas. Overlay whatever
offer the perfect solution for any kitchen
your heart desires.
scenario. And recirculating hood kits
allow for an easy professional upgrade
to your existing recirculating system.
Rear Downdrafts
Food Waste
30", 36", and 48" widths
24" width
Downdraft vents work quietly
Viking dishwashers introduce an
Equipped with exclusive anti-
behind cooktops and rangetops
entirely new approach to dishwashing –
jamming features, sound-
to eliminate smoke and odors,
intelligence. The Intelli-Wash™ models
absorbing insulation, and
then conveniently hide away
utilize revolutionary sensors and logic
one of the most powerful
when the job is done.
chips to clean your dishes with the
motors in a residential model,
utmost care. And all models include
Viking food waste disposers
the largest stainless steel wash arms on
offer unrivaled performance
the market, one of the most powerful
and long life.
water heaters available, and a multistage filtration system. Custom panel
model available.
Think of the Viking refrigeration line as
your kitchen armory. Refrigerators, freezers, wine
cellars, beverage centers, and an ice machine –
dinner guests will never take you by surprise.
You’ll have enough cold storage to keep all your
favorite fresh ingredients on hand – and just as
importantly, enough refreshments to keep everyone entertained while you cook.
Perfection built in.
All built-in refrigerator/freezers may
Built-In Bottom-Mount
Built-In Side-by-Side
be ordered in flush-mount models.
36" width
42" and 48" widths
The side-by-side models complement
drawer-type freezer with easy-
the commercial-style kitchen in
access storage baskets, so you
both form and function. Exceptional
don’t have to stoop for ice cream.
features and capacity provide
And the refrigerator readily stores
superior cold storage. Available with
all your fresh foods at eye level.
or without in-the-door ice and water
Custom panel model available.
dispenser. Custom panel models
Built-In All Refrigerators
Built-In All Freezers
30" and 36" widths
30" and 36" widths
All refrigerator and all professional,
A dedicated unit, the all freezer
this model delivers the ultimate in
offers even more freezer space
refrigeration. A variety of easy access
with a multitude of shelves,
drawers with temperature and moisture
drawers, and bins to keep
controls allows for custom storage. And
everything organized. Extra-
the increased drawer capacity even
leaves room for an entire deli tray.
adaptive defrost also count
Custom panel models available.
among its professional features.
Custom panel models available.
Freestanding refrigeration.
Outstanding performance.
All models shown with optional
Freestanding, Cabinet-
top grille accessory. Side trim
Depth, Bottom-Mount
accessory also available to create
“built-in” look.
36" width
With the bottom-mount freezer
configuration, this 24" deep model
provides convenient access to a
large freezer bin. Ultra-premium
defrost features and electronic
controls ensure freshness and
efficiency. Adjustable spill-proof
drawers optimize the refrigerator’s
already large storage space.
Freestanding, Cabinet-
Freestanding, Counter-
Depth, French-Door
Depth, Side-by-Side
Refrigerator/Freezer with
Ice and Water Dispenser
36" width
36" width
Heavy-duty stainless steel French-doors
Viking freestanding refrigerator/freezers
provide grand access to large-capacity
fit perfectly into most existing cutouts –
cold storage, including two large moisture-
making for an easy upgrade to
adjustable produce drawers. A premium
professional performance. The side-by-
water filter and electronic controls round
side model offers large storage capacity
out the professional features. The bottom-
and a through-the-door ice and water
mount freezer offers waist-high access to
dispenser with premium water filter to
an extra-large storage bin. Available with or
remove bad tastes, odors, sediment,
without in-the-door ice and water dispenser.
and contaminants.
Refreshing options for refreshments.
Built-In, Full-Height
Wine Cellars
Wine Cellar
15" and 24" widths
30" width
Prevent premature aging and
The full-height wine cellar provides
sedimentation of your wines
horizontal storage for up to 150
with the undercounter wine
bottles of your favorite vintages. Its
cellar. It creates the perfect
exclusive TriTemp™ Storage System
environment for your favorite
features three separate temperate
vintage in a variety of clear
zones to preserve different types of
glass or fluted glass models.
wine at their optimum temperatures.
