Canon INON D-180 Specifications

Canon INON D-180 Specifications
High accuracy S-TTL AUTO
Underwater Strobe
S-TTL Strobe
Digital Camera Fully Compatible, Newly Developed S-TTL System
「S-TTL」enables TTL auto shooting by an external strobe for a digital SLR camera as well as for a point & shoot digital camera.
INON S-TTL auto strobe supports any manufactures’ model providing highly accurate exposure control.
Film camera era without
strobe selection problem
TTL stands for「Through The Lens」and TTL
by NIKONOS V compatible underwater strobes
auto strobe system controls flash amount to
form other manufactures.  The 5 pin electrical
provide correct exposure based on calculation
sync connector for NIKONOS V is most
by camera’
s internal sensor metering reflecting
popular and widely adopted to connect an
strobe light from a subject through the
underwater strobe and underwater film camera
lens.  This TTL system meters actual light
(underwater camera/housing).
amount reflecting from a subject providing
A film SLR camera has flexibility to select an
accurate exposure.
underwater strobe.  As far as housing has
When we start with the history of underwater
NIKONOS type electrical sync connector and
TTL auto strobe, underwater camera
properly wired, automatic TTL flash control is
「NIKONOS V」 released in 1984 was the
usable with any TTL auto strobe like Nikon
first to provide automatic TTL flash control for
SB-105, INON Z-220, Z-22 connected via
underwater strobe SB-102, SB-103 succeeded
electrical sync cable.
NIKONOS type 5
pin electrical sync
connector and
INON Z-22 strobe
Film camera compatible strobe is not
usable for a digital camera!?
Underwater TTL strobe circumstances have
system gives preliminary flash for very short
compatible TTL strobe to pre-flash type digital
been drastically altered with the spread of
period of time (pre-flash) just before the
SLR via sync cable, the strobe makes full
digital camera among divers.  Some underwater
shutter opens metering reflecting light from a
dump by pre-flash signal then the shutter
housing for digital SLR camera has NIKONOS
subject by the sensor to calculate necessary
opens before the strobe has been fully charged
type electrical 5 pin sync connector as same
amount of light for correct exposure and starts
resulting in quite under exposed image only
as film camera housing.  Since the housing
emitting main flash at the same time the
with ambient light.  E ven t wo t i m e f l ash
has same NIKONOS type sync connector,
shutter opens. Canon E-TTL and Nikon i-TTL
compatible strobe like INON Z-220 strobe,
existing film camera compatible underwater
employs this system.
does not fully support a digital TTL and force
strobe has been considered compatible with a
When we connect conventional film camera
to use Manual flash mode.
digital SLR camera via 5 pin sync cable but
happened to experience error message on the
Electrical Cable
Electrical Cable
digital camera or blackout on an image even
Main Flash
Pre Flash
the strobe worked.  Why this happened?
This is because automatic TTL strobe system
difference between a film camera and a digital
The film TTL auto system makes single flash
while digital TTL auto system employs preflash type making two to three flashes.  Film
TTL auto strobe system starts firing at the
Exposure Sensor
Image Sensor(CCD、CMOS)
same time the shutter opens and reflecting
strobe light from a subject is received at a
film.  The reflecting light on the film is metered
Main Flash
Film Camera
Real Time TTL
by the sensor to determine when to cease
firing for correct exposure.  This process takes
only about 1/1000 second.  In contrast,
digital TTL auto strobe system can not
calculate adequate exposure based on
reflecting light from a subject since image
sensor (CCD/CMOS) reflectivity is comparably
low comparing to a film.  So digital TTL strobe
Film SLR:
A strobe starts firing at the same time the
shutter opens and quenches firing when
correct exposure has been obtained.
Main flash
Pre-flash TTL
Pre-flash Pre-flash
Main flash
Pre-flash TTL
Non Digital
Externl Strobe
A film compatible TTL strobe connected to a pre-flash
type digital SLR via electrical cable flashes does not
support TTL auto exposure resulting in synchronization
only with first pre-flash or totally uncontrollable.
The birth of digital fully compatible S-TTL
A film camera seems to depend more on
The built-in flash of a digital camera makes weak
s skill, experience and feel since
flash (pre-flash) before main-flash to calculate
the camera does not allow checking images on
exposure. This pre-flash is transmitted to S-TTL
site. A digital camera allows us to check images
strobe to control the strobe to make pre-flash to
right after shooting and enable to try to shoot
a subject. The reflecting light from the subject
again as much as we like. And high capacity
goes through the camera’
s master lens to an
memory card further allows to shoot hundreds of
image sensor then a processor calculates main
images. The digital camera makes entry level of
flash light amount for correct exposure. Finally
underwater photography getting down and
the built-in flash makes main-flash which is
nowadays more people buy a digital SLR camera
transmitted to the S -T T L strobe to cause
and underwater housing even they have just
main-flash of the S-TTL strobe.
started underwater photography. However underwater photography gets more difficult because
S - T T L a u t o c o m p a t i b l e I N O N D -2000
s t r o b e a n d Z -240 s t r o b e w o r k s i n T T L
auto mode by simply setting their main
dial to S-TTL position.
Optical Cable
Optical Cable
Control Circuit
Control Circuit
underwater strobe does not work in TTL auto.
Pre Flash
INON is among the first to support digital TTL
Main Flash
auto system with「S-TTL」auto mode equipped
D-2000 strobe and Z-240 strobe.
The proper name of S-TTL is「Optical Synch
TTL」. S-TTL enables to perform in TTL auto
Built-in Flash
Built-in Flash
exposure as same as genuine TTL strobe from
camera manufacture, based on camera’
s built-in
flash light to use as a signal to be transmitted to
a strobe. S-TTL uses digital camera’
s built-in
flash light not as a light source but as like a
controller to trigger S-TTL strobe.
Image Sensor(CCD、CMOS)
Image Sensor(CCD、CMOS)
Digital camera’
s built-in flash lights are transmitted via an optical fiber to the S-TTL
strobe to make pre-flash and main-flash instead of the built-in flash.
Highly versatile S-TTL
This S-TTL auto system is compatible with
without built-in flash like Canon EOS 5D or
with any pre-flash type digital camera system as
any make, model, shooting mode regardless of
Nikon D3 can not use S-TTL auto function.  
far as they make flash underwater, you can use
a compact digital camera or a digital SLR
Even a digital camera with built-in flash, S-TTL
same S-TTL strobe even you change your
camera as far as a camera is pre-flash type.
strobe does not properly work if a housing does
camera/housing.  An optical fiber is free to
Since S-TTL works based on optical signal,
not allow the camera to pop-up its built-in flash
unplug/plug underwater enabling S-TTL strobe
theoretically there is no limitation on number of
or does not have structure to transmit built-in
to be shared among two cameras.  INON S-TTL
strobe to use as long as they are connected via
flash light to an optical fiber. So it is important
system would be ideal control technique for
optical fibers.  
to check if S-TTL is usable when you select a
underwater strobe with its broad versatility and
INON S-TTL strobe also supports explosively
camera and an underwater housing.  
reliable exposure even for multiple strobe
sold transparent housing among divers with
INON S-TTL strobe works for TTL auto shooting
simple and reliable external strobe shooting only
Wide range of Mount Base
products and Optical D Cable
Type L/Cap Set products support
each different digital cameras.
by pressing the shutter release button.  INON
has released number of 「Mount Base」 and
「Optical D Cable Type L/Cap Set」products to
attach a conversion lens and an optical cable
on compact digital cameras continuously
released from camera manufactures; Canon,
Olympus, Sony, Nikon, Fujifilm, Panasonic,
etc.  INON now supports more than 90 different
camera models and will successively provides
compatible products for latest models.
4 x Z-240 strobes connected to INON
X-2 housing via optical cables.
Clear Photo System
INON system has so called Clear Photo Film to
stick on built-in flash surface to change visible
light to invisible infrared ray to prevent built-in
flash light to leak not causing backscatter or
exposing suspended particles in an image.
Since S-TTL strobe requires digital camera’
built-in flash as control signal, a digital camera
Fine Tune for Desired Exposure and Shadow Control with Dual Strobe
INON「S-TTL」supports sophisticated and creative lighting including fine exposure adjustment to suit to personal
preference or control density of subject shadow in dual strobe configuration using「External Auto」operating strobe.
Improved usability beyond
existing underwater TTL auto strobe
"S-TTL" Auto of INON Z-240/D-2000/S-2000
by adjusting flash output balance between
is not just to work out "full automatic strobe
both ends strobes to control shadows under
shooting" with point and shoot digital
dual strobe configuration.
INON S-TTL Auto strobes enable you to have
・Flash output can be finely adjusted even in
above unique advantages by simply clicking
underwater TTL Auto circumstance for desired
control dial, which was impossible with existing
exposure depending on preference.
underwater TTL auto strobe. INON Z-240/D-
that can not be satisfied with existing under-
2000/S-2000 realize your high sensitivity
water TTL Auto strobe.
・Three dimensional appearance can be obtained
INON Z-240 Type4
INON D-2000 Type4
Fine and creative flash output tune for desired exposure even in TTL AUTO
Flash output compensation using 「EV. Control Switch」 in "S-TTL" Auto mode
It will get hard to express one's image with
existing underwater TTL auto strobe when a
user gains experience of underwater photography. This is because that desired exposure is
vary by each photographer's sensitivity and
【Bit brighter】
EV.Control Switch:A
appropriate exposure is also vary depending on
shooting condition like subject color etc.
"S-TTL" of Z-240/D-2000/S-2000 enables
handy fine flash output adjustment of based on
desired exposure or appropriate exposure which
may vary depending on shooting condition.
Manually controllable 「EV Control Switch」
enables you to select "real" appropriate exposure
by simply dialing the switch.
■Sample data
・S et D-2000 to『"S-TTL" Auto Mode』and set「EV.
Control Switch」to『B』
【standard position】.
・C ompare different setting of『 A』for【 Bit brighter】『C』
for【Bit dark】and『C-』for【Rather dark】, then select
"real" appropriate exposure setting.
【Standard position】
EV.Control Switch:B
【Bit dark】
EV.Control Switch:C
・A ctual exposure may be different from the sample
depending on camera/shooting condition/shooting
parameters (aperture, distance to subject etc.) though
setting「EV. Control Switch」to『B』.
・Camera/housing : C-5050Z / PT-015
・Strobe : D-2000 x 2 (both strobe set to "S-TTL" Auto)
・Attachment lens : UCL-165M67 x2
■Photo data / subject
・C amera setting : f2.6 at 1/1000, ISO100, Telephoto
end, Macro Mode ON
・S ubject : Piano blenny (face size : approx.1.5cm/
0.6in. width)
Distance to subject : approx. 5cm/2in.
Location : Fukuura Kanagawa, Japan
Photo by Ryo Hattori
【Rather dark】
EV.Control Switch:C-
Accentuate three dimensional appearance with dual strobe
Advanced application of "S-TTL" Auto to control shadow of a subject
It was impossible for existing underwater TTL
auto strobe to intentionally make asymmetric
Configure another D-2000 series/D-180 series/Z-240 as External Auto operating strobe.
【Flat lighting, bit overexposed】
lighting under dual strobe configuration and only
"flat" lighting was available.
However, with INON unique technology it is
easy to control darkness of shadow by setting
"S-TTL"Auto side
EV.Control Switch:B
External Auto side
(select position at correct exposure)
Z-240/D-2000/S-2000 to『S-TTL Auto』and
another D-2000 series, D-180 series or Z-240
to『External Auto』.
When using D-2000 series x2 or Z-240 x2,
『S-TTL Auto』side and『External Auto』side
can be instantly switched over by dialing control
knob enabling you to control not only darkness
of shadow but can select which side of a subject
you have shadow.
The function to control shadow under dual TTL
【Soft shadow】
"S-TTL"Auto side
EV.Control Switch:B
External Auto side
(select position at correct exposure)
auto strobe used to be only possible with
high-end SLR camera system on land.
【Normal shadow】
■Sample Data
・S et『S-TTL Auto Mode』in the opposite side (『Left』
s i d e i n t h i s s a m p l e ) o f D -2000 t o s h a d o w s i d e
(『 Right』side in this sample) .
・S et base exposure position (『B』in this sample) with
「EV. Control Switch」.
・S et the other D-2000 to『External Auto Mode』and
select same aperture value as camera's setting on
EV. Control Switch (select『f5.6』corresponding to
camera's setting in this sample).
W ith above setting, base lighting is obtained (【soft
shadow】in this case).
・C hange aperture setting of the D-2000 (as External
Auto Strobe) and take shots;『f8』for【flat lighting, bit
, f4』for【 normal shadow】and『f2.8』for
【dark shadow】.
・In the case 2x D-2000 series or 2x Z-240, you can
instantly switch over『S-TTL Auto』side and『External
A u t o』t o h a v e a s h a d o w o n t h e o t h e r s i d e o f t h e
"S-TTL"Auto side
EV.Control Switch:B
External Auto side
(select position at correct exposure)
【Dark shadow】
"S-TTL"Auto side
EV.Control Switch:B
(select position at correct exposure)
・It is necessary to connect underwater housing and each strobe directly by specific
『Optical D Cable/Cap Set 』and『Optical D Cable 』as shown image right.
・S tandard position of 「EV. Control Switch」for appropriate exposure may be differ
from position『B』depending on camera, shooting condition or camera setting (such
as distance to subject, aperture setting etc.)
・E xternal Auto compatible D-2000 series, D-180 series and Z-240 can be used as
a second strobe. When using different strobe model as a second strobe, it may be
necessary to step down (D-180 series) / step up (Z-240) aperture setting on the
strobe over camera's aperture setting since flash system of D-180 series /Z-240 is
different from the system of D-2000 series (1st strobe).
・It is possible to select Manual mode on the strobe not to be used as "S-TTL" Auto
strobe. In this case, total light amount is adequately controlled by the S-TTL operating
strobe within "S-TTL" Auto exposure range. Make sure to set Advanced Cancel
Circuit to『ON』regardless of using External Auto/Manual.
・A camera which allows to fix aperture setting and ISO sensitivity, is desirable to use
second strobe in External Auto or Manual.
External Auto side
・Camera/housing : C-5050Z / PT-015
・Strobe : D-2000 x 2 (one in "S-TTL" Auto mode and the other in External Auto mode)
・A ttachment lens : UWL-100 Achromat Wide Conversion Lens Type 2 + Dome Lens
Unit for UWL-100
■Photo Data/Subject
・Camera setting : f5.6 at 1/1000, ISO100, telephoto end with Macro mode ON
・S u b j e c t : C a t s h a r k ( L e n g t h : a p p r o x .30c m /11.8i n . ) D i s t a n c e t o s u b j e c t :
Location : Fukuura Kanagawa, Japan, Photo by Ryo Hattori
Clear Photo System for Sharp Image
Built-in flash light leaking from a transparent housing sometime cause「backscatter」caused by reflection of suspended particles or
「ghosting」inside of a lens. INON Clear Photo System has successfully resolved these drawbacks.
Conventional strobe system exposing suspended particles
even with angled external strobe light
A standard transparent underwater housing
body itself shines even we shade its diffuser
panel with a black tape and leaking light
Conventional strobe
Existing system combination to prevent
backscatter as much as possible
bounces off suspended particles in front of a
lens causing backscatter. This is why we have
Normal built-in flash surface
been disappointed with blurred image and
suspended particles exposed in an image even
using an external strobe to take clear image.
We will have more significant backscatter if we
do not arrange shade for transparent underwater housing to use built-in flash. Even using
an external strobe, its effect to get three-
Block built-in flash light by
a shade panel on a diffuser
dimensional appearance will reduce half.
A camera system
without Clear Photo
System has "backscatter" exposing
bouncing built-in flash
light from suspended
Considerable strobe
light leakage around
shade part
Influence by leaked built-in flash light
Bouncing/reflection inside of a
housing causes flare/halation
「Clear Photo System」promises you
clear digital image with a strobe underwater
The Clear Photo System consists of a Clear
INON D-2000 series
Photo Film stuck over digital camera’
s builtin flash surface to block visible light. Since
built-in flash light is not leaked from a housing,
we can shoot a subject with angled external
strobe light only to get clear underwater image.
Built-in flash with a Clear Photo Film
Off course it is not necessary to attach a tape
on a diffuser or housing itself to block light.
A camera system with
「Clear Photo System」
blocking visible light
provides clear image
without any reflection
from suspended
*C lear Photo System compatible strobes besides INON D-2000
are; Z-240, S-2000, D-2000S, D-2000W/Wn, D-180 series and
Z-220 series.
*Clear Photo Films are included in Optical D Cable/Cap Set.
*Schematic diagrams for explanation and may not the case.
*Strobe flashing shows main flash in sync with camera’
s main flash
*The Clear Photo System is patented in the U.S.(No.6,704,500)
and PAT. P in Japan.
A shade panel
is not necessary
No light leakage
from housing
No influence by built-in flash light
Effective for shooting in an area with many
suspended particles
100° Circular Beam Angle with T-shape Twin Flash
D-2000 and other Inon compact strobes *1 have two discharge tubes in “T” configuration and unique
reflecting mirrors *2 to provide 100° circular beam angle.
INON D-2000 equipping T-shape Twin Flash
Each reflecting mirror in T-shape configuration
INON D-2000 equipping T-shape Twin Flash
generates synergy effect providing 100 degree
Result image
Strobe light has reached to
image corners even with
angled strobe position
circular beam all around enabling free and
flexible strobe position without considering
s view angle.
Together with INON
arm system supporting free strobe position,
the T-shape Twin Flash supports free and
creative lighting even in wide shooting.
T-shape Twin Flash
No problem with
angled strobe
Wide conversion lens
Conventional strobe with single reflecting mirror
A strobe with single reflecting mirror type has
rectangular reflecting mirror emitting oval
Strobe with single reflecting mirror at 45 degree
Camera on the level
beam creating blind corners if the strobe is
not properly aligned with a camera. So strobe
Result image
Strobe light has not reached
to image corners with
angled strobe position
position has to be rather limited to evenly
cover all image area even using an arm system
allowing free strobe position.
Single reflecting mirror
Require sensitive
strobe positioning
Wide conversion lens
T-shape Twin Flash creating soft shadow
Larger light emitting area of two reflecting
mirrors, together with T-shape configuration
Other manufacture’
s single
reflector type strobe
design, create less and soft shadow.
Attaching diffuser in combination with Tshape Twin Flash prevents washout.