Custom panel and outdoor
Full-width shelves pull out for easy
models available.
access to standard, magnum,
and half-size bottles. Clear or
fluted glass doors and custom
panel models available.
Ice Machine
Beverage Centers
Refrigerated Drawers
15" width
15" and 24" widths
24" width
The ice machine provides
The perfect bar accessory, the
Equipped with a range of
enough ice to keep any
refrigerated beverage center
professional features including
party going – up to 65
features special beverage
automatic cycle defrost, full-
pounds in 24 hours. A special
shelves and a wine rack.
extension drawer glides, and
draining process melts away
Available in clear glass, fluted
LED lighting, Viking refrigerated
old ice, ensuring
glass, or solid door, as well as
drawers deliver 5.8 cubic feet
an outdoor unit with a stainless
of convenient cold storage to
panel and outdoor models
steel cabinet. Custom panel
any standard 24" wide under-
models available.
counter space. Custom panel
and outdoor models available.
Viking outdoor products offer everything you’d
expect to find in a kitchen – except the walls.
Of course our heavy-duty gas grills are the pinnacle
of barbecue. But you might be surprised to find
products like ovens, warming drawers, beverage
centers, and even vent hoods in the backyard.
Mother nature likes to entertain, too.
Forget going out on the town.
Go out on the yard.
T-series Gas Grills
E-series Gas Grills
30", 41", and 53" widths
30", 41", and 53" widths
The T-series grills may be built into
The E-series grills offer all the performance
a custom enclosure, built-in with
of the T-series grills, but add more ultra-
stainless steel cabinetry, or used
premium features. The 29,000 BTU stainless
on a portable stainless steel cart.
steel U-shaped burner is the most powerful
The 25,000 BTU stainless steel grill
in the industry. Some models also feature
burners and heavy-duty rotisserie
the TruSear infrared burner. Easy-cleaning
easily handle any grilling challenge –
Power Porcelain™ grates deliver better
from seared tuna fillets to 25 lb.
heating while minimizing flare-ups. The
smoked turkeys. The 30,000 BTU
Easylift™ canopy system makes the
TruSear™ infrared burner is also
heavy-duty canopy seem light as a feather.
offered on most models.
And all E-series grills are equipped with
halogen lighting and an illuminated
control panel for those moonlit cookouts.
C4 ™ Cooker
Gravity Feed™
Wall Hoods
20", 30", and 41" cart widths
Charcoal Smokers
36", 48", and 60" widths
Charcoal goes pro with the C4
30" and 36" widths
An outdoor ventilation system?
cooker. Precision temperature
Viking Gravity Feed charcoal smokers
That’s right. Anyone who’s
control and Elliptical™ airflow
give you the heavy-duty power and
cooked s’mores on a campfire
perfectly grill, sear, and smoke
capacity to cook championship barbecue
knows ventilation is an issue
anything you can marinate. And
without staying up all night tending the
even outside. This resilient hood
the ceramic interior provides
coals – unless you want to. The unique
keeps the fresh air fresh in your
maximum heat retention for faster
gravity feed charcoal system automatically
patio, gazebo, or cabana.
cooking times.
lights fresh coals as old coals burn off.
The precision temperature control offers
the versatility to cook everything from
traditional barbecue and smoked meats
to steaks, pizzas – even bake dessert.
The complete Viking kitchen.
Minus the walls.
Gas Side Burners
Outdoor Rangetop
TruSear ™ Infrared
Gas Wok/Cooker
15" width
24" width
24" width
With these high-powered
The rugged outdoor rangetop
15" and 24" widths
The outdoor wok/cooker features
precision double side burn-
offers four 15,000 BTU burners
The TruSear infrared griller
an extremely powerful 27,500 BTU
ers, you can sauté veggies
capable of handling anything
sears your steaks and chops
burner, perfect for stir-frying
and stir up a delectable
from béarnaise sauce to Brunswick
perfectly and quickly – so
tremendous portions. An exclusive
sauce between flips of the
stew. And­­ a battery-powered
you don’t lose any flavor.
center trivet converts the burner
t-bone – and never have to
electric ignition system ensures
grate for use with large stock
step off the deck.
easy, reliable use.
pots – just the thing for a crab boil.