Conventional single reflector type strobe has smaller light emitting area creating sharp shadow.
(Above samples are simulated images on land)
*1 T-shape Twin Flash is also used for other INON strobe; D2000S, D-2000W/Wn, Z-240, Z-220 series and D-180 series.
*2 T-shape Twin Flash is patented in the U.S. (No.6,518,714) and patent pending (February 2000) in Japan.
* Above illustrations are schematic diagram for explanation purpose and may different from actual situation.
S-TTL Strobe
Z-240 Type4
High-intensity 180 lumen power LED equipping, wireless TTL compatibility
2 Way (Optical / Electrical) Connection Compatible
High performance, Multifunctional and High-end Underwater Strobe
Ultra Multimode
The INON 「Z-240」 carrying overwhelming highperformance in its compact body has further refined
and evolved with upgraded 180 lumen high intensity
LED light and next generation wireless TTL function.
The combination with a digital SLR camera system
supports professional photographers with powerful
flash and unparalleled features.
Patented in the U.S. and in Japan
JP.PAT. Patented in Japan and patent pending in the U.S
US.PAT. Patented in the U.S.
High power with Guide Number 24, wide 100°circular
beam angle light distribution even without a diffuser
INON 「Z-240」 produces powerful guide number『24』*1 and
『circular 100°
』*2 coverage without a diffuser thanks to INON
unique "T-shape Twin Flash" construction
optimally designed reflecting mirror/prism supporting effective
light distribution even with 4AA battery operation. This circular
light distribution supports your creative and free strobe
positioning with strobe arm(s) without vignetting of flash light.
Advantage of powerful flash output when using
high-speed X synch camera
The Z-240 emits strong flash in very short period of time
which solves conventional high power strobe's weak point
and no power loss will happen even in fast shutter speed. In
fast shutter speed, its effective power output increases at
more than 『 approx.30% 』 which is 『 approx.60% 』(when
shutter speed is 1/250 sec.) and『approx.90%』(1/500 sec.)
comparing to Z-220 strobe. The Z-240 supplies enough power
for digital/film SLR shooters in particular shooting situation
using faster shutter speed and smaller aperture setting.
Minimum recycle time of 1.6 seconds, compact body
Compact body size of the Z-240 is 99mm(outer diameter)/
100mm(depth)/122mm(height) *3 but its recycle time is
minimum『approx. 1.6 sec.』at full flash*4. The Z-240 unique
circuit components carries two sets of fundamental electrical
parts (transformer: 2pcs, transistor: 4pcs) to achieve fastest
recycle time in the class PAT .
Optical/electrical connection compatible, Carrying all
well-established features of『 D-2000』series
As a prosumer model, the「Z-240」is equipped with Nikonos
5 pin sync connector to connect to a conventional camera
system with "electrical cable" as well as "Optical D Cable
connection" compatible connecting to digital camera's built-in
flash to benefit all advanced features of 『D-2000』 series
including「"S-TTL" Auto」JP.PAT. mode*5 for TTL auto shooting
and "Clear Photo System" US.PAT. compatibility. Off course you
can plug the「Z-240」to compact digital camera (transparent
housing) via“Optical D Cable”for fully automatic shooting
with its“S-TTL”auto mode. The highly accurate S-TTL Auto
shooting accommodates with Nikon D700/D300/D200/
D90/D80 which emits either single or double pre-flash. The
「Z-240」supports a number of different equipment combination
including upgrading your system.
Next generation wireless TTL
The Z-240 "Type 4" successfully amplifies receiving optical
signal from the slave sensor 20 times more comparing to
previous Z-240 "Type 3" to provide 「wireless S-TTL Auto
mode」without using an optical cable. With optional『Wireless
Connection Kit』,「Z-240 "Type 4"」supports 2 way (wired/
wireless) S-TTL Auto mode.
13 step Manual / 24 step External Auto
The Z-240 supports professional needs for sophisticated
lighting by its 13 step「Manual mode」with 1/2EV increments
and by 24 step「External Auto」mode with 1/4EV increments
which is available for digital SLR camera under electrical
cable connection. The Z-240 gives you free and creative
lighting. INON unique "Advanced Cancel Circuit" benefits
you with shorter recycle time (1/3) and 20% more images per
battery set comparing to an external strobe carrying
conventional cancel circuit *6.
High-intensity 180 lumen power LED multifunctional
Focus Light with shutter linked auto OFF function
Multifunctional Focus Light US.PAT. for strobe aiming and
supporting focusing as well as indicator of strobe charge
status making it work in synch with strobe’
s ready LED lamp.
The Z-240 "Type 4" uses high-intensity 180 lumen power
LED as Focus Light. The unparalleled brightness of the
Focus Light is also usable as an independent diving light
producing 180 lumen/20°coverage.
The Focus Light operation is manually controlled by the
Focus Light switch even using electrical connection to select
among different Focus Light mode as you like depending on
shooting circumstances. The Focus Light automatically turns
OFF in synch with shutter release in any connection method.
The Focus Light starts to stop emitting light at the time of
"pre-flash" under "Optical D Cable Connection" with a pre-flash
type digital camera, so it never recorded in an image*7.
Z-240 Type4 back
*1 Measurement in Air/ISO100・m, Nominal
*2 100°
circular beam angle without diffuser.
110°circular beam angle with supplied
-0.5/-1.5 diffuser.
*3 Excluding protruded parts
*4 With SANYO Twiicell 2700 Series, HR3UTG, 1.2V, Min.2,500mAh. Recycle
Time / Flash Capacity based on INON
test data. Actual values may vary
depending on battery manufacturer,
battery type and age.
*5 Usable function may vary depending on
camera system and connection method
*6 Recycle time and available number of
images per battery set varies depending
on camera model and setting.
*7 Focus Light may be recorded on an image
depending on camera system, connection
method and shooting condition.
D-2000 Type4
High-intensity 180 lumen power LED equipping, wireless TTL compatibility
Next Generation High Functionality for Digital Year
Underwater Strobe for Professional Use
Ultra Multimode
Popular-priced model solely use for Optical D Cable
connection carrying high performance and multiple
functions. Equipped with S-TTL auto mode to support exceptionally accurate TTL auto shooting. 13
step Manual mode and 24 step External Auto mode
for sophisticated lighting needs. The D-2000 serves
you with rich features including guide number 20, 100°
circular beam angle without a diffuser and high-intensity
180 lumen power LED Focus Light.
Precise "S-TTL" mode working
with any manufactures' camera
Time proven technology as TTL auto shooting with an external
strobe, highly accurate S-TTL auto mode equipping to support
high-end digital camera as well as point & shoot digital
camera (transparent housing) for simple shooting style without
complicated aperture setting.
INON S-TTL auto works with any camera manufactures’
model. You do not have to buy new strobe when you upgrade
from point & shoot digital camera to other manufacture’
high-end digital camera.
"S-TTL" Auto mode provides great usability beyond traditional
TTL with its fine flash output adjustment to suits to your
"real(preferable)" correct exposure or to compensate slightly
different exposure program among different camera model/unit.
Fine adjustment to match with your taste
even in TTL shooting
Next generation wireless TTL
The D-2000 Type4 successfully amplifies receiving optical
signal from the slave sensor 20 times more comparing to
previous D-2000 "Type3" to provide wireless S-TTL Auto
mode without using a fiber optics. With optional「Wireless
Connection Kit」, D-2000 "Type4" supports 2 way (wired/
wireless) S-TTL Auto mode.
Supports professional needs
24 step External Auto mode compatible to support sophisticated
lighting like shadow control with dual strobe by fine adjustment
of flash output.
13 step Manual flash output setting the most in its class with
1/2 EV increments supporting professional lighting.
Conventional TTL exposure control is also supported for film
camera system*1.
Powerful G.N.20
Guide Number『20』*2 increasing its flash output at approximately
30% comparing to D-180 strobe providing sufficient light to
shoot distant subject.
Circular 110°beam coverage with a diffuser
Circular 100°beam angle without a diffuser
Patented "T-shape Twin Flash" structure produces wide
circular beam angle 『 100°
』 even without a diffuser and
increased to『110°
』with a diffuser. This ideal circular strobe
light distribution supports sophisticated angled lighting with
strobe arm without strobe light vignetting caused by
misalignment of strobe aiming .
Built-in high-intensity 180 lumen power LED
The Focus Light assists focusing in dark underwater without
influence on an image by shutter-linked auto OFF feature*3.
The well-established bright LED Focus Light as D-2000
"Type3" has upgraded to 180 lumen to benefit you to use as
independent diving flashlight.
D-2000 Type4 back
Integral pre-flash mode detecting function
Latest Nikon DSLR cameras like D700/D300/D200/D90/
D80, alter number of pre-flash between『once』or『twice』
depending on shooting condition making total flashes『 twice』
to『three times』. The D-2000 fully accommodates with this
complicated program and automatically identifies number of
pre-flash to activate adequate program to support optically
connected D700/D300/D200/D90/D80 with proper
functioning of「External Auto」/「Manual」as well as precise
「"S-TTL" Auto」 mode. There is no problem on flashing,
exposure accuracy or functional limitation which would be
the case with existing strobe supporting single pre-flash only.
*1 Compatible with optically connected
INON「X1 series」or「Optical Converter
*2 Measurement in Air/ISO100・m, Nominal
*3 Focus Light may be recorded on an
image depending on camera system,
connection method and shooting
S-TTL Strobe
Wireless TTL compatibility
Same Fundamental Features as D-2000 in Ultra Compact Body
World's Smallest, Best Strobe
Marginally downsized with high-performance
64㎜/2.5in. x 83.1㎜/3.3in. x 106.5㎜/4.2in. (W x H x D).
Successfully designed world smallest body size as 4AA
battery operated underwater strobe*1 with its optimized inner
components layout and trimming off unnecessary space.
Best suits with a compact digital camera, supporting digital
SLR camera with its mobility, incredible compact size even
as dual strobe configuration and high performance. The
S-2000 totally changes underwater strobe concepts.
Not only compact strobe
The S-2000 is operated by 4x AA batteries to provide fundamental
features of strobe though 4x AA batteries operation is hostile
to downsizing. The same level of basic performance and
durability as existing D-2000 and marvelous high performance
is supported with its compact body. Together with powerful
and substantial Guide Number 20, the S-2000 benefits you
with ultrafast recycle time and remarkable flash capacity
thanks to less inner wiring and efficient component parts.
In addition to reliable and super accurate【S-TTL auto mode】
flash control,【12 step Manual mode】supports professional
lighting. The EV. Controller to make fine adjustment on
【S-TTL Auto】and auto-switching function to accommodate
with various pre-flash type (2, 3 time pre-flash) digital camera
is equipped.
S-2000 front
S-2000 side
Battery box
Control panel
with a Mirror unit
with an Optical D Cable Type L
with a diffuser
with an Optical D Slave Cable Ⅲ Type L
Next generation wireless TTL function
The S-2000 strobe has ultra sensitive slave sensor which is
100 times more sensitive comparing to the slave sensor of
existing D-2000 strobe and successfully enables to support
wireless【S-TTL Auto】flash control without using an optical
cable. Also the sensitivity of the slave sensor dramatically
lengthens synch range of Manual flash mode.
Supplied 『Mirror Unit』 effectively corrects master strobe
light to enhance exposure control accuracy. It is easy to use
wireless S-TTL Auto shooting simply attached on compatible
underwater housing via INON『Shoe Base』or『Grip Base D4』.
Conventional optical cable connection is also supported to
provide 2-way connection method to select either of optical
cable or wireless depending on shooting circumstances.
Unlimited expandability with optical cable system
The S-2000 strobe is equipped with a connector mount on
the front side to receive TTL signal of the strobe. One S-2000
strobe can be linked to maximum two strobes via optical
cables and operate them in「S-TTL Auto mode」. This optical
cable system benefits you to add S-TTL Auto operating strobe
easily by connecting with an optical cable as far as S-TTL
control signal is picked up from your camera system. This
expandability makes underwater studio with perfect lighting
Natural color even with a diffuser
The supplied diffuser does not affects light color, which is popular
among professional photographers. The color temperature of the
S-2000 changes only 100K(kelvin) by this diffuser. You can have
same color tone between macro shooting without diffuser and wide
shooting with diffuser to widen strobe beam angle.
*1 As of March 2009 among 4AA battery operated underwater TTL strobe (data by INON INC.)
■Z-240 Type4/D-2000 Type4/S-2000 specifications
INON Z-240 Type4
INON D-2000 Type4
INON S-2000
Strobe Control
Mode (*1)
S-TTL Auto / External Auto / TTL Auto / Manual /
Manual+TTL Auto (*10)
S-TTL Auto / External Auto / Manual / TTL Auto (*11)
S-TTL Auto / Manual / TTL Auto(*12)
Connection (*1)
Wireless connection / Optical D Cable / Optical Cable /
Optical D Slave Cable / Electrical Cable (*14)
Wireless connection /Optical D Cable / Optical Cable /
Optical D Slave Cable
Wireless connection / Optical D Cable /
Optical D Slave Cable
Guide Number
24 [without a diffuser]
21 [with supplied -0.5 White Diffuser 2]
14 [with optional -1.5 White Diffuser 2]
20 [without a diffuser]
17 [with optional -0.5 White Diffuser 2]
12 [with optional -1.5 White Diffuser 2]
20 [without a diffuser]
17 [with supplied -0.5 White Diffuser]
Settable flash
output (*2)
24(FULL) 21(-0.5) 17(-1) 14(-1.5) 12(-2) 10(-2.5) 8.5(-3) 7.1(-3.5) 6.0(-4)
5.0(-4.5) 4.2(-5) 3.6(-5.5) 3.0(-6)
(13 steps in 1/2EV. increments)
20(FULL) 17(-0.5) 14(-1) 12(-1.5) 10(-2) 8.4(-2.5) 7.1(-3) 5.9(-3.5) 20(FULL) 17(-0.5) 14(-1) 12(-1.5) 10(-2) 8.4(-2.5) 7.1(-3) 5.9(-3.5)
5.0(-4) 4.2(-4.5) 3.5(-5) 3.0(-5.5) 2.5(-6)
5.0(-4) 4.2(-4.5) 3.5(-5) 3.0(-5.5)
(13 steps in 1/2EV. increments)
(12 steps in 1/2EV. increments)
Settable Aperture
Value (*3)
F1.4+1/2EV.~F11 (1/2EV.increments, 12steps)
F1.4+1/2EV.~F11+1/4EV. (1/4EV.increments, 24steps)
F1.4+1/2EV.~F11 (1/2EV.increments, 12steps)
F1.4+1/2EV.~F11+1/4EV. (1/4EV.increments, 24steps)
Focus Light (LED)
Beam Angle
100°×100°circular beam [without a diffuser]
110°×110°circular beam [with a diffuser]
20° [Focus Light(LED)]
100°×100°circular beam [without a diffuser]
110°×110°circular beam [with a diffuser]
20° [Focus Light(LED)]
105°(horizontal)×95°(vertical) [without a diffuser]
110°×110°circular beam [with supplied -0.5 White Diffuser]
Color Temp.
5500K [flash light、without a diffuser]
5400K [flash light、with a diffuser]
Approx. 6000K [Focus Light(LED)]
5500K [flash light、without a diffuser]
5400K [flash light、with optional "white" diffuser]
Approx. 6000K [Focus Light(LED)]
5500K [flash light、without a diffuser]
5400K [flash light、with supplied -0.5 White Diffuser]
Recycle Time
Approx.1.7 seconds minimum:
Approx.1.6 seconds minimum:
Approx.2.3 seconds minimum:
Approx.2.5 seconds minimum:
Approx.1.8 seconds minimum:
Approx.1.8 seconds minimum:
Approx.2.3 seconds minimum:
Approx.2.5 seconds minimum:
Approx.1.5 seconds minimum:
Approx.1.5 seconds minimum:
Approx.1.6 seconds minimum:
Approx.2.1 seconds minimum:
Flash Capacity
Approx. 240 flashes: ["eneloop" batteries(*8)]
Approx. 320 flashes: [NiMH batteries(*9)]
Approx. 220 flashes: [Alkaline batteries]
Approx. 380 flashes: [Lithium 1.5V batteries]
Approx. 420 flashes: ["eneloop" batteries(*8)]
Approx. 520 flashes: [NiMH batteries(*9)]
Approx. 400 flashes: [Alkaline batteries]
Approx. 660 flashes: [Lithium 1.5V batteries]
Approx. 450 flashes: ["eneloop" batteries(*8)]
Approx. 570 flashes: [NiMH batteries(*9)]
Approx. 430 flashes: [Alkaline batteries]
Approx. 670 flashes: [Lithium 1.5V batteries]
Focus Light (LED)
Operable Duration
approx. 2hrs 20 min
approx. 2hrs 50 min
approx. 2hrs 00 min
approx. 4hrs 00 min
approx. 3hrs 30 min
approx. 3hrs 30 min
approx. 2hrs 15 min
approx. 4hrs 15 min
AA "eneloop"(HR-3UTG) x 4, or "new generation"NiMH batteries x 4(*8)
AA NiMH x 4 [good quality](*9),
AA Alkaline x 4,
AA Lithium (1.5V) x 4
(Manganese batteries is not compatible)
["eneloop" batteries(*8)]
[NiMH batteries(*9)]
[Alkaline batteries]
[Lithium 1.5V batteries]
["eneloop" batteries(*8)]
[NiMH batteries(*9)]
[Alkaline batteries]
[Lithium(1.5V) batteries]
["eneloop" batteries]
[NiMH batteries(*9)]
[Alkaline batteries]
[Lithium 1.5V batteries]
["eneloop" batteries(*8)]
[NiCad batteries(*9)]
[Alkaline batteries]
[Lithium(1.5V) batteries]
AA "eneloop"(HR-3UTG) x 4, or "new generation"NiMH batteries x 4(*8)
AA NiMH x 4 [good quality](*9),
AA Alkaline x 4,
AA Lithium (1.5V) x 4
(Manganese batteries is not compatible)
["eneloop" batteries(*8)]
[NiMH batteries(*9)]
[Alkaline batteries]
[Lithium 1.5V batteries]
AA "eneloop"(HR-3UTG) x 4, or"new generation"NiMH batteries x 4(*8)
AA NiMH x 4 [good quality](*9),
AA Alkaline x 4,
AA Lithium (1.5V) x 4
*Manganese batteries not compatible
【Single mode】
【Single mode】
Shutter linked auto OFF (manually turns ON/turns OFF upon shutter Shutter linked auto OFF (manually turns ON/turns OFF upon shutter
Focus Light Mode
【Continuous mode】
【Continuous mode】
Shutter linked auto OFF (manually turns ON/turns OFF upon shutter Shutter linked auto OFF (manually turns ON/turns OFF upon shutter
release/automatically turns ON after approx. 0.5 second)
release/automatically turns ON after approx. 0.5 second)
Diameter:99mm/3.9in. Height:122mm/4.8in. Depth:100mm/3.9in.