Gas Oven
Electric Smoker Oven
Electric Warming Drawers
26" width
30" width
27", 30", and 36" widths
This outdoor-certified oven
The smoker oven utilizes the
The warming drawer is indispensable
provides natural airflow
exclusive plenum system,
when grilling for large parties. Versatile
baking with the heavy-
which cooks with heat, water
moisture-control and temperature
duty performance you
vapor, and smoke for perfectly
settings keep the burgers fresh and
would expect from a
textured meats. The oven
the gumbo hot while you’re flipping
Viking oven. It can also
also features cold smoking
the steaks.
be purchased in a grill
for cheeses.
cart with a Viking gas grill –
making for the world’s
only Outdoor Range™.
Transform your patio
into a stainless oasis.
Refrigerated Drawers
Beverage Centers
24" width
15" and 24" widths
These freestanding, double-
A barbecue oasis, the refrigerated
stacked drawers fit conveniently
beverage center boasts special
under any standard, 24" under-
beverage shelves and a wine
counter space – providing
rack. Adjustable temperature
an additional 5.8 cubic feet
settings let you serve ice-cold
of handy cold-storage with
sarsaparilla and perfectly chilled
temperature settings from 32
to 45 degrees F.
A world of refreshing options.
Refrigerated Beverage
Ice Machine
15" width
24" width
The outdoor ice machine
Liven up the backyard with a
provides a steady supply
Viking built-in beverage dispenser.
of clear, sparkling ice
Its spacious interior holds up to
cubes – up to 35 pounds
one half barrel of your favorite
in 24 hours. Bring on the
frothy refreshment – keeping it
piña coladas.
fresh, cold, and ready to serve.
Refreshment Stations
Stainless Steel Cabinets
24" and 41" widths
16", 18", 24", 26", 30", 32", 41", and
Entertain from sunset to sunrise
53" widths
with outdoor refreshment stations.
These heavy-duty stainless cabinets
A sink, cutting board, insulated
perfectly complement Viking outdoor
bottle bath and ice bin, high shelf,
cooking products. They accommodate
and storage rails offer everything
all Viking outdoor appliances while
you need to wet anyone’s whistle.
providing essential counter and storage
The 24" and 41" wide models can
space (locally supplied countertops
be built-in, and the 41" wide
model may also be ordered as
a portable unit.
Design integrity
Consistency in both performance and design should be a major consideration when building or remodeling a
home. With the complete Viking indoor or outdoor kitchen, every single product works together in form and
function with the same level of excellence. It’s something Viking calls Design Integrity.
Viking is the only company that offers complete ultra-premium kitchens – so Viking is also the only company
that can offer truly consistent design, while delivering the quality and performance that makes Viking the
true market leader. Across all product categories, the knobs, handles, bezels, curves, angles, and lines all
follow the same design cues – even the grain of stainless is the same from product to product. This enables
the designer to create a perfectly harmonious kitchen in one of three Viking product offerings – Professional
Indoor, Designer Indoor, or Professional Outdoor.
You wouldn’t install mismatched cabinets and drawers or countertops. Yet design differences are even more
dramatic between multiple appliance manufacturers. Traditional or contemporary. Stainless or color finish. No
matter the look you’re going for, no one can match the Viking kitchen and Viking Design Integrity.
Exclusive finishes
stainless steel
metallic silver
graphite gray
stone gray
cotton white
oyster gray
golden mist
mint julep
sea glass
iridescent blue
viking blue
racing red
apple red
cobalt blue
Exclusive finishes apply to Professional and Designer Series products.
Outdoor products are available in stainless steel only.
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All gas and dual fuel
cooking products
All gas and dual fuel
cooking products
All ventilation, kitchen
cleanup, built-in
and undercounter
refrigeration products,
and microwaves
All ventilation, kitchen
cleanup, built-in
and undercounter
refrigeration products,
and microwaves
All electric cooking
All electric cooking
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