(*Not including Slave Sensor and Arm Base)
Diameter:99mm/3.9in. Height:122mm/4.8in. Depth:100mm/3.9in.
(*Not including Slave Sensor and Arm Base)
Diameter:64mm/2.5in. Height:83.1mm/3.3in. Depth:106.5mm/4.2in.
(*Including Slave Sensor and Arm Base)
[air] 583g/20.5oz (without batteries)
[underwater] Approx. 77g/2.7oz (with 4 "eneloop" batteries)
[air] 544g/19.2oz (without batteries)
[underwater] Approx. 47g/1.7oz (with 4 "eneloop" batteries)
[air] 295g/10.4oz (without batteries)
[underwater] Approx. 69g/2.4oz (with 4 "eneloop" batteries)
0℃~30℃/32°F~86°F [water temperature]
0℃~30℃/32°F~86°F [water temperature]
0℃~30℃/32°F~86°F [water temperature]
0℃~30℃/32°F~86°F [air temperature]
+50℃/122°F (temporary allowable temperature limit)
0℃~35℃/32°F~86°F [air temperature]
+50℃/122°F (temporary allowable temperature limit)
0℃~35℃/32°F~95°F [air temperature]
+50℃/122°F (temporary allowable temperature limit)
Depth Rating
Body Material/Color
Polycarbonate resin / gray
Polycarbonate resin / red
Polycarbonate resin / red
Package contents
Synch Connector Cap, Slave Sensor Cap, -0.5 White Diffuser 2 (TTL/ Magnet, Magnet Screw, Magnet Screw Tighter, Spare O-ring
Manual), Red Filter LE, W40° Filter LE, Light Filter Sticker Red, (Battery Box), INON Grease, Light Filter Sticker Red
AC Circuit Switch Sticker(Film/Digital), Electrical Connection TTL
Sticker, Spare O-ring (Battery Box, Synch Connector), INON Grease,
TTL Insulation Plate x 2
Flash modes/connection method is vary depending on
*9 Some "conventional" or "high-capacity" NiMH
camera system. Also flash mode is vary depending
rechargeable batteries have significant self-
on connection method.
discharge and heat-generating characteristic
*2 Measurement in Air/ISO100・m, Nominal value
resulting difficulty to keep their performance during
*3 Usable for External Auto mode.
usage. We recommend to use recommended
At ISO100
equivalent film sensitivity.
*4 Nominal value by LED manufacture.
*5 Measured with FULL strobe output at 30-seconds
*10 Usable when connecting to TTL Auto compatible
camera/camera system via an electrical cable.
intervals with both Focus Light(Z-240、D-2000)
*11 Usable when connecting to INON「X1 series」or
and Advanced Cancel Circuit OFF, at 25℃/77°
「Optical Converter TTL」using『Optical Cable
giving 10 minutes cooling period every 50 flashes
Connection 』, or connecting to TTL operation
using test batteries listed in right.
INON strobe(*13) by 『 Optical D Slave Cable
*6 O p e r a b l e d u r a t i o n i s a c c u m u l a t e d t i m e o f
continuous mode with 5 minute cooling OFF
*12 Only compatible when connecting to TTL operation
every 30 minutes(Z-240) / 60 minutes(D-2000)
INON strobe (*13) by『Optical D Slave Cable
at 25℃/77°
F with test batteries *Cooling OFF
time is excluded.
*7 Recycle Time / Flash Capacity / Focus Light
operable duration(Z-240、D-2000) based on INON
*13 S-2000, Z-240, D-2000, D-2000S, D-2000W,
*14 Compatible cord:5-pin Sync Cord/N (Sea&Sea)
test data. Actual values may vary depending on
-0.5 White Diffuser, Magnet, Magnet Screw, Spare O-ring (Battery
Box), INON Grease, Wireless Connection Kit
Test battery
"eneloop" battery
SANYO "eneloop", HR-3UTG, 1.2V, Min.1,900mAh, Typ.2,000mAh
NiMH battery
SANYO Twicell 2700 Series, HR3UG, 1.2V, Min2,500mAh
Alkaline battery
Z-240/D-2000:Maxcell ALKALINE ACE, LR6(K), 1.5V
S-2000:Maxcell ALKALINE ACE "voltage", LR6(T), 1.5V
Lithium battery (1.5V)
New generation NiMH batteries
SANYO Electric Co., Ltd
Model name : "eneloop"【recommended】
Model code : HR-3UTG
SONY Corporation
Model name : Cycle Energy Blue
Model code : NH-AA-2BKA, NH-AA-4BKA
Panasonic Corporation
Model name : Rechargeable NiMH(AA)
Model code : HHR-3MPS
Maha Energy Corporation
Model name : IMEDION
Model code : MHRAAI4
GP Batteries International Limited
Model name : ReCyko+
Model code : 210AAHCBE
Model name : maxE
Model code : 5030991, 5030992, 5035052
Electrochem Automation Inc.
Model name : NEXcell energyON
Model code : n/a(AA 2000mAh)
battery manufacturer, battery type and age.
*8 Including listed "new generation" NiMH batteries
("eneloop" type) having less self-discharging
and heat generation characteristic comparing to
"conventional”or "high-capacity" NiMH and confirmed
compatibility by INON INC.
Pl eas e v isi t I N O N we b si te f o r up date d /
detailed information of compatible function
and op erational limitations for dif ferent
camera/camera system.
Optical D Cable Type L/Cap Set
INON「Optical D Cable Type L/Cap Set」is a
key component to reliably trigger an external
s t r o b e i n s y n c h w i t h b u i l t-i n f l a s h l i g h t a n d
each different model is designed specifically
to suit to each camera model to attach directly
on built-in diffuser panel of genuine underwater
housing or a Mount Base. 「Optical D Cable
Ty pe L」 c o ns i s ts o f op t i ca l fi b e r t o p ro v i d e
more reliable and faultless external strobe
control comparing to conventional wireless
slave connection especially in severe condition
Optical D Cable SS Type L
■Free length : approx. 24㎝ /9in.
Optical D Cable Type L
■Free length : approx. 43㎝ /17in.
Optical D Slave Cable Ⅱ Type L
■C o m p a t i b l e s t r o b e : Z -240 / D -2000 s e r i e s /
D-180 series / Z-220 series
Strobe Cover D/Z
A strobe cover made from neoprene as same
as wet-suits for underwater use. This cover
protects strobe from accidental damage during
diving as well as transportation by its cushioned
material. Two slits on both sides are designed
for effective radiation.
Optical D Cable L Type L
■Free length : approx. 68㎝ /27in.
Optical D Slave Cable Ⅲ Type L
■Compatible strobe : S-2000
Optical D Cable Type L/Double Hole
Rubber Bush Set
This fiber optical cable set comes with a rubber
bush to plug a cable to Olympus/Sea&Sea
optical cable connector.
like under surface or backlit circumstances.
I N O N「C l e a r P h o t o S y s t e m」e f f e c t i v e l y
suppress t r a n s p a r e n t u n d e r w a t e r h o u s i n g
drawbacks like backscatter, ghost or flare
caused by camera’
s built-in flash to obtain more
clear image.
「Optical D Cable SS Type L/Cap Set」consists
of shorter 「Optical D Cable SS」(free length:
a p p r o x . 24c m /9i n . ) w h i c h i s s u i t a b l e w h e n
u s i n g I N O N 「S h o e B a s e S e t」 t o a t t a c h a n
external strobe on an underwater housing.
O p t i c a l c a b l e p r o d u c t s t o c o n n e c t Z -240/
D -2000/ S -2000 s t r o b e a n d c o m p a t i b l e
camera/camera system. INON optical cable
products use multicore optical fiber cable
m a d e f r o m m o r e t h a n 200 s i n g l e f i b e r s
providing super durability and rigid reliability
with minimum bending curvature 2mm which
is quite different from single core optical
fiber cable. Three different length products
are available to suit to your camera system;
「Optical D Cable Type L」(free length approx.
43cm/17in.),「Optical D Cable L Type L」(free
length approx. 68cm/27in.), 「Optical D Cable
SS Type L」(free length approx. 24cm/9in.).
An optical cable product to connect two INON
s t r o b e s. A l i g h t r e c e i v i n g p a r t i s a t t a c h e d
on front surface of a main strobe which is
triggered by a camera signal to transmit
main strobe’
s flash light to a sub strobe via
optical fiber for activation supporting reliable
operation and free from synch problem even
under severe condition like in bright area. The
Optical D Slave Cable is useful to expand your
lighting system even camera’
s optical connector
is limited. INON offers two Optical D Slave
Cables to suit to different main strobe.
Wireless Connection Kit
Optional accessory kit for「wireless connection」.
T h e k i t i n c l u d e s a m i r r o r u n i t f o r Z -240/
D-2000 and camera mirrors for camera system
to use S-TTL Auto.
-0.5 Blue Diffuser 2
(External Auto)(*above image)
-0.5 White Diffuser 2
(External Auto)(*above image)
for Z-240/D-2000/D-2000W/
-1.5 White Diffuser 2
(External Auto)
for Z-240/D-2000/D-2000W/
-0.5 Blue Diffuser 2
(TTL/Manual)(*above image)
for Z-240/D-2000/D-2000S/
-0.5 White Diffuser 2
(TTL/Manual)(*above image)
-1.5 White Diffuser 2
for Z-240/D-2000/D-2000S/
* INON Diffuser System offers two types for different flash mode; Diffuser (External Auto) is for all flash
modes; External Auto, S-TTL Auto, TTL Auto, Manual +TTL and Manual, while Diffuser(TTL/Manual) is
for S-TTL Auto, TTL Auto, Manual + TTL and Manual mode.
* Z-220 target laser switch is operable only with Diffuser (TTL/Manual).
Multifunction Diffuser System
Circular Beam Angle 110°
to have same color temperature of sunlight.
INON Diffuser widen strobe beam angle from
*All INON strobe are designed to produce
100°circular to 110°
. Diffuser is must item
for wide shot or to cover variation of strobe
color temperature 5500K flash light without a
diffuser as same as sunlight to enhance
positioning even with standard lens.
natural color image.
2 types of flash adjustment
Blue Diffuser prevents yellowish/reddish
characteristic of digital camera
Flash output can be adjusted in 2 steps with
different diffuser. -0.5 or -1.5 stop reduction
can be obtained.
In S-TTL Auto mode operaton with dual strobe
configuration, shadow can be controlled by
either attaching diffuser only one side or using
different diffuser for each side.
Blue Diffuser is newly developed to take a
subject with natural color.
Blue Diffuser
characteristic to be yellowish/reddish by
mainly Canon digital camera to highlight
healthy human skin.
Fly-eye filter effectively diffusing light
to acquire natural image. The -0.5 Diffuser is
Red filter for wild life observation
flash amount is necessary.
INON Diffuser 2 comes with two filters;
Color temperature of White Diffuser is
5400K same as sunlight
made from two laminated high transmittance
White Diffuser adjusts flash output and widen
beam angle with minimal color temperature
change. The color temperature of strobe beam
through White Diffuser is 5400K and designed
with the Red Filter LE
suppress particular color compensation
Diffuser soften light from strobe, which helps
recommended to attach all time except full
with the W40°Filter LE
a hollow diffusing filter 「W40°Filter LE」
optical grade acrylic fly-eye lens to extend
W50°Filter LE
Optional filter to effectively increase Focus
L i g h t c o v e r a g e t o 50 °b y i t s h o l l o w d e s i g n
made from two laminated fly-eye lens.
Focus Light coverage up to 40°with less light
attenuation, and「Red Filter LE」not to stimulate
light-sensitive subject for observation.
for S-2000 only
With Blue Diffuser
Sea lemon has natural and
clear color.
Canon IXY400 +
D-2000 + -0.5 Blue Diffuser
Without diffuser
The color of the sea lemon
gets yellow-red and less
clear in entire image.
Canon IXY400 +
D-2000(No diffuser)
-0.5 Blue Diffuser for S-2000
A diffuser to suppress yellowish/reddish color
compensation characteristic mainly by Canon
compact digital camera when shooting macro
High-Precision Machined Aluminum
Lightweight Strobe Arm
INON Arm series is machined lightweight alumi-
Arm XS Body
num alloy and processed together with "arm ball".
■Effective length : 75mm/3.0in. ■Weight : 48g/1.7oz(Underwater : 29g/1.0oz)
This processing system gives INON Arm highprecision, lightweight and extraordinary strength.
Arm SS Body
Unlike molding or casting, this manufacturing
■Effective length : 120mm/4.7in. ■Weight : 60g/2.1oz(Underwater : 40g/1.4oz)
system obtains accuracy of "0.01mm" providing
very smooth fitting between arm ball and clamp.
The diameter of arm ball is 24mm/0.9in., equipping
Arm S Body
■Effective length : 150mm/5.9in. ■Weight : 70g/2.5oz (Underwater : 44g/1.6oz)
O-ring providing firm and reliable clamping but you
never feel any stress when you adjust arm position
by loosening a clamp. INON Arm O-ring is made
Arm M Body
of ozone-proof and weather-proof silicon rubber.
■Effective length : 200mm/7.9in.
■Weight : 85g/3.0oz(Underwater : 52g/1.8oz)
Arm L Body
■Effective length : 320mm/12.6in.
■Weight : 120g/4.2oz(Underwater : 74g/2.6oz)
YS Arm M Body
YS Arm MS Body
■Effective length : 203mm/8.0in.
■Weight : 80g/2.8oz(Underwater : 49g/1.7oz)
Multi Direct BaseⅡ
Multi Direct BaseⅡ Long
Firmly attached by two cap bolts. Ten mounting holes
to support various manufacturers arm system. ■Effective length : 40mm/1.6in., Long : 76mm/3.0in.
■Weight (air/underwater) : 36g(1.3oz) / 22g(0.8oz),
Long : 46g(1.6oz) / 28g(1.0oz)
■C ompatible system : X-2, X1-NZ, X1-LZ, System Base Ⅱ
system, Grip Base DⅡ/DⅢ/D4, Port Arm D, Anthis, Kenko,
■A ccessories : M6 cap bolt x 2, M5 cap bolt x 2, M6 flat
washer x 2, M5 flat washer x 2, Allen wrench
■Effective length : 166mm/6.5in.
■Weight : 70g/2.5oz(Underwater : 43g/1.5oz)
Z Adapter
The Clamp is made of machined
lightweight aluminum alloy
and weighs only 55g/1.9oz.
The thumbscrew type gives
easy clamping and unclamping.
Not only allowing 360 degrees
free oscillating movement
between attached arm system,
also gives approx. 80 degrees
movement along an extended
line of attached arm.
Strobe adapter for INON Z-240, D-2000 strobe series,
S-2000, Z-220 strobe series and D-180 strobe series
■Weight : 55g/1.9oz
(underwater : 35g/1.2oz)
■Effective length : 58mm/2.3in.
■Weight : 45g/1.6oz (underwater 29g/1.0oz)
■Compatible strobe : INON Z-240, D-2000, S-2000
D-2000S, D-2000W, D-2000Wn, D-180, D-180S,
Z-220F, Z-220S, Z-220
SB Adapter
Adapter for Nikon SB strobe series
Arm Float S
Underwater ,"Arm Float S" gives aluminum alloy arm
buoyancy of 70g and also helps to grasp. It is made of
two pieces of foam rigid plastic and screwed together
on an arm in between there.
■W eight : 45g/1.6oz (1 set)
■Underwater buoyancy : approx.70g/2.5oz
■C ompatible arm : Arm S Body / M Body / L Body
(two "Arm Float S" can be attached on Arm L Body),
YS Arm MS Body/M Body
SB Joint Ⅱ
■Effective length : 45mm/1.8in.
■Weight : 40g/1.4oz (underwater : 31g/1.1oz)
■Compatible strobe : Nikon SB103, SB105
A joint part to attach Nikon SB series on the edge of
YS Adapter or YS Arm.
■E ffective length :
■Weight : 105g/3.7oz
■C ompatible strobe :
Nikon SB103, SB105
*Discontinued product.
YS Adapter
Adapter for INON Z-22 Strobe, Sea&Sea YS strobe
■Effective length : 48mm/1.9in.
■Weight : 40g/1.4oz (underwater 22g/0.8oz)
■Compatible strobe : INON Z-22, Sea&Sea YS series
Direct Arm Z Set
Direct Arm SB Set
Direct Arm YS Set
■Effective length : 134mm/5.3in.(Z), 119mm/4.7in.(SB), 124mm/4.9in.(YS) *Multi D.B. Long has additional
■Weight : 140g/4.9oz (Z), 135g/4.8oz (SB), 135g/4.8oz (YS) *Multi D.B. has additional 6g/0.2oz
■Set includes : Z Adapter (SB Adapter, YS Adapter), Multi Direct Base Ⅱ (Long), Clamp
Arm XS Set Z
Arm XS Set SB
Arm XS Set YS
Arm S Set Z Multi D.B. Long
Arm S Set SB Multi D.B. Long
Arm S Set YS Multi D.B. Long
■Effective length : 320mm/12.6in.(Z), 305mm/12.0in.(SB), 310mm/12.2in.(YS) *Multi D.B. Long has
additional 36mm/1.4in.
■Weight : 265g/9.3oz(Z), 260g/9.2oz(SB), 260g/9.2oz(YS) *Multi D.B. Long has additional 6g/0.2oz
■Set includes : Z Adapter (SB Adapter, YS Adapter), Arm S Body,Multi Direct BaseⅡ(Long), Clamp x2
*One Arm Float S (sold separately) can be attached.
Arm M Set Z
Arm M Set SB
Arm M Set YS
Arm SS Set Z Multi D.B. Long
Arm SS Set SB Multi D.B. Long
Arm SS Set YS Multi D.B. Long
■Effective length : 290mm/11.4in.(Z), 275mm/10.8in.(SB), 280mm/11.0in.(YS) *Multi D.B. Long has
additional 36mm/1.4in.
■Weight : 255g/9.0oz(Z), 250g/8.8oz(SB), 250g/8.8oz (YS) *Multi D.B. Long has additional 6g/0.2oz
■Set includes : Z Adapter (SB Adapter, YS Adapter), Arm SS Body, Multi Direct BaseⅡ(Long), Clamp x2
Arm S Set Z
Arm S Set SB
Arm S Set YS
Arm XS Set Z Multi D.B. Long
Arm XS Set SB Multi D.B. Long
Arm XS Set YS Multi D.B. Long
■Effective length : 245mm/9.6in.(Z), 230mm/9.1in.(SB), 235mm/9.3in.(YS) *Multi D.B. Long has additional
■Weight : 243g/8.6oz(Z), 238g/8.4oz(SB), 238g/8.4oz(YS) *Multi D.B. Long has additional 6g/0.2oz
■Set includes : Z Adapter (SB Adapter, YS Adapter), Arm XS Body, Multi Direct BaseⅡ(Long), Clamp x2
Arm SS Set Z
Arm SS Set SB
Arm SS Set YS
Direct Arm Z Set Multi D.B. Long
Direct Arm SB Set Multi D.B. Long
Direct Arm YS Set Multi D.B. Long
Arm M Set Z Multi D.B. Long
Arm M Set SB Multi D.B. Long
Arm M Set YS Multi D.B. Long
■Effective length:370mm/14.6in.(Z), 355mm/14.0in.(SB), 360mm/14.2in.(YS) *Multi D.B. Long has
additional 36mm/1.4in.
■Weight:280g/9.9oz(Z), 275g/9.7oz(SB), 275g/9.7oz(YS) *Multi D.B. Long has additional 6g/0.2oz
■Set includes:Z Adapter (SB Adapter, YS Adapter), Arm M Body, Multi Direct BaseⅡ(Long), Clamp x2
*One Arm Float S (sold separately) can be attached.
Arm L Set Z
Arm L Set SB
Arm L Set YS
Arm L Set Z Multi D.B. Long
Arm L Set SB Multi D.B. Long
Arm L Set YS Multi D.B. Long
■Effective length:490mm/19.3in.(Z), 475mm/18.7in.(SB), 480mm/18.9in.(YS) *Multi D.B. Long has
additional 36mm/1.4in.
■Weight:315g/11.1oz(Z), 310g/10.9oz(SB), 310g/10.9oz(YS) *Multi D.B. Long has additional 6g/0.2oz
■Set includes:Z Adapter (SB Adapter, YS Adapter), Arm L Body, Multi Direct BaseⅡ(Long), Clamp x2
*Maximum two Arm Float S (sold separately) can be attached.
YS Arm MS Set YS Arm MS Set Multi D.B. Long
■Effective length : 242mm/9.5in. *Multi D.B. Long has additional 36mm/1.4in.
■Weight : 165g/5.8oz *Multi D.B. Long has additional 6g/0.2oz
■Set includes : YS Arm MS Body, Multi Direct BaseⅡ(Long), Clamp
*One Arm Float S (sold separately) can be attached.
YS Arm M Set
YS Arm M Set Multi D.B. Long
■Effective length : 279mm/11.0in. *Multi D.B. Long has additional 36mm/1.4in.
■Weight : 175g/6.2oz
*Multi D.B. Long has additional 6g/0.2oz
■Set includes : YS Arm M Body, Multi Direct BaseⅡ(Long), Clamp
*One Arm Float S (sold separately) can be attached.
Set-up Example
AD Mountbase DC19/27
Gripbase D4
D holder
Direct Arm Z Set x2
X-2 for EOS30D Housing
Float Arm M x2
Holder II Set
Clamp x2
Arm SS Set Z
AD Lens Holder x2
Arm S Set Z
S-2000 Strobe x2
M67 Lens Holder S
Z-240 Strobe x2
-0.5 Blue Diffuser 2 (External Auto) x2
Tired with Heavy Underwater Shooting Equipments?
Controlling Underwater Weight
Float Arm S
■Buoyancy : 75g/2.6oz ■Effective length : 150mm/5.9in. ■Outer diameter : 52mm/2.0in. ■Weight(air) : 142g/5.0oz
Great buoyancy
The Float Arm uses weather-resistant ABS material for its
component arm body to lighten total weight creating extraordinary buoyancy comparing to existing solid arm type float
system together with its hollow arm body design. The hollow
arm body enables not only helping weight trimming but also
provide extra buoyancy.
Wide variety of Float Arm
Float Arm M
■Buoyancy : 135g/4.8oz ■Effective length : 200mm/7.9in. ■Outer diameter : 52mm/2.0in. ■Weight(air) : 181g/6.4oz
Float Arm system have line-up total 5 different type;「Float
Arm」of standard φ52mm/2in. with three different length and
「Mega Float Arm」 of φ97mm/3.8in. with two different
length. New INON Float Arm system including existing「Arm
Float S」provides perfect solution to obtain desired underwater weight of your camera system depending on shooting
style, conditions.
Secure and stable gripping
Float Arm ML
■Buoyancy : 210g/7.4oz ■Effective length : 260mm/10.2in. ■Outer diameter : 52mm/2.0in. ■Weight(air) : 235g/8.3oz
The Float Arm is fully compatible with existing INON Arm Ⅱ
system with its high-precision machined aluminum alloy ball
joint providing perfect balance between stable clamping and
stress-free handling thanks to ozone-proof and weather-proof
silicon rubber O-ring. Your INON Arm Ⅱ system is fully
compatible with new Float Arm and you can add INON lens
holder on the Float Arm.
INON commits to control underwater weight
We, INON will announce underwater weight not only housing/
strobe but other accessories as much as we can to support
people to consider selecting INON products knowing total
underwater weight before purchasing them. The table on the
next page shows underwater weight of INON products.
Mega Float Arm S
■Buoyancy : 390g/13.8oz ■Effective length : 150mm/5.9in. ■Outer diameter : 97mm/3.8in. ■Weight(air) : 219g/7.7oz
■Useful for lens exchange/carry
Mega Float Arm M
■Buoyancy : 650g/22.9oz ■Effective length : 200mm/7.9in. ■Outer diameter : 97mm/3.8in. ■Weight(air) : 295g/10.4oz
INON Float Arm can have
maximum two lens holders to
assist you to bring attachment
lenses underwater and support
quick and stress-free lens
M67 Lens Holder for Float Arm
An optional part to attach INON
M67 m o u n t s e r i e s a t t a c h m e n t
lens on the Float Arm.
AD Lens Holder for Float Arm
An optional part to attach INON
AD/28AD mount series attachment
lens on the Float Arm.
■ABS resin/corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy/rubber etc.
■Depth rating : 70m/230feet
Underwater weight (estimate value in fresh water, calculated based on freshwater density = 1)
U/W weight
U/W weight
Arm S Float
-70 g/-2.5 oz
Arm L Set SB
197 g/6.9 oz
Float Arm S
-75 g/-2.6 oz
Arm L Set Z Multi D.B. Long
201 g/7.1 oz
Float Arm M
-135 g/-4.8 oz
Arm L Set YS Multi D.B. Long
194 g/6.8 oz
Float Arm ML
-210 g/-7.4 oz
Arm L Set SB Multi D.B. Long
203 g/7.2 oz
Mega Float Arm S
-390 g/-13.8 oz
YS Arm MS Set
100 g/3.5 oz
Mega Float Arm M
-650 g/-22.9 oz
YS Arm MS Set Multi D.B. Long
106 g/3.7 oz
Arm XS Body
29 g/1.0 oz
YS Arm M Set
106 g/3.7 oz
Arm SS Body
40 g/1.4 oz
YS Arm M Set Multi D.B. Long
112 g/4.0 oz
Arm S Body
44 g/1.6 oz
Grip Base D Ⅲ with Rubber Grip D
117 g/4.1 oz
Arm M Body
52 g/1.8 oz
Grip Base D4
142 g/5.0 oz
Arm L Body
74 g/2.6 oz
D Holder
65 g/2.3 oz
43 g/1.5 oz
D Holder Extension Bar
34 g/1.2 oz
YS Arm M
49 g/1.7 oz
Main Base Ⅱ
74 g/2.6 oz
Multi Direct Base Ⅱ
22 g/0.8 oz
Holder Ⅱ (below the surface)
-8 g/0.3 oz
Multi Direct Base Ⅱ Long
28 g/1.0 oz
W Base Ⅱ
32 g/1.1 oz
35 g/1.2 oz
Grip Bar Ⅲ Set
130 g/4.6 oz
196 g/6.9 oz
Z Adapter
29 g/1.0 oz
Holder Ⅱ Grip Set (below the surface)
Z Adapter (with thumb knob screws)
37 g/1.3 oz
Holder Ⅱ Set (below the surface)
66 g/2.3 oz
YS Adapter
22 g/0.8 oz
Shue Base
20 g/0.7 oz
8 g/0.3 oz
Z Joint
23 g/0.8 oz
SB Adapter
YS Adapter Fixing Bolt
31 g/1.1 oz
120 g/4.2 oz
SB Joint Ⅱ
61 g/2.2 oz
Single Light Holer LE
Direct Arm Z Set
86 g/3.0 oz
Video Base V1
Direct Arm YS Set
79 g/2.8 oz
D Base
31 g/1.1 oz
119 g/4.2 oz
37-52g/1.3- 1.8oz
Direct Arm SB Set
88 g/3.1 oz
Port Arm D
82 g/2.9 oz
Direct Arm Z Set Multi D.B. Long
92 g/3.2 oz
Lens Arm
32 g/1.1 oz
Direct Arm YS Set Multi D.B. Long
85 g/3.0 oz
M67 Lens Arm
35 g/1.2 oz
Direct Arm SB Set Multi D.B. Long
Arm XS Set Z
94 g/3.3 oz
150 g/5.3 oz
UCL-330 Close-up Lens
75 g/2.6 oz
UCL-165M67 Close-up Lens
73 g/2.6 oz
Arm XS Set YS
143 g/5.0 oz
UWL-100 Wide Conversion Lens
370 g/13.1 oz
Arm XS Set SB
152 g/5.4 oz
UWL-100 (with Dome Lens Unit)
587 g/20.7 oz
Arm XS Set Z Multi D.B. Long
156 g/5.5 oz
M67 Lens Holder S
Arm XS Set YS Multi D.B. Long
149 g/5.3 oz
M67 Lens Holder W
Arm XS Set SB Multi D.B. Long
158 g/5.6 oz
M67 Mount Base
Arm SS Set Z
161 g/5.7 oz
UCL-165AD Close-up Lens
Arm SS Set YS
154 g/5.4 oz
UWL-105AD Wide Conversion Lens
31 g/1.1 oz
60 g/2.1 oz
55-95g/1.9- 3.4oz
35 g/1.2 oz
142 g/5.0 oz
Arm SS Set SB
163 g/5.7 oz
UFL-165AD Fish-eye Conversion Lens
85 g/3.0 oz
Arm SS Set Z Multi D.B. Long
167 g/5.9 oz
UWL-100 28AD Wide Conversion Lens
190 g/6.7 oz
480 g/16.9 oz
Arm SS Set YS Multi D.B. Long
160 g/5.6 oz
UWL-100 28AD(with Dome Lens Unit)
Arm SS Set SB Multi D.B. Long
169 g/6.0 oz
AD Lens Holder (single caddy mounted)
12 g/0.4 oz
Arm S Set Z
165 g/5.8 oz
AD Lens Holder (double caddy mounted)
18 g/0.6 oz
Arm S Set YS
158 g/5.6 oz
AD, 28AD, 28AD/AD Mount Base
Arm S Set SB
167 g/5.9 oz
Z-240 Strobe (TYPE-4) incl. “eneloop”
77 g/2.7 oz
Arm S Set Z Multi D.B. Long
171 g/6.0 oz
D-2000 Strobe (TYPE-4) incl. “eneloop”
47 g/1.7 oz
Arm S Set YS Multi D.B. Long
164 g/5.8 oz
S-2000 Strobe incl. “eneloop”
69 g/2.4 oz
Arm S Set SB Multi D.B. Long
173 g/6.1 oz
-0.5/-1.5 Diffuser 2 (TTL/Manual)
Arm M Set Z
173 g/6.1 oz
-0.5/-1.5 Diffuser 2 (External Auto)
5 g/0.2 oz
Arm M Set YS
166 g/5.9 oz
X-2 for EOS50D/40D PF2 AT-X107DX FISHEYE Set *
Arm M Set SB
175 g/6.2 oz
X-2 for EOS50D/40D PF2 EF-S18-55mm Set *
Arm M Set Z Multi D.B. Long
179 g/6.3 oz
X-2 for EOS50D/40D PF2 EF100mm Macro Set *
490 g/17.3 oz
Arm M Set YS Multi D.B. Long
172 g/6.1 oz
X-2 for EOS50D/40D PF2 EF-S60mm Macro USM Set *
420 g/14.8 oz
Arm M Set SB Multi D.B. Long
181 g/6.4 oz
X-2 for EOS50D/40D FW (weight difference from PF2 version)
Arm L Set Z
195 g/6.9 oz
X-2 for EOS50D/40D 45°VF (weight difference from PF2 version)
+120 g/+4.2 oz
Arm L Set YS
188 g/6.6 oz
X-2 for EOS50D/40D STVF (weight difference from PF2 version)
+170 g/+6.0 oz
10 g/0.4 oz
490 g/17.3 oz
260 g/9.2 oz
0 g/0 oz
*Heaviest combination including camera/lens/port/focus・zoom gear.
「PF2」: X-2 Housing with Pick-up Finder 2 unit,「 FW」: X-2 Housing with Finder Window unit,「 VF」: 45°
/Straight Viewfinder unit
Securely holds camera and strobe
Universal and expandable arm base
A base tray with arm function for compact digital camera housing to attach
an external strobe or other lighting device. Any INON strobe can be directly
attached to set up compact and simple single strobe system. Compatible
optional parts and wide variety of INON Arm Ⅱ system further enables you
to create flexible camera system to suits to your shooting style.
Shoe Base Set
Grip Base D4 Set
(Grip Base D4 + Z Joint)
N e w l y d e v e l o p e d“S P S ( S l i d e P l a t e
System)”is equipped to provide direct
installation on more than 100 different
compact digital camera housings (Patent
P.). The Grip Base D4 Set offers great
expandability from standard single strobe
set to advanced multiple lighting set.
(Shoe Base + Z Joint)
Just attach the“Shoe Base Set”on
an underwater housing or INON Mount
Base equipped with an accessory
shoe enabling you to shoot with an
external strobe or other lighting device
in compact and handy system.
■Hook Plate
Easy installation with the
hook plate which has
“nails”to grasp marine case
accssory shoe to prevent
accidental separation.
■Move back and forth
The Z Joint can move back
and forth to accommodate
with different strobe
■Rotate 360°
The Shoe Base can rotate
. You can move strobe
not only up-and-down but
also sideways to adjust
strobe aiming.
Wide variety of optional parts
for unlimited expandability
INON base system carries broad range of optional parts to extend
a strobe arm or to add secondary strobe or other lighting device.
You can easily expand your system from basic set to high-end system.
Single Light Holder LE
Z Joint
Holds single LE series LED flashlight
in combination with the「Shoe Base」
or「Grip Base D4」
Directly holds compatible INON strobe on
the top of the Grip Base D4 or Shoe Base.
The「Grip Base D4 Set」and「Shoe Base
Set」includes the Z Joint as a package.
■No loose ! No rattle !
To-and-fro sliding main plate and two sub
plates firmly hold leg part of an underwater
housing and when attaching on a Mount
Base to use an attachment lens, the Grip
Base D4 is attached via two M6 screws.
The Grip Base D4 helps you to focus on
shooting without worrying loose or backlash.
■Wireless strobe shooting
It is easy to start external strobe
shooting simply by attaching an INON
strobe directly on the Grip Base D4 Set.
Powerful and highly accurate wireless
S-TTL Auto exposure control of「Z-240
「D-2000 Type4」and「S-2000」
strobe delivers vivid underwater world.
D Holder Extension Bar
Shoe Base Adapter D4
Extends an arm of the Grip Base D4 to
attach the「M67 Lens Holder S」or「AD Lens
An adapter to attach the Shoe Base on the
top of the Grip Base D4 to have lighting
source from various angle.
Z Adapter
Multi Direct Base Ⅱ
Multi Direct BaseⅡLong
An adapter attached on the angled edge to
have ball joint vertically or horizontally.
Adds a ball joint on the top of the Grip Base
D4 to attach INON Arm II system or Float
Shoe Base
A tiny arm base to attach a strobe or
torch on the accessory shoe of an
underwater housing. The「Z joint」
or「Single Light Holder LE」can be
D Holder
An additional grip on the Grip Base
D4 to make multiple lighting system
by attaching strobes or flashlights
on both ends. An additional grip on
the Grip Base D4 to make multiple
lighting system by attaching strobes
or flashlights on both ends.
Grip Base D4
A multi-functional base tray with
a grip. Various optional products
can be attached on its top edge.
Set-up Example
Olympus E-PL1
Panasonic LUMIX ZX3 + DMW-MCZX3
Canon PowerShot G11 + WP-DC34
Olympus PT-EP01
M67 Lens Adapter Base MCZX3/ZX1
S-2000 Strobe(wireless connection)
Optical D Cable Type L/Double Hole Rubber Bush Set
UCL-330 Close-up Lens
Grip base D4 Set
Grip Base D4 Set
S-2000 Strobe(wireless connection)
Shoe Base
Shoe Base Set
S-2000 Strobe
Single Light Holder LE
Canon PowerShot S90
Canon WP-DC35
UWL-100 28AD Wide Conversion Lens
Lens Hood for UWL-100 28AD
UCL-165AD Close-up Lens x2
D-2000 Strobe x2
-0.5 Blue Diffuser 2 (External Auto) x2
Optical D Cable Type L/Cap W51 Set
Optical D Cable Type L
Grip Base D4
D Holder
Z Adapter x4
Clamp x4
Float Arm M x2
AD Lens Holder for Float Arm x2
AD Mount Converter for UCL-165AD
Canon EOS 50D + Tokina AT-X107DX
X-2 for EOS50D/40D Housing
Dome Port 2 + Shade 2 Set
Extension Ring S
Zoom Gear AT-X107
Optical D Cable L Type L x2
Holder II Grip Set
Direct Arm Z Set x2
Float Arm ML x2
Clamp x2
Z-240 Strobe x2
-0.5 Blue Diffuser 2 (External Auto) x2
For product inquiry
E-mail [email protected]
2-18-9 Dai, Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan 247-0061
